Greyhound Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Greyhound below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Greyhound so others can benefit from what you learned.

Greyhound Return Policy

Not every ticket purchased from Greyhound is 100 percent refundable. Non refundable fares are frequently substantially less expensive than fares that are refundable. Even though non refundable fares can't be returned for their cash value, it is possible to exchange them for another ticket on the same route at a later date provided available room exists at that time. Consumers must pay a 20 percent cancellation fee on fares that are refunded.

Greyhound passengers need to be particularly careful not to lose their tickets after they buy them because the company is not able to issue refunds for tickets that have been lost, stolen or destroyed. Refunds for discounts are also not possible, so if a traveler is a senior citizen, for instance, he or she needs to request a senior discount at time of purchase.

Refunds are issued for unrestricted tickets for up to one year after purchase. It also may be possible to exchange a ticket for a different travel date.

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Posted by No more bus

Worst experience ever, depart from New York to DC,delay for 2 :30 hrs no noticing from the compary,I arrive on time and found that my bus got delay.clearly could not make it to the destination on time, so I decide to drive and discard the ticket. Horrible customer service since I bough non refund ticket, I could not get a dime back due to their delay, so pissed and tired!!!

Posted by Michael

The transportation, that's what they call it. I doubt even in federal prison people get transferred like this place named greyhound. The security is acting as an information person and the information person is total lier. Would never travel with this company again. They should learn how to treat people they way they deserve it. They sell the ticket online and cancel the bus whenever they want. Never give a damn about your connection and the driver treat you like you are a pig. I wouldn't definitely blame the driver and the rest of the staff who has to work here for minimum wage. It's the company's poor management that causes all of this anarchy. People are saying there is no costumer service. That's so obvious when whoever works in this company treat you however you want. This would be my last miserable experience with this outdated, not responsible and totally disrespectful company. I wish there were more regulation on bus transport like airlines. I couldn't find any legal act which defends the passengers right.

Posted by Treadedongram

I am a very disgruntled disabled passenger from Greyhound bus lines. Their refund and reasons why they can't refund are ridiculous especially when your driver threatens 2 kill all the passengers at at train stop, causes a very long overlay, felt like talking on the speaker phone all the way not concentrating on his driving, and many more complaints to my case. I was offered $10 compensation for the hell I went through at 58 years old. The customer service needs much much much improving they treat they treated us so terribly it was ridiculous I and many other passengers that we were not treated fairly or right. I said I would even accept a half half half part compensation for my ticket and they only offered me $10 and then an hour and a half later 30 does it seem fair yes my ticket was $300 aproximately but what I went through was hellacious. They failed to recognize me as a disabled passenger when there are many disabled disabilities mental and physical mine is a mental one plus a physical one yet it didn't seem to matter to them. A refund of at least half refund I would even feel fair offer. Yet went from $10 virtual voucher, to $30 1½hrs. I did not accept,, & felt insulted. Oh I called corporate office & they transferred me to a "offshore" customer service rep!! Oh I got a c.s. rep in Honduras that didn't know of S.Calif fires to answer my concerns!

Posted by Adub10

DO NOT RIDE ANYWHERE WITH GREYHOUND. This company needs to be shut down. Poor customer service and raggedy buses. They lie and say that the buses have WiFi and outlets. That's a lie! Find a cheap plane ticket or drive to your destination.


We stranded in Tallahasse for 8 hours.Our bus from Tampa arrived at the terminal in schedule. At first they told us the bus was broken, then they told us that the driver was tired, or just didn't show up . just listen to this ! We spent the night at the station until we departed for Mobil Alabama at 7:00 Is funny cause, this is the second time they do this to me.
Unprofesional bums, who treat passengers like cattle . Rhey should be reported to some authority

Posted by Ms. O

I brought a round trip ticket to Salisbury leave Norfolk at 6:30 a.m. and arrived to the station at 6:30 a.m. and was denied boarding by the driver. And he was so rude too. So I went inside to the counter and the clerk charged me an additional fee of $20.00 to change the departing time to 7:45 a.m. So I was in the station for 1 hour and 45 mins. And the bus finally came. After all that I finally made it to Maryland, Md. But-the next bus to Salisbury never made it to Maryland (my bus),so they promised me a refund in 7 -10 days. Mind you I was already booked at a hotel! So, I lost $100.00 on the hotel because I never made it to Salisbury. The hotel refused to switch the reservation to another of their hotels in the town where I was stranded until 6:45 a.m.on the 24th. And now I can't reach Greyhound for my refund here in Virginia. Thanks for the memory of the filthy bathrooms, over-priced snack machines, filthy buildings too and really rude drivers and counter staff. Such a ridiculous lost and found department is a card board box sitting in a corner with no dates on any items! Wow SMH. So unprofessional.

Posted by Never take the bus again

Never again. Got on a 7:30pm bus to Toronto from NYC at 8:30pm, bus was boken 2 hours away from NYC because driver cannot see clearly at night, that's understandable. But waited for the second bus to come take 4 hours.After got on the second bus for 45 mins, the bus broke again in the highway and needed to be towed. Waited another 4 hours now and still waiting on the third bus. Not even mid way to Toronto yet. We are supposed to arrive 6am in the morning, but now its 9am and no news for us yet. It's stupid and crazy. Can't believe a bus company cannot arrange another bus quicker and stuck the customers in the bus for that long.

Posted by Nickie

Horrible Horrible Horrible service.

Was scheduled for a 7am GLI 2504 bus from NYC to Boston. No bus driver scheduled. Bus driver who is scheduled to drive a 8am bus is now requested by dispatcher to take scheduled 7am passenger. Now driver is PISS. Me not realizing I'm starting in the wrong boarding area lines gave him my ticket and he told me I'm at the wrong line number so I said to him every time I take Greyhound every one have so many different rules and grey hound need to enforce it rules. I moved over to the line I needed to be with my daughter. Her the driver says to me go upstairs and change ticket because I'm not going on his bus. Have not been any threat to this bus driver of bus 87642 but I'm not allowed on the bus with purchased ticket after the bus was late already because of NO driver. Is that the customer service of greyhound drivers. Thankfully another driver saw this and allowed me to get to Boston on his bus but now I'm delayed because of this bus driver and have to hear back to New York after dropping off my daughter and don't know what I will encounter when I get to the agents in Boston. Greyhound your drivers need a course on customer service and hire some more drivers so your employees would not feel overwhelmed and pass it on customers. WILL NEVER RIDE GREYHOUND AGAIN. NASTY CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Posted by Bad BadBad

My mother (elderly woman) was supposed to leave New Mexico at 8:00 am. The bus showed up at 12:30. They finally made it to fFlagstaff, Arizona where she was supposed to get on another bus to Nevada. Again, NO bus! They got off and we're told they would have to wait 8 hours for the next bus to arrive at 2 in the morning! After waiting an hour, they were told to get back on the same bus. They went to Phoenix (which wasn't on her rout) got off the bus there, had to wait another two hours just to get back on another bus to GO BACK TO FLAGSTAFF!! She was supposed to arrive to Nevada at 8:05 that same day. It is now 6:30 am the following day and my mother is still in a bus. Do not use this company. Worst service in the world

Posted by MARY

Do Not Ever Use Greyhound. They Lie, Customer Service Is Rude And Of No Help Whatsoever. Corporate Is No Better.

Posted by no more buses

Dispute the charges with your credit card company !!! I paid $257 dollars for one of my employees to travel Christmas Day for work on Tuesday. The bus was supposed to leave at 12:20am and when he got to the bus station he was told there was no driver so the bus was cancelled. I had to end up renting him a car at 1 am in the morning. When I contacted Greyhound customer service they told me that yes it was cancelled but there was another bus at 8:30am. That would have made my employee to late for work being it went from a 22hr bus ride to 36 hrs. I didnt pay for an 8:30 bus ticket I paid for a 12:20 am bus ticket. I called my credit card issuer and disputed the charges let them deal with Greyhound !!!

Posted by April530

Screw them i paid over 300.00 was told i could get a refund if i cancelled. And when i need to cancel the bi@%ch said i couldnt. Im so pissed i wouldnt of bought the ticket if i couldnt get a refund if need be.

Posted by jorge Mendoza

I need to get a refund back, I just graduated army bct and bought these tickets but decided to buy plane tickets after .it's crazy to me that will not give a refund for tickets at all of help me in some way .i promise I will never use this service again for how they dont help with this at all.

Posted by Mad

Complete ripoff,they tell you buy your ticket online but Don t refund those tickets. Never again

Posted by Raine Martin

I left from Las Cruces New Mexico to go to Florida had no problems with Greyhound came back from Florida with all my belongings because I had already moved to Las Cruces New Mexico and they stole all my belongings now Greyhound is only wanting to compensate me $255 and my ticket was more than that not to mention all the belongings I brought from Florida I have contacted many managers and have talked to so many people and all they want to do is compensate me for $255 and forget about myself and this all mind you by the way I am disabled mentally and physically and have a service animal and they assured me my stuff would be okay unfortunately it wasn't it was stolen and now they're not wanting to compensate me what they're supposed to compensate me so I called the news and there will be a story

Posted by MarineMom

I bought a ticket for my Marine son who was riding from St. Louis lambert airport back to military police school in Fort Leonard Wood Missouri after attending my Dads, his grandfathers memorial service. I paid $70.55 for the ticket. He had to be back to FLW by 730pm. His ticket was for 915am, he and another guy also waiting to ride the same bus was at the stop at 8am. The bus did not stop to pick them up. He called Greyhound right away and was told that he could take the next bus around 6pm. That would not give him enough time to be back for duty. He had to take a taxi which cost him $198. I called Greyhound the next day to ask if he could get a refund and was kept on hold and then lied to and told there was a bus that stopped. My husband is going to call a manager next and see where he gets. Greyhound is not reliable and has no integrity.

Posted by Stranded and pissed

This morning, I had a ticket to go from Dumas, Texas to Fort Worth, Texas with the departure time scheduled for 4:45am. The ticket instructed to be at the station 20 minutes before the scheduled time. So, I show up at 4:25 to a station with locked doors and the lights out, and no one around. After sitting for 10 minutes or so I decided to track the bus with the number on my ticket. Come to find out, the bus had left at 4:17. 8 minutes before it was supposed to begin boarding. This is only my second time using greyhound and the first experience wasn't positive either. The employees didn't seem to care that I had never traveled with greyhound before and simply needed to be pointed in the right direction. Awful customer service with an awful system. I will never use greyhound again.

Posted by redfoxxx

I am writing the corporate office for not just a refund but to report the conditions of no bus drivers showing up for over 3 hours in NYC. There were six empty buses but no drivers. I am writing the CEO and the COO to inform them.

Posted by Lena

Waited for the bus for 3.5 hrs with fellow passengers and it never came. At penn station no less. No customer service available to tell us if we should stay or go. No one who knew what was going on or when we were gonna be able to go home. No drivers apparently? How do you just not schedule drivers? I would really like refund or at least a voucher for a ticket or something. Horrific.

