GameStop Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for GameStop below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from GameStop so others can benefit from what you learned.

GameStop Return Policy

If you find yourself in need of returning merchandise purchased at GameStop, make sure you have your receipt as it is required for all returns and exchanges.

A pre-owned item can be returned for your money back within 7 days or an exchange of the same item within 30 days.

If a new item doesn't meet your satisfaction, it can be returned in the original packaging (including any manuals, cables or accessories in working, sellable condition). GameStop reserves the right to refuse return on any opened or defective products. Defective products will be exchanged for a like item.

GameStop will not accept any returns on items that were purchased more than 30 days from receipt. Any item that has been opened, not in its original new condition and has been damaged or played with will also be refused.

If you need to return or exchange a product bought through, include everything in the packing list, the reason for the return and ship it to the address listed on the return label. Some items can be returned to the store but must include the original packing list and are subject to manager approval.

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Posted by Ryanrogers

I just had a terrible experience at your store in hot springs, AR. I bout a new game 5 days ago and it was far from what I was expecting. I went to return it and they said the best I could get was a trade for 35 bucks less then I paid 5 days ago. This is a bad business practice

Posted by Samfrog

Hi I brought a headset from your shop November last year and it is broken it says on the box 12 months guarantee.
I don't have the receipt.
Can I return it.

Posted by Fifa1721

Can I return a used game in Less than a week, never played and get my money back?

Posted by GameLover

I used a 20 percent off coupon to buy a preowned Switch game. I hate the game. Can I exchange it for a different Switch game that is originally the same price? Even though I had used a coupon?

Posted by Anonymous

It's ridiculous. I bought a brand new PS4 game, it didn't work because something was wrong with it. I brought it back in the time frame it was suppose to be in along with the correct receipt. Because I took it out of the plastic (No playtime, all papers and codes, nothing was used it was all brand new) they took 10$ off my original 29.99 purchase. Buy from Amazon NOT Gamestop they will rip you off in every way possible.
Cause apparently a 29.99 purchase only equals to about 20$ being returned?

Posted by Anonymous

Your return policy is RIDICULOUS!!!! I will Never buy or shop from GameStop again!!
Horrible customer service. Ripoff prices and terrible return policy! Two thumbs down!!

Posted by Tbone716

I know gamestop has to have strict policies, from people who try to rip them off. But their return policy is a joke! All I can say is, when you make a purchase through hardtop, make sure the item is what you want. Because if not, you could be out of a lot of money. They're just another GREEDY, congomulate, that doesn't stand behind their products.

Posted by Anonymous

You're store return policy is a joke. I bought a sd SanDisk card for my Sega handheld. It came with an adaptor. Unfortunately, these are picky with ad cards. I asked the employee who seemed to know a great deal on these and said it would guarantee to work. I asked him about the return policy and he told me as long as I have my receipt. It did not work and not even a week later, I went to return it with my receipt and the employee gave me a line of crap that they do not accept opened items, after I had asked what their return policy was when I bought it. Now I'm out 40 bucks, not very much, but I have no use for this sd card and I was lied to. This is the last time I shop there for anything You guys are thieves.

Posted by Cj2456

Had my first experience trying to help my son return a game consul to the Folsom Broadstone Game stop. Jeremiah is the manager, what a scam. My son bought a new PS4 and tried to return 20 hours later, they would not refund 100%...said their policy is similar to all others...hello? I checked Best Buy, Frys, Amazon, they all have 100% returns. Just saying, buy from the big boys, save the headache. I'm an attorney and old enough to know how to shop wisely, trying to teach my son the same. Go elsewhere, the same hardware and software is 20% cheasper, that's a fact.

Posted by Hnburton15

I hate this I accidentally purchased the wrong game for the wrong game system and they said they can't exchange it the game for the PS4 version if the package wasn't open. How the hell was I suppose to know it was a PSVita game if I don't open the package. They told to go to my local game stop to get a refund.

Posted by Asm

Hi, I made a purchase for the site, a Wiithat came with two games, batman and mario, but when I opened it I saw that it is missing one, the batman game just came to the cover, I already sent an email with photos but nobody me replied, would you like to know what happened?

Posted by SAM B

Do Not Try To Call They Never Answer The Phone. Just Chalk It Up To A Loss .

Posted by gbrennan

i ordered ps4 vr package online and it took 3 days for gamestop to cancel my order because they didnt have it in stock .3 days is unaccepatable

Posted by lex

I hate this return policy, I want my money back for a ps3 I bought, and it doesn't work now but I can't get a refund because it's past 30 days

Posted by Return

I would like to return a headset but I don't have the receipt but I have evrything els can I still return or exchange it's frome last Xmas pleas respond sorry for the inconvenience.

Posted by Beresponsible

What is wrong with parents nowadays, does no one teach responsibility anymore? All I see is a bunch of people who opened new products and didn't like them, threw out the receipt before the 7 day window expired or threw out a box in the same window. Didn't your parents teach you better than that? When a return policy says you need a receipt and the initial packaging hold on to it until the return policy expires, its not rocket science its in the return policy. And play a game console in the store before you buy a new one if you think you might not like it. If you open a brand new product and dont like it that is the game companies fault, dont expect the store to take the hit for a brand new product becoming used once you open it and use it. With all the youtube videos and online reviews nowadays there is no excuse for paying hundreds of dollars for a system you dont like. When it comes to games buy a used copy if you think you might need to return it bc you might not like it, they will do that bc it doesn't cost them anything when you return it, unlike buying a new game and returning it slightly used. And lady with the son who turned in there system for 12 bucks, your son is lying and either pocketed or spent all the money, be a good parent, get to the bottom of it and teach him a lesson, dont take it out on gamestop.

