HP Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for HP below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from HP so others can benefit from what you learned.

Home and Home Office

Goods purchased from the HP Home & Home Office Store can be returned or exchanged within 21 days after they've been delivered. Restrictions may apply to certain products, such as printer ink cartridges or software. Gift cards are non refundable, except where this is prohibited by law.

Shipping and handling charges are non refundable. If applicable, tax will be refunded when a return has been processed. If you return products from an order of several items, the remaining amount that you spent may no longer qualify for promotions or discounts that you may have benefited from. If this happens, the value of the discount will be removed from the amount of the refund.

To request a refund or exchange, it is necessary to obtain an RMA (Returned Merchandise Authorization). This can be obtained by contacting HP via chat, email or by calling 1-888-650-1544. A return label will be provided when the RMA is issued. No products may be returned to HP without obtaining an RMA first.

Credits for items that were returned will be applied to the method of payment used in the purchase. It may take 5 to 7 business days before refunds appear on your credit card statement.

Small and Medium Business

Products that are returned to HP require a Return Goods Authorization (RGA). This can be obtained by contacting HP Order Support through live chat or by calling 1-866-625-0242.

Products that are not defective can be returned within 30 days after delivery and will be subject to a fee of $15 for restocking. HP may authorize, in its sole discretion, a return for items over 30 days after delivery, however a restocking fee of 25% will apply.

For HP products which appear defective, technical support is provided to assess the problem. HP will either perform the needed repairs or authorize a return of the product. Depending on the terms of the warranty on the product, a technician may be dispatched on site to perform repair or diagnosis of the defective product.

Products received DOA (Defective on Arrival) can be replaced, returned or repaired by contacting HP's technical support team at 1-800-334-5144.

Some products are not returnable (unless defective), such as: customized orders, electronic downloads, replacement parts supplied by technical support, memory whose packaging has been opened, software that has been opened, products with serial numbers removed, products that were modified by the consumer, and consumables such as printer cartridges.

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Posted by Lovely

It don't have a CD drive I thought it did when I brought it I was trying to return it

Posted by Sarah

HP Support is not very helpful and will drag out a problem as long as possible hoping you will go away. They have technicians who speak broken English and will give you every excuse possible. Do not buy from them. Their quality has really gone down hill. After having my Operating System reloaded by HP, I am now pursuing legal alternatives.

Posted by Anonymous

Well after 20+ mins. on the phone with Barry, I revd my RMA email ERROR 404 Message,The server has not found anything matching the Request-URI. No indication is given of whether the condition is temporary or permanent.If the server does not wish to make this information available to the client, the status code 403 (Forbidden) can be used instead. The 410 (Gone) status code SHOULD be used if the server knows, through some internally configurable mechanism, that an old resource is permanently unavailable and has no forwarding address.

Called the number on the email; has nothing to do with HP returns? Next, Under TROUBLE SHOOTING: went to Fedex Return Lable, entered my user name and password provided by HP on in the email, system error AGAIN.

Called FedEx as provided in the email by HP for any technical support, FedEx tells me that they can not help, have to call HP Next, called HP 716 633-3600 for questions about my shippment (HP HHO Returns Dept. This number is incorrect and they could not help me! I am asking myself why does HP put numbers in the email to me if they don't help??

I called 888 999-4747, after 20 mins on the phone with another difficult to understand person, transfered me to another similar person. I got fed Up and asked to have HP schedule thru FEDEX a pick up at my house. Put on hold for another 15 mins. Women came back on and said FedEx will pick up my box tomorrow. It's now 9:49am and I have been on the phone with HP for approx. 1 1/2 hrs. just to get my laptop returned. I really think they do this on purpose to make you go away.

Never again will I ever purchase ANY THING from HP and for those of you considering HP, take notice there are other companies out there; DELL, Lenovo to name a few that respect you more than HP.

Posted by Anonymous

I am on the phone with a mam named Barry (won't provide last name or any other identifier). I called to get an RMA to return a computer. I am trying to understand the man but because of the LANGUAGE barrier it is very difficult. This is another reason why I am returning this computer and buying a great laptop and twice the expense from DELL.