Posted by Anonymous

Ticket agent sold me a ticket six minutes till departure time, pointed me in the wrong direction and security told me to stand in the wrong line for a different bus schedule. Supervisors gave no help or sympathy to being sold a ticket too late to board.

Posted by Anonymous

I've never been treated so terribly and in an unprofessional manner in my life as a consumer. I want a refund. I was running late and there was no one at the reception desk, and when I finally found someone (her name was Jackie) she was so rude. The bus wasn't at the gate it was supposed to be at and the bus driver was racist towards me. My friend witnessed him demand I throw my suitcase in without any help. It's literally the worst experience as a customer I've ever had. I will call whoever and do whatever it takes to make sure these ppl are terminated. The bus driver is also driving very recklessly. This behavior is unprofessional and unacceptable. I demand a refund.

Posted by toyhawk88

They have a very difficult process. When I called the Cust. Service tel. no., no one picked up for 20 minutes so I hung up. When I tried to ask a simple question via online chat, the operator was so impatient, she closed the chat as I was typing my question. When I got through again via chat, she didn't recognize the refund form number and then she referred me to the Cust. Service tel. no. All in all, I am 0 for 3 so far in attempts to get assistance.

Posted by Sam

Recently bought an economical ticket from Florida to Rhode Island for over $200. It is listed as nonrefundable on their site. Due to Hurricane Irma I just received an email saying my bus will be cancelled and that I can receive a refund if I call the number listed in the email. Well, all it does is go straight to holding FOREVER!!! I was on hold with another customer service phone number listed on their site and after almost 10 minutes someone finally answers and she tells me that I have to call the number listed in the email I received! I asked if she knew the hours of operation for the phone number I must call and she had no idea. Don't know if I ever will get my refund at this point. I also visited the bus station I was to leave out of here in Florida and it was complete garbage. Customer service representative seemed anything but a representative and it smelled like pee and filled with shady looking people.

Posted by Happymomma

My in-laws bought my husband an almost $200 ticket from Bend Oregon to our home in Logan Utah. He was suppose to get into his next transfer in Ontario Oregon at 9:15pm. Here it is 2:30am and no one bothered to tell anyone the bus had been cancelled due to fires. Everyone there is locked out of the station and has zero idea when the next transfer is coming or if one will be there at all. They are stuck outside the company didn't even bother to get them a hotel room or anything. My husband and I have both called the customer service and they told both of us there is nothing they can do. When I told them it was their responsibility to get the paid customers to where they paid to be they hung up on me. This company is absolute trash and I will NEVER recommend them to anyone. They would be better off hitch hiking to be completely blunt.

Posted by Not Giving Up On Getting My Mone

I requested a refund for the full amount for the unused ticket as it was the bus driver's decision to not allow any additional passengers to board on #6504 in Madison, WI on Thursday, 7/13. I paid for this ticket to get my daughter back to Colorado for a scheduled appointment. I took time off of work to taker to the catch the bus, waited with her and then found out she'd have to wait another 3-4 hours for the possibility of catching another. I bought a seat and expected her to have it to get to her destination.Overselling tickets and stranding your customers is absolutely ridiculous. I ended up paying for a plane ticket so I knew she'd get to Denver, CO. We did not choose to not use the ticket. We were stuck and given no other option as I do not see stranding someone in a town they're not from for hours is a choice no mother would make. I have emailed DAILY since this date with ABSOLUTELY NO RESPONSE AT ALL. I've played their game and sent in a written request to their PO Box. I sent it certified so I know it was received. Again, NO RESPONSE. This sham of a company is absolutely appalling the way the run this business. The customer service is not a service it's an absolute NIGHTMARE. How can they still be in business with the way they treat the people that pay for a service and don't receive it? THIS IS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING AND I WANT, DESERVE, NEED AND EXPECT MY FULL REFUND BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Davien

I Need a refund,because I PAID Online and then Ichange my mind I NEVER Received the tickets,and I CANCEL IT BUT They would,nt give me a refund at the bus station.please I need my refund back,I Have bills to pay.

Posted by Aidan

Sincere advice to people travelling, PLEASE DON'T EVER BOOK A TICKET AND TRAVEL IN GREYHOND. This bus service is a pain in the neck.
1. Always delayed
2. No refund for their bus cancellation
3. No communication
4. Horrible service

Posted by Pancheko

We made the mistake of not looking at the reviews thorough enough before booking. A simple overnight trip to Raleigh, North Carolina turned into a 20 hour headache. This is expected, since everyone is only human...
Anyways, on our return trip back to NYC, we waited for the return bus that was supposed to be there at 10:35. It was well past mid-night, and with minors within our group, we thought it best not to spend the whole night waiting for a never-coming bus at a dirty station that had locked us out earlier.
We bought new bus tickets with Wanda Cough Inc the next day.
Three days later and we are still waiting for some kind of refund from Greyhound. The call operators just keep you on hold forever, as if I'm not a working adult without much spare time.
Anyways, the morale of this beautiful story is: AVOID GREYHOUND.

have a nice day everyone

Posted by Anonymous

Don't every use this company especially if you have kids. My daughters family are still trying to get here. They had to stay over night at a bus terminal. Two buses have broken down. They keep missing their contacing buses. The staff is rude and don't care one dam bit. My poor seven year old granddaughter is sick and sleeping on a bag because of all the mistakes of this company. I have cryed with my daughter because of this mess. They are so tried from lack of sleep. The terminals are dirty and not in good locations so they are afraid to sleep. What a disgrace that this company is still around. Run for your life before you take the bus.

Posted by Unsatisfied customer

I wish I would've read these reviews before booking a ticket with Greyhound. What should've been a 8hr bus ride turned into a 17hr trip due to Greyhound not being able to find a driver 3/4 of the wy through my trip. Customer service is very rude!!! Please avoid Greyhound at all costs, definitely not worth it!!!

Posted by Vero

I purchased a round trip ticket to Florida from Newark and back. The bus was 40 mins late, then it broke down in P.A. We were there for 5 hours then a new bus came and tranfered us to Washington DC for another 5 hour because there were no drivers. Then they transfered us to V.A. where we were given new schedules. It delayed my trip by 24 hours. So I said when is your next bus back to newark. That wasvthe beginning of a 12 hour wait. It was well pass 24 hours I did not sleep or shower. It was a horrible experience. The workers in V.A. treated me horrible. Please I encourage you DO NOT TAKE GREY HOUND BUS.

Posted by Sandra143

They made my mother trip which is already 20 hours long almost 48 hours cause there buses can't be in time. We paid 148 dollars to get on this bus and after we did this we ended up having to do so much more and add a extra day to my travel I am to old for this if I would have none I would have got on a train

Posted by Annie

We have had a family emergency to come up - our Son has to go with us but he has a ticket to go to FL tomorrow. It is a non-refundable one and Greyhound only wants to keep the money - no refund for something clearly not expected. They prey on the poor because this is the only way they can travel. Do not expect anything good from Greyhound in these days.

Posted by ms13at

My bus left literally 40 minutes early today and the only thing the agents could say is: "It's your fault. The ticket says to be there 1 hour early. The bus can leave early if all the passengers are there..." Even though another girl and myself were clearly not on board. What is the point of having a scheduled departure time if the driver is going to do whatever they want to? They knew they were in the wrong, the employees saw me there 30 minutes prior to the supposed "departure time". The employee (from the baggage personnel) recognized that the bus left too early but they didn't want to apologize because that meant having to give a refund or additional accommodations.

Also, on the email from Greyhound it states "We suggest you arrive at last one hour before your departure to give yourself plenty of time to find your gate, buy snacks, and check baggage." So it says... be there early to buy snacks, not be there 1 hour before departure time or your bus will leave you 40 minutes prior to scheduled time.

They gave me a ticket exchange so that I leave in the morning now, but its a longer trip and a waste of my time. I hate greyhound, never again. Terrible customer service and awful procedural policies.

Posted by Blessing

I took the bus from El Paso to Amorilo but the drive was hours late, it took us three hours to get a bus to oaklohoma,also we miss our bus to memhis due to delay.

Posted by Nancy

We got on the bus in el Paso & the bus driver was late & repeated the same 3 hour wait in Amarillo Texas.Due to the 3 hour wait,we missed our bus to Memphis.Also, the seat I was in wasn't able to recline & since all other seats were already occupied, I couldn't switch seats.

Posted by MonMon

DO NOT BOOK YOUR TRIP WITH GREYHOUND NO MATTER WHAT! I booked a trip from Morristown, Tn to Chicago back in March for late July 2017 for 4 people(including myself). So the day of the trip, very first bus arrives 40-45 minutes late!! Ok. At least it got there. At the next bus station (full of super creepy and shady individuals),an employee checked our tickets and said that when getting close to Chicago there would probably be a delay from bus station to bus station. She estimated the arriving time to be 6-12pm! 20 minutes later we got a call. A family member is emergency room due to health issues. We were going to Chicago for a baptism, but family is more important. So we got a friend to pick us up and drop us back home.
Now I am trying to get a refund on a bunch of tickets that weren't used, and they say that they can't refund them because they are non-refundable. Firstly, that is very unfair to people that are low-income and can only afford the cheapest tickets. Secondly, if 95% of a service wasn't really provided to us I don't see why our money shouldn't be refunded. At least a little portion or half the money should be refunded. Not to mention that the bus we got on was super packed. We almost didn't get seats!This whole non-refundable ticket deal is just a way of stealing people's money. Do yourself a favor and don't ride with them. They don't care if something pertaining with family matters, lost or stolen baggage, late bus arrivals, or anything of that sort happens to you.

Posted by ANGRYELF

Nearly ever trip on Greyhound there has been such lengthy delays that the transfer bus is missed resulting in having to wait for the next available bus. Doesn't sound bad until you realize that the next available bus isn't until the next day and the area you are in awaiting the transfer is so bad that it's not even very safe to be there while awake let alone over night. And yet still, there is no refund available. And this isn't a one time occurrence. This has happened 75% of the time. Now, considering this is a journey I have to make once a month, THIS SUCKS!! For such a big company, Greyhound really needs to work this out. If you have any other travel options, DON'T GO GREYHOUND!

Posted by Squirt2

Took greyhound June 18th from Fresno to Missouri. Worst trip ever I will never use greyhound again. They lost all my luggage and my meds and other personal items where lost. The 1st bus had no a/c so had to stay in Bakersfield for 2hours, then 2nd bus broke down on the 99 south we was stuck on side of freeway for 4 hrs. They said water hose broke. Aren't the buses suppose to be inspected?. After that had to exchange ticket in LA. Customer service was horrible had lay over for 8 hrs. Then got on bus to St. Louis but had 45 min lay over so got off to eat. Then was told I couldn't reboard the bus had to stay in Phoenix for 8 more hours. Told baggage guy my belonging was on the bus he said well that bus leaving now don't know what to tell you. Talked to supervisor she said she will call the bus next stop to have my items removed. Got to next destination my things where not there. As of today I still have not receives my things. Told to go fill out claim for but there is no greyhound station in Jackson or Cape Giraude Mo. Told to go to Sikestone web site says open 24 hrs got there and they are closed. Greyhound refuse to send me a claim form by mail. greyhound and their terrible service.

