Goodwill Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Goodwill below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Goodwill so others can benefit from what you learned.

Goodwill Return Policy

Since Goodwill provides quality new and used items at reasonable prices, they are unable to issue cash refunds. Please keep in mind that Goodwill is a non-profit organization. Goodwill works to provide employment opportunities and training to those who have difficulties finding work due to a disability, lack of education or lack of experience.

For those unsatisfied with their purchase, Goodwill offers the following guidelines:
  • In store credit will be issued for clothing within ten days of purchase with tags and original receipt.
  • All other items are sold as is.
  • Sale items are not returnable.
  • Price adjustments are not given.
  • Sale prices are in effect for the day of sale only.
  • Please have ID available when requesting in store credit.

See what others are saying about Goodwill returns, refunds and exchanges

Posted by An Ex-Loyal Customer

I once was one of Goodwill's most loyal customers; however, after the return policy was changed, I stopped shopping there. I purchased all of my family's clothes and would only return them if they did not fit after they tried them on at home. Dragging my whole family shopping with me is not an option. Being unable to exchange anything is too risky and no longer a good deal if something is wrong.

Shame on you Goodwill for being greedy and self-serving. You do not care about your customers and your business will suffer.

Posted by nomoregoodwill

I'm done shopping at Goodwill. They are the worst charity I've ever encountered. I will never donate another sock, shirt or skirt to them ever again. Sick and tired of seeing 2.99 price tags on Dollar Tree items, 3.99 on microwave-trashed plasticware, cracked plates and burned teflon pans -- they are selling free magazines for .99 and a can of Campbell's tomato soup for 1.99! Something is very wrong with this charity. They should be investigated. This is fraud

Posted by princess K

Goodwill needs a new name Badwill for PROFIT Only. I used to be a regular customer but not anymore. Prices are sometimes higher than in the store and refund policy is ridiculous. Case in point....I looked at an item with original store sticker $1.99---Goodwill sticker 2.99. I asked them why I couldn't get it for $1.99. Response-we need to make money too. Really!!!!
How much is the CEO making? Never round up your purchase---it's a joke!

Posted by anyomous

Goodwill in sunnyside wa, will never shop there again. Bought clothes for my step daughter. Clothes did not fit, took back three days later with original receipt. The lady said the items did not match the receipt. Everything was original. The employee told me she would not except anything. Then told me I could never exchange anything in the future and that they had cameras. I felt so offended I didn't know how to react. I will never go back. My sister said she would have made a fit, but I was with my baby and did already felt humiliated and embarrassed. I tried to explain, but the employee was rude and kept interrupting me.

Posted by Rodney

Can I exchange my men suit I bought and never wear 1day

Posted by Anonymous

I bought 3 pairs of shoes. Took the sticker off bottom because I was told no returns unless I had the sticker. Since I wore the shoes I put the sticker on the receipt. Wore one pair one time and they fell apart. Tried to exchange and store manager told me sticker had to be on shoe. When I explained that I wore the shoe one day and the sticker would have fallen off she still refused exchange. I have called district office...doubt they willl call back. Will never shop there again.cgnt

Posted by Badwill

Goodwill is DISGUSTING IN GREED.the ceos make millions off of over pricing donated items. When buying a jacket i get home and find that its sleeves are too short for my husband. I go back the next day to exchange it and the man points to this tiny sign behind him that says no returns or exchanges. Thwy should make that clear when you are first purchasing.

Posted by JA.Tucson

People shop here because they don't have the money to buy new, and yet you throw whatever is donated into your shelves not knowing if it works or not. I don't know how you price things, if you don't even know if it works. I bought a DVD player for my daughter's room, paid $10 and it didn't even work, that's just not right, all I have to say is goodwill sells what people "donate" they dont don't even check if it works, then have a no return policy, just a bunch of rip offs!!!

