Home Depot Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Home Depot below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Home Depot so others can benefit from what you learned.

Home Depot Return Policy

There are a few ways to return items that you don’t want to Home Depot. If there is a store in your city, then this is the easiest way to make a return. Make sure you have your receipt, or you will not be able to get a refund for the product. You can also provide the order confirmation number if you do not have the receipt. The refund will be credited in the method you paid for the item such as cash or debit card. If you do not want to go to a local store, you can return the item through the mail using the shipping label inside the product. Customer service can assist you with the return of large items such as appliances.

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Posted by LP

When you buy an appliance online with a credit card from HD and then cancel the order before delivery you DO NOT GET A CREDIT POSTED TO YOUR CREDIT CARD at the time you cancel. HD keeps you money and the undelivered appliance until they can contact the delivery subcontractor which may take weeks.

This unwillingness to issue prompt credit card refunds is egregious and is a download of risk to the consumer. Do not risk purchasing appliances from this vendor.

Posted by expat39

Today I took delivery of a new Maytag washer and dryer from Home Depot. The first time I used the washer, it was obvious something was grinding away in it. I called HD (well within the 48 hours you're supposed to have to complain) and was told I needed to get in touch with Maytag for them to inspect and/or repair. I said that wasn't good enough, and the guy said he'd talk to his manager, and call me right back. He didn't of course, I'm sure hoping I'd leave it until the magic 48 hours passed. However, I shall go into the store in the morning and make a fuss if I have to. Wish me luck....

Posted by ?

Today i tried to return a hd tv cable cord and they said it was already returned by someone else so i couldnt return it. Why?

Posted by FLIP

Fix and Flip
HOME DEPOT loses another big purchase customer. I do the same thing FIX and FLIP and I had some central american contractors buy stuff for the project and I would give them their money back. After trying to return the extra items after buying close to $25000 for two home the refuse my return of $400. They asked me for receipt, which I did not have, and return was denied. Even after calling number, they said I returned too many times. Equation register.

Posted by FixandFlip

I recently tried to return $130 worth of siding that I have had for over 90 days. I decided I was going to trade for vinyl siding. However, when I got to the store I was told the return was "denied" by an outfit called "The Retail Equation". This is the way Home Depot recoups its losses? On the backs of good customers? There is no telling how much this costs the Home Depot to hire these bullies, and they think they are improving their bottom line? I have always shopped HD because of their generous return policy, but no more. It will only be an "if I have to" type of purchase. And don't give me a story about how someone stole $10000 worth of stuff and then returned it to the store. Sounds like a manager dropped the ball with that in the first place, and so now all HD customers have to be ripped off? To Home Depot: YOU HAVE LOST A VALUABLE CUSTOMER. I FIX AND FLIP HOUSES. I WILL NOT USE HOME DEPOT FOR ANY SIGNIFICANT PURCHASE UNTIL YOU FIX THIS.

Posted by melodist

Home Depot Appliances: a 3rd party drop ship type of affair. They stock a few of the large appliances but most of it is drop-shipped which means you pay Home Depot then they order the appliances from GE, Electro-Lux, etc (that's why they say it will be a week before delivery) and then the vendor (GE, Electro-Lux, etc) delivers them to your door. So if you send it back for refund first they have to get a pickup date from the vendor (seems to take a week) then another week for the vender to send the truck crew then 7-10 working days for Home Depot to issue your refund.

So I stopped going to Home Depot for anything except what they have on the floor for sale (pay and go from now on) and went to Appliance Liquidators (a Ma and Pa business). Unlike at Home Depot, I was able to buy items off the floor, scratch and dent and New and the sales reps are professionals who know their stuff. Bought a $1000 (that's street price) electric range for $500 (was scratch and dent plus all black so it's a hard one to sell when it cones to matching appliances), a new Haeir 4-door all stainless fridge for under $1K and a dishwasher off the floor for 1/3rd off the price. Bought it on Friday and they delivered it on Tuesday (took 1-2 working days). Very happy with Appliance Liquidators {8^D

So here's the choice we customers have: keep returning to Hoe Depot to be mistreated, lied too and otherwise blamed for anything you bring to the attention of management or ... break the habit and start going to Ma and Pa stores. You'll be very glad you did

Posted by return policy sign in stores for

home depot don't have good service and user service

my money never come back to my own personal credit card the details in the tickets say return policy definitions 90 days and expires on and the money disappear I happy I lost just 114 dollars home depot take me, but in the future never more home depot card pays

Posted by Tracy

I will never shop home depot again!! I spent $29,000 there remodeling my home and within 6 months my carpet was falling apart. I have gotten the run around with them for almost 3 years about it. First they don't have my paperwork, next they state they gave me a refund but can't produce the proof and now it's I voided the warranty because I didn't have my carpets professionally cleaned after 1 year. Constant excuses and terrible customer service!!

Posted by ShortyG

Does home depot let you purchase a gift card with home depot store credit?. Just curious. Thanks

Posted by Mr koolio

We are all to blame....me included. How many times have I said, or have you said," never again will I shop at Home Depot". Ffor me it's got to be at least five.

I go to the Ladera heights store in Los Angeles California. They have a bit of scrap wood which they sell for 70% off. Really were doing them a favor because if they couldn't sell it they would have to take it to a dump and pay dumping fees. The wood in this van is supposed to be spray-painted on the ends with the color purple it really has also most of the pieces of wood, since they've been cut or broken or whatever don't have the UPC label on them so when you get to the cashier and I tell them that all of the wood is from the bin .... They look at me and ask "oh are you sure it's from the bin" as if iat 50 it is my main goal in life to go to Home Depot and steal broken wood. On the rare occasions we can get around this hurdle then they say well I can ring it up because there's no UPC label. Now I know this must happen at least 10 times a day and yet nobody has taken the initiative to solve it. For example, if I was the manager I would say any wood under 6 feet is a dollar and any wood over 6' is two dollars . Node Home Depot I am available for management positions. Look how quickly I came up with that brilliant solution. Almost every time it ends up with me leaving a pile of wood at the cashiers counter after waiting for them to try to figure out how to sell the world to me . On one occasion as I was walking out the cashier asked me if I could put the wood back "since I now do not want to buy the word" I told her that in fact I didn't want to buy the wood but they just couldn't figure out how to sell it to me and no I would not put the wood back. I will await contact from Home Depot

Posted by Dantheman702

To everyone regarding the change to HD return policy...the reason why our i d needs to be shoen and match the store credit card being used is because people are going into HD stealing items then returning them for store credit wich they then sell to a pawn shop or whoever for a smaller percentage in cash..

Posted by Tim

I've been a Home Depot customer for 20 years since 1997. I co-owned a small construction company and in 20 years have spent over $600,000 at their stores. I've also flipped three homes. All tools, gear, appliances, etc. were bought there.

In the mid-'00s I stopped using any of my 3 credit cards almost completely as well as my business and personal debit card. I refuse to get their credit card. I only pay in cash. If I know I'm going to be buying $3,000 of items that day, I'll go to the bank and take the money out for it. Two years ago I made a $7,500 total purchase in one day at Home Depot in cash.

Just in the past three years Home Depot has been hacked 3 times (2015, 2016, 2017) and each time over 50 million people's credit cards and personal info was leaked and found on the dark web for sale. Once they were even warned there was a security breach and they took no action. I keep all of my receipts and even have a Home Depot folder but occasionally I will misplace one or one of my guys fails to give it to me.

I tried making a return a few months ago and was denied. The woman at the return counter called over a co-worker in front of 10 other people and said loudly "Look at this!" When I asked what the problem is she told me "I will never be able to make another return at any store again." I didn't know about The Retail Equation then and wasn't aware I was supposed to receive a printout with a number and Phone number to call. When I got home and did some research I found out about this company. I called my local Home Depot and explained what happened and they said the only way to get my personal number for TRE is to come back and attempt to do another return so he could print it out for me.

I did that and contacted TRE and got my return history. In 2015 I lost my wallet in CT at a casino. The next day I got a call from someone saying he found my wallet and got my number from my business card and he'd send it to me in the mail. He told me everything appeared to be there but there was no cash in it. This man said he found the wallet in Rhode Island. I've never been to Rhode Island. When I looked at my RTE report the 1st return w/o a receipt was for a Home Depot in RI. The 2nd one was mine for $79. The 3rd one was the return I was told to attempt so I could get my RTE info to contact them (which is needed.)

This blew my mind. Apparently, someone who found my wallet took my cash and used my ID to make a fraudulent return. Then TRE counted the return I attempted (knowing it wouldn't work) just so I could get my TRE info to contact them. The last time I made a return without a receipt at Home Depot was years ago and now I'm stuck with over $300 worth of plumbing items I can't even exchange and they're not the kind of things that will easily sell on Craigslist or eBay.

I'm done with the Home Depot. They've gone downhill in many ways over the past 2 decades but this was the last straw. I don't want my personal info going to some 3rd party company and their return policy is a joke. I've spent over half a million dollars at this store but won't give then another penny. I'm going to be giving my business to local, small hardware stores like I should have been doing all along. Yes, it'll take me a bit out of my way and I'll pay a penny or two more but I don't care.

Posted by whitetiger97

I should NOT have to show my id to a cashier for any reason once the store credit has been verified by the Service Desk. It is my money to do with as I please. I couldn't even send my Step son in to pick up some items when I was in the middle of a fencing project. This is absolutely RIDICULOUS. I use a Gift Card, it should be returned as a Girft card and not store credit. BUT where else am I going to use store credit?????
If they would clear the isles, turn on some lights, train their employees what to look for, thefts wouldn't be as bad.

Posted by Shop@lowes

Home depot superstore union nj would not take back $2000 of special order windows even with their 15% restocking fee, and they insisted this policy was stated on my purchase paperwork... My stapled paperwork did not have that sheet and they could not produce a copy and their regular complete return police was on the desk where we ordered the windows. Then they conceded saying they would honor their policy if we bought the same windows there at a higher price. It took me almost 3 hours in that store and I was unable to return the windows.

Posted by Anonymous

I have over $400 in store credit at home depot that I can't use. One card is in a former employee and other in ex girlfriends name. Neither do I care to see again. There has to be a loophole in this insane policy !

Posted by John85

There has to be a way to get around showing your id because people are bidding on them like crazy on ebay. Maybe if you use it at self checkout it doesn't apply.

Posted by ?ark pope

Hone Depot sold ne $2500 worrh of LED light bulbs that were fraudulently labeled as 1200 lumens on each packaging box. I discovered the bulbs are marked 1104 lumens. Home Depot thinks they can sell you goods tgat are fraudulently labeled and if you dobn't catch it within 90 days you are out of luck. Wrong. Ca state law gives a 3 year statute of limitations for fraud and even that does not start until you know about or reasonably should have discovered the fraud.I gave the wvery oportunity to refund me and they refuse and ckaim I should pursue the manufacturer. I will besuing for triple punitive plus actual damages.

Posted by W77tina

I want to do return and they said I couldn't do return they gave me a piece of paper from the retail equation(TRE) they said that that I didn't get to do to return because it's automated system I don't believe that and why is Home Depot giving out my driver's license number to third party. I have not done returning over 6 months last year I don't believe it if I went in today they still declining it if somebody can sue over hot coffee I should be able to sue over this

Posted by Anonymous

Returned a motion sensor light. Told policy was 90 days and item had to be unopened, for refund. Showed my receipt which stated I had to one year to return policy. Asked to see store policy. No where did it say electrical products had 90 day return UNOPENED policy. Asked to speak store manager. I finally got an exchange which all I wanted.

Posted by Gdd

In order to stay off the banned return list at HD you need to keep your no receipt returns under $200 total.

