Expedia Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Expedia below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Expedia so others can benefit from what you learned.

Expedia Return Policy

Unexpected emergencies that force you to cancel or change reservations for your trip can happen anytime. Without travel insurance, you can be out hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Fortunately, Expedia has you covered with our Package Protection Plan. Starting at just $39 per person, you will be covered for a one-time change of plans for a variety of situations. Some restrictions apply, however, so travelers should carefully read plan terms.From the time you book until you return home, Expedia will cover and pay for additional charges resulting from cancellation along with reimbursement for lost luggage, medical expenses and much more.

Expedia provides this protection through BerkelyCare Insurance. To obtain your coverage, simply select your plan and pay for it at the same time while booking your vacation. Claims for cancelled tours and hotels will be paid to the individual who booked the reservation. Airfare will be credited towards future travel.

To file a claim, participating travelers must contact Expedia and BerkelyCare as soon as possible to avoid losses and non-covered expenses due to delay in reporting. BerkleyCare will forward all physician forms and other documents necessary to report illness or losses covered under the travel insurance plan.

See what others are saying about Expedia returns, refunds and exchanges

Posted by williams

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Posted by May

We were double booked by expedia and the hotel was unrefundable. We contacted the hotel they said they ll not charge us if we cancel reservatiin . Still expedia is asking for all the amount and its their fault !

Posted by chuck

How do I reach someone at Expedia in ref the very bad experiences we had at the Baymont Hotel in Ormond Beach FL on Jan 26-28?
We are requesting a refund for both rooms on the night on 1/26 because we had no water and had to miss our participation in the Rolex 24 Hour race that started at 9am. In addition, the rooms had wet carpeting because of the water leaks.
We were in rooms 303 and 309. Please contact me asap.

Posted by Anonymous

Another unhappy customer, (Rental Car Refund) Arriving in Bangkok Thailand I decided to cancel my rental car I called my rental car company Sixt & asked to cancel & if a refund would be possible they were very helpful & told me yes but since I booked through Expedia I would need to contact them After I called them (expedia) they told me they would send me a confirmed refund e-mail - never heard from them again no e-mail & no refund after 5-e-mails sent to expedia no response at all.....I'm with out a phone & unable to call them only e-mail......I'll never use this company again & I'm telling my travel friends to not either.....Good luck"

Posted by Judid

I booked a resort through Expedia. We were hit with a blizzard in NYC causing the airport to shut down on January 4th 2018. For my family, available flights - 5 days later. I immediately called both the resort/Majestic Colonial Punta Cana & Expedia (2 days prior to) to make other arrangements but due to their policies there is nothing that they can do. We are a no show for 4 days/6 people. No re-booking, credit or refund. We lost $$$ and a luggage (oh yeah, we got as far as checking our bags in.) A vacation that was planned since last August! My children are heart broken. These filthy RICH corporations should value their guest and unusual circumstances.

Posted by Guy

Yes, Expedia is the worst. Stay away from Expedia. I canceled my hotel booking 4 days before the actual stay. Expedia email stating that I will not be refunded for cancelations. Hey, other reservation systems don't charge their customers unnecessarily. No more Expedia for me, ever!

Posted by Julian 'Da Zhu' McRoberts

made a booking for hotel that stated it as being a pay at hotel. a couple of days later the money was taken by the hotel. i decided to cancel the booking and find a different hotel. my advice is to be vary wary of choosing hotels with the pay at hotel option if you use expedia, the best way to do it is use a debit card with no money in the bank account - which is what i wish i had done. still waitng for my refund, latest fob off and excuse being they called the hotel but the hotel is not answering the phone.

Posted by SAReeels

Expedia is the worst. Please do not book with them. I have used Expedia over the years with no issues... until recently. Hurricane Irma hit Puerto Rico in Oct 2017 as a category 5. The hotel we were supposed to stay was destroyed. We received a refund for our hotel and could only receive credit for our flights with the only stipulation being it needed to be used before May 2018. I am currently trying to use the credit and after spending over five hours on the phone with different representatives, I am unable to book a flight. Every new representative that comes on the phone tells me a new stipulation that the one prior didn�t say. Why are you playing games with people who have put their hard earned money into your services!? I will never, ever will utilize Expedia again. Airlines are definitely more accommodating directly then Expedia is. And don�t bother with travel insurance because that was a waste of money as well. They definitely just lost a few customers here.

Posted by Anonymous

Expedia. I need my refund back. I cancelled within the 24 hour window... and got a confirmation email saying refund will be there in 3-5 business days. It has been almost 10 days. I already spoke to at least 10 people, including supervisor. All have given me different excuses and answers. Stop playing games.

