Groupon Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Groupon below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Groupon so others can benefit from what you learned.

Groupon Return Policy

Groupon works hard to ensure that you're satisfied with your purchases on Groupon. The Groupon Promise guarantees that businesses offer legitimate and quality service to their customers.

Groupon strives to work with businesses who value your experiences as much as they do. But sometimes, they don't always catch the ones who don't. If you're unhappy with the service you received from a Groupon, a Getaways trip, or a Groupon Live event, before the voucher expiration dates, tell them about it! They will do what they can to make it up to you or provide a refund.

Groupon also promises to refund a voucher if the location goes out of business, an event gets postponed or canceled, or for whatever reason a business won't accept your unredeemed voucher. The following refund policies also apply:

Within a week (7 days) of purchase, any unredeemed voucher can be returned. After that first week, Groupon is unable to offer a refund. But keep in mind that you can always use your voucher for the face value, even after the promotional value expires.

Getaways often have restrictions on when you can stay and by when you need to book the vacation. In the event that you can't take a trip during those dates, Groupon offers a refund on any unredeemed Getaways voucher up until the date restrictions. After that, you can still use the paid value of the voucher, but Groupon won't be able to refund it.

Certain restrictions apply for Groupon Goods, but as long as the fine print coincides with Groupon's policy, you can return most goods within two weeks (14 days) of purchase, no-charge. If an item arrives broken, damaged, or missing pieces, let Groupon know, and they'll tale care of it.

Unfortunately, events purchased through GrouponLive are nonrefundable after the date of purchase. However, if an event is postponed or canceled, they'll be happy to let you know and provide you with a refund.

See what others are saying about Groupon returns, refunds and exchanges

Posted by Anonymous

Please call me I'm having problems returning my order.

Posted by Nasreen

Hi I buy four can opener and paid $36 but can opener not work so I returned these opener but they refund money just $20 why I don't know plz kindly help

Posted by BLONDIE200

Spent almost $50 on two pIr of inferior gold earrings,and upon return I was credited w $16. Something is wrong with this picture. No one to talk to can't even find an online chat. I think I'll just delete them and never again do business with Groupon.

Posted by

I purchased wine from this company and I never received my purchase. I have been trying to get in touch with a rep for over a month with no success everyone I call the number they provide it gives me a recording and. Then it hangs up what kind of company is this.I want a live person to return

Posted by Anonymous

Hello Groupon, I hope this message finds you well, yesterday i made a purchase thinking it was hotel room but it seem to be parking passes. Ani i would like to get a refund I don't even own a vehicle here my conformation :


Mr. Steele

Posted by janice

got two pair of boots, ONLY ORDERED ONE> Please refund ASAP

Posted by Janice

I ordered one pair of BOOTS, received TWO, need a refund.

Posted by Anonymous

Need To Exchange Pair Of Mens Shoes My Husband Recieved As Gift. How Can I Get A Return Address Label?

Posted by Anonymous

How can I print out the return labels?

Posted by June

I wanted some earrings and looked at your excentive collection but I did not have time to look at them at one time so I put the ones I liked in the cart . When I signed in the next day, the rhinestone earrings were not in the cart so I found them again and put them in the cart and continued shopping. The next day when I signed in again, I had to go through the same procedure because the cart was empty again and I found another pair of silver leaves earrings which I put in the cart along with 1 set of 20 styluses which I could use. I received two pairs of the rhinstone earrings . I am not able to print a return label. I need help! I want the silver earrings and the stylus set. How can I get them.

Posted by Bern

I returned a wag and bone dog sweater that was too small for my dog, even though the measurements showed it should have! The tracking showed you received the sweater on the 21st of December, todau is January 19th, and I still have not received a refund! Please deal with this in an honest manner! Bernadette Morris

Posted by Wsj333

Groupon is a complete scam.. I bought a voucher for service and the merchants phone number is dead (confirmed by the phone co). I emailed groupon and they emailed back and told me to call the merchant. Seriously??!! There is no email for the merchant, and I can't reach the via their website, either. There is no phone number listed for groupon so I tried live chat and it said there were no operators available. I tried the corporate number and it's been disconnected. Wow, groupon must be part of the witness protection program. I will just contact my credit card company and let them deal with it. And.....I will never buy from them again.

Posted by Jan Turley

I returned a pkg two weeks ago and have not gotten a refund in my bank account yet! Can you tell me why? Thanks, Jan Turley

Posted by Anonymous

The TechComm A338 floor vacuum cleaning and mop robot is not what I suspected it to be. It gets hung up on furniture and cords and needs constant supervision. It also gets hung up under cabinets. It runs too long and cleans the same places over and over again while leaving other places untouched. Not worth the money.

Posted by Anonymous

It has been hard to find a return on the computer that I feel like they want to discourage one from returning.

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered a phone cover in Nov. 2017 and received wrong one. I sent it back as stated. I have a return label and I checked it out today Jan. 9, 2018. Still have not received a replacement or refund. Have not been able to find a number to call. It is very frustrating and will probably not do business with them again.

Posted by potterang

Good afternoon,

My name is Angela Potter and I bought a $75.00 Groupon for Pamela at Maxx Salon redeemed December 28th. I left her a $30.00 dollar tip after stating she charges $150.00 not the $179 listed on Groupon. It was fine for me being that I left 20% tip.

I posted an honest review on her Facebook and at 10:06 at night (while I am asleep) she called me berating me about my review. I now have 6 that have fallen out of the extensions. Some sticking out of my hair so you can see it even after blow drying/hot iron. I had to pay $50.00 for my normal stylist to fix the blending. I was so not impressed. I also did not appreciate the unprofessional call at 10:06 at night berating me, telling me this her livelihood and how could I write such a reply. And then asked me to come back in. No, thank you.


Posted by buzulene

i have not received my credit on my discover bill I did hear that you received the hair dryer I returnedit has been several weeks

Posted by peter dawes

i require aReturn Label Print for order peter dawes the stables bristol

Posted by Anonymous

the two bags I order was not what I expect. The material was to stiff.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought 3 ultrasonic honey comb deffuses from you gave them as Christmas gifts. my friend just put it together today & the moter doesn't work . I would like a replacement or refund. order . I've never had a problem with anything i bought. So let me know what to do . I know how your refund works but these were Christmas gifts.

Posted by martyman

Very interesting company. I ordered solar LED lights for my yard and received tool boxes instead. I contacted to find out about having the items exchanged for what I originally ordered but the policy is to return it or keep the wrong item. In this case, the toolboxes I received cost $135.00 ea X 2 ($270.00 total) and my solar lights cost $17.00 set X 2 ($34.00 total).

I am guessing I will keep the tool boxes and give them away as presents and purchase two more sets of solar lights.

Posted by Anonymous

I HAVE READ AND REREAD YOUR POLICYS . HOWEVER YOU HAVE NOT READ MINE . I WAS ORDERING A CASE OF WINE FOR $60.00 but I ordered a second groupon in error . I was totally confused trying to get this order through .I called the wine Co and they were amazing . They had my order done in 3 minutes . but now its almost a week later and groupon has not even responded to several e-mails . This is beyond frustrating .

Posted by Sallyanne

I purchased akai headphones for a gift at Christmas they do not work how can I return them please

Posted by SDMac

GroupOn will not refund your money. No matter how much a refund is justified. The GroupOns I bought for a BumperDoc shop are not honored and I can not get credit toward any service because there is a new owner. GroupOn would not refund my purchase price and would only give me credit toward new GroupOn purchases, but that credit expired in 180 days.
Say good-bye to your money if a business closes or is purchased by someone else after your GroupOns are bought.

Posted by Kazza

I Bought Something On Groupon Using Pay Pal It Arrived Damaged Now Groupon Will Only Refund Me In Credits And Refuse To Give Me My Money Back

Posted by Jfschnei

What an exhausting experience to cx my charge at Groupon when it turns out that service supplier doesn't come to my zip code. I'm going to call my bank!

Posted by Kathleen Flores

I made a mistake and ordered the same cosmetic service twice. I need to return of of the the them! Help! It has only been one day!

Posted by Anonymous

I will never use Groupon again, and will tell family and friends. I never used a voucher, and sent emails for a week. Yet, no response. Never again...

Posted by Very angry person

I paid postage u lied said return labels were free But it was a lieShame stop hiding an face your people.

Posted by Very angry person

O will never order anything else from groupon . I think the prices were great but it was sad a company with this many customer can't return a package the so call return label won't print the return label i have changed my card number i was sent things I didn't order this is a sad sad company u can't face us. I really don't want anything else from u i don't like the way u do business.

Posted by travel

I will never use a Groupon again. I booked a Carriage Ride in Dallas for the 16th of Dec. and my son booked one for the 20th. I wanted to cancel the 16th and use that payment for the 20th. I never could get thru to anyone to achieve that. I called the Carriage company and they told me to contact Groupon. I have never been thru so much for such a small thing to do. I just wanted my credit to go for the 20th carriage ride, not the 16th.
In the past I have had a problem with Groupon. I am not impressed with your company and how you do things.


Very Frustrating Not Talking To A Customer Service Rep About Return Labels For Groupon Merchandise That Is Too Small. The 2 Fleece Jqackets Run Small And Are Not True To Size!!!!! What Gives?

Posted by Mad

Need receipt for returning an item I purchase, don't want to sign in or need a password have more problems with your company then any other. Email momk6319@ Life message sent emails tried call and nothing but recording. Last time I purchase anything from groupon. Also please take me off your mailing list. Guy Tardi

Posted by Anonymous

I need to print a mailing label put my printer will not do it please send my one for the iPhone 6 mophie that I ordered. I am just about ready not to use groupon at all anymore because I cant talk to someone

Posted by Anonymous

I am having trouble going online to print an return label, n
This is the most difficult process every to return an item. Will I be sent a label if not I need to get a call.

Posted by Lori

I need a return label !!!

Posted by Anonymous

Twice now groupon has ordered me an items I never requested. I removed my c.f. from the account so groupon won't continue to do this.

Posted by Bill

I appreciate the 14 day window to return if needed. It is not always possible to envision all the things about the product.

Posted by Laura

I ordered a new grey jumbo sofa style plush dog bed for my grandpuppy. Sent to my daughters house. When it arrived she sent me a photo! Wrong dog bed!!! No phone for customer service anymore so I sent email. Took 5 days for first response and all the offered was a refund! I want what I ordered period. I've sent numerous emails but response seems computer generated not personal. Running out of the 14 day window please please someone help me. My family and i are huge Groupon people but this is crazy!

Posted by rmathey

I have been trying to contact groupon for 2 days, the line is always, yes always told to call back later. I have tried 5 or 6 times today. I fill in all info each time, I have more to do than try to get my problem taken care of . the company is no longer taking groupon. I use groupon a lot,but I am not going to do business with a company unless I can get this solved soon.

Posted by Tammy

I ordered an item and they sent me a cardboard paper in my package without the item I ordered. I've tried contacting them several times with no response. Does anyone have a solution on how to contact Groupon or get your money back? I am very very disappointed after ordering from them many times.

Posted by Anonymous

I am unable to print a return shipping label for my last purchase. Very very frustrated. The purchase was for men's side zip carlos boots. They are not wide enough for my husband. Please expedite a resolution to this problem. If I am unable to get this done before the 14 days allowed, I will need to contact my credit card & stop this payment.

Posted by Diana

I need a return label also. Bounces me all over but what I want.

Posted by None

Cannot find return label. This place is unbelievable. Will never use again

Posted by Careyjo

I could not find the return labels. The site needs to be more friendly.

Posted by Anonymous

What did I order on 10/24 for $65.00? I have no recollection and never received anything, but was charged to my credit card. Harold Rohrbach

Posted by Suzanne

Hi I have ordered items over 2 weeks ago and they still not arrived how do I get a refund

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a cranial sacral massage from Belle View Massage. Alex.Va.
Extremely disappointed. Waste of time and money.
Do I have any recourse??

Posted by Anonymous

Purchased an Obama tee an it had six little holes that went from from through back of shirt.

Posted by

I purchased an ergonomic office chair and I want to return it. Having trouble finding out how to accomplish this return. Help Please

Posted by

I Have A Coupon For A Blowdry But When I Called They Said They Were No Longer Accepting Groupons...i Would Like A Refund For This Voucher A Or Credit To My Account

Posted by Anonymous

I pitched a laptop from you, no problem with delivery etc but my husband chose it and unfortunately because he is partially blind did not notice the size of the screen which is 10 inches far too small so I need to return it. This is now the problem I am finding it so hard to even get on you site, can you help

Posted by Debbisweetex

I need to get a refund on items I just got in. I need refund mailing label to send passage back. I did what was on the letter and cannot get the label.

Posted by Vickie

This comforter is not what I expected. I do not care for the fleece on the comforter.

Posted by Brenda. & Sophie Rose Kitrosser

Groupon only credit ed 21.99,

I returned a men's hoodie sweatshirt @ 29.99, I also returned a box of nip in @ 29.99 I only ordered 1.!you only refunded 21.49 for a king Sheet I did not order

I use Groupon a lot, but this has not been cr and returned

Som time ago.! This additional credit for both items should be back on my acct. ASAP I shouldn't have to go through all this

Posted by LSTW

The phone I taught it was that's not the one that I was looking for.

Posted by Kell Belk

I was using up my Groupon Credit & a bed accidentally got plugged in but it immediately got cancelled, well Groupon sure took the $299.00 & I have been emailing them under the bed & then at the same order about 5 other items never did I recieved. I have not stopped emailing next to these items, " like Please ? I'm still waiting for my things"...with details & my name & email & nothing ever so one night I try the chat &the person says I'm sorry I cannot help you, it's been too long, good day. Umm Really cuz I'v been emailing like every other day & waiting for my stuff to get delivered. All together it's like $400.00 of stuff.

Never again, & I will Spread the Word to Br Carrful;-(

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a refurbished HP 15-BA009x 15.6" Laptop AMD

The CD drive does not run. When you slide it in the slot, it runs for a second and stops.

The keys freeze when I am playing games like Candy Crush and other games that are similar to Candy Crush.

I am very disappointed and am requesting a refund. Thank you very much.


Carolyn B Gaymon

Posted by Rusiscar

Since groupon does not handle the returns for their 3rd party seller it's an awful situation for the consumer. My son bought a cell phone that would not work. He tried tech support for the phone provider and he's messaging still would not work. After a week or so working on the phone he contacted the seller to return it. Seller response with fix that did not work. They are only delaying the 30 days return policy so we canot return the product. I would highly desuade people from buying from Groupon. I use to purchase a lot of items from Groupon but will definitely bringing my business somewhere else after this experience.

Posted by maureen

Returns do not work, all day I get OOPS the site is unavailable or overloaded, all day long ?
Are you kidding me ?

Posted by sexy black fox

It's so easy to receive your order, but it's hell to send it back for what ever the reason is.

Posted by Anonymous

sneakers are goldish not brown

Posted by Pers

I tried purchase the ticket but twice get error. After few time from my card been withdaw two transactions. After call to support I get refuse of refund and now is it not ticket and no money. It is scame for my opinion.

Posted by Rachel Taguilas

The Item I received was not what I expected. For one it was way too long for my
height and the material was not what I envisioned. It looks more like polyester.
I guess I was expecting more of a strong wind breaker type of material.

Posted by Anonymous

I received a 84 piece cookware package today as I ordered. When I opened the package a handle on one the pots was broken. I need to return the order and get a refund. What steps do I have to do in order to return items and get a refund?

Posted by

I can't seen to get through to get a return label. I ordered 1 sock puller and got 3. I need to return the other 2 and get my money refunded. Thank you for your time.

Posted by Gayle

This company is the worst!!! Never using them again purshased tickets to dream girls they have charged me for 4 tickets when I wanted 2.There was a problem online and it was having difficulty processing my transaction next think I've been charged twice .
Spoke to customer service they won't refund the 2nd transaction and are no help what's so ever terrible customer service

Posted by victoria rogers

i ordered a couch and love seat cover and recieved a couch and two arm chair covers. i only want a loveseat cover in fossil brown please. thank you.

Posted by MaryLou

I mistakenly ordered 2 years of New York magazine.
Thought I was ordered the New Yorker.
Please refund asap.

Posted by M. Cain

Purchases a renewal for Sam's Club through Groupon. The redemption code doesn't work. After a week of failed attempts to get Groupon to help, I still didn't get it. They charged my credit card but now I can't get my $30 back and nobody at Groupon will help.

Posted by Paricia Brucken

You Sent The Wrong Item Should Be A Memory Fom Topper You Sent Me A Fiber Filled One

Posted by Sallie

This sounds like a RACKET and needs to be reported!!! I was charged TWICE for something and only purchased ONE! How do they get away with this stuff???? And not have a customer service number to deal with it??? This is ILLEGAL!!


I went to Full Circle Tavern they wouldn't honor my groupon stated to get a refund there was a note on there door as well about not taking groupon. I just want a refund or a groupon buck for this voucher, Keep in mind I went before my groupon expired

Posted by Anonymous

Their 800 number for customer support is disconnected and now it's impossible to get a refund on two different groups that were purchased and marked redeemed when they hadn't been!!! I'm going to be an EX-Groupon fan, if they don't get their act together!!! Contact me NOW!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Ibought a ROMA CAFE groupon and they went out of business and I dont know how to get a credit or refund.

Posted by Anonymous

Returning an item listed on Groupon is nearly impossible !!! I ordered a car seat for a pet. It came today from CHINA and smells terrible. It is cheaply made and I want to return it but all I get is a "run-around". I didn't think Groupon was so unreliable. This is my last purchase from them . BUYERS BEWARE !!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Recently purchased groupon. But there was o barcode on it and manager at restaurant said they had to have barcode. Would someone let me hear from you about this

Posted by bella

Very hard and complicated to do a return. So easy to order and spend money but when its time to return it's almost as if Groupon wants you to get so frustrated that you give up on returning the item. At this point don't think I will use Groupon again.

Posted by Anonymous

I placed an oden for Lg portable air conditioning from Groupon but that do work. How I can return that to you

Posted by Anonymous

Need to return an item cause it is to big!! You should make returns as easy as whrn you buy the item. frustrated

Posted by Lisa

His purchased voucher for the Georgia State Fair 4 for $26 I accidentally purchased twice. Can I please get a refund for one thanks Lisa

Posted by Anonymous

I returned an order 0n 8/24 tracking number but I sent it back wrong by that I mean I sent it back to the return address could you please help me to get my paypal acc please contact me by e mail thank you joseph grossi

Posted by Anonymous

Lost 20lb now dress won't fit. Never wore.

Posted by Anonymous

I am trying to access a return to GROUPON and am having a problem. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME?

Geyna Gayne

Posted by Anonymous

returning because it did not fit me, right.. Thank you..

Posted by Anonymous


I'm so disappointed with my 1st Groupon experience. I placed 3 orders and received three orders. My problem started with RETURNING 2 Packages. All i get is Return Policy not actul return procedures. There is no way of contacting you. Yet when we order I get all kinds of contacs. I need help before my pass due date of Refunding my items!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I need to return the order of the mesh band I received . Does not stay on watch. I have ordered another band from you as of today,
Very fraustrated at this point. All your phone lines are not in service so cant communicate that way either. I am very reluctant to keep ordering further on. Would appreciate communicating with a person.

Posted by Pat Adams

Trying to get a refund because it is not clear that u have to have a computer to order 30by40 blanket on printerpix.

Posted by Anonymous

I am trying to get a refund for a coupon that is no longer valid. impossible to talk to anyone

Posted by glennrudi

I purchased an iphone 6 from Groupon and received it on7-17-17 did not need it and returned it unopened the next day. was able to track the return and saw where it was received at the return center in Hebron ky on 8-4-17 it says to allow 10 business days for the refund, todayis 9-3-17and I have received no refund, correspondence or anything.can someone please help me

Posted by Anonymous

i ordered this item and only wanted oneandi received two. Please credit my achy... act as i am sending the extra one back.

Posted by Jennifer Jones

I purchased and IiMounTEK car charger and Bluetooth but it will not sync with any of my free channels so I need to return it

Posted by beachjim

Purchased a groupon for starlight cinema for $25.00, admission for two and large popcorn. Nowhere did it mention that it was an overcharge for seniors. Regular price is $6.00 each and $7.50 for popcorn.Total=$19.50. Didn't use the groupon. Tried returning to theater was told had to go to groupon. Groupon stated I didn't return it fast enough.
I am out the money. Be very careful what you get from groupon.