Why doesn't HP spend a little more money and have US based call ctrs.???

Posted by Fly917

HP-the worst! I bought their laptop Envy 360, which is supposed to be a great, fast laptop with an 8 hour battery life. Well, not the case. My battery power drains in less than 3 hours and the laptop is super slow. I've had the laptop for 2 months and they will not replace it, instead, I'm supposed to ship it to them for analysis, it will take them two weeks (at best) to "fix" the problem. I've spoken to four representatives and just keep getting bounced around without resolution. Will not buy or recommend another HP ever!!

Posted by nONE

Never Buy For Hp Try To Return A Power Cord That They Said Would Fit My Laptop And I Paid For It They Sent It To Me 9 Days Later I Got And It Was The Wrong Power Cord. Her Comes The Problem Try To Send It Back And You Will Face A Nightmare. They Ask For Your Order Number And Then They Will Keep Transfering You Back And Forth And You Will Never Get Anyware. 3.75 Hours Trying To Get A Return Shipping Lable. And Still No Progress Try Asking For A Supervisor They Will Hang Up On You

Posted by pole99hode

I bought an HP pen but it is not recognised by my HP tablet.
I am finding it difficult to find an email address to contact them about a refund

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a HP windows 7 about 6 years ago, didn't have problems with it till around the 3rd year. It started freezing up. So I sent it to get fixed, but still had problems with it. So I bought a new HP windows 10. Had problems with it from the get go. I heard sizzling noises, now my key board won't work. I have to use the on screen keyboard to log in and type anything. After reading all the comments I'm fearful of trying to return it. Never again will I buy HP.

Posted by Radhika

HP's policies are really not suited for genuine customer help. On buying a product I assume that it works properly and that it does not have an inherent issue with it.
At first instance I tried contacting HP services in Santa Cruz Mumbai. I was asked to pay RS. 750 for installation of a printer which costs 7300. I installed the printer myself. Even then the printer did not end up working. So I called up HP services once again for help. They ask me to call up at some number which I did. I have been contacting HP for a long time and today someone finally came to check the printer. I was told there is some problem with the printer and therefore I could replace or return it. I purchased it on 10th Oct from a store in west bengal. I have been facing this problem with its installation from the very beginning. I did not assume that HP would be providing a defective product to a customer. Now it is impossible for me to go back to West Bengal within the time presribed by them. I guess HP does not understand the difficulties and costs involved in travelling from one place in India to another and that too only to return a product which is defective and is a problem that I have been caused because of their faulty product. After paying in full for a product, you receive a defective product and then you receive a callous attitude from HP. Wow. this is ultimate payback for customers and the most efficient kind of customer service for a company which operates throughout India. I am sorry to say I am hugely disappointed to a level that I will never be going back to HP and would discourage everyone from doing so at every possible level. Just in case HP would like to know the case number I am putting it up here: BLFB-9067. And I would request HP services to not trouble customers by asking them to call numerous persons for the same problem and to develop a better efficient service system for defective products. You could take it as a feedback in case HP believes in feedback of customers


Your Printer Is The Worst Priner Ai Have Ever Tribe Ti Use It Is 3 Months Old And Had Nothing Plus Problems . I Demand A Full Refund And Will Tell You Ai Will Report The The Concumer Protectionfrom You Peratrating On Others And To The Better Bussines Beaureu Nad Institue A Law Siute. Think O Ak Playeing Try Me

Posted by Fedup

I bought mine in March 2017 from QVC and waited 3 weeks for it to arrive. That should have been my first clue. I bought it as a back up to my 9 year old hp desktop, which works better than my 17 inch hp laptop .It is crashing and freezing too much. Last week I had to do a total recovery.
The company has obviously been sold to a group that cuts corners and doesnt give a damn. My laptop came with 1 year support and after reading all the reviews online, its probably best to cut my losses and buy another brand.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been waiting nearly two months for a refund of $218 for an HP printer I bought on June 12 and returned on June 20. I have spoken to HP personnel on six different occasions and have been told every time that the refund was imminent but it has not yet appeared on my credit card statement. I have used HP equipment for decades, but considering this level of customer disservice I shall certainly never buy another piece of HP equipment.