Posted by AutttYYYY yy

I also like many of you booked a trip and had to call and cancel it. I bought the trip protection and was told that it doesn't mean you get a refund unless your going to die or your dead. Well the funny thing is when I initially booked the trip I booked the wrong airport. I immediately called and what do you know they canceled it and refunded my money no problem. Don't waste your money on the trip protection they are basically steeling money from you that you won't get back . So if your dying or dead and have the "trip protection" good luck with that you have to argue with the insurance company. The worst experience I have ever had

Posted by Sameer_a007

Confirmation number I have cancelled this booking on 29th November 2017 and still await the refund of the amount paid. Please let me know by when can I expect the refund to hit my account. Similar to booking.com, for a free refund you should only block the card and not actually debit it for ease and convenience of receiving the refund on time.

Posted by Anonymous

Super 8 took my money out my card I didn't stay there didn't had 20 for depiost

Posted by Tgray

Eight weeks and still no refund, Expedia has blamed the bank, the airline etc. Fact airline was never paid andy bank has never received the deposit. I have documented over twelve hours on the phone with Expedia. Very worse company, I have numerous emails with promise of refund and nothing. I am keeping my paper trail, because my only option is lawyer. Highly advise to NOT do any business with Expedia.

Posted by kdub

Recently booked & paid for a room through Expedia in Lawrence, KS. A storm had blown through & upon check-in, there was no electricity. The front desk told us it was expected to be back on in about an hour. Initially, we went ahead & checked-in. However, our dog was traveling w/us & so about 10 minutes later we returned to the front desk to cancel our stay & just drive back home. The gentleman at the front desk assured us we would not be expected to pay, even though we had not cancelled within the allotted time frame. I called the hotel for my refund & they did not refund the amount & told me I had to contact Expedia. I completed the survey & notified Expedia of the situation. As of yet, I do not have my refund & am not sure how or if I will receive it!

Posted by Lanceamen

Recently myself and friend made a short trip to LasVegas NV booked as package deal with Expedia. Airline part of trip was fine...when we got to hotel to check-in we found out that someone at Expedia had cancelled our hotel part of package...so I used my credit card to pay for stay...and upon returning home...made CLAIM with Expedia Refunds to recover my personal expense of hotel, which had already bee paid in bundle deal. Their Refund Department has come up with every conceivable excuse NOT to honor my request. To this date no refund...Expedia is the WORST I have ever had to deal with and I travel alot and am a Travel Consultant...

Posted by Annalee

My trip was cancelled to Florida due to Hurricane Irma and Expedia said I would receive a refund within 7-10 business days. It's been a month and still no refund. Never using them again.

Posted by CCG

Lufthansa airline strike caused my flights to be cancelled. Flights were booked through Expedia. Lufthansa confirmed the cancellations and that it had not received any payment from Expedia and that I should contact Expedia for a refund. 11 months ago now and no reimbursement from Expedia. Their Customer service phone numbers don't work. Never again will I book through Expedia.

Posted by Victor

Very upset, bought our 25th wedding anniversary package through expedia in early august for aug 27th thur the 31st 4 days in cancun than the hurricane hit our home town of houston and airlines canceled all flights, something totally out of our hands. After weeks of calling Expedia and dealing from one customer service rep to another and no answers from any reps, they finally send me an email basically telling me no refunds or credits for future packages.I paid 1,600.00 for this trip and put my trust into them the trip was cancelled from them not us. I have bought numerous packages from Expedia in the past and am very disappointed as I will post in every sociel media possible and will not stop till I get my refund. Very cruel of you people taking others money for no reasonable explanation, again you canceled we did not.

Posted by Not happy

Do not use Expedia. I cancelled my hotel rooms almost a week before (and it said you can cancel 24 hrs and not be charged) due to hurricane Irma. They still charged me and will not give me a refund. I've spent hours on the phone with Expedia and the hotel and they keep blaming each other. I'm so frustrated and I'm sure that's how they want you to feel so they can keep their money.

Posted by Lauren Drummond

I booked a hotel room through Expedia for 09/96/2917 at Wyndham garden hotel in Boise, ID. When we got there the hotel had no record of our booking. They also had no rooms we could book instead. I had a confirmation number and Expedia pulled the money out of my account. Seeing as Expedia didn't hold up their end of the bargain I will be needing a full refund.

Posted by Annie

*** EXPEDIA REFUNDED ME within a week ! For 24hour cancellation Policy :) ***

I booked a flight with Expedia twice on the same day, only to cancel due to mistakes I made. Flights were from USA to a European country. I booked the two flights on Tuesday night. The first flight was cancelled on Tuesday night, Expedia notified me I would be refunded within 3-7 business days, if not it would take one to two billing cycles for the refund to be on my bank statement. I booked that flight with the trip protection plan, I called Expedia's number to get that cancelled and I got that refunded on Tuesday night (same night I booked). The operator I talked to was very friendly, when you're promoted to choose to
be on hold or to get a call back, I choose to be on hold (I had free time haha) the machine said it would take 2hours but an operator got me after one to two minutes of waiting so that surprised me. I recommend calling at night (US time) when the call center is does not receive a high volume of calls. The second flight I booked, I cancelled the day after on Wednesday morning. Keep in mind that I did this all within "free cancellation within 24" policy. So on Friday morning, I received my refund for the first flight cancellation. Being the paranoid person that I am, I contacted the Expedia team on twitter just to confirm I will get a refund and they said yes, it will process within 2-3 business days for that specific booking, and I checked my bank today (Saturday morning) and surely enough I got refunded for the second flight cancellation. I did not use a credit card to book the ticket though, I'm not sure if that makes a difference in the 24hour cancellation policy.