Posted by whitetiger97

To all that Purchase at Home Depot. They have a new Return Policy that is corporate wide. The item will be refunded to the way it was funded for purchase EXCEPT when using a gift card. When you return an Item and receive store credit, as I always do, with a receipt. They ask for your driver's license at the service desk so they can register that store credit to your name. Then, when you use that store credit at checkout they will ask you for your ID to verify it is yours.
Does this not sound like BS???
What if I send that card to one of my Step Children that do not have the same last name as me?
What if I give it to a friend to pick up something for me?
What if I donated it to an organization to do with what they want?
How about you people that have to drive a long distance for items? Are they going to deny you the use of that store credit to your family or friend because the names don't match and that they already have the money for and can only be spent in a Home Depot store?
Not to mention that they are inputting even more information into their computer system that had a data breach just 2 yrs ago.
I feel that once the service desk has verified you have the original receipt the store credit is yours to do with what you want. I don't feel that everyone in the store has the right to ask for your ID to purchase an item.
Let me know your thoughts.

Posted by Buggyme

Aometimes, no problem returning an item. Usually, I have the receipt ot it is on my charge card. Recently, things changed. Returned a vacuum under warranty. They issued store credit, which I expected. What I do not like is them requiring my drivers license number. I have the item, the receipt and the credit card from which it was purchased getting tired of stores requiring personal information when I have my receipt in hand and the original mode of payment.
Used the store credit to buy two fruit trees. When I went to plant (3 days after purchase) noticed canker. They would not take it back. I had to drive 60 miles out of my way to return the tree to a different HD. What's that all about?
HD now requires legal ID to purchase with store credit. Only thw peraon to whom the store credit was issued can use tgw atore credit AND you have to present your ID in order to use the store credit.

Posted by deegun

ordered wrong slide for garbage can. Return of product very easy.

Posted by Suzy

These people at Home Depot are idiots. I have spent thousands of dollars. When I went to return with my id they blew smoke up my #$@ Not that I fell for it. When I know that a manager can over ride the transaction. Instead she told me store credit I said no.

When I called corporate what the idiot did was ring up the item and void it. To h up the item and void it several times. After they emailed me the activity report I was fuming. I called back the store and have them a Peice of my mind. Oh and by the way I'm not done yet. They don't have a clue while they beleive that they are protecting Home Depot, from whatever. They need to know that Home Depot does not give a RAT them and would fire them so quick it would make their head spin. They r full of it. I agree

Posted by jdb construction

Garage seller returns are in possible. Not a person in the store has a brain law suit filed shop else where

Posted by jdb construction

The store has the worst return policy law suit filed shop ant other store that has one person with a brain

Posted by Dang-It

Purchased in Feb 17' on my HD CC a giant refrigerator and realized before taking delivery that it would look very wonky in a counter depth setting. CC was paid off days after purchase. Very dumb of me to do and should have used my points credit card. April 28th 2017 I stopped shipment and was refunded the frig to my HD CC which is $1,700. I cannot get gift cards or cash or squat. Just credit in store. What a bunch of BS. I am stuck like chuck. Anyway I guess I will have to pick out another frig at HD.

Posted by Dd

Bought three piece shower walls April 8, 2017, paying for it with a check. plumber said wrong size so called April 16, 2017 to customer service explained bought with check and was told no problem just bring it in. Loaded it, 60" so hard to load and needed no rain as it would not fit in truck box. Brought it into return desk and was told we could not return until April 18, 2017 as Home Depot had their machines set to not return money from a check for 10 days. Stood there and checked to see if they had taken money out of my account and it was taken out on April 11, 2017. I looked at return policies and do not find it anyplace saying that. So in other words, Home Depot is using my money and not retuning it to me. Making nice interest on it. We have spent a lot of money remodeling five houses but will not be doing any more business with them.

Posted by Ozzie

I will not be shopping at Home Depot any longer.. I am big on diy and did most of my plumbing to install the high efficiency boiler. I ended up with lots of part that I no longer have a use and I lost most of the receipts. I returned few items and ended up with store credit. I purchased few items on the store credit and return them. While I return the items with the receipt I was asked to provide the drivers license. My refund was decline even though I have the receipt. Purchase was made with the store credit. This is the best ways to steer customers away from shopping g at Home Depot.

Posted by elly253

why is it I can spend my hard earned cash at one of your subsidiaries and when I choose to return my products I bought from yous with cash, legal tender, your policies have the adacities to reject my return due to over amount on my returned items, you sure didn't mind accepting my dollars, American currency . but refuse to refund it and tell me what ? obviously my years of patronizing your HOME DEPOT stores in Washington have been unappreciated and "WE" will be no longer in need of any of your services, until such date as you can do business properly without making us feel like "WE" are being taken advantage of and insulted by your new guide lines for your HOME DEPOT return policy . yours truELLY me

Posted by Home Depot

It's been almost two weeks and still two home depot refunds have not showed up on my card. Taking way too long..

Posted by GGC

This is RIDICULOUS and WILL NOT "FLY" OR "LAST" Without everyone getting pissed off, filing a suit, protesting or going to LOWE'S. All the chaos with your plants and returns accepted without receipts at some stores and denied at others will not be valid for long and thats a promise. You cant justify anything you are doing except with utter nonsense and lies and inconsistencies from one employee to another!!! REALLY???? SERIOUSLY???? I have already taken a snap shot of what was posted at one Home Depot, it will be strait to attorney time here real soon if things dont go back to standard like all the other stores!!!! Thats a promise

Posted by Hd lies

Order a closet door at one hd but after another hd showed me a better option I decided to go with the second order. After confirming with the rep I can cancel I placed the order. After two weeks of being jersey around I was told the door cannot be cancel. Store manager absolutely no help. Felt like they lied to get the sale. Don't shop at city of industry hd. Also, manager couldn't explain difference between special and custom order, his excuse was I didn't let him talk!


I run a construction company . We have miscellaneous returns. We put them in a box. When someone has the time they will make the return. There is no way to produce all of the receipts with 16 men working with out an office logistical nightmare. In the past we would receive store credit make our purchases and the cycle would repeat itself.I spend 6 figure money on materials. I was denied a return. No problem. I have now directed all of my employees to shop at Lowes exclusively. They process our returns with no issues.

Posted by HomerNoMore

I have always bought substantial product from HD. Recently I have been purchasing much higher than normal amounts on average 7-10k a month. Much of this is online. I purchased a $49.99 paint sprayer hose and decided that rather than just replace the hose, I needed to replace the entire paint sprayer. Never had a problem taking anything back without a receipt as long as it was for store credit. Took the hose up to the return desk and was denied a return. Spoke to a manager who was condescending and frankly made me feel as if I was trying to pull something unethical. I told him that HD is backwards thinking because the people who spend the most are more likely to have more returns. And that I was going home and returning everything that was unused. It took them 4 hours to process everything we are well into 5 digits and that's not including 2 full kitchens I'm cancelling. All over a $49 return they refused.

The manager was surprised by the first truck load. He was even more surprised by the second truck load. I won't do business with these people any longer. They can whine and complain all they want to but if they try to impugn the integrity of people who are spending serious money at their stores then they can choke on these returns. And by the way. After some digging, which I frankly shouldn't have had to do, I found the receipt for the hose too and made them refund that as well.

Posted by kiblet58

In Las Vegas, the Home Depot stores have changed their store credit policy again back on Nov, 14, 2016�any store credits issued for merchandise returned WITHOUT A RECEIPT will have your name �attached� to the card..for example, when you make the return, with no receipt, the clerk will still take your I.D. to see if you are eligible to even make the return because you have no receipt (TRE SYSTEM)..If computer doesn�t deny you the return then the clerk will enter your name into the computer which will in turn attache YOUR NAME to the store credit..making that store credit �NON TRANSFERABLE�..

Long story short..only YOU, the person that returned the no receipt item CAN USE the store credit..cannot sell on street, send to family or friends, pay landlord for back rent, etc.

Has anyone else experienced this new policy..when you go to use STORE CREDIT at the checkout after you scan store credit and enter in four number pin on back of card you then will BE ASKED TO SHOW YOUR I.D. and if name doesn�t match what�s showing on screen then they will NOT let you use the store credit..only the person who�s name is attached to it.

Posted by SSC

Went to return items worth few hundreds (keep in mind items very heavy) and mansger complain about it and then their big brother TRE denied return. loaded back in the car and brougght home and will never go back to HOme Depot. On the way out, another gentleman arguing with TRE of no avail. DO NOT SHOP AT HOME DEPOT.

Posted by Terri

Customer satisfaction is the most important thing to consumers. Stores that piss off their shoppers aren't very smart. From the day Kmart and Sears stopped allowing No Receipt returns their profits fell fast. They dug there own grave. What Home Depot doesn't realize is their new return policy limits are not stopping theives at all actually just the opposite making them worse. The problem is the way HD is handling this. All they need to do is be upfront with customers about when their returns policy changes clearly state the amount of no receipt returns allowed with the time frame. Theives definitely are a nightmare for any business but what's even worse is having a bunch of pissed of theives. That's down right catastrophic.

Posted by Cherylann

After spending close to 6grand at Home Depot on our kitchen remodel we attempted to return an electric stove still in the box and within the 90 days and at firat the asst manager said she wouldn't take it back, then after an employee verified it was in it's box she said she would take back but charge us 15% restocking fee. Mind you we were wanting to exchange for one that cost 100 dollars more! What a crock of crap and she would not come to the atore front to speak with us. Dis it all thru an employee. So disappointed in this store on Wetmore and Oracle, Tucson AZ

Posted by F home depot

Just like everyone else commenting on this, I went to exchange a few pipes and fittings for my boss that we had leftover from a kitchen remodel job we had just finished.I personally have never returned ANYTHING to home Depot, no receipt because they said we could get merchandise credit which we would have used to get more materials for our next job. And yes you guessed it, denied and given a phone number for some tre company that gave me no explanation of why I was denied.WTF? Home depot sucks donkey cock, this new policy they have is not going to prevent theft, it's just going to steer customers to other stores, we have many more things we need to worry about than finding old receipts, makes no sense

Posted by Home depot suvks

To the fella who was banned. I as well was banned, however it was through Walmart. Company's such as walmart, home depot hire these return tracking companys. So whatever you return goes under the account they created for you. If you return say three items to Walmart and one hd, you have gone over your limit. I was banned for a year. Just information for you guys . They don't put the return with the company it's all wrapped up as one. HD and Walmart are the only two I can remember, but there is a lot of them using this return monitoring companys.

Posted by e

dont download called 4 times new stove catches fire please call barry and eileen sellers under a year old

Posted by Hdpimp

I know someone that was denied a return and manager was rude even though the person had receipt so you know what the person did?? The very thing that Home Depot denied his return for... it's been 7 weeks now and his been hitting Home Depot store all over the county and over stealing things like building materials. Tiles. Making sure to stay under $500 then goes to the parking lot and offers $50 to the very people looking waiting for jobs outside Home Depot to return item using their id or meixcan passport. 7 weeks every other day dude is getting $400-$500 store credit from Home Depot that he sells for 75% on Craigslist. Good job Home Depot for pissing a customer off. FYI he got enough money for bail just incase he gets cauught if he gets caught!!

Posted by Maz

Never buy any gas powered equipment from HomeDepot, they have a hidden fineprint return policy where you could return it only within 30 days. If it's over 30 days then you have to get that item fixed and they will charge you around $20 dollars (may be refundable) to send the product for repair and it could cost you more if your issue is not covered under warranty. Fixes could take over four weeks, So If you are in middle of a project than have to wait until your item is back. So NEVER BUY ANY GAS POWERED ITEM FROM HOMEDEPOT.