Posted by CJ

I hate the new return policy in Tennessee. I bought two steam carpet cleaners at the Jackson store. They looked brand new. They ran when they were plugged in but when I went to use them, neither worked. The hoses were blocked or the suction wouldn't work or something. Had to toss both of them. What a waste of money. At least they were half price so I only paid $4.99 each but I'll never buy electronics from goodwill again.

Posted by N/a

Now! I have always donated to good will that must run it to the thousands of Dallas over the years. When asked to downate after buying something to the rounded up amount, I do so. Just brought back a item that did not work! They refuse to give me my money back! This is premeditated fraud! Than I find out that the CEO's are getting paid houndreds of thaousonds of dollars. I will do no more business with these fasacest pigs!

Posted by No longer a Goodwill customer

Sooo.... the Goodwill in Fayetteville TN told me they don't do refunds at all or exchanges anymore. I don't know that I'll be going to goodwill from now on because of this. It always kind of irked me about the double taxing, & the false advertising (items in the wrong box or items broken inside boxes that you can't open till you buy it). But it didn't bother me too much because I knew if I got a dud I could always take it back and find something else. Apparently not anymore. So your telling me that I give you stuff to sell, pay taxes on your merchandise when its all already had the tax paid on them, and donate my money to Goodwill and this is how they gonna be?? I don't think so, your messing up Goodwill.

Posted by YouCheatedOutOfMyHardEarnedMoney

Returned an item at the West Covina store on the corner of Amar and Azusa. I bought an electrical item that didn't work and it was the 7th and last day for the return. I didn't have time to shop around when I was in there for the return so I requested store credit for another time. They said no and were treating me like I was crazy. They told me to take it back to another store. I was not able to get store credit unlike their own store policy states. When walking out I threw the item in the trash can. They were so rude. Never stepping foot in there or any Goodwill store again. Oh and they wouldn't give me my receipt back

Posted by Mad af

Bought a coffee pot worked fine one time now I find out it's leaking water/coffee all over my counter. Sounds like I'm out my $7 since its been over 24 hours and it's electric. Going to go throw it in their parking lot in the morning.

Posted by G00DWILL_GEEK

Why do we have to pay taxes twice on used items? Let alone they try to tell us that they don't mark prices on the items they get in. Find something with no price on it and watch them take it to the back and put a price on it. One mentioned depending on how they fell that day that is how they mark the prices on the items. If He/She is mad the prices are marked up. If they are having a good day they mark the prices down.

The sad part is now the prices on the used items are now higher than a brand new one at Wal-Mart and other places. No need to stop by and buy broken items only to be forced to get a store credit. No thanks, give me my money back.

They pay people to check the items before putting it out. But it seems no one does it. 99% of the time there is a different item in the box than what it shows on the outside. Then they have the nerve to put a sign up not to open the packages up. As bad as Goodwill is you have to open the package to even see if it works let alone not be damaged or have some of the parts in it.

I will never buy or shop at Goodwill again. High prices, crappy customer service. Double taxes and give me a gift card for selling me a broken item. Take it back and the next day it is back on the shelf waiting for someone else to buy it. I guess they hope that they next buyer will just throw it away and not bring it back.

Posted by Whistler33

Goodwills CeO makes millions yet the stores he runs-which also serve low income popukations with affordable goods - cannot come up with a better return policy that shoukd at least have a 36 hr window to return the goods for a full 100% refund CHOICE not just an in store credit you must use that day! And the Manager was rude TO A 60 YEAR OLD RETIRED GRANDMA IN FRONT OF HER GRANKIDS,,!