Posted by Kurran

I want to get rid of this laptop as it is just such a bad laptop and always has faults, it's been sent back for repairs 4 times and I've had it for around 6months it's unacceptable

Posted by DEB66

Hp Has Caused Me So Much Trouble Overcharging Me For Usb Cable For My Printer.
Order # Bjpl 4262-01
I Tried 4 Numbers And Was On Hold 40 Minutes Before I Hung Up....hp Is Terrible!
Advise Me On How To Get My Refund Asap I Am Going To Refuse This Order ...you Put Me
Through Over An Hours Worth Of Hell Just Trying To Get This Handled And Never Got A Live Person

Posted by DEB66

I Want A Refund On Order # Bjpl4262-01 You Have Caused Me A Great Deal Of Stress Wasting Over An Hour Just To Get A Live Person To Handle This.
Your Tech Guy Who I Ordered From Was More Of A Sales Man Trying To Get Me To Buy A Printer Instead Of Usb Cable. He Was Relentless, Made Me So Angry. I Am So Sick Of The Way Hp Handles Problems. What Has Happened To This Company To Make Solving Problems So Horiibly Difficult? I Am So Angry At Hp, You Don't Have Convenient Manuals Or Handy Phone Numbers, You Make Folks Stay On Hold For Me Today Over 40 Min.
Call Me About This Or Send Detailed Email On What Else I Have To Do To Get My Refund

Posted by DEB66

2.27.2017 ORDERED USB CABLE # BJPL 4262-01 case # 3037051032 called 2.28 same number

to tell them to cancel because I found out HP is charging me 3 1/2 X the amount I can get it for elsewhere! This tel # above referred me to another #, then they referred me to another ...about 4 numbers to call. Finally was told a refund

on hold for over 40 minutes!!! No one answered I hung up! I have not rec'd this cable


Posted by TimH

Bought new black ink cartridge 932XL for Officejet 6100 at cost of $38. Color cartridges all indicated as full of ink. When I went to print after installing new black cartridge, received error message "yellow cartridge has been depleted" and won't print. Could you please provide a refund of my $38?

Posted by Duh

I brought a laptop online on 12/17/2017. Twenty-one days later, I am still waiting for the computer. Talked to customer service, the computer is holding at the custom and pending for FDA clearance. No mention on site that the computer will be shipped from China. For some reasons, the FDA refused to clear the computer to let it enter U.S. Now, the customer service told me that not until they receive the computer, they can't give me refund. I never receive the computer, how can I return it for refund? Robbed by HP. Be careful!!!

Posted by au 14 office 10 gen 6

I have purchased a laptop in September 16 at gurgaon and after 10 days I am facing problems. But till date I have tried my best to resolve my problem by hp executive. However, it gone in vain as this has neither repaired or replaced.

Posted by Smit Nikam

I bought an HP Pavilion 15-au 118tx notebook on 10/10/2016 from a local mall in Nasik, India. The guy working there suggested me to extend warranty after I purchased and also said that "display flickering and all are not covered in this warranty". I thought he is just saying it and didn't give it much attention. While doing initial account setup my screen flickered for few seconds. I ignored since I thought its normal. That time I had my exams going on so I kept my laptop aside for a week. When my exams finished after a week I opened my laptop. I again noticed same screen flickering/blinking for some seconds after every hour or so. Now I remembered what that guy said.
I went to the mall I purchased it from and asked that guy whether he already knew that this piece had display problems before selling it to me, he ignored. He asked me to contact HP.

