Hobby Lobby Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Hobby Lobby below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Hobby Lobby so others can benefit from what you learned.

Hobby Lobby Return Policy

Hobby Lobby welcomes returns accompanied by an original sales receipt and customer ID within 90 days of purchase. Store credit, a merchandise exchange or a refund in the original form of payment will be issued. Check purchases require a waiting period of 10 calendar days for a refund. Hobby Lobby may refuse any return without a receipt.

Returning items purchased from the Hobby Lobby Online Catalog Sellable, unopened, unused items from the online catalog may be returned within 30 days of the purchase for a refund including sales tax. Shipping or handling will not be refunded unless Hobby Lobby has made an error making the return necessary. Items purchased from the Hobby Lobby online catalog cannot be returned to a Hobby Lobby Store. Opened software and electronic devices cannot be returned (including the Cricut Gypsy).

Allow up to two weeks for the processing of your return and issuing of your credit.

If your purchase is broken, damaged or defective, please call Customer Service at 1-800-888-0321 before mailing your return.

Complete a return form before sending your return to:

Shop Hobby Lobby
Attention Customer Service
7717 SW 44th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73179

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Posted by JOYCE

My Grandaughter Received Wedding And Shower Gifts That She Cannot Use. I Dont Understand Why She Can't Getfull Refund Or Store Credit For Full Amount. This Is The Main Reson I Won't Buy Any Wedding Gifts At Hobby Lobby. I Would Know To Save Reciept But Many People Don't.

Posted by Anonymous

Hobby lobby has the worst return policy. We received a puzzle as a Christmas gift. We asked to exchange it for another picture/design.
They said they stopped ordering this design in June and would not take it back with out the receipt. We explained it was a gift and that just because they stopped ordering it that the product was still on the shelf fort purchase at Christmas time.
It was new and still in plastic wrap.
They offered 0.00 fort their product that was our purchased gromm their store. All we wanted was an even exchange. They refused.
We spoke with management at their corporate office who also refused.

Sorry hobby lobby but you do not have a Christian attitude that your store image portrays when it comes to returns.
You have lost my business and will share my experience will fellow Christians

Posted by pdr

Bought a pre-lit Christmas tree that quit working after three weeks. The store told me they think that tree must have been defective because they had two other people return the same one. BUT they will not let me return mine because they don't have any more of this particular tree and they will not give me back my money. It's going to be really fun packing up and shipping a huge Christmas tree for warranty service. I think I'll just throw it away and get a real tree next year. What a bummer. I will not be shopping at Hobby Lobby any more.

Posted by mkrmom

I just tried to return some fabric to Hobby Lobby. I had the receipt. My return was refused because I didn't have the "pink receipt" from the fabric department. Apparently, the SKU# next to the price isn't an indicator of what you actually received. Back home I went. Dug through threee waste baskets and two trash bags which had the remnants of mine and my son's Christmas crafting extravaganzas. I found the "pink receipt." The Pink Receipt has NOTHING relating to which fabric was cut. It is handwritten. It has the yardage - "1" and a price next to it. This is less info than appears on the receipt. My son bought the fabric there. I haven't shopped there since they decided to fight the ACA provisions for their employees on "religous grounds." I just added another reason why I won't shop there - ever.

Posted by pilotgirl22

I realized I got charged 27.99 for an item that was priced 4.99... I questioned the cashier but she replied with "yeah this kind of stuff is expensive." Not thinking more on it, and agreeing, I stupidly didn't check the receipt and threw it out. Just now when I'm starting my project, I realized the error. Of course, it's hard not to make that kind of mistake when the cashier TYPES IN ALL THE PRICES? Seriously, why isn't there a barcode system at Hobby Lobby?? This seems ludicrous to me. Checking out always takes ages. I know I won't be able to bring this up without a receipt, so I'm just sharing my experience to warn my fellow crafters.

Posted by Swalker3061

I've never had a problem returning anything to Hobby Lobby but because they have alternating 50% off sales each week and the 40% mobile coupon you HAVE To KEEP your RECEIPT. I ALWAYS put mine on the fridge until I'm sure I don't need to return. They have to be strict on the 50% return without receipt because wayyy too many people would try to get over. But yes, I do agree there have been a couple locations where they seem untrusting of my need to return.

