Fios Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Fios below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Fios so others can benefit from what you learned.

Fios Return Policy

There is a return policy in place for valued customers. FiOS TV Equipment that is returned to Verizon must include the following:

  1. Explanation for the return; this includes the termination of the service, location and premises changes are included No damage can be done to the equipment. A reasonable amount of wear and tear is allowed in these terms. The customer is subject to a late fee if equipment is not returned within 30 days. The fee includes any damaged items.
  2. Equipment is not needed; This includes adding or changing service. There is a add/change process that is in place to handle equipment returns.
  3. Broken equipment; A replacement may be sent for equipment that is broken. The broken item must be returned to Verizon. The replacement is provided if items cannot be repaired.

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Posted by Anonymous

Verizon: I need to have you pickup or otherwise return some Fios equipment you recently sent. It was delivered by UPS to the wrong address. I am Unit A. It was delivered to Unit D. I now have the box. The email you sent me refers to the return label included with the shipment. I cannot find a return label. I request that you send UPS or a Verizon employee to pick up the box. The entire situation was misrepresented to me. I was told by a Verizon man (or men) who came to my door in early December that I needed to convert to Fios since it was fiber optics and copper wire was being phased out. I was also told that I could (would?) lose service if I didn't convert. That was not true as far as I now know. I spoke with another person who lives in this development and he didn't know anything about it. I want to get rid of this box of equipment. Please advise how I can do that. There should not be any cost to me for this.


Posted by rtklly

...number and then bring the top box to the nearest store to exchange it. Got transferred to billing who didn't know anything about an order for an exchange. I asked to speak to a supervisor and Brandon (around...person named Dave. He told me to go to the store to exchange the top box, I didn't need any order for that. I went to the store and they asked for my order number....code and there was no code on the invoice/receipt from the store. boot...I got an email at 445 asking ... coming to my have no other information from Fios. I will be filing a formal complaint to...

Posted by QPRalphie

...), one useless online chat with a Verizon agent, and an exchange of 11 E-mails with 6 different customer service reps, just to exchange one set-top box for another. The HD box they finally gave ... and channel. Verizon says I'm stuck with it and won't replace it. If Verizon's customer support isn't the ...


opened a FIOS account and was offered 99.00 for all the premium channels plus phone and internet. WELL go ... in and regulate VERIZON. Why offer something for one thing and then be charged another price. I can't contact Mr. James Haung from Verizon to ... if this is true. They did charge me an installation fee too. They split the fee into 3 small payments till I noticied them. I ... them and with much effort and requesting to speak to a manager I was able to get a refund. At first he told all people are charged that fee no exceptions. Dosen't matter they SUCK...

Posted by oreosmom2

... disrespected,lied to and even had my FIOS wrongly turned off last week!I ... faster,and the TV picture is clearer than FIOS ever was!!I tried to get a final bill,and...back tomorrow.I know 1 thing--Verizon has charged my neighbors $1500.00 for their ...have personally seen the receipt from the post office when it was returned to Verizon.I dare them to even try ...copy of the postal recaipt I will get when I return our euipment.Oh---when our FIOS battery failed on the night this May when we had ...Verizon and was told it is my responsibility to buy a replacement battery for their rental equipment...I cannot ...

Posted by hateverizon

... were amazing. I purchased a new home and unfortunately FIOS was unavailable in that town. I was forced to cancel my service so I returned the boxes by mail (very easy process). Then I got the $175 bill for early cancelation fee. I called Verizon (60 minutes on hold) and ...'s, all i know is that you are charged a cancellation fee and if you don't pay it, we will ..., sorry sir, I'm not supposed to discuss this with you. the account has been turned over to collections" ... discuss their mistake with me. Now I had to dispute the charges with the collections agency. i am still waiting for ...