Posted by Anonymous

I ust want my mattress protector replaced. its all ripped like paper. jean reed 61 locust ln fairport 14450. it was shipped tp

Posted by What is this?

I have a charge of $12.00 on my Discover card today. I would like to know what that

Item is? The Groupon

I look forward to hearing from you right away.. Thanks, Vivian Rousey

Posted by msn

Want to return this item do not fit

Posted by Anonymous

hello I was requesting info on colon irrigation and I stop before I put another credit card info. but it was taken out my account which I didn't approve yet because I was trying to put my other debit card info. I was at work and didn't get to put my debit card that I was going to use, so I am requesting asap. a refund back to my account please because it overdraft my account so I had to pay 35.00 fee

Posted by Anonymous

Need to get a refund for 1 of the helicopter flight purchased on 8/6/17. Made reservation for 2 and was informed that the helicopter is only a two seater and I could purchase the 4 seater for an extra $125 at time of use at the Northwest facility. My coupon Cindy Barnes Please reply and let me know if I have to provide my account information

Posted by Anonymous

These towels were listed as peach, but they are pink.

Posted by

I ordered a dunken donut egift card for my granddaughter today and she never receivedit. Who do i contact.

Posted by Anne

I bought 2 separate deals for 2 lunches each at two sisters in Jackson ms. But restaurant has closed . How do I get my money back?

Posted by vpiana

Have Tried For Several Days To Get A Mailing Label, No Longer Phone Contactm No Response Ti Nt Request, Password Never Correct... Tried Forgot Password.. Never Got An Email To Chaqng P/w
Valerie Viapiana Pls Use One To Contact Me And Get Mailing Label To Me

Posted by Groupon Live Warning

Please be warned if Groupon incorrectly charges you for a Groupon Live ticket they will NOT refund you!

Posted by Chickharri

I purchased a Groupon on 7/12/17 for my husband and I .It wAS FOR THE SPICE MARKET BUFFET. We went to Planet Hollywood on 7/23/17 IN Las Vegas NV to use the Groupon and I
found out that only 1/3 of the buffet was open the other parts had closed down permanently. I was told they no longer take Groupons and I would have to pay.When WE were there. ONLY 1/3 OF THE BUffet was open and more than half the place WAS BLOCKED OFF WITH NEW WALLS new walls up around so ONLY 1/3 OF THE PLACE WAS OPEN WITH LONG LINES . We had a groupon good for $45 and had to pay because THEY do not take GROUPONS any more. We STILL HAVE THE GROUPON. AND i WANT MY MONEY BACK i SHOULD had BEEN INFORM OF THE CHANGE WHEN BEFORE I PAID FOR IT. i AM REQUESTING A FULL REFUND. I ALWAYS GET A GROUPON BEFORE WE GO TO VEGAS!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Ordered a pair of rain boots in black with white polka dots in a size 9.5 and recieved a pair in size 6. I tried returning them but the charge was going to be $39.00 to send them back to Kentucky. That's more than what I paid for the boots. How can I get them back to you with no cost to me or is Groupon different. I don't even have a label and they won't accept it without one. This is my first experience with purchasing from Groupon as far as having it sent to my home. Help!


I Want To Return The Defective Earrings I Received Yesterday. The Screws Of The Earrings Don't Have Holes. The Othe Solid Gold As Mentioned As Mentioned Is Not Really Solid Gold And The Posts Are Too Short For My Ears. I'm Disappointed!

Posted by indysalt

I purchased laser treatments and have tried for several months to schedule an appointment with no success. I have left voicemails and no response. I think the business is closed and want a refund. I have no idea where to turn to get help.

Posted by Anonymous

Groupon are just as bad with their customer service.

They dont listen and irgnore what you are saying.

They put the wrong address on to the delivery ( i dont even know how they could get it completely wrong). I asked them to change it and would. They dont have to work if they can get rid of you. I rang Australian Post to change it but they advised me only the sender can change it and advise it can be done. Groupon found this to hard for them so they advised me to wait 7 days. when i required the item already.

Worst service I have dealt with.

Posted by Customer Complaint

To whom it may concern,

I made a purchase yesterday for Woman's Norris Field Hunter boots. This was the screen shot I luckily took once my order went through. I later went in my newly created Groupon acct to show my friend what I order and that is when I noticed the 2 separate orders. My order due to a glitch in your website was doubled.

I contacted your customer support team and they told me there is nothing they could do to stop the second order. I advised them that it was an error on your end and I didn't make 2 orders.

I made a Better Business Bureau complaint and I can see that I was not the only one that made a complaint regarding the functionality of your website and lack of customer support; Instead of taking ownership you shrug your shoulder and tell the customer to deal with it. My next step is to post this on social media so people are aware that you hold your customer responsible even though it is a system error on your part that cause the second order to appear.

Please take ownership and cancel the second order that appeared in error.


Aman Johal

Posted by Anonymous

I am having difficulties returning a dress to u web page now showing return address or the sending code alsu the dress I really wanted was late coming so missed the wedding hen it came it as just the material to make the dress my self then another dress arrived and I am sure I didn't order it now I have to dresses and cant send them back very unhappy customer

Posted by Shellys4811

After reading through comments, apparently there is a common issue with transaction error messages and being charged without notification. I also got error message when purchasing show tickets, so made second purchase that was redeemed without knowing first purchase went through. Groupon must be making quite a bit of revenue through double charges. I was denied refund for first purchase, though it is clear I was unaware of transaction. Will NEVER use Groupon again and hopefully warn others to not get burned by these tricky tactics.

Posted by Anonymous

I was trying to order ruff riders tickets in credit card ending in 2594 it kept telling me an error occurred do I logged out live chated to find out how to add another credit card# do I did ordered 2 more tickets to find out there were 3 tickets purchased with c.card 2594 in which I only nd 2 tickets purchased in c.card #6751 I Nd the other purchases refunded & I also saw that I had a credit from pro Flowers I knew nothing about I am pretty annoyed with this & I Nd every order for ruff riders concert c.card ending in 2594 cancelled Please

Posted by russhenze

Need to exchange for correct size. Incorrect was sent. Item # IA_RP22MO33-WH2XL. Need medium.
Have tried to get the supposed free shipping label. Cannot get to "Return" to print the prepaid label. What is the problem? While I've enjoyed some of the products, this inability to contact (no phone #) and poor electronic service is not acceptable. You have my money. Let us take care of this honorably or will it be necessary for all of us to bring this poor service to the attention of the Better Business Bureau? Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

can not reach groupon no telephone contact number--can not log in to my account. what is going on with Groupon?

Posted by Anonymous

On the 6/12/2017 we ordered 2 sets of ( 5 pants per set ) and we received only one set and could not reach you by the phone but you withdrew $85.98 which was the cost for the 2 sets and never heard anything about the second set, please let us know what is going on or send us the second set, thanks. The order description is 5-pack E308 NAVY,HEARTHER GREY,RED, CHARCOAL AND WHITE, ALL IN LARGE SIZE. Shipment thanks.

Posted by Anonymous

I just noticed this on my account someone used my credit card information without my consent I'm highly upset and definitely want my money back because I did not authorize this transaction at all

Posted by Usetolvem

I've been a member since 2004, never any problems until lately. The refund POLICY is out the window, they have removed all phones contacts to avoid dealing with members. I have a Groupon where the business no longer exits, I've made several attempts to reach some one but to no avail. Think it's obvious they no longer want my business.. I'M OUT...

Posted by Anonymous

I've been having a very hard time contacting customer service. I am hoping that if my product has a limited time for return that Groupon will consider that.

Posted by Bad service

Ordered tickets online for a show. Got an error message the order did not go through. Tried again and the order when through. However, 10 minutes later, I the first order went through. However, Groupon said they will not refund the first order even if it is an error. Poor customer service. Need to look at their refund policy when their system creates an error. This purchase was made on the groupon app. Perhaps an issue with their app.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a bluetooth. Worked good for ther first 15 days. Tried to get a refund, but made it almost impossible. NO MORE

Posted by Anonymous

Not easy to get a refund

Posted by Too Big

Ordered size 11. Sent sized 11.5. Would like to know will I be getting a "return label" tonight or whenever?

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered a size 11, however I was sent a size 11.5.

Posted by Brandy

Bought a $120 massage package from Groupon, followed the directions on the certificate since Christmas the massage company won't call me back to make a appointment, going on 6 months now I've emailed Groupon several times and they just keep giving me the same answer( the massage company will be contacting me) And they never do, since then the certificate has expired and Groupon only wants to give me a credit for the same company that won't return my call. I want my refund, and they want give it to me. I drove to the massage place and it's looks to be closed I've told them that. Any idea what I should do

Posted by bvenit

Groupon has the easiest and most honest return policy of anywhere. I love shopping for the deals.

Posted by sandradix

please be very aware that groupon only look after the businesses. I bought a massage and contacted the company 3 times to book an appt. Groupon tried twice, still nothing. Groupon won't give me a refund even though the company has failed to provide me with a service I have paid for

Posted by Coleas

The first thing I bought was a food product and a good deal. The second was an electrical item which didn't do the job. They offered a refund but to this day I am still unsure whether they really credited the money. They said they would do but never confirmed. Terrible as I had to chase them up many times to get it sorted.

Posted by Coleas

Grouping was good at first and then a nightmare!

Posted by Groupon double Charged me and ha

I bought tickets for a show through Groupon and then I saw my bank statement and they had charged me twice for the same show. They've asked me to send some info. and I sent it to prove I was double charged. However, it's been a few weeks now and I haven't received anything back. Get it together Groupon! Groupon is a Fraud!

Posted by mama4 taz

MyGroupon has been prompt about my refunds but two items were ignored. But the one I have been more or less ignored about except expiration date extensions were offered. That is a nice gesture but the establishment is not closed but everything was vacated before the expiration of the MyGroupon. This is my sixth contact-hopefully some return contact will happen

Posted by Deborah Finn

Tried to redeemed Groupon: GPN5S1-8et3af2s
a lot of time would not let me get one spoon that the groupon was for!
It was trying to update to full Spoon and Forks more than what I wanted

Posted by fedup

I have used Groupon several times and never had a problem. Untillllll now, I purchased a photo booth and when I called them they could not accommodate my date. I call groupon to let them know whats going on they say no refund its over 3 days, they will give me a groupon credit. I explain that I have called all the companies on their site and they don't have the day or its going to cost more. I have been emailing and calling them for over two weeks and I just keep getting the run around. Its $425.00 its not like i can just say oh well, I need my refund. Can anyone suggest what to do?

Posted by Tessie

hi my Name is Tessie Hopkins my order ID -Item -Vendor SKU-ABX-10, Description ( Kodi 16.1 4K Ultra HD Quad-Core Streaming Media Player with bonus HD Antenna.)I am returning this order because it dose not work with my TVs I try to work it with 2 television the light was on but no picture show any APPs are to program the sreen was blank, thank you

Posted by Anniepie

Groupon double charged me for tickets to a show and refused to refund the money. When buying the tickets the credit card would not go through so we order them again and got them the second time. Apparently the first order went through 3 hours later but we were unaware so they charged us $120. twice. I went through my bank and groupon and they refuse to budge. Will go to the better business bureau and let everyone I know on social media how I was treated by groupon. I will never use them again. Also say that at least 750 complaints have been made against the company for similar things.

Posted by Anonymous

How do I return items that don't fit. where do I get a return shipping label?

Posted by Anonymous

I Purchased A "deluxe Her" Expecting Deluxe Goods. The Most Deluxe Thing Is A 2017 Diary Which Is Beautiful, But Who Wants 2017 Diary In May 2017?

Posted by Anonymous

received a rug-wrong size, wrong color.having great difficulty opening up chat and trying to print a return label. is there anyone out there that can assist?

Posted by Hazel Rigor

I just received my order. CardWallet and it's broken. I dont know how to send ity back.

Posted by Extremely unhappy with Groupon

Extremely stupid Groupon process around expired credit card payment processing. I attempted to purchase tickets to a play and was served up a message that my credit card had expired. I entered updated credit card information and completed the sale. Received my voucher for the ticket I had purchased. All was well until I went to the play and was told I had double the number of tickets I had purchased. I did not receive two voucher from groupon, yet my credit card was charged twice. I contacted them the next day and was told via email that if I could get the vendor to approve it, Groupon would provide a refund for the extra charge. I contact the vendor, explain what had happened with Groupon's weird failed credit card process and they approved refund. Back to groupon armed with approval from the vendor, Groupon says no. I explain what happened, what they told me to do, what I did and why they should provide a refund. Groupon says no, I say how about a credit. Groupon says no. This is completely unaccetable -- what company tells you your credit card has expired, then charges you twice after you enter the new credit card number and then won't provide a refund. I will NEVER buy anything from Groupon again. Given all the posts about this same issue, I'm not alone.

Posted by Pittsy

My name is Brian Pitts and I would like a credit for the ring I purchased and returned to Groupon on the same day that I received it. It has been approximately a month since I returned the ring, please credit my card immediately.

Posted by Anonymous

I need to send back a Fitbit charge HR. I can not get it to charge. It worked for a few days and quit. Please help!

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying for 2 weeks to return this order. I chated online and was told I would get an email. I have not gotten an email and still cannot print return label. I would appreciate some legitimate help.

Posted by

I received my sandal thongs as they did not fit right. The right side shoe looks like it has been stretched out and therefore already a bad fit. This is the right size as I am a true size 7m. That is why I am returning them!

Posted by Princess patti

I cannot find where to post so I can get a mailing label. I have tried everything at your Groupon web site. Thanks Pat Tucker

Posted by Bummed

I was sent the wrong size of my order. This was their mistake. I ordered sm they sent, xlarge/1x. They have a no return policy. Does this mean I am out the money spent?

Posted by Margaret Greenan

How do I return an item

Posted by Anonymous

how to return my order

Posted by FIPU

Received the zip-flip messenger bag, yesterday March 28th. I was very disappointed that it is not the color that is pictured, also it is not leather. I WILL BE RETURNING IT TOMORROW.

Posted by FIPU

Received the zip-flip messenger bag, yesterday March 28th. I was very disappointed that it is not the color that is pictured, also it is not leather.


Oh dear, I have already completed a return for a blouse for which you sent me a message saying it was my lucky day and I would be reimbursed plus I was to keep the blouse.NOW I wish to return the jumper and i CANNOT get on the return site again. It was on the same return list as the blouse and two car covers for dogs. I need help.

Posted by Elisabeth

I bought a two day getaway in Fort Bragg approximately six weeks ago, we made the reservations for March 26th and 27th. Due to unforeseen circumstances I had to call today and cancel. Did it through live chat, it took about 5 minutes, the hotel's policy was full refund before 4 days from arrival. The Groupon customer service agent was very pleasant and processed my refund without any issues. I'm sure it will take 3-5 business days for it to hit my bank account but once again, never any problems with Groupon.

Posted by Sharon

I accidently pushed the button to buy a trip to the Domonican Republic. I tried to cancel it right away and the website refused to let me. I e mailed them the next day and they responded and they said, as I had disputed the claim with my bank that they could not refund my money and would have to wait. I disputed it and was refunded my money and Groupon then disputed my dispute. I have in writing that they told me they would refund my money. This will be interesting and if they do not, I will file a complaint with the Attorney Generals Office and a small claims court suit.

Posted by

was double charged for local charge. signed up with groupon and put in cred card info. after purchasing safety emmissions WITH meineke, noticed 2 charges. please credit back one

Posted by Glitzy

Not very efficient with returns. Wouldnt recommend to others. Groupon bucks not my account and has taken over 10 days. Very frustrating and irritating

Posted by A R Bonk

I bought a bob junior vacuum through Groupon and it wasn't working properly. I returned it for an exchange and I can't find the tracking # anywhere. The item is mia. Fed ex said they could help me track it if they had the return address but every representative I have addressed this issue with refuses to work with me. I have spent thousands for Groupon. Never again!

Posted by Anonymous

Hi how can I get a refund for the Slice and Co. restaurant on Elgin Street, this restaurant has close.

Posted by Lou

Sick fed up trying to get my refund for goods that never arrived lost count the amount of emails and chat to them will never purchase from them sgaim

Posted by Anonymous

it was wrong one i need iphone 5s not 6. i need RoseGold... they sent me wrong one.. need return it..

Posted by Dianakd

I returned 2 items. A cd slot phone holder and a charging cable that was defective. I bought them as gifts at christmas gifts and there was an extended return date in January.

I printed out the return labels and sent it back. Never hears back from you. Please update me as too what has happened to my refund.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to have a refund for the Groupon I bought for Horace and Dickies, I have gone to the location in Suitland over 5 times and they are never open. I went to the one on H Street and they had stipulations on when you can use the groupon. I am a very unhappy young lady. I have never had a problem with any of my groupons. please advise!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I'd ordered the refurbished HP Elite 14" Laptop with 8GB and 320GB HDD Windows10 but they sent me a 4GB,250GB HDD Windows7.

Posted by lil bit

I placed an order for a juicer,humifired,coat n I was pleased with everything expect the juicer I would like to exchange it for a sharper image 600 W juicer/blender combo ASAP so how do I go about doing so I don't have a computer to print out exchange refund form so is it possible for me to make my own label n ship it back to your company Mr Gordon hayes or phone me at 415-410-8069 n ask for lil bit to discuss the reshipping of the juicer it works terribly n I just received it n don't like it at all this is the second day that I had it so pls respond back shortly also u can't put all fruit inside so there for I couldn't use it!!##

Posted by Anonymous

I paid the money but I did not receive the product. The customer service only apologized but refused to find my product or provide me a refund. What can I do, please?

I am really disappointed!

Posted by Anonymous

I have an item of clothing to be returned as it doesn't fit. The invoice label is so light I can't read the return instructions. Can you let me know how I get a return label.

Posted by Tina

I purchased a Vuru 7 inch quad core tablet Green. I got it for a Christmas present. The off button isn't working. Can I get a refund or exchange?

Posted by Anonymous

An activity tracker watch was purchased as a xmas gift and the snap on the bracelet is broken.

Posted by Anonymous

I did not receive the correct boot. It was the wrong size and totally a different boot. Very disappointed.

Posted by FU groupon

this place is a scam never using it again, they need to be reported to the BBB, which i will make a call today about how unprofessional they are and how they rip people off. they had me on hold forever to get a refund and then hung up .. well you have messed with the wrong woman .. YOur going to pay more that 170.00 bucks to me once im done

Posted by Liz McCarthy

In a dispute with Groupon regarding a refund for £60 (totalling 5 items) which they repeatedly say has been refunded back to the card/bank account it was paid for on.
However there has been no sign of a refund in that account, having checked numerous times. It is now getting beyond a joke, where they email saying they have, and I email back saying they haven't.
Where do I go from here?

Posted by Suzan

I bought the coupon for Ducts Unlimited Service and they never showed up three times. After that they never returned my calls so I contacted Groupon to get a refund. I finally threatened to contact some state and federal agencies. After I did file with these agencies, a couple of days later Nick of Ducts said he gave the money back to Groupon, but Groupon is only offering me a credit, to which I do not want anything they have to "sell".

Posted by Mbrit5414

I expected an order to arrive before Christmas. Shipped Dec. 12. It was for two lighted beanie hats. I got one package Christmas Eve and another with the same hats arrived today. One light was broken. The light on the other hat didn't work. I'd like a refund.

Posted by Anonymous

The prepaid mailing label will not print. I have no trouble printing anything else, so I know it is not my computer or printer.

Posted by Marta C.Smith

I ordered One Cutlery Block not two as described on the tracking sheet inside the box, and instead of either one, I received a box with sweater, black out panel, 20 pc glass set, and two mens shirts. the tracking sheet says order

Posted by

I ordered two aging defuser and humidifier all in one. It is so small and cheaply made I am returning both. I'd be embarrassed to give as a gift. My question is how there are no return instructions on th envelope. Please let me know. Thank you.

Posted by Bummed

Our credit card didn't go through. Groupon said they would keep trying to put it through. We updated our card and tried the transaction again and it went through. Double charge on our credit card statement. Who else do you know that keeps trying to put your transaction through??? Other companies say the transaction failed, and the consumer has to keep trying. Called Groupon and they basically said, Tough luck!

