Google Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Google below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Google so others can benefit from what you learned.

Google Return Policy

Google's return policy maintains that individuals can return a device within 15 days of purchase. To return a product, customers should contact the Google Play Support team to receive an authorization to proceed with the return. Customers should be aware that they may be charged a restocking fee with the return of a product.

As soon as Google receives a product that has been returned, then it will provide a refund into a Google Wallet account. The amount that will be refunded will include the full cost of the product, along with any fees for shipping and handling charges.

If a customer suspects that a device is defected, then he or she has up to 21 days to return the device to Google. Beyond this time period, Google retains the right to charge a Google Wallet account for the full amount of the device. Google may also decide to provide you with a replacement device, and Google retains the right to provide customers with a refurbished or brand new device.

Individuals must have a Google Wallet account in order to initiate transactions with Google, as well as receive refunds for any returns of products to Google. It is free to create a Google wallet account.

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Posted by Don't have one

My grandson has been playing Konami slots on my tablet and has racked up close to $300 out of my bank account. He is in special ed and I have allowed him to play when I first down loaded the game. However March 1st thru 3-8th he has been really making purchases. He said he was trying to get bonuses, and the games would not let him. I am not sure if there is anything you can but this is a strain on my budget. I had not played myself in a while because the game is ridiculous had to get bonuses and the spin button is too close to the max. Button you can easily lose all your money right away.

Posted by none

ON DEC. 23 2016

kats 22100 battery wrap




can you help please?

Posted by Google play

My phone was lost on 2/15/15 .sprint advised me to call your office. The person who found the phone is charging games on the phone. There are (3) games 50.00 each. When I lost the phone I called sprint to report it lost. I hope you can stop this from happening. My phone number was The games charged are clatch of clans. I cannot get into my gmail because I don't know my password. How can I retrieve it. You can reach us at thank you Celina orozco

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a goggle gift card for my grandson and he lost it never used it is there anything I

Posted by tom

There is NO restocking fee.

Posted by tom

This articles has several errors in it. The return policy is within 15 days of receiving the order. Then the customer has 14 days of receiving an RMA to return it to Google. It is not 21 days. AND..Google issues a refund [new devices returned within 15 days] in your Google Wallet account for the amount paid for the device. Shipping and handling charges are not refunded. Over 15 days, the 1 year warranty kicks in and does not cover customer abuse.

Posted by Steve

I purchased Chrome device for my TV. After 4 days of fighting with it I got it set up and ready to stream my first movie only to have it play 20 seconds them say it couldn't load. I cannot find anyway to return this device or get help. They wanted a $150 to help me set it up for a $29 device. Not impressed with Google and se how they got so rich screwing their customers.

Posted by

This is the day before Thanksgiving sand I am being charged 99.99 for something called Google*Word which i have never heard of in trying to get a refund of my money i met all kinds of opposition. I never knew that Google were crooks. Also I received no notification of this charge but it definitely came out of my checking account. I need my money, I am very dissapointed with your service.

Posted by justkim76

... waiting 2+ weeks to even get a tracking number on the 16gb Nexus 10 ordered on release day, 11/13. It is still currently in stock and never went to backorder status. Every time we call customer service we're ...service center is just a call center and have no real power to do anything. We will eventually, maybe, be refunded our shipping cost but they can't do anything else for us because ...

Posted by Anonymous

... any response from you except when you are after payments.I have written over and over again...,and while my payment of a storage contract as it appears on our credit card statement is not earthshaking, you have been paid $2.50 yet you saw...and respectfully ask you to refund our Master credit card the $2.50. Thank you,...

Posted by tee3 asked for order to be cancelled. Recieved email that it had been shipped 2 days into my holiday! Whilst I was 500 miles away. Obviously not at home to take delivery, so item returned to Google. Tracking details for delivery showed as invalid. the timescale promised Google still have my money, despite telling me it was refunded 11 days ago.

Posted by Michael 1951

... because of the inability to unlock the screen. I reported the fault to Google and it took ages before they even responded. Weeks later I have returned my faulty item (Still with the threat hanging... may not fall within the warranty cover), have not received a replacement and they &...

Posted by DD

... defective out of the box (touchscreen becoming unresponsive over time). I made the mistake of leaving the country with it, as I travel for work a lot. When attempting to get it replaced, I was told my product is without a warranty, as the warranty only applies to the country I purchased it in. I was able to escalate the issue, and have had a week-long email exchange with some twit named Beau who is unable to help me, speaks to me in far too a familiar and patronizing way, and ...

Posted by KSSR

... and was told an advance replacement unit would be issued and a hold for the amount would be placed on the credit card untill the original defectice unit was received. I waited...would speed things up and release the $200.00 hold on my credit card. It's been another week,the hold is still there and ... hold to expire and then they would iss ue a refund for the original defective purchase. So I would be paying $600.00 before I could receive replacement for the original defective unit that was shipped to me. Google's sales/ customer service policies Suck! and I ...

Posted by no more google for me

... they have no authority to do anything. My credit card was charged over 3 weeks ago and i still do...tablets yet. he told me i had to wait for them to refund me but if i still wanted a tablet ... weeks of different answers from different customer service people. google should never sell things directly... they have no idea how to ship items and ...

Posted by ebulldogsnet

... the "$100 free advertising campaign coupon" with Google Ad Words. Additionally, I gave them access to my credit card for a $... whatever advertising venue before. In January I realized that they had NOT charged me in November, but had charged me twice ... department to get back the money that they charged me when I did NOT ask for a revolving account. I'll be happy enough to post a "positive" comment if they refund the monies that they fraudulently took from me. We'll ...

Posted by Rex

Well, we spend about $6K a month advertising with Google. Never got a reply when emailing them, ever until today. Evidently, you can only get an account rep you can call when you spend over .... We had an issue with our on-line updating our accounts where we could not change it online. So, we went through the process. If you call the 866-246-6453 number,...dumped into voice mail. Emails for the most part are not returned. I got a hold of their collections and he gave .... They couldn't help me, but I got a copy of Googles Human Resources Employee complaint email address. So...

Posted by Anonymous

we had out checkout through google, after the 2nd day of using this and shipping out 17 orders costing my company over $1400, they closed my account and refunded everyones money, even though I had entered that they ... tracking numbers! They say once an order has been charged that you should go ahead and ship, so I did. Only for them...