Forever 21 Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Forever 21 below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Forever 21 so others can benefit from what you learned.

In-Store Purchases

Customers have a maximum of 30 days from the date that the merchandise was shipped, to return any unwanted items that fall within the policy below.

There are absolutely no refunds or exchanges given on items that are final sale. Final sale items include sale merchandise, jewelry, cosmetic items, gift cards, and online gift certificates.

All items that are not final sale are returnable in the event that they are returned with original tags still attached and unworn, and all swimwear must contain sanitary liners that are still in place. The customer must have original return form (and customs form, if arrived with package) available at the time of return.

Only online items returned by mail will be allowed refunds credit.

Please note that the shipping amount on items is not at all refundable, and that the customer must pay for return shipping.

If the customer wishes to return an online item(s) to a Forever 21 retail location (in the United States), they can do so at any Forever 21, Heritage 1981, XXI Forever, Reference or Gadzooks in the country. If returned to a store the customer will only receive store credit or an opportunity to exchange for another item. The customer must present the original invoice at the time of return.

Refund Instructions:
Fill out the Return Form (return reason and number of items, and check off all items being returned). Place in the original box along with items being returned and any customs papers that may have come with the package, if any. Next, attach the return label to the box and send it to:

Forever 21
Attn.: Online Returns
1807 E. Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90021
  • Accounts should be credited within 2-3 weeks of the dates return items are shipped and 4-6 weeks for international addresses. Credit will show on account statement within 1-3 billing cycles, depending on the customer's location.
  • Returns made with payment of gift cards, store credit or e-gift certificates are allowed, but the customer must have the original card or certificate, in which payment was made in order to receive the credit.
  • Packages that include the wrong items (not the same as the items on your invoice) or items that are defective are eligible for returns or exchanges (or store credit if returned in store), with the exception of returns from international addresses, the U.S. territories, and APO/FPO addresses. Items can be returned at Forever 21, Heritage 1981, XXI Forever, Reference or Gadzooks store in the U.S.
  • If returned by mail, fill out return form with appropriate return code and description if defective. If you would like the same item that you originally ordered, write "Exchange" in the notes section (you will not have to pay for shipping of the item being sent back to you) and if the same item is not available, you will receive a credit in the same form of payment, in which you originally paid for the purchase. Please include both return form and return shipping receipt in box in order to be credited for the cost of return shipping.
Shipping credit:
Fed Ex Ground, UPS Ground and USPS Priority shipping costs will be created in full. If the customer pays for 3-day or a faster shipping service, they will only be credited for Ground shipping.

For International shipping, the full amount is refunded only if standard shipping method is used. If express, USPS First-Class Mail International amount will be credited to your account.

There are no exchanges on returns from U.S. territories (American Samoa, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Palau, Guam, Marshall Islands, and Federated States of Micronesia.

Online Purchases

If you have purchased a product online at Forever 21's website, you may return it at one of their stores, provided you have your receipt. They can only process an exchange if you return it in-store. You will not get a refund.

If you are returning an item because what you received was defective or the incorrect one, you may return it at any Forever 21, Heritage 1981, Gadzooks, Reference, or XXI Forever store for an exchange or store credit.

If you wish to exchange the item by mail, fill out the return form with either "defective" or "wrong item." If you want a replacement, write "exchange" in the notes section. If item is inspected and confirmed defective, a replacement will be shipped to you at no cost. If you send the Return Shipping Receipt along with your return, your return shipping cost will also be refunded. Forever 21 does not accept exchanges for items returned from U.S. Territories, APO/FPO address, or an international address, but they will refund the money spent on the purchase.

See what others are saying about Forever 21 returns, refunds and exchanges

Posted by Fernando98

I bought clothes online and the next day my order was canceled and they send me a email saying I was going to get full refund then I checked my account and says that I use debit and credit to buy the same stuff and I send and email and they say it should get authorized again in 24 hrs up to 7 days and then it says we are unable to authorized a canceled other once it's canceled so they just steal my money not once twice the price it was so instead of being 97 it cost my 194 wow great job Forever 21 not buying online again.

Posted by Hairy123

Am I able to exchange rings Becuase I got the wrong ring size??

Posted by Ganiga

I was just trying to exchange my body suit that I havent try on. I purchased with 10% discount card that I have. They said becos I got 10% discout so they can't do the exchange for me. Wtf? I'm pissed I was just want to exchange not refund. You just lost another regular customer F FOREVER 21 Thailand CENTRAL WORLD. Btw staffs here mostly rude. Thumps down and I won't shop with you again.