Posted by customer

I bought a Nintendo switch played for 3 days didn't like it and have receipt and they won't let me exchange for a differnt consol or store credit what aholes i paid more then 500 on the purchase and wasnt satisfied.

Posted by Anonymous

Bought a xbox 360 refurbished 250 GB and found out that its not backwards compatibile...why

Posted by Lucas

Have controller with L analog stick that isn't responsive when pressed in, had it for a while, can I trade it in for another one or do I have to buy another controller?

Posted by DeadluGamerx1

So I bought advanced warfare and it was scratched so I have to return it to the same store or can it be another store?

Posted by Buca

Bought a game for my son. He played once and didn't like it. I told him to return it for a different game. Same paged items and not damaged. He was refused because they said it wasn't in it wrapper still. Doesn't make sense to have a 30 day return policy with receipt yet don't take it back. Anyone ha e guidance on this?

Posted by DoNk3y

I work at GameStop and have a extremely hard time seeing us buying a console from a 12 year old.. Your son was lying because we only accept items with a valid driver's license... Better look farther into that ma'am :-)

Posted by Jose

Can u use the money that was refunded back to u to buy a different game ?

Posted by Anonymous

If you got a gamestop gift card and buy a game can you bring it back the next day and get cash money

Posted by DanGanGalaxy

So, does GameStop straight up give you their money back for console returns? A local gamestore in my area (at least for used items) lets you return things in exchange for a gift card to their store alone with as much money on it as the item you returned. My friend got me a game for my birthday from GameStop, but when I returned it, the same thing happened.

Posted by Brilliant Gamer Kid

Are all of you so-called gamers illiterate or merely stupid? The vast majority of posts on this page have little to do with what one experienced while returning an item to GameStop. You do realize that this website is not affiliated with GameStop, don't you? Musings about whether or not GameStop will accept your return are not helpful to the users of this site. You are contributing nothing new. Please report the details of your return experience at GameStop.
And apologies to the person whose 16 year old sold his game system for $12. That sucks. Your notion that someone should have called you before purchasing the system from your son is embarrassingly naive, however. With shallow genetic soil like that, it is no surprise your son was taken so easily.

Posted by Fed up employee

Wow. The majority of people on here are griping about policies clearly stated on their receipts, all because they expect special treatment. Why? Get over yourselves and take your heads out of your cracks first and you might realize that YOU'RE NOT ENTITLED TO EXCEPTIONS TO THEIR POLICIES!

Posted by Anonymous

Okay, so I've been saving up for a xbox one since I started my job, so I bought one that was pre-owned, to save money. I start it up and go to put an adaptable xbox360 game in, and guess what, the slot where the disk goes in was covered slightly by the casing of the xbox one I flip it over to see that it's broken. I hope they'll replace it, otherwise they're loosing money.

Posted by Gerakiloz

I bought gta v yesterday and it was defective, i returned it and got another copy of it and it was also defective, can I still return it and get a refund ?

Posted by toutlaw

My 16 year old son went to gamestop last night, without my permission or me present, and sold his Xbox one, controller and 2 games. He just informed me of this and said they only gave him $12!!!!!! How can they let a minor do this without even trying to call his guardian? I think it's absolulty insanity they take advantage of a child not understanding what there policy is on trade in for cash. I'm fixin to go up there and give them a piece of my mind. This could be classified as stealing on there part because I would have never taken $12.

Posted by Anonymous

If it hasn't been 15 days yet and you have the receipt will they give u ur money back.

Posted by MR PS4

I Bought A Game At Game Stop And When I Got Home To Play It It Did'nt Work Because It Had Scratches Can I Still Trade It In For The Same Game Just A New Disc

Posted by help

i had super mash bros wii u and lost it i want to know how to get another one through my warrenty

Posted by HELP ME

I bought a game and it was broken (I did not brake it) anyway I was wondering what f I can return the game without a receipt

Posted by Anyomous

I bought a ps3 a couple moths ago and a month after I got it it started to glitch up and randomly shut down and it would go crazy and the screen would turn different colors. Also it would not save any information on my game. I wanted to know if I could get a full refund on my console and all my games. I kept the receipt and still have it. And I have all the cords. I also bought some games on the PlayStation store so I was also wondering if I could get my money back for those too because like all the others items it is totally defected.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a headset, threw away the box cause "how often does it not work?" Next day im about to use it and it doesn't work. Now I am not even sure I can return it without the BOX.

Posted by Anonymous

Im a collector and reseller of collectibles such a collecting figures, especial edition game consoles and rare games.
and in my line of business i purchase a lot at retail stores such as GameStop and some times I have to return items I'm not see value increase in the future.
and this company is one of the most dishonest retail stores i have encounter in all my years in the business.
they make up the dumbest excuses not to honor they return policy.
one time I need to return a Nintendo New 3DS XL Hyrule Gold Edition brand new that I purchase in a store in New Jersey.
the system was brand new factory sealed and the employee ho sold me the system informs me that if the item is not open I can returned at any game stop around united states.
well I take the 3DS system to the game stop in Jackson heights Queens in New York. and this employe told me that he was instructed by the manager to not take returns from any other gamestop.
so I ask polite to have a word whit this manager because I was told I can return this merchandise at any gamestop in the country as long I have the receipt and the merchandise was unopened.
so this guy name Jonathan shows up whit this attitude like he owns the dam place.
I explained him the situation and he start whit the dam excuses like you pass the 7 days of the return period!
and I point the back of the receipt were clearly state brand new unopened merchandise can be returned for a full refund between 30 day of the original day of purchase.
he replays It says merchandise not game systems,
I ask him so what you call this?
he say well not merchandise.
at this point I was ready to snap but I control myself and I ask this suppose manager can I get the number from you district manager?
he say I don't have that information at this time sir but let me see what can I do to help you out.
and when I ask him why this store won't fallow the return police like other stores?
why you won't take returns from other gamestop stores?
he star babling about people purchasing merchandise on stores in New Jersey whit fake credit cards and fake money and returned to that store.
I just laugh at his face and say thats the best you can come out whit? I was gone purchase some games whit the credit of the return but since you are a poor excuse of a manager and mis inform your costumers and employees I just take my money you name and the corporate number so I can call them and let them know what kind of manager they have working at this store,