Posted by Larry

We purchased a Samsung high end washer and dryer from HD...The performance was/is pathetic.We have no children so our stains are limited to minor issues.We have to presoak, use stain spray and still have to double wash many items.The dryer has issues as well and takes up to 115-120 mi utes to dry moderate loads. The appliances were installed on September 8,2016..We went back to the store on Sept 27.Full receipts written out documentation of what we were expericing and what we had tried to remedy, as we had originally thought we just need ed to learn how to max performance on the new units.We were unceremoniously told we only had 48 hours to report a problem.The basically threw a hand written phone number to us and said GE handle all their complaints after 48 hours.We ask could the store help us in anyway to get assistance.We were told was our issue and no one T HD at any level was authorized to speak on our behalf because it was now confidential between us and Samsung..!!! I callwed the number spent 20 minutes on hold, 30 minutes explaining to a phone rep after getting to someone.Iwas promised a few hour callback...36 hours later still no call.

We will never even buy a paint brush from HD AGAIN DUE TO what we believe to be deceptive warranty,certainly no transparency on what their service or return policies are.We were not requesting a refund but only units that performed or a service rep. WE GOT NO HELP ON EITHER FROM THE HD STORE.

If anyone is considering an appliance purchase from HD, I would reconsider or at the very least get a formal signed warranty/return policy with a store manager level signature.

Posted by SoSadHD

I GOT BANNED EVEN THOUGH I HAD RECEIPTS FOR EVERY SINGLE ITEM because, as I found out, HD has a secret numerical limit on the number of returns that can be made in a given time period EVEN IF YOU HAVE RECEIPTS FOR EACH ITEM. HD intentionally fails to disclose this part of its return policy.

I was returning items (in their original packaging) I had purchased using a debit or credit card and I had spent hours the day before obsessing that everything I was returning I had a matching receipt, going so far as to attach a Post-It note to each item indicating which receipt it was on--what could possibly go wrong?

When my turn came at the return desk I politely told the Return Cashier I had receipts for everything so she could easily match each item to its corresponding receipt. She refused the receipts saying she wanted to look the items up by having me scan in the debit card(s) and/or credit card(s) used to purchase the items. If that made it easier for her, I saw no problem in that. I scanned in the applicable cards and she started matching up the items but every once and while, the system reported to her that an item that wasn't on a certain receipt even though it was in fact on that receipt.

That was okay, she said, as she would just set these items aside and process them separately after finishing the return for the items the system did match up via my swiping my debit/credit cards. We ended up with 24 items the look up via debit/credit card swipe method claimed were not on a receipt (even though they were).

When the Return Cashier tried to process these 24 items, the system spit out the message that I had been banned for 90 days from any more returns because I was supposedly trying to return items without a receipt. Dumbfounded, I asked the Return Cashier how was that possible given that the Return Cashier acknowledged that those items were in fact on the receipts she was holding in her hands! She shrugged her shoulders saying that there was nothing she could do and my only recourse at that point was to call The Retail Equation (who I had never heard of before), the outside company HD used to monitor and apply HD's return policy rules.

I immediately called Home Depot corporate who immediately admitted there's a flaw in their system when the Return Cashier used the swiping of my debit/credit cards method to match up receipts-some of the items that are in fact on the receipts will not show up. More disturbingly, once I was banned by The Retail Equation, there was nothing the store manager or Home Depot Corporate could do even though Home Depot tells The Retail Equation the rules to follow in deciding whether to accept a return.

Here's a neat trick: Given that Home Depot's policy is that returns after 90 days from purchase will only be store credit, when the ban is lifted, it will be too late for me to get a monetary credit on my debit/credit cards for items that I had receipts for and tried to return within the 90 day period!

HD intentionally and knowingly fails to disclose to the public that there is a secret numerical limit on the number of returns that can be made in a given time period EVEN IF YOU HAVE THE RECEIPTS.

Here in Texas, this failure to disclose is a violation of the Texas' Deceptive Trade Practices-Consumer Protection Act (a violation occurs if a merchant is caught "failing to disclose information concerning goods or services which was known at the time of the transaction if such failure to disclose such information was intended to induce the consumer into a transaction into which the consumer would not have entered had the information been disclosed").

Had I known there was a numerical limit on the number of returns in a given time period, I would have shopped completely different (as in, done more shopping at Lowe's or spread out the shopping I did at Home Depot). I will be filing a complaint with the Texas Attorney General and request Home Depot be investigated because it knew or should have known that failing to disclose there's a limit on the number of returns in a given time period would affect a consumer's decision to shop at Home Depot.

Posted by smokin amy

I was having renovations on my home. We had some left over items. Went to return unopened light wrong color light covers and few extra plumbing fixings. They rang everything in computer asked for my license and then denied me. I have spent a lot of money with hd. And I have never returned anything. I think it is crazy how they treat their customers. I will be taking my business to Lowe's. Hd just ripped me off for my money.

Posted by Me

I just did a return without a receipt and the return guy told me he could give me my money back if I give him the debit card I paid with so I gave him my ID and debit card and he gave me a receipt saying It processed...then proceeded to buy the correct size of copper fittings for some plumbing work...I did this the very same day right after returning the wrong sizes we bought.... So here I sit waiting for the $47.00 credit to hit my bank account.... If they try to tell me some BS and not return the money and I bought the same items just different sizes the same day as my return... Smh....
Still waiting....
I dont see what the problem is since your return policy is out of fear of theft but if I was a theif why would I buy the very same product just different size??
Idk...sounds like some lawsuits need to take place especially for contractors that spend big money at these stores...
(no im not saying my $47 is a big purchase im speaking of others contractor's getting screwed)
I couldnt help but to notice the guy saying the HD stock market was great....ummm as of recently it has fallen takin a loss....

Posted by Believe in the system

I've never seen much difference between Lowes and HD. They both sell the same type merchandise at about the same price. Costumer assistance In store, which is much need in this type store, and is a necessity, is also equal in my opinion. So, if for a any reason your not satisfied with HD policy concerning returns or any other problems go to Lowes, It called competition and the company that treats its customers better will usually be the survivor in the long run. It's also called Capitalism and the better competitor wins 99.9% of the time. A good example is Sears and how their poor business policies have all but put this once great retailer out of business. It's safe to also point out that the attitude of Sears employees today seems to match that of HD employees expressed here in this forum.

Posted by allenmavv

I have a small business doing renovations there are items here and there that I had to return without a receipt because I always lose them now Home Depot will not let me do any returns saying I have reached a limit this really affects my business because always shop there is there anyway I can fix that

Posted by tptools

Ohhh.. and I forgot to mention: This INCLUDES HAVING A RECEIPT and the ITEMS are only 1 week old, unused and still shrinkwrapped. Overbought for project like most smart folks do to avoid several trips to store wasting time and prolonging project completion.

Posted by tptools

Beware!.. Anything & Everything purchased at Home Depot using a bought and piad for "Gift Card" cannot be returned for ANYTHING except a HOME DEPOT Store Credit. Seem very Business Unethical FORCING people to buy items only at Home Depot, when one pays cash for a "Gift Card". Escpecially when I am buying the GiftCard and have NOT BEEN GIVEN AND FULL DISCLOSURE regarding this abnormal Gift Card policy. No more Home Depot Gift Cards for me or my friends. Way to let the hackers and scam artists WIN and eventually take you down all together! Home Depot!..

Posted by joan

If anyone who has complained is monitoring this feed, please e-mail me with your story of getting flagged for returns from Home Depot. My e-mail . Just place Home Depot on the subject line. We have just the opposite story. As you can see Home Depot has a very strict policy on returns. You will all be surprised to know that over a 17 month period they allowed an employee who was a heroin addict (obviously now ex-employee, no idea he was a heroin addict) return material he consistently stole from us worth over $30,000 WITHOUT A RECEIPT AND WITHOUT EVER GETTING FLAGGED! Lawsuit presently filed against Home Depot and the others involved. They are, of course, denying any wrongdoing.

Posted by Oh brother

I went to Home Depot to purchase Ralph Lauren leather paint. I brought the paint sample book to the counter to have the paint mixed. The book clearly states base paint semi gloss and second coat glaze. When the paint was applied it was translucent. After seveal coats of painting, I looked over the cans and realized they had incorrectly mixed the paint. They gave me two different cans of glazed. An expensive mistake. Between the price of the paint and the expense of the contractor. I call the paint department and the clerk stated that there isn't any paint that is leather by Ralph Lauren.

Posted by CupidgEr

Home Depot is denying me of returns even when I have receipts for my purchases! I had two major renovations over the last year and for those who had renovations done, you know that you have to buy more than you need instead of running to the stores every now and then. So when this is done, I'm trying to return extra tiles and unopened items, but even with receipts and within 90 days bought, I can't return my items because I bought them with store credits. Home Depot needs to look into this new system they have. Why are they letting people buy with store credits but denying their return? They should just tell me upfront when I pay with my store credits that I may be flagged or denied returns!!

Posted by Anonymous

I came into the store today to return a lawnmower tie in good condition never used, had my receipt showed the cashier my id . The cashier tells me that she can only give me a store credit I told her I would rather this go back to the original payment which was my Amex. She tells me the only option is to. Get store credit. I took the store credit but I will be calling corporate in a few days I'm not understanding this


I purchased multiple items for total $96 of which I used only $7.24 store credit. I had to return a LED bulb worth $51. i went to the store to return with the recipt but the return was declined with the reason that i used store credit on that purchase. But HD policy states such returns will be refunded with store credit. I went again with your policy printout but the return got denied again. HD has the worst customer service. I need my money back but HD is stealing my hard earned money by refusing to refund. For over 10 yrs i used to buy household stuffs from HD but now HD is going to lose a loyal customer with this bad experience!! HOME DEPOT DUCKS!! YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE BIG AND GO BANKRUPT IF YOU STEAL YOUR CUSTOMERS BY DENYING REFUND!! I AM GOING TO NOT STOP HERE AND REPORT TO BBB WITH PROOF!

Posted by Anonymous

Its Clear That Instead Of Having Good Security Its Cheaper To Insult And Cheat Your Good Customers Very Stupid And. I Hope It Costs You Or Better Yet I Hope It Happens To You, For Now I Will Be Just As Crappy By Bad Mouthing You As Much As I Can

Posted by Good guy insulted by home deepot

Home Depot Great Store, I Have Spent Thousands And Thousands There, about Ten Years Ago I Returned A Few Things While Doing A Big Job Some Items I Had Receipts For And Some I Didnt, No Problem, I Have Not. Had The Need To Return Anything There Since Until Last Night 2 Unopened Grinding Discs And A Somewhat Expensive Light Bulb That Didnt Work, Again I Had No Receipt, I Was After An Exchange And Store Credit. But What I Got Was Treated Like Crap, Denied My Return Anc Givin A Number To Call Again Treated Like Crap And Denied Again Of Course, Im Sure This Is Because Of All The Theft Followed By Returning The Items, Im In Santa Rosa Ca And Have Plenty Of Other Stores I Can Give My Money To So Home Depot You Lost A Very Good Customer. Maybe Instead Of Insulting Good Customers You Could Have Better Security Instead Of Treating People Like Crooks Now Im Out My Money Because You Suck At Running Your Store. Im An Honest Person And Proud Of It, I Really Cant Go On. Giving You My Money After Such Poor Treatment, But Who Cares You Have Lots Of Customers And Im Just One Person. Home Depot Sucks

Posted by Haluden

Great hassle free service

Posted by Irratecust

Truly FRUSTRATED & AGGRIVATED!!! I have been a steady Home Depot credit customers for about 12 years now. I went into my local HD 2 days ago and made some purchases totaling 470 bucks. Unfortunately the power washer I purchased must have been restocked because the nozzle was not spraying correctly & I purchased the wrong paint rollers for cement & some unnecessary etch for cement as well. I went into Home Depot with my receipt to ONLY return the items that I didn't need & WAS DENIED. They proceed to tell me that because I used an old (about 8 months old) stupid store credit for 8 BUCKS that had been collecting dust in my purse THAT I COULDNT get my cash back. WTF!!! Items were purchased within a 2 day period, hadn't been opened (not counting power washer) & HAD MY RECEIPT. Now remember my original purchase was $470 I was only trying to return items totaling $160 SO that stupid 8 dollar credit could've came off any of the other $310 worth of merchandise that I still had at home. And NO I have not made astronomical amount of returns. My returns have been small items in the past. They give me 3rd party phone number to call and speak to and they tell me I can appeal rejection but that will take 30 days. THEN I HAD TO LUG ALL return items back to house & speak to these idiots. So now I have decided to close my Home Depot account & I will bring my business elsewhere.