Posted by Anonymous

Think this is a bad policy and an inconvenice to your customer not to be able to return to a local store merchandise that was placed on line and the wrong
merchandise received.
This is my first order I have ever placed on line,
must say I am disappointed. Know errors are made,
but in this case feel as Customer should be able to return to a local store.

Posted by Joy

I called corporate after my unopened fondant return was not accepted. They called the manager, called me back promptly, and told me to return to the store for a refund. The original cashier was very rude so another cashier took over and was very kind while processing my return.

Posted by Upset Hobby Lobby Customer

I didn't realize I could not return my online purchase to a store - that is crazy and I will think twice about going to Hobby Lobby. I would never purchase anything from them online - why would you if you cannot return to store. They need to fix this problem if they want to have happy customers or a successful online business.

Posted by Michelle Perry

Can I exchange an item without an original receipt?

Posted by Leah

Try to return a item with a receipt but they said i couldnt return it plus employee was rude about it. Dont believe they actually do returns or exchange so be wary when buying.

Posted by Swftrh@gmail.com

I had 2 seperate returns that we didnt have receipts for, however, we shop these stores ALL THE TIME, and several employees recognized and acknowledged us as we shop. We returned the items to the purchase location, and on both returns, we were given an exchange gift card. When I tried to use the first one, it stated funds depleted. Per card balance funds were never loaded. Its been almost almost 30 days, been treated like a thief, embrassed by the employees in front of other customers. Now just to make a point, i did the 2nd return and given an exchange gift card. Later the same day as i tried to use it, and of course "funds depleted"! They have no intention of correcting this either! This is theft, this is fraud, its extremely poor customer service. And if Levi in corporate office insinuates im a thief ONE MORE TIME, I WILL SUE THIS COMPANY! I have filed a complaint with MO Atty General. They commit fraud daily and steal from their customers. I have $265 in useless cards, outta pocket $265 for original purchase. Hobby Lobby received their merchandise back and plus kept the money from purchase! Im contacting an! attorney

Posted by Mary

Ordered fabric On Line and silly me, I thought I could just return it to the store as it wasn't the fabric I thought it would be. Again, silly me.. did not even think to read their return policy! Drove 20+ miles to our nearest store and low and below.. no return. I went back to the fabric dept and there was the exact fabric. But still not able to return it at store level. Returned it via UPS and my refund came through almost $11.00 short of my purchase.. they kept shipping which I'm assuming was less than the $ they took from me. Will never order On Line from them again.

Posted by HL????????

I bought with debit card and pin. Returned the next day with reciept and merchandise. Going to take 7-10 days to get my money. It took 2 seconds to take it out but 7-10 days to get it back. I will never step foot back in one of your stores and anything I have at my house from hobby lobby will be taking to goodwill. Word of mouth goes a long way. I hope Micheals bankrupts you.

Posted by Angry in Marrero

i had purchased items for a gender reveal party that had to be cancelled since the baby's gender wasn't known. I had probably 4 different receipts. As the cashier was going thru the merchandise a checking off the items She notices the dates on them and sarcastically tells me that they can't take the items back because of the 90 day policy. And tossed some items around saying "We don't even selll this anymore ". I said " Really? Because I was in here in the other day and y'all still was selling it ". After her rude attitude she took back 2 receipts wuth a total of 4 items equallying $12.04. What added to my already frustration (due to her attitude) was that 3 of my receipts were purchased on the same day but she only took one back. She gave me a migraine. I will not be back in there again. Such poor customer service. If she would have just explained the policy in a polite manner I would have been ok

Posted by Mark

Very upset at hobby lobby today. Came in to return a metal item that I discovered was broken. I was asked at the door if I had my receipt upon entry and I replied yes and left the item up front. Went and got another one off the shelf and noticed that there was another broken one there. Picked up a good one and waited in line. I saw the girl talking with a mgr and he walked over to me holding the item and asked If I had my receipt. It was very embarrassing to have to discuss a return WHILE YOU ARE IN LINE with other people on both sides waiting to check out. Showed Mgr on their posted sign that a receipt was not required on exchanges. He never got it. I got very upset because I felt like I was doing something wrong. Ended up demanding and getting a refund because of the way it was handled by them. Long time customer, but I will never allow myself to spend another dime with them. I am going to miss going in there.