Posted by Anonymous

I jus bought a brand new PS4 it ain't even been 30 days and I still have my receipt Andy hey won't let me take it back ain't nun wrong with it I opened it and it wasn't the one I thought it would be what can I do to get my money back it's jus been sitting here in the box

Posted by Deibiddo

I ordered a special edition carrying case for my nintendo switch using a gift card that I bought all the way in January 17. Never got my order confirmation a day later I get a message saying my order was cancelled great. I decide to use it to buy a game and the moneys all
gone. Went on there line for the longest and see maannnnnnnny similar situations. Never again.

Posted by Luna

i bought an used ps vita from gamestop back in July 2016 and with it i got the console, Gravity Rush, and a 4 GB SD card. With it, i brought a 1 year warranty just in case something happened, and I want to send it back. Can I get the money that i paid for it back?

Posted by Anonymous

I returned a brand new mouse that was to hard to use for my 8 year old. It was $85.10, it has been over 2 weeks and still have not recieved my money. I have been on hold for over an hour, no-one will speak to me or give me back my money. I am furious.

Posted by ThisISmyRECEIPT

If you buy a used game and add the warranty for $2. Don't be like me and think the warranty sticker that is put inside the case is equivalent e t to a receipt. Even though when I tried returning the used game 5 days later B/c it never worked(eventually downloaded to my console, I recommend everyone doing the same) the GameStop employees typed in some numbers on the Warranty sticker and then said my name. I replied, "yes that's me". The GameStop employee follows up by asking for my receipt which I no longer had. Gamestop could see everything about my transaction since I didn't have actual receipt just the sticker I can now only get store credit. I don't want store credit I want we this one game. The game I downloaded at a cheaper price. Sure do wish GameStop had some more sense and allowed the warranty sticker sticker to work as receipt and give me my refund back.

Posted by Hiten

@JPK Dude if you buy used games TEST THEM IMMEDIATELY. "I'm not coming back" because you bought some used games and let them sit untested for "months" then finally decides to try them. That's not on Gamestop. They can't accept returns on games MONTHS after their bought date because for all they know you lost disc 2 and you broke RE5. That's ludicrous. If it is within return policy deadlines then it is reasonable to believe the customer received the item in defective condition.

Posted by D1balling

I shipped my item back because it was the wrong item. I ordered a battlefield 1 xbox one s 1tb bundle but received a minecraft xbox 500gb. Waited a week nothing wjat can i do?

Posted by dq

i bought a zed figure that costed $20 and the arm fell off for some reason

Posted by Chris

I got a brand new Xbox one for my birthday. It began turning itself off automatically, contacted xbox, tried everything to find out its a defect. Looking it up it looks like it will cost half the price of a new Xbox to send mine into Microsoft to fix. Gamestop will not take it back or exchange it ( with reciept) because it been longer than 30 days. Happy Birthday to me, thanks gamestop

Posted by DFGHJU

I Lost My Recete I Hope I Can Return It Id Better Be Able To >:(

Posted by Joey

I already opened up my PS3 only to get the dust out but could I trade it in for a PS4 at GameStop and if not how much can I sell it to gamestop for

Posted by Anonymous

I bought 2 pre owned 3ds game cartridges and got one free...the free one does not work...i am kinda upset that it doesn't work...but more upset that no other store here in Memphis has it...

Posted by Anonymous

I was told today game stop would send me a return lable, butI haven't received one. is a double order I received my order two weeks prior. Thank you Cindy Paula

Posted by Bob

I purchased 429.00 2tb Xbox one S. I received it from Gamestop.Com When I opened it, the vertical stand and the gears of war 4 ultimate edition game code, and xbox one s instructions were all missing. Gamestop rep told me they never give out cards with codes on it ( lmao okay) and they come pre installed. Xbox doesn't pre install games. They told me to return it or call xbox. I won't be buying anymore. Seriously train your employees... it's truly sad. I had to show an employee what the power adapter to a nintendo 64 looked like when I was doing a trade in. ( sir it's missing the power cord) no its not. Save your money avoid gamestop.Com bad news!!! 429.00 they don't care!

Posted by Llmuch

I bought a ps4 ..hooked it up for the kids download a few games went to try them out ..the consol keeps restating do I do a exchange......hoping be Christmas but ok as soon as possible please

Posted by Lilsmith4113

I bought a Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime from gamestop and bought the 50 dollar plan with cricket.I still have all the products that came with the phone,including the front and back screen protector.I was wondering if I was able to turn in the phone with the receipts in exchange for money or store credit.

Posted by Gamerprobz

I bought a Xbox one s Saturday and the very next day the Xbox comes with a gift card. Is there a way I could return this if I already opened it or receive a gift card? I also bought cod legacy edition and it dropped $10 the next day.