The comments below me made me really concern but I am very impressed with Expedia, they responded quickly with my concerns, especially the twitter team.

Posted by Kelly

I booked a flight and right before I left I Starting getting sick from my Multiple Sclerosis and was not able to fly. I purchased the Insurance through Expedia even. But after a long run around and me sending proof I have MS I still never got a refund! The employer told me this was not a good enough reason, pretty much. This site is a joke!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I cancelled a flight using Expedia 24hrs after I made the reservation and I was supposed to be given 100% refund. I was informed that I would get my refund after 7 business working days its been more than 2 months now . What is happening .

Posted by JiltedCustomer

I booked a flight + car bundle from Expedia. When I went to pick up the car from Hertz, they had the reservation but said I needed a "travel voucher code" to complete my reservation. The reservation was already paid online, and Expedia never sent me any sort of code. I got an Expedia rep on the phone while I waited at the Hertz counter and neither company could resolve it. I ended up cancelling with Expedia and was told I'd receive a full refund since Hertz couldn't honor the reservation. I'm still waiting for the refund. This was July 25th. I've had to call 5 times to finally speak to a supervisor, who assured me my refund had already been done and tried to tell me my bank must've been holding the money. My bank wasn't. I called again, and then received an email saying they had forwarded the refund to their corporate office. That was on August 8th. I still haven't heard anything. I will NEVER book anything with them again!

Posted by Not Happy

I booked a trip to cozumel mexico earlier this year for two, through expedia. Unfortunately they notified me explaining that our flight route was changed and we woudlnt be able to fly in to cozumel at the time of our trip. We spoke to an expedia help line about what could be done as we had already booked etc. They canceled our trip due to there not being another flight on hand and when we asked of we were getting a FULL Refund they said yes gave an estimation of two months for the money to get back to us. It's been roughly 5-6 months and we've only gotten the hotel refund but they still owe ~1,200 for our plane tickets.

Posted by Not Happy

I booked a trio to cozumel mexico earlier this year for two, through expedia. Unfortunately they notified me explaining that our flight route was changed and we woudlnt be able to fly in to cozumel at the time of our trip. We spoke to an expedia help line about what could be done as we had already booked etc. They canceled our trip due to there not being another flight on hand and when we asked of we were getting a FULL Refund they said yes gave an estimation of two months for the money to get back to us. It's been roughly 5-6 months and we've only gotten the hotel refund but they still owe ~1,200 for our plane tickets.

Posted by Anonymous

I booked a hotel room at Canada's Best Value Inn in Burlington Ontario through expedia and I was charged $96 for the room and when I arrived at the location the person who was working behind the front desk pulled in after we did he unlocked it then went into the office... and then I went to the office to get the boys there room & he wouldn't give me the key or my $ back I tried to explain that the room was for my two sons and I would be staying with them for a bit until I got a ride and I would be picked up later that night the guy that was working would not give us the hotel room we didn't sign anything and basically we had to leave with no place to go and they kept my $$ and I didn't even sign anything or ever see a room ...he said that it was too many people per room and yet I was only staying for a little while and the maximum number of adults per room is three as listed on their website and still they are denying me a refund and Expedia has done nothing to help me...nice of you guys to rip off a single mom of 5 ...like my kids couldn't use that $100 for back to school stuff .. must feel good to steal from the poor ..thanks Expedia

Posted by Renae

Booked a hotel room through expedia. I chose my dates on their clickbox calendar, while choosing a different room, expedia quietly changed the dates to the next available date for the room we chose. Did not notice this change until I received my confirmation. Expedia will not refund and neither will the hotel since it was booked through expedia. This seems to be a new expedia tool for scamming money, judging by all the comments before me on this site regarding "changed dates" will never use them or their other company holdings again.

Posted by Anonymous

We booked a hotel through Expedia recently and within 12 hours we had to change plans but noticed the money was taken out when it said it wouldn't be until booking and we had free cancellation for a day prior, so we called the hotel and they said that they money from Expedia hadn't been sent through yet and to call them. So we did.

They were very rude and never once budged on a refund and told us the money was already with the hotel and denied claims when we said the hotel hadn't received it yet.

So we called the hotel again and asked if when they get the money, may we receive a refund (minus their fees), the lady then informed us that they don't receive any money until we check in!

So we rang Expedia back and caught them out of their dirty lie and their attempt to keep all the money and was quickly given a refund to shut us up.