Posted by Disgusted

I USED to be a fan of GW. I convinced a lot of people to start shopping there. UNTIL these rediculously shady policy changes went into effect. I used to shop at GW a few times per month, now I won't waste my time and neither will anyone I can worn about your rip off prices and return policies. The last time I was there I noticed you only have 75% off tag sales on Tuesday now and none on Sunday,or Monday. I also noticed that your prices are beyond ridiculous but even more or the same as new. I purchased a CD/radio only to get it home and find out the CD player doesn't work. I brought it back and was told that I would only be able to get in store credit. What? I was never told that they were going to change this. As far as in store credit goes, I won't be coming back to use it. I took the radio back from the cashier (so they couldn't re- sell it. Everything you get is donated! No you have to double charge people. My friend was looking for a used board game and I told her if she wanted to waste her money make sure to sit there and un -tape all their games in boxes to check that everything was there and that everything worked cause she can't return it. I'm sure that you have added testing stations so that people can test all electronics, things that need to be plugged in, and open anything taped up. You've made enough money off of used, over priced, ripped, and just flat out crap stuff.

Posted by Krissti

Where was my in store credit. I got Jack at the register. I exchanged my shoes that the soles fell apart on the moment I put them on for a couple sodas. I had about 3.50 extra and was forced to spend it in the store that the checkout line. I bought a strangers books. Then I still had 53 cents left and the cashier kept asking me to donate it! I had to leave my goodness!

Posted by Martha

I returned to Goodwill in Lebanon TN within a week of purchase to exchange two too-small shirts I'd bought there for my husband, only to be told they don't accept exchanges! In my memory Goodwill has not issued refunds for returns, but they have indeed allowed exchanges. Is this a new across-the-board policy, or couid it simply be a result of the grasping nature of this particular franchisee (whose prices seem ridiculously high anyway)?

Posted by Anonymous

I went to return an item and the cashier had told me that it's been more than 7 days of the purchase. I was like yeah I know, figured that returns were like any other store of at least 30 days. She apologized but still couldn't help me. It's not like I wore the item or took the tag off, was disappointed that I had to walk out of the store. So glad that I hadn't made a big purchase, but it's still upsetting that they couldn't even offer a store credit. Beware of the time of your purchase because it's only 7 days that they allow you to return an item! Ridiculous in my opinion.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a mocicrowave there and while I understand that those products are sold "as is" I plugged it in and let it run for a full min. It seemed fine and there were other people trying to use he outlet so I bought it and brought it home. It turns out the whole top of the inside of it is blackened and the vents inside as it had caught on FIRE at some point. I hadn't realized this since I was trying to get out of the middle of the aisle so people could use the outlets.
So yeah I get the whole as is thing but I did everything I could to make sure it worked ok and do your sticker not inspect things?? Of course not. That's why you sell broken stuff all of the time. I don't care where the money goes..people that shop here usually do so because they can't afford retail prices and are willing to buy into your crap about "helping people" when we all know where the money goes. The founder. Most of it anyway. Naturally the company has to pay its workers. Hence your whole crap about "providing jobs". Let me let you in on something...EVERY store provides jobs. You shouldn't sell broken things and not allow at least store credit on them. Now I'm out that money and buying another one will be that much harder. Thanks for that

Posted by Anonymous

I received "in-store credit" and was never advised there was an expiration date, nor did the card I was given indicate one (Goodyear AZ, Estrella Parkway store). I returned several months later to use it only to discover at check out that it has "expired" less than a month prior and while the cashier said this to me she slid the card into the drawer (did not even return it to me so I could challenge it). When I expressed my surprise of "an expiration date" the cashier even said "I didn't know they expired either". I told her this was very disappointing and I will have to consider any future purchases considering my loss of $15+. Ironically after checking out and receiving this receipt it now displays the new return policy and states you have 6 months to use any "in-store credit". Not sure when the policy was instituted as I don't recall seeing this on my previous receipt but more unbelievable that the staff was not aware of their own policies.

Posted by Anonymous

Charged me 2 times and when I went back with receipt and bank statement the next day, guy says that check would be mailed! A week later I call to see what happened! Manager Chris says he received approval to refund in store! I go there, and he had lost the receipt! The woman who double-charged me stood at her register mean mugging me! I waited 30 minutes & ended up in 5pm traffic! He was apologetic, but I called him an hour prior so I don't understand that! I also noticed that the prices are getting to be ridiculous for donated items!