I contacted HP and registered complaint(on 10th day from purchase). They made me do so many software installation and even made me factory restore it. I did it all. They wanted to confirm whether it is a software issue or hardware. As expected there was no software issue. After many phone calls and many procedures done, they closed my case without asking me whether my problem is solved or not. It wasn't solved at all.
I registered one more complaint. They made me repeat everything. And agreed to send a technician. It took one month to convince them that it is a hardware issue. Engineer came, he tried to fix wires, changed display and closed the case. While changing displayed he asked me why didn't I demand replacement that time only as my first complaint was registered on 10th day itself. I did not know their replacement policy. But repairing was also okay for me as long as it works perfectly. But while technician was still here it flickered again. He wasn't ready to believe that it happened again as he didn't see it, he was writing down something on paper that time. It used to happen suddenly while operating the laptop and not after fixed interval of time so I couldn't prove it that very moment. He suggested me to demand replacement if it happens again. Again I had my exams so I kept my laptop aside. After 3 weeks now when I am using my laptop I am facing the same issue. I called HP up and demanded replacement, they were forcing me to do all software installations one last time to check whether its a software issue or hardware issue and said they will send technician only after confirmation that its a hardware issue. What the hell! Means after 2 months we are back at the same positions. Everything is repeating and there is no solid solution.

Extremely disappointed with HP. Will never buy a HP product again and will not recommend it to anyone. I just want the laptop to be replaced or repaired perfectly!

Posted by Al Clark

Still wating for a refund on a returned HP Envy 4520 printer returned to HP oct.3/16 and have stiil not recived a credit card so much for HP,s 7 to 14 business days for a refund. I have call HP and 3 time talked to a rep & they said they email with an answer STILL WAITING I hope that someone reads this and givs me answer, then aked me i need supplies, a lot of nerve.

Posted by Allan Clark

Dear Sir Madame

I returned a 4520 printer order to you on Sept.30/16 via UPS waybill return# was NOR 25062412 & i Still have not recied a credit on my Master Card. I think a month should be long enough to credit my credit card as you say 7 to 14 business days.

Thanks Al Clark

Posted by Allan Clark

Returned a HP Enyy 4520 order on Sept 30/16 via UPS waybill 7 and i would like to know when i will get a my Credit i think I have waited long enoug


Al Clark

Posted by itguy33

The worst most convoluted return process ever, designed to give up and just keep the product.

HP Canada is NOT able to create a UPS shipping label and process a return. Here's their process:

Call number, ASK for a NOR # then many hours later, an email appears with MANUAL instructions to call UPS

ask for a blank Waybill, schedule a pickup and then write (by hand) on a blank white piece of paper, the return details and attach it to the box in addition to manually filling out a Waybill.

Hello HP, it's 2016 !! Not 1988.

I ignored the archaic method prone to errors and just created a shipment online using UPS's website with my account and generated a barcode label, billing to their account (as provided).

I will drop-off at a UPS location and hope HP minions have a barcode reader ready when it arrives.

I imagine I'll be waiting weeks if not months for a snail mail cheque with my money back.


Posted by Screwed by HP

DONT TRUST HP warranty support!!! I paid for the upgraded 3 year warranty with accidental damage protection. I had a broken hinge (a well know issue of the HP envy) & non functioning keys. It was supposed to be fixed & returned in 5-7 days. 2 days after they recived my laptop for repair the support repair case was put on hold. I attempted to call & find out why it was on hold & if it would ship on time. I was assured that if it would be delayed I would be sent an email update. Well, long story short, the delivery date has come & gone & I have called them every day since, trying to get any info at all as to when I might get it back or what is even going on with it. I have had reps send in multiple requests for updated information that has been completely ignored by the repair department. Its been weeks now. My case has been esclated to a manager who also put a request to the repair department for an update that has been completely ignored. I have requested that my laptop be returned to me fixed or not as I need it for work & I'm losing business every day & it's destroying the reputation of my online business I spent over 15 years building. Unfortunately they are unable to return a laptop they can not locate or get any infomation. So now they have my laptop with all my information that could easily be accessed by anyone. I am now in the process of attempting to file a small claims case against HP in an attempt to just get my laptop back from them.

Posted by Anonymous

Still there is noone can solve the case.

I want doa certificate.