Posted by Brandi

I bought $70 of stuff aar Hobby Lobby using my bank card. I need to return them as what i was going to use them for i no longer have. Will i get my refund money as soon as make the refund or do I have to wait says and days?

Posted by ammjsm22

I have never purchased from a store where if U purchase with cash or pin debit and return something, U cant get cash back. I purchased well over $100 worth of items from Hobby Lobby for 2 projects I was working on for my children. I always purchase with cash or pin debit if I think I might need to return a few items so I dont have to wait up to 7 days to get my money back. I understand if something is purchased with credit, the refund must go back on the card. But, when you purchase with pin debit, that is basically the same as cash. I have never had a store deny me cash back on a pin debit purchase til I had to return something at Hobby Lobby. They demanded I put it on the card. It was only $46 out of the "WELL OVER $100" purchase. So, I now have to wait up to 7 days to get my money. On top of this, Hobby Lobby makes you feel like a criminal by sceutinizing everything and having to have a manager present. I immediately walked down to Jo Ann Fabrics to return my extra items that i purchased there 4 this project. I had no trouble there getting cash for my pin debit purchase. Then, on to walmart and same there. No problems at all getting cash 4 my pin debit purchase. I spent $250 on these projects and only returned $100 total. Hobby Lobby was the only store where it was a hassle and a manager had to be called. Jo Ann Fabrics and Wal mart will be the 1st places I go from now on. I could have purchased all my items at those stores and not had to deal with Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby, you just lost a good customer that spends a lot of money in your store. You need to take a look at your return policies and make them easier for your customers. You are the only store that I shop at that doesnt allow cash back on a pin debit purchase. It seems as if you want to make it as hard as you can on your customers, therefore, you lose good customers.

Posted by funknmetal

First, I have never really had to return anything, and if I did, had a receipt and had no problem at all. EXCEPT yesterday. My Simplicity pattern was missing pieces, but there were duplicates of others, hey, it happens not a big deal. *actually I have never had it happen before* I did not have my receipt, because I was going to use and keep the pattern when I bought it. I sew about 500 costumes a season, and had picked it up when ordering fabric and etc. Took it back hoping to just exchange for the exact same pattern. They were on sale that day I think, so they were LIKE A DOLLAR!!!!!!!!! before I knew it there were 2 additional managers at the register questioning my sewing abilities. I took the pattern out and showed how there were duplicates and missing pieces. (imagine all of the thin paper patterns being thrown around at this point) The cashier explained there were 2 exact pattern pieces because you need to cut more than one...REALLY???? (never sewed a pattern obviously) so they got another pattern, and then stared ringing it through the computer and wanted my ID... had to run to the car. By this time I am getting a little stressed. My sewing knowledge has been insulted and basically called a liar, and a little taken back at the fact there are 3 employees, including the store manager looking at me like Im a thief. She then asked for my phone number and I said no. boy did things not go well for me. If eyes could burn through a soul, mine would be on fire. I then get a lecture about the computer system. SO I made up a phone number and got the heck out of there. MORAL OF THE STORY... I could have just gone back, bought my stupid pattern for a freaking dollar, returned the defected one and got my dollar back. I don't need you, I'll go to JO ANNS.

Posted by brenda

Made a special trip to HL just to return two strands of battery-operated Christmas lights that did not work. Because I didn't have the original packaging they wouldn't accept my items. No where in the store or on the receipt is it stated to keep the original packaging. I had the receipt and had the items less than a week.