Posted by DianenBib

I want to start by saying I am a longtime GW fan. BUT, after leaving the Lakewood Ranch store yesterday I am quite confused.

How can it be legally and morally right for a store to be able to sell the same item twice at my loss ?

Thursday I purchased a sofa for $70.00 and I left it there till I could return the next day with my truck. Something (I could explain in detail in a pm) totally unexpected and out of my control came up and I was unable to pick it up. BUT I did personally go back to the store in the allotted 24 hours and ask for a manager and explained what happened. He did appear sympathetic but told me the best he could do was extend me another 24 hours and if I didn't pick it up by then it would go back on the floor for sale . That was nice of him but It was still impossible for me to pick it up until two days longer than he offered.

I even offered to pay a storage fee or take a store credit and was told "no" to both.

So in a few more hours I am out my $70.00, AND have no sofa.......while the store has BOTH the $70.00 and the sofa AND can resell the sofa for ANOTHER $70.00 ?!!!!!!

It just doesn't seem right that they come out ahead over my misfortune. Sigh......

Posted by Anonymous

Great News! I posted a few days ago about my Panasonic DVD Theater System and Sony Video Camcorder Return and how I was only left with an in store credit. We'll, to make a long story short I reached out to corporate who directed me to the Store Manager Jenny. I spoke with her and she has been extremely helpful and professional and has worked with me in my situation. I believe when someone goes out of their way to help they should be recognized. Great Job Lumberton NJ store in working things out for this customer. #Satisfied Customer

Posted by TJ

They have changed everything, tag sale limited to Tuesday only now instead of sun,mon,tue,

I need more than one day, I'm busy on tuesday's, also only 75% off instead of 1.99.

coupon greed, no when you donate something your coupon is only good for 20% of a used item nothing new from target can you use your coupon on.

New return policy stinks, store credit only, Really !!!

Better build bigger stores because you are going to need them for all the stuff now that you've off all your customers,

Posted by Anonymous

No more goodwill for me, GREED

Posted by Josephmck

Disappointed to learn about the change to Goodwill's return policy. I have always "rounded up" but don't think I'll be doing that anymore.
I have admired GW for providing folks with limited means a shopping alternative. The return policy was part of special customer service & treating customers who may not have options with dignity. This change takes away that special treatment.
Changing your return policy draws a line in the sand--whether GW is a nonprofit or a retail business. Since you've made a decision in favor of business, my Charitable round up will go elsewhere.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a Panasonic DVD theater system for $99 dollars and a Sony Camcorder for $25 dollars and was told by the cashier that I could return items within 24 hours if it did not work. We'll, you probably can guess what happened - neither worked. I wasted no time and brought both back within a couple of hours to find out that they could only give me an in-store credit that will only last within 30 days. If I knew this I would have never taken the risk of this purchase. I feel whoever checked the incoming items failed me as well as the cashier for not informing me. Dissatisfied Customer.... Lumberton NJ

Posted by Bye bye goodwill!!

No refunds. No purchases. It's just that easy for me. Gonna start calling you "greedy goodwill".

Posted by Down with goodwill

Every one and anyone in California ready and willing to organize a state wide protest against goodwill industries please send me an email Let's take a few minutes months to rally and get together pickets to show them the power of the people. Believe me someone has to hear us. The one thing GOODWILL does NOT LIKE is NEGATIVE PUBLICITY we made them NOW LETS BREAK THEM john

Posted by kari_0624

I can't stand being asked to round up on my purchase. If the money was going to the underpaid staff rather than to increase upper managements' salaries, I would be inclined to donate. The refusal to give a refund on items returned within a 7 day period is infuriating. I will no longer be able to buy for family members who have me watch for specific things because of the no refunds. I hope those who agree with their newly instated no refund policy speak up! I won't be shopping there as much anymore.F

Posted by Anonymous

Possibly their customer base should all start protesting by not "rounding" purchase amounts up and donating the extra change like they always ask you to do at the end of the sale. This may get their attention!!