Posted by Alarceri

My son bought a "premium refurbished New Nintendo 3DS XL" from and would lie to return it. It's been about 15 days since he's received it. Can he still receive a refund?

Posted by JPK

Guess I am in the same boat as some of you. I bought three used games from Game Stop months ago. Today played Max Payne and it says insert disc 2. Guess what? No disc 2. So I put in Resident Evil 5. Game disc will not play. From reading comments I know there is no need to contact them. Will never be back.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased the new PS4 Game Steep while I was in Vegas as a gift for my son. Prior to purchasing it I asked the clerk if I could return the unopened game with the receipt to our local EB Games in Cranbrook abc Canada. She checked with her manager who said that would not be a problem. I returned to Cranbrook British Columbia Canada to find that my son had already purchased the game while in Kelowna BC and opened and played it. Today I went into EB Games (7 days from purchase date unopened with receipt) and they refused to accept the game for a refund BUT said they would take it for a store credit. what can I do to get the return policy honoured?

Posted by Anon

Just wondering but if I bought a pre-owned wireless adapter from one store and I want to return it, can I go to any gamestop as long as I have the receipt?

Posted by IDK

will GS replace just the remote? bc i am not having any trouble with the console but my controller isnt charging. Will GS replace just the remote?

Posted by Ahtoka

I consider myself a completionist, I bought Watch Dogs 2 yesterday and it was fun, I went through the story quickly.

Then it hits me, the game loses replay value...
There is no point of even playing it anymore and it isn't fun...
Co-Op isn't even fun.

A game like Dark Souls? That has REPLAY VALUE!

Posted by K

I bought a game played it for 20 min and it was stupid called and ask if I could exchange it they said if new yes so i go to store to do so and they said it's been opened I could trade it in for half what I just paid if this not fixed for me soon I will not ever buy from this place again

Posted by Kai

I gave my friend my playstation plus card so he can do it because I didn't know how. He accidently ruined the code and I dont know if it is refundable or fixable. If someone please tell me if there is a solution to this I would be happy.

Posted by Perrotto93

I work a lot so when I buy games I buy three at a time and play one then move on. So it could be a while before I move on to one of the other games I bought. Turns out 2 out of the three games I bought were empty and had no game and it's over a month later. So what should I do?

Posted by Gamestop

A month ago I had to sell back my ps4 to gamestop for cash and it was a pre owned system every thing was in good condition and etc. I just want to know if I can still used my receipt to get it back please let me know

Posted by Toddytt

I used my power up points to get a $15 off coupon and then used it to buy a used game. I didn't like the game so I went to exchange it and they charged me full price for the exchanged game. I was told by the cashier that coupons don't get forwarded on exchanges! Every store allows coupons to get forwarded to the exchange. I'm pissed

Posted by GameStop is a joke

Tried to return a brand new ps4 controller in the package with the reciept for store credit and the dude offers 25$ because it's been longer than 30 days??? Are you joking it's still brand new you pricks. Worst customer service. I'll be taking my business elswear...and you wonder why people hate your store lol

Posted by Angel

I just bought a blue ps4 controller from GameStop yesterday, but when i went to play call of duty with it one of the buttons doesnt work. I have the reciept, can i turn it in for a different one?

Posted by EfGamestop

The return policy in a nutshell: If you buy a new game that turns out to be terrible. You cannot return it for a refund. Once you buy a new game, and open it, you're stuck with it unless you would like to TRADE IT IN FOR HALF PRICE BCUZ WE TAKE TRADEZ TO MAKE YOUR LIFE MORE CONVENIENT.

Posted by lewys

I buy my ps4 and i put one year garanteed can a get my controller replaced for a new one

Posted by IsaacX44

I bought gta v pre owned and it was scratched and they didnt tell me so i tried playing it and it doesnt work like nothing it doesnt read the game

Posted by ChueYYYY y

I lost my grand Theft Auto 5 game for ps4 and has the warranty for it, I have the receipt . Would I be able to get another ???

Posted by Selling a console thats been use

Is it allowed to buy a PS4 then when a year hasn't passed you waited for a PS4 Neo and you sell your PS4 then buy the Neo once it came out?

Posted by Thorina

I bought a pre owned game and played on it and did not like it, but I still have to receipt and it has not been 7 or 30 days since I got it, can I return it?

Posted by John123

I bought a game from GameStop and they gave me the case and not the game can I get the game if I didn't get a warranty but I still got the receipt

Posted by Broken Box

Just baught a ps4 a few days back, the console is defective and doesnt turn on right. I want to return it but the box it came in is broken, can i still return it?

Posted by Anonymous

Will I be able to return a Guitar hero game after I exchanged it for another one in the 7 day period?

Posted by Jogo

Can i go to another gamestop store and change the game if i didn't purchased it there? I want to trade it and they dont have the one i want where i bought it..

Posted by Anonymous

If I bought an Xbox from GameStop and returned it within 30 days and got another one I have not had it 7 days can I still return it for money or does it have to be the original date to return it

Posted by Unstopableone

I bought pre-owned Gta V. The game was scratched, I put it in my Ps4 and it said cannot read disc. So can I return it?

Posted by NewPS4NotWorking

If I bought a brand new PS4 without getting any warranty on it and it does not work when I open it, can I return it for a full refund or at least get another brand new PS4?

Posted by Anonymous

So I sold an Xbox one controller to GameStop and was wondering if I could get it back if I kept the receipt? Or is the receipt useless?

Posted by HeadHunter1

I bought a game, but didn't get the three dollar coverage. I was wondering if I can still do that?