Posted by tina dye

my compture mess up, i bout it june 19 2016, i need to get it replace

Posted by Westview Tax

HP has the worst return and replace policy ever. I had an 8630 all in one that broke within one year. They would not replace it with a new one and sent a refurbished machine that was defective because some of the parts were missing and now will not send me an RMA shipping label to send it back. I will pay to send it back and I am writing to the Company to express my dissatisfaction


Great computer or so i thought I purchased it at walmart on 2-29-16 and it Froze Up on 5-15-16 my brother works at boeing and is quite familiar with computers. He has Never seen anything like this Screen and keyboard Frozen with No ACCESS AT ALL. I was informed by computer technitian that walmart sells closeouts for a reason. They are Poor Quality. Please REPLACE OR REFUND MY MONEY SPENT Its already been one Long HeadAche for me being WITHOUT! Thankyou very much.Daniel

Posted by Roark

You have to hate big companies who have the ability to pass you on, ignore you and honestly don't give a s***! Tearing my hair out at Hp's indifference to my issues, terrible, terrible support and for selling me a computer they knew was faulty.

I recently bought a HP laptop under a 1 year warranty. It was bought as a Christmas present. We checked it immediately after buying it and then put it away until Christmas two weeks later. After 2-3 days the computer stopped turning on. After 5 minutes of research I discovered the issue was due to a faulty motherboard which had been a common problem with that model and reportedly should have resulted in the laptop being recalled. In the next few days I contacted the reseller who referred me to an official HP repair centre. At this stage I was still within the first month and HP would have replaced my laptop (not that anyone pointed that out). Since I was on holiday I waited until I got back to Cape Town to continue the process. After registering the laptop with ensure services twice and not getting a response for two weeks, I took the laptop in to ensure services to register the laptop manually. I was informed the laptop would take 8-10 days to repair but after two weeks I had heard nothing. I went into ensure services to find out the progress on the service only to be told they had no idea when the part would arrive, only that it wasn�t yet in SA. At this point I asked for the laptop to be replaced as we had had a broken laptop for nearly a month and a half. They referred me to HP Laptop replacement (086 0104771) who showed no interest since I hadn�t reported the issue within a month (Although I had followed reasonable channels within a month). Luckily a week later the laptop has been delivered back to me. Happily and relieved I switched it on only to discover I can�t log on since the password has somehow been changed. The keyboard is now also horribly loose on the left hand side which is testament to more poor service. Do I have any rights to return this laptop for a replacement since the fault was known before the laptop was sold to me, and the laptop still has further repairs to be done? I have very little confidence in HP�s services, in their care for customers and I can�t bare not having a laptop for a further few days or even weeks.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a Hp notebook on 21 night and when I opened the laptop on next day I found (DOA). The mouse pad button was uplifted from its position and the cursor automatically vibrates on screen when I just touch it.
Please help me out what to do now.

Posted by pwaynej

YAY!!! merry christmas to me.We got our new laptop just in time for christmas,Wrapped it real nicely and put a big red bow on it.so far so good.gave it to the family member that was deeply surprised by it and they could not wait to tie in to it.They were gonna visit the whole wide world one click at a time.He turned that baby on by pushing the start button and voila!!!! dark screen.ERROR!! you must install an operating system.surely a mistake so we tried again,same result.two hours on the phone with people from three different continents and no help.They promised to call back saying that the info they had on my serial number placed me in canada,HUH ???I have lived and breathed hp for at least 25 years.no more!I have been carly fiorinaed.what a pity that such a good company has fallen to such a low depth!!!

Posted by Gavin

I bought a HP notebook from Shopper, after power on, the Win10 starts to prompt for system setup, just a few seconds later, on the second step, the computer reboot, and repeat the process. I went back Shopper, they said they are not responsible for the case when box/label is opened. then I start to contact HP service, they people there will be manager connect me for solution, till now no any response. Today I complain HP for the third time. lesson learn is not buy Electronic products from Shopper, and I am realy surprise for HP's service.

Posted by Masoud

I bought "HP 3 year Accidental Damage Protection Plus Pickup and Return Notebook Service
[ UM949E ]" from HP canada more than 45 days ago (SCAS430440). I had to return the laptop to bestbuy where I bought it. I sent an email to HP Canada for the return one day after I bought the warranty. they said OK and told me it will take 19 days for the money to come to the account and now it is 45 days and nothing and follow up doesn't work also. I expected more from such a big company.

Posted by LEB

HP printer support is the worse ever they ask a lot of question but neveer answer them a good one is
Did this help? hell no it did work and it came up each time you answer NO.