Posted by Frustrated In Indio

Stuck in Indio due to busted water pump and hose in 104 degree weather. First no information from driver. Then told 2 - 3 hour delay, maybe, while they try to find a mechanic. They have no standby bus to replace this one. You would think they would have service agreements with local mechanics to provide emergency service. First time I used Greyhound. Will NEVER use Greyhound again and will tell everybody about this nightmare. People just want to get to their destination, especially in this heat. Seriously considering calling UBER to take me to nearest Metrilink station at a cost of $110.00. No way to end a vacation. Thanks Greyhound for this travel nightmare. C

Posted by CKing

So I booked a ticket from Markham, IL to Jacksonville, FL for July 4th,2017 . the bus was scheduled to leave at 8:25pm and boarding at 8:05 pm no bus showed and it was so I called the company and they said it was a bus delay and that they was looking for a new driver bc the previous one got in her car and drove off, they told me the bus will be there at 10:30 so I went back home, then I go again and no show they tell me they'll be there at midnight, again no show so I call again and they say be there at 2 am.. no show.. So I called back and they told me a bus might not come out tonight and that it been canceled. Still no concern or anything from the agents. Tried to see if I can get on the one tonight and they want me to pay for it.. When I shouldn't have because they canceled without informing me until the last minute after I continued to call.

Posted by Rip off

Greyhound employee gave me false info about ticket now I have to pay double the price

Posted by Sylvia ormond

The bus was two hours late, and when I arrived in Raleigh NC, I got a phone call that my brother had I had to go back home.

Posted by nextppp

The worst bus service one could ever travel. Delayed timings - more number of trips than the number of buses and drivers available.Bad customer care service. ticket refunds takes forever. No value for time and money.

Posted by Anonymous

Took my first round trip the other day and I don't think I would ever ride the bus again! Not sure why I was charge a extra $25 fee when I arrived 15 minutes early and the bus was 40 min behind schedule! My ride was not comfortable, everyone hogged both seats there was no seating I had to sit next to someone and their dog for four hours. WOW I never knew you could bring a pet along. I guess its time to stop being cheap and drive.

Posted by Atsweet69

I took the greyhound cause it was cheaper to go to boston from ks but the ride there every bus i got on the way there was over booked and people were arguing on who was gonna get on when most of the drivers were nice for the most part but it was ridiculous. The ride home sucked was in new york forever and the drivers were very rude and from st louis to salina the driver was rude and i missed my bus from salina ks to wichita ks due to bad weather so i had to find a way to get home very unacceptable when u hit bad weather the bus should wait for a few extra mins i will not ride greyhound again because of the rude service i got and the people

Posted by Pissed and done waiting!

So i rode with grey hound three times didnt have a problem every single time i been traveling until dec 8,2016 they misplaced my duffel bag and told me to file a claim i did sent off my ticket info destination etc... and i have been waiting over 7 months for a letter to arrive i have faxed off my claim. Probably over 70 times called every week but still they claim they escalated my situation but i havent heard anything ive told them i wanted to file with my attornet but they refuse to give me any ingo except escalating my situation and as of today i am still waiting .. i just want to know will i ever receive my reimburstment ?? Of my belongs and cash that was in my duffle bag i just need answers this is taking forever to get an answer it seems like every time i call i dont understand these indians working they laugj on the line thats not proffesional at all is there some one i can talk to to get my voice across ....

Posted by Anonymous

Miss bus by 20 mins was 4 of us and were charge double the price for each ticket

Posted by Anonymous

I am very disappointed that we can not have a cancelation after reading all of the negative reviews I am very worried about my trip and would like to cancel it. You are unable to supply us with the whole service we expected and are charging an outrageous rate. I will be posting this on face book and I do have friends in the industry

Posted by Eric

Not possible to get the refund online

Posted by Anonymous

I have never been on a Trailways busin my life....and this refund had better stop and I had better get a refund.

Posted by unrefunded

I am awaiting ticket refund since February 8th - thats 3 months! It is for my mom who is a senior and disabled. I have been calling Greyhound every 2 weeks since February and the matter has been investigated. They promise that the refund money will be in account in the next 5 days - thats every time I call, but no refund for 3 MONTHS now!

Posted by David

Greyhound cancelled our trip due to weather, we did not cancel. Now they refuse to give us a refund for a service they did not provide. I believe a class action lawsuit may be the correct action after reading so many stories about the heartless nature in which this company conducts business.

Posted by Anonymous

Most horrible 1st time experience riding Greyhound! I called, did the confirmation over the phone, showed up 2 hours before departure to pick up my tickets and my confirmation hold was released. Thank God there were plenty of seats left, although my ticket also went way up in price. Then I signed up prior with a Road Rewards account, was issued a 10% discount on my ticket, when they punched in my road rewards #, it wasn't valid and could not get my discount. When we got to Springfield, MA we were very late due to a detour because the bus driver could not navigate any of the signs to get us to the station. I mailed in everything, membership #, discount, ticket receipt, and letter why I should be issued a refund. So let's see if it "gets lost in the mail." Lesson learned, taking Amtrak or the plane for future travel!!

Posted by Pissed off uncle

My nephew is trying to return from college in Albany, NY. The bus never showed up. Supposedly the bus driver was sick. No replacement bus has shown up either after four hours. Greyhound is refusing to refund the ticket.

Posted by mdaisley

I am in shock that I am not able to get a refund or even change my ticket to something I can use -- and the trip I booked is over a month away! I'm having to cancel because of unforeseen circumstances. I never saw a thing about the ticket being non-refundable until I looked into getting a refund. I can't use the ticket - and I can't even exchange it for something that I can use, or sell or transfer it to someone else! This is basically highway robbery. I am going to try a letter to their General Counsel, and then if I don't hear some kind of concession, I think it's time to go viral. What a fraud! This really is the worst kind of trick to play on customers.

Posted by Anonymous

Non-refundable ticket policy...i had to purchase the cheaper fare due to living on limited income, I had to cancel my trip due to my health. My tickets totaled $500., I would have excepted to loose 20%....but to loose the whole $500....that's heartless

Posted by Jujubee

Greyhound cancelled buses 3 days in a row; no way to exchange ticket since terminal closed and policy says they exchange if they cancel service but they really don't. Now, they say ticket is non-refundable. Calling bank to put a reverse on the charge; what a RIP OFF! I was made to buy a new ticket and really irritated. Lousy customer service there. Buy last minute.

Posted by Anonymous

Worst service ever. My ticket got stolen and I still have my receipt with my info to prove I'm me amd that I purchased the ticket.. I asked if they could reissue or print me out another ticket snd they refused saying there is nothing they can do it's nonrefundable.. I wasnt asking for s freaking refund I was simply asking to print me another one exactly the same.. the manager was very rude and told me call someone who cares and have someone semd me more money to buy another one.. I will NEVER ride with them again. My ticket along with my wallet got stolen that's not my fault he replied.. no it's not but I still have my receipt proof of purchase so do something. No where in black and white does it say they won't reprint a ticket if you have the receipt. I told him I'm getting on the bus and showing my reviot and explain what happens.. he replied with "I'll make sure the driver doesn't let you on" WTH kind of customer service is that!???! SCREW YOU GREYHOUND!!!! IM STUCK IN BOSTON

Posted by Frustraded

I do not recommend calling customer care for any kind of refund whatsoever. My husband purchased a ticket for someone, paid it in cash,and the person never got on the bus. The receipt says its refundable. Customer services said it is not. We had to go out of town for an emergency. So we tried to handle it by phone. Now we have to go to the terminal where we purchased the ticket when we get back because customer service can't get their shot together. This company is a conspiracy.

Posted by Anonymous

Greyhound is the worst company to book trips. I do not recommend it to nobody. Avoid this traveling buses at all cost. The bunch of rip offs. If they don't make changes soon the might as well go out of business. And regarding refunds, like seriously tickets not refundable like their policy sucks plain and simple.

Posted by Andrea

Greyhound is the worse bus company ever, travelling all day then a delay for over 3 hrs and no response, when you do ask the workers they are more angry than you,like they are the ones hungry,tired an frustrated

Bad timing, bad communications and workers are so rude. And oh I am gonna definitely miss my other connecting bus ughhhhh so angry right now. Never again!!

Posted by Anonymous

Grey Hound is the worst companies out there. I had to mail in a printed ticket for a refund 4 months later and still haven't received my funds. NEVER AGAIN.. they said 21 days, 21days have past and still nothing.

Posted by Anonymous

Oy. The Greyhound bus before us was late in boarding. No big deal. Our 1pm bus in Boston broke down at 2pm. No big deal. We were due into NYC at 520. THAT WAS CLOSE TO THE TIME WE GOT RESCUED . WE stopped at a minimal station to wait in a parking lot. The breaks were smoking so we could not stay on the bus. 200 to 520. 3 hrs stranded in a parking lot. Thanks Greyhound.

Posted by Seliniea

Greyhound is terrible. My boyfriend bought a ticket trying to get home after seeing me this weekend. His bus ticket said 1:30, with boarding starting at 1:40. He got there around 1:10, and it turns out his bus left at 12:50 instead of when it was supposed to leave. They won't refund his ticket, and now he has to pay $20 extra just to get back home.

Posted by zon

To the GReiving mommy,

File a complaint with the FTC, FBI, Department of health, Interpol, and then file a civil suit in the United States and push for as much monetary settlement as possible.

Get counseling from a helaing therapits or psycholigist and dont stop fighting

Posted by GrievingMommyOf3

Greyhound bus systems cost me my daughters life... the bus driver wouldnt stope for food. Threatened to throw me off the bus for morning sickness... i needed to give bjrth to me stillborn daughter last month, and couldnt take my second bus in travel due to being in the hospital with complications and ultimentally miscarriage, of which was cause by my first 3 day bus trip... i never even picked up my second ticket, called, asked for refund, they needed my personal hospital records, mailed they said as a requirement for it, i needed to send my personal health records with full details (violating hipa) inorder to be refunded a 319 dollar ticket, of which i couldnt pick up due to birthing my 19 week traumatized, heart broken, and only want back the money to take care of my 2 boys i have, and they are fighting a grieving mother every bit over it.... Greyhound is a heartless cold greedy rude company.... and i will never see my daughter alive now, because a bus was a half hour behind schedule, and stopping for real food was too much to ask....

Posted by Busbuddy

Greyhound does not care about customers who ride the bus. There is a some kind of hidden element involved since Crusero Americanos got involved in California. Some of the drivers are awful. They overstay the stops, get lost, never arrive at destinations on time, how about 2-1/2 hours late, tell you to get on the bus at a certain time, then return 1/2 late..they suck!!Refunds are a joke and non existent!!