Posted by Keith Stuart

I bought a pre owned Nintendo 2DS today and when I went to play it I needed to put in a SD card so I did but when I was putting it in I noticed it was a little difficult to put in then they usually are I turned it on and it said that the SD card was on writing protection mode so I slide the little lever on the SD card to unlock it still didn't fix the problem went and got another SD card did exactly the same thing to this SD card too. Also when I turned it on and I was shuffling through the home screen icons it was so and kinda froze for a couple seconds. Can I exchange it for another one??

Posted by Rdyyekrmddk

Can I get a new ps4 with exchange of my old one free if I didnt get it from gamestop except from Dell?

Posted by Dragoness78

The 1 yr warranty on games it's a sticker that should be inside the case, once you use it you will need a new warranty for the next time you need to replace your game. It is the same at Best Buy GeekSquad, when you need a replacement and they can't fix the item you get a giftcard.Otherwise the warranty covers only one replacement. Hope that makes sense. Good luck!

Posted by Gmanf

Where are i live there arent any gamestop i bought 5 games at a store. As they were closing i didnt check and they gave me res6 instead of the hd origin collection 0 and 1 now i am at my country with that lousy game is there anythibg i can do?

Posted by Anonymous

I got gta 5 on Xbox I have one year warrenty but dont have receit can I still get money to get it for ps4 plz respond

Posted by KingJames1

I got my ps4 on Christmas, now my ps4 is messed up. Like one day I was playing the game and I had to go to a interview so I turned the game off because I was still playing and I came back to play and didn't come on period ( like no sounds nor lights ) so I was wondering if I could exchange it and send mines off or just get another one?

Posted by Anonymous

I just bought ufc 2 for ps4 and the worker gave me a box on the shelf with the new game. So I don't really like the game can I go back and return it or at least switch it out with a different game.

Posted by Charlie

Bought a new game from gamestop and a one year warranty
a week later it quit working
Took it back to get another one and was charged for another warranty on it
Why didn't my first warranty cover this
Sounds like theft and fraud to me got it at gamestop in picayune ms
All gamestop i called said i should not have been charged for another warranty when the first one coves the game
Time to call a lawyer i want my warranty money back for the 2nd one i paid

Posted by Ryan55

I'm here too tell All of you that if you buy anything what so ever from gamestop anywhere. You will be getting ripped off too price. Please buy games and systems from other stores such as Wal-Mart w.e if you decide you want to return your game system your screwed. Because. I bought my ps4 for 350$ plus 3month membership so all around 380$ I came back 5days later with receipt and in 100% perfect condition and they would only give me 200 bucks plus 14$ for the game black ops 3 I did this because I lost my job. And needed money so before I sold it I left my words with them and I made a huge deal I got 4 people who won't be buying from gamestop anymore due to me there and then seeing what happen when I tryed to return... Game stop is a rip off company they don't care about there customers or they would follow thur. So if I were to do this at Wal-Mart I would receive my full price back. And a happy face. DO NOT GO TO GAME STOP... I WARN YOU NOW.

Posted by cupcake1

I ordered a xbox 360 bundle never opened it. I sent it back to the warehouse two weeks ago and still haven't received a refund. I tried calling and it said someone would answer my call in thirty minutes. I waited forty five minutes on the phone and no one ever ansered. Im very disappointed with gamestop

Posted by Zj068

I just ordered a Wii from GameStop today. I'm just wondering if I do not get my item can I get a refund back as long as I have my receipt and shipping order receipt

Posted by Mjm6809

I recently bought the steam controller and its not tracking with my older pc correctly I don't have the receipts but have the purchase on my bank statement. I understand policy is policy bit I really don't want to be stuck with a product I can't use over this technicality is there any exceptions to the rules. Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

I just need my proof of purchase especially that me and the manager came to an agreement that i pre ordered a game twice on accident and only got 1 copy. the only thing holding me back is the receipt that i dont have anymore from when COD Black Ops 3 came out and already grabbing the game that I didnt know i was charged twice for. so far its looking like Im out of $59.99 plus tax. Why is that? Its on the app that I never picked it up and in the stores system so why is it still so hard?

Posted by .

If they don't wanna give u a refund.. file a bbb report. By law if you don't like an item you can return it for a full refund.

Posted by Jokerwild2110

My mom got me the wrong game I wanted NBA 2k16 and she got wwe so I called and they said no cash back on new games. This is complete lame stupid policies and I'll never go back

Posted by

They sold me a game as "new"I new something was wrong cause the price was to good.when almost done with the game itwas defective. Now I can't get my money back and lost all those game played hours.thanks game stop.

Posted by Tamartin

This is not true. I purchased a Xbox One 2 days ago from Gamestop and they wont let me return it for the full price. You will be better off buying Costco, Toys r us, or anywhere else that has a grown up return policy.

Posted by F you game stop

My parents bought me an Xbox one by mistake and wanted a ps4 brand new Xbox one but can't exchange it for a dif console doesn't make any sence if I where you wouldent purchase from this store ever horrible policy f you game stop

Posted by Anonymous

If I bought a headset for my xbox one and it dosent work can I turn it in and get a new one ?

Posted by Angry Potato

I bought an Xbox One bundle and Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 today and the disc doesn't want to fully go in. I'm going tomorrow to return it. I opened the Xbox up and the same goes to the game, will I able to get a refund??

Posted by Some facts on these complaints.

"all the associates have to do is plug stuff in to check it out"
Every employee is required to check a system for functionality to buy from a customer. If it is refurbished, that comes from the warehouse and is assumed to work.
You could just as easily ask for them to test the system before purchasing.