Posted by Glenda H Sherman

I ordered my laptop from Costsco and I received it the 2nd week in March. From the minute I turned it on I started having problems. It wouldn't let me loo. I had to call tech support and the process was very intense. I was instructed to get an Outlook mail account. I got a email account and it worked for a few days. Then I couldn't sign on or get the laptop to respond. THEN I STARTED GETTING CALLS FROM A HACKER TELLING ME MY ACCOUNT HAD BEEN CANCELED AND ONLY HE COULD FIX MY LAPTOP IF I FAXED HIM A LARGE CHECK. I did not follow his instructions. When I call tech support I end up in a circle of fraudulent tech support. My only choice is to return the laptop that I had loaded Quicken and Windows 8 & updates.
I was in the hospital 2 weeks in June and recovering since hence the delay in returning the laptop.

Posted by arielmut30

I was told at week before I sent my computer in, malfunctioned 2 times, that I could speak with someone about upgrading. Now they have my computer insist on fixing it again, and sending it to me. Then if something happens again, then I can talk with someone about changing. This is my second time my computer is repaired, and called 6 for remote repair.

Posted by deann

I have a Hp laptop that quit working on me. It won't even turn on. I don't remember where I bought it but it has been less than an year. What should I do. It has never worked right and this is frustrating to me. I thought Hp was a good brand but I have had nothing but problems with this lap top.

Posted by no

Johnnithan Hanes

I Purchased Hewlett Packard laptop computer about 2012 before it was stolen when unemployed. Had called phone number which they were informed of my purchase of the computer monitoring. Reported incident to Hewlett Packard so that people can't retrieve anything by it's warranty from the cooperation. Reported again of incident twice to Radio Shack just to be sure. For some reason after many, many receipt's of purchases I didn't remain in their computer with account, and with receipt. Also due to arrive in person at the Hewlett corporation for warranty. Please report this incident to the corporation.

Thank You I

Posted by no

Johnnithan Hanes

I Purchased Hewlett Packard laptop computer about 2012 before it was stolen when unemployed. Had called phone number which they were informed of my purchase of the computer monitoring. Reported incident to Hewlett Packard so that people can't retrieve anything by it's warranty from the cooperation. Reported again of incident twice to Radio Shack just to be sure. For some reason after many, many receipt's of purchases I didn't remain in their computer with account, and with receipt. Also due to arrive in person at the Hewlett corporation for warranty. Please report this incident to the corporation.

Thank You I

Posted by kmosvold84

I have a computer that I have had for only four months. The charging port went out in it. I have been trying for three days to get it fixed. I get transferred over and over to different departments. They sent the wrong part for the IT guy to fix it. They won't exchange the computer or refund my money. I was forced to go out and buy a new computer because I have stuff that is due today. I am fed up with them, and I will never buy a new HP again. I will also let everyone know how bad my experience with them was. The computer was crap and so was the customer service.

Posted by Bill

Bought an hp envy laptop through their website. Delivered 3/16/15. Hard drive failed 4/16/15. 2 hours on phone with tech support and still waiting for dispatch to call to send a box for return to repair! I don't need repair I need a refund to buy a Lenovo!

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased an HP Pavillion in sept.2013 and purchased a 2 yr. warrenty in oct.2013 I tried to get help with drivers last week and was told I only had a 1 yr. warrenty and would have to pay for help.I spent over 2 hours on the phone with nothing resolved called back 2 days later and told them to take my information and give it someone who can give me a refund of 160.49 you took and didn't honor my name is Douglas Mann phone# is Please have someone who can give me a refund. Call Me

Posted by Fed-Up

Have 2 HP printers that won't work after the first ink change. Both printers give the same error "no ink in cartridge" after inserting new ink cartridge. Support from HP is non-existence and they only offer a discount on a new printer. Why on earth would I buy a new printer from HP?! They're products are defective and support is a joke.