Posted by Caliaueen37

Greyhound your business is at the bottom of my list.Your business cheat,lie and stole $275 from me for a one wat non refundable fare of $20 fee to exchange the date and time. Ironically you never stipulate the does abd don't for ensuring use a understanding that we don't get our money back and lose it for a unprofessional service by letting US know that so we will pay $20 plus add a year later date to exchange our ticket since it's no refundable. Who foes that it's not printed in black and white I need a refunded are I will sue and take further actions for everyone of the consumers who got cheated money for unprofessional customer service and information that's what the fine print summarize in the purchase package

Posted by PASSED OFF

I brought a round trip ticket, my plans because if personal reasons, I only need a one way ticket, (because of work), I understand about the 20 dollars, but not to refund the rest of my money from my other ticket is WRONG!!!, that is why so many businesses go out of business, because they don't know how to treat their customers,that I s why someo n e comes along and start the same kind of business, (knowing how to treat people) I thought this was AMERICA, so make me understand how Ms. Greyhound (girl at counter) can tell me about my money I work so hard for that I can't get it BACK!!!

Posted by Mason

The last time I rode greyhound was 4 years ago and I swore I never would again. Today I made the mistake of trying it again, it didn't fail to disapoint. About 1 hour into a 4 hour trip our driver pulls over in the middle of nowhere and without a word gets out. After a while she comes back and says she has to change a belt on the motor, which she clearly had no idea how to do. So for 3 hours we sat on the side of the highway while she tried to figure it out and just made things worse. Finally a mechanic showed up and fixed it in under 5 minutes. Most of the bus missed their flights and connections thanks to greyhounds incompetence. Greyhound is a horrible company with horrible service, and God help me if I decide to ride again.

Posted by a customer you just lost

I called greyhound asking for a direct bus ticket to Dallas. The customer service representative said it was around $311 to go there, instead, she charged me for a bus going to New York. By the time I received the confirmation email, I called them back, asking them to change it to what I wanted. I didn't want to go to New York, I wanted Dallas. The person I spoke with said, I would have to purchase another ticket in New York so I could get to Dallas, and the ticket would cost $200. Now im not spending $500 on a greyhound bus that I would normally spend $295 on. I asked for them to change my route to what I wanted or give me a refund. They said they cannot change it, and it would take 6 weeks to get a refund, even though they had already charged me for the wrong destination 5 minutes earlier before I called them back. I never got my money. They robbed me of my money. Never using greyhound anymore

Posted by NIKKIE

Reading all of these complains it's sad to know how people find another way to scam customs $$. GREYHOUND is getting richer with this so call NON-REFUNDABLE "S"....We need to find out how it is possible?? I'm sure they are robbing the government too with these vouchers. Hmm God got this!!!!

Posted by Pissed off wife in OK

My husband has been stranded in Indiana due to "mechanical issues." He will not miss all of his connections all the way to Oklahoma. I called customer service, they couldn't even speak english and told me that there wasn't anything for him to do but wait another 24 hours for the next bus. Um...the station closed 2.5 hours ago. He will have to wait outside all night for it to open unless I spend even more money on a hotel. I could have flown him down here much cheaper. This is the most ridiculous excuse for a travel company I have ever seen. At least with air travel, the providers take care of customers stranded because of "issues." What a joke.

Posted by Mp3099

This has been a TERRIBLE experience for me. We were suppose to have a 10 minute lay over in ronoake and has now been 6 hours!! I would like to get a refund and i will nit be using greyhound anymore.

Posted by happyflower74

PLEASE SHARE: My family (shawn, seadonia 12, Joseph 17 mentally ill) and I booked a trip with greyhound for a 2& 1/2 day trip, unfortunately our trip turned in to a nightmare right from the start. We weren't allowed to get on our bus due to over booking, so we were left at a gas station at 11pm in the middle of nowhere with the temp over 95° to wait for the next bus at 10:15 am the next morning. Then we were left again in a hail and rain storm for 6 hr at a stop with out enough setting inside, so I got very sick. We were promised comped meal, priority seating and a full refund. However when we were delayed two more times due to buses braking down and drivers timing out out drive hrs or getting lost, we didn't get to our final destination till a day later, were i found out my refund was not waiting for me and I had to call greyhound. I was told I can only have half my money refunded and it would take 5 days. After 5 days I called again to be told 7-14 days and that I was never told 5 days. I called several more times to be giving the run around and to be treated with disrespect, at one point I was told I made it so whats the problem. I was talked over, one person told me there was no supervisor over her I reached the end, even know she was the first I talked to. Then she admitted there was one bit she was very very busy. I waited and spoke to supervisor who didn't care about my complaint, my trip or my refund. I called corporate and was told my money would be here today bit it wasn't so I called again and was told to wait till the 18th at which time they will email the refund department and I can call back after 2-3 business days to see what they said and then it usually takes time from there. Please share this, I'm interested in it getting to greyhound as well as hearing from others who have similar issues traveling Greyhound maybe we have a class action lawsuit to start. Thank you.

Posted by Sonniebear

I reported them to better business bureau in dallas tx i purchased ticket online on june 16 2016 for my daughter to leave on june 21 2016 the bus was schedualed to arrive at 430 we were there at 3 it got to be 5 or 530 no bus when i called the bus was at the next destination and not only was one bus schedualed to stop but two if i am outside waiting and i dont see two big buses pull in then they didnt show so they processed for a refund which i should have gotten today july11 2016 i called saturday july 9 2016 and was told it would be in my account today i called corporate office to talk to shirley jones all day nothing but voicemail called customer service who tells me it will take another 24 to 72 hours i told her to put a supervisor on phone that i will not wait 2 more days she said they were on other calls i told her i would wait she put me on hold the came back to phone and said there are only 2 supervisors and they are both on calls with other customers and like she said it would take 24 hours to process my claim i told her i was contacting better business bureau and hung up i also called shirley jones back and wouldnt u know it coicemail again so left message that i was contacting bbb

Posted by Spl

Bus tracker no help at all. I'm waiting for a passenger that was to arrive at 3;00. It's 4:31 and tracker still shows it at 3:00.

Posted by boogreygound

All the people are rude been waiting on my bag since the 21st one of the employees took it off and left it at st.Louis so need a attorney's number I will go for a lawsuit

Posted by KnowWhatImSayain

Hah. All of you people clearly suck at getting refunds. I had a non refundable ticket, and using my charm and guile managed to convince them to refund me cash. Take this tip people, don't act like an asshat, be sincere,and start with asking the rep how their day is going xD

Posted by Toterms

Directed to board the wrong bus by the ticket agent. Driver didn't even look at the ticket. Dropped off in a city hours from my intended destination. My time and expense to correct their mistake. Failed in their duty of care and caused frustration of our contract. See you soon Greyhound. Cheers.

Posted by Drifter

I purchased a round trip ticket from Los Angeles to San Diego for the Memorial Day weekend. Due to conflicting schedules with my son, I will not be able to use this ticket, and do not have any idea when I will be able to reschedule. I called to see about getting a refund but was totd I am not eligible for one. This is ridiculous! Granted it is only a $38. Ticket, but circumstances do arise and a company should ALWAYS be able to refund. Greyhound has lost yet another customer for life!!!

Posted by no longer

I was one of your biggest fear but now you say I can't get a refund on the same day I got my ticket. you know that's a bunch of croch You'll go down one way or another for taking people's money GOD don't like ugly

Posted by Anonymous

So disappointed my husband book his trip with a representative not only did she not understand us we could not understand her messed up everything except the credit card number we ended up haveing to purchase another tick 150.00 dollar trip cost 300.00 no one could find no name she even gave us the wrong confirmation no they say that they will refund the money if we send a copy of the credit card recite I think we just lost 150.00 next time we will rent a car faster and cheaper in the end

Posted by juanlossio

Hello, I bought a refundable ticket. My flight from Peru to Miami was delayed, so I lost my flight from Miami to Orlando. Therefore, I could not take the bus. Can you please refund my tickets? Thanks.

Posted by Vilaandres

Hello.. Im need to know if you can return my money about my tickets.. my flight will go to other city and now I dont need the bus ticket.. sorry thanks

Posted by Irritated

I purchased two tickets from Greyhound, for my mother and sister. However, I was not able to use them because my grandmother died on the date of our trip. That was December 13, 2015. Greyhound hasn't refunded my money yet. Every time I call and ask for it I'm always told "give it 3'5 business days" that was since February of 2016. I won't be purchasing nothing else from this unprofessional carp they call a travel service. I wouldn't suggest Greyhound to my worst enemy.

Posted by sabrina

they wont give me my refund bk cuz i wasnt on the bus jan 3 im bout to make a complaint on there asses

Posted by Anonymous

They ruined my sons spring break trip and never refunded the money. Awful people.

Posted by dont go greyhound

Booked a trip but halfway through was turned back due to "weather". According to greyhound, couldn't make the next stop for a day due to flooding. Strange because there were no reports on the news of flooding. Was given the choice of staying a day in a strange town with no help or being sent back home, a 7 hour trip. Since I had few vacation days to waste sitting around I chose to go home. When I contacted greyhound about a refund they told me to send in the tickets and they would refund me.two months later after a nightmare journey no nowhere I still have no refund and they claim they never received the tickets. WILL NEVER USE AGAIN!

Posted by Pam

How sad what grey hound does to people after reading what people are saying I no I am not going to get my refund I bought 3 round trip tickets from Reno nv to Missouri didn't use them paid 588.00 for these tickets on them it says nonrefundable but I thought because I didn't use them I could get my money back I now no that will not happen grey hound you got a good scam going on Good company would give refunds

Posted by Fed up

Idiot cashier printed ticket without confirming whether or not I requested a one-way ticket or round trip. she charged me for the wrong tickets and refused to give me a refund. I will never deal with greyhound buses again.

Posted by Hehe

hi i'm really disappointed about your service. First running late and no information about that. Also, I called the hot line you offered and I have to call two stations to get help. Even that, the man in the Washington bus stop just hang up my phone even I didn't finish. I know it is horrible working on the Saturday. But for someone who is running to a meeting, it was also horrible to be late and got so impatient response. Please give me a reasonable solution before I take greyhound bus again.

Posted by ahaksksksusgeu

Ive been waiting around since friday morning it is now monday morning and they just found out what they are doing with me. No sleep no food no professionalism... outright the absolout worste travel experience of my entire life.