Posted by moore0710

3 pack women tech fleece joggers, item order I order a 2X and I receive XXL which is to small. You didn't send a invoice with it. I want a larger size or a refund.I really want the pants.

Posted by CathyQ

I was charged twice for the same voucher. What is the procedure for refund.

Posted by Leda

I have e-mailed twice to get a refund for 99.00 taken from my checking account. I canceled the duplicate Groupon within minutes of ordering.

Posted by Anonymous

How do I get a refund label. I did not order enough drapes now the color is sold out.

Posted by Winnie

I'm not happy with Groupon right now. I'm trying to return a purchase that turned out to be not as advertised. I'm following the directions on how to return a purchase, but I can't find where to print the prepaid mailing label. Tried to call no answer, live chat not available. My return days are running out. Seriously, am I just suppose to give up, and keep the damn phone that costed me a lot of money that isn't working?

Posted by Eleanore Weiss

I bought pajamas, size large, and received them instead in extra large. How do I return therefor the proper size/

Posted by Dan Flannery

I just boought a $10.00 Dunkin donuts card for $5.00. Now I can't find where to go to get my voucher. Please let me know soon. Otherwise I will cancel

Posted by Cass

Ordered a fitness band and the battery charger doesn't work. Other than this I've never had a problem! Will always shop through Groupon

Posted by Bonnie Lund

Very disappointed that my seven month old Dyson stopped working and it is the motor. It was refurbished with a six month warranty--which just ran out.

Posted by Bridgette tillis whom it may concern,i ordered a firetruck from their, I got 2 at different times, I would like a refund. an to know what I'm to do to return the item.d

Posted by Colleen

I purchased a photoshoot from Groupon and I am unable to get a response from the photographer to set up the photoshoot. The Groupon expires January 12t. what do I do?

Posted by Anonymous

I was shipped two of the same item; Conquer Indoor Bicycle Cycling Trainer Exercise Stand. I already am returning the one which I opened and ordered a return parcel slip. The instructions were very vague at the least.

Posted by Anonymous

wrong size sent ordered ex large and received small

Posted by REPETER36@AOL.COM,

You Were Very Helpful, Almost

You Were Very Helpful, Almost. My Name Is Peter Weiss, My Email Adress Is I Had Previously Asked For My Groupon Vouchers, Because I Cannot Find A Location From Which To Print My Vouichers. You Sent Vouchers, With Out Any Voucher Codes And Neither Starbucks, Cold Stone Cremery, Nor Goucho Grill,. Will Let Me Redeem My Vouchers Without Those Code Markings. A)please Send Me The Printable Vouchers, With Their Redemption Codes On Them And B) Tell Me Specifically Where, In The Future, I Can Find My Own Account Or My Redeemable Vouchers. I Have Enjoy7ed My Experiences With Groupon In The Pasrt, And Would Like To Continue. Please Help


Posted by

I need a return postage label. I misplaced the one sent to me last week.

Posted by

Air Flow Seat Cushion was not what I wanted. I need a cushion to give me height in the car

Posted by monalisa

i sorry that i need to return this 2 items the fit stretch slip cover .love seat garnet and sofa garnetthey would not fit to my furnature.

Posted by Nobody

I purchased samsung s3 battery and i received samsung s2 battery.. and i checked back my groupon and actually im the one that mistakenly clicked samsung s2 battery.. what should i do know?

Posted by Anonymous

send me a printed label for return of goods purchased.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased 3 items from you,each of which would not fit a person 3 sizes smaller than I am and have been trying to print a return label following your printed instructions. You are not monitoring your sellers properly and I will not order any more items which require sizing from you

Posted by Anonymous

We purchased a dog gate.We really like it and now it is falling apart.When we received it we really thought it was very nice with the stained glass windows.The next day it started falling apart.I would like to return the gate for a full refund.

Posted by Karen

I purchased a SmartWatch which is NOT compatible to my IPhone. No where did I see that if could only work with an Android. Am very disappointed and am trying to find out how to return it!

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered a S/M size compression socks. I received anXS/S. I tried them on hoping they would fit - but very small :(.

I'd like to have the M/L instead. That's Medium/Large. I'm thinking that the original order of S/M might be a little tight as well.

I guess it was a good thing I tried these on - know now that the S/M would not have fit either.

thank you for this exchange :).

Posted by Sandy41046

I Bought 2 Sets Of The Fairy Lights, And Just Found My Box And Papers. I Need To Return Them Because I Cannot Use Them Where I Live. I Am So Sorry It Has Been Past 14 Days, But My Sister Had Open Heart Surgery Aug 26th And I Have Been Taking Her Back And Forth To Cardiac Rehab Etc. Please Contact Me At My Email Address. Thank You So Very Much, And Again I Do Apologize.

Posted by stacyJ

boots are nice but not true to size (too small)

Posted by GERRY2681@AOL.COM

I Just Bought A Groupon For A Restauran, But I Did Not Realize Till Afterwards That It Is N.b. And I Live In N.s. I Want To Cancell

Posted by Anonymous

Doing business with you guys is a real pain in the -----!! I am trying to return the shoes I just received and trying to figure out how to print off the return label is beyond my limited mental ability. I haven't received the other black shoes but will want to return them also as I very much dislike the style.Need help on figuring out how to return these items. Have tried several times to follow your instructions and can't get results.Lee D Bird

Posted by Tracy

I ordered 1000 TC Cotton quilt cover/sheet/pillow case set. Delivered yesterday. If they are cotton then fairies exist. They are the cheapest, plastic manmade rubbish I have wasted my hard earned cash on. I won't be ordering any more goods through Groupon.

Posted by Gloria E. Martinez

I can to return the Fitbit because I don't want the material

Posted by Anonymous

i cant print out a return slip now what??

Posted by Anonymous

One of my items was sent the wrong size; how can I exchange it?

Posted by Anonymous

I would like a refund for Discount window cleaning. I booked an appointment 2 wks prior to expiration . Iwas told no openings for 6wks, on Oct.30th, discussed it was a Sunday and past expiration, "no problem " will honor . Oct 30th came and wife called and said husband at ER, I said, of course, cancel, let me know when we can reschedule . I Called today Nov 5th, the owner/dispatcher said employees keep quitting, or are afraid of ladders. The earliest appointment would be Dec 20,but couldn't guarantee. And will give refund if no one comes. Then hung up on me . Would you please contact and get refund and add to my groupon buck account. I would recommend deleting this company from your list .

Posted by Murdynan

Groupon, you must reevaluate your return policy. By the time I was able to book an appt at the weight loss clinic it was past 7 days. I discovered the $99 certificate I purchased was very misleading and not at all what I expected. I want my money back.
Reading all of these feedbacks I see this is common practice for your company. I/we all have
other options to buy discount services. I plan on leaving Groupon and investigating other options. Shame on you Groupon.

Posted by Luo

Got a very bad experience at L'Organic beauty.I booked a session hardly,the staff dont speak english nor understand english.It takes time before they can accomodate u for a booking.I went there on time yet i didnt bring a print out so they send me to get a print out.Theyas i understand a little bit of cantonese they said my booking is at 1:30-2:30 if i will come back 2:00 that means i only have 30minutes for that session.As i want to used my exact 1 hour/ session I BEG TO USED IT FIRST and come back to hand them a print out,i showed them my voucher on my celphone and offered them that i will forward it via email or bring the print out on my next session as i bought a 6 session of facial.. YET A BIG NO.THEY'RE RUDE

Posted by Anonymous

I was sent a wrong product, no return address or label, but can't return this merchandise after 7 days. Well I learned my lesson no more groupon for me and will pass this information to all my family and friends

Posted by Anonymous

Unfortunatey i purchased a very unsatisfactory product which actually is now broken due to its flimsy quality.i am very disappointed that i am unable to return this for a full refund ! Yesterday I spoke with a groupon representative ...she was professional in manner but unable to provide me with any resolution to this issue ....Donna stated that because the bracelet broke after the fourteen day guarantee I would be unable to return it ! Really would like to contact the seller as to this ridiculous policy and substandard product !

Posted by Libby

The transparent bags did not look anything like the advertised item. What I received was a fold-up plastic box. Very disappointed.

Posted by Anonymous

The earrings were much smaller then I thought. My daughters would not wear them.

Posted by Anonymous

Sat., 10/22/16 I received an incorrect product. My order for Mary Jane shoes size 7 Black cane as size 6 Grey Heathered.

Posted by Anonymous

on 10/13/2016 your company withdrew 315.10 from my bank unauthorized by me. we have called numerous times only to get transferred from person to person.

I got a reference number from a person name JOY. We called back no one knows about the reference # or who Joy is. funds where withdrawn for the San Bernardino Hilton. Please refund my 315.00. I am a senior and need my funds bank into my account. I will be seeking a lawyer if my funds are not returned.

Posted by Geri Goodson

I ordered a swim suit, did not realize that the shipping cost as much as the swimsuit. Please cancel the order asap.

Posted by Laly

I purchased a session for eyebrow embroidery through Groupon. The salon by the name of Bella brows. I have been scheduled twice. The first time the reason the lady gave to me was very unusual. She text me to let me know, she had to order the color for me. Apparently she had ran out of it. I contact her again to get another appointment and she set me up again. This time I was driving to the salon address and last minute she text me to ask me if I had an empty room where she can set up her table and use hot water? I was so upset! This time the most bizarre reason. That the salon had moved to a new building and they had no power due to an outage. I am very disappointed only because I can't get a refund. I've learned my lesson and sorry but never aging buying from Groupon again!

Posted by Anonymous

Would likevhelp in returning item that is not for small children

Posted by Anonymous

Please let me knowchow to return these tablets they are not for small children

Posted by Anonymous

Item not for small children need to return

Posted by Jo

I haven't felt this ripped off since someone broke into my car. I ordered a hammock - it arrived broken and full of rust! I called support for help and was told they would do nothing, I had to contact the merchant through my order on the Groupon page. There is no way to contact the selling merchant thru the Groupon site! Links don't work and no information is there. It is a painful loop of non-resolution. I will be sharing this story far and wide. Hopefully I cost them more than the $94.00 that was taken from me by this horrible company.

Posted by Anonymous

I thought I was all set to go once I bought the Groupon I need help getting my refund so I can book something else I never did Groupon before help

Posted by RflRsr

Groupon I believe is not what it intends to be, no phone number to contact, online email does not work on page, no menu or information available on returned item, as they state once Delivery Provider sends item back for refund Groupons suppose to notify person by email that item shipped for refund.

Posted by

My groupon from Graffiti Junction has not been redeemed and the business has closed. I have tried looking everywhere for the claim refund tab and have not been successful.
Please credit my groupon account for the price paid for this groupon.

Posted by Anonymous

I Have Tried For Over An Hour To Get My Refund That Groupon Told Me To Get For The Brasil Rest. All It Does Is Run Me Around In Circles, Unable To Answer Any Questions I Have. If U Do Not (excuse Me, Buy Extremely Frustrated) Together--i Will Not Be Buying Any Other Items From Groupon, As Well As Telling Everyone Else About This Experience--the Total Refund Or Credit Does Not Happen At All--just A Gimmick--so Sorry For U If That Is The Way U Run Ur Business.....! Ljhughey

Posted by Artist RoFo.

In my opinion... Groupon is an anti-customer business that is only interested in selling inferior products. Their Groupon Return and Refund Policy is set up in a way that deliberately discourages its dissatisfied customers from getting a refund or having the easy ability of returning their shoddy merchandise. It is a legitimate company doing ill moral business, but not illegal business with the person's, as myself, in a very un-Orthodox and non-honest method.

To clarify my definition of anti-customer means... They consider their customers as gullible, simpleminded uneducated, unintelligent and passive. I personally am having trouble finding the Groupon Return Prepaid Mailing Label on the Groupon website. Groupon is a business that will go on forever legally stealing from honest persons. Groupon, is not a company to be trusted or believed. It believes profit over customer satisfaction. Buyer beware. Be very aware. Groupon's merchandise is so terrible, I bet none of its employees have any of their crappy merchandise in their house, in their garage, in their dog's house, or even in the cat's litter box. That's how bad Groupon's merchandise is. If I personally had any proof that Groupon was a legitimate, honest and customer-caring professional business... I would write a retraction, but seeing that they don't care about their customers I have no fear, or conscience of this company ever proving me incorrect. Again... Buyer beware.

So I hope my comment has been helpful. All I can say is that when December 25 comes around... I hope that Santa Claus padlocks the doors on the Groupon merchandise business then throws away the key then we can all enjoy a silent night, forever.

Posted by Awful

I been waiting for groupon give me my money back but the package is stuck somewhere and I'm gonna start a missing parcel paperwork with USPS to see if I get my money is been 2 months! !

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to print a return label for five day 24 hours a day
I get a message say overload check back in a few mins.
I try to print the label I try morning noon and mid night I get the same message.
don't see the page can be overloaded 24 hours a day

Posted by Ginny

Liked the boots but are very tight on my foot

Posted by

My husband and I were not at all satisfied with the Chateaux Restaurant. We did not order. The place was dingy and smoke filled. So much so that I could hardly breathe. I would like a refund on this Groupon.

Posted by Mailman

Poor quality gloves

Posted by Aileen Avarado

items did not fit

Posted by Anonymous

i want return my flat-front shorts grey 36;

Posted by Anonymous

I want to return GPS smart kids watch; not sure were to start. Did not know other purchases are needed for item to work properly and found exact item a lot cheaper.

Posted by maesie

I am still trying to find out how to return my purchase

I have lost money previously in dealing with you, I never followed through with the 2 purchases, 1 for hair A$19.00 and 1 for $25.00 of a food purchase, my daughter told me I could always get credit on my account. NOT True...

I want to send back Mophie

Barbara Larsen

Posted by Dismayed

I purchased an Apache Bluetooth smart watch, which was advertised as with a sim card. There was no sim card in the package and, when I removed the back cover to see if the sim card was already in the watch, it was not there and there was a loose wire sticking out which could result in shorting the battery and subsequent fire. Trying to find a way to return the watch for replacement or refund is made almost impossible

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to return a coffee table which I received yesterday and get a refund sorry to say the colour is so different to what was shown doesn't match my other units where's the return forms please

Posted by MoxiSpin. Facial Cleaning Brush

unfortunately,the product is not in a working order and it missing the plug adapter.

Posted by Franz

Hi Folks I purchased a gillet from groupons is too small I need to exchange it for an extra large how can I return it

Posted by Anonymous

purchased tv from Groupon, Defective item. Told Not their problem contact manufacturer. Have to pay $30 return postage to return defective item.BUYER BEWARE!!!! Will never use Groupon again.

Posted by pat

Ijust got my order for 2 pair of silver loop well if I had knew I would be receive earring for and infant then I woild had been prepare for shock of my life.for really

Posted by Anonymous

Buyer beware!!!!! I was taken about 2 plus years ago with a Groupon for a bug service from a company called Mid-Florida Pest Control = the Groupon was for a $50.00 discount on a years' service = it was rip off, I lost $$375.00, Groupon was unresponsive. No resolution. I now have an issue with a Groupon I bought for a massage deal. Well seems the place that sold it with Groupon chooses to be unresponsive. I tried to purchase a simple $11.00 bracelet, it was never delivered, I got my bank statement, and sure enough there was a charge on my account. Now the fight starts - and it's a sure bet that I will lose the $11,00. No more Groupon for me = I am tired of being ripped off.

Posted by Anonymous

I got a fit it style watch 3 months ago and it no longer works. It is faulty and I want to return it but I can't do this through my Groupon.

Posted by Anonymous

Web site is terrible. Just send a Merchandise Return Label w/ product in shipment for customers convenience. I can't access return label & have to pay postage for return. I'm NOT Happy.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a Groupon voucher for local restaurant and the expiration listed on the voucher was October 31, well surprisingly when I open my groupons to see what I have so far, to my surprise that restaurant voucher was listed as expired as of July 30. I believe the expiration date on was changed after my purchase, but when I called Groupon customer service, they completely dismissed that theory and totally denied changing the date. They did offer me a Groupon credit to use for other purchases, but I am really upset
about the fact that I lost that Groupon.

Posted by Anonymous

I Order A Lomdon Fog Bag On Last Month(july)and Not Only Did I Get The Wrong Color It Is Not A True London Fog It Is A Knock-off.. Then I Try Several Time To Get A Return Label But To Not Get One. The I Got The Company And Kept Getting The Running Around About You Didn't Have And Order.. I At One Time Like Groupon But Add This Bad Deal I Will Not Ored Another Bag. I Also Order A Tennis Braclet And Did Not Get A Return Label. No More Order

Posted by Groupons

I dont want the leather

Posted by W238AHOO

I Ordered Item Aka, Cordless Outdoor Motion Sensor Led Light On July 15, 2016. I Received This Item On July 20 2016. I Wish To Request A Paid Return Sticker Because The Item Does Not Work And Im Tired Of Being Taken Advantage Of. I Installed 4 Aa Batteries After Testing Their Individual Voltages And Found Them To Be Beyond Sufficient. 1.7 Volts For A Aa Battery Is Real Fresh.. Don't Give Me Any Bs.....i Will Remain Livid Till Im Am Satisfied. I Will Not Order Any Other Item By Groupon, Especially Any Item Made In China.

Posted by Bye bye grouponABFR

After several purchases through Groupon I'm sad to say I will never use it again.I purchased concert tickets for a show on the end of July for a show at the jiffy lube center. I tried printing my tix and they now mysteriously say I purchased the tix for a show in Atlanta when I live in VA. I originally purchased tix at Atlanta venue but noticed it wasn't proper venue I promptly cancelled and purchased correct ones, however Groupon now mysteriously doesn't see my transaction. I called and was told I was basically SOL. Learned my lesson nothing from Groupon from now on

Posted by Nydia 54

I loved what I purchased but it's to small. Where do I send items to have it exchange?

Posted by Kmensah

Hi just purchased something online from you guys and it was advertise as something else and I got something totally different how do I return the item for a refund

Posted by Anonymous

My wife has arthritis and had a hard time operating this item. Please send me a return label.

Posted by Anonymous

ordered wrong size ring need 11 i/2

Posted by Kelly

I am trying to return an item as I simply don't like it but this site is not mobile friendly for returns and I cannot access the return info at all. Despicable behaviour from a well known site. It's such a con

Posted by alsbook

I purchased two lawn seat tickets for a 5 Seconds of Summer Concert at the PNC Bank Arts Center for Sunday, July 10. When I went to my email to retrieve the vouchers on the day of the concert, I discovered that they sent me vouchers for the right band, but the WRONG DATE AND WRONG VENUE. It's at a location that I would never go to because its too far. I called customer service and was told that because I did not discover THEIR mistake in 14 days, I would have to suffer the loss or try to sell the lawn seats! Yeah, right! I asked if he could swap them for the RIGHT tickets, the ones I originally BOUGHT, and he said no. I KNOW I CLICKED ON JULY 10 and PNC BANK ARTS CENTER. I made sure BEFORE I finished the purchase! Now my daughter is deeply disappointed that she will not be able to attend this concert with her friends and I am out 50 bucks! VERY UPSET!

Posted by Formikelkc

I just read your email regarding Po Dumpling Bar closed. Please just refund my credit card. Thanks

Posted by A.acuff

I received one of my packages in great time, but they where soooo small. I can't use them & I'm gonna have to send them back. I haven't received the 2nd package yet.

Posted by Anonymous

i bought Rose hoop earrings. They are smaller than they appeared in the picture. I am very disappointed with these earrings

Posted by Anonymous

I started to place this order but did not finish it and ordered two later The first one was still. I don't need 3 sets. Thank you

Posted by dduerr

I was having great feelings about this company. Unfortunately the item I recently ordered is not compatible with my cell phone. I need to return it and I have searched all over this site on returning this item. They make it very difficult to return it and I am very frustrated and discouraged about this. I will NOT recommend this company again to my friends. So sad when an online company pulls this tactic on their customers. No, they are not in another country. My package has a return label from Hebron, Ky 41048

Posted by audrey

the shirts do not fit my husband. i need to return them. i can not read the return instructions because the quality of the printing is not able to be seen. i even looked at it under a microscope and was unable to read it. something fishy going on?

Posted by LauraLoo

I ordered a non-fundable/nonreturnble item in size LARGE. I received a size MEDIUM. What recourse do I have? It was their fault.