Posted by kennaa

I just bought a Cricut Explore One from Hobby Lobby today and when I got home and opened it, it has already been used!! And its missing a vinyl piece for a project because the previous owner probably already used it! Im bringing it back tomorrow to ask for a refund because I di not spend 200 dollars on something thats already been used and looks like

Posted by Anonymous

Tried to returns items to HL for my daughter. Had the receipt. It was less than 90 days, but more than 60. Did not have the credit card for which the items were charged. So I said store credit. Clerk said because items were more than 60 or 70 dollars she needed to call manager. He said, couldn't do it. Has to go back on the original charge card. Than questioned was I the one who purchased the items. I said no, my daughter purchased the items. I was doing her a favor. I was than treated as suspect. My daughter now has a receipt that is all marked up as if items were returned but weren't. 9/12/16 Hobby Lobby store on route 248 Easton, Pa.

Posted by Refund

It is very irritating to have to wait up to 10 days for your money back when the clerk charged me something I told her I didn't want because I thought it was on sale. She told me I needed to read the signs better. When I told her she overcharged me she and I felt she should apologise, she was very rude and now I have to wait for a refund. Not a very Christian way of running a business.

Posted by San

I think as long as the items have tags on them and are in sellable shape you should extend the 90 day return. I was at a store and at least two customers (including me) were treated kind of abruptly for returning things from christmas in the summer. The items I was returning were still for sale on the shelves but I was only given 50% on them by the manager. I won't be shopping there again.

Posted by Lillyana9

Just to let everyone know. If you return many items without a receipt,chances are, a hold will be put on your merchandise exchange card. They will give it to you, like everything is fine. However, the moment you leave, the manager will have a hold placed. Sometimes, I think it happens automatically. Then, when you go to use it, or, call to get the balance, there's no money on it. At that point, you have to contact someone in customer service and explain everything, AGAIN! Get treated like a thief, AGAIN! If you thought the people at the store were bad, then wait until you talk to these people. Better be ready to explain, in detail, every item you returned and why. It's ridiculous.

Posted by Uncomfortable shopping at your s

I shop frequently at this store and recently purchased a considerable amount for a wedding. There were several Items that I have that were never used (my daughter chose something else) and still have the tags on them. I looked up the return policy so I would know what to expect, however after reading all the reviews, I have decided to keep them and hopefully repurpose or "donate" to someone. I have had several uncomfortable encounters in this store with employees being rude or unhelpful. I realize now this is a common occurrence with this store and not just my personal experience. I also feel that Michael's employees are much friendlier. I will no longer shop at this store. Hobby Lobby, are you listening????

Posted by Tcamp

Can you return fabric?

Posted by Theresa

I purchased something with a visa gift card. I returned the item and got the refund on the card. How long does it take for 5he funds to be available?

Posted by Disappointed!

I had my most disappointing retail experience ever today. I am a real estate agent and property investor. I have spent A LOT of money at Hobby Lobby just in the last year. I only had to return one item in the past so I was not familiar with their policies. Today I went in to try to exchange a lawn ornament. I paid over $40 for a bronze heron. I had it one week. I purchased it the week before and had it in my guest bedroom for a week. The day I put it in my landscape I went to cut the tag off and noticed it was attached by a twist tie. I also noticed it had some rust around the heron's legs. I didn't think that much about it, and put it in my landscape anyway. About 4 hours later as my husband was fertilizing the backyard he backed into it. The heron was so top heavy it tipped over and the leg snapped in my mulch landscape! I went to see if Hobby Lobby would exchange it or give me store credit or anything because I only had it outside for 4 HOURS before it broke. Instead I was instantly greeted with sarcasm and suspicion. The employee treated me like a criminal for walking in carrying it. I would not have been so upset if she said it couldn't be returned and was polite about it. She was rude and accusatory. I had just left my yoga class and was sweaty and my hair was probably falling out of my ponytail, but she treated me like trash! I never got a chance to even say anything. I was so stunned I walked out. I will never shop at your store again. Michael's and Kirkland's are much closer to my house anyway. If management reads this, you have serious training issues! I would start training my employees if you would like to keep your customers.