Posted by Anonymous

I purchase 2 sets of dinner plates and 2 sets of matching salad plates for $9.00 each totaling $36.00 plus tax. When I got them home and removed all the plastic they were wrapped in 9 out of 18 of them were cracked or chipped. They had put the best plates on the outside. This is a blatant scam to hide the broken items. When I took them back the next day I was told No Refunds. I suggest you remove all of the plastic wrap they put around thier items to cover the damage. This has happened several times on other itemd but I never returned them.This was Alot of money for broken China. I now still have to go out and buy more China because there was not even enough unbroken pieces to make a matching set. I was told at the store that I should redonate all of it because someone else would probably be happy to buy it.I draw social security and cannot afford to throw away money like that.

Posted by Todd_WVU

you have to sue in small claims court to get the attention, they cant be selling defective items, i bought a luggage bag and the zipper was broken, I sued them for gross negligence because all of their worked are mentally retarded, and they are knowingly and willfully aware of that exact fact, they must have manager oversight when checking zippers on items for example by a manager who is mentally normal, the judge agreed and i got my 26.00 back

Posted by Kevin Caldwell

Okay I live in Hot Springs Arkansas and I bought a projector from the Goodwill store there on Central Avenue and when I got it home it did not even power up furthermore I had to go and buy a power supply from Walmart which I knew that I could take back and get my money back if I had any issue with the power supply and knowing that Goodwill policy was exchanges within 14 days are good for store credit only after I got the receipt I went to the store prepared to do battle to get my money back because I would not have spent $40 on this projector had I been able to test it before I left the store and I was going to ring them anew one if they didn't give me my money back which I really expected that they wouldn't per their policy comma and I was very surprised when they actually look at receipt and saw that I paid and gave me a cash refurefund!!! I called them before I went to take the projector back to see if they were going to be open and she told me on the phone that I couldn't get a cash refund and Only store credit so I'm not sure exactly what wind down in this scenario but I think I'm pretty sure God stepped in so I didn't have to lose my composure and cause a stink in front of everyone but I will say to Goodwill you should post your refund policy somewhere on the wall before people make a purchase so they can't say they didn't know until after the purchase

Posted by renee

I just left Goodwill and they told me they will not accept returns on electronic items...altho they also say they are tested before they put them on the the deep fryer that's lid will not open was tested? It was taped up inside the box, so it's not something I could have seen. I will be pitching a fit when I take it back...also the car vac that doesn't work....I go regularly for a booth I have, but this has me beyond discouraged with them.

Posted by anani

the good will in Fayetteville Tennessee has stated as of January they are no longer doing exchanges of any kind. you know for people who get it for free I don't quite understand this. none of there items say tested and so fourth. I don't understand how

Posted by Your loss

I Will Also Not Be Shopping At Any Goodwill Due To Their Selfish Money Hungry Ways. I Spend Over $5,000 A Month Re-selling For A Local Consignment Shop, And I Purchase Bulk, I Dont Have The Time To Go Theough Hundreds Of Items When Purchasing And Inevitably I Always Miss A Stain, Rip, Tear Or Malfunction. At Least Continue To Let Customers Exchange Something, You're Not Losing Anything But Another Customer Due To This Policy Change. Goodwill? Really? You All Have Nothing To Lose And Everything To Gain. What A Corrupt Business And Corporation.

Posted by I want my money back for a broke

I bought a 37 LG TV at Goodwill Store at 5880 Edinger Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92649, lastbMonday afternoon. Asked the Manager to test, she said no need because all items are tested before. If there isbany problem I have 7 days with the receipt to return and be refunded.Got home and the Tv is not working. Went back to the Store returned the item and the Manager fid nit gave my money back. Gave me a personal Store Credit to spend in all Goodwill. This is unacceptable because the item was told working is broken. How could you guys sell broken items saying it was tested and will refund your money back if it is not working. I want the 37 LG TV that I bought working or my money Back.