Posted by LauraLoo

I ordered a Non-Returnable item in a LARGE size. I received a MEDIUM. Because the item is listed as nonfund-able and non-returnable what do I do? It was their fault.

Posted by Anonymous

Extreme Instant Magic Hair Straightening Brush
Not impressed. My curly Mediterranean hair got soso wavy after 30 mins on high.
My hand kept changing the heat dial because I'm left handed. The controls shouldn't be on the handle.
Didn't get as hot as my iron. I straightened my hair with my iron in 10 mins.
Would prefer the control in F not C. We are in the USA!

Posted by cooper1732

sorry the filters do not fit

Posted by Anonymous

I want to return an item I ordered.; larger than pictured & does not fit.
Please provide an address where I can return it to.
Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a Fitbit One. First time we inserted it into the charger to insert into the computer, it didn't seem to be charging. So when we tried to take it out of the charger it wouldn't come out. It is completely stuck and tight. Cannot get anyone to answer when I call Groupon. Have always been happy with items from Groupon but I guess there's always a first time and we just hit ours.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S5 phone on February 28th. On May 24th it died/wont charge. Error message says to use charger it came with....I was using that one! Tried other ones too. Too late to return it, so it looks like I am out $199. Will never buy from Groupon again.

Posted by Baglady

Very hard to understand how and where to return items. Please post an address for returns!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I Would Like To Return An Item. I Am Not Happy With. Robert Gottlieb That Do I Do

Posted by Leng01

I found the refund link failed too. Call them to organise the return/refund. They were surprisingly helpful.

Posted by Porshe

Want to return dryer as didn't say it came in a hundred bits. Returns label link broken. Have been trying now for a week.

Posted by Laura Huffman LuBahn

I received a refund of $149. 9/2015. The email said I have plenty of time to use it. 7 months later, it has DISAPPEARED! No explanation, just poof**, gone. I've searching the app for something special. No one told ne, it would disappear. I'm deleting you GROUPON!

Posted by colinabbott

Purchased a smart bracelet, took for ever to arrive, thought it was a scam. anyway. received it, opened it and great, except that it pairs with my phone but the app. which takes a lot of research to find the right one will not connect to the watch, tried and re tried but no luck, so now I want to return it, that's when the trouble really starts, trying to find out how to send it back, no matter where I look no info, so where do I go from here, good job it wasn't a lot of money but that should not matter, returns should be easy, or is it they just don't want returns, so make it as hard a possible, so people just give up and throw the piece of junk in the garbage. NEVER AGAIN GOUPONS WILL I BUY FROM YOU, NOT USER FRIENDLY.

Posted by Bj21

I received a tapas set over 3 weeks ago and on opening discovered the slate tray was in pieces. The accessories, ie glasses, dishes were intact but there was no packaging other than a thin cardboard box. I have written numerous emails to Groupon since then and have still not received a returns form to enable me to in their words "to ge a full refund". I am now getting extremely frustrated and I am disappointed that I cannot return this damaged product due to their website being out of order which has been the case ever sincei I received the product.

Posted by Anonymous

My hair has been butchered by Jamie at Asthecitica. It is beyond anything but growing out. Never again will I purchase a haircut Impossible to figure out how to get a refund!!

Posted by Ivan lawless

I purchased an electric shaver April 6 2016 and it is broke...I would like to return it under warranty but I can't find out how and I can't talk to anyone....Why..Why..Why...

Posted by Mskoalabear

Really pissed off spoke to someone on friday. Its tuesday havent heard anytjing. I want my money back. Why is it so difficult.

Posted by Chris

Why is it so difficult and complicated to return goods. And shouldn't postage be refunded when your purchase was misrepresented?

Posted by Anonymous

I have been double charged for run or dye

Posted by Khaled

I did not receive the sofa I bought from group on
So I want my refund
They said no we can't refund you crazy
I want to take them to court, I'm all stress now

Posted by Emma

Bought Groupon tickets for Berlin circus but couldn't find it. I would appreciate a refund

Posted by Anonymous

Bought tickets for bwrlun circus in Cheltenham and could not find it

Posted by Anonymous

I would like a refund on my unused big ride. I could not use iut because of misleading information.Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like a refund for a ticket purchased that I was unable to use due to false advertisement.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like a full refund. I couldnt use it when I was told.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought an I phone case and it is the wrong size. It was Iphone 6s and my phone is iphone 6. Howcan I return it.

Posted by Anonymous

Ordered the 3 wheel power bike and the wheel keeps coming off where the motor is for the return label and i want my money back.!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Ordered ENERALD earrings! They arrived and ARE NOWHERE close to the advertised color.

Im filling a complaint with the BBB! And I want my money returned and will return your merchandise as well.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to find out how I can request a refund and have had no luck April 10, 2016 I purchased something from Groupon for the first time and when I read the fine print I learned that I was only allowed one per household so I tried the same day to request a refund for the one that I could not use. Well here we are 6 days later and no response to the email that I sent requesting help. I am happy that I am only out $19.00 !!!!!!!! But I will be unsubscribing and I will warn everyone that I know to be careful of Groupon's Fine print!!!

Posted by Jeanne E

please send authorization to return item one Women's High Low Grey Skirt Legging. order

Posted by elise Pear

where is the "return form"? I wish to return a purchase and need an authorization, don't I? very confusing site.

Posted by Anonymous

I received 3 cat boxes, ordered only one. want to return two, received a refund for one. I want to received a mailing lable to return one. I

Posted by REINA

i bought a groupon for Bahama cruise yestarday, I can't do . I would like a refund, thank you...

Posted by Patricia Devoe

I like the dress but it is to short for me. Please refund

Posted by Kat8mouse

Ordered an item on 3/6/16. Tracking shows it is "in transit" since 3/8/16, it is now 4/7/16. No item has been received. No way to get a refund on the site since it wasn't delivered. Never buying from groupon goods again.

Posted by Anonymous

i bought a groupon for hair cut, blow, full highlight, they will not except it because i was there only 6 months ago... i would like a refund, so i can find a different salon...thank you... theresa cali

Posted by Anonymous

I have my goods returned but groupon haven't returned my money to my credit card yet

Posted by Anonymous

I returned merchandise my tracking said it was delivered but my refund was never reapplied to my debit card and I was wondering why

Posted by blackshadow

Having trouble even getting onsite to ask for a refund!!
Arrived at hair "salon", where I booked a week and a half in advance. Was told there was no appointment and that I could wait until she finished a current client that was not even started.
The place was "suspect" to say the least, each time I arrived the staff was out side lounging at a table on the balcony and came into the place only after I went in.
Not at all like previous satisfactory experiences I have had with Groupon.
Groupon would be wise to drop this vendor.
Now, I just have to figure out how to get a refund.

Posted by Anonymous

Very disappointed -- the Vivitar Total fitness Digital Scale does not work -- pushed the "set" button as directed and nothing happened

Posted by Carolyn hawkins

I just receive my purchase today and they do not fit. They are too small. I don't want another size, I would like a refund. How do I go about doing this?

Posted by Muad gatish

Hi there
I am Muad gatish ihave t-shirt from you,but when I chose this t-shirt was black color and mideum size I know random choose but that choose I did not like
because is not same choose
can I returen that t-shirt
thank you

Posted by

On or about Feb 23, I returned two topaz earrings; I ordered one set and you sent me three; therefore, I returned two. I also returned two defective earrings, one the gold loops and the other was a "tear drop" design. I haven't received a verification of return or response of any kind. Please advise if you received the topaz earrings and what you plan to do with the defective earrings. thanks much


Posted by Mrs. L

I purchased a groupon for Sauvon Body Care Clinic for a manicure and pedicure. The building itself doesn't even have that name on it at all and was very hard to find. Upon arrival for my appointment the tech/owner Stephanie suggested that I go shop at the boutique next door and by the time I come back she would be close to finished. I waited over 30 minutes past my appointment time before leaving. She never even called me to apologize or try keeping me as a customer. Now I'm struggling to get my money transferred to a different groupon or credited. I will never go that unprofessional business again!

Posted by Anonymous

Worst Business I Have Ever Seen! !! My Mother Ordered A Tablet From Groupon Over A Month Ago. Usps Couldnt Find The Package. Ita All A Scam And A Run Around. I Havent Read One Good Comment About Their Service. Groupon Is Advertised On Tv And All Over The Internet You Would Think They Were A High Quality Business. I Would Never Recommend Them To Anyone, And I Would Gather Everyone Who Has Problems With Them And Shut Them Down. Its A Pathetic Business That Seems Like Its Run By A Teenager In A Basement!!!!

Posted by Jeanette

Very disappointed! received the wrong color and style, when the shipping label reads correct. Huge error!

Posted by Anonymous

Do not like item I receive and can't seem to get the return lable

Posted by nicole

it would be easy if you publish your address i need to return some merchandise but no address keep me posted

Posted by Anonymous

I will like to return them they don't WORK!!

Posted by Miss Ty

I receive a pair of Apple Earpods

Posted by Anonymous

I still don't know how to return an item. There is no packing slips with the luggage I received and I do not like the luggage. Please tell me how to return it. I just received the luggage today and it's in the origami so box

Posted by Tsehay

It took them so long to mail my order plus from my 4 orders I received only 3. It has been more than 3 weeks my one order didn't mailed to my adders so far. Because of that I will not shop on groups on anymore nor refer to others.

Posted by Anonymous

I am very disappointed in the refurbished Apple iPhone 6 that arrived. It has a dent, scratches, and a broken camera lens. I am sending the iPhone back to you and I hope that you will send me one that is in better shape.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been unable to even read the return instructions because the print is so light. When I finally got to page there is nothing there to get a return label. Very disappointed

Posted by Anonymous

i continue to get very unsatisfactory responses to my effort to repurchase Catalina flyer vouchers (2) value $78 with the $78 now expired vouchers with same value. please respond.

Posted by Anonymous

I cannot get the return label to print!

Posted by acasaje

I am trying to return the item I purchased on groupon, but when I click print return label, nothing happens. It does not generate a return label.

Posted by Anonymous

I am trying to return my purchase. I am not able to print the label. I am returned over and over to the question why i want to return my purchase.

Posted by chumanji9

My order was shipped with the wrong size filter. I tried to print the shipping label to return it, but it just kick me back to the details page and nothing is printed. Seem like an endless loop without a shipping label printed.

Posted by Anonymous

I can't see paying u 9.00 to get a return sheet when you sent the wrong thing.we tried to print the coupon but it said for 9.00 dollar we will resolve your problem.She order A pair boots and u sent a 7 1/2 shoe She needs A pair of black boots 9 1/2.

Posted by L. LOURENCO

I Made A Purchase And Paid For An Advertised Item, After Weeks Had Gone By I Did Not Receive What I Purchased, After Numerous Complaints I Was Told A Refunds Would Be Done.........later I Was Sent Correspondence To Say That The Matter Was Being Handled By A Superior To Date I Still Await My Money.

Why Advertise For An Item If You Are Out Of Stock

Posted by James m fussell

Help! I received an I phone 3 days ago and need to return it, can't make any headway with your process.

James m Fussell

Posted by Purchase

The company I purchased is out of business
Please return purchase price to my account.
Dolphin water tour...Why did it take so long to
notify me. I went all the way to the pier in Naples
To find it empty and out of business.
When I finally got a phone # for you I was told
There is a 50 to 60 minute wait.Are you kidding me.

Posted by Diane

I gifted a Groupon voucher that expires on 19th Feb but the fine print states that the voucher is not valid from 1st Feb to 22 Feb. Groupon Singapore will not refund, extend or even let my cousin use the voucher for the original amount I paid.

Does this mean that I have lost the original $118.80 I paid for the voucher?

And isn't it misrepresentation to expire a voucher 19 days before the date stated?

Posted by ingolangel

It is now 27 days since I returned an item purchased through Groupon. I supplied my "proof of postage" 2 weeks ago and I am still waiting for a refund. All I get from the Chat facility is that "it is being investigated". Surely, the problem is now out of my hands and the dispute is between Royal Mail and Groupon, unfortunately, I am the one still out of pocket!!! A lesson learned, avoid Groupon at all costs!!!!

Posted by LBren

Ordered a small jacket, sent a medium but it's more like a large, ridiculously huge. Sleeves come down past my knuckles and I'm 6ft tall...

Posted by Marijanne

I bought something for a DNA test from Ancestry ... only to find out that it was only a discount coupon to get something else... Groupon will not return my money. If their company is so highly clouted why don't they have a decent return policy... they have nothing I need... I can't buy groceries with it... can buy pet food with it... Do not want wine or a trip to wherever... I just want my monies back.

Posted by Anonymous

size 11 shoe in box marked size 8

Posted by Mvberg

I accidentally bumped the buy button while a passenger in a car last night. Please advise on how to get a refund the policy states refunds are granted within the first week.

Posted by Becky Cromer

I bought a spa package called The sanctuary Derma spa on friday 22 of jan. I have decided to cancel it. I tried to look it up on line and you have my old e-mail .My new one I paid by MC please refund my money $125.00

Posted by Ash


I bought a sewing machine but its not working, tried but it refuses to stich

Please help

Posted by Anonymous

I'v been trying for two day to get your return details. On line it keeps telling me there's a problem your end

Please let me know what to do next as I want to return a jacket.

Posted by Anonymous

Bought my grandson a pair of Firetrap Murphy Canvas Shoes, after 3 days the eyelet for the laces has ripped away from the main body of the shoe and the canvas side of the shoe has also split. We do not have the original packaging but would like to return them for either a better pair or a full refund. Please advise how I do this.

Posted by Mary Ann

I bought a groupon for Friendly's Restaurant. None of the restaurants are near me. Can I get my money back?

Also I bought a cover for a Iphone 6 and it came back so small thru Printer Pix that it won't even fit a Iphone 5. Trying to get this resolved.

Posted by LadyinRed

received my purchase from group on for a tan large couch bed for my dog I ordered an ex large, after open the box i looked and knew my dog would not be able tokay on this size large. My dog is 4 ft long and weighs 185. He is a Great Dane; Need to return this but can not get into my view detail on my package so I can't print the return label.

Posted by Anonymous

it is not the right size I have the original IPAD,I don't have the size .the one I got is the IPAD AIR. Iwould like to exchange it .I bought a cover from groupon last time made by Vera Bradley,maybe you can base it from that..I ca't seem to print the return label.

Posted by Anonymous

When I order something and it is not available, why can't I get my money back?

Posted by Blackjack

I bought a Superman v copter for a Xmas gift. Found it doesn't charge. how do I exchange it?

Posted by Sgriego

I have spent 6 hours on phone calls between Google wallet and groupon. They each are saying that having double the amount of my groupon pulled out is the others fault. I am not going to be using groupon again. First time and it is a waste.

Posted by Sgriego

I bought 2 $20 Groupon for Paul Mitchell the School. One as a gift and you have pulled 80 dollars from my account and put my account into the negative.

Posted by Anonymous

On 12/03/15 I purchased 3 Chromo Inc. Tablets-the Blue tablet was sent to me; SKU It was a Christmas gift; it does not work properly. The Internet connection times out and will not connect. I wish to return it for a full refund.
Please advise me as to what I need to do to return this item so I can get my money back.


Barbara DeWitt

Posted by Kamibara

Hi a few weeks ago i ordered a few items and the next day my account was deactivated and money refunded but today i received one those items with a return request but my account was deactivated so how do i return it?

Posted by Anonymous

cannot find the return labels, they will not open or print for me
please help

Posted by Rebecca

I don't understand why I was charged twice when I bought only one groupon. Is anyone else having this problem and how do you get your money back?

Posted by Anonymous


On Dec 16th I booked two rooms for two nights in June 2016 at a Canadian hotel. We live in Canada and the computer she booked it on is in Canada. Reservation My Visa statement arrived a few days ago and we find the amount charged is aprox $100 per reservation more than our Groupon statement. Spent 1.5hrs on hold one day with Groupon, a good hour the next with no response. This morning I managed to get through to a real person only to be told the reservations are in US$!!. Why would they be in US$? There is nothing on the statement or the fine print to indicate it is in US$. In fact the print out states "if we want to add a roll away bed it will be an extra CAD$20". We feel we have been 100% mislead and we ask that both reservations be cancelled. Thankyou in advance.


Posted by danielle mitchell

Hi, I have been emailing and trying to call groupon about several purchases to cancel and get a refund most was miss soldiers to me with false advertising and missing facts and crucial information, when ringing the company on trying to book several of my purchases they claimed that there was no available bookings slots till February, where as there was no restrictions on dates in the advertising for this on groupon another one was the time they gave for the activity was much much shorter then how groupon made it seem...another one I could not do as I'm pregnant so needed to cancel all of these I attempted to cancel as soon as possible and before they expired, but I'm still trying to do this now months down the line I've had 0 zero response to any of my emails or calls there's no option to leave a message and number for them to call me back so I'm left massively out of pocket and nothing to show for it.
I'm going to have to speak to a solicitor and see how I can take this matter further in COURT if needs be to get my money back in FULL and into my bank account. Groupon recently been undertaken by watchdog should of pulled there act together by now however it seems they have got worse and have been scamming innocent buyers out of there hard earned money.
This is not acceptable and needs to be addressed asap by the law.

Posted by Generator cheated

My wife bought a generator for me for Christmas it arrived damaged and can not even use it in present condition and this was not damaged in shipping came from manufacturer" China" and just looks junk made! Sportsman generator and was told I can't return it that it's too big ???? It wasn't to big to be shipped to my house and nothing in fine print states it can't be returned! This is terrible service!! They must be into taking the money and running business ! Never ever bye from rip off con!!!

Posted by Anonymous

hi GROUPON, I just received my order,a GALAXY s5 cellphone and I do not like and I want to go back and I would like to plan my money please.thank you

Posted by Anonymous

I have not heard from you all I order a Ring three weeks ago and I have not received my refund please e mail me about my order please thanks Patricia Freeman. E mail Freeman 7095@ gmail. Com

Posted by Anonymous

I have 2 charges for the sometime that was cancelled. very unhappy and want to resolve ASAP and have the money returned into my account.

Posted by jessenc6

The clasic women's pea coat is too small for my wife and I will put it in the USPS on
december 22, 2015. I am asking for the purchase price be returned to my credit card per your payment arrangement. the coat was very nice, however due to size and other factors I would like a refund.
Jesse J Howard

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered the Women's Camouflage printed long sleeve hooded: Fuchsia XL and they sent me a GREEN CAMOUFLAGE NO HOODED SWEAT SHIRT! I'm not HAPPY! This was a Christmas

Posted by Kim Brown

Very disappointed with the size & lack of matching of the item, Swarovski Crystals & Bead. Would have requested a return label soon, but my 90 yr. old mom feel & was hospitalized. -Kim Brown P.S. I make earrings & donate them to Chemo Centers for cancer patients, and needed matching Swarovski beads.

Posted by Disappointed

I have purchased many vouchers and items through Groupon and have been very happy. However, we recently made a small purchase around $25 for light up reflectors you put on kids bikes. The items never made it to us and we work with the post office as they said it was delivered but they could not figure out what happen. We went back to Groupon and ask them to resend them or refund us our money and they said no and to work with the post office. We told them we have already tried this route and they said sorry and there was nothing they could do for us. Amazon will resend or refund customers and we are very disappointed with groupon and will no longer use them. We have a long history of purchases with them that were higher value items.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to reach groupon for over 2 hours to cancel a order.Please cancel my order for a windshield replacement. Thank you william porter

Posted by Dissatisfied One

I will return my package when it arrives because o no longer need it. I'll just go out and buy it. I put an order in on the 9th it said shipped on the 11th. But when I track it shows waiting to ship. Groupon says they have up to 7 business days to ship. Ok which one is it has it shipped or has it not. I've purchased a few things off Groupon, but never again. The customer reps or no help!

Posted by NotHappy

Beginning with...tracking is not easy; Groupon not very helpful; had to contact Fed Ex to get a correct tracking number for the USPS. After several calls to GROUPON, FED EX, USPS...I was able to question my mail carrier that said yes...he indeed left a package on the ground. Likely the almost $1000 computer I bought from GROUPON, in good faith that it would be delivered properly. If this indeed was left by my door and stolen; who is responsible? Who has serial numbers, who is the one who sent this item so irresponsibly? Are they insured? Who contacts the manufacturer to try to track this? Who notifies the police? No one from customer service responds!