"If a publisher like EA sells a game that don't work, then you return it to Game$top, you basically are being robbed because you can't play it"
If you buy a game that doesn't work anywhere, this is the case. Walmart has this same policy for their electronics, "In original packaging". Your complaints would then need to move to EA.

"went to return unopened game the rep says I can't return it"
Did you have the receipt? Anyone could lift a game from Walmart and try to return it at a Gamestop. Receipts are proof of purchase.

"I bought a new xbox one. [doesn't work]"
Why is that in negative taste to Gamestop? You could easily get a defective system like that from any other store.

"I purchased Assassins Creed Syndicate on PC "
Most disk for PC games are now just downloads. Some disk's don't have the game on them. If you buy a PC game from a store, you get a one time redemption code. Once the code is used, it's gone. So you aren't even buying the disks, but the code. You should do some research on PC games first. Though, shame on them for not just selling you a Origins Card.

Posted by big D in TN

Really the only big problem I have with Gamestop aside from their extremely annoying, borderline stalking associates is that they charge you a fee when you trade in used items as a "reconditioning" yet when you buy consoles it's 50/50 chance whether they work or not. I mean geez, all the associates have to do is plug stuff in to check it out. I bought 3, yes three dead ps3 systems in a row, and also a dead xbox 360. I am holding my breath for the 3ds xl I ordered online. I'll almost bet it's going to be scratched, chipped and just nasty when I get it. As I am typing this, I am realizing I am the idiot here.

Posted by Thunderxfox

I can't stand it anymore. Its basically stealing atctgis point. If a publisher like EA sells a game that don't work, then you return it to Game$top, you basically are being robbed because you can't play it and they will only give you another useless copy! Boycott GameStop and hopefully they will go out of business!

Posted by Cinny

Purchased game for my son went to return unopened game the rep says I can't return it and he can't see it wtf that I needed to go to another gane stop and game has to be opened like what kind of policy is that... GameStop needs to hire right people with right answers

Posted by Ruined Christmas

Bought a refurbished Xbox 360 for my son for christmas and when we went to hook it all up and turn it on it had the broken red ring and won't work. My son was devastated! GameStop should be ashamed!!

Posted by Disappointed mom

I bought a new xbox one gears of war bundle for my son for Christmas. I go to hook it up tonight and turned it on it goes straight to a screen saying update it also says your console my restart during the update which it turns off during the update but does not turn back on.

Posted by PissedOffMom

GameStop should be ashamed of themselves! I purchased Assassins Creed Syndicate on PC for my son for Christmas. He opened the and placed it into his computer but it doesn't play the entire game. It stops mid game and shuts off. GameStop won't accept a return since its been opened! The game is defective! What a ripoff of $64! I'll never shop with this company again! You guys are scam artists

Posted by Jackson

I don't like the whole "unopened" stuff unless it's already damaged

Posted by Anonymous

If I use the code inside the game can I still return it?

Posted by shooter games

Horrible Gamestop took my money and never sent my console I called and asked for a refund and I was told there wasn't a order placed my jaw dropped I can't believe this company don't buy from horrible they are thieves

Posted by Anonymous

I have a question. If I return a game i haven't played and is still in wrapping, then will i get all my money back?

Posted by Brooke

How do I go about finding out who traded in a game on my account? Will Gamestop employees tell me at the store? What do I have to do? Someone help please!!!

Posted by Brooke

I think that my nephew traded one of my daughter's game in on my account. Will the gamestop employee be able to tell me???

Posted by Anonymous

I recently bought Halo 4 for my son and when we got home the most expected thing happened,THERE WASN'T A DISK. They refused to give me a refund.

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered a azurite blue 250gb ps3, and got the order conformation then four days later i get a email saying my order was cancelled, so i checked my card and i didnt get my money back, please help, what happened where is my money???

Posted by MZPheonix

If you don't figure something out your going to pay, you frauds, your going to see less people coming to game stop. Cuz I ain't never going to game stop unles they give me MY REFUND

Posted by MZPheonix

You guys are frau7ds, yesterday I bought Fifa 16 at the Meadows Mall. When I got home I noticed there were scratches on the disk. I called Gamestop to tell them about my issue. When I placed the disk in my Xbox and it said the disk was unreadable. The person I called from game stop said I can go to any Game stop to return the disk. THEY WOULDN'T GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK. The games was brand new.

Posted by Kevin

I pre-ordered WWE 2K16 On 10/24/2015 and on 10/27/2015 I picked it up and purchased it, but I have a problem with so far only one match that every time I finish the match and the replays are done the WWE Logo that spins for loading freezes and it never does anything, so I always have to restart the console and it is annoying me and frustrating.

Posted by mad about it

I live in newman so kibda far i bought a ps3 for my son n non of the plug part works now i got to drive allll the way back wow

Posted by Austin

I bought Chibi-Robo with the amiibo, opened it up, and I played it. Turns out that his game isn't made for me. I want to return it, but the amigo background is ripped, and the game has a 2% game file on it. I want to know if I can return it for another game.