Posted by carola

I followed all the associates directions to return a printer, a reconditioned printer purchased from Tech Support (to replace a printer that was not working and is now working perfectly after being unplugged for 5 days!) and I cannot get anyone to call me back, connect me w/the right dept., a credit manager or credit my credit card for a confirmed return. My credit card has been credited only for the $20.21 additional warranty purchased however not the printer. The reconditioned printer did not operate correctly, I called Tech Support and they wanted to go through all the trouble shooting I had just performed and I said NO! I just want to return it! I returned it two days after receiving it. It has been received at the return center in Tenn, USA. My case no. is
The HP voice automated menus are garbled, I was passed back and forth between dept. for yet another thirty minutes of my time w/o results. I am frustrated! I just want my money back! I'll never buy an HP product again. (My HP laptop has had it's share of problems too).

Posted by Kurt Smith

2 months ago, I purchased an HP computer directly from the company. Its never worked, freezing multiple times each day. 3 phone calls to their tech support, who took over and went through the computer thoroughly, yielded no improvement...still freezes. Called today requesting a refund. Jason had me on hold for over 30 minutes, waiting to talk to his supervisor, who he assured me would help me. Once Joanne the supervisor came on the line, she immediately informed me that someone else would be calling me sometime over the next 48 hours, however that person does not work on the weekends. When I asked Joanne for her employee id number, she refused to provide. In summary, a company is known by its customer service....HP has none and their computers dont work....save the headache and purchase from a reputable company...dont buy HP...

Posted by Anonymous

This was the most horrible experience my tech department and my school has ever experienced. First you have to speak to somebody in INDIA and you can barely understand them. Then to return the hard drive they are for some reason asking for our credit card and then they are telling us the credit card cant go thru which is ridiculous because calling the credit card there is no problem with the card. When asked how much they are authorizing the person doesn't know. My IT and me were on the phone for 2 hours and it's still not resolved. EXPLAIN this crazy procedure. Also if I would like to speak to someone in AMERICA that can speak english.

Posted by Dale

I have purchased an HP envy 17 notebook about six months ago. This is the worst lap top I have ever purchased. Customer service is terrible.
Waited on hold for over an hour. When some body answered could hardly understand them. We have over 500 offices around the world and this is the last HP product I will ever purchase.

Posted by Dissatisfied customer

I'm having the same problem as 3/13/2013--I returned a printer with promises that my money would be refunded in the "next billing cycle." Three phone calls and seven weeks later, I still haven't seen my refund. Never order anything on line--get it from a store and let them hassle with it.

Posted by Anonymous

i want to say here that after purchasing a laptop i replace this witha new one in just 4 months . But problem again starting in my laptop . So, i want to say you that please refund my money or take return this laptop with new one

Posted by bjw

HP customer services in sweden is by far the worse I have ever encountered. I have been ripped off.
I ordered an laptop computer from HP which was on disscount. Several weeks later the computer had not turned up.
They had cancelled on order due to lack of stock without contacting me by phone. When they did contact me they offered me a laptop costing more and not so powerful. the sales rep from England who rang me did promise to delivery the orginal laptop and sold me microsoft word at a discount.
Again the computer did not turn up and after contacting them they had even reopened the order or done a new order.
I cancelled the order after waiting over three weeks and send the microsoft word package back as we discussed over the telephone.
Three weeks later I had not recieved a refund for the micosoft word 840 kr 85 pounds. Which they deducted from my card after we had disscuss that I longer needed after I had not recieved the laptop.
After contacting them they at HP sweden say they have not recieved the package. After checking with the post they say they say they at HP have recieved it.
the Hp sweden sales will not help me and will not pay the refund. they are trying to blame the post and verse verser.
I have lost 840 kr and time wasted trying to get to the bottom of this.
I suspend that it has been misplaced at hp or someone has stolen it. I have no prove of this but by the way they are trying to cover up, one is getting suspious.
This is really bad and I will never ever again buy anything again form HP.

Posted by Cincinnati ohio

Just say nightmare, they will tell you to wait till your next billing cycle and look for your refund. WHAT??

Posted by mrwrightrl

...they had it handled and I would be getting a refund for my duplicate order. Those 2 reps ...because when I checked back the item was getting ready to be shipped and then my paypal transaction ... for the duplicate order, too. Finally after 2 days I finally talked to a rep that spoke hard ...before it left HP's site, though) and said my refund would be coming in about 3 days ... site. I am still waiting for my refund. FYI...this all took place on 11... and I am waiting to see what happens. HP Company, you need to keep better... sales on e-bay because I have no money to purchase or add new listings. P.S. Your...