HDFORLIFE, you are the only moron here. Stock price has nothing whatsoever to do with customer satisfaction. Stock price is based on a number of metrics and not one of them is customer satisfaction. Before you run your mouth and try to tell people they are stupid, learn about what you are saying and make sure it is factual.

Posted by Long time depot shopper

I do know this if you try to return any Lutron items without a receipt it gets denied if it's your first time or 40th time.

Posted by HDSUCKS

Hey HDFORLIFE you are one dumbass. If you work for home depot then your statement needs to be looked at by home depot. You dont talk to people like that when you are actually representing the company. So I have actually reported your comment with your info to home depot. Just hoping they know who you are. Anyways home depot sucks run very far away. I spent $10,000 on a new kitchen and 5 months later my kitchen still isnt finished. I have finally gotten a refund for the kitchen. Cant tell you the hell i have gone through since January of 2016 to now the end of May 2016. Run very far from home depot

Posted by john

I actually work at Home depot as a P/t employee for the last 13 years. Tried to return some light bulbs that were the wrong color and was denied the first time without a receipt, although I didn't want a refund per say just exchange for correct color. Was told by manager to go back to returns line with a receipt, which I did have and after waiting another ten minutes was denied again . My purchase was around 15 days old. I left the store and awaiting someone to call me after they look into it. I had never heard of this before and was completely caught off guard.

Posted by Disappointed HD customer

I can tell you that The Home Depot does not allow returns on items for which you do not have a receipt. Someone brought me two packs of Bosch blades to use on my Dremel oscillating tool. Of course, Bosch blades do not work on Dremel so I brought the unopened package back to the HD to exchange for the correct blades. Keep in mind that I have been renovating an abandoned house since October of 2015 and have spent THOUSANDS in the HD. The clerk asked for my DL. She typed in my number, and my refund was declined. She tried it three more times with the same result. She gave me a number to call when I got home. I called the number and reached a third party vendor. Turns out, they track non-receipt returns. It was my first, but I am now in their database. Not cool. If you try to return an item without a receipt and they ask for your license do not give it to them or risk being put in their database. I wish I had a Lowe's closer to my house so I could give them my business.

Posted by Byahyavi

My wife just try to return some ligh bulbs to Home Depot in marks st Henderson Nevada, the cashiers ask for her ID and told her her Iranian passport is not accepted as an ID . We were told taht the only accept American and Canadian passport at Home Depot !!!!! That is the policy we were told !!!!!!
I hope this is not true, ithis sounds like discrimination to me.
I hope some one from Home Depot corporation would have an explanation for this policy.

Posted by mitch miller

im a contractor and buy lotsa stuff daily.return ant extra and get cash if i have recipt or if its lost i get a gift card... well they all of a sudden decided not to return some smoke detectors thru a outside company that monitors returns and black balled my drivers license and cant return it no matter who you are ....... wish i would have known detectors are WHAT THEY CALL high theft items... i may have been more carefull with my recipt, stuck with detectors/ shop at lowes ... they have MUCH BETTER electrical dept and ceiling fan dept ....

Posted by HandyAndy

HDFORLIFE - If you really do work for Home Depot, which I doubt you do, You need to be fired.
You have zero customer service skills based on your previous abusive posting. Contractors Pro sales alone were over 35% of your sales revenues in 2015. That does't even count the contractors and tradesmen not using managed accounts.

nobodyhasthisyet - Excellent suggestions and response. The only thing I think you are missing is that the PRO-Xtra app does not work as intended. Either that, or none of your customer service reps know how to look up sales and items.

My receipts average over 100 per quarter. Yes I do buy more than what I need as going on jobs, I don't know what models the customer has. Making a trip to return one $5 item is not time effective, so I have a return bin that makes it to Home Depot once per quarter. To pick through hundreds of receipts to find the few items is an unreasonable expectation. The pro app is supposed to track the receipts and items, but does not work correctly. Period. It needs to be worked on and made reliable.

Posted by Anonymous

Can I return my product after 90 days with receipt and get my cash


All you people talking your B.S. about losing your receipts for things you bought and then being denied a refund or exchange are truly full of it. First, if you are so unorganized and are not capable of holding on to a receipt, especially if it is a high dollar item you purchased, then you are truly a moron. But we will give you the benefit of a doubt, and more times than not, will issue a store credit for items returned, however, you should know that you will be asked to provide a drivers license to receive that credit, no license, oh well sorry no credit or return. But if you do have it then take your store credit and go on you happy way, just understand you are now placed in a database of customers that habitually return merchandise with no receipts.

After doing this a few times you might think you outsmarted us, but no you haven't. You have only managed to get yourself on a company wide ban from returning anything without a receipt. So you contractors, upset customers returning things day in day out without proof of purchase, we all know who you are, go ahead and piss about how you are going to go to Lowe's Ace, or any of the other places. Go ahead and tell us how much money you spend at HD and how were no longer gonna get that, go ahead and take your money to the competition and tell us were not gonna stay in business long. But do one thing when you get home, look up Home Depot's current stock price and compare it with the competition, Lets see, today May 5, 2016 Home Depot stock is at $134.67 and our competition is at $75.14. So if stock prices have anything to do with customer satisfaction and over all value of a company worth in the market, then it goes to show that those who feel that our business cannot survive without them because they got mad and went else where because we refuse to allow fraudulent returns and refunds are obviously stupid to begin with and should just go to the other places and maybe steal from them. Because I have spent close to 20 years investing in my company and can not stand people who think they can continue to steal and or cheat the system and think they are right. Its pretty simple people, you buy something and you paid for it, hold on to your receipt. If not oh well Lowe's Blows, and its just down or around the street.

Posted by nobodyhasthisyet

I work as a Returns Cashier at The Home Depot. While I understand the customers' frustrations when their returns are denied, we have to be firm about our return policy. We do have many people who abuse our return policy, either by stealing expensive items and returning them for store credit, or by using items and bringing them back for a full refund, basically getting a free rental.

As for the General Contractors who buy more items than they need, in the hopes of returning the items without a receipt, well now they have the thieves (who ruined it for everyone else) to thank if their returns get denied. Fortunately, there are solutions for contractors to make returns easier and less likely to be denied.

The simplest solution for contractors is: don't lose your receipts! I understand accidents happen, receipts get misplaced, or receipts start piling up and you're having trouble keeping track of which receipts are for which items. I understand you may have to give the receipt to customers and you don't get the receipt back. It's still your responsibility to be accountable for your receipts.

Most stores need proof of purchase for several reasons. The store needs proof that the item was actually purchased through their company and not some other company. Believe it or not, barcodes on items are universal and you can have the same barcodes on the same items at different stores from different companies. But if The Home Depot becomes the dumping ground for all these other store's products, the Home Depot isn't making any profit returning an item at full retail price that they didn't sell to you in the first place.

Another reason stores need proof of purchase, is they need to know how much YOU actually paid for the item. Sometimes items go on sale, or maybe you got a special discount because the item was damaged or on clearance, or maybe you got a military discount. Whatever the reason, if you don't provide proof of how much you paid for the item, the store can only assume that you may have possibly paid the lowest selling price for the item. Is it fair? Maybe not. But it's definitely not fair for a customer to buy one, get one free and then return the free one without a receipt for a full refund onto a store credit. This is another example of people abusing return policies and then ruining it for everyone else.

Which leads me to the most important reason stores require proof of purchase. You need to prove it wasn't stolen. I know it's not fair if you didn't steal it, but this is why we give you receipts. This is why the DMV requires your vehicle to have a title, registration and license plate. It's all to prove that you own the item legally. It's a shame that so many criminals have caused the world to be like this, but this is the world we live in, and everyone has to follow the same rules. There are no exceptions to the rules.

So if you're a contractor and it's become a burden to provide proof of purchase for all of your items, here are a few simple solutions:

1. Use your phone to take pictures of your receipts as soon as you get them. Now you have a copy of your receipt that you can take with you anywhere and access any time you want. Most stores will accept photos of receipts, as long as the receipt is valid.

2. Stay organized. Keep your receipts somewhere safe and file them in a filing cabinet that's organized by date.

3. Don't pay cash for something you know you might return. This may not be the most practical option for those who prefer to pay with cash, but this can make things easier in the long run. Pay with a debit card or credit card, and The Home Depot will keep the transaction in their database for 3 to 6 months. If you lose the original receipt, it's not a problem. The Home Depot can quickly and easily access your receipt based on your card info and you can make the return with no hassle. For debit cards, The Home Depot can refund the money to your debit card, give you cash, or give you store credit. It's your choice. For credit cards, The Home Depot can refund the money to your credit card or give you store credit. It's up to you. If you make a purchase on a card and we are able to find your receipt with your card info, but the receipt is older than 3 months, we can give you store credit with guaranteed approval.

4. Sign up for Pro Xtra, which is a rewards program designed for contractors who spend a lot of money at The Home Depot. Pro Xtra offers many benefits, such as everyday discounts on paint products, mega discount coupons received in the mail, and purchase tracking. The purchase tracking is the best part of Pro Xtra when it comes time to make returns. If you're paying with cash, and you're worried you might lose your receipt, tell the cashier your phone number at the time of purchase, and we will add your receipt to your Pro Xtra account where it can be tracked for up to two years. If you forget to tell the cashier your phone number at the time of purchase, but you still have the receipt, a customer service associate can still add the receipt to your Pro Xtra account for you. If you would prefer to add the receipt to your account on your own, you can do so by using your smartphone to snap a pic of the receipt and it will upload to your Pro Xtra account via the Pro Xtra App, or you can go online and type in your receipt info and add it to your account. Even if you lose the receipt, you can still have a manager find the receipt in the system as long as you remember the time, date, and location of your purchase, and the manager can add the receipt to your Pro Xtra account. A new benefit that has recently been rolled out is we now give customers the ability to link their credit/debit cards to their Pro Xrra account. Customers who pay with a card that is linked to their Pro Xtra account no longer have to tell the cashier their phone number for every purchase. The Home Depot is always finding ways to make shopping easier for contractors.

5. Apply for a Home Depot Credit Card, and all purchases made with a Home Depot Card have a one-year return policy, no receipt needed. Don't have your Home Depot card with you? No problem. Whether you're making a purchase or a return, we can look up your account with your ID and SSN. We can return most new, unopened, defective, or unsatisfactory items within a year of purchase if it was made with a Home Depot card. We can process the return three ways. We can scan your receipt, look up the transaction by sliding your Home Depot card, or use your ID and SSN to look up the transaction on your Home Depot Card. Purchases made with The Home Depot card can only be returned to The Home Depot card. This means we cannot give you cash or store credit for purchases made with The Home Depot card. This is to prevent people from using The Home Depot card for unauthorized cash advances and gift card fraud.

In conclusion, The Home Depot actually has a more lenient return policy than some other places, and there are many ways to prevent your returns from being denied. We want our customers to be happy, but we also have to protect our assets, and we strive to create a balance between customer service and loss prevention.