Posted by mike2142

Hi my son purchased €50 microsoft points from your dublin shop liffey street on 17/09/15 on his way home he lost reciete called shop told them.they have refused to help him.they have acknowledged that trans took place and have given us absolutely no help to collect the pionts he paid for so all parents out there warning you will get no customer service from gamestop if you lose you son feels like he's been cheated out of his hard earned money shame on you gamestop

Posted by Jeriel

I feel like I need a refund because a few days ago I bought a rnew mote and the trigger works it's just I have to double press it fast and hard to stop and also the box was ripped and the packaging was messed up

Posted by Anonymous

What if you got it as a present and dont have a reciept but havent opened the ge yey

Posted by Anonymous

I bought street fighter and didn't realize that GameStop was so unreliable i go home and open it and no game inside wtf!!!!!! Fk you GameStop

Posted by Yo_white

I'll just like to say if you have your receipt and the 10 days aren't up yet you get all your money back just have to show the receipt. If you forget the receipt and you used your reward card to earn points you can show them that and they can see the date you bought the item and give you full exchange back as long as the 10 days aren't up yet. So remember it's their job to go by the rules. They are not responsible if your forget your receipt or card. They are gonna give you a price for in store credit and cash, if you don't like the price you have the option to tell them no I'll just keep the game. Also I would like to say you don't even need to bring your reward card to the store just give them your number or name and I.d so they know it's you and to see if you just bought the game and 10 days haven't been up. I hope this helped. Have a good day (Don't blame gamestop or the people that work for gamestop for your mistakes) - I'm out

Posted by Anonymous

Bs i got a dlc for batman arkham knight with the purchase of the game and like 15 minutes later one of my friends said the dlc was stupid. I hadn't even left the mall yet so i went back to gamestop and i went up to the guy who sold it to me and he said i couldnt return it. And when i asked him he said so much bs about the dlc he said stuff thats not even in the game yet and all the dlc hasnt been announced yet. Screw you gamestop im downloading all my games from now on

Posted by Anonymous

Went there payed 49$ for Payday 2, come home turn it on and the multiplayer doesn't even work.... Refund? Nope! Exchange? Nope!

What a Rip Off, especially for a game so based around multiplayer

Posted by payed a lot of money for a game

Okay so I got the Sims 4 for the PC. I payed 64.85 for the stinking game and they game me the one that is glitching and when it glitches it freezes . If I don't at least get to trade it in or at least get a refund I will be upset . They should keep the policy from what they say when you buy it . " If you don't like it in anyway come back and you can trade it in for a different game or we can buy it off of you." more than likely they should keep that in mind with pc games . Knowing most of them have a code .

Posted by get over yourselves

Those of you complaining that you can't get full refunds on your new games. That is a typical policy in any store on new electronics. At least game stop is willing to give you a partial credit. If you aren't sure about a game, maybe you should rent it before buying it. And those of you with discs that freeze, you can easily go into game stop and have them give you another copy. Of you want to play it safe, buy used games. You get 7 days to play it and return it if you don't like it for a full refund (store credit I believe) or a cash refund if you're a pro member, which also saves you 10 percent on used games.

Posted by Emily

Paid $60 for a PC game because I couldn't get it on Steam, and NOWHERE do I see that I can't return it because of the activation code.. What is this? So even if the game is defected, you won't even take it? That is disgusting. Horrible store, I will be taking my business elsewhere.

Posted by Pissed

Suckssss!!!!! Paid $65 for the game new, the GameStop employee said I could return it if I didn't like it. Liar. Tried to return it and they said the value was $30. What? I bought it the day before new! GameStop suckssss! They would've earned even more of my business if they didn't rip me off so bad. Now I'll make it my personal mission to make sure that I can tell as many people as possible how much GameStop sucks.

Posted by Angry Customer

I bought a 60$ game from GameStop. I played it on my Xbox one and honestly did not like it... I went back to the store two hours later and they offered me 20$ for it... It was used for 20 minutes and I bought it two hours earlier. I had the receipt too

Posted by Power to the Players?

---- "If a new item doesn't meet your satisfaction, it can be returned in the original packaging (including any manuals, cables or accessories in working, sellable condition). GameStop reserves the right to refuse return on any opened or defective products. Defective products will be exchanged for a like item.
GameStop will not accept any returns on items that were purchased more than 30 days from receipt. Any item that has been opened, not in its original new condition and has been damaged or played with will also be refused." ----

You know something is Fishy when their own return policy contradicts itself.

Posted by mad

The employees at gamestop say onething and the back of the redipt says something totally differnt. What's up with that crap. They shouldn't have a computerized policy printed on recipt then a total different policy when asked. Not cool at all

Posted by crossSanford

I apparently bought a preowned item online but after they refund my money cause it didnt came. 7days later item was delivered through my door what should i do?

Posted by Anonymous

Bought a New xbox one system from game stop in McArthur Wv had it a few days and it keep freezing up. Took it back guy was rude and said that you have glitzes in system and since it was opened you cant get a refund well how do you know if its going to work if you cant open it. So they open the new one and put the games from the returned one in the so called new console and cut the box so you cant return it. What if it was the game making it freeze?

Posted by Ripped Off Big Time

No Refunds from teh GameStop.Com

I am still on the phone trying to get a refund for a game that I can not download or install.
They said their Policy is NO REFUNDS........

The game needs other games installed first and they did not tell me this. After reviewing the web page several times I find in small print that a Base game or something is neede first.

What a Rip Off.........

I called and after an hour demanded the Supervisor and was told he was not available. But then came back and said some woman said it was O.K. to refund me.........

I am still on the phone trying to understand the Hindu Language and get a refund.

I bet I get charged something without my consent.

Was just told that my money will be refunded in 48 hours. Funny, it took a Micro Second to take it from me...

We will NEVER use them again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I recently bought a new 3ds from game stop, but I'd like to return it. I barely used it (about 10 minutes)how to get refund?

Posted by k

If your game doesn't work, new or used, take it back to the store you bought it at and get another copy of the same game. You have 30 days to do this as long as you have your receipt.