Posted by Angryatforever

I returned items to Forever 21 today and not only was the, supposed manager, unbelievably rude in the handling of my returns, I about freaked when she gave me a store card instead of $88 in cash. Needless to say, I am pissed. Apparently all the years I have shopped there I have used my debit card so never knew that the company is stealing from us. Not cool. I'm fighting this, what crap!!!!!!!!

Posted by Danielle

Be aware store does not give refunds even with a receipt- they will only give store credits.

Posted by Anonymous

you guys are a bunch of crooks. this is america. I paid cash, you should give cash back. you lost ANOTHER CUSTOMER!!!!

Posted by Leen again????

Sorry guys I just wanted to fix my mistake I meant the receipt wasn't there when I checked in the plastic bag. *wasn't

Posted by Leen

Hey I bought a T-shirt from forever 21 and they didn't give me the receipt. I thought the receipt was in the plastic bag but when I came back home and I wanted to re-check if the receipt was there,The receipt was in there so I tried the top again and I noticed that the top wasn't nice at all and it wasn't my size. so I want to return my top but I don't have the receipt but the tag is still there. And I haven't where it yet. Do you think they will let me change to another top without the receipt but the tag is still there???

Posted by Anonymous

Nice to have been told ahead of time that they only give store credits or exchanges, what a crock of crap. I WOULDN'T HAVE made the purchase. Never Ever shopping at Forever 21 again. That means FOREVER!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Do not order online from this store!! If you have to return an item by mail it ships back to California and for those of us in Michigan the cost to return is almost as much as the order! I figured I could just return it to the store here - mope - not if you just want your money refunded. Worthless return policy, may as well not even have one.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a pair of heels a necklace and some rings for an event. I used an online coupon for the shoes and knew the jewelry would be final sale. When I got home and tried the shoes with my outfit they did not match so I decided to refund them. The only receipt I had did not have the items listed, just my total. I asked if I can still get my store credit and they proceeded to look up my order on the computer. THE LADY SCANED THE WRONG ITEM at time of purchase so I got accused of stealing the shoes I paid $17 dollars for. These employees are clueless and do not pay attention. I left with luckily with the shoes but no place to wear these.

Posted by Miss Real

Forever 21 System or service is hilarious.. Their employees have no clue where anything is they do not help the customer if you need to make a return a day after you buy it they will not give you cash back they give you store credit even if it's on warm with the tags and receipts they are totally a joke .. Your countryside store in Florida is a joke as well the management have absolutely no respect for their customer also they're rude..

Posted by Mom of twinz

Ridiculous return policy. Might as well jump through hoops. Received a sweat shirt for Christmas and returned 3 days after Christmas. Sweat shirt was $22.80 and I asked for an exchange or store credit. No store credit and items had to be same or more than original purchase amount. I had to get off the long line and find something. I found something LESS than original price and was told by manager that I needed to get other merchandise that was same or over what was exchanged. So I had to get off line once again to try and find leggings or something more than what was bought. This was a gift to me and I needed to pay more. Line was 50 people back at this point. Asked if I could skip line since I was already on line before and was told only if a few minutes.... Went back up to line explained to some customers I was already on line exchanging. I still fell short amount after finding a top and two pairs leggings and they informed me .42 cents credit (that I had to purchase something else because even if it was 1 cent credit they couldn't give me exchange merchandise. Total bs. I ended up purchasing a .99 cent nail polish for 60 cents more. I think they thought I
would just give up and leave them my merchandise.....they had the wrong person bc I wasn't about to give up. I will think twice about shopping in Forever 21 again. They are unreasonable and make you exchange same day.

Posted by Wenm

Try not to odrer from them. If you do and find that you need to make a return, it will take Forever. Wow what a coincidence that Forever is in the name. It takes Forever to get and order accomplished if they decide they need proof that it is you that is actually ordering, if you are sending the items to someone else's address. It takes Forever for them to get your email and respond. I wrote an email and they don't check their emails everyday. It took a week to get a response. I had to call my credit card company to tell them that it might take 2 billing cycle to get a credit for a return in which I sent back 13 days ago, because I was worried that I would incur interest charges. Before I contacted my cc company, I tried to contact the retailer by sending them a message on their website to ask when my specific order would be credited. I got no response because like I said, "It will probably take Forever." I could not wait for that, because my monthly due date is approaching. So the credit card company was kind enough to help me with that when I called and explained this delimma. I am very happy with my cc company, but unhappy with the ignorance of companies these days that do not have good customer service and a no care attitude.

Posted by Anonymous

It has been two years and I'm still waiting for my refund. I was charged twice by the girl at the counter for an item. We were both in a rush, by the time I realized I was charged twice it was too late to cancel my transaction. Due to Forever 21's policy of in-store credit returns only I was given the option of a gift card or filling out a form ... after the first year they wanted me to physically come in with bank statements, and now I've lost my receipt (bound to happen ...