Posted by Angry

Goodwill, you can claim you are doing this to protect your employees all you like, but in reality, you are only hurting yourselves with this ridiculous new policy. So many people and organizations rely on the ability to return things when they do not work, or do not fit. Not everyone can try things on in the store, or use in-store credit. You should expect to see a major drop in clientele because, let's be honest, we are angry and fed up with your selfish changes!

Posted by Upset

Goodwill's no refund or exchange policy will certainly have an affect on my purchases. My wife and I buy for out grand daughter with the confidence that if it did not fit we could bring the items back for refund or exchange. I was buying cloths for my adult children as well. My wife and I spend $200/$300 or more a month at Goodwill but no longer. If we don't love it and it fits we don't buy it. We stopped buying cloths for anyone other than ourself. If you but it....You own it. I don't think Goodwill has a clue how much merchandise is being purchased for other people other than themselves. We won't be spending nearly as much as we use to and probably not be visiting Goodwill as often now. Bad business decision....Bad judgement to change their policy.

Posted by rickster

Not sure who's running things lately, but this chain of thrift stores is going down hill with their return policy. I have bought many items over the years at their stores and have occasionally returned an item with a full refund each time. This fair policy had always made me feel free to purchase even high-end items without fear of losing money because of an unexpected reason to return a purchase. With this one sided, customer unfriendly return policy, I will no longer gamble a high-end purchase ever again, and will most likely not purchase much from goodwill in the future. Goodwill is shooting themselves in the foot with this unfair policy. Sales will surely fall until they realize having a fair return policy is why they were popular and successful.

Posted by Jade. Lynn

I was informed today that Goodwill will no longer except returns on anything in the store you purchase. I buy clothes for my kids and I can't do that anymore because they may not fit or they may not like it. Seems ridiculous to me and we donate all the time. This was the store in Lexington, TN.


Posted by Lied to by manager

I purchased a stereo surround sound system at the transit road store in Depew NY for 65.00 that didn't work at all. I called the manager and after I explained my situation I was told to bring it back in. I returned to the store at the agreed time and was told that they do not issue returns for electronics that power on. This unit not only is missing parts and does not power up either. Prior to purchase I asked if there was any thing wrong with it and was told it worked and was complete. I'm still awaiting a decision from the manager who says he doesn't have the authority to issue a refund or credit.

Posted by Rafael

My name is rafael castillo.went to goodwill store in downgoody in georgia purchased 3dress try to exchange same day, they said is no exchange ior return in goodwill, no fair expenden money and no even have the change to exchange the item,never buy clothes anymore at goodwill

Posted by Rafael

My name is rafael castillo,i went to store to purchase 3 dress to my daugther,the size was perfect but the dress was fix them dont fit properly, i come back to exchange and goodwill of downgody in georgia said the do not do exchange in a item,spoke to manager and said policy is no return o exchange,i usually buy clothes in goodwill,but i wont do it any more,because this incident,is not fair, returning something after 2 hours of porchasing, the said no,

Posted by Not happy :(

When I purchase a used item, I assume I am risking losing my money. When I got home with 8 pair of pants that should have fit my son according to the manufactures tag, I was very surprised that not a single pair fit. I checked online for Goodwill's return policy and was happy to see it included in store credit! But hold on- the store where I shopped gave me NO RECEIPT and said maybe the policy I quoted them was for online purchases, the store does not accept returns, "There's even a sign on the door." #ripoff #bumrap

Posted by Unknown

Purchased some kids UGG boots and the were ruined inside. They did not let me return them. I also purchased woman's slack dress pants, when I went to try on at home they had vaginal discharge in them.