Posted by Not being screwed

Purchased a ticket online for me and my little girl from Panama City, Fl to Dothan, Alabama.Bus station was closed till 6:30 and bus was to leave at 7:10. Called a cab at 6:12 and was told the wait was long so called another who said the wait was over a hour. So called other back and asked them to please hurry. Get to bus station at 6:50 pm and bus had already left early. Man at desk says you have to be here a hour before departure to pick up ticket and I asked how this was possible when they were closed till 6:30pm. He tells me they had no record of any tickets being bought so he left early. Tells me to call 1-800 number and ask if they would reschedule my departure but another bus didn't leave for Alabama till tomorrow night at same time but he couldn't reschedule for me. Customer service said the station has to reschedule and here they had closed again and me and my daughter out in the cold with no place to go cause I lost my money for tickets due to No Refund crap. Well it's not my fault they leave early and shouldn't be able to leave early. Just a way to steal money. Now I have no money or way home. Should have opened earlier then 30 mins before departure and shouldn't have left early..

Posted by Unsatisfied customer

Horrible I was traveling from Detroit, MI to Birmingham, AL. The ride from Detroit to Louisville, Ky. was great. Bus driver was on time and excellent service. The bus was suppose to leave at 12:25am in Louisville, Ky.we did not leave until 1:30. Remind you we stayed on the same bus wasn't suppose to change until we arrived in Tenn. The bus was already there so don't know why we left late. The bus driver Sean could not give an answer. He then made two stops one at a McDonald's and twenty minutes later at a hotel to pick up a someone. We arrived here at 3:30 which made us miss our connection bus at 3:25.Bus driver failed to let us know we missed our connection. Now I have to wait 8 hours until the next bus. Calling corporate first thing in the morning.

Posted by scammedbygreyhound

I purchased a ticket over the phone to travel from Langley to Kelowna the following morning. I received a call 3 hours before the bus was scheduled to leave the depot that it would be an hour late and as a result I would miss my connecting bus. I asked for a refund, was directed to call a number, spoke with a guy who couldn't speak a word of english, he took all my credit card info and I thought the refund would simply be put back on my card. After taking the info including my security number on the back he tells me I need to take my ticket and go to a depot and get a refund there. I didn't have a ticket, I booked this over the phone. I purchased a plane ticket and flew back and then went to the depot, got a copy of my ticket and filled out the paper work. 6 weeks later, still had not heard so I called to follow up. The guy on the phone told me that he has no info and someone will be in touch with me. The refunds take 6-8 weeks according to him. I then sent an email. The following day I got a reply that I am not eligable for a refund because I had purchased a non-refundable ticket. This is theft, plain and simple. I paid for a service, it wasn't provided, I want my refund. It also cost me an additional $200 for a plane ticket. I'll walk in 10 feet of snow before I'll ever give these guys my business again. If there's a way I could get my money back, as it's rightfully mine, can someone please tell me how.

Posted by Gustavo alonso

The drivers are rude one left us stranded for 3 hours nd now I'm going to be 8hrs late I wish I could some compensation since they can't even give ur a refund

Posted by Anonymous

My son was going to Chicago from Southfield Mi I dropped him off at the bus station way before the boarding started the bus was supposed to arrive 8.00AM which never arrived my son was told by the clerk that it will be here in a a few minutes the bus did not arrive my son waited until 11.00 A.M no bus he was going to his best friends wedding the same evening.The explanation by the clerk was this driver who is a very senior driver does this quiet often how does Grey Hound tolerate this kind of unreliable employees I was very disappointed so was my son he had to miss his friends wedding .I hope Grey Hound weed out this good for nothing drivers The company should be ashamed of the poor customer services they provide.I will take my business else where.All the passengers were furious too that is horrible. 12/29/15

Posted by dissatisfied customer

My son arrived one hour early for his scheduled bus. He had printed tickets at his college where they print everything double sided in an effort to save on paper & ink. He checked tickets to make sure they did not state anywhere NOT to do this and proceeded with travel plans. When bus driver looked at ticket he would not allow him to board ( after he'd already checked his bag) and told my son to go reprint his ticket. My son went to do so and not 2 minutes later THE DRIVER TOOK OFF! Not only was he delayed HOURS that day, but my son's bag never showed up in Stockton, his destination, and has yet to be located! EVERY SINGLE PERSON WE TALK TO HAS A DIFFERENT ANSWER AS TO WHAT TO DO. We have filed a report on the missing bag but now would like a refund for the ticket price. We have spent HUNDREDS to provide my son with clothing to make it through the week and Christmas Holiday. Every time we call I am "transferred" and ultimately disconnected! Please refund immediately!

Posted by Anonymous

I took the bus from mass to NY. It was the worse experience! So the first bus I took smelled of straight poop! It was so bad I threw up. A woman had asked the bus driver to do something about the smell and he told her the bathroom was cleaned when he was in Boston which clearly is not the case. Second bus was not to bad but this time it stunk of odor and the bus was not well cared for with trash all over the place from the previous passengers. Do you guys ever do a quick clean when the bus is just sitting there and no one is on it? Completely disgusted!I want a refund. I'll never take greyhound again!!

Posted by Jovan Dew ( is the one who was t

I just asked for refund for Jovan Dew. My name is Beverly Holmes. My Son was not allowed on the bus 12/12/2015 friday @ 7:30pm. No one else have used this ticket. I have ref#2461063. I was given this number by customer service. I paid $56.50 and I am asking for a refund. The next day @ 6;00am my son had to pay $112.00, from Pine Bluff,AR to Dallas,TX 12/13/2015.This was my first time using the internet to secure a ticket. This was a terrible experience being at resturants until 12:30am. Until relatives came and took him with them until the next day. He didnt have enought money to pay $112.00 for a one way to Dallas. I am asking for a refund for $56.50. The outcome could have been very different. I Thank God for My Son's protection. No one used the ticket for $56.50 and thats why I am asking for it back.

Posted by Thegrimfamily18


So I am posting this probably about 5 minutes before I call to get my refund. If after explaining to them that they have ruined my Christmas they do not do something to fix it and refund me my money I will make a huge deal out of it. Because I am NOT the only one who is unsatisfied with Greyhound. Every single review post anything that I have seen about Greyhound has been negative.

Most ignorant ppl and terrible service...of you are traveling read the reviews first. I had last traveled on Greyhound for years ago about four hour distance was not bad at all.
So I decided since it was going to be expensive to leave from Utah to get to Baltimore Maryland around the holiday then I would go ahead syck it up and take the bus. I purchase my ticket one month in advance. I had to buy two one way tickets because something was going on with their website would not allow me to reserve a round trip. Not that big of a deal.
We got some snow in Utah. I checked the tracker for the boss that I was going to be taking that was coming from Arizona. The bus was only about 20 minutes behind schedule.
I checked the tracker the boss was about 10 minutes behind. Roads were not too bad they were pretty much clear. About 5 minutes before I arrive at the terminal the tracker shows cancelled. My husband drop me off at the door I run in they said there's a bus is leaving now. Okay I figured maybe she was psychic or something because I did not tell her where I was going. Asked if I still wanted to go I said yes let me go get my stuff before I made it to the parking lot she had came to the sidewalk and said the bus left. So now I'm assuming that the bus was not cancelled and I just missed it. After calling Greyhound and being transferred but over and over again being put on hold for 30-40 minutes at a time at 8:15 that night. I figured that would be fine I would get there 12 hours late but still I would be able to spend Christmas with my children. No they would not allow me to get a ticket because they were sold out. I said I already have a ticket but not for that but they said and you only have priority seating for the bus that you were supposed to take. So you guys cancel and that's my fault 10 hours later I finally get ahold of someone that tells me if Greyhound cancelled that I am entitled to a refund. I didn't want to reschedule they didn't have a bus leaving until the 19th each day they were sold out my return ticket was for the 21st and order to get home on the 23rd

So it is now Wednesday I should be halfway to Maryland. And I'm still sitting at my house. All morning I had to figure out how I was going to get to Maryland so that I can spend Christmas with my children. So not only did I spend three hundred and some dollars for a bus ticket but I had to spend $500 for a plane ticket. I leave tonight at 8:45 and do not arrive in Maryland until 7 a.m. tomorrow I have a four hour layover. I am just thankful that I was able to get a plane ticket. And I'm sure nothing can be worse than Greyhound.

Posted by Anonymous

my brother is at ft lee for his Army job training. well they were told a few days ago that the requirements to leave base for holiday break had changed and of course it is after he had already ordered and paid for his bus tickets. well now they refuse to refund him because "its not their fault". this is bull. he is doing more than those people sitting on the phone have ever done in their lives and making it to where they can have a job in the first place in the god forsaken country. these return policies are a joke!

Posted by Anonymous

I had used the grey hound from Tucson to Los Angeles. The experience was horrifying I was overall scared for my safety and am afraid to use my ticket to return back to campus. It is not fair that I cannot use this public transportation method because of how unsafe the ride was. Thank you.

Posted by debbie blair /curtis blair

to who it may concern I bought a ticket on line confirmation on 10/26/2015 for my grandson in Elizabeth city north Carolina he never showed up and used the ticket when I order it on line I hit nonrefundable they say. I did not mean to do that I don't use the computer much so I would like to get a refund I am sure that grey hound can make a exception it was an accident that I hit the wrong button on comp so could you please refund my money to me it would be appericatted very much I don't have money to waste thank you Curtis blair I said it was a wrong button hit I hope that you understand what happed and please refund my money who ever gets this cust service if you have to go to your supervisor or who ever to get this done for me thank you very much Curtis blair my wifes e mail below

Posted by Anonymous

I do not like to fly so I decided to visit my daughter that lives in Texas by Greyhound bus. I have not used Greyhound in 53 years. I am now 70 and the first and last time I used it was in 1962. I was 17. It was an ok experience except for the smoking that was allowed on the bus at that time. I am not a smoker but almost everyone else was. I got there in the time stated and was traveling from California to Phoenix, Arizona.

PRESENT TIME, August of 2015: When I bought my ticket which was two weeks in advance, I was told that all buses had air conditioning. This was very important to me as it is very hot, especially when you are on a bus with lots of people in the summer. I bought my ticket in Merced, Ca. and was not told that I had bought a discounted ticked (I found that out later)because I was a senior citizen. After getting my ticket, I started planning my trip and told my family I was taking the bus. They said that I should get on line and see the many complaints about Greyhound and so I did. I found out that alot of the buses DO NOT HAVE AIR CONDITIONERS and that most buses were old and BROKE DOWN ALOT and sometimes having a LAYOVER for hours before it was fixed. This was not a good thing, no matter what age a person was. I found all of this out in one day and immediately called them at least a week before my trip. I could not get a human voice but kept trying and it was sometimes 45 minutes wait time. I talked to several agents that told me that not all buses in fact the majority of buses were older and alot did not have air conditioning and alot, yes had broken down while traveling on short and long journeys. The ticket agent had lied to me and said that all buses had air conditioned and even though most buses were not brand new, they were kept up and were in good repair. This is such a lie or maybe he did not know he was lying and just assummed that is the way buses should be. (the way they should be but obviously were not) Anyway, after being told that my ticket was not refundable even though, I was not told it was not from the ticket agent and neither was I told it was a discounted ticket. In fact the agent did not even ask me if I was a senior citizen, he just assumed and gave me a discounted ticket and yes, I am a senior but he should have asked me and informed me that discounted tickets were not allowed to be refunded. He did not to any of these things. Bottom line, I could not risk being on a bus that may or may not break down or may or may not have airconditioning. I deserved to get my refund back without argument and I let them know in plenty of time before my scheduled trip. I finally got through to the refund department and some lady whose title is a Customer Assistance Analyst emailed me back and said to send me my ORIGINAL UNUSED TICKET along with her email. I did this and had it certified which they received in September (over a month ago) but have not heard anything since but I have called them and left a message. We will see what happens but I am still waiting. I will continue to write them and call them till they give me my refund back. Their policy says it may take up to a year but I just want to know at this time why they have not at least let me know if they received my unused ticket, since I certified my mail to them they should have already received it by September 15 and was actually signed that they had received it on tracking form. They did not even take the courtesy to call me back or email me to let me know how long it will take or if they are even for sure going to refund me. I will not give up and will continue to call them and email them. It is not only that I need my money back since I was lied to and am on a fixed income, but it is the principal of the whole thing. I owe it to myself not to be treated in such a shabby manner. This is very unfair and wrong. This is definitely a company that does not care about its customers. I am shocked and appalled at the condition of their buses and at all the complaints they receive. All of us that have been treated like this should be able to get our money back, especially if we called and cancelled to let them know in plenty of time before we were scheduled to leave. Something has to be done. No one should be treated like this.