Posted by thisblowsmymind

I purchased a Groupon for a Getaway for just under 400 bucks! The expiration of the Groupon was December 13th, on December 13th the couple that was to join us broke up, obviously beyond my control. So I immediately went online to Groupon FAQS to see how I obtain a refund. I followed all instructions, basically it seemed quite simple, from my app I follow a series of links to cancel and be refunded but when you get to the final page there was nothing! No ability to cancel no advice just took me straight to my voucher.
So I called, there was a 2 hour wait time which would have taken my call about an hour past the office closing hours. So I again following the FAQ advice I emailed for the request. I was given a confirmation that the email would be addressed within 24 hours. So being a bit impatient I thought it be best to call in the am. 2 hour wait time again, fine I left a call back number and within 3 hours I was called back.
The first 2 people that passed me on were quite helpful and informative, the first women explained that the reason I may not have been able to do the refund myself on my app was it could be too close to the expiry date for it to work properly, didn't make a lot of sense but sure. The second lady understood exactly what I was needing, she tried to get the refund approved and was unable. I then spoke with her extremley rude supervisor.
This gentleman basically said that it was now expired but he would make the exception and give me Groupon Bucks, which is not what I need. I explained to him that I had tried to get the refund the day before unsuccessfully because the app was not allowing me to process the refund as it normally would...he explained that for Groupon Getaways it has to be done on the computer but they haven't listed that in the instructions or FAQS, but because of that fact he was going to make an exception and give me the credit regardless. So in other words had it been listed on the FAQS that the particular type of Groupon can only be refunded by myself on the computer not the app I would have been able to do that without bugging a soul.
He then said "look your voucher expired on the 13th and it's now the 14th that is black and white", regardless of me trying to get the refund within the appropriate time period.
To top it off they charged me 38.50 to refund me the Groupon bucks!!! I am absolutley crushed that the service was so terrible and that a refund requested within the alloted time period is not being honored this literally was preventable by having the appropriate information available to me. If I can cancel a normal Groupon on my app and have before, and the option being listed to refund the Getaway Groupon is available on the app but does not actually work they have to inform their customers that this action would have to be done on a computer.

Posted by 885851148015 Angelina 6-Pack Ful

I received a package never place that order and since groupon send an E-mail letting me to know will ship my order I has been trai to comunicate with groupon to let them know I never place the order only received a notification comunicating groupon soom will comunicate with me and today a received the package and I whant to know how can I make a devolution.

Posted by ash

Trying to return a watch that looks nothing like its picture online but grouping not replying to emails and it's proving difficult to find this magic returns label. The deadline is in 3 days time.

Posted by

I have used Groupon for several years and am usually satisfied. However, these little ear rings were absolutely not what I was expecting. Thank you for you having such a convenient policy.

Posted by Priyanka Bashaboina

I recently purchased hp tablet I want to return it has some pblm not working properly...I am calling groupon but they are not answering the call what's wrong with groupon???

Posted by merrylife

Will never buy from groupon again, purchased toilet rolls, they never arrived, groupon won't refund me, will have to make a claim against groupon via my credit card, groupon don't answer the phone, don't reply to emails. Strange the image of thieves has just popped into my head, I wonder why!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I just purchased an Omaha steak the "Happy Holiday Gift Pack" I will like to cancel the order. Please let me know ...
Thank you,

Posted by Anonymous

I will not order from groupon again, advertisement in clothing is misleading, when refer to one size fits all is not true. When you go to website, can't locate return label..

Posted by Anonymous

i need a return label. i rec'd digital spy pen today and it is completely unacceptable as is your wait time.

Posted by Anonymous

I spoke with Lot yesterday about a damaged product. She said she would send me an email about what to do. I have not received this email. She was very pleasant! I cannot get in contact with her again. Please advise!

Posted by sally

All I want to do is return an item and I cannot find the return form ????
I have all kinds of charges on my Visa statement but I have no idea what they are for? although I ordered a golf outing, I do not know how to get it???

Posted by robert

Not satified with product hard to call for help takes up to 50 minutes on phone to reach customer service not good i dont wait that long for att telephone service.

Posted by Anonymous

I had the worse service ever. the consultants are not properly trained. They are giving you different response in regards to the same thing... Really disappointed and will make sure I spread the news on incompetent and bad service from group on... Still need my refund though.... When they take the money its easy but when it comes to bring it back its such a struggle . I have already contacted my lawyer and will take it up until I get refunded.

Posted by Anonymous

on sep 20 of this year i made a contract to clean the gutters in my home,they charge me 49 dollars,but nobody went to clean the gutter,i was talkin with a person on this number and I gave him the order number and the address of the house,the order, i paid with my credit car am ex,am here in Ecuador since sept 27 of this year buet my wiufe say that nobody went there and when she call, they told her I have to call,am calling now,when are you going to clean the gutter?or give my money back,my phone number in ecuadot,the number of my wife in Atlanta ga is 4,can you please call her or let me know if what is the reason you did not went to clean the gutter

Posted by Anonymous

Do. You have a telephone # for me to call to find out about how to return a product that is the wrong item I need ?

Posted by Cilla

I brought some triton XBOX one headset arrived today damaged and no microphone with it. So I need to return but have no return label. Please help.

Posted by Anonymous

Trying to return a package coffee make that leaks, can't get the label to send back for refund

Posted by

the flashlight did not work .I,m return for credit to my account

Posted by Anonymous

I received three sets of ear bands on OCT. 28TH 2015. They arrived on Nov. 7th. They would not fit 80 per cent of adults in the USA. They do not even fit around my head and I have a normal med. size head. I have no use for them and want my money back. They show pictures with them illustrated on adults and did not include sizes in ad. PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU INDEED WANT ME TO KEEP USING GOUPON i don't want to think that this is a scam operation. You send out information about this company so should vet it before posting ads. MRTV

Posted by Defective Product

I bought a Pyle home projector over summer to use during the school year. It is now past the return date, but I recently opened the box and the product is completely defective. It is cheap plastic with dislodged pieces on the inside, it is not the same product as the one online, and the specs were completely falsified! This is not the product I paid for. I want to return this item and ask that Groupon stop doing business with the Pyle projector brand. They simply lie about their products!

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered a pair of Booties from you size 7.5 brown and after paying you confirmed my order as being size 6 black. So please cancel the order and refund my 34.95 plus tax. Lena Reid

Posted by Sad Day for Walker Fans

I am disgusted with the walker stalker purchase. We spent close to a hundred for gas and parking and tickets. We walked in and found out you cannot even see the actors in person without paying each one individually.

Terribly disappointed after waiting hours in line, we left after 5 minutes of being down stairs and discovering we wouldn't get to meet any of them. I'll never purchase with groupon again. This was very misleading and poor advertising.

Posted by

i received item numbe platinum collection sheets but they are the wrong size

can i exchange them for queen size? i will need a return form

the order if that will help

Posted by

I have ordered wedding band from paris jewelry. I would like to exchange sizes. so what do I do. I don't want to pay shipping charge . Please let me know.



Posted by Anonymous

Shoes returned wrong colour by post office tracker said you have received but I have had no conformation or refund

Posted by Judy

Order two bathing suits and one fits great and the other is the wrong size. Both are the same just different colors. What do I do. Just got them in the mail today!

Posted by Eveahmed

I purchased a Versace kiss sachel and not pleased with the look. It appears cheap, and unappealing, and needs a refund.

Posted by Anonymous

I received two pairs of shoes. I ordered one pair. I want to return one pair and get credit for it. I can not print the return label for some reason. Would you please send me a return label. Helen Green

Posted by Anonymous

Went to my bank and found 3 items had been purchased through my groupon account not by myself!! Straight away got in touch with groupon only to be told the first item could be stopped right away but the other two items needed to be looked into . This was 17 days ago now . Phoned again last night to be told the one item had been delivered and the other was on route to the same address !! Now I've been told it will take up to another 10 days before i can get an answer on when I will get a refund and how somebody has got through groupons security to hack my account

Posted by madelyn

You have to get help to download a return label. Call customer service

waited about 7 minutes. She was very nice and walked me through it. No one could do it on there own. Surely they make it difficult on purpose..

Posted by Anonymous

Like all of the others, I cannot figure-out how to download a "return" label. The instructions are not there. Please advise. I received a watch that is damaged and I cannot wear. If I do not receive a reply in 24hours I shall never use Groupon again. I am very unhappy.

Posted by Theresa Cole

I enjoy most of my purchases, however I now know not to by clothing online. The pajama pants I purchased are too small and too short. I would like to return them.

Posted by No name

this is sooooo frustrating, the instructions to print a "return" label are not clear, and I can't print a label. this is probably planned by Groupon, so the two week deadline will expire, and we're stuck with stuff we are not satisfied with. Very disappointing.

Posted by Anonymous

The instruction to print a return label is incorrect. Please advise as to the proper way.

Posted by NOne

I Want to return my groupom order that I am not happy with the quality for such a big prize. Where can I get the return form?

Posted by Marilyn Goodrich

Why can't I print a return coupon label. It is so difficult and the "Track Order"
arrow for return does not work/respond. I have tried to print the prepaid label with no success. Such frustration..

Posted by helped

where return slips for computer cannot find it wanr return my order before to let help

Posted by GMAN

Please be aware of Groupon's rather strict goods return policy. You only have a 2 week window to return an item. We ordered a king size comforter which will not fit our king sized bed. We just boxed it back up but are busy people. When I looked tonight oops it has been a little over the deadline. SO BUYER BEWARE. BE SURE YOU LOVE WHAT YOU ARE ORDERING BECAUSE IF YOU ARE BUSY PEOPLE LIKE US YOU ARE GONNA BE STUCK WITH IT.

Posted by sue ocx

I ordered a king-size comforter set, which arrived 8 days ago. The comforter is damaged, stitched so as to make it not possible for it to lay flat. I thought I might be able to use it in a spare bedroom, but it looks just really bad. Your returns information indicates that I can return it within 14 days of receipt, giving me 6 more days to return it. Your online information says 14 days from date of purchase; it wasn't even here by that date. I can't get a returns receipt. When I attempt to click on the arrow next to Track order, it says there is nothing to track (of course); in fact, it's not giving me Track Order, just Track Package, so I'm not sure its even putting me in the right place. I want to return the item and I want my money back, and I don't want to miss the deadline given on the paperwork while we muck around trying to fix this. Can you please help me, in a timely fashion? I'll stay nice and avoid profanity if you can.

Posted by Infinity Flight Group

On October 4th, I accidently purchased an opportunity to attend an airplane flight and lesson. Groupon never confirmed my first purchase so I was under the impression that I had to press it once again. when I was notified that I purchased this twice I immediately wanted my money back. I am sending this refund so that I can get my moneyy back with no problem due the the websites mistake.

Posted by Jewels

I ordered bunkbeds for my son so he could have his friends to stay over after a week my son decided he wanted to sleep on the top bunk & climbed the ladder and the wood split. He is only 11 years old & they say it can take the wait of up to 15 stone. I emailed Groupon & was told to return the items which I explained was not possible as my son would not have a bed & it was only the Top Bunk that was faulty, I was then told they would check with their Resolution Centre which could take up to 10 days. 3 weeks later & numerous emails I was told either return the whole item or just accept it. I will make sure none of my friends & family use Groupon again.

Posted by bazil

Sent something back to them. They have confirmed that they have the item. Still waiting for my refund, this has been going on for nearly 3 months now

Posted by ammabruno

My son gave my husband a groupon for 1/2 day kayak. M husband will never use it. It was for father's day. I there a possibility to exchange it for something else? The groupon #lg-x91v-g9nx-1jz9-7nby. I hope I havethe correct site.

Posted by dwgdwg

Bought the first tablet in @ June 2015. It won't go on, please get this fixed

Posted by dwgdwg

Bought the first tablet in @ June 2015. It won't go on

Posted by Anne

I have been ordering quite a few items from Groupon and have always been happy, until now.

I placed an order for a ladies and a mans mystery watch . I also did not list these as gifts. My husband and I did not like them, so we have decided to give them away at Christmas.

Well, since thinking that I just might get another watch but this time a bit different, I ordered another one. It was delivered today, and behold, it was the SAME watch. Again, I did not show this as a gift. Therefore I would like to return is latest watch. If I can not be guaranteed a different watch, then a credit would be fine from Groupon or on my Visa.
Thank you,

Anne Rosler

Posted by women's stretchy trouser pants s

The pants are well made and good quality. I just ordered too small and the stride is just too short.

Posted by women's stretchy trouser pants s

The pants were well made and lovely I just ordered the wrong size and too short a stride

Posted by Anonymous

I had purchased some curtains. I did not get the correct amount that I purchased . I would like to return the items or give the requested amount. One set even have 2 different pieces of curtain. I am very disappointed and is my first time doing business with you.

Posted by Sad to Say

This is the first time I have purchased from Groupon and it will be my last. They say easy returns. NOT!!! First of all what I purchased said that it was returnable. To spend $200+ dollars for some may be easy but for me it was not. When I read on the item that it was free returns I took a chance and ordered it. I placed the order on 8-28-15 and didn't receive it until 9-11-15. It is not what I wanted and therefore want to return. Even though it said it was returnable, in FINALLY finding where one goes to get the return label, it says that it is NOT returnable. So I wanted to talk to someone. Guess what? Hold time is 30 to 45 minutes. I guess Groupon thinks nobody has anything better to do? Be Careful. Be very, very careful when using Groupon. Still have not been able to get these items returned.

Posted by dottie

i am trying to return earbuds that are so cheap and nothing as promised. However, i cannot find the are to get a label printed. Any suggestions? Have tried everything.

Posted by Anonymous

The citrine earrings I purchased are a joke. They wouldn't fit a doll. In addition, I only ordered one pair but received two. I wanted to return them but they're so small, I couldn't find them. I do not want to be stuck with them---how can I return them ??

Posted by Joyce McLellan

zipper broke on the pet carrier, not happy with quality, please refund me.

Posted by Kam

I have purchased a three-pack jegging but items did not meet my requirements so, I returned it in accordance to Groupon return policy and as instructions. I have confirmed they've also received the tracked item but choose to ignore my messagees and till now,I have not received my refund of £ 17

Posted by Vb

I received a stand mixer in June and only used it for first time last week, was working initially at start of cake mix but then arm stopped working suddenly, I have emailed 3 times over past week to ask to return this and have had no reply, also called but was on hold for too long and so gave up.

Posted by Bugs

I purchased 2 birthstone for myself and one for my daughter. Within 6 hours of wearing I noticed a stone was missing. What can I do about this...I am very disappointed. This is my first purchase on Groupon.

Posted by Anonymous

August 31, 2015
The jewelry I ordered was so tiny, even for my grandaugher.
I would like a full refund, also I try using the salon
in El Cerrito for my nails, one of the male technician
was rude, trying to figure the actual day I could get my
service completed. It was extremely stressful, to date I
have not gotten my nails done.

Posted by Disappointed

I bought a Visio 40 inch TV a couple weeks ago and the picture was great for about a week but now is so distorted I can no longer watch it, it was refurbished. So I have contacted Visio and given them pictures and they have not said if it will be covered. So beware of Groupon refurbished TV s because they may not work for very long. I will never again buy a television from Groupon. It looks like I lost my $280 for a Visio TV that is unwatchable after two weeks. It feels like getting dumped on.

Posted by zohreh Jaberi

I ordered a white swarovski pen and I received it.I liked it but unfortunately it does not work properly.
i would like to exchange it and send me a good one.

Posted by Anonymous

I have called the merchant for the massage I booked at East meets West in Chicago il daily for the last 4 days. Tel nummer

He is not responding and my groupon will be expiring August 27th.

I request a refund before my groupon expires

Posted by Anonymous

Just received my order? It was a dog harness, size medium no way does it fit the dog!!! We tried on my friends toy poodle weight 5lbs
Didn't fit her either !! My dog is a Doxie 9lbs. Doesn't come close.
Not sure if this is returnable doesn't look like it. Then I noticed more comments on this all very negative!!
Not sure if even a exlatge would work!

I want to return it ! Better re do measurements on sizing!!!

Posted by Joyce Bishpp

It Simply Does Not Work For Me. I Would Very Much Like To Return It.

Posted by Anonymous

Don't buy high priced items. The return label doesn't protect the buyer. If lost or stolen in the shipping process buyer will not eceive refund. They stiffed me for $1400 said my item wasn't received or tht the box came empty, but took them 2 weeks to tell me that. They must have a thief on their hands in the returns department. They discard the package and all tracking information misteriously disapeered and I can't access any longer. They don't care, they make you use their shipping lable but they don't insure which means if yiu don't and item doesn't show up You DON"T GET THE REFUND!!! I will be writting to the main office. Fighting charge with my credit card company

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered a bento box for my son it came damaged I also got the wrong tablet returning stuff is not easy I will never order again

Posted by nativedoll

I purchased a 400 dresser. I received it on my porch in the rain. On top of that the packaging was damaged. The dresser was also damaged not only because of the conditions but it was actually made wrong. The drawers do not fit. I emailed group on and told them of my problem and they said to send pics to prove it. Weird but i did send them pics. They then sent me a usps return label. I then proceeded with my dresser thats over 120 pounds to usps. I thought i could just get it repackaged there and send it on its way. Turns out usps does not ship anything over 60 pounds as big as it was. I then unloaded this huge dresser again into the basement. I emailed groupon and told them usps will not ship it and to please send me a label for fed ex or ups. They told me no no no it will work we do it all the time. I told them i tried and that they wont because its to much weight and to big. They said its fine just to go do it. I told them i did. They must not have been reading my emails or they want me to just give up and keep a 400 dollar broken dresser. I dont know. So they then told me to take the label and go to fed ex with it. I didnt think that sounded right so i called fed ex they told me no. I then emailed groupon and told them they wont do it. They said no no they will just take it its fine. So even though i didnt think they would i lugged this huge dresser over there to be shipped and they wouldnt do it. I told them my story and they actually tried scanning the usps return label just in case. Big suprise it didnt work. i emailed groupon again and they said no just use the return label they gave me. I said i cant they wont let me. On top of everything none of the shipping companies usps ups and fed ex carry a box big enough to fit my dresser. ON top of that they dont even make a box that big. It has to be specially made. Guess what it costs... 120 dollars just to make it. I told groupon this and they said just to stick the label on the dresser and ship as is without a box. Now thats just ridiculous. Who ships something without a box. All the places i talked to said that was against their guidelines. It was embarrassing just asking. If i had a box to ship it in i would have even paid the shipping costs myself to get my money back and end the nightmare. But its going to cost 200 dollars just to ship it in a box. Thats not even including the insurance i would pay because i do not trust groupon now. Ive been shopping with them for so many years and never had issues. I am no longer a supporter of groupon. I work 2 jobs just to make bills and splurged on a dresser because i need it. I am still waiting on them to email me back. This disturbs me a company can act like this. I dont know what to do to make them cooperate with me. Any ideas?

Posted by Magda M. Vargas

I need to return shipment i received 2 days ago. The reason why is because is the wrong ietm i orderd.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a Farm Fresh for $17. GN660139 When I called to schedule an order and delivery, I was informed that they DO NOT DELIVER to a home but rather to a site over an hour from our home. That is unacceptable. When I asked for a refund, they said to contact you which I have.

Marion Wayne

Posted by Donna

I received a ring that does not look like the one I ordered. I went to your website ( groupons) as noted for a return label. But it gave an error. I have also placed a phone call on virtual calling to be called back, because of a long wait time. I want to return this ring that is not very attractive. Thank you.

Posted by AL

My shoes size is too small. Can I change it to a bigger size? And,how? Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently placed an order and when I pushed confirm it stated technical problems try again later.I tried again later and now have a double order.i want to cancel one of the orders.

Posted by sengman1

Re: order 7/28/2015 RB3025- Large aviator Lo205 Gold 58

Glasses are to small and I would like to return and exchange for larger size across the brim. Please authorize and e-mail me shipping label as I have not been able to get it done on my computer. Thank you very much,

Stanley E Engman

Posted by Teacher123

I bought two pairs of sandals for my wife - I received three. I ordered a size larger so I could feel sure that they would fit. These sandals were not even close to fitting because they were much too small. The size was misrepresented. I want a return label ASAP, or I will no longer do business with Groupon.

