Food Lion Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Food Lion below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Food Lion so others can benefit from what you learned.

Food Lion Return Policy

Food Lion’s return policy is customer focused. Food Lion team members will listen to your issue and act on it to your satisfaction. If a product does not meet your satisfaction, Food Lion will gladly replace it or provide a refund. Refunds are provided in the same manner in which one paid for the product. Our Private Brand and in-store produce items are of the highest quality. If one is not completely satisfied with the freshness of the product, Food Lion will double your money back. There are multiple brand names that qualify for a double your money back guarantee including the Food Lion brand. The only Food Lion exchange and refund exceptions are all gift cards, prepaid phone cards, prepaid cards, postage, Western Union services which include money orders, lottery tickets, and other prepaid services offered.

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Posted by Food Lion Return and Refund

I am very disappointed of Food Lion Return Policy. I couldn't return spoiled meat because I didn't have a receipt. I took the meat out of the freezer to cook but it was spoiled. it was stored in the freezer for about a week by then I had discard the receipt into the garbage so, when I went to the store I didn't have a receipt. the manager refused to exchange and/or refund my purchase. Food Lion symbol was attached to the price sticker on the meat package. Food Lion have lost a customer

Posted by AverageCustomer81

I hear you on that Food Lion is extremely racist,also towards poor people.I'm a white male but they follow me around every single time I go in there to shop.I would shop groceries elsewhere but I don't have a car and they are the only grocery in walking distance.The lines are also always jammed,poor customer service,and very poor management.It's a shame.

Posted by lovely

racist people all over all the locations of food lion.they never hire hispanic people there but sell latino soon as hispanics go in they are talking through their microphones and looking at you in mean ways and dont even say hello welcome to food lion unless your white or winston salem and north carolina.shame shame and to return back products they tell you you need a receipt or cant return.

Posted by felicia

as an employee of food lion I have a question about the return policy and double money back guarantee.i understand that a customer can return a product with or without a receipt and get double of what they paid..what if they've used EBT card and have no receipt? also I was told that one of our managers was asked if we as an employee buys something and needs to return it then we may have a problem..she said she would tell us "really? and take money outta our pockets?"..that doesn't seem right or maybe we should stop shopping there just in case that problem arises...