Posted by Anonymous

Apparently a bunch of you has never heard of "copyright policy" hence why GameStop will not return opened new games. You know, the part you can't skip when you're watching a DVD?
1. How do they know that you didn't pirate/copy the crap out of that game
2. Would YOU buy a NEW opened game that someone else has already played? I know I wouldn't. That's why Gamestop pushes preowned games to people. You get the 7 day like it guarantee and as long as you have your receipt, you can get full cash back.
4. Try buying a BRAND NEW game at Walmart or Target, open it, and try to return it. I'll be shocked if you get your full money back since Its a major retail policy.
I always go to my Gamestop here in my hometown and they've done nothing but the best.

Posted by Anonymous

This is the dumbest return policy ever. Game Stop is a ripoff. I bought the new madden 15 and when I came home to play it, it kept freezing. It says I cant return any open products? How was I supposed to know it would freeze? Thanks for taking my $65 so ridiculous.

Posted by Anonymous

My boyfriend just bought a used game from GameStop today, and when we came home to play it the game was glitched. PLEASE make sure your freaking games work before you take our money.

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I recently made a purchase at Gamestop downloadf the game was. Saits row the thirdI paid $19.99. for the game to be download it to my computer and they tookmy credit card and build me $19.99 and did not download but games my credit card my email address is Shaquille collie can draw at again my email address is. my credit card I attempt to make this purchas October 7, 2013the money was taken out or off of my credit cards but I did not receive a download I have an email but no download I am temp to make the purchase from GamestopI

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a kindle on may 25, returned it on may 26, got $30 less than I paid for it...and it is june 4 and I still haven't had my account credited...what a ripoff. a $30 charge for 27 hours is ridiculous!!!!!

Posted by nnnnurface

you out of youre mind how do i know it doesnt work or is defective unless i open it

Posted by rockinwithrammstein

Someone accessed my power up rewards account and for the second time in less than 6 months, whoever it is drained my points. I have been saving all year and *poof* they're all gone. 35000 points all spent on PS3 cards. When I contacted them, they were unwilling to help me and basically told me, "Oh, well." And that because they were electronic they can't refund me. Power to the players indeed...seems more like they're giving the power to the hackers and thieves. Way to run a ...

Posted by Red Hood With Axe

... that someone has managed to access my power up reward account and use my points to purchase a $3 PSN card. I sent out an email to them, and even attached a screenshot showing what happened. In return I received a response with no empathy to their customer, and went ... this because customers should be aware of Gamestop, horrible customer care, and should spend their money somewhere else. Please see ...:01:03 PM Subject: card activity- points were not used by me hello, i was updating my account information to be automatically be entered for your current drawing, and i ...

Posted by Anonymous

A while back I went to Gamestop to preorder the Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance: Mark of Mastery Edition. I... the MoM edition because I wanted all the extras (art, extra AR cards, 3DS cover, ect). I was assured that everyone who preorders gets the extras. ... me blankly and the other just shrugged and said it was sold out. I returned the game and went home to try to get a replacement. Everyone is sold out and the game is going for three times its... the regular retail edition at Target because they were offering a gift card with purchase. If you’re doing such a lousy job that I’d...

Posted by Mikey Charm

... order had been cancelled right away. Two days later, another charge was made to my debit card, and this time the GAMESTOP fraud department contacted me regarding the charge.... would take care of both incidents and that the two $50 charges would "fall off" from processing on my bank account. Low and behold, the second charge went through. Now I had to file a claim with my bank to get the money refunded. How stupid must you be to not be able to stop the 2nd fraudulent ...

Posted by TJ

... to include my dealings with the store, and the online store( Recently, my local ... got some in the back" she returns to give them the same info I had... garbage, or a piece is $h!t. It's ridiculous. Now, for the online store, the last few times I've ordered... ordering on 2/29/12 I have been charged a total of 4 times for RE:R.......$100++ dollars..., because we charge X-amount to make sure the card and account are valid, and... everything will go back to normal" The charge for the 3DS and RE game was 236...;completely normal"! So I say F-gamestop, their customer service has gone...

Posted by Anonymous

I remember I bought a couple games from gamestop being glad they all worked except for 1 game that had ... scratches all over it i go back to the gamestop and demand I get a refund showing receipt and all of... there ever again but truth is I do at better gamestops though and not sh*tty ones ... I even got a man to give me full refund on a game after I had it for like 3 weeks he ...

Posted by Robert

... to have to complain about their return policy, its just down right stupid, I bought the Battlefield 3 game 4 days ago and honestly I didn't much care for it, I decided to try and return it for a refund but they won't take back any New ...

Posted by silverdevil

I went into your store in Lake City, Floria, by Applebees. The service I recieved was lackluster. I went... of warcraft mouse that was on sale when I took the box to the counter to pay for the mouse, I was told by your employees that one of them ...he went into the back to bring it to the counter. The first employee returned after several minutes and stated rudely that ... the second employee to help him find it in the back of the store. The mouse could not be found by second employee. ...

Posted by Zarry

I purchase a brand new game and took it home where it proceeded to glitch, I then returned it and got another one. This one had the same problem so I checked it in ...I had to contact the manufacturer for help. Isn't that your job....I haven't had this new game for 5 days and I was told that I'm not going to get my money back or a working replacement. I don't think so.

Posted by Anonymous

i think the return policy is completley BS! If I buy a new game and I'm not happy money back. I spent da money on the warrenty that covers damage on the game but if if the ...i should be able to get a refund. not a credit for less den half of what i paid, for the store to sell it ...