Ray Augustus

Posted by air iPad

i need to return my idem

Posted by Groupon

I have been looking for the easy site to get a return address to send back an item I purchased. Why is it so hard to do. This item is reaching its time limit and I am frustrated trying to get a return label. There must be an easier way. Please help

Posted by Tanya

Tried several times to send a copy of email attached with (5) images of receiving a swimwear purchased from Groupon. I realized it wasn't damaged & that's the only way to be refunded, however the swimwear was delivered & in the crouch of the bottoms, it did not have the protective lining as I'm accustomed to purchasing & was completely grossed out!!# I'venture spoken with several personnel team membets along with a team leader Kelsey & it still was decided that they weren't going to refund me because it was not damaged. That's poor customer service because it never stared it would be delivered as such. Had I purchased that at a store, it's not returnable, if the lining isn't still attached!!! Very discussed & just want you all to send a return label and refund me my small amount of $25.17. My name is Tanya Glover & my email address is I am quite sure you have ally other demographics. Please respond. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated. I have already informed my Amex Card Services about this unacep table customer service.

Posted by susan

trying to return a smart bracelet that was delivered on the 18th of July. Can't seem to print a return label. that must be groupons way of saying you can't return anything. I guess i wont't be buying anything from them from now on.

Posted by Anonymous

I had on ordered 2 bracelet heart&key and the libra when i got my products thats when i learned i was charged 60 something dollard i requested a return postage.i dont have a way to print out the return Postage so i can get a refund for what groupon messed up

Posted by Anonymous

couuldnt find where to print the return label from! Unhappy with my product1

Posted by Bola

I have been trying to print a return label for two days!! I have my RMA... I just the return address for USA! I was able to print a label for the UK. please advise

Posted by Anonymous

They just practice false advertising all the time. They refuse to let me refund an item that is COMPLETELY different as the advertised product. I lost 40 dollars but it's a great lesson learned to never ever shop on groupon again.

Posted by Sharifah

I wasn't aware I was charged twice for item. They sent me 2 of the exact same thing. This happened to me TWICE!! Why is this happening? I made sure I did not press "BUY" twice. I do not want 2 of the same thing. Hope to be refunded

Posted by Anonymous

I have bought several things from Groupon. Now I need to return something cannot print a return lable. They have lost my business not worth the hassle.

Posted by Anonymous

Cannot get a return label for an item that was not as described. Item ultra high powered sonic electric toothbrush.

Posted by Jason211269

My tablet as broken after 8 months according to groupon nothing can be done after 6 months I have read terms of my voucher it doesn't say anything like that on it .. Anybody any ideas to where I stand

Posted by Anonymous

Cannot get return labels on 2 purchases.
Order #91139811 and # 91139812
Items too big. Credit Account.
I was sent 2 of same thing. When I saw order was duplicated tried to cancel and had no luck.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a back brace and I wore it for 1 hour and the stitching feel apart. I want to return it but noticed your policy states that if the merchandise is falling apart you can not return it. I can't believe you can stay in business if you do such things. I will never order another thing from your company and I hope many people will see this and think twice before ordering from you.

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered an Essential Oil defused that does not work, but I threw away the paperwork - I have the box and I just got it less than 4 days ago - so what address do I send it back and what information should I include thanks

Posted by Anonymous

How do I get a prepaid mailing label? I need to return an order that I just received that I am not happy with, I followed the instructions but I did not succeed.

Posted by Anonymous

Hello .. I have received a message stating that the purchase I made will need to be credited .Please reinstate the funds to the visa account I used to make the purchase.

Thank you

Audrey Pearson

Posted by Anonymous

I brought capris and they were to small. I usually take large but this large ran small.

Posted by mdkantz

Good luck getting a refund of any items immediately canceled right after ordering. And I wish you even more luck getting a hold of anyone at groupon! I was new to groupon and accidentally ordered items and immediately canceled. Now I can't get the $30+ back! I will shop amazon any day over groupon!

Posted by Ray or Jan Kendrick

Please: June 5,2015

Need Prepaid Mailing Label

I Cannot Find Track Order Or Return On My Account Page

Need To Return Wrong Size Sheets For Correct Size!

( Mailed Cal King) Need King

Posted by Anonymous

I have purchased a microscope instead of telescope but dont know how the order was misplaced. When i called groupon customer service, they were saying they will accept only goods with damage or if the mistake is at their end. Its horrible. They should ensure customer satisfaction. I even did not open the delivered package. The representative also very rude and saying they will accept damaged goods within 48 hours only. Intially i was referring groupon to my friends but now I lost trust on groupon and their services.

Posted by nj.nikita

I have purchased a voucher for hair straightening and now when i m tring to fix an appointment in " vikashini" beauty parlor and d voucher validity was till june 8 th 2015
And then I get a reply saying that voucher isnt vaild they have already told to groupon members regarding this to not avail the offer and as per your policies it cn b refunded in 7 days after d purchase
But every time i gave them a call to fix an appointment i was kept on hold and nw aftr 15 days i get a reply that d offer isnt valid any more
And they say they cant do nything in this cause they are third party.
So how do i gt d refund now ..
I got two vouchers worth rupess 4000

Posted by yasmin

I have tried to get in touch for over half hour to sort a refund with you but no one answers,, your customer service care is terrible,I have been charged. £2.90 for trying to get in touch with Groupon!! No one is answering,is anyone even there?????

Posted by karwin

I need a refund for a groupon I purchased. The voucher has NOT been used and I will not ever use it after finding out the company has very sketchy products and numerous hidden do I contact groupon before its too late?

Posted by rdeanh

bought your HP printer which arrived with several broken parts. Can't seem to find a way to print return shipping AND now have to wait another week without printer IF they are still available.

Posted by 12 cotton/spandex. I can wear

I have to contact you several time my email got no repone that why I'am late sending my package back I can get a mail label

Posted by tessa

I received my massage mattress but it does not do as described there is no massage just a light vibration so for me its not good enough I'm returning it

Posted by Anonymous

How can I get ahold of anyone to get $ back on something!? I purchased a massage package that we haven't been able to use because their hours are made for people who don't work. Finally get one scheduled and they call us day before saying they had to cancel.. Voucher is almost expired....

Posted by Lyn

Vendor sent me a text that the business failed and to contact Groupon for refund. Purchased 3 1hr message of $85. Two have been used and 1 remaining.

Posted by Anonymous

I am leaving Hotel 502 at 8:48 Pm. My room is not clean, the carpet is making our feet black, the bathroom floor is dirty and we've just pulled the sheets down and there are stains and black hairs in the bed, we are both blonde. So we are leaving now and I want a refund.

Posted by

Trying to get info. to return item, impossible, will not order any more, too complicated. would be nice to have telephone # on packing slip.

Posted by Kathie

trying to print out a return label, unable to do so. asys go to Track order in my account, select return. cannot find it.

Can you help?

I am using husbands computer

Posted by ?

I am trying to return an item which I just received an hour ago. Poor fit.
Cannot access return label. Please respond

Posted by Anonymous

2 of the items which i purcahsed louis richard men watch and swarvoski ring are turning colors. i sent an email and was told to return them i need a return address. my name is erika anderson email address

Posted by Anonymous

Looks like my Groupon for Hanna Meats expired on April 3rd, So now what do I do?

Posted by michael

I had recently ordered a Black Mountain Products Heavy Duty Stand 3000-Pound Rated Dip Station on groupon and I had canceled the order within 3 minutes of during it and I did not receive my money back on my work card and would like to know when I will

Posted by joncarlos

I had recently ordered a jawbone bracelet on groupon and I had canceled the order within 3 minutes of or during it and I did not receive my money back on my work card plus I'm 15 years old so would I get my money back from groupon back on my card let me know if I can

Posted by Anonymous

How do I return item that does not fit. ..?

Posted by Anonymous

Thank you for your quick del. I have to return the item as it does not fit the chair. How do I go about that..
Thank you

Posted by disappointed

Groupon is complete robbery! They set very short expiration dates so that they can get paid even though the voucher may not ever be redeemed. They allow merchants to run re-occuring "deals" but if the groupon you purchased expired, they will not allow you to use it even though the merchant is re-running the same deal, which doesn't make sense. They say you can apply the face value of the groupon to the retail price of the service/product you bought, which is what makes this a complete robbery. For example, I paid $99 ($500 value supposedly!) for teeth whitening but my groupon expired so I can apply that towards the $500 and I would only have to pay an additional $401 (sarcasm) to get the service. Why would anyone do that? I can just go back to Groupon's website and buy it again for $99 instead of $401. The ridiculous part of this whole deal is that this isn't for laser teeth whitening, it's just a paste and tray. This was my very first and only experience and all I learned from this is that the founders of Groupon are obviously very smart. They found a legitimate way of scamming innocent buyers.

Posted by Anonymous

I also tried to return a purchase within the timeframe and Groupon didn't give a refund and told me I had to go Thur the place that the service was to b provide at & I contacted them and they told me I had to get a return there Groupon which just gave me the run around

Posted by Anonymous

another unhappy customer i ordered a copper knee brace recieved a knee sleeve not at all what i wanted or what the picture depicts it to be,tried to no avail to return need better customer service for returns

Posted by TVevurka

Buyer beware-Groupon is a scam, this is my last purchase with them. We bought a Groupon for a 4 hour fly fishing lesson. There were NO restrictions listed on the fine print. We called to book with the organization & they told us due to changing circumstances, they had to "get another job on the weekends" and the Groupon was now only good for a lesson from 8-Noon on a Tues, Wed or Thurs. We called Groupon for a refund based on false advertisements, who in turn told us in fact it was not on the fine print but "Sorry, we can't refund". Companies should be REQUIRED to post restrictions like that on the Groupon and Groupon should protect its customers from shady businesses. Groupon is a scam, they practice false advertisement and offer horrible customer service when you deserve a refund.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased 2 car chargers on 26/022015 from Groupon. One of the chargers is unfortunately broken. I rang this morning and spoke to an operator who informed me that as I had purchased 2 car chargers I had to return both ! 1 car charger is working perfectly so I don't want to return it. This seems ridiculous as they where individually priced I just bought 2. The operator did then offer me a refund but I couldn't have cash or the money back on my card it had to go into my Groupon account . This is unacceptable as I need to buy another car charger so want my money. The operator was most unhelpful so much so that I said I would no longer purchase from Groupon. The operator closed my account there and then. I've used a Groupon many times without issues. If I've had an issue they have solved it. I'm very disappointed at the outcome.

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered a s/m and received a l I'm returning this for a s/m thank you

Posted by Anonymous

I can't find where to click on "return" well actually I want an exchange. to print out a prepaid mailing label. bk1420-Thermo slimming detox pants medium to a large.

Posted by Anonymous

I placed an order for one tee shirt. I received two orders and I only paid for one so am trying to return one before my allotted time runs out, but how in the world do you return something? Using this CollectPlus is crazy. There is no way to find a store/shop in your area. I have a question into CollectPlus but I am afraid I won't get an answer in time. I love Groupon but they need to change the way you return something. DO NOT USE COLLECTPLUS!

Posted by clay levine

The feeder is too large for our kitchen and had no electric cord. Otherwise a clever idea

Posted by Anonymous

I have an item to return and can not get to the section to return this item this should not take so long

Posted by Anonymous

I accidently made a reservation for a hotel how can I cancel?

Posted by Anonymous

I just want your address for returns. I need to return the item I just received. It's so disappointing.
Please Email your return address below.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to find and print a return label for 3 days. I have e-mailed support and not heard back. I have a call into Groupon but am concerned about when I'll hear back. I don't want my time period for returns to expire. Please help ASAP!

Posted by Anonymous

first and last order i will do very unhappy

Posted by David

My second request for return information. I have received the ordered item but want to return it. I hae not opened the box received from UPS. What to do?

Posted by Penelope Cordier Madine

I ordered earrings they came in infant size.I dont think they would fit a newborn.

Posted by

Ordered therapy wraps Worthless just socks with toes cut out can't get return label from anyone please help 2 sets over 40.00

Posted by Anonymous

I need to return a bracelet I bought for my wife. Delivery was slow and I am not satisfied with the product. It is different than it appeared on line. Please

Posted by Sharon L McFarland

I was so excited to receive my solar powered led lights. I placed them on a shrub and kept checking every night but no lights. I let them charge for 5 1/2 days to no avail, so am having to send them back.

Posted by John cole

I purchased a magnetic back brace. Once received, strap was broken and it is much too small to even fit on me. I ordered a large size and it looks like it will fit a child. Please contact me so I can get a return ticket or purchase price returned.

Thank You,

John Cole

Posted by sbm122212

Ordered blackout curtains but they did not block out the light. I asked for a return & they said they would refund the money and I can keep the product. I think that's great. I never had any problems returning with groupon.

Posted by Anonymous

Can't get return labels....

Posted by Paul Higgins

I ordered two TV stands though Groupon and one of the stands were missing a shelf and drawer the other stand was damaged on the top front (were the TV will sit). I have sent them an email but I haven't heard back from them yet. I'm starting to think it's a rip off buying anything from this site.

Posted by Anonymous

I just received an order for a black backing for I-phone 6 . This's does not fit my phone, and is not what was described item on the website what recourse do I have to return this item??

Posted by Sz4r1ej

My event was cancelled and i found out about it only at the venue on the day. I wrote to Groupon for a refund as they have been informed by the venue before the day and got response that as the groupon expired they cannot proceed with my refund...
I call that thievery, as a vendor they are obliged to return funds for purchase for the event that never took place.

Posted by Anonymous

My coffee pot was damaged. Please resend another please.

Posted by

cant get return labels

Posted by

I ordered slipcovers for sofa, chair and loveseat. I received 7 pieces and the wrong color.Post office will not return them because they were opened. I opened them to see what they were and reclosed them with tape. How can I return these pieces?
Your wait time for phone is ridiculous!!!!

Posted by Sandhausc

The sure shot laser link golf that I just purchased does not work and the from of the laser link is falling off.(item Number 77829032

Posted by eyerusalem debele

I like to but accidentally order that's why I want to return

Posted by mufasa

groupon return policy sucks,it's almost impossible to return a product,if u call to speak to someone, they say its a 60 minute wait,any thing to discourage u from sending a return.

Posted by Anonymous

Judging by the other comments from Groupon customers I am not the only one getting the run-around from customer service. I have been trying since early December to return 4 boxes of unauthorized goods that were shipped and billed to me. I have cancelled my account and will be informing others of this deceptive business practice.

Posted by jlalonde97

Would like to get a refund for 2-Swedish Massage's. Order 2- vouchers before Christmas 2014 as gifts and come to find out this is a GYM and the one person that takes the appointments is so busy about 4-weeks out. I left messages and the women who gives the massage's only provides this service on weekdays ...No Weekends. I'm tiered of playing phone tag with her and not able to find a day off from work to make this deal work for me. It seems the women does not want to provide this service or is overwhelmed.

Posted by chillyv24

my item number is I need to send 2 of the pyle 7 android dual core touch- screen wi-fi

Posted by P.O.'d in Vegas

I purchased tickets to a show in Vegas for my vacation this week (tonight actually) and the show has been cancelled. Can't find how to get a refund.

Posted by

was not pleased with the product that was sent to me.
it was not for my ipad 2. I was very disapointed. i wanted the Duro and i was sent the Ihome, it is a very cheap looking i am returning it.

Posted by B

I'm favoring over Groupon for eating out because will exchange value to another current participating program. Being only able to redeem for face value--even if the restaurant is still running a promo--is too restrictive.

Posted by Raunrude

Yesterday debit 10 INR from my bank account. I buy but no coupon get. Today correctly use paytm wallet. But please refund yesterday debited 10 INR that debit from my bank

Posted by ray166

Hey there,Im looking at trying to return a product I purchased but there is no way to get a return form.
Can someone please help me!!!

Posted by Anne

Hi anne mathieson bought I phone 4 s it Not working keeps cutting out when I make phone call and change on to pages like face book phoning other number so I would to have a refund back please the phone faults item number is your sincerly anne mathieson

Posted by Anne

Hi got the phone from yous .and it's not working it cutting off when making phone calls and changing on driffrent numbers I would like to get a refund back please

Posted by SamS

Don't be fooled by the GroupOn Promise. It's really weak and they make it impossible to get your money back. They don't stand behind the products they flog at incredible prices and really poor values. They set expiring dates on re-occuring groupons to say "sorry, it's expired". Shop around, don't trust the Regular Value amount listed - it's sometimes completely way, way off (by an order of magnitude). That regular price can't be considered as honest from my point of view on many, many groupon (and it seems to be getting worst all the time). Wasted over $200 last year on bad groupon purchases. Never again! I'll stick with reputable places that really stand behind their products and don't advertise ridiculous regular prices to make the sale price look amazing. I've clued in Groupon, either start standing by your products or you'll disappear as quickly as you appeared.

Posted by tippie

Buyer Beware! Groupon assures you that a refund will be issued if you're unhappy with an item or service, or an unredeemed Groupon, but nowhere do they tell you how to go about getting a refund. I've been trying for over an hour to find out how, but they make sure you don't know how.

Posted by Angel

I order stuff on December 29th and It says they got the order and Itnhasnt been shipped yet??! Like what is going on!

Posted by Anonymous

If you have a legitimate claim, report them to the Better Business Bureau in Chicago.

Posted by Jeff

I ordered earrings on Groupon Goods on 11/25/2014 for a Christmas said most items delivered in 7 days, well its shows scheduled for delivery the day after Christmas. :(

Posted by Chea

I bought a pair of earrings for 9.99 dollors but I made a mistake and used an old address. When I tried the next day to correct my mistake an employee refered me to a UPS Agent. That agent was the rudest agent I have ever talked to. She would not listen to my situation and she even yelled at me through the phone. AND to top it all off she didnt even fix my mistake. Now all I want is my money back.

Posted by Anonymous

So whenever you get a gift from someone and you want the deal bucks, they had me contact the person who gave it to means gave them the deal bucks and not back to me???? That does not make sense if it was a present! Does this make any sense to anyone?

Posted by Anonymous

I"m having trouble returning an item that I purchased. Need some assistant.

Posted by Anonymous

I"M having a hard time trying return an item that I purchased. I will need some assistant

Posted by runaround

What a run around. What a joke. Can not print label to return. Beware DO NOT BUY FROM GROUPON. TRY EBAY they stand behind their word

Posted by HC

I bought the 3 Piece Diamond Earing set for $24.99, that was suppose to be worth $239.99. Where are the diamonds?? Not even worth the $24.99 that I paid for them!!

Posted by Anonymous

I am through with using Groupon. I purchased the voucher today for a picture to be put on canvas for $27 and after over an hour of trying to get it to accept any picture I had I gave up. When I went to sight to cancel it was so confusing that by the time I reached it it said it was no longer refundable. I was within the two hour limit. I will not use this sight ever again!!!!

Posted by

the pad willnot come on the powder

Posted by Tiger

I ordered a Computors but it's now 6 weeks and nothing came

Does any one who I have to call ?

Posted by Returns and refunds

Where are the return labels

Posted by Guest

My experience with GROUPON has always been positive until last Friday, Dec. 12, I purchased teeth whitening deal as a gift. However, the groupon cannot be used because the receipent is under 18 (dentist does not recommend it). So, I canceled my purchased within the same day. I received email confirmation from GROUPON stating my order has been refunded for full amount which is great. BUT they didnt say when the amount will be refunded to my account. I am trying to contact GROUPON for the last two days, no response, no way of getting throught to them on the phone. All I want to know is when will I see the credit to my account!???

Posted by anonymous

They have this weird policy with certain goods. I have received two goods this month, both clothing, that i just didn't like. I asked for a refund, and they gave it to me, but they don't want the items back. Its an unworn dress and unworn pants, both with tags. They said keep it, but gave me my money back anyway. Odd. Also, I had an issue with ordering seats for a show for my family, and they processed it as different orders so they wouldn't be together. They gave me a $15 credit for the inconvenience, but when I got there, the seats actually were together. Not complaining.

Posted by Anonymous

Refunds are impossible.

Posted by Anonymous

I also received a package today with the wrong item but with the correct invoice inside.

Posted by ddubon

Please I need to return the dyson vacuum cleaner is defective and so complicate it to be use tell me how

Posted by Anonymous

I received my package the contents are not what I ordered the invoice is correct however I received the wrong product
could you please credit my Discover as I no longer need the product. Thank you

Posted by lydia

Groupon completes purchases without accepting the coupon codes. You have to be very careful on the Groupon site as purchases are made without you hitting ENTER.