Posted by Casey Osborn

I had gotten stuck in Richfield Utah and had to resort to using greyhound services to get back to Las Vegas to keep my just b and home. Bought a ticket on the 16th of sept for a bus on the 17th at 1025am. I called my employer to let them know id be back and able to work on the 18th. That morning I waited till 3pm for a bus that never came. I called greyhound and they apologized and told me that another bus was going to Vegas and would stop there at 1035 at night. I waited at the stop which was a combo gas and fast food facility for 7hrs. Ten thirty rolled around I was the only person in the parking lot and bus pulled in circled the pumps and left never stopped like never even came to a complete stop. I had to go and spend 107 for a hotel that night. Called greyhound in the morning to find out the next bus was not scheduled till the twentieth and lady I spoke with said to give them a call after my trip and they would compensate me. Two more nights at a hotel who's rates go up for the weekend. Not to mention my boss was not happy and said he couldn't hold my job for me which as a manager I completely understood he had a business to run and cause of my now unreliability he couldn't depend on me getting back to work when I commit to it. Now I had spent close to 500 in hotel and food expense which i had the money cause you always have backup just Incase money. I never thought that spending 75 dollars on a ticket for a service that was established on the premises of getting people to a destination in a timlly manner would service me in the exact opposite. 20th came I waited from 9am for the 1025am bus and it came but it just went around the building and left at no point did it actually come to a complete stop. I called greyhound at this point I felt compelled to inform them that not only was expecting them to refund my ticket but pay for my a conurbation and extra expenses I encurred do to thier Inadaqet transportation system. Not to mention when the very first bus didn't show I called and they gave me the number to the stop prior to mine and to me to call and find out we're the bus was. So now I was a greyhound customer service employee working for me who was also the customer. Needless to say greyhound said when I got home to mail them my ticket. When the night bus came on the 20th it actually stopped for five min like they are suppose to and I was able to go to Vegas to no job and late bills and hopefully still my home. Bus drive informed me could not give me the ticket back cause he needed it. I got it he had to account for all passengers and that they paid. Come to find out that even if I mailed my ticket I would be waiting 6-8 weeks amazing that it only takes 6-8 seconds for them to take money out of my account but 2 months to put it back and they only offer me free pass for a year anywhere in U.S.. You compensate your customers with the same dis functioning product that is the issue in the fist place. No thank you greyhound I will contact a lawyer instead. When did corporation think that the consumer the people that essentially write their check is not thier #1 priority anymore and they can give us the finger.

Posted by Anonymous

I had a horrible experience last month I had a non-refundable ticket from Philly to Columbia, S.C. The schedule started out behind time from the start I had no idea things would get worst however they did, I had a 5 hr. delay-sleepover in Fayetteville which is where I was told by your own people that even though I had non-refunded ticket for my inconvience I would be compensated

Posted by Simone

All these terrible reviews! Ok clearly Greyhound makes things difficult, business/customer service-wise, and clearly some routes are awful. But look, I've been going Vermont to Montreal on GH for a few years now instead of flying directly to Canada from the States, and it is GREAT. The bus is almost luxuriously comfy compared to coach seats in a plane, it's a fifth of the price, and overall way less hassle. Phone service from Greyhound has always been awful but in person the employees have gone out of their way to help me, every time. So maybe not a first choice for travel, but don't rule out Greyhound completely.

Posted by vwpyster

Never riding with greyhound again. Im in the middle of a trip from Florida to California. I had 4 transfers - the first two went smoothly. The third one, I was supposed to leave af 1pm but due to technical difficulties, didn't leave until 6 hours later at 7pm. Then we had another hour layover in Amarillo, TX because the bus driver was late and wasnt allowed to drive until he took 3 hours off. We got here around 1 am, and it's now 5:15 am and stil no sign of our bus. Now instead of getting home in the afternoon as planned, I'll be arriving at or after midnight. I have two more hour layovers until I get home, but I'm expecting them to each be more like 4 hour layovers instead

Posted by Tanga

Hello Sir or Mam,
I was wondering that friend of mine had bought a round trip tickets which he did make his destination one way but he isn't suppose to come back later on but not next week is there anyway the friend of mine would get the refund back on the other half that are not going to be used. This friend would like to get refund back since the friend had paid on online. please help us thank you. Tanga

Posted by Prevosto

On July 3rd, My husband and I purchased round trip tickets to leave from Baltimore to New York. After we purchased the tickets a friend of mine asked why we were leaving from Baltimore since you cannot park your car at the station overnight. We were not aware of this so I called the company right away to cancel the tickets. I called three times and every time I was put on hold for over 15 mins. and never was able to talk to anyone. I called my credit card company and asked them to cancel the transaction. They did get through but after talking to an agent said the transaction was already put through and could not be reversed. We tried to find several ways to park our car overnight but there was no parking anywhere near the station. After another long wait, we got through finally to Greyhound and the agent at Greyhound said I had to go to the station and ask for a form and write a letter to ask for a refund. We drove that day 1 hour to Baltimore to the station. There was a tow truck driver towing cars away at the station so we asked him where we could park and he said there was a parking garage three blocks away. But you have walk to the station across really bad intersections with your luggage. We got the form and drove 1 hour back home. I wrote the letter, filled out the form, sent in copies of the tickets. I did not hear from Greyhound. I called and was put on hold for 10 mins. again before I hung up. I called Peter Pan since they use the same lines and I got someone on the phone right away. Their agent said if I purchased the tickets online then I had to ask for the refund online. At this point I am so frustrated that I don't know what else to do.

Posted by Pdietz

I will NEVER use Greyhounds services ever again. If ZERO was a choice, I choose ZERO stars. When the Amtrak Train crashed this year in Pennsylvania, I booked FOUR REFUNDABLE tickets because it was mandatory for us to get to to our destination for my daughter's graduation. The trains were running in time for us to travel by train. I returned my REFUNDABLE TICKETS ON TIME! We supplied PROOF to Greyhound that we WERE ON TRAINS and couldn't possibly had been on a bus during the period of travel. I EVEN have E-mail proof from Greyhound stating they tried to reach me to GIVE ME MY REFUND! They have billed me THREE times on my Credit Card. THREE TIMES I'VE DISPUTED! CUT THE CRAP ALREADY! I REFUSE TO PAY THIS ALMOST $1,000 FOR A TRIP THAT WAS NEVER TAKEN. ARE YOU THAT DESPERATE TO RIP PEOPLE OFF! STAY AWAY FROM GREYHOUND!

Posted by Brad

Absolutely unprofessional service..3day trip with no plug air-conditioning.. Had to open hatch because of possible heat stroke issues with the elderly and children both complain Ing...I am so upset this is twice now...and also my boss changed area of work so tryed to change direction as well ..and told no...must buy another ticket..most definitely want refund

Posted by Clarence

My first trip with greyhound and my last. I only took the bus as my daughter needed my car for work. My trip started in colorado springs. My first transfer was in denver colorado where I was delayed over night because of driver error. The next morning I continued my trip on my way to Milwaukee Wisconsin. In Ohmah Nebraska they lost my luggage and all they had to do was transfer my luggage from one bus to another parked right to each other. Then in Chicago Illinois I was delayed again because of a mistake made at the bus station. This made me a day late for my nephews wedding, and late for the wedding. When I returned to Colorado springs on july 23 and as of july 30 2015. Then I spent 5 days trying to get a refund for my hotel ticket. After a greyhound representative tried to pass the blame on to Arrow bus company, which arrow helped me reach Shirley Jones who helped me get a refund for the ticket. The hotel room cost me $70 and the ticket cost $120 which works out, but the hotel could have cost me $300 dollars which means I would have lost money. I suggest refund for the hotel not the ticket. Remembering I still don't have my luggage which also included a medical device.

Posted by Disgruntled Passenger

Worst bus company. I arrived a few mins late for the bus at Union Station in DC. The bus had not left the station as yet and I was told that I could still get on. However I was directed to the wrong bus and by the time I realized that, the bus started to reverse and as such I missed it. I returned to the staff at the entrance and asked about how do I get on the next bus. He instructed me that it was ok with me ticket and could go and stand in the line. However a man who was sweeping who subsequently identified himself as the manager said that I needed to go and wait in the waiting room. I refused because I saw no reason nor could he give me any reason why I couldn't stand in the line. He then got upset and threaten to prevent me from riding on the bus. I then said that in such a case I would have to get a refund. He eventually walked away and sent a security guard to ask me to leave. When I asked her what was the reason she said she didn't know, but was just following instructions. In the meantime, other passengers were being sent to line up to wait on the bus. The situation escalated to where I ended up traveling on another bus to NY. I tried calling the corporate office to seek help, but kept getting transferred to a number that no one answered. I want to point out that I was not in any area that would have caused harm to myself or anyone else. There were no signs that indicated that I could not stand where I was. The manager was totally unreasonable, rude and deserves to be reprimanded. This is totally unacceptable and I will be seeking redress.

Posted by Mad Customer

WOW!! I can believe all the negative comments below. Greyhound sure does like to rip people off. No refunds this is crazy. You would all the extra money they making of people there buses would atleast be clean. Dirty bus dirty terminal. Just a sad place. I feel sorry for the bus drivers and the employees that have to take the grunt of all. While some big shot sits back and gets rich!!