Formal complaint lodged - I reckommend no one uses them.

Posted by shseleen

I booked a hotel 2 hours before arrival. When I arrived they did not have the room I requested. I asked for another room. The hotel manager refused and refused. He even lied about who the manager was. We were told that the room we booked was booked for days before, during, and after we left. We were told that there were no more rooms. I asked for a refund and was told that no hotel can request it. I had to wait weeks until we got home to call expedia for a refund. They had no number for the hotel. Lucky for me, I had the manager send me a whatsapp with his name and number. I have been on the phone for 5 hours and I still have no way to get a refund. I am now requesting a refund from paypal as noone will help me!!!!!

Posted by Jerry

Booked a hotel on 7-15-17 for 7-17 to 7-19. After finalizing noticed date was 8-7 to 8-9. Immediately cancelled. Still no refund, and bank says they haven't received it. Web page said 24 hours to process and up to 5 days to post. Rep said 24 hours to process and up to 7 business days. Email says 24 hours to process and up to15 days to post. Which is right. I don't expect to get my money back and will never use Expedia again.

Posted by Jackiek1012

I'm having an issue with my trip.

We were at the Riu palace paradise island from July 18-24 and this has been the worst experience. The whole hotel is a mess. Water damage and black mold everywhere. Leaking roofs, water buckets throughout the whole lobby. They have construction going on everyday from 7 am - 6 pm, jackhammers and banging. Thursday water was temporarily shut off for hours. The hotel staff is rude and not helpful at all. We still have yet to receive a I'm sorry. They haven't offered any compensation or upgrade of any kind. Had I known there was construction going on I would have not booked this hotel. We spent over $3000 for a vacation and instead just have a headache and want to go home. This was the worse vacation and experience we have ever had. I'm hoping for some type of refund, no a complimentary stay next time. We will no longer stay with this hotel here or anywhere. Please get back to me Asap

Posted by Twin

I booked a hotel from Hotel.com who is under Expedia. I changed my mind and decided to cancel by booking. I got a credit to my account but is shows on my account that it was taken out anyways. These people are just a bunch of rip offs. I keep talking to people who tries to talk over you. They are thieves.

Posted by ïüëïüÃ¥ïüáïüî

July6.2017 i decided to buy ticket trip from Manila to Hongkong via Japan, i accidentally click doubled the flight i choose,the problem is its automatically deduct to my account so i pay doule for the same flight and idecided to cancel the one amd then i canceld it,they assure me that the money that they deducted to my account was fully refundable because i canceled the fligt within 24hrs,so they gave me 3 working days to recieve my money back,but until now 7/20/17 theres nothing happen to my account or i ddnt recieve the money back,

Posted by Hoang Thi Long Van

I booked the tickets from Hanoi to Ullanbator 18/7/2017, and retured tickets from Ullanbator 31/7/2017. However, Hongkong airlines changed fly time from Hongkong to Hanoi earlier than the initial schedule 31/7/2017, so that I couldn't to catch the flight back from Hongkong to Hanoi this day. I have to change my plan and ask Expedia to buy new back tickets for me from Ullanbator to Hanoi 30/7/2017. I sent may emails and called many phone calls to Expedia service to make the requests. But no one resolves my problem. Now I hve to buy the new tickets for myself back Ullanbator to Hanoi 30/7/2017. I think Expedia should keep your reputation to refund my money of the back flight Ullanbator - Hanoi tickets.

I still am waiting your replying ASAP

Posted by DoninSD

Booked a hotel through Expedia. My airline changed the arrival date to Tuesday morning instead of Monday night. Called Expedia to make change to hotel. Expedia representative told me I would have to cancel and rebook. I canceled then they told me they could not refund me my $500 it was the hotel's policy. I booked with Expedia not the hotel. Never doing business with Expedia and advise everyone not to either.

Posted by Moon

Expedia were fantastic when my BA flight was cancelled on the 27th May due to an IT power supply failure. They refunded virtually immediately.

Posted by Mr.Phromsombath

Booked 4 rooms in Reno, NV for the 5th-8th of July. Called family members to confirm that they were still going on trip. They cancelled, so I had to cancel my reservation that was already paid for. Cancelled reservation on the 4th of June, received refund on today. Reservation was cancelled before deadline, and got refund without any issues.

Posted by DanK

Just had a great experience with and expedia agent ( Susanna) and thought I would share. Used expedia for our vacation to Cancun last year and it was great we have booked our trip to Cancun again. My wife used expedia to book a trip to Vegas and it to went great. I recently went to Pittsburgh overnight and used Expedia to book my hotel. Somehow I was doubled booked and charged at the same hotel in Pittsburgh. Ten minutes on the phone with a very apologetic and helpful Expedia agent and my extra booking will be credited back to my card. Thank You Expedia for great service!!!!

Posted by Dissatisfied.......

I booked a hotel room out in Lancaster, only to have to cancel out as I could not make it. When I called the hotel, they refused to issue a refund because I had not gone through Expedia. I will NEVER use this service again....

