Fred Meyer Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Fred Meyer below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Fred Meyer so others can benefit from what you learned.

Fred Meyer Return Policy

If a product was purchased together with the presentation of your Rewards Card, it can be returned within 6 months by presenting the product together with your Rewards Card. Purchases made by credit card will be refunded back to the same card. Debit card and personal check purchases are refunded in cash. For personal check purchases made less than 10 years ago, some additional verifications will need to be done.

For purchases made without showing a Reward Card can be refunded even if you don't have a receipt. You will need to show a piece of identification. Any refunds over $5 will be done by Fred Meyer Gift Card. Only 3 returns without a receipt are allowed in a 180 day period.

Some products may not be returned, such as opened software, DVDs, music CDs, consumables such as USB drives, printer ink, blank storage media. Video games, movies and vinyl records may be returned only if they are unopened and accompanied by the original receipt, unless they are defective, in which case they may be exchanged for the same title.

Shoes may only be returned within 30 days if they are unworn.

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Posted by Cec

Purchased a dvd for my grandkids for Christmas but found the blue ray with digital download at Walmart for $2 more so I bought that and tried to return the unopened movie/w receipt that I had for only 1 week and they would not let me. The manager told me that was the policy but I read it while I was standing there and nowhere did it say you couldn't return it as long as it was unopened and you had the receipt. Won't be shopping there again!

Posted by RobotD

I purchased a BROKEN ihome wireless speaker, and they will not return it because my receipt is torn into 2 pieces (by employee when taken from the printer). Purched only 12 days go. It is the only item on the receipt. I didn't have my rewards card when i made the purchase. The receipt doesnt have any part missing and all parts are still in the box.

Posted by deegee

I guess it's just because I am an old lady now and know that whether I like it or not, stores have policies and if you want to make things work for yourself,you play by the rules. I probably spend a $1000 a month at Fred's. I practically live there. Of course I buy my groceries there and God knows almost everything else. Sometimes I think I need to get out more. But I also return a lot. I have never had a problem. Ever.Even produce.

Posted by Fufredy

They would not let me return a ps4 pro not opened but exchanged it for a ps4 regular version and the 120$ diffrence they would not pay out in cash and I payed cash... what a pain.... I just wanted to r re turn th product and get my money back... Not shopping at Freds again...

Posted by Melisamaria

If this is their policy then they surely did not stand by it for me. My husband bought me 2 pairs of jeans for Christmas and they were the wrong size. He misplaced the receipt so I took them in to exchange them for the right size but they said without a receipt they couldn't do anything for me. I have NEVER returned anything at Fred Meyer before,with or without a receipt. I realize my husband should have kept track of the receipt but come on! I would have gladly given them my ID for an exchange. I am very disappointed

Posted by Receipt boy

For everyone's information that has been wronged by the Fred Myers corporation, just know that some of us out there "that had also been robbed by them" that take it in our own HANDS. And in this case two wrongs DO make a right. I am one who let's say gets even with good old Freddys. And always brings a smile to my face when I can have no cash on me and all I need to do is just go to Fred Myers find a cash receipt and I will leave the rest up to your imagination. I always leave with at least $40 to $120 dollars cash. And yes I have delt with the legal aftermath of it before and still will always do it again. So thank you Fred Meyers for creating so many grudges out there, nice knowing that your paying out the butt for merchandise that had never been paid for in the first place. GOOD DAY P.O.S

Posted by Roxyjem

Ya this is a lie because i had gotten 2 of the same thing for a gifted witch i had already had it myself so i took one of them back so i could get some thing else well they returned it well about 3 weeks later I deside I didn't want the other one I needed something so i take it in remind you I'm 39 years old & this was my first return without a receipt ever in my 39 years & you mo they said i couldn't it was to soon what kind of crap is that