Posted by

I have been waiting one hour to hear from your customer
support about a vendor that has her phone blocked because
her mail box is full. the groupon expires January 7th. I want a refund.

Posted by Anonymous

I am utterly disgusted with Groupon, I purchased their so-called Solar Fairy Lights. I buy quite a lot from Groupon. The 'fairy lights' finally arrived (long wait) and do not work at all - there is not even an on-off switch that works. I waited for 4 + days to see whether the lights would light up, having placed the solar panel appropriately facing the sun. Nothing. I have contacted the company a few times. Then Groupon says that this item belongs to a category of no-return/refund policy. Apparently I was supposed to know this from fine print. So, even if the item is a complete farce and utter junk - they do not take responsibility. Beware of Groupon.

Posted by PaPa Wolf

I seem not to be the only one who can not find a mailing label!!! How do i get such a thing???

Posted by Anonymous

I have gone to your tracking site but just get a run-a-round. All I want to do is return a pair of slippers I bought for my husband, that are too large, for another pair. When I go to tracking site there is nothing to click for a return. Please inform me what to do.

Posted by micalo

I received a pair of slippers for my husband which do not fit. I would like to return them for another pair but can't find anywhere to get the return sticker.

Posted by Sftballjo05

This is the wrong size. When I ordered and hit buy I was immediately directed to a your order has been completed and never had a chance to pick which size I needed. The item came and now I am having tro return for the right size.

Posted by Patty

I am also trying to find a return label with no luck!

Posted by Phyl K

I have found the same problem as Judy M. Unable to find the label to return items to exchange. I am very frustrated with this inconvenience. Trying to find this information is like going through a revolving door to nowhere.

Posted by judy M.

I am a frequent customer and am looking t return a tablet but cannot see where to print off the return label. I am very disheartened at the negative comments I have just read on this site and hope you work to correct them as they do not complement your company at all. I hope I do not become one of there commenters with this return. Judy M

Posted by Anant

All the items I ordered on $10/item sale were sub standard. One item I cancelled the minute i ordered but they still shipped and charged me money. Never returning to Groupon Again.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a groupon for a cleaning service from Super Duper Cleaning Service. This was so that my house would be cleaned for Thanksgiving guests. They scheduled initially for Monday, 24th and never showed. Was advised that they were in a car accident. He then re-scheduled for Today, Wednesday,26th at 9:30 am, still no show. I called the office and he advised would check into this. Never returned my call and I called back 3x, finally on 3rd call I advised that I would not want their services and wanted a refund. I will not recommend them and will also report them to Groupon. Very Unacceptable.

Posted by joseph143

I received one of my orders today, 11/21/14 for four shell necklace sets. Two sets are fine, two are damaged. How can I return the damaged sets and receive two new ones or a refund? Thank you!

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a groupon yesterday and the discount of $ 10.00 was not applied. I tried to call and email and still have not heard from anyone at Groupon. A wait time of 40-50 minutes is ridiculous and still after that amount of time they did not answer. I will not be purchasing any more products/services from groupon.

Posted by Anonymous

My husband ordered a Photive Rapid charger from you which he received but a few days later we received another one. I am trying to return it but cannot find how to print a prepaid mailing label to do it. Please help.

Posted by SaraBose

Hi Ordered 3 sets of shell pearl earing studs, and I am so upset in two packets are broken sets, I need to return or exchange, I can't use it.

Posted by shailesh

I wish to return defective mocassino bata shoe. Kindly tell me process my refund. In case the return period gets over, groupon will be liable. The product is defective.

Posted by Guriqbal singh

Return ofcar vacuum cleaner

Posted by Linny

HELP. I have tried and tried this a m
Cannot get my return label!!' Help ASAP�Z

Posted by bummer

You allow a two hour window to cancel order and not be charged. However when I noticed I did'nt apply my discount, I did just that, cancel reordered w/discount code and you still double charged me. Now I have to wait up to 10 days to receive my refund. This is my first time ordering ever with Groupon and will be my last. Bummer. Right before Christmas. BEWARE

Posted by Julia Vanaman

I am due a $49 refund - Burns carpet cleaning. I was told the $49 groupon would not cover anything but wall to wall carpeting and I have area rugs. It took some time to reach them, but I was told you had been notified. Where is my $49 refund? This has been an exasperating process and your phone number is a joke.

Posted by Conni

I am a member with Groupon. I have some important concerns with past orders and recent orders. I called and waited for one hour and thirteen minutes and the call was disconnected from this number. I am very disappointed how your contact information number for returns are unreachable! I need to speak to someone.

Posted by Returns and Refunds

I received two jackets. Just need one.I need return label
to send it back.I ordered it on November 1,2014

Posted by Groupon refunds not obeyed

This is the essence of the conversation between me and one of the executive from Groupon on refund demand.
But she abruptly sent a mail that this issue is deemed resolved.
The team is prepared to refund only 4 vouchers while my demand is for all the 41 vouchers.
Though the amount is very small, they do not want to payback and print different T&C in the vouchers for which they do not stand by.


Below is the conversation with the Groupon Team:

Lakshmi Devi, Nov 04 11:57:
Dear Customer,
Thank you for reaching out to us!
As an exceptional we are processing the refund into your Groupon account as Groupon credits for the below vouchers shared by you.

And once the amount refunded we will keep you update.If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at 1800- 108-3000 .
We are always happy to help! :)
Thanks for using Groupon!
Lakshmi Devi
Groupon Customer Service Team
• Hi Team,

My request is not solved!!!
When I have purchased 41 vouchers through groupon, the refund has to happen for all the 41 vouchers? How can they process refund for just 4 vouchers? Isnt this ridiculous?
As spoken by Lakshmi over phone, she is hesitant to reply back to my mail.
I was dealing with GROUPON and not with PAYTM. So, there is no question for me to contact PAYTM. I have paid to GROUPON and it has to be solved by GROUPON only.

When we are in business, we have to follow certain ethics. You cannot change as the way it is comfortable for you.I am asking back just my money and nothing from your account. Hope this makes sense.

Appreciate if you could understand my concern for refund.

-----Original Message-----
November 04, 2014 12:37

This request is closed for comments. You can create a follow-up.

This request has been deemed solved Nov 04
Lakshmi Devi was assigned to your request.

• Hi Team,

IF the condition is by default, please oblige to that and it has to be obliged and there is no" if and but".
Where is the issue then?
I am fighting based on the voucher that was issued to me. If you are not obliging to that, it means you are clearly misleading the customers.
There is a clear fault from your end and I shall not compromise for any stories that you might cook.
This is nothing but cheating the customers.
I will have to escalate the issue if this is not taken care asap.
Do not loose the goodwill by cheap tack-ticks.This will cost you a lot!!!
IF there is a flaw in the voucher issued by you, please correct it going forward. But you will have to pay the entire money back to me.

My refund request was mailed on 3rd day of purchase itself.


Posted by Pompom

I have recently ordered a vintage bike for my daughter. It is completely faulty and needs returning. However, when I go on the website and onto the item and click return, it is telling me it is a 'final sale' and I cannot return it. This, of course, is illegal. I have then looked at Groupon Global Good return policy which says I can, of course, return it, but then does not allow me to click on the item, get the return address and return it. Then the entire website does not allow me to email anyone about this process. It is terrible. I have made multiple purchases on Groupon and never had a problem, but this is the first time I have come to return something and the system is doing everything possible to stop me doing it. As I cannot contact Groupon, I will be reporting the website to Trading Standards and I will not be using it again. This was a Xmas present for my daughter and appears at present that the money will be lost. Groupon has also lost a valued customer due to lack of track. It is absolutely appalling to not be able to email or telephone Groupon in this event.

Posted by El;eanor Lewis

I am not happy with the product sent to me, and am returning it

Posted by Anonymous

I was looking at sheets in my Groupon app. The next day I received an alert from my credit card company that I had ordered sheets from Groupon and my card was charged. I would think that the app would have verified how I was paying and to what address it would be sent to. When I called Groupon they said that some Groupon apps have just one button to push to order and that I must have pushed that button. I would have to wait for the package to arrive and return it to get my credit. I can't believe that pushing one button inadvertently would complete an order to sent to an address.

Posted by Anonymous

Only ordered one set but got 2 by mistake

Posted by taurie62

I have ordered 3 times...1st time I tried Groupon, I wanted a case for my phone, so I have a Samsung I ordered a case for it...i get a case for a iPhone, 2nd purchase, just plain ol gold ball ear rings..14K gold...smashed beyond recognition...3rd purchase? another pair of ear rings, suppose to be surgical steel posts...they were made in china, and caused my ears to itch and hurt...far from surgical steel. returned...and deleted the app off my phone...beware!

Posted by Anonymous

I can't believe the poor customer service with Groupon....I'm having trouble returning two sets of earrings that are so small, they wouldn't look good on a two month old! And they're $14.95 each....I can't print a label and having trouble finding a return address, so will be sending to the address on the envelope. This is the LAST Groupon purchase I will be making.....Not worth the nonsense! Is it too difficult to have an invoice in the package like any decent business??

Posted by Gramdean

Dress received was beautiful, but too large. Needs to be replaced with different size. Thank You groupon

Posted by Helen

I bought a groupon for Barclay's Wine Experience, but I found that what was advertised on the Groupon website was not offered at Barclay's. I requested a refund, but I only got Groupon Bucks. That sucks! I should have got my refund back to my credit card!

I really hate Groupon now!

Posted by Anonymous

Really love Group on...most of the stuff is great. Bought a heater almost $200.00. Does not work had an electrician look at it at and the fan motor is not working.

Posted by Olga Yovan

These smartsticks did not fit my Samsung 5, therefore I cannot use them. Sorry.

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered two of the 1 carat diamond bracelets for $59.00 each. I am amazed at how very nice they are!!! The diamonds sparkle, and the bracelet is so flexible. I have order several items from Groupon and, as always, very pleased with my purchase. I did have to return one item, but Groupon made it so easy, and they even paid for the shipping cost. Just printed out a Return Shipping Label, attached it to my package, dropped it in the mailbox and I was done.
Very impressed and will continue to purchase from this company!

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered a kids shoe and it is to big, never to exchange for a smaller size

Posted by

I wish to return the Chef V 5 day cleanse I bought last night.
I have allergies to some of the ingredients

Posted by Anonymous

Need to return pet cover furniture Procter did not fit although size is the same as couch

Posted by Anonymous

I can't find a voucher to send back a item I purchased

Posted by G

I bought a watch 13 days ago on groupon. It was supposed to be delivered in 8-12 days. It hasn't even shipped yet. Can I cancel it because I will return it anyway. A buddy bought the same watch and hated it.

Posted by Anonymous

I have purchase 2 IPAD cover and it doesnt fit my IPAD. When I contact groupon they said it is for IPAD air. I really dont aware on this.

I hope groupon can help me on this problem. I dont mind to exchange with other IPAD cover with higher price than what i purchase.

Posted by Anonymous

I am very dissatisfied with Groupon due to your error. I ordered a 2-pack for sports bras and you sent me an email stating I didn't complete my order so I completed the email YOU sent and you doubled my order. I rec'd. my 2-pack sports bras which I was happy with but returned from a short trip and found ANOTHER pack of the same thing. Now you say I can't return them when it was your error???
Teri Meier

Posted by Anonymous

I never received my groupon in the mail and I cannot find a number to call anywhere! Can someone please give me any type of phone number I can call.

Posted by Anonymous

My first experience with Groupon... purchased two ferry tickets, ended up with three. Probably my mistake, but I have spent a hour trying to figure out how to cancel one of the tickets.

Customer service phones not open on weekends. Really???

Web based help puts me into a circular no answer track.

I like the concept, but not user friendly in the event of a problem.

Posted by mary moore

the seat covers do not fit my seats. They are too small otherwise I would love them.

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered a toothbrush pack over a month ago for about $50 and it says it has not even been shipped yet...can I just get a refund and drop it??

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to order Pajama Jeans. Paid my $20. Groupon keeps taking me I circles and I cannot find the necessary coupon after I don't know how many times I've tried. Pajama says they've had many complaints against Groupon. I'll deny the charge on my card when it shows up on my statement. CC companies are probably familiar with complaints against Groupon.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to get a refund lable for the last 5 days. I was told by Parihiban R that I should get on I have done this at least once a day.
His email said that it would say RETURN under the Tack order...Mine only says Print gift card and Envelope. I even held for 40 minutes on the phone waiting for customer service but had to go back to work, so I hung up. Before long my 14 day will be up. What do I do.

Posted by Anonymous

I just called trying to make an appointment for a massage that I bought a groupon for. I am sorry to say I could not understand the gentleman who answered the phone. I would like a refund for the groupon.

Thank you
Patricia Russell

Posted by Vicky

Returning CONVERSE shoes, wrong size. Today is 01/10/2014.
TRYING TO FIND OUT HOW TO RETURN can you send me a return label/bag? Thank you

Posted by Vicky

I ordered a pair of hightop converse shoes for my daughter twe recieved shoes to big size 8 1/2 she requires a size 8 is there a number I can call to discuss a exchange? or a address to send the shoes? can some one assist?

Posted by wala75

I just called Groupons wanting to return a voucher but it say the wait time is 40-50 minutes !!!!!! unbelievable !!!! I check and check and it seem like they do not have the option to return it online just like what livingsocial have ! it seems like they just make it harder to return something

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased two Somas pillows through Groupon on 8/26/14. After I had not received this item, I tracked the FedEx # and it said it was returned because of wrong address, which I feel sure I put in my correct address. I contacted Somas Pillows and was told that since I purchased it through Groupons that I needed to contact them but they would call and let them know that I would be contacting them. I have tried three different times and held on for 40 minutes each time. I am currently on hold and have been for 30 minutes this time. I have ordered from Groupon several times but no more. If you have a company you should answer quicker than 40 minutes or let person leave a phone # and have them call you.

Posted by Anonymous

I brought a vein treatment only to find out that you need compression hose..can't find. Calling Groupon and have been waiting 20/30 minutes. I have had a lot of dealing with Groupon and I am very disappointed with them now. If you offer a service be prepared to have someone to talk with without waiting and listening to horrible music.

Posted by Bing bong Ding dong

Bought an item from groupon, and the package is missing . But they said it was delivered . What do I do?

Posted by Anonymous

Product is defected #39040-MF-161492 please send me a return labler I want a exchange

Posted by roxy

I am trying to return an item help me find the shipping label please getting very frustrated

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I need to return idem & followed all the instructions.But they do not tell me wwhere to go to get my return label

The merchandise came & the paint fumes from the newly painted idem made me very sick. & i want to return it as soon as possible.


Posted by unsatisfiedcustomer

I called Groupon and they say the estimated wait time is 20-30 minutes.... hire some new people

Posted by Mjlybarger

I was given the wrong size sheets. I would like to return for the size I need. Size needed, King. Thank you-. Mary Jane Lybarger

Posted by Anonymous

I received a Posture Support Brace - what a piece of junk - only to find out it was a final sale. That wasn't mentioned when I made my purchase.
This is my first and last dealing with Groupon - I will certainly tell anyone and everyone not to deal with this site. Shame on you. The Posture Support Brace is headed for the trash.

Posted by Marrianne

Posted my return on Thursday 29th August and still no refund or email!

Posted by lillian burt

I am returning 5 items and I expect a full refund since a lot of the items were damaged. Email me a return label.

Posted by Jerry Beigel

Returning a gift received last week. Today is 9/3/14.

Posted by Jerry Beigel

Returning a gift received last week. Today is 9/3/14.

Posted by Bjedmonds

I have purchased a clock from groupons and it doesn't even have a time display and I can't get them to answer me for info on how to return it! I will never order from them agsin!

Posted by Panasonic

Sometimes it seems impossible to get a hold of Groupon, and their email response takes a 24-48hours. I have had various issues with them,however I was very lucky and fortunate to find a loop hole. After I bought merchandise from them, the vendor from Groupon decided to send me whatever they wanted and not what I ordered. To my dismay, groupon was telling me the sales was final since it was undergarment. I was hotter than a Jalapeño pepper. I called them,I was put on hold, supposebly the representative was talking to a supervisor,and after waiting for like 15 minutes the representative hang up on me. Now I was just ticked the heck off,when I relogged into my groupon account they gave me a refund toward my groupon account, now I was just ready to exploded. I went online, and to my surprise Groupon is part of the, yep the have A+ rating, I was hhmmm isnt that interesting. The better business beauru... I submitted a complain against them, and it two days, the refund was credited back to my credit card. h If your credit card cant help, submitted your complain, make sure you detail everything to the T, Groupon has to resolve and response to your complain or their rating goes down. It worked for me several times. Godd luck.

Posted by RBSiipola

I just purchased a subscription to the Washington Post. There is nothing on the Post website remotely close to the description for redeeming the Groupon voucher.
How in the world do I redeem this voucher?

Posted by

The otter box does not fit my phone . My phone is too big . I would like to have a refund . Thank you

Posted by sduck

I could not find a phone number I search and search for a phone number. Trying to return 2 packages. Couldn't get the help I needed lesson learned I will not purchase any more items from groupon. Should have read the reviews first. Now I am stuck with two large riding toys I can't use. I ask Groupon to make your return / refund site more people friendly. I lost on this groupon deal.

Posted by Kyle

I purchased a group on offer at Satori Healing & Wellness in ABQ, NM. It required to call in and leave a message to set an appointment. I called at least 6 times, and never got in touch. Then, on my short break from work I tried to find the location and was unable. It expired & in that timeframe I never got one returned phone call, and till this day that remains the same.

Posted by DeeWhiz

I purchased and redeemed vouchers for a theatre show. Even though Groupon's site claims that the tickets are e-tickets, when I booked the tickets on a separate site (which was obligatory)it said tickets were to be collected from the box office. I have not been sent any e-tickets. The box office has no idea whether or not there will be tickets waiting for me. According to them- and I spoke with them 3 times- this is Groupon's place to inform me where to collect the tickets. Groupon has told me I have to deal with the merchant/box office. I feel like a ping pong ball being tossed back and forth. I have no email confirmation nor is there any confirmation in my Groupon account that I have a reservation to see this show on a certain date at a certain time and the theatre has no record of my purchase. Groupon has a record of my purchase but no date or time or venue information. It's appalling. I could very well show up and find that I have paid for non-existent tickets for my guests and me. I am smoking angry and will never use Groupon again. I could have bought the tickets at full price- 2 quid more! As it stands, I've paid more than their value on account of the 7 phone calls I've made... all lasting around 40 minutes. Ridiculously stressful!! And Groupon kills businesses, so really is it worth it??

Posted by Domino

I bought a Groupon coupon for $100.00 that is going to expire on August 10th. I have been agonizing on whether to send my collection of old family photos to a company that has so many negative comments posted to it. I have always had wonderful experiences with Groupon in the past and don't expect anything from your company. Just wanted you to know. I would rather eat the $29.00 than lose these family treasures or get hosed for more money. Keep up your good work.

Posted by

I tried 4 different web addresses to get printing label to return my Groupon merchandise. With absolutely no success.This will be the last time I order products from you. It leads me to believe you do not accept no postage paid returns. I am very angry!!!!

Posted by missleigh

I recently bought a Groupon deal for a Magnetic Therapy Posture Support for my boyfriend,and i was away when it was posted to me so it was too late to return back to you by the time i recieved it,it was way too small for my average size partner he could not get it on,and even i tried it on and i am a size 8 woman,the quality of it was poor too so i am not very happy about this.

Posted by kimc

three times i've paid for services and have not received two of them in my email. the other was a gift to my husband for a massage but we had emergency open heart surgery and well that was in April of this year. how do i get money returned back to my account?

Posted by Carroll

I am extremely disappointed with Deck it Out also known by C3G Inc in Edmonton Alberta Canada. I purchased a groupon to have my windows washed by them. They scheduled me five, that is right, give different times and did not come any if those times. Each time I called, asked where they were and was given a variety if excuses including the boss was out if town, someone was sick, I didn't get into the schedule, the last house was Really Big! The final straw was when the showed up and wanted to charge double for each if my large windows though I was told previously one window is 'a pane of glass'. I requested a refund. The boss, Mitchell, said he would come out and discuss it within two days. We are on day 4 and no word from him. No surprise just should not be in business. Can groupon get me a refund?