Posted by Joe Blow

I had a family emergency that came up just hours after purchasing my ticket and despite being a long time loyal expedia customer, they flat out told me they would not give me a refund. I am extremely disappointed and won't be using this service in the future. I write for a popular consumer blog and will be writing an in depth article on my experiences so that other people can be warned beforehand.

Posted by PuntaCana2017

I purchased a trip through Expedia and also bought the 'Travel Protection - Package Protection Plan.' The cost was $162 on a ~$2,300 total trip for two. I needed to cancel the trip completely 5 days before it commenced. I called Expedia and they were able to immediately issue a refund for any non-refundable portion of the trip (which was the hotel for $1,250). The remaining cost was for two flights that, per JetBlue policy, would receive airline credits to use on future flights. The purpose of the cancellation was not relevant as the travel protection plan purchased allowed for one cancel-for-any-reason. It was however canceled for a medical reason, so I am attempting to file a claim to get the costs of the flights reimbursed or have JetBlue reimburse the flights given the circumstances. Overall, I was pleased with the travel protection policy and results of the refund, these terms were exactly stated in their terms issued before purchase. I was actually under the impression that the cancelling of the hotel would require a claim to be filed and deal with the insurance companies, but thankfully that was not the case and I at least got a majority of my cost back without any effort.

Posted by Bryan

We booked a hotel room for Sao Nicolau, Cape Verde, and paid for it to Expedia. The hotel did not have our name or reservation, and would not accept the payment we made online to Expedia. They required we pay them directly. We're very displeased with this. We would like a refund from Expedia.

Posted by Anonymous

we made a simple date entry mistake corrected within 5 minutes. our $130 was wasted. now my experiece is shared and i never use the service again. no sweat off your nose but it is a frustrated consumer!

Posted by Rajiv

Very unpleasant experience with Expedia for my last booking . We booked our complete travel with Expedia But on reaching Switzerland our next leg disappeared from the itinerary . Had to buy a new ticket to go to New Delhi Have been trying to get a refund from them for the last 4 mos They are blaming it on air Canada and air Canada refuses to take any responsibility . Planning to take this to court Very furious have spent lot of time and energy talking to their reps but in vain

Posted by JJS

We booked a stay at The Palm Beach Hotel for March 22-26. When we got there, the room was filthy, the bathroom had not been cleaned, and the room wreaked with cigarette smoke. We told the person at reservations that we could not stay there. They said Expedia would issue a full refund. So far no refund has shown up. Do we have to bring a lawsuit to get our refund?

Posted by Corallea

I had the worst experience I have ever had in my entire life with EXPEDIA. I will NEVER use them again. Expedia screwed me out of a $1,200 ticket and refused to refund me. I cannot stress this enough--- DO NOT BOOK WITH EXPEDIA, YOU MIGHT AS WELL JUST THROW YOUR MONEY IN THE GARBAGE.

Posted by Upstreamshadow2

Spelt my name wrong on my ticket and told me they couldn't fix it as the airlines said they could. 2 hours later with an agent he just kept saying there wasn't very many flights but of course he found one for 700.00. Asked for refund after a couple calls they said I'd be getting the first one back without covering how much more I had to pay for the 2nd ticket. Called cause they said the airline should have deposited it already at this point it was 20 days. Called airline as I was told by another agent and they said they had no record at all. There's a lot more to this story but I was hung up on blew off told lies. I Would Never book with this multimillion dollar company that treats us like none of it matters. Please tell everyone you know cause I used them and they screwed up and made me pay for it. I have read some similar stories and some much worse. I'm posting on Facebook and every type of large public access to warn all that want to enjoy a trip and not be all stressed out before and after.

Posted by Mohamed


I booked a flight through Expedia and by mistake booked a travel protection while i don't want it
So, Is anyone know how to cancel this protection plan but keep my flight reservation?

Thanks in advance,

Posted by Anonymous

We could not stay at the travel lodge in Reno because it was very dirty and lots of druggies. I have 2 grandkids that stayed over with us and would not subject them to this environment . Would like my money As soon as possible.

Posted by Fcgolcher

i canceled my flight within the 24 hrs grace period and got my money back, on three business days! Canceled on Wednesday and got my money back on Monday. I called and asked about their refunds policies, and if cancel after 24 hrs then it will take up to 8 weeks and you may not all of your money back, like in other airline. They are theft you just have follow their policies.

Posted by SpecialK

I recommend everyone look at their credit card annual statement. I found 3 hotels bookings we had cancelled in 2016 and had email proof on, $1,300 in all -- were never refunded! The bookings were made on Hotwire, Expedia and one directly with a hotel. In all cases the refund for your booking has to be made by the hotel you booked and cancelled. If the front desk there is busy, incompetent or corrupt, your refund will fall between the cracks. Add a third party like Hotwire or Expedia notifying the hotel of your cancellation -- that adds another level of potential error and you are even less likely to get your refund as expected.