Posted by Miffed on Policy

I had recently purchased a magnifying glass at HL and realized when I got home that it wouldn't work for my needs. I had taken it out of the packaging when I was trying it out but was careful not to damage the packaging or the item. When I realized it was useless for me, I put it back exactly how I found it and taped the plastic back on top. When I went to look at the receipt to see if it would be worth it to return it, it only gave me the department the glass was from. This was useless as well as I had bought something else from the same department and I couldn't differentiate the two on the receipt. There's a perfectly good barcode on the back of all of their items. Why are they not in a system?
When I went to make the actual return, after waiting in line for about 15 minutes behind one customer as the cashier was struggling with another return, I was told that I could only return things that are unopened. If someone could please explain to me how I'm supposed to know if a product is useful to me without opening it, I would really appreciate it. They eventually did give me my return but warned me that next time they would not take an item back if it had been opened because, and I quote, "who is going to buy an item like this? I sure wouldn't."
I enjoy HL's selection of items, they have many things that Michaels doesn't, however their customer service renders it moot. 2/10, will most likely not go back.

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to return five items, carefully wrapped, without a receipt and expected a credit. Instead they offered me 50% of the cost of the items. I will never shop at HL again.

Posted by Trouble trio

I walked out of hobby lobby today feeling like crap and confused... I made a return without a receipt and a couple items didn't come from that store. They questioned me and made me feel awful. Like answering umpteen million questions. For Christ sake it was a gift. Then right after that I got a call from a random customer service rep. It all seems kinda crazy! I will NOT shop at hobby lobby again! Has this happened to anyone else?

Posted by I HATE Hobby Lobby their thief's

I will never shop at H.L. Ever again I made an exchange and ended up with a exchange card and the rude employee that treated me as a criminal had told me that the balance will be on the card in 24hrs and never was. Now I'm stuck with out any class supplys "because I'm not a thief" and no money to replace the gifts that were purchased for me. I forgot to mention the items I had are all locked up in a case and an employee walks the merchandise to a cashier if u want to purchase it ya huckin dummy!. Are we even in America anymore? I feel the right thing to do is go take back what this store took from me but in reality that's not the right thing to do. It's gonna be sad if I fail a class and miss out on my education due to not having the proper supplies & tools needed! That's really suckin petty and lame what a piece of chit company huckin losers! I have better things to do then go steal from hobby lobby trust me!

Posted by Anonymous

Hobby lobby does treat you like you are doing some thing wrong when you return an item with or without a receipt. Its ridiculous! I have been stared down many times when checking out at the cash register because i carry a medium to large size purse. They have the worst customer service! Michael's craft store is a much more pleasant shopping experience!

Posted by 2ndhanddamagedlungs

TO the person who posted below. I AM GLAD they refused your return. The smell of cigarette smoke makes me gag, and I will continue to support every store who has policies like this. I or other people should NOT have to suffer for your poor choice to smoke.

Posted by DGraham25

I attempted to return a faux flower garland and 3 separate stems yesterday to the store in Vernon Hills, IL. The tags were still on the items and I had the receipt. The items were in their original bag. Apparently they picked up a slight scent of smoke from me driving an hour to the store. The cashier called the manager over and whispered in her ear with a nasty look at me and the manager looked at me and said "I can't take these back". I said you must be joking (they are plastic) She then went to page someone else to come over. The tone and the facial expressions that were used are not appropriate for dealing with customers. For godsakes, you would think I was caught shoplifting. Last time I checked, it is legal for me to smoke if I so choose. Your policy says nothing about not being able to take the items back if they smell like smoke. In total, these cost me $50. I have been doing business with your company for many years and have spent plenty of money. I can tell you I will never step foot in the Vernon Hills store again. I threw the entire bag in your garbage can outside the store as I left as the way they treated me just left me mortified.