Tucson, AZ

LA Canada and Lambert street

Posted by bunnyfu7

I shop Goodwill almost everyday, back home in Arizona. They have a great return policy there, 14 days with tags attached and receipt. I'm vacationing in New England. Still love Goodwill shopping, but not to sure of return policy here. Hope the can take back the shirt (I didn't try on) and the fake Philip Lim bag. I'll use the credit while I'm here for certain.

Posted by What to dp

I brought something in Tennessee and it did not work, so I took it back and they gave me a gift card and said that I could use it at any goodwill store. Well when I came back home to Georgia and tried to use it they said that they do not take that kind of card. I will have to go back to Tennessee to use it. I'm out of money. If I would had known that I could not have use it when I got home, maybe I would have spent it when I was there.

Posted by Oscar

goodwill, I returned two items, paid 150 bucks for them and they never put the money back to my card. I waited 3-5 business days for it and none. They gave me a number to call and speak with some guy called Terry atherton and he never answer the fcking call. I leave tons of voice mails and nothing. Wtf . This happend in the mid rivers location in Missouri.

Posted by BigMac

We went to the store in Citrus Heights, Ca. Went back to return iclothing thinking we would get store credit. The store say no returns unless it is electronics. I showed him Goodwills policy and he stated we have our own return policy and we don't go by corporate return policy. I told him this business is a scam I will not shop at Goodwill again. It's all about making money for CEO and upper management and not to help the struggling people it portrays.

Posted by Very Disappointed

Ridiculous that goodwill sells items that are not complete in a sealed with rape box. When you find out it doesn't work the same hour you purchase they still will only give "store credit" what a racket! I will never donate to goodwill again. We have a hospice that sells and takes donations - they will be my #1 go to for donations and purchases.

Posted by Jeka

The return policy stated here is reasonable except that ALL items, including electronics and defective items should be returnable within the 10 days, not just clothing. I shop Goodwill stores in many areas. Most follow the policy stated on this page, but not so with the Sacramento stores. Why are some stores exempt from the national policy guidelines?

I purchased a tote bag at the Florin Road store yesterday. When I got it home, I realized it was too big. I assumed I could return it. I happened to look at the receopt, and it said "All sales final". I was shocked, so I went online to verify the return policy which stated that clothing with the original tags attached and an original receipt could be returned within 7 days.

I went to the store with the bag that still had the price tags attached and my original receipt. I asked for a credit. The cashier told me they didn't issue credits, but she called a manager for me. The manager told me she'd make an exception this one time, so I was able to get a credit. Everyone I encountered from the staff was polite.

After issuing the credit, the store kept my original receipt despite my objections. I need the receipt for my credit card records. Most companies can duplicate a receipt or they return the original to the customer. Goodwill should also return the original receipt to the customer.

I believe that the administrative offices need to make sure policies are followed in ALL stores. I will follow up with the administrative offices regarding the inconsistency in applying the refund policy.

Posted by Anonymous

Ive always donated to goodwill but the experience I had today I will never again I was in need of a bed frame emergency need so I call and am told they have 2 I asked for specific size and so I go buy one only to find out same side not workin g go back to return and they are telling me no refund so we try the next one doesnt fit together worthless junk im out 16.00 dollars if I was rich it wouldnt be a problem but I live on a budget out my money and a frame upset .

Posted by shoeless

I purchased a pair of shoes in Memphis, TN. I did not have time to try them on. I brought them back the same day. I was told no returns or exchanges that I could just donate the item back to the store. I had a receipt showing that I had purchased the shoes that morning. I just wanted to exchange them for another pair of shoes.

Posted by Bad review

Shoping at Oakwood Ga. Goodwill today was going to buy a $20.00 fish tank aquarium. Before doing so i ask manager if it were to leek could i bring back for tefund. Answer was "No" buy as is.
Would'nt even offer a store credit.i asked had they checked it out to be sure it would hold water. He quickly replied "No" this person was to the point and made it clear to me and many other customers of their policy. have a clearer idea of how Goodwill operates. Takes ppl donations and re-sells them for profit with no return if items turn out to be bad.
I push the cart to the side and told him i dont throw my money away on things that i could'nt be sure to work.