Posted by Casboy3

I went to a Expedia Cruise Agency in North Carolina on 12/06/16 and ask about a cruise and this what the agent you give us a deposit of $200.00 and we save your reservation, you will have until 02/06/2017 to cancel and you will get your deposit back. On 12/08/2016 she tells me that she need $50.00 more for the deposit. Then 12/10/2016 the agent calls my wife and tell her she put a insurance charge to cover $250.00 deposit?

Posted by Jane

Our flight was cancelled due to bad weather and with 2 connecting flights we couldnt wait in an enormous queue at Heathrow so booked a replacement flight ourselves at great expense (3 tickets to Cape Town). We were sent a text by Lufthansa asking if we wanted to cancel our booking and this cancelled our return flights as well. After numerous phone calls Expedia have agreed to return the cost of our flights in full but I lost my debit card in the meantime and now they are saying they cannot return the money because the card doesnt exist anymore although I have replaced it with a different card number. I would be interested to know whether anybody else has had this experience with replacement cards.
I will NEVER use Expedia again although will keep trying to get our money back. However reading all of these complaints it seems this will never happen. It ruined what should have been a holiday of a lifetime.

Posted by Nina

Expedia are a bunch of theives and liars. I would never do anything through them again. Told me that I was paying the hotel when I got there. I changed my mind about the reservation and they still just went into my account and took my money. I had to dispute through my bank...to get my money back. Why on Gods green earth are you charging people for services never rendered?? THERE A SCAM AND A FRAUD!!

Posted by Anonymous

I am extremely disappointed I was tolf I have to wait 8 weeks for my refund

Posted by Aman

I was able to get my refund back from expedia. I did purchase the protection plan thinking I can cancel anytime but that was not the case. So anyhow, I wanted my money back, told expedia that yes it's a medical reason that's why I am trying to cancel my ticket. They sent me forms to fill out by the doctor. I went to go see a doctor, told doctor that I fell trying to work around the yard, hurt my hip, leg and stiffness at other few body parts. While he was examining me, I did mention about me traveling and how I cant travel now bc of this incident. Doctor was more than happy to fill out the form for me. I faxed the forms to expedia and they gave me my money back.

Posted by Unhappy traveler

I booked a hotel room through Expedia using their pull down calendar for 09-09-17. When the confirmation was sent it showed 01-01-17, the date I made the reservation. This was a non-refundable booking but I felt that the error was a computer glitch on Expedia's end. I immediately called the hotel about the error - within five minutes, but they said I'd have to talk to Expedia. Expedia politely said, 'tough,' that since the booking was after 4:00 p.m. the hotel would not be able to rebook the room for someone else. I disputed that since I had called the hotel within five minutes advising it was an error. Expedia didn't care. They would not change the booking to the correct date or refund my money. While I have no proof, I truly believe Expedia's system glitched since I had used the pull down calendar. Lesson learned - I will never use Expedia again.

Posted by Upset customer

Have been waiting for 3 weeks now for our refund on our flights with no luck. have called the company 8 times in which they say it will be refunded within 48 hours. Worst company to go with, it has now made us be held up purchasing future tickets and the flight prices are going up.Very disappointed in the service. Don't go with Expedia if you can avoid it.

Posted by Angel

I booked hotel through Expedia i put the dates when i check in dec,8, 2016 till dec 14,2016. I was so happy that it was a cheap hotel room and i check it first before clicking it but when they reply to my email the dates moves to nov30 2016 to dec,01 2016 i was like wait this is not the date i put! And then i call the hotels right away to check it and the hotel service confirm it and i ask how to change the dates and she said go back the expedia and rebook it again it was just not 30 min. When i change it only to found out that they're not going to repund my 1 night !!* theives!!

Posted by Quincie

Expedia is a sleezie corrupt site THAT SHOULD BE USED BY NO ONE the airlines should not use them. I booked two return tickets on Jun 22 for travel on July 14- return the 21.That evening I found out I couldn't travel on those dates. I contacted United the next day to cancel and get a refund as I had cancelled with in 24 hours. They told me that since I had booked on Expedia that they could only give me a credit but I should contact Expedia for a refund as I was with in thee 24 hour window and should get a have no problem getting the refund. I had purchased cancellation Insurance but found out that was a scam. Expedia advertises on there web site that you can cancel with in 24 hours and get a refund. Not true. They told me that I had to cancel the same calendar day to qualify for a refund. When I asked about the cancellation they told me I would be refunded if one of the following conditions applied.If I was dead,If i lost limb, if I was involve in a serious car accident, If my house was destroyed by a tornado, Or if was called for military service. What there is criminal and we should start a class action suite.