Posted by jesus

I'm not asking for a refund just asking for grayhound to make good a ticket that I purchased and that day got robbed I'm still going to same place round trip can't grayhound tell that the ticket purchased under my name was never used or refunded they make a lot of money of us why can't they make it rite with there custermers when are tickets are lost or stolen with out somebody using it or getting a refund I am very disappointed with their services

Posted by kayla2225

I had bought a ticket for me and my daughter. i spent 140.00 per ticket. They told me she would have her own seat. On our trip from melbourne florida to kansas city missouri. when i got on bored i was imformed that i would have to hold her my whole trip. I been trting to get ahold of someone at the head office. but never can get anyone on the phone to talk to. Ive even went to the greyhound when i arrived. And cant get any where with them. I am out of 140.00 dollars. And i will never use greyhound again.

Posted by Ashley

I'm stuck for 10 hours in Kansas City MO because my driver didn't get here on time for me to board the next scheduled bus. I have a 3 year old it's freezing cold and not to mention a terrible crime city. I was given one meal ticket for $7 and I don't agree!! Having to spend ALL night in a bus station with a child is crazy especially since I didn't ask to be stranded due to the company that I entrusted that'd get me and my child home safe and happy. I was advised to not even leave the doors here due to homeless drug addicts! I either want a refund or hell just SOMETHING! By the time someone reads this it'll be too late and I'll probably be heading on my 4 hour out of 60 home.

Posted by Katiejane62

When did Barons Bus company become part of Greyhound? My daughter was waiting at the station for her Greyhound bus. No where on the ticket or the website did anything say she would be using a Barons Bus. As she relates it, You wouldn't get on a Jetblue plane if you had United tickets. Needless to say she missed her bus. She wasn't the only one. The people at the station were less than helpful. I ended up driving halfway across her route to pick her up. Lesson learned: ASK for HELP.

Posted by sheila

My husband left Norcross Ga yesterday at 530pm the bus broke down in Spartensburg SC at 1030pm. It is now 330am and they are still sitting on the bus waiting for a replacement bus to show up. He will miss his connection in charlotte which means I will have to drive the 3 hrs there and back. Will greyhound give a refund so i can pay for the gas it will now cost me!

Posted by Rhall

I have rode greyhound bus a lot in the pass. But noww I am not so sure anymore . I left Utah in January 2015, my pickup time was at 5:25 am I arrived 1hour early as told. It's 20 degrees and. I had to stand outside for 3hrs because the bus was late. The place was closed had to call about 10 times to find out what happen, because noone was there. Then onn the way from Utah. to Georgia, The door of the bus started coming apart, then we lost pressure,wipers stopped operating, we had to pull over in a parking lot for 5 hrs in the cold with snow. They did not offer us anything . Then when the bus arrived the passengers had to. remove theyir own luggage to the other bus.Then at the next station I had to remove some of my clothes out of my luggage. because it was. 1 peound overweight
. Then we had to sleep in the station 9 hours, not once did they offer us anything to eat or drink. Our driver was falling asleep on a snowy highway. They had us. traveling. around from where I lived. Then I tried again on March 2015 going from Columbus Georgia to Colorado Springs Colorado on the 4th. I was to leave at 9:15 am but paid. $40.00 to exchange the time to 9:15pm I arrived at. 8:30pm as told when I get to the terminal the bus was being put on a tow truck. I never saw a employee of Greyhound. .we was told it might be 5 hours and I stayed after 10:00 pm and no bus arrived . I came home and tried to called the company and noone never answer. I stayed up all night trying to contact. Greyhound. I went down to get a refund only to be told the 400.00 tickets I purchase was non-refundable. But I was told that I could fill out a form to maybe get a refund. But I just sent it off .

Posted by jacksonelma

I am waiting on a refund to be deposit back on my card, by the comments on here I guess I won't be getting it, I guess that I just got schemed out of $62.50

Posted by Anonymous

I echo all of the people below. Worst trip of my life. We waited for our bus at Ft. Lenord Wood, Mo. for 1 hour and not a person told us that the bus wasn't coming. One of the passengers called Greyhound himself!!!! They sent Taxi Cabs to take us to our next stop. The driver said he made this trip at least 2-3 times a week. That is not acceptable for a business. Saddest trip I have made in my life and I am 69 yrs. old, with multiple medical problems, ONLY FOR A GRANDSON'S GRADUATION .... I know you don't care........

Posted by Anonymous

My greyhound experience was absolutely horrible. Here's how it went. I had a printed ticket that I was going to use to pay $39 to go to Houston from Baton Rouge on the same day of purchase. The printed ticket read that I had to present this ticket to customer service an hour before my depart time. My depart time was 8:25 pm and I was expected to arrive in Houston at 1:55am. I arrived at 7:00 to see that no representative was on duty. When I asked the security guard where were they, he said that they were on lunch break. ALL OFF THEM! I tried to keep calm by waiting patiently for someone to come. Mind you, there are two other people ahead of me in line. A representative came out the back at about 7:15. She was talking and sounded like she was flirting with the customer in front of me. When it was finally my turn it was 7:24. She told me that I only had 3 hours after I had printed that ticket to get it at that price. I print the ticket at 1:00pm. This was not said AT ALL on the ticket. She said I would have had a chance to buy another with a credit card at the same price but it was now 7:25! She told me my only option was to pay $74 or print another ticket for the 12:00am bus. The library is closed at this point so I had to pay for the 8:25 bus because I had no printer. Had someone been on duty, I would have had about 15 min to pay for another ticket on my cellphone for about $40! I was completed upset. BUT WAIT!!! THE WORSE HAVEN'T HAPPENED YET! I paid for the $74 ticket as tears filled my eyes because I really didn't have much money. When I got on the bus, the outlets weren't working and my phone battery was already low. I fell asleep to get in a few resting hours for school when I felt the bus swerve to the side of the road. We were parked in Lake Charles, La on the side of the road. Everyone is looking around like, "What's going on?" It took the bus driver 10 min before he told us that his engine light was on. It is 11:30pm. He cut off the bus and the bus instantly got hot. He told us it would take two hours for a mechanic or another bus to get there. He was waiting on whoever came first. He went on to tell us that people never check the bus engines. They just drive it back and forth with no break only filling it with gas. We were park on the side of the woods where anything could have jumped out and attacked. It was pitch-black outside. On the side of the highway. No street lights. I had no phone service to tell my family. Now 2 hours have past and its 1:30am and we are wondering where is the mechanic or bus. The bus driver then tells us that another bus would be there at 4 or 5 o'clock!!!!! I couldn't sleep on the hot bus; I just sat there frustrated. Finally the bus comes at exactly 3:58am. We boarded the bus and headed to Houston. The outlets worked on this bus so I charged my phone and told my family what was going on. We arrived in Houston at 6:23am. I immediately called a taxi and went home because I had school for 9. The sad apart about it all was that I could have paid for the 12:00 bus for much cheaper and gotten there for the same time. This all happened yesterday. I called the bus station today to ask for a refund and they said no. They told me my ticket is nonrefundable. They didn't offer me anything. I am now about to speak with a lawyer. Thanks for you time. By far, ONE OF THE WORSE DAYS OF MY LIFE. Thanks Greyhound.

Posted by Carol1949

On June 26, 2014 I left New York on Greyhound to Chicago. The bus was overbooked, so I had to go on the second bus which was did not have extra legroom as advertised. We were told that this bus may or may not continue to Chicago. The bus driver was fairly new and nearly side swipped another van coming out of the Lincoln Tunnel.
When we arrived in Cleveland, we were told that this bus would not continue on to Chicago and we had to disembark and remove all of our belongings and get our luggage and get the bus to Chicago at another gate. While attempting to remove my luggage from the bus, the baggage handler kept insisting that this bus was going to Chicago. I insisted that I was told to get my luggage and get on another bus. Finally he removed my luggage and tossed to me. Finally, we boarded the bus to Chicago and come to find out that this was the same bus that I had been on from New York even though we were told that we had to board an entirely different bus. Since we had left New York late we had to make up time, so our rest stops were shortened. So we finally arrived in Chicago only 45 minutes late.

Posted by CeceliaWhite

On the 9th of May I was on my way back home to Gulfport Ms coming from my home town Phx Az. I like greyhound cheap and fun at times. This time I wasn't to happy with them at all Got off in Dalls Tx I was to get back on in Dalls, do yall know that they had over book the dam bus to where they had to get another bus so that made me 4 hours late to get home and plus lost my bag. I didn't get my bag for a hold day and then when I got it you can look until that some one went in to it. As I was still at the bus station I opened my bag right in Front of a greyhound worker so they can see that my bag was open and went through. who ever went through my bag stole everything I had in my dam bag. I filled out the claim and now they telling me I cant get no money from my stole thing. Im thinking about get a lawyer for this. Underwear was stole to who would do something like that. I will never ever ride greyhound again and my family and friends will not.

Posted by Hard

I had purchase a ticket in February 15/2014 my mother became very ill she almost died but we got her to the hospital just in time and I call greyhound and told them about the situation ok I was told to fax the paper work showing why I was unable to make the trip so I fax the paper work off so now they got everything mix up with a situation that happen in 2012 and this is 2014 so I spoke with and agent her name was miss harris badge number 2269 she took me through all the ropes I was told to my customer Id number down and my confirmation number down as well and put down the number from the fax machine number down also ok I did everything so they put the cash back on the card that was canceled so the agent spoke with her supv .so now they was going to send me out a check I never did get the check but the money that they put on my card was money from 2012 not 2014 so ok I spoke with another supv she was very rude she tells me that she see around trip ticket for me but she tell me I have too show proof that I paid for a ticket the proof is wright there in front of you what more proof do you need so she hangs the ohone up in my face and the agent that my her supv on the phone she was nasty also now the got things mix up again now they saying I have to show proof that the passenger was ill im the passenger I wasn't ill it was my mother that was ill and almost died not me and every time I talk with these people they give me a different story they either saying it's going to take 7 to 14 business days or the paper work is not wright or it's going to take 6 to 8 weeks I have seen a lot of 7 to 14 days go by and 6 to 8 weeks go by and I have not nothing the ticket they kept of mine and the money.

Posted by dan

Greyhound is the worst ever. I would much rather hitch hike then to have to with idiot and very rude drivers and employees. I will just post videos online and to news to let everyone how greyhound works

Posted by Anonymous

I think I will never ride Greyhound again.
I had a ticket to travel to Silver Spring, I had an emergency and couldn't make it...they would not refund my ticket, they told me I could change to another date, but had to pay $20 extra, and I had to go to the bus station one day before the trip, which is something I couldn't do either because of kind of sucks.

Posted by DEWAYNE

Greyhound has decided to take the familiar "Greyhound Dog" logo off the side of the bus and replace it with a "Grey Donkey". This will further express there feeling towards customers and their speed of service. Any questions or remarks should be sent to the law firm of Greyhound. Dewey, Cheatem & How. LLC

Posted by Austin

I purchased a ticket from my cell phone. When I got to the Chicago bus station I found that all buses that day had been cancelled due to ice. They had already been cancelled at the time I purchased the ticket from the website. The phone lines for the bus station weren't working so I couldn't call to check before taking a taxi to the station. I assumed that I wouldn't be charged on my credit card. When I got the bill, guess what? I called and was told rudely that it clearly states the ticket is not refundable and I could have rescheduled another trip. Perhaps they should keep their website updated instead of selling tickets for nonexistent buses.