Posted by marhar

...they said that the warrenty I bought dosent cover my computer. So I asked for a refund and again I was told NO! I was told I had 23 days to ask for a refund. They then told me I had to buy another warrenty for $109.00 to cover my computer. The warrenty...Im stuck with a computer that dosent work. I will never in my life own another HP. Pleas tell all of your friends to not buy an HP.

Posted by chaosorc

...total of 6 times before they offered me a replacement that had worse ystem specs then ...and went in for repairs 5 more times. I was promised a replacement but the new case manager refused ... well over 100+ hours on the phone with HP support and case managers. They... your information is wrong. They never return phone calls or e-mails. The repair department... not even fill out the paperwork when returning the laptop in the same broken condition it arrived... the problems on the CEO e-mail form but when I returned there phone call I was greeted by a very...

Posted by advanspec

...the bottom left and right of the screen). After calling HP Support, they determined that the screen is defective. It ...here in Canada, there is no stock or comparable replacements. I would return it to the store for exchange, but there is no stock left. After talking to a case manager at HP, all she would offer to do is send... to send away for repair. I find it unacceptable that HP is unwilling to replace the computer as it was defective straight out of the... Does anyone have advice on how to get a better resolution from HP on this issue? Any feedback would be sincerely appreciated! ...

Posted by jkitch21

... had screen freeze issues that required constant calls to HP support. Stand on your head, point the computer... the issue still present and they had damaged the case. Sent it back, and got it back... one corporate manager to do a buy back. Not the refund I wanted, but at least something. I contacted HP, ... the cost of a late fee. I then called corporate again, in order to get a full refund. More dodged calls, and the manager who helped previously was part of the HP layoffs. Finally, my New Zealand contact was...to get me another manager who while promising a refund, declined to send any written notes to ...

Posted by ropadopa

...I did not have warranty, so I was required to pay $27.05. However, HP's policy is that if the technician cannot assist with resolving the problem, then the money would be refunded. I was promised by the technician that I would not be charged....my credit card. On August 15, 2012, the charged appeared on my credit card statement. I called back, was placed on hold for a long time and was promised that a refund would be processed. Sure enough, it was never processed. On... the refund complaint was filed, but the refund itself was not processed. Has the down economy really affected HP that much ...

Posted by Mountaingal

The very worse "Customer Service" ever. Don't see how Hewlett-Packard stays in business. I wholehardily agree with every negative report that's been written about HP. I am 78 years old and have been treated so badly by ...am at my wits end trying to get ANY help from customer service. I want a refund for the printer as soon as I can because I might not live through another phone conversation ...

Posted by Gray Ghost

... a special online deal for a desktop tower with HP. After putting in an order and paying for said order, my funds were refunded to me a few days later. There was no explanation in the emails to me, just that my money was being refunded. I called ... deal and were refused, but given a $200 credit as an apology. For the inconvenience, HP offered me the $200 HP credit .... Its funny, I know several people who legitimately got the credit from them they promised... But with me, somehow they ...ve been quite patient and civil during the whole process. So I'll take my business elsewhere from ...

Posted by Dissatisfied

...(refurbished of course)and I sent the original one back to HP. The replacement printer was also broken, (LED panel would ... another replacement printer, but also charged me for the first replacement printer that I had already returned. It is now August 22, ...and I have called all summer to get that additional charge by HP of $210.94 back into my account. Also, the India call center has some real ... well. One lady got an attitude with me! I'm am so disappointed with HP that I will NEVER buy another HP product......

Posted by Anonymous

HP has the worst customer service I have ever encountered. I recently sent my laptop in to be fixed and when it was returned today I was excited to start it up and finally get back to my work. As it was starting up I notice that the ... open one up and notice that nothing is the same. I decided to call the tech support to see what had gone wrong in the process, but after waiting hours on hold I was told by the representative that what had happened is impossible yet I was staring ...