Posted by Excalibur

WOW! Here I sit with a 6 dollar box of 1 1/2 " U-Staples I bought just three days ago - I WAS going to take them back (tossed the receipt out) for an EXCHANGE - right size is 3/4". After reading all these post - I'll just run over to Rocky's Ace Hardware (or Lowe's - which is closer than HD any how). Holy COW... when did they get so HIGH & MIGHTY? pfft. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS EVERYTHING - I'll just put the 1 1/2" ones on a shelf and call it a day. Home Depot - YOU just lost a ton of my money as I am REMODELING my Kitchen & BATHROOM This summer. Too bad.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought an air filter on friday, was the wrong sizes paid cash along with other itens. Returned back on sunday morning less than two days later. Informed the return individual that I did onlyneeded to exchange for another size. She asked me for ID provided it. I tokd her look the filter are there about 10 feet away, went got the correct size. There was no difference on price 10.97. She told me that with out a receipt she will only give me 5.00 store credit on a card. That is outrageous a 5.97 loss for me and gain for the Home Depot corporation, it is not the amount is the principal multiply this by 1000 in a daily basis. You guys make a killing of the hard working customers, remember I just wanted an exchage not a refund. Terrible policy, terrible customrs appreciation. I finally got my filter with the managers warning that she will not accommodate me again. I have a credit card with Home Depot spent plenty of money. Not no more will go to the competition first willing to pay more than to be treated the way I did. Poor customer service, the way i was treated.

Posted by Disappointed Buyer

Home Depot has no knowledge whatsoever.I asked for advice on best joint compound to buy,the compound did not dry overnight, I went in the next day and complained another employee gave me a different product causing me to overspend. This scenario has been repeated previously. I hate Home depot every single person who works there are a bunch of dishonest idiots.

Posted by Annapolitan

I had my shed rewired and bough too many breakers to make sure i had enough and to avoid unnecessary trips to town. I thought i could return the extras later. (Buying more than you think you need makes economic sense both for the contractor and the supplier if you have a reasonable returns policy.) I was wrong. HD refused $83.06 worth of returns because i didn't have a receipt and they were a "high theft item". I was going to spend that money immediately at HD. But now that they refused me and effectively told me i stole the breakers things are different. The poor manager couldn't even look me in the eye.

Because of the refusal:
I will never over-buy,
I will never use HD when other stores are available,
HD missed out on that days purchase,
Unused items sit in the basement gathering dust.

Posted by Disgusted

always returned with and without a receipt, recently tried to return but only partial was accepted, was told to call and only to find out home depot will honor what they want without a real reason.if i buy thousands then what difference does it make what i return, was told they didn't know how much i bought only what i return . Hello Lowes !! see you later HD !!

Posted by Jus

As a Contractor able to return material is prime. Now, Home Depot will lose market share because it's a lot Harper to return without s receipt.
When Lowe's catches up, this is one of the main reasons.

Posted by DON

Never Again////tried To Return A Snowblower /// Never Used/// Still In Plastic Wrap//// Told Me Too Bad It Was Over 30 Days Because It Was A Gas Engine/////it Came With A 90 Day Return Policy///???????? Went To Two Stores Same Story Offered To Take It Back Less 200.00 Dol.

Posted by that1guy303

Home Depot They made me feel like I was a criminal The manager was very rude and treated me like I did something wrong it was bs can you say profiling And disrespect straight up you home depot is crooked never shopping there again Lowes it is

Posted by saileere

Tried to return a few items with receit,denied by third party twice.Call this number got a lot of BS.Have stock in company and have spent thousands per year,no more.Im going to lowes after reading all other comments I know its a scam.

Posted by Loving Lowe's CS

I understand they are trying to prevent theft but I wasn't able to return any of the items I purchased that I didn't need because one or a few items I had were flagged. Guess they should only carry lumber I will never buy at HD, Lowe's if a safer bet.

Posted by RRivera

I had the worst return experience at the Home depot in city of Industry this morning. The employee called the manager and the manager stood not even 10 ft or more away from the ladder I was returning and said "we can't re sell that" pointed to her return policy and said read it and have a nice day. Then had the audacity to call the next home depot down the way and told them to deny us as well. Well little do they know we are preferred customers for 15 years or more and we own our own construction company for 20 years. They treated us like crack heads but they will soon realize they screwed up when we come with the proper enforcement. Home Depot loyalty has been going down hill . Anyone is getting hired now. Watch who you hire. The manager of the store said she didn't even know about the incident. So if I asked to speak to a manager and the manager said she knew nothing then who the hell did I speak with.

Posted by Yourmommy

I went to home depot just a little bit ago to return a paint sprayer that stopped working and I used a debit card to pay for it and they've already gotten their money because it was purchased on 2/09/2016, but the only way to get the money back was to put it back on the debit card which would take 10 budiness days at least or to get a store credit. Why would I want a store credit for a product that stopped working? I won't shop there anymore unless Lowe's doesn't carry the product I Need because Lowe's gives a refund without a problem. What it is home depot makes money off people using debit and credit cards.

Posted by Anonymous

Everyone should be aware that the stock/shareholders of this company are totally dishonest, and their only only concern is making money...... Period! They have a very high employee turnover. Which means, not only are they out to take advantage of us, the consumers and buyers, they really never have their employees best interest in mind. I have first hand knowledge of how Home Depot and their endless chain of store started. I was employed many years ago by one of the actual Co-Founders of the Home Depot Chain. Not as an employee of the Home Depot itself, but by that Co-Founder, after he purchased a (Southern California residential lighting manufacturing company). The man I worked for was a wonderful person, he recognized personal values, and was a man of great consideration when it came to his customers and his employees. I have to say he was the kind of person I would have worked for until I died or became unable to perform my job duties. Bernie whatever his name is, and a few select others I will not mention (the men who have tried to take all the credit for "Home Depot" and whatever success they think they have) are out to take advantage of the Vendors who's products they market. As well as the consumers they sell to. I have knowledge of how stock holders in this Home Depot company will intentionally acquire a failing company that manufactures a product that Home Depot stores carry. With the sole intention of selling only to Home Depot. Then Home Depot advertises and markets that product as "their Special Vendor product" available only at Home Depot. Ha! What better way to make money, than to be your best AND only customer. Basically running the owner/s of a typical struggling U.S. Company right out of the game. Now I have experienced this new bull crud policy of not accepting returns without a receipt. And on top of that, they are quietly insinuating that you have, either abused returns to their stores, saying you used it and now don't really need it anymore, or are they saying you somehow managed to get an item as large as a small child into your pocket/purse and really just stole they item to return it and get some cash. DUMB STUPID IDIOTS. They never even give you cash unless you have a receipt, they just put it onto a gift card. Poor Old "Home Base" gone are those days. But now us Californians have Lowe's, and from what I understand Lowe's and Home Depot try not to carry common vendor's merchandise. Another way for Home Depot to get to the little guys......Maybe Lowe's can save them from the Monopoly that is the "Home Depot"

Posted by Anonymous

Keep your receipt its's that simple!

Posted by Budley Dooright

This is laughable!
Guy in a post above says he has 110 returns, and wonders why they cut him off! LOL

Get real.
Who returns that much stuff? What sort of unstableness causes anyone to buy 110 different occasions...things they don't want, or are wrong for the job.
Sorry, but that is absurd.
The solution is simple: Stop the insane purchasing of things you don't want....and/or, simply keep your receipts!!

None of this would have happened if you saved your receipts... think you might have learned that by about the 100th return. :/

Posted by Geebrown

Homedepo sucks ive spent thousandz with a capital z with that store. Im a contractor i pay mostly cash for everything because im paid in cash. Sometimes i have to give the client the receipt for the insure company an so they know there not being shamed. 99% of the time i have a receipt. I recently tryed to return a few items with out a receipt an that even suckier company TRE denid my return after i had a week prior spent over a thousand dollars with home depo. I wont spend other nickel with that sorry chain. You made the rules not me if you dont have a receipt you can return unwanted items with a vaild ID. Now all of a sutain you gone change the game with out warning your customers.bad bizzious i no some people abuse the system but everytime i go into homedepo i have on my contractor clothing what you think this is a costume or something i dont have time to play the theiving game to old for that. But like i said they wont get another penny of my money.

Posted by very dissapointed

After reading these reviews I will no longer shop at home depot. I'm sure they are going to lose a lot of stock now because people are starting to leave by the hundreds to go to Lowes. I will now be shopping at Lowes.

Posted by Allan

Wish I had read this blog earlier. I bought two outside wall mount lanterns. The photo cell did not work because there was a roof overhang above the wall. Customer service told me that the overhang prevented the light from turning off in the morning. I tried to return them with the purchase receipt (within 10 days) and the return was denied. As others have said, there was a $2.83 store credit along with $90 charged to my VISA. With the 90 day lock-out, the lanterns will be outside the return period. Nice catch 22.

The return history went all the way back to 2011 and showed about 110 returns, mostly with receipts. That amounts to 22 items returned per year over 5 years. Boy, I must be a real active shop-lifter or return abuser! My previous philosophy was to buy several items to complete the job and return the unused items. If I only bought what I thought I needed to do the job, inevitably I would have to spend unprofitable time to return and buy another part. How to lose money because of HD's third party analysis company.

Yes, no more HD! There is a new Lowe's going in about 5 miles away. Can't wait. If there is a class action, I would be willing to join it.

Posted by Unhappy Buyer

I ordered some lightbulb in December after finding out they were to long I precede to return them I am still waiting for my refund the package was Delivered to Plainfield IN.Mike sign for it I have yet to receive my refund this was December 2015 I will never order on line again all I want is my 40.00 Dollars

Posted by Usenomore by HD!

Eventually HD will have to start taking returns without a receipt again or something really, really negative will happen to their sucky ass store! After all this years of us faithful costumers buying from them and spending millions of dollars they treat us like this!!!! Its unethical and totally disrespecting to the honest customers and faithful citizens of this nation.But justice will prevail eventually,cause it always does! After taking my merchandise and mixing it with other returns they give me back 80% of my items and kept the rest, so now we got another problem and i got the receipt to prove it! Lets do this! Im getting mines back.

Posted by luis

Thanks home depot you are losing another customer..smh..i bought a few items.i paid cash and store credit.i tried to return a breaker wich i had the recipe..but was paid cash and 4dlsstore credit thanks to that 4dls they don't want to give me my money back..and they block my ID..just bcause it wasn't paid in full cash..

Posted by Jack Meoff

Home depot is run by rude people they wont let u return anythinh without a receipt and let me tell u theyll scalpnu if u do I went to the checker who checked me out and she said I bought it with cash the day b4 these people are incompetent amd I was in a rush while writing these just saying go to Lowes thays where ill be doing my business

Posted by Rick

Bought some laminate flooring from HD. When we tried to install it it was difficult to work with and didn't lock together nicely. Bought some from a different store and took the unopened boxes back. They won't return my money, only give in store credit because I wrote a check. What's the difference they got my money? If I pay by credit or debit they return your money. I don't need anything else there and want MY money back. I am also done with this store. Menards works for me.

Posted by Anonymous

As a majority of the comments are stating not to shop at Home Depot they are correct. For the past 2 months, I am trying to get my $53.00 back. It is supposedly has to do with store credit and bank card. Either way it is ridiculous that you have to jump through hoops to return an item that is not opened, provide your Driver's license, credit card, etc. and still no return or a credit. Also as store manager does not have authorization to override that minimal amount. I will continue to provide negative feedback and promote Lowes over Home Depot anytime. I will no longer shop there. I am penalized for returning an item cause I have returned an item in the past. The question is how much of a kickback does their third party (TRE)receive, by blocking returns and not issuing a refund?????