Posted by Mad Murphy

Yep, my story is about the same. I was in the middle of mexico (they partner with a Mexico bus company) when I found I needed to change the date of my return. they said I had to do it at a ticket agent. I told them I was no where near a ticket agent. In response they just told me my ticket was void after the travel date. Tried the e-mail route got the same answers. There has to be a law that requires a company to do certain things when they sell a "refundable" ticket. We need to unite and do a class action suit. I can't beleive anyone would do this in the U.S.A.

Posted by icijt4luv

I Will Make It My Personal Business To Make Greyhound Taste Like In Other Peoples Mouth. The Rich Needs To Stop Getting Richer Off The Hard Working Man. Owner Or Owners Of Greyhound Gte Off Your Rich Ass And Work Like Us Middle Class Then Maybe You Would Stop Robbing Us Hard Working People Of Our Money.

Posted by icijt4luv

greyhound is a thief. first of all they sale you the highest ticket possible. then they dont let you know that it is no refundable. then they tell you to hold the ticket until you want to go and pay them just 20 more dollars to change it to a day you would want to go even though you are not planning on going. messing with greyhound they took and kept a total of 140!!!! i waited on the 6th in rain and ice for a bus that the greyhound said was still coming but never showed and they still want give me my money back.DO NOT RIDE GREYHOUND!!! PEOPLE US HARD WORKING MIDDLE CLASS PEOPLE STOP I REPEAT STOP MAKING THE RICH RICHER. DO NOT RIDE GREYHOUND!!!! One more thing the refund no. 2148498966 does not work but they give that no. to people and 90% of the people on the phone can not speak or understand good english. DO NOT RIDE GREYHOUND.

Posted by David518

I purchased a ticket online for my grandson to travel from CA to NY two days later. A few hours after purchasing the ticket, I found out that he had already made travel arrangements. I called Greyhound immediately to cancel the ticket. I was told that I would receive no refund. I pointed out that the confirmation email mentioned nothing about the ticket being non-refundable. I tried to explain that I purchased the ticket in error. "Customer Service" would not budge. They said that I could schedule the same trip at another time...for an extra fee of $20!

I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. This is unacceptable. Greyhound has literally robbed me of $245 for a service that is not being used. And if there are absolutely no refunds, they should state that in their confirmation emails.

I spoke to a Customer Service representative who refused to put me through to a supervisor. When I demanded that, I was put through to a supervisor who refused to help me. When I asked what were the next levels of appeal, she told me that there were none and that the buck stopped with her. Very, very rude.

It will now be my personal mission to let everyone know just how bad this company is.

Posted by m.nnni87

HATE THEM!! I swear worse decision of my life I purchase a ticket for my husband to come for thanksgiving, by accident I forgot a num on the add and now I haven't received it in the mail yet but I even took pictures of the confirmation num and the receipt showing him that the ticket was all purchase. I went to the station and even call greyhound to see if he could just print the confirmation and picture I send him and they said no that I was out of luck and had to purchase another one even tho i went and got a receipt saying the ticket was paid for for a round trip and they still say no. I went to the station and they can pull up my ticket with my confirmation and verified the name its under but they there ablebto print it if they wnated Mmm to but the comoany doesn't let them?? Seriously even tho I have prove I made the purchase this is crazy. I'm not sure how there still on business after so much complaints about then stealing ppl money because that's what there doing stealing...

Posted by Anonymous

i haven't even used greyhound and i think it's a bunch of bull. the only sort of information the purchasing page gives you is different types of tickets (which, all seem the same accept the fact that you pay twice as much for a "refundable" ticket.) it seems that if one were to purchase a 'refundable ticket" you would be able to do so up until the day before the departure, and not have to bend over backwards to get things situated. in any sort of context, any returns are usually within seven days of purchasing. not this place i guess. i will never use this company, ever. And i suggest, if you want to keep customers and not have a slew of law suits on your hands, you get your act together greyhound. This is ABSURD. what kind of business is this? OH YEA. business of stealing. I get it. Scumbags. It's hard enough for people to travel these days, and when they believe they are able to buy an affordable ticket to do so, and something comes up that they are able to be changed, or refunded, seeing as the services have not been rendered. GET IT TOGETHER. your logic = not logic.

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Gilberto Versailles . On october, 31 I purchased 2 e-tickets for me and my wife from Silverr Springs to New York after I gave all the information required for the purchase,but according to your website the pure he failed because there was a problem with the cv# of my credit card and that I should contact my credit card office. I decided to made the purchase using another credit card and everything was fine. But when I was cheking my e mail I saw that there was 2 confirmation numbers for the same purchase for thesame purchase. I printed the ticket with . I would like a refund for the other ticket.

Thank you. G.versailles

Posted by Anonymous

Greyhound fare return policy is not fare. I bought a ticket at a fare price but ended not needing the trip. The trip was bought 21 days before depart day. Now I'm in neefof my fare that I decided to cancle. I looked through Greyhound return policy on the internet to see what I needed or what I had to do in order to get my return.It gave me a list of ways you can get a return. The following day I went to Greyhound to do the walk in to return my ticket.

Posted by Anonymous

My Name Is Nelly Ngugi From Huntsville Tx.i Booked Greyhound Bus From Dallas To Huntsville Tx Together With My Two Kids On 07.21.2013.your Agent Deducted 600 Dollars From My Visa Card She Told Me This Is Fare From Dallas To Hunstville Alabama Which Was Not My Destination....i Talked To The Agent And She Told Me Not To Worry I Will Get My Refund Back After 10 Working Days. Ihv Sent My Tickets For Your Reference ..i Have Called Endless Times To Your Office And Given False Refund Is 433.50 Dollars Which Remained After My Real Fare Was Deducted.this Is 5 Months Please Help Me To Get My Refund.WHEN ICALL THE AGENTS TELLS ME MY MONEY WAS REFUNDED ON 08.29.13 WHICH AFTER GIVING MY VISA NUBER THE REFUND DO NOT SHOW ...I NEED NY 400.33 DOLLARS OR GUIDE ME HOW TO GET IT THIS IS VERY UNFAIR

Posted by screwgreyhound2013

I think greyhound is a big joke, I took greyhound in march to go to tennesse and on my way there the window blew out down the highway in wyoming and because of that they changed my ticket 3 times so I don't have the original and then when I headed back in april the bus broke down and once again my ticket was changed 3 different times and greyhound will not refund my ticket because I don't have the original ticket. That's messed up I paid almost 300.00 just one way.

Posted by Anonymous

Worst Bus Company In The World...if You Are Reading Not Use This Bus Line...major...major Rip Offs....i Would Rather Walk !!!!

Posted by miccomike

im going to sue your compnay if i dont get my refund for dropping me off 86 miles from final destination. you are going to refund my money or else. i will sue you just because you are liars.

Posted by Simona

I had Greyhound tickets for a trip from Ocean City, MD to New York City with a transfer in Salisbury. Well...City never showed up. My husband had to close our store and drive us to Salisbury where we barely made it... 6 weeks and then maybe get some sort of a refund. Thanks a lot! If there is ANY other company that you can use to get where you have to, DO NOT use Greyhound.

Posted by Anonymous

...the passenger, rather than just the holder of the credit card. She immediately contacted Greyhound customer service in Dallas, ... that she must buy another ticket, but promised a refund for the incorrect one. We have phoned and written to Greyhound numerous times since then. They always promise the refund but have not provided it.

Posted by ejs

... you try to get a refund for a "refundable" ticket, you spend days and days without getting a live person. ... their website that you can submit a request for a refund form (that takes weeks to arrive), then ... them, but you won't get your refund (six weeks later unless you ... paper ticket. If you purchased this "refundable" ticket on-line, you are out ...

Posted by Anonymous

... at night for hours, needless to say we didn't get on the bus & now not even sure we will get refunded- Are they all on crack!! What a poor piss company! How nice to treat customers who flippen count on you to get somewhere & pay you for service that you don't give!! You need a serious wake up-without us riders you have NO job stupid!!!

Posted by Kyle

... of town in the middle of the night and the station was closed up with a sign on the door saying that we should come back the next day for a refund or a reschedule. I have been trying for 4 months now to get my refund! I have followed all their instructions (mailing in the tickets, filling out the form etc... agent I talk to a month later says that they did not and will not send a refund...) It has been a very frustrating experience. Greyhound is a hive of wretched villainy and grasping, greedy criminals protected by a thick layer of irritating ...

Posted by AngryCustomer

...ticket online and waited an hour a head of schedule at 7:00 but the bus never came all the way until I gave up at 9:00 p.m. The only greyhound bus I saw must have been the one was suppose to take but guess what, it skipped my stop because it was running late. others bus departing that night. When I email them that response with a "sorry" but we don't care so no refunds; I didn't even as for a refund just a change in traveling date or time at least. Calling them is no an option because I got robot speaking to me with...

Posted by don't try greyhound I have ever met. There is a couple taking charge of greyhound. The couple is so rude that you can't imagine.... But they didn't give us. When we asked for refund, they shouted at us :"get out"... we call the customer service, they said getting refund at the bus station was the fastest way. But they asked ...

Posted by heatherlei

My daughter purchased a ticket, to return to college in Syracuse, NY, for $69.00, from 7-Eleven, following Greyhound's internet instructions. The bus ... Today is April 26, 2012. I have been trying to get a refund via email, phone and the mail, ever since. ... person who then doesn't know how to help you. I mailed copies of tickets to the refund address in Dallas, Texas via returned receipt. I was suppose to get a refund within 6-8 weeks. It's been 10 weeks since they signed for my ... the Dallas, Texas, Better Business Bureau in hopes of getting a refund, and am filing complaints at all the web sites ...

Posted by KRoberts

...08Jul2011 I originally purchased 2 tickets over the phone with a Greyhound agent with my Visa debit departing ...hospitalized. On 4-6-12 I went back to the Merced, CA Greyhound bus station and spoke with agent ...called 1-214-849-8966 ( Greyhound customer svc ) that same day, and the agent I spoke ...spent on that ticket. Beforehand I explained to both parties that I didn't want a refund because I fully understood the refund policy. I just wanted to change the departure date on the remaining ... ticket. For this reason will I never do business with Greyhound again, and will eventually complain to someone ...

Posted by ihategreyhound

Greyhound is the worst! I had booked my son on the bus for March 23 and had to get the tickets... weekend and she tells me that I have to call them back 2 days before he is to travel so we can exchange the tickets (maybe!) if the...I have a feeling that I'm going to be out the money that I paid for the original tickets and no exchange for the different weekend. And on top... understand. She had a really bad Spanish accent. Getting a refund seems to be EXTREMELY difficult according to the hoops that you have to jump through to MAYBE get a refund. Not looking forward to dealing with this again in a week ...