Posted by ssweet

We purchased several items yesterday at our local store. Several of the items were bedding items. I washed the items only to pull them out of the dryer only to see the one with paint on it. Someone used it as a drop cloth when they painted. Some ppl are just plain ignorant. However the staff should have seen this before they placed it out for ppl to buy. They are just as bad.

Posted by ok

Got a game that wasn't scratched and in good condition but doesn't save any of the game play so all my gaming was deleted, this wasn't warned about when I bought the game.

Posted by Tessa

I purchased an item on October 24th and returned it on the 27th. Because I could not find anything to exchange it for they offered me an in-store-credit of $4.49. I attempted to use it today (January 18th) and was told that I was beyond the 14 day exchange/return date. I showed them where I had returned it within 3 day so I was within policy and now have a credit = gift card. My legal states that it is illegal for gift cards/monetary credits to expire.
Can I use my credit? It's not a return, it's a credit.

Posted by Evs

the store on county line and Broadway in Colorado. By far the rudest manager I have ever meet. The woman was degrading rude and downright not a nice person. She should find s new job and stop sending so much good cheer.

Posted by eigna66

Need to train your managers and workers to be more pleasant and not so hateful. I shop there and donate and I don't like being waited on or helped by hateful people.

Lake Monticello Va Store

Posted by me

I like to think I can trust Goodwill because of their humanitarian cause but its return policy shows a shallow interest caring for the community. You buy something there in good faith it works. If it doesn't, you're out of luck. They wont take it back. They can't test everything and I understand that but if it doesn't work, its not my fault either. Why should they profit from it. I can sell things that don't work for very low prices if the person buying it thinks it works. That's a form of theft and not good for public image at all. It doesn't hurt them to give money back on a bad item. The customer expected it to work. It didn't. Give their money back. That's being fair. I guess I will donate to The Salvation Army. And I do donate fairly often

Posted by Brian

I purchased an electronic humidity/ thermometer at the store in Palmhurst, Tx. It is battery operated. Got it home and it didn't work. Tried to return it (for store credit) and the manager said they can't do that. At the old store in Pharr they had no problem on returns. If Goodwill has changed their policies and sell you junk that you can't return (even for store credit) then they have just lost a loyal customer.

Posted by vvv7


completely agree with customers replies regarding managers and workers been rood to customers. Customers are the one who support the business, who donate merchandise.But the mean attitude from a Goodwill's personal destroys the business. It's a recycle business. It's build on free donations.
Why prices in stores keep growing? I strongly believe the Goodwill stores are for people with LOW income -that's the idea. Why the prices keep growing so fast? What... free donations became more expensive?
But what's more important why such a mean, rude attitude from personal to clients/customers. Clients are treated like junk,shown no respect, no trust. Return merchandise is now almost illegal. Managers go and check records on cameras with NO proof Why they perform an action.Just pure discrimination of customers. Such is a disrespect to clients who support Goodwill's mission to support people with disabilities. That's only show how top management can destroy the idea of mission.

Posted by patty

My Husband would like to know when you buy a electronic device .And you come home to try it out and you find out it does not work and they tell you have 48 hrs to bring it back and you are told that you have to use a in store credit instead of it going back on your credit card,, He wants to know why that is,, Please email me Thank you so much ..

Posted by frustrated customer

I bought a coach purse and found out it is a fake coach purse. I have not even left the store and told the manager that i wouold like to exchange it with something in the store since they will not refund my money. They are so rude to me and I just wanted to tell them that if not for my donations they will not have their jobs. My family always donates something big and small to support them but if they will rude to customers I will give my donations to salvation army or value village. this is the goodwill in jonesboro st. Mcdonough georgia.