Posted by DIY_Weekender

How about a positive note? I had purchased some LED Retrofit lights from them that is made by one of their sub-companies (Commercial Electric) and they had sent me a previous revision that didn't have the retention blades need for my recessed lighting. More than 6 months had gone by until I noticed because these were for new construction and home depot not only took them back, but gave me Cree lighting at the same price due to the documentation on the HD website being for the newer revision light even though they had sent me the previous revision. I also had an issue with a 60" vanity cabinet that was shipped to the store damaged 3 times. On the fourth reorder, they offered to ship it to my home via Estes shipping, pad it extra well and refunded all of my money for the inconvenience. I have gone to HD for quite a bit of stuff including the 51 gallons of paint that we needed and have received no issues whatsoever. Lowes local CS ridiculed me (behind my back) for being a weekend warrior who ordered everything online to be picked up in the store. Sorry, but thats your job and you should be happy to do it. Just glad that I have a friend who works there that stood up for me when she ran her mouth about me.

Posted by Jhfurley

It sounds to me like everyone is going to start buying from Lowes. You treat all your customers like they are a bunch of thieves when they try to return your merchandise. People spend alot of money at HD and when you try to return something that you didnt need we cant return it. Bad Business. Thank God for Lowes. I will let everyone i know about your bad return policy

Posted by HomeDepotNoMore

I am going through this same thing with H D. I spend a great deal of money there annually and I have a big influence on where most of my clients purchase materials and I am going to direct them to a local bldg supply co or go Blue!!!! So done with your company!!!!!! Hoooray for your achievements HD!

Posted by Olo

Purchase items In Home Depot with the store credit cards try return some leftover material try return denied even with the the receipt. They are ripping you off . Not going there anymore

Posted by Mrs. H

Today I went into HD to return something. It was new and in the package, unused. It was past the 90 days but I had my receipt and they were going to give me store credit, no problem. They scanned my receipt and ran my driver's lic. and my return was declined and it had nothing to do with being past the 90 days. I'm not a chronic returner as the CS rep at HD thought could be the problem. I called the # on the slip of paper I was given. The rep for TRE said I was denied because I had paid with a store credit or cash. I looked at my receipt and told her I most definitely did not and that it clearly shows I paid with my debit card for the entire purchase. She then told me to talk to a manager to over ride it. I went back to the returns desk and explained what I was told. They told me that once I was denied by this third party, there is nothing they could do and I had to take it up with TRE. So my receipt was flagged wrongly for whatever reason and no one I could talk to in person could help me. As a result of this glitch, now I know about their sneaky return policy. They need to advertise that if you pay with store credit you won't be able to return the product regardless of the reason. Other stores won't give you cash back if you paid with a gift card or store credit but they will give you money back in the form of store credit. This is a terrible policy. I will consider HD last from now on and that will be after all my other options are exhausted. I'll be getting my RAR report from TRE. Not sure what my options are. I'll probably count my losses and warn everyone not to buy anything with store credit they think they might need to return. They can make up their own minds about if they want to shop there or not. Also, did you notice the TRE rep said I paid with store credit or CASH?! No one has posted anything here but now I am wondering if they limit returns for people who paid with cash. This is a class action waiting to happen. Good luck with that HD!

Posted by me

I'm from Tampa, FL. The store at delmabry north. There's a lady name faye. She's very nasty, she will give you a very hard time to make sure you return gets rejected.
But same as many of this above comments. I did too got rejected, I had a receipt and still got denief. Just because some how my name and driver license number got flagged by a third party company.
Do not buy at home depot. Lowe's will take anything without a hassle.
Home depot will be greatly affect it by the actions of this third part company. Company that will not help you, if you name and driver license ever gets flagged.

Posted by Sub

They got me too, for $170, totally legit purchase. I'll never set foot in hd again. Spread the word, what a pathetic company, and totally illogical return process.

Posted by Really angry from Madison WI

Same as other people. I had a store credit of 6 dollars. I got this store credit, instead of a refund, because the credit card I had purchased the item with got changed and I did not think it was worth trying to locate the receipt, knowing I would spend those money anyway. I purchased over 100 dollars of things, and paid with the store credit AND with my credit card. Now I can't return some staples which won't fit my staple gun (value: 11 dollars), because part of the purchase was made with credit store. I was twice at the store, and they could not really explain, and I had to call the TSE number twice, and now I am waiting for one of their managers to call me back. Are they kidding? Why there is such a stupid policy? Plus, it does not seem the store people understands it either, which drives me really mad. I have never been warned this could happen. I will be giving no money to this company. I regret all the hundreds of dollars I spent there.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a Murphy lawn mower- it lasted a month- I went back to the store and got another.. The second mower went out, however it took 70 days to die or be in my garage. HD said I only had a 30 day warranty on the replacement.

NO warranty on the second mower- be aware these folks will screw you if you donnot read all the fine print. I did not, left the thing with them-lesson learned............

Posted by robbo46

Lowes here come. Home Depot was our favorite store for many reasons. It is very local, they have semi-smart older contractors employed if you need them and mostly they have lower prices. I am GC that has been buying THOUSANDS of dollars each year at the HD. Receipts from daily purchases are put in folders for the job on a daily basis. We were working way up in the boonies so I purchased extra material to get the job done. Took back $22.00 of materials back to the store a few days later without receipt and as had happened many times in the past got the store credit which I immediately used to purchase more goods and wrote check for the difference in upgraded price. Same thing a few days later, didn't need extra stuff went to return WITH receipt and rejected. Seems like they should at least give new gift card to replace old one used if you have the receipt for the initial return. REDICULOUS

Posted by I Will Never Forget

Salesman in lawn and garden at the Crystal River Florida store incorrectly gave me the wrong warranty info on a Ryobi battery line trimmer. Besides that, the expensive trimmer was junk. Paid with a Discover card. They let me return but gave me a hard time about it. WTF? I was told bring it back if I don't like it. Thank god Lowes is closer. I think I am done with Home Depot.

Penny Wise And Dollar Short

Posted by joepacino

I do alot of unreceipted returns.. HD policy is 3 with 1 ID and no receipt every 3 mos. Lowes is the same but every 365 days. Better luck at hd.

Posted by Lilly

Chalk This Up As A Lesson Learned. Had A Receipt. The Total On The Receipt Was $51.75. Of That $51.75 We Used A Store Credit Of $1.73, The Remaining Balance Was Paid For By Using My Visa Card. Because I Used A Store Credit Of $1.73 I Was Somehow Flagged And Not Allowed To Return Any Of My Items Even Though I Had A Receipt And It Was Within 30 Days. I Will Never Buy Anything From Home Depot Again. I Will Make It My Mission To Spread The Word That Home Depot Is Using A Third Party Company To Deny Their Returns And That Their Return Policy Now States That "home Depot Reserves The Right To Limit/deny Returns." The Phone Person At The Retail Equation Said That Home Depot Can Deny Any Return For Any Reason At Any Time. This Is A Lawsuit In The Making. I Don't Know How Long Home Depot Will Be Able To Get Away With This Policy Before Someone Has The Time And Inclination To File A Lawsuit. All These "denied" Returns Add Up To Lots Of Revenue For Home Depot. Again, Let Me Repeat, I Had A Receipt, It Was Within 30 Days And Only $1.73 Was The Actual Store Credit . The Rest I Put On My Visa Card And My Entire Return Was Denied!

Posted by SSSS

Just happened to me. Same deal. Apparently if you have a store credit and any other card as your payment method, you are screwed. After spending more than $ 7,000 this season, I got denied for $60 return.
Adios HD, enough business given to you. Unfortunately cant take it back but Time to go your competitors for future business.

Posted by love1989

I have comment of home Depot is a issue with home return I went with a friend to make a return for him because hi didn't have the receive he lost it or I don't know what happen with receive after the cashier was scanning dose item and she scan my ID then she said you're return is being denied and ask why she just said call the number I neve have return nothing in home depot with out a receive I want know what happening why home Depot doing that what they think everybody is a garbage if is something be wrong with the upc the computer refuse it right alway
Please home depot stop scruting others people names and the system not every one can't hold the receive human some time they forget no one is perfect home Depot your are treating customers like criminal wrong that is why you would loose lot of business and no go in and spend a penny

Posted by Just Curious

Problems with returns without a receipt?

They are now using a 3rd party software company for loss prevention. They will tell you "you have returned too many things in the last 60 days".... Impossible because you haven't?

It isn't you, it isn't your ID, it's the items themselves, so here's what you do. Have them return EACH item INDIVIDUALLY to figure out which ones are black-listing your return.

Yes it will take some time, but after all, they are paid hourly (or so I was told by the lovely gentleman that assisted me). If it takes enough time, perhaps they will get rid of that less than efficient algorithm that they claim they can't over-ride in store.

The recommendation from The Retail Equation (the rejectors) that I send "a hand written note" to HD Corporate seemed rather inflammatory. We can assume that would go directly into a black hole, or an industrial paper shredder..... Clearly, they care!

It was the "hand written" part that got me.... who says that!?

Posted by East TN Shooter

I own 2 businesses. I went to return a box of lag bolts for my 80+ year old father . I was declined for the return (I had the receipt). They were purchased on a store credit. I probably spend 15-20,000 per year at different Home Depots. No longer. They made me feel like I was trying to rip them off. I'm the type of person that will go back into the store if I find something that wasn't rung up. None of my employees will spend my money there anymore either. I think I should also sell my stock in Home Depot and maybe reinvest in another retailer.

Posted by Juan

I have exactly the same problem as many others have recently posted: bought some items for a project and paid part of the bill with a store credit. When I tried to return some UNOPENED and completely UNUSED items less than 7 days after my purchase that I ended not needing for my project, the return was denied.
Now I'm stuck with $110 worth of items that I have no use for. And the reason is because I used a $20 store credit issued by HD to pay for the items!!! Employees at HD state that its out of their control, and told me to call the number in the return rejection receipt. Got the same response from the 3rd party company. Unbelievable. Very frustrating.
They have definitely lost me as a customer.

Posted by Chris5221

This was one of the worst customer service expieriences ever. I purchased a Milwaukee 12 volt ratchet wrench and asked ahead of time that if it did not have enough torque could I return it. They said I could return the item with my receipt no problem. When I purchased it part of my receipt was a in store gift card. When I came back to return the wrench they denied me saying that I could not return the item since I used in store gift card for part of the transaction. I had the receipt and everything but they still would not return it. I was within all there guidelines on there tool policy return. I only had the item a few days. So now I'm stuck with a tool that does not do what I was told by the tool coral guy at hone depot. This is a $100 item. I will never buy anything from homedepot again in my life. I've bought easily over $100,000 worth of items from them doing my remodel buisness. Now they can be sure that they lost another customer along with my friends and family. Idiots!!

Posted by Tom

Home Depot. Never again after this and reading up about this. This past weekend, I bought about $300 worth of items had to return one because it was obviously open boxes missing a few assessories. I even told the sales guy this box looks like it's been open what if there something is missing, he said you can return it no problem. I have all receipts for everything, returned it the same day at the same store and was denied (I learned) because I have a $10 store credit that I use to purchase those items. One of the guys even mentioned that was it. I even have a receipt for the $10 item that I returned. So my return was denied. I am currently dealing with TRE and waiting for a RAR (return activity report). From the looks of all these posts it looks that I am screwed. This policy is really idiotic! Scams are obvious and I get HD is trying to protect themselves. But even though I had receipts for everything (including the $10 credit), return the same day, same store it's still flagged as fraudulent over $10 credit I used to purchase these items. Just dumb and you will be "dumbmified" to shop here. Please let me know if anybody actually was successful in getting anything back or any other workarounds. My last resort is to contact my credit card company after I get everything in writing.