Posted by Customer is Numreru Uno

I was unable to use a Fred Meyer gift card to purchase a money order at Fred Meyer in Kirkland, WA. What kind of policy is that??? The gift card was paid for in cold, hard cash some time ago by a relative for use determined by me (now we both lose). This is the 21th century in the most advanced society in the world. How about living up to it with reasonable expectations of your business in minds. Unbelievable!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Some of you are ridiculous babies. If you don't have a receipt, and it's not on a rewards card, how do they even know it was purchased at a Fred Meyer at all! Like the one where the mom doesn't live near a Fred Meyer? Then how did she even buy it from Fred Meyer? And if she didn't, why should they take it back? I've had tons of returns with a receipt or rewards card and my ID, never a problem. And yes their policy is 10 days on check returns! It takes that long for them to refund you in the manner you paid. My only problem is their crappy fall apart shoes! And if you're on the quality control list, it's obvious why based on your comments

Posted by Customerservice NOT

I will no longer shop and or pay for anything at any Fred Meyers store. I tried to "return" actually exchange a bedding set I received as a gift at Christmas. I do not obviously have a receipt and my mother who lives out of state did not use a rewards number because there are no Fred Meyers Where she lives. So for some unknown reason they denied me saying that the bedding set was over the "amount". Whatever that means. I do not and did have a history of non receipts return. I had one back in May of 2015 and this was the second one. Being a supervisor at a well known wholesale warehouse store with the best return policy out there, I know that we RTV "return to vendor" for full or partial credit. Meaning We are not out any or little money for returns. It's called Customer service Fred Meyers, maybe you should take some notes and pointers or better yet take care of your customers!

Posted by Elle

Bought a bedding set, with a check, next day I had a car repair emergency so had to take the set back bc I needed the 120 for the repair bill, they refuse to allow the return for TEN DAYS, fine if that's your policy ok whatever but it would've been very HELPFUL if the checker had mentioned this little TEN DAY wait crap to me when I made the purchase, I even ASKED him abt return policies. I'm very angry and upset, really useless rotten customer care, puts me in a horrible spot for the next ten day, I'll go to Target from now on or Walmart

Posted by anonymous

I tried to return a bag of dog food and a bag of Bird seed that I bought and it was they were the wrong kind and they wouldn't let me do a return because I didn't have a recpiet and said one return in 90 is only allowed but I looked up the return policy and you can do 3 returns without a recpiet in a 180 day period and I called a couple people and nobody wants to do anything about it, I'll just take my business else where

Posted by Robyn

I went with my daughter, whom moved back to WA from CA recently, to return 3 items her boyfriend received as gifts for Christmas from his family. Well, obviously she didn't have a receipt and she doesnt have a WA drivers license yet. The employee first asked her what she did that somebody would give her a vault box. My daughter isn't a socializer & doesn't do small talk so she blew off the question with an "I don't know". Next came the questioning about the ID. My daughter said "its expensive to change over". Then after the employee asked for a phone number, she commented "Wow a CA ID but a WA phone number" So after the 3rd degree the employee left her station, came back, got on the phone & said she couldn't do the return because her ID isn't valid. My daughter was more than perturbed so she asked to speak with a manager. Apparently you have to have a WA or neighboring state ID to return something to Fred Meyer. It was utterly rediculous & absurd! No where in their return policy does it state this. My daughter nor I will ever shop at Fred Meyer again. And we will make sure to let everyone know about her experience.

Posted by BoogSRT8

You lost your receipt for the underwear in 45 minutes? Fred Meyer is probably under the impression you never had do you purchase underwear, decide to return them, and lose the receipt all in 45 minutes? Now we are going viral over underwear and one employee? Sounds a little "Walmart" to me.

Posted by Not a fraud.

I, also, found out that I am on the "quality control" list. We returned some Pepsi. We had 7 twelve packs, with a reciept for four of them. The reason we returned them is because I was diagnosed with a diabetic condition. The local store said no problem and refunded all of them. Yes, including the three we didn't have a reciept for. It really leaves a bad taste in my mouth that my loyalty is questioned. That, Fred Meyer, thinks that I'm a fraud. Or, that my mom, is a fraud. Quite honestly, meet me face to face, and let's see where the conversation goes.

Posted by Anonymous

Tried to return an item today, did not have areceipt but had a card I made a purchase.
They found the item, Ok but I was told that return can't be donebecause I am on quality control list.
I always return items with the receipt or receipt look up (same as receipt, prove of purchase). Does any one know what it is. It sounds really bad.

Posted by Curious

I bought a router (box has been opened), can I return it or does this count as one of the non-returnable electronics?