Posted by It's just ribbon

I shop Holly Lobby quite a bit and have always been happy with all that I have ever purchased. Most what I buy come from your silk flowers and ribbon departments. I manage flower arrangements for two cemeteries plus special occasions. This covers Mothers day Fathers Day Easter Memorial etc.. I spend a good sum in your store continually year after year. With what I do I also have people to please which means I may purchase several items for them to choose from. I rarely need to return anything. But this year was different. With the busy christmas season and on one of my vists, I purchased four rolls of ribbon to make seven bows for christmas wreaths. I opened one ribbon and made two bows to show my client. It was not what she wanted. So I gathered the other three rolls to return along with the receipt and noticed I had been charged for seven rolls of ribbon. I called the manager of the store and he informed me that because he had no cameras on the registers there was nothing he could do about the over charge that was made by the cashier. I understand mistakes happen but when you shop as often as I do plus drive 45minutes one way to get there, something could have been done if nothing but giving your customer a break on their next purchase. But, the manager tells you, sorry, theres no way I can tell how many you had in your bag. Which makes you feel like you have just been accused of stealing. . I don't I think would have gone to to trouble to explain my chain of events to the manager on the phone if I had thought I had a chance of getting rich over three rolls of ribbon. I left Michael Store to shop with Holly Lobby, I have no problem going back and continue my business with them. I know this is no big deal for Holly Lobby the company but there are a lot of people out there. Imagine how many may feel the same as I do. Want a better business. Be more open and listen to you customers. Train your managers to work with your customers instead of brushing them off.

Posted by What is Customer Service

I bought 2 Christmas LED candles that had glitter on them. When I got them home and went to put them in the canisters the glitter started to fall off in chunks on my fingers. When I went to take it out and touched it again the glitter did the same thing. I bought them on the 4th. Went out of town so I set them in a zip lock bag so I could return them when I got back. I went there tonight 4 days later with the original receipt. I was told they wouldn't return them due to them being damaged. I let them know that's why I was returning them. They stated they wouldn't do it. They didn't offer me store credit, exchange or anything. One of the employees was rude and made me feel like I stole it and damage it myself. I told her to put her own hand on it so she could see herself that when it was touch the glitter fell off. She refused to do it. I left both candles at the store and walked out. I left a message with customer service at their Headquarters. I hope this issues will be resolved and that I am not treated the same way I was by the employee's at the store. I believe in treating costumers kindly and try and work to resolve the problem. Not unprofessional and make them feel like a criminal. When you treat someone with kindness it goes along ways but when you treat them poorly it goes along ways in a negative manner. Anytime someone brings up Hobby Lobby the story will be told of how I was treated. Instead of I got great customer service when I went to return something.

Posted by Barb

I have purchased and returned things at hobby lobby many times without any problem. If you have your receipt for the exact merchandise they will cheerfully refund what you paid. Hobby lobby offers many coupons and discounts so proof of price paid for an item is critical.

Posted by JOB

I only got half back as well, I'm not pleased about it. They treated me like a criminal because I didn't have a receipt when it clearly say at the register we value every customer with or with out a receipt.

Posted by Spaghooter

H.L. does not honor their refund/return policy clearly printed on their site, receipts and store registers.. I'm out 45 bucks..
I purchased a set of colored pencils from the Virginia Beach Hobby Lobby 11 days ago.
I got them home, and my daughter informed me that they were the incorrect ones - as these are oil based and I was to get wax based ones.
I was not able to return these until this past Saturday. This was only 11 days after purchase. I had the receipt, these were in excellent unused condition and yet the return was refused by Hobby Lobby.
The customer service person said that since they do not have anymore in the store - are no longer selling them that I can not return them however, they did bring up the EXACT same brand colored pencils package - just in a 12 pack, not the 24 pk I bought.
I then asked for a manager to discuss this. He came up and said that since Hobby Lobby doesn't have these - he would not honor a return even with the receipt.

The receipt has only 2 items on it - a sketch book and the colored pencils.
Hobby Lobby's site says that "Hobby Lobby values customer satisfaction -- with or without the receipt. Also, the refund policy that is posted at the register AND the back of the receipt says within 90 days of purchase you will gladly exchange, give store credit or issue a refund.

Posted by Dissatisfied customer

Hobby Lobby STEALS from their patrons.

After returning merchandise yesterday for only 50% refund I am extremely dissatisfied with Hobby Lobby and will NEVER shop there again. A store that restocks returned merchandise which is in the original packaging, never opened or used and only gives half the purchase price back is effectively stealing! I will not condone stealing.