Foot Locker Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Foot Locker below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Foot Locker so others can benefit from what you learned.

In-Store Purchases

Foot Locker is accepting returns and processing exchanges at all of its United States stores. If you are dissatisfied, please bring back your shipping invoice along with the item you want to return or exchange in its original condition within 89 days in order to avoid having difficulty getting a refund or exchange. Your refund will be credited exactly the way you paid for your merchandise. Credit card refunds generally take one to two billing cycles to be issued and posted. You may request a Footlocker gift card at any time. Foot Locker is not able to process COD returns.

Online Purchases

You may return any items you bought within the last 30 days in their original condition along with each label that was inserted in the package prior to delivery for an exchange or a refund which includes reimbursement for your shipping fees provided that you live in the 48 continental states of America or have an APO/FPO address. Your merchandise cannot be returned if it was purchased as a bulk order or through the drop shipping process. No shipping fees are reimbursed for merchandise returned through the express or overnight mailing methods. Footlocker reserves the right to alter or end this return offer at any time.

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Posted by mommasaunders

horrible, expected my refund back right away since it was taken from my bank account. Still haven't seen it 2 days later. They take the money out right away, so why can't they refund it right away? Will definitely find other places to shop from now on!

Posted by Anonymous

i had a layaway i didnt want it anymore so i went to get a refund i have not recieved my money back yet but yet when put the layaway up that day yall took my money right off my card but i have called my bank an my money not even pending i want my money back an i will never shop with footlocker ever again they really have bad business really 135$

Posted by Anonymous

30 days and still waiting. Ridiculous. Never again.

Posted by We're my money

I bought some Jordan's for my brother for he's birthday just to realize he doesn't like Jordan's went to return them the next day for a refund I paid 150 in cash and 40 with my debit card and I tought I was gonna get my refund in cash and he said since you paid 40 with you debit card I'mma give you 40$ back to your card I was like alright just to realize he gave me my whole dam 190$ refund in my card I was were my money he said oh its in your card I was like why you said only 40$ why did you do all of it so I check my bank still no money he told me is takes 2 days to get your money back it's being dam days weres my dam money stealing poeples money and stuff what kinda service is that but when I paid for the dam shoes you guys took my dam money so dam fast that's B's man 190$ I haven't seeing a dam dollar back and I've always bought all my shoes thier but now i feel like Footlocker is a herrible place man

Posted by Mad as Hell

Okay so I am never shopping at Footlocker again! I returned two pair of Jordan's due to them being too small for my son. I tried to just go a size up but they didn't have the size up. They called FootAction and I was able to go their after believing that since I paid with a debit card my return would go right back on the original card. Needless to say, when I got home I never see a credit. What if I didn't have 250.00 to purchase those other shoes? Debit should be treated as cash. I was getting ready to call the bank but then I checked the return policy and got a huge awakening. Why wouldn't this be told to the customer upfront. Bad business for sure.

Posted by Unhappy Customer

I purchased a pair of shoes at a Kids Foot Locker in the mall yesterday with my debit card and walked around the mall and found the same shoes at Finishline for $15 cheaper. I decided to return the shoes to get a better deal and ran into two huge issues that have led me to vow to NEVER shop at Footlocker again. First issue... I was told I could return my purchase at any Footlocker and I was conveniently next to Footlocker when I discovered the cheaper shoes at Finishline and went in to return the shoes. (I had purchased 20 minutes before at Kids Locker) The manager came out and told me it HAD to be at the original store I bought it from. Major store chains always accept returns no matter where your original purchase is from. This makes no sense! Especially since they all come from the same inventory. My issue with that is when I was originally shopping for shoes at Kids Locker, I wanted a shoe they didn't have in stock, but the employee checked the inventory and told me they only had my size at the regular Footlocker across the mall. I could order the shoes, pay for them then and there and pick them up at Footlocker... so why doesn't that convenience apply to returns??? I had to walk all the way to the other side to get to Kids Footlocker again and here is where I discovered my second issue. I made my return which was on a debit card and expected to receive my money immediately so that I could make my new purchase at Finishline, only to find that it would take 2 cycles to show up in my account. That is just something you can't expect customers to be okay with. They take the money immediately yet expect you to wait that long to get it back. I refuse to hand over anymore money to Footlocker when they have such horrible policies and procedures and there is much better competition like Finishline and Champs.

Posted by Beltz

Footlocker has supposedly put in place a policy that makes it impossible to return any shoe that's labeled a Quick Stirike (anything with QS) in the item description.

I recieved a pair of the new KD 10 Anniversary as a gift and crazingly enough, my wife knew how much I wanted them so she bought the same pair without my knowledge.

I tried to return the pair I purchased via debit and the only thing they could give me was a' Return Merchandice' card for the value of the shoes.

Complete Trash. If quick strikes are excluded from normal returns, etc. we should be NOTIFIED AT THE register and not after the fact. I've dropped $3200 at various footlockers over the last few years and for them to inact policy like this WITHOUT ANY SORT OF NOTIFICATION ABOUT QUICK STRIKES IS BOTH NEGLIGENT AND COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS. Footlocker owes me the ability to return the item and QUITE HONESTLY REQUIRE THAT ANYONE PURCHASING A QUICK STRIKE RELEASE acknowledge that they cannot return, exchange or refund their purchase.

100% Grade AAA BULLcrap

Posted by Mad As Hell

Purchased my son a pair of Nike shoes with my debit card and then we went to Finish Line and went crazy over the Nike Presto. I bought them and returned the other shoes to Footlocker. The guy told me 7-10 days for a return issued. Its a damn debit card and I can see the money was pulled from my account. Guess what Footlocker you won't get my business anymore.

Posted by JoeP

I had the same customer experience at footlocker in Fairlane Towne center in Detroit Michigan, I brought back a size 10.5 Jordan XXX in all black which was a gift and they did not fit. Both managers said that they appeared to have been worn! I proceeded to remove my current size 11.5 Jordan XXX in all red that I currently had on to show both managers how my foot looked like that of a 400lb hooker's crammed into a stiletto to which they both replied "oh I see what you mean. I guess you should have tried it on" wtf? The 10.5 was the only pair left unless I ordered online, and who wants to wait a week for shoes like that? regardless they hadn't ever been worn let alone worn as a pair, I couldn't even get the first one on! Long story longer, they refused my return, and on the way out.. with my 8yr old son mind you, I overheard the male manager to the female manager (both Afro American) "white boy tryna pull one over on us" ... seriously? Not only do they have crappy customer service skills as to where The customer is never right, they also discriminate

Posted by Anonymous

I own a restaurant, if my customer is dissatisfied and I issue a refund on the credit card they get it back the next day you say 1 to 2 billing cycles that's 1 to 2 months are you kidding me, what kind of return policy is that people need that money now not one to two months later I will never step foot in footlocker again, I purchased a $225 sweatsuit for my son that he didn't like and we returned it so now you're telling me I have to wait two months for my $225

Posted by Anonymous

The guy at the store would not give me a refund for the shoes that were purchased as a present. I had the receipt with me. Told me I had to make an exchange today or would only be able to use $24 of the $65 dollar purchase of the shoe. He kept my original receipt and told me I could not return the shoes for any reason. On top of it, they did not have the shoes I wanted and I spent $45. I know, I should have never agreed to this.

Posted by annoyed

Very unsatisfied with the return process associated with foot locker. Will never ever shop there again!!!!