Posted by jkCuper

Two days back I made several trips to Home Depot to purchase roughly $1000 worth of LED lights, electrical parts, dimmers etc. When I went to return few items they accepted the return for Smart LED lights made by GE however they refused to accept return for LED fixtures by HALO ($49) and two electrical metal boxes ($2.50 & $2. I had receipts of purchase for all three items but still got rejected saying they are 3rd party items and Home Depot has no control over their decision.
I had one recessed light can for which I could not find a receipt but told them that it was bought in the weekend using same American Express card. I was told to call a TRE number and when you call the TRE number the customer service agent insists on getting $4.95 the shipping costs for some coupons etc. before connecting with her boss who would discuss why my returns got declined.
I researched on Google and find horrified to learn about Home Depot's new return policy. Come to think of for one of the purchases I did make a partial payment using up store credit and now wondering if this caused the decline for returns. My wife and I ended up arguing the possibility of wrong scanning of one item for which I did not have a receipt. Totally confused and frustrated.

Posted by Upset Karen

My husband (and then me a few days later) tried to return approx. $55 worth of small items purchased on a store credit with current receipts. We have purchased thousands of dollars of material for our new log cabin. We have talked to our local HD manager, TRE (company Home Depot is using ), to no avail. Unless absolutely necessary we will never ever ever buy anything from Home Depot. The irony is when I was trying to return the items I was standing next to a huge sign saying how easy it is to return items to Home Depot.

Posted by Redeye

Just had this happen to me 9/18/15. I am an avid DYI'er and do not live close to the store. So like many I do buy a lot just in case to save trips, then return the leftovers always in unused good condition and usually WITH receipt.
This policy is a big concern...... I might have to find a new favorite store...
Competitor is looking better!

Posted by Anonymous

Today, I went to HD and returned a few unused items with purchased receipt but got denied. CS said because I used partial payment as store credit, there was nothing they could do about it. They suggested to call this number I just called, basically their answer was nothing they could do either, either keep the items or dispute process.

I post this here hope everyone can gain from my experience, even if you use only 1 Cent as store credit with your $1000 purchase, you cannot return or you will be denied.

Posted by Scott54

Went to HD to return 2 plumbing pieces ( $46 ) no receipt, return Denied after scanning DL. I purchase thousands of dollars annually at HD and usually return extra materials without receipt out of convenience. Nobody could tell me what triggered the Denial. It's embarassing and the clerk looks at you like you are a return abusing thief.

I think I have the solution. I'm going to DMV and getting a new DL with new DL number .

Posted by Tatagoz

Returned some unused faucet cartridged today, 9.11.15 at home deppot and got denied. Items are in perfect unused unopened condition with a proper receipt worth about $150. They said because. I used a store credit for my purchases. Wife, went to another store with the same items but was also denied.
Next time, I'll be thinking twice before goinf to home depot.

Posted by Anonymous

Home Depot sucks! Today I had to returned to drill bits. When to returned the drill bits with original receipts. And was told that my returned was denied because I paid partial store credit that was $2.40. And the total for the drill bits was $65.00. So I recommend if you are going to returned anything at the homeDepot don't use store credit even if is just a cent or else your returned is going to get denied and they will give you that stupid denial slip for you to call. And the manager can't even over ride it.

Posted by cass

Wow I am very sad to hear about this new policy. I was just looking for central air installation and since Home Depot is always my #1 store I thought I would look there but after reading all of these reviews about their return experiences I think I'll take my business somewhere else:)

Posted by Gatibi

Im a GC, 150-200k spent in home depot every year, and and they won't let me return 500-1000$ worth of materials a year?
That money is usually spent on that day. Not anymore. Lowes congrats u have a new customer.HD do your math.
C U.

Posted by fuc home depot

Wrighter99. Ur an idiot. I dohouses and most of the time we hve things that are left over from jobs and should be able to return them without a receipt. Home depot suck and i have found that lowes in so much easier. Anybody that has a problem with home depot. Stop spending your money there then they will get the point.

Posted by wrighter99

@ Christina You're out to lunch!!! Why wouldn't a store require a receipt for a return even if it is only for credit. It's not their fault you lost it!! They need proof that the product wasn't stolen. Consumers views on what they feel they are entitled to is ridiculous!!! Most companies have very fair return policies and they treat the consumer very well. quit being a whiny "entitled" brat!!!

Posted by Christina

Your return policy requirments on needing a reciept to recieve a store credit is the most absured policy any store could have. I agree with needing a reciept to recieve cash back only if you paid cash. Your store should never require a reciept if a customer is returning an item and It was a gift and or damaged. Take consideration "WE" the customers are who keep your company profitable. So if I lost my reciept and cannot return and item well then I wont be returning again. As you can see from other customers comments, they to wont be returning until there is so many customers doing the same, youll be out of business soon. Extremely pathetic as a billion dollar co.

Posted by jp

we buy thousands of dollars with of merhandise from your store. We tell our employees to put the receipts in the box we have receipt box, many times they lose the receipt,
Recently we sent an employees to return the product we didnt need they declined his
return. He has never returned to your store this is crazy we have houses we are refabbing how can we continue to work I called your corporate office and they try to tell me im wrong you can ALWAYS return for store credit not money and obvuiously that would have been fine as we buy from you everyday so we are a small business we have decided NOT nto use your products anymore its sad and really dumb for your business lastn year we spent 82,045 un product fromn you, its sad we will not be using your store anymore

Posted by amesun

" HOME DIP STICK" HOME DEPOT HAS EARNED THIS NEW NAME! Today i tryed to teturn about $60.00 of materials and was denied. I had receipt and I.D. my return was done within 90 days policy explained on the receipt. Each month I buy so many materials from the store knowing most likely I'll be returning some. I would have no problem paying an extra fee for returning the items to the shelf. Back in the good ol days you were able to return without a receipt and get the store credit knowing that you were going to use that credit on another job, that was great. Now when I approach the cashier at the return Dept and hand over the receipts along with the merchandise to be returned I'll get look of disgust from the cashier. Ill think to myself, " well you guys are the ones that changed your return policy" so here is your receipts please help me with my return so I can purchase more materials for my job so Home Depot can write you a check for the work that you're doing. I am done with Home Depot the only reason why I've been shopping here is because of the convenience well it's not worth it anymore not to mention the majority of the materials/products have gotten worse over the years. Every time I purchase a prehung door I have to pull out the screws and hinges and re set them correctly. You can never order lumber without picking it yourself. 9 times out of 10 you're going to get a 2 x4 that looks like it was made specifically for a boat if you set the piece of wood on the ground it would be a half circle. Half of the shower valves are missing parts. Home Depot is all about themselves. Ganahl lumber is far superior to Home Depot. Dollar for dollar when you compare the price of Home Depots lumber to Ganahl it's almost the same but ganahl lumber is much much much much better Plus anything else you would purchase and ganahl lumber will be of better quality along with the service. Goodbye Home Depot I wish you luck and I hope you can improve.

Posted by feng

The new HD return policy is REALLY REALLY BAD. I bought two faucets and a few metal pipes two weeks ago. Then I decided to not go with the project and all the items are intact. Today I tried to return all the items and the return was denied. After contacting the third-party company TRE (printed in the denial paper slip), I was told that the reason is that I used a store credit for the payment. If I use a credit card, there should not be such issue. Crazy!!! I still have $100 Home Depot store credit or gift card in total. That means I have to make sure whatever I purchase at Home Depot in the future with the $100 gift card will never be returned. I hate this policy. After using all my existing HD gift cards, I will never go back to HD again. Ridiculous!!!

Posted by Jack

New HD policy is terrible and this store will loose all customers one by one. I'm flipper and I'm spending thousands in this store (it was my favorite) I'm also returning for hundreds every month. I cannot continue business with HD policy. I just finished last home with HD. If you have problem shoplifting, resolve them but it is really stupid solution and will cost much more HD than profit

Posted by Patti22

Last Friday I purchased flooring for my bathroom based on the online pics. After completing the order, my daughter mentioned that I should look at the customer pics. The flooring was greenish (not shown in store photos). I immediately called to switch my order to a different color. This was less than one hour after placing the order. I was told it was too late as it was in the system. I find it hard to believe in this day of technology. In the end, I have to wait a week for my shipment to arrive, pay shipping both ways, plus a restocking fee of 15%. I'm out $58 because their pictures were bad. I will NEVER shop at home depot again and will tell everyone I know the same.

Posted by Anonymous

I also do remodel on houses and my return without receipt was denied after years of similar returns. Home Depot uses a company called RAR to do the dirty work of refusing your legitimate returns. I was never told about this policy, clerks just kept accepting my returns. I also have spent upwards $100,000 with minimal returns on that amount. Then all if a sudden, Whammo, return denied. I still don't know how many returns are allowed over time.
I also did a return with a receipt printed later from Home Depot and they still rejected the return off my drivers license. My wife took it back with their receipt ( not the original at checkout), her drivers license and the honored it. This tracking customers by drivers license needs to STOP.
Shame on Home Depot. I always liked them, but no more. Questionable annoying way to do business. I called RAR and too bad. I called Home Depot in Atlanta and home office was so sorry but this policy goes on. They told me Lowes uses RAR for returns also.

Posted by handymand

Took back a bunch of stuff today. All in perfect, unused condition. Mostly copper plumbing fittings. But other things as well. RETURNS DENIED. The clerk said that it was probably because Home Depot Computer has tied my previous returns to my driver's license magnetic strip and has decided to not honor any more returns from me without a receipt. Been spending thousands of dollars over the years there fixing and flipping houses. Now they cut me off. Just like that. No explanation whatsoever. Just RETURNS DENIED. Next time I buy something there I will take it back immediately and see if they will honor it WITH reciept. Who knows? If not I will have to go to Lowes from now on. In my business I can't afford to eat unused materials.

Posted by marko

I am a general contractor. I am constantly buying supplies for jobs and like many other people who have commented on this site I have run into issues trying to return or exchange items only getting the answers that are convenient for the Home Depot employee. I cant get a real answer about who is rejecting or declining you return. The other day I tried to return some items I had purchased that were never used and are in the same condition as I bought them .I had no receipt and unfortunately was declined for approximately $120 of merchandise and given a number to call if I had any questions about why I was being declined . The person who I was trying to return the merchandise to at Home Depot apologized for this and explained that it wasn't Home Depot that is making this decision .so I called the number and asked the person why i cant return what i had purchased? what would you know the answer I got was, "Home Depot makes this decision. I was told that there is a 90 day wait before I could make another return without a receipt. And because I tryed to make additional return since my last return decline that the 90 day policy is reinstated and I have to begin the 90-day waite again .Is this 90 day policy a punishment I am Not sure so I called the return policy department asking them the reason for them reinstating the 90 day return policy and is this a punishment?I haven't done anything wrong I have spent thousands of dollars at your store and the items that I am returning are in the same quality as the day I purchased them. I asked, "Why are you reinstating this 90 day policy" the answer I got is it's Home Depot that makes this decision. This is very discouraging . I had made a window order from the window department and they ordered my windows with the wrong dimensions. I had clearly given them the absolute size and explain to them that in the past they had reduced ordering custom windows at Home Depot the window Dept ordered the wrong size windows .Well they did this again now I have to wait 2 more weeks to get the corrected window because of their mistake I lose money . And to make things worse after waiting for the correctly size windows to arrive I called The Home Depot to see if they have arrived? I was told yes they are here. So I Drove to that store which is a long drive to find out that the windows are not there and that they don't know why this person told me that the windows had arrived. Home Depot services have gotten terrible they only care about the dollar and will take no responsibility for their mistakes I have such a bad taste in my mouth because of Home Depot that I will only shop at their store if if I have nowhere else to shop for the materials I need. I definitely recommend for anybody this includes home owners and other contractors to shop at Ganahl lumber or any other local store for the materials they need. Not only has the customer service declined but the quality other materials are horrible I could go on and on about items I've bought and had to take them apart and reassemble them correctly in order for them to work on my jobs taking away my profits.