Posted by Scotgirl7870

My partner and I booked to goto india for 16 days. The flights were fine, our problem started when we arrived in india at 2.45 am. We were meant to be picked up by the hotel and taken to our destination but no one was there to pick us up. Eventually we got our own taxi at 3.45 am to take us to the hotel. However, when we arrived we were told that out booking had been cancelled by expedia, we were shown the cancellation document, we were unaware of this as we had the reservation confirmation but we were not told of the cancellation and had not been refunded our money. Luckily the hotel had a spare room and the manager was very understanding but it took us 5 days of emailing out travel agent in the UK to get it sorted and for expedia to pay the hotel.I have severe mental health problems and this affected me very badly. However after contacting expedia on our return, they are saying that the hotel was eventually paid for so there is no problem. I disagree as the start of the holiday was completely ruined for my partner and myself but expedia simply won't acknowledge that they did anything wrong. I for one will never be using them again

Posted by Corinne

I searched flights on Expedia for TWO people. I chose a flight and booked it but was charged double the price I was shown. Apparently I was shown the price for a single passenger rather than TWO passengers, like I had requested. So I immediately canceled my flight even though I hadn't bought their $80 "cancellation" insurance; which I thought was just a way of gouging customers for more money. Rather I called and spoke to an Expedia employee, within 15 minutes of my purchase, who assured me that I could cancel and that I would be refunded the cost of the flight. Over a week went by when, in the course of checking my credit card statement, I discovered that I had only been partially refunded and that Expedia had still ended up charging me over $900!!! I immediately called my credit card company who told me that I'd be getting my money back. Call your credit card company and dispute the charges if they're fraudulent. Better yet don't use Expedia in the first place.

Posted by ms5837

no refund, no change of flight, nothing being accepted by expedia.
i have a medical emergency and can't get on my flight but they claim it is non refundable and can't be changed.
horrible experience, never using expedia again. Nowhere in the world does anyone have such horrible refund and exchange policies. All airlines let you easily cancel and change reservation. Extremely stupid of me to use Expedia and not directly book with the airline. Definitely never using expedia again

Posted by Isaiahmom

I was scared from the past stories I read but thank God I got my money back in 3 Business days after cancelling it the same day I purchased my flight, but the only downfall is the weekends is not included. So I cancelled my flight Friday morning, and got my money back by Wednesday morning.

Posted by Stella

We were caught in a horrible storm in the middle of the flat lands of South Dakota. We tried to book a room and were excited to see that one was found. We then realized that we booked this for the wrong day and we would not even be in the area on that particular date that was accidentally booked. We noticed this right away and contact both the hotel and Expedia. We were informed that it was pretty much "not their problem". We believe that we somehow hit the wrong date on our small phone. Expedia and Super 8 of Hot Springs, SD would not honor our reservation by providing a refund OR allow us to transfer this room to another person as a "pay it forward". Why if I can not have a refund can I not use the reservation as desired? Why can you tell me no when it is my reservation? We have now been on the phone with them for the past two days to find remedy. I cannot believe that you can refuse a refund or better yet- allowing us to pay it forward. Unbelievable.

Posted by Never again Expedia

What a mean company. Feel totally robbed by them. Made a one month error when booking hotel. Didn't realize mistake when one month later no booking. Charged me more than room price for s no show. Any decent company would have allowed change in date for simple computer error. Spent HOURS on phone explaining situation. Like talking to the wall. Please NEVER use this company. They are greedy and unreasonable!

Posted by M123

Worst company ever!! Booked a weekend away to Budapest, when i clicked to proceed to checkout the website told me there was a problem with my card and the holiday is not booked, but yet when i checked my bank account they have taken the money for the holiday!! when i spoke to one of the workers they said the money will be back in my account within 72 hours, still nothing on hold for half an hour now and still nothing! So they take your money even when you have no holiday booked? Is that even Legal???????????

Posted by David

Expedia stole my money, I cancelled my flight booking, but some part of the money was paid with my credit card. No matter how often I ask them to get me a refund on it, they say it's already voided. Folks... Please never ever use Expedia. I wasted my time and money, even they made me feel uncomfortable.

Posted by FearExpedia

Never again!! If you miss your flight, try to cancle your flight, or get a refund after purchase a ticket, you are literally F in the A.. Always book straight from airline or hotel.

Posted by Brynn Fulghum

My granddaughter booked a hotel room for 8-24-8/25 for Chicago Marriott in Naperville, Illinois
This is to visit my brother in Nursing home in Naperville. Because my flight will leave O'Hara at 6:05 on 8/25, I need to be closer to the Airport since Naperville will be 25 miles
away. Is there anyway I could cancel this room without paying a fee for cancellation? Thank
you for your consideration on this matter.