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a backpack from Fredmeyer and it came with a little makeup bag I guess you could call but I took it off. The backpack hasn't been used I hope I can still return it. Does anyone know if I can?

Posted by 26Brennan

I dont have my reciept since I got my item as a gift. It has been unopened since it was the wrong one. Im hoping since its after the time frame and I've never returned there that it won't be a problem. My bf continues to shop there even though costco sells is $100 cheaper im hoping I can just pay the $150 difference and the correct one.

Posted by Anonymous

Honestly I was gifted a couple ties and didn't like them so tried to return them I had a million questions and them calling every store in the area and still didn't get refund I didn't care if I got a gift card or something else but they said no. Honestly I was upset and felt Luke they were looking down on me. Yes I didn't have a receipt or any proof that my family member bought them at that location but I wanted something else. So know I ! get To have these items and never use them. Worst service possible looking at me and treating me that way.

Posted by anonymous

I bought a steam mop a couple weeks ago. I used it once and I hate it. Hopefully it won't be a problem to return without a receipt. I love Fred Meyer and drive an hour to shop there every month. It's a great store. Nothing at all like Walmart, a place where customer service is guaranteed to treat you like a lowlife loser whether you have a receipt or not.

Posted by Daggercat

I don't ever remember having a problem with returns, I don't do many, at downtown Puyallup Washington store. I've even had shoes I wore for a day accepted for a refund without question, because there was a defect I didn't detect when just trying them on. Maybe all the stores are a little different. Just be legit about your returns. Now if they just had a bigger parking lot and quit taking up parking spaces with more cart corrals... Love Freddy's...

Posted by Todd in the NW

Can't return worn shoes with manufacturer defect (bad sewing). Nike shoes, two weeks old and Fred Meyer won't take them back. It may take some pressure but it may be time to force the wife to shop elsewhere for a bit.

Posted by Anonymous

Fred Meyer has the worst return policy of ANY store that I shop at. After my experience today, I won't be shopping there any longer. I tried to exchange a video game that my son got as a present. He already had that game, so we picked out another game that cost the EXACT same amount. They would not let me exchange it because I had a non-receipted return in the last 90 days. In December, I exchanged a video game that my son already had (his birthday is in November). Again, we exchanged it for a different game. Both times, the games were completely sealed and had a Fred Meyer tag on them. I doubt I had any other non-receipted returns in the last year or two. This only comes up with gifts to the kids, as they can look up your own purchases using your rewards or Visa card. I am a longtime customer of Fred Meyer, and even worked there many years ago, however I won't shop there any longer. I have never been refused a return anywhere, and I won't be humiliated like that again.

Posted by Ed Sheeran

don't be mean, I totally get being mad about a pair of underwear but you shouldn't brag about it. You claimed you were humiliated well if so why would you wand to humiliate yourself further by making that go viral Fred Myers has a great return policy if you have your receipt

Posted by KeepYerReceipts

Some anonymous person couldn't return underwear at some Northwest based retail chain. Yeah I can totally see that screaming across the internet.

Posted by DrFartSparkles

My guess is most of your "2000 friends" are as tired of your crap as Fred Meyers apparently is. Yeah I'm sure "Some loser couldn't return something at some store" will go viral (huh? A bit myopic are we? Lol)

Posted by Anonymous

Wasilla "manager" Suzette was very rude when I tried to return some men's underwear 45 minutes after I purchased them. I couldn't find the receipt. She announced that I was on a "quality control" list and therefore couldn't return the item without a receipt. In other words, I am a suspected fraudster. I was humiliated and embarrassed, especially since I don't recall returning anything in the past 6 months or more. And, so what if I did? I have always had my receipt, except for this one time. I told Suzette that I won't shop at Fred Meyer again if I'm on some sort of "list." She quite bluntly told me, "then don't shop at Fred Meyer again." Wow! So, I will post my bad experience on my facebook page where I have at least 2,000 followers based on my last count. Then I will be sure to tell 10 of my friends who will pass it along to at least 5 of their friends, and then post to YELP so it will go viral. I plan to let everyone know that if you lose your receipt, ever, and want to return something that you, as a consumer will be put on a "watch" list. That's just messed up!