Gander Mountain Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Gander Mountain below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Gander Mountain so others can benefit from what you learned.

Gander Mountain Return Policy

Within 90 days of purchase refund or exchange provided for any item.

Refund applied to original payment type minus shipping & handling. Exchanges sent promptly.


Gander Mountain brands guaranteed against defective workmanship/materials, excludes normal wear and tear.

Clothing/Footwear Lifetime

Other branded products 1 year.
Other manufacturer’s defective footwear 1 year with receipt.

Firearms/Shooting supplies not returnable.

30 day return policy applies:

All Electronics unopened and unused refund/exchange

Opened electronics exchange for same only

Defective electronics after 30 days return to manufacturer

Ice houses, kayaks, and tents refund or exchange unopened/unused Opened/Used exchange subject to 10% restocking fee.

Tree stands refund/exchange unopened.
Not Returnable if opened

SUMMIT PROTECTION PLAN: Return/Exchange within 30 days return to Gander Mtn. store More than 30 days call 1-866-257-6543

Send returns, fully insured, with back of packing slip filled out. No COD/freight collect returns. Will be refused and charged a 20% restocking fee.

Gander Mountain Customer Returns Center
5398 Martin Luther King, Jr. Highway
Greenville, NC 27834

Return to Gander Mountain Store with original packing, slip, valid photo ID and credit card used.

Damaged Shipments

Please keep original packaging and call for further instructions.


See what others are saying about Gander Mountain returns, refunds and exchanges

Posted by Anonymous

October 2015, bought a Interstate Marine battery from Gander. They said guaranteed 3 years. Since they are no longer in business here in CO, we took it to Interstate battery. They checked it, and it wasn't any good. They said the warranty was from Gander, not them. Called their corporate office and they can do nothing about it! Good ridance Gander mtn.

Posted by Sickofit

Bought the gander mountain 220 lumen handheld flashlight. Used it once then button to turn it on and off stoped working it would work if i held button in and shut off if i released it. Went and exchanged it for a different one only to have it do the same thing.what a piece of junk. Now the stores are closed so nowhere to return. I for one am glad these stores have closed. They sell junk and then file chapter 11. They should have to honor returns on there crappy products. This company was a joke. Like i said glad they went out of business,now they cant swindle anyone else.

Posted by anonymous

Husband tried to return a pair of boots that had fallen apart after being worn 3 times at Eden Prairie MN store on May 17th. They said they couldn't accept any returns. I called the corporate office and they said I could return them to Blaine, MN. Drove all the way to that store on May 20th and they told me they couldn't accept any returns either. When I said I spoke to the corporate office and they told me to go there, the manager said they lied to me and corporate no longer exists. When I asked who told him he couldn't take returns, he wouldn't answer. They just want people in to buy the last of the crap they're selling. Don't do it. It'll just fall apart on you. Cheap China crap they're selling.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased 3pair of shorts on may 13th 2017 did not fit took them back next day may 14 th 1100 am...all I needed was the next size from what I bought...had my receipt and was told no ...very rude manager I said to him I just bought them yesterday and I don't want refund just exchange please ...the tags were still on receipt in hand...this happened at the store in lake worth Texas ...he NO you can not exchange I don't care if u have receipt or not ...very sarcastic he turns and says happy Mother's Day chuckles and walks away...I cannot believe I was treated this way after spending 320.00 the day before.

Posted by Paloode

Ordered a gun. Found it online for $177.00 cheaper with free shipping. Wouldn't price match it. Said it has to be a "brick and mortar" store. They also charged me $40.00 shipping. When I ordered the gun they said nothing about charging me for shipping. Emailed them about it and they pretty much blew me off. Done with this store.

Posted by Figurgrl

Purchased eye shields and found them in line for $10.00 cheaper. Had paid with a debit card. Would not honor the better price that was online through Amazon, then instead of crediting my debit card I was given cash... Thanks for the added trip to the bank :-(. Since when does a large company like Gander Mountain not have the capabilities of just recrediting my debit. FAIL!!!! Not to mention had just dropped over $900.00 the week before. And u can't credit me the simple $10.00 difference. Poor customer service

Posted by Becky

I received a gift of a Columbia blouse for my birthday. I exchanged it for a different size 4 days after the original purchase date. I had a gift receipt with me. Within that four day period the blouse had gone off sale. I was charged the difference. This should have been a simple exchange with no cash changing hands. This occurred at store #00275 on May 8, 2016.

Posted by Mike H

Went to return a jacket I bought a couple of weeks ago without a receipt. Item still had tags attached and perfect shape. Best they could do was give me 39 dollars on a 60 dollar item in store credit. Very disappointing. After spending $800 there during that shopping trip I do not plan to return again. Should reconsider your return policy or risk disappointing more customers.