Posted by Stranded

Currently, I am trying to obtain at the very least a refund for a hotel room that was cancelled on me because of Expedia. I called ahead of time for my "One free change" to move the dates I had booked through Expedia. I did this and was assured all was well. Then the next day called again to confirm the change with Expedia, the same response was returned. I got to Iceland in my first hotel (not through Expedia) and got an email asking me about check in from Expedia. I had not gone to Expedia's hotel because I changed plans through them and confirmed the change. After calling Expedia and being on hold out of the country for over an hour I talked to the supervisor and was promptly hung up on. I called again and was told that the Hotel would not answer their calls so I called the hotel myself from another phone, they picked up within seconds of ringing. I was lied to and hung up on multiple times by Expedia and am stranded in another country with no refund, or anywhere to stay. Never use Expedia.

Posted by super pissed

Worst experience.. booked a hotel through expedia that was closed when I went to check in. I was stranded out of state with a child. I'm still trying to get a refund for that hotel that I never stayed at...

Posted by Pissed off cusyomer

I purchased a flight and hotel to the Nickelodeon resort in Orlando Florida. After booking what I thought was a stay at the Nickelodeon resort as advertised by Expedia, I went on the resort's website to check out the hotel a bit further. I notice on the hotel's website that there was a disclaimer that as of April 2016 it would no longer be a Nickelodeon resort but a Holiday Inn. My trip was for July. Why would Expedia continue to advertise it as Nickelodeon knowing it would change in April? I called customer service and they were no help. I tried to cancel within the same day I purchased the ticket and was told there would be a fee. I argued with them that I should not have to pay for a false advertisement and got hung up on. I called back and was on hold for over an hour. Finally I spoke with a manager who told me I could get a 25 dollar coupon for my next purchase. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE WITH THEM AGAIN!!!!!!

Posted by Boycott Expedia

I booked 2 round trip tickets on Expedia and had to call the airline (United) directly to add my son's one way ticket. First off the rep at United was extremely unprofessional making several sleezy comments. And second, I gave him our flight numbers and asked if we were booked to Portland, Oregon (Expedia's itinerary just listed city, no state) he reassured me we were. He was wrong, we are booked for Portland, Maine! I obviously reached out to both Expedia and United and got no where. I get transferred from rep to rep. I spent 5 hours on the phone with Expedia and gave in, I paid about $700 to change flights to Oregon. But, when I received the confirmation email after the call, they didn't fix it. They took my money and booked me on a different flight to Maine! I was told they would issue a refund within 5 days and to call back then. Here I am, 2 hours on hold and still no answers. Horrible service and a scum company! I will never use them again.

Posted by Never on Expedia Again!

So I have some emergency health issues and was adviced by my doctor not to take my upcoming trip to Eastern Europe which I have been anticipating for years. I called Expedia, a website I used often for my travels, to cancel my trip, . (If you know how I I travel, you know that means many trips!) Since I purchased the PROTECTION PLAN, I thought it would be easy to cancel the plan as they promised. I WAS WRONG!! I was told no money will be refunded, only PARTIAL CREDIT will be given, and there will be a $300 fee for rebooking, etc... After 3.5 hours on the phone, the isuue was not even revolved!! Well, this expereice warns me and my friends to take my business somewhere else!! No more Expedia!!

Posted by Anonymous

Never ever again! These people are awful to deal with!
Problems with flight and hotel! DO NOT BOOK with Expedia!


I booked a flight for my son and all was good till my bank contacted me and told me I was over drawn on my credit card. Expedia had booked him twice on the same flight at the same time going to the same place, after over an 1 hour on the phone I am told they can not refund me as it is a non refundable flight so according to them my son is flying twice on the same night what a joke. The have just passed the buck and passed me round and I am still on hold getting know where fast.

Posted by THERESA

The Worst Company Ever! I Called Within 24 Hours To Canceled My Flight I Booked On April 21. I Even Said It Like 3 Times And The Agent Told Me The Trip Is Cancelled. Then I Get A Bill In The Mail. I Call Back And Was Transfer 7 Times, Spoke To 3 Manager, Finally After Been On Hold For 2 Hours, They Transfer Me To The Corporate Office. I Was Told To Call Back Next Week To Ask About My Refund. I Did As Told, However, They Keep Discounting My Calls. Who Does Business Like This! I Want My Refund!

Posted by Gary

This is the sleaziest company i have ever seen. My experience with them this past week is summed up in all the posts i am reading. The company is criminal. Frankly the ceo of this company as well as others should be in jail.

Posted by Keith

I will never use these services again I paid for protection insurance, but didn't know if I had to cancel that I will lose everything. THIS IS SERIOUS I will take losing 200.00 person, but NOT ALL MY MONEY! I WILL PROTEST TO ANYONE OR ON ANYTHING TO NOT USE THERE SERVICES! THEY WILL

Posted by Greg

I booked a room for 4 people using the Expedia mystery hotel method. When I show up to the Park Place Inn by Radisson in Fresno tells me they only have King beds. So much for the guarantee that stipulates a room will be available that can sleep the number of people in your party! Park Place tells me in a nutshell, too bad for you, we can't accommodate your party of 4. They claim that the reservation was forwarded to them as a reservation for 1 adult. I called Expedia and told them what had happened and told