Posted by AHI

I went to Home Depot to return unused items totaling about $250, the transaction was declined and I was given a piece of paper that said to contact TRE. I didn't challenge the clerk to re-ring up all the items because I had purchased them by credit card, I received about half of the $250 credited to my credit card, I then asked the clerk to give me store credit for the bow but again the return was declined and I was given another piece of paper to contact TRE, the retail equation,I then brought my wife into the store to do the return for me seeing that I had made too many returns recently, keep in mind that I spent thousands of dollars every day for my business at Home Depot. Upon returning to Home Depot with my wife the transaction was again declined, the manager who suggested I bring my wife try to use his ID card it was declined, another store clerk use her ID and was it was declined, thus we lowered the return to below $100 in items and the return went through. I don't know what's going on with Home Depot but I am inclined to start shopping elsewhere, Home Depot will lose thousands of dollars of income from my business, too bad for them

Posted by Tony

Returns and refund policies should be carefully reviewed and understood. In 2 different occasions we had issues with undelivered items and the charges set in our credit card to replace the undelivered item (order).Home Depot will hold your money for the undelivered order till they clear the investigation and vendor response related to your order.They will charge you again for the second or replacement order if you want the item.Bottomline your money can be held from 30 to 60 days depending on the situation. The concern here is about modus operandi, Home Depot is literally working with people's money, if you look at the aggregate we may have millions of dollars held by home depot from customers, just do the numbers an estimate an average purchase value on line and see how this may end up. No interest are funded back to you, meaning this that if you were late with your credit card payment due to the delay in the refund, you pay for that. My 2 purchase online were for USD 800 (became USD 1600 hold for 45 days approx) and USD 321 that bacame into USD 500 plus. If you have experience the same, please let me know if there has been an expedited refund in your credit card. PS. If I borrow money from Home Depot, i could imagine that the minimum interest charge should be in the order of 8-12 % corporate capital charge, may be wrong with this, any feedback is greatly appreciated

Posted by BobbyB

Home Depot will accept returns without a receipt for a gift card, but if it is over $300 or $400 (total including tax) the "3rd party software" will deny your return and lock you out from making returns for 90 days.
If you have over the 3 - $400 limit split your return up (I am 90% sure it's $400 but 100% sure under $300 works) so $600 worth of returns split it in 2 returns.
Also if they have a run on thefts for certain items they will not accept them. Water pumps for example is a non returnable item. You can do 3 returns before they lock you out for 90 days

Posted by Mike

Home Depot also pulled a little stunt on returns with a reciept. I bought some sprinkler heads knowing I wouldn't use them all so that I wouldn't have to make a million trips to the store. As I was closing out my project after 6 months, I returned all the leftover items. Even with a reciept, home depot treated the items as not reciept items and gave me a currect selling price. In some cases, that price was $.01 for $7 sprinkler heads. So be careful what you buy and make sure you return it quick.

Posted by Mad in Marysville!

I just had a horrible experience with Home Depot. my husband had bought,some drills and batteries and other tools for our nephew to join in the construction business. He gave them to his nephew as a gift. Due to family situations his nephew was unable to use them but by this time he no longer had the receipt. My husband brought in some of the tools to return at the Marysville, WA store and the cashier refunded the purchase on a Home Depot gift card. The next day he returned to the same store to return the rest of the tools and they refused him and told him to call a different company. So later that day I took the items to be returned and I was denied and told the same thing to call this other company TRE. They gave me no explanation other than that. I explained the story of why we had to return these items but that we were going to be spending the money in that same store to buy other things we need. They were rude and told me that they didn't make the decisions, had nothing to do with them not accepting my return. I called the company TSE and they told me that it was the store who would reject my return, all they did was track their merchandise something. I demanded to know why I was being denied but still could get no answers. I called the store and asked for the manager and explained my situation and he just told me they don't make the decision to reject the return, would not give me answers to why, and told me they would check into it and call me back. Another manager called me back and told me there was nothing they were going to do about it. I told him how unsatisfied I was with the employees customer service, how I had been treated and lied to and just have the rum around. I told him that I would go to someone else and asked him for his name and he guff ave me a different name then he had when he first,called. He had said his name was Nathan. When I asked for it again he said it was Bobby. I called him out for lying about his name.

I was appalled by the treatment I received as their loyal customer. I told them sorry if there was a misunderstanding but in the end the Customers should always be right and that I would not be shopping there ever again, and that I was going to advise anyone I could not to shop there and about my experience there and they still didn't give me answers. I was treated disrespect fully, lied to, and made to feel like I was a criminal.

I then called the Home. Depot headquarters and talked to them and I got,the same run around and disrespect. They told mentioned up to the store manager to accept the return or not and there is nothing anyone was going to do about any of it.

I am so disappointed in the customer service, rules and judgments, and their over all lack of care for their customers needs or concerns.

If I were you I would never shop there. I never will again.VIgo to Lowe's instead. They have good customer service and good prices. I have always had a good experience there.

Home Depot disrespects and lies to their customers. I would rather shop where the company believes the customer is always right.

Home Depot, it is not just me saying these things. People all over are talking about how horrible you are. What has become of you? A few years ago these kinds of problems were never happening. You should change some things or you will loose more customers than just me.

Posted by Sean

I ordered a firepit from HD and was trying to get put in before my vacation. I placed my order even though many people stated that they came in damaged, well guess what, it arrived damaged at the local store. the person called letting me know it was in, however it was broken and when I asked him how to send it back for a refund he had no clue! so after all of this it was up to me to call customer service to have it returned on a wed. I received an Email on late Thursday evening stating that it was set up but it wasn't turned in til Friday evening. I was told 3-5 business days for my money to be put back on my card (which only took 30 seconds for them to take off) on the 4th business day I called to see if it was still being refunded now they are telling me another couple of weeks! This isn't the first time HD has made me mad, but I PROMISE you it will be the last!!!!

Posted by Jack

Be very cautious in dealing with Home Depot and their special order kitchen cabinets. On October 23, 2013, we ordered 4 base cabinets on special order and paid close to $3000 for them. Home Depot advised the cabinets would be shipped to our local Home Depot in Frazer, PA for pick up on November 6, 2013. Cabinets did not arrive and checking our online HD account revealed no record of the purchase, order or payment. However, our credit card account did show a payment to HD for $2800+ for the cabinets. HD customer service was contacted and advised that someone on their side "dropped the ball" and to give the order a little more time. Finally, our installation contractor advised he had to move on to other jobs.

We again contacted HD customer service and were advised the cabinets would be shipped shortly and were scheduled to be delivered to our residence. We advised HD to cancel the order as we no longer had a contractor and the items had not been delivered as promised. HD claimed the cabinets were in shipment and that we should simply refuse delivery and not sign any receipts from the delivery vendor. On November 17, 2013, a delivery truck arrived at our home and the driver showed a delivery receipt that did not indicate what was actually being delivered. We refused delivery, signed nothing, and the truck, driver and goods departed. HD customer service was advised and stated we would receive a credit to our credit card account when the vendor received the cabinets from the trucking agency. On December 6, 2013, we again contacted HD customer service who showed, again, no records of the purchase, but placed us with a corporate representative who advised the cabinets were a no-return item and that she could not credit our account.

We went through the entire story again, and HD corporate said they would look into it and get back to us. We have now placed the payment in dispute and the credit card company is withholding payment to HD until they finish their own investigation. Beware! Nowhere on the HD site does it state the cabinets are no-return and nowhere on the order form is such a statement. It is hidden away in the FAQ area if you happen to open that online page. So, presently, HD has our money, did not deliver as agreed and the cabinets are somewhere between God knows where and the vendor.

Posted by Anonymous

I agree with the comment, "This will be the last thing I buy from Home Depot." (Marina del Rey, CA). Ordered a washer/dryer. They do not deliver their own appliances, "Temco" does. Guess... in mind, HD will NOT let you set up a day and a window of time for delivery. You cannot say you ... show up, which is no help at all. The Marina HD store WILL let me cancel the order or just issue refund on the dryer. After waiting and waiting for one delivery,...want to group addresses and such, but not to specify a day, or even a 4 hour framework, is ridiculous. And you get robocalls,...

Posted by wayne

Home Depot Guelph integrity??? Returning home to a serious sewer blockage I rented a manual sewer snake with the verbal assurance of the agent that if I could not get it ... it home, I realized that it was impossible to mount my access port with this machine and returned it within 22 minutes. After receiving my credit card statement and discovering no credit for the rental, I approached the agent who denied the conversation we had and refused adjustment. I could well have applied the lost funds toward the cost of a ...

Posted by Do not trust them with any credi

... that problem over a year, and did not get any result, my Visa card charged $3200,and according to them they did refund the money to the contractor not to my credit card according to them they ... I check another store they told they cannot do that against Home Depot policy, and ...

Posted by Lost a customer!

... while ago and I don't have a receipt. This third party refused to refund my money so I could purchase more than the value that I was returning. Due to you selecting this third party, unless this gets resolved, I will never purchase anything again from Home Depot. When someone asks about Home Depot, I am ...

Posted by Adri

...am contacting you because i already spoke to the general manager of that store Mr ayala and i contacted home depot head quarter and nobody are treating  ... organization do something about it. Let me explain briefly, i went to that store on the 29th it was wednesday to exchange some stuff that i had  bought the day before. When i stood at the register the head of cashiers was the one doing returns, she did not even smile at me ... her actions and she kept interrupting so i kept telling him that it was just an exchange and he turned at me and in a angry manner and racing...

Posted by coug123

Do not use Kennewick Home Depot for any kitchen bath remodel! Started out ... professional and made errors that required us to pay more money and change orders... We could rarely get a hold of kitchen "expert", and when calls were returned she wasb quite rude and sarcastic. ...

Posted by no1speshal

...would otherwise make you think Home Depot is a good store simply because of the cleanliness....calling and driving from one store to another – altogether three days of wasted time trying ...tried to call Home Depot. They told us to get them at the store. That store said ...NON-REFUNDABLE purchase. So to help, I called the main number again and the Home Depot ...vertical blinds that I still cannot install, I called the store again and they hung up ... twice. I promise Home Depot will never see any more of my money. If ... else, pay more, deal with an arrogant and smelly salesperson in a dirty store... whatever ...

Posted by Veronica

I was very disappointed on the store in Corpus Christi, Tx on SPID. I am a regular there and in the process of remodeling my bathroom and kitchen. I went the weekend after ...very upset. I spent several hundred dollars that morning. I vowed not to return. Well, I returned for color matching on paint we had bought a couple years ...66.00 for that paint we received. Well, I ended up going to the Home Depot on Port. The was the best thing we've ever done. Stacee in...she would try and help us change the color to improve the color the other store messed up. Stacee and Britany, Hats off to you two...

Posted by Anonymous

Problem with installation of enginered flooring.If Home depot would have had someone with knowledge of product issue could have been resolved very....They were much more acceptable to having product returned then correctinf issue.Causing me additional expense...

Posted by LOCKr

... begin,I rented a tiller back in April 2012,4hr contract,returned the tiller in less than 4 hrs,clean and operating.Cleared by ...HD to rent a wood splitter.Was denied a rental because my account was flagged.Was told I owe $50.25 on the April rental,...it is now August,and am in collections for a week and three days rental.First of all if I had the tiller,(a fifty ... the Manager told me they did not clear the contract the day I brought the machine back but entered the transaction 10 days later.In the meantime,my credit rating is at risk because of a clerical error at Home Depot not to mention the log ...