Posted by tina waddell

I clicked on massage to purchase it gave no place to add coupon code beauty10 I wont my 10.00 off should b only 19 charged to me will u please correct this thank you I went back and there was nowhere to add a code or if not I wont whole thing canceled had several problems with groupon and I email and never get a response back please contact me take care of discount please . Thanks tuns

Posted by

Signed up for a yoga groupon deal with Shaolin Temple. First say was informed that class was cancelled. next day before showing up for class, i called and was informed that the class is no longer offered. Contacted groupon for refund, lengthy process because they keep emailing me the steps to follow to attend the class. I already mentioned in detail, the whole incident but was still instructed how to go about attending the class. Wow. Nobody read my email. Two or three more of the same emails received. Not only when i threatened to publish the incident at yelp about the run around i am getting for a mere refund did i finally received an appropriate response, sort of. Here, they make it sound like they are the ones who discovered that the temple "no longer provide the services" and "we've had to cancel this deal." Also found another company who no longer offers the service, because i called the business owner, and informed Groupon also, but as of today, 7/31/14, still found the Groupon coupon. Now, i am trying to claim my refund, but having difficulty getting to the site, and so pissed that is why i am writing this experience. Prices are great, but check and call the business before you buy. I do not know if i will ever be able to claim or even get my money back. BUYER BEWARE!!!!

Posted by Karen

I noticed items on my acct from a diff state that I did not order. They said it was from iphone order and I could only get groupon credit and not taken off my card. This is a crock. No way I ordered it by mistake, and last order months ago I said to not keep my credit card on file Rip off. After I use credit-several hundred dollars I'm us subscribing to G

Posted by Rabia

As I bought a 7-in 1 multifunctional groupon global juicer. The day I received and opened it already had scratches and did not seems like a totally new product. I have not even used it or anything and wrapped up back like in a original state.

I also spoke to your one of the colleague on the call, as he stated I can able to refund and have my full money back.

I would really appreciate if you could consider my complain and get my money back.


Best Regards,
Rabia Azmat

Posted by Christine

I am extremely disappointed with my groupon experience and will not return to your web site. The salon I contacted about groupon was rude and appointments were weeks out. Also the price advertised on this mani and pedi did not factor into removing gel or putting gel on. Very unprofessional. I will delete this app for sure!

Posted by betzaida santos

Im really desappointed with groupon . I had purchase a photo shoot with glammour shoots deal and the information they had its states that you will get a cd with digital pictures and that's a lie. When you go there they make you waiste all this time just to give you 1 photo. I think they should give better description on goods you are getting and not mention that you will get a cd if you are not getting one. My friend whent and that's all they gave her 1 pic after waiting so much. I called groupon today to try get my refund back to my groupon account not to my credit card so that I could use it to buy another groupon and they say unfortunally they can't refund the glammour shoots so Im loosing the money for that unless I go waist time to get 1 pic. Pathetic really dissapointed

Posted by Anonymous

I need help I ordered passes for keansbury water park for 6 people got there on tues could not use passes was for week of 8/4 . I must have misunderstood my grandkids and other relatives were in from out of state. We had to pay for tickets at the park can I get a credit to my acct I need someone to contact me by phone It was a costly amount

Posted by Crystal Eastman

I am totally dissatisfied with the 2 floor mats I ordered and received today. They are lighter weight than I was led to believe, and I can purchase better ones in the local stores.

Posted by

I ordered 2 twin size comforters and 1 set of king size white sheets. I am not totally satisfied. Not the quality that I expected but I will keep them. I was sent a duplicate order that I did not order. Sending back because I do not need more than I ordered.

Posted by QltlvrLady

I purchased a SONIC-FX toothbrush & UV sanitizer 4/29/14.
Arrived in good order. Used it each day until 7/4/14 and the electric motor has slowed to almost nothing. It is useless. For such an expensive item to fail in just two months is a real rip-off. My investment should be returned...It was supposed to replace a SONICARE brush that lasted for more than THIRTY YEARS!!!
Not a happy camper here!

Posted by Anonymous

I recently purchased from groupon and want to return the product which I cannot use. I followed the instructions for printing a return label but cannot get anything. What can I do to return the product which I cannot use?

Posted by Tyler

I purchased a groupon about a week and a half ago. Since then, I dropped my phone in a lake and I had to re sign in to groupon on my new phone. I have signed in under every email address I would have used for an account and my groupon is suddenly gone. My bank statement still tells me that I have spent $125 on groupon, but my groupon is not showing up anywhere. How am I supposed to find it?

Posted by rumbledolly

I made a purchase that I intended to use but after purchase I realized I had misread the ending date so am unable to use. I asked for a refund before the 3 day grave period ended and instead of a credit card refund I received a groupon bucks refund. That is not what your policy stated! Not cool and I see after reading other comments that its common practice. If I had known that I'd have kept the "deal" and given it as a gift or to charity. Never had issues w/any other "Deal" company. Obviously Groupon isn't as trustworthy!

Posted by Rondaobrn

I purchase a product that was listed on the local website, well it was not local it was New York and sure they will ship it to me for $85. I want my money back and groupon you have been blocked from my media world!! Rip off!

Posted by kallie

I purchased a haircut and wash through groupon for a Bella Salon in Melrose, Mass and I have been calling the store for a month. Nobody has returned my voicemails or has even offered to refund me. After reading the groupon "promise" it looks like that refund is never going to happen. Who doesn't have money these days to throw down the drain. I thought this was a great site but now having lost my money TWICE...I am done and I will tell anyone else using this site the very same. After working in customer service and treating my customers with the upmost respect and curtsey, I am appalled.

Posted by scbernie

I purchased a paint job from Cobb Painting. Although I have tried several times to set up an appointment with them, they never are willing to set a time or day.
If this is the way you handle complaints, and will not return my $80, I will never use your services again and will strongly recommend that my friends never use your company.

Posted by VANIA

my voucher valid date is 10/06/2014, i had booked 10/06/2014 dine in restaurant,when I'M REACHED THERE,THEY ARE ASK ME queue up. Is really worst and bad atitude, management and service ! called many time (10 time and above)phone is engaged,unreachable........sms not reply.i'm really disappointed and regreted bought the voucher. the restaurant manager said that, ask me to call groupon-customer service centre and say that request refund.So i would like to know what can i do now?
thank you.

Posted by Laniemac

I purchased a Otterbox case for an Iphone 4s for 24.99. I had to have the package delivered to a relative because I only have a post office box and you do not deliver to them. It took me about two weeks to get to the relative's home which was 3 hours from where I was staying. I installed the case as soon as I could. Then I started receiving phone calls and found out that no one could hear me unless I took the case off the phone. I tried in several locations with several people to make sure the problem was with the case. That took about another week. the case is absolutely of no use to me if it blocks my voice. I would like to return it but I am past the 14 days. I also could not get to a return label on your website. Can you help me?

Posted by Tcostant

I requested a refund right away on a local water park. The reply accounted like she was doing me a favor, even though it was within 7 days days (it was about 7 minites), but onlt gave me store credit (Groupon Bucks) rather than crediting back to my credit card. Is that really a refund???

Posted by maryamsarj

Hi I made a purchase with groupon on a trip to the Bahamas I was billed twice. I need my refund back

Posted by Anonymous

I Will Never Refer Anybody To Group On!!!! I Ordered An Electric Steamer, And It Was Delivered Broken. After Promising That I Will Be Refunded In 10 Days,as Per E-mail Received. I Am Still Payment Was Made Direct After The Order. What A Shame!!!!!!!!!!!! I Think My Next Step Must Be The Press.

Posted by karen

I have been trying to get a refund on a break since march.i have been told after several weeks it has been processed but nothing has been repaid .

Posted by tina

I've been trying for weeks to use my groupon to African violet no answer I've called today 11 times left voicemails and sent email no response back yet and there message greeting is from Jan seems there out of business taking my money and not open for business very digusted also the hair one I purchased no luck hate awlful job wonted me pay more for other stuff and bonnie knows nothing about hair very upset and not satisfied with this at all. Thanks Tina waddell

Posted by Anonymous

Need To Get A Refund For Purchase "stecchinio's" At Your Request - Marked Redeemed In My File - Please Advise - Thank You

Posted by Janet

The Car Seat is to big for my 6 lb & 4 1/2 lb dogs.

Posted by deep

I am looking for onefootpump but double power . so I can use easily to my car, but you send me two pice so I want to returne this items'

Posted by deep

I am looking for onefootpump but double power . so I can use easily to my car,

Posted by Anonymous

Its doesn't fix in my room and too low as well.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased an otterbox for my samsung galaxy III. It fits perfect but I now cannot hear the third party while talking on the phone. I would like to return the the product but am not sure how to do so.

Posted by nmurray

I purchased a product about a week ago. This product was mostly glass and was marked fragile, however it was completely shattered when I received it. I attempted to return it but there is a no return policy for this product. I also emailed the customer service center inquiring what could be done and I have yet to receive a reply (keep in mind a response was supposed to be delivered within 24 hours). At this point I do not know what to do, any advice on further actions I should take?

Posted by Anonymous

I got a New phone and when I downloaded the groupon app again the two previously purchased Groupons I had bought are no longer in my recent purchases area or anywhere, where do I get these back from and why did getting a New phone even though I'm lOgging in the same way wipe out my groupons ?

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to print a return mailing address and I CAN'T FIND THE "TRACK ORDER!" It is very frustrating to go thru all of your info and not to find easily what you are telling me to do!
Please let me know what to do since your info is completely no help/!

Posted by G

I want a refund. I am a CEO and purchased a package and scheduled my 2nd of 6 appointments. My time is booked at $500 per hour. If I miss an appointment with this aesthetician, I am charged $79. However, she missed mine after texting me and saying "sure what time tomorrow" to which I responded "3" and my iPhone assured me she was delivered this message. Then when I show her after she tells me "she never" got it, does not even offer anything but "sorry I didn't get it". It is rude for a business owner to charge clientele for missed appointments but do nothing in return when they waste the time of their patron. Glow Goddess is a one woman operation and isn't a place I would recommend if your time is money. I want a refund, I have only used 1 of six sessions, and first should be free because if my time wasted here today.

Posted by Soupie

I have been trying to print a return mailing address and I cant find the track order. It is very frustating to go thru all of your info as to how to get such an item. Please let me know what to do since your info is completely no help/!

Posted by Anonymous

Do NOT buy touch of healing groupons. They are a rip off! They will not redeem their coupon for 2. No where does it say that this coupon is not for two different people. I even told them I would pay more for two people and they wouldn't let me make up this "so called difference in money." Not willing to work with me and told me to get in touch with groupon like it was their problem. She was rude and said she could not talk to me anymore because she hD clients to attend to. I'm pretty sure I'm a client also. Warning: bad business practices and trying to get out of their groupon deal!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Purchased a Groupon for a spray tan at the salon where I have been getting tans for years. I called to schedule an appointment. The operator gladly scheduled my appointment. Then an hour before the appointment she texted me to say that she can't honor my Groupon because I have purchased two of her Groupons in the past two years. She says I should just ask Groupon for a refund. (Easier said than done, since Groupon's web site says no refunds seven days after purchase.) I double checked the voucher, and it says nothing about prior purchases. But she made her position clear. I'd really like to get my $55 back.

Posted by Kathy

I have been trying for four days to return an item and to print a return label. The response is overload check later.
I'm really discouraged with your return policy instructions. I haven't found a telephone number to contact anyone.

Posted by

HI my name is Min Lee
I purchased 3 chemical treatments for my face and did not know that there will be several days of down time which I can NOT.

I appreciate if you can refund to the credit chard ending 6103.

Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

I was charge twice $15.00 on last week and I want my refund back.

Posted by Jewels

Dear Sir, I purchased a $20.00 coupon for organic mountain farms, I wanted to buy a few items, however I was told for free shipping I had to spend $60.00, otherwise my shipping would be over $15.00. You withheld telling me about the shipping cost. I would appreciate a refund, Thank You

Posted by Anonymous

my issue is we have a ( Groupon is offering up a Black friday adding Groupon Bucks directly to your accounts -$500)
500 credit and we used it buy a HP computer,after we got the product we didnt satisfied with it,so we decided to return
and get the credit back.
from groupon's the email it said this 500 credit for one time use,we used it before it expried and it said its credit to account.
the groupon didnt explain if we return the good,we lost our credit and in personal mind
if we return the product absolutely we can get our credit back.
customer service explain it groupon discount but on the promotion it said its directly credit to my account,
it means we own this credit.
we want to get the credit back.

Posted by FedUp

I have emailed Groupon 3 times with no response. First, I purchased an auto care package and the location is closed. Second, a salon that I have called twice and only gotten an answering machine does not call me back (is it because I said I had a Groupon). I want a refund for both these vouchers and cannot get satisfaction.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi, I recived the tommy Bahamas sunglasses and I was shocked to open the box and find out that the glasses and the case are fake!!!!!!! This make me a little afraid to continue to shop on your wab site! I hope the company will do some work on protect the customers !!! Please take this back with full refund thank you!

Posted by Virginia

I ordered the Mason02/canvas Retro Flat Gray Tweed7.
As it happens, I need a 7 1/2 or 8. Can I send them back for another size?

Posted by Anonymous

I have had a great experience with Groupon refunds. They have given me Groupon credits in two situations. They took care of it quickly with little hassle.

Posted by yoitschowder

I bought a laptop and its making weird random static/beeps noises whenever I play music !

Posted by jewell

I bought 3 ticket of drink and cafe meal voucher and I visit that shop its all cut vegitables very very but colour changed brown not fresh at all and also very poor food and poor hygiene I never seen before such a worst shop in my life.It was at hunterconection.They are not profetional using coles $1 white bread and chees as well. I really want refund my money.

Posted by Carrielewis

I just had my house cleaned by the Groupon I purchased.... It was a terrible job...
Can you please refund my money?

Posted by Cathy

I would like to book two trips to Cotswolds on Friday 20/09/2013.The staff there responded me through email that it would be not available on that day. But I have purchased the two trips and I plan to leave the UK 24th of September, thus any day to be postponed is not available to me. Could you please refund what I have paid?
Thank you.

Posted by Marisa

I only intended on purchasing one voucher for Squeeze Inn, please return the unused one

Posted by led

I have searched the Groupon website for 1 1/2 hours trying to get a refund on a handyman service I purchased. The guy canceled the first time 2 hours before he was scheduled to come. This morning I paid a family member to be at my house at 9:00 to be here because I had to work. I checked my email messages and the handyman left me a text at 7:50. The family member had to drive all the way across town and didn't get off work until very late last night. I'm want my money back and am very frustrated because customer service is who - knows - where??!!

Posted by Baby doll

Just went to a salon offering a good deal, what a waste of time and money. It was more of a barbershop and I actually cried its such a bad cut. Unfortunately the owner is the one who did it and I'm not comfortable going back to get it fixed. I will be calling groupon tomorrow. The owner had no interest in doing the job that I was supposed to get the deal for. I might as well just have went to first choice and paid the same amount :(

Posted by Bobbi154

Bought comforter set from Groupon two months ago. The entire comforter has unraveled in the past two weeks following this short period of use. Groupon says no refund as 14 day return period has passed. Groupon therefore refuses to stand behind their merchandise. I will never purchase from Groupon again.

Posted by quik

My purchased vouchers that I haven't redeemed were missing from the list of My Groupon! How could I get them back? Please tell me !!

Posted by dsg

Bought several restaurant groupons for my trip visiting San Antonio. One restaurant closes daily at 3pm the other we pulled up to had just had a gang shooting in parking lot. Will TRY to get refunds on remainder tomorrow!

Posted by Anonymous

How do I get a refund restaurant closed

Posted by Stephanievb22

How do I get a refund if its only been two days !!! I need help ASAP

Posted by geezloeez

Today i got the disappointing news i never expected from Groupon and for all people who deal with this institute they suck when it comes to getting a refund. Anyone who buys a product from Groupon is stuck with a piece of CRAP items that you could possibly never use and now its a ping pong game between the manufacture and this institute. Heed my warning unless you don't try the products right away you have just blown your cash on products that suck.

Posted by corez43

I had to call groupon regarding a refund. It didn't take very long for them to answer and the customer service rep was very nice and handled my issue right away. Thanks Groupon!

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Ms. Love. I purchased a two 60-minute sessions for $55.00. I scheduled my first session this weekend at Cobb Wellness, in Marietta. It was the worst massage ever. The room was cold - no warm blanket. No scented/aromatherapy provided. I was informed that it was an extra $5.00, but she would give it for free as a first-time customer. the scent was placed on a tissue & waved in front of my nose. I was massaged with Queen Hensen Coco Butter (from the Dollar Store).. the massage was like being rubbed down like friction without lubricate, if you know what I mean...very dry. I will never go for the next session, in fact this is the 2nd time I have received less than quality service from a Groupon Client. I have no plans to make another purchase again and I mean it. The therapist talked as she walked out the door. This was not a peaceful pleasure for me as a client. I am sorry I purchased two sessions. Shame on me.

Posted by carol thomas

My Groupon was with Theresa at Encore. i would like money returned. Groupon does not answer emails or phone calls. What gives?? They started out well, now everything is sloppy.

Posted by Krys

...second number has been disconnected. I submitted a ticket to Groupon, saying I want my money back. Within a few hours I got a response. Not a canned automatic...wrote. He said Groupon will try to contact the massage place but meanwhile if I wish to get a refund I could. .... Again, within several hours I got a notification that money has been refunded. Much easier, faster and painless than I thought. Now I feel safe buying groupons knowing that if there is an issue it will be taken care of.

Posted by Anonymous

... policy. The customer service personnel are not well-trained at all and credited my Groupon account instead of my bank account, saying that refunds were not possible. They refuted my claim that I was to...quot; but I could not do so anymore since I had "accepted their credit refund". The latter statement is utterly untrue as time and again on my first phone call I asked them if they could give me a full..." where clearly the first customer service personnel had misrepresented their refunds policy to me. They were very rude throughout the process. I will never go back to Groupon again.

Posted by cab

I ordered an item from Groupon in August for $799, it was supposed to be shipped in 2 weeks. After 4 weeks it was not here. I went back into Groupon to my original order ... who have not received your items, go to the groupon website and complain, you will get your money refunded, this site here only gives their contact ...

Posted by jersygrl18

.... I explained my issue with servicer not cooperating with my groupon, and right away they issued a refund to my AMEX. I must say... but with Brzail Bronze Tanning and it was promptly resolved by Groupon. Before getting off phone I already had my email ...

Posted by debz

...with Groupon and the way they were treating me(exchange of Groupon). Well I received the Notebook yesterday and today,...contacted me and said that I can keep the perfume(that I was suppose to return to Groupon) as a goodwill gesture. Well, I am speechless. ...

Posted by dac42420

...AFter booking plane ticket etc). Groupon did refund my money,, but money i paid to company for taxes, fees etc, I never recieved back. I complained to groupon on the phone, they seemed disinterested at best,, I emailed... could put pressure on the company,,,never got a reply from Groupon,,, This is my first and last time using this...

Posted by Frustrated in NY

... been total disappointments. One was for a stay at an inn. Turns out they put Groupon customers in a dirty, dated motel portion of the inn while showing pictures of the ... not as advertised either. Customer service pointed me to the "fine print" and sent me on my way with no refund.

Posted by Anonymous

How does one make acutual contact with Groupon?? Their contact no in RSA has apparantly changeed...the company and Groupon asking that it be fetched and myself refunded, over 10 days ago. I...has been received as is being reviewed. I am sorely disappointed with Groupon and will now think twice before ordering ...

Posted by Cydia

... I contacted the company for service, they gave me a very hard time. They were nasty and rude. The worst customer service ever!! I contacted Groupon asking for a refund or some compensation, and they were useless. "said nothing they could do. See if you can collect from settlement" The ...

Posted by Elyce

I had never had any problems with Groupon. I previously purchased and used several restaurant deals satisfactorily. .... They never answered emails or responded to voicemails. Groupon credited me back Groupon bucks, which I was ok with. I bought a pair of Altec Lansing Bliss headphones from Groupon Goods three weeks ago. According to Groupon, ... not receive my headphones and they might take up to 10 days to process a refund to my credit card. I've been waiting by the door for these for three weeks! I need them! If ... to know you don't have enough, then you've just lost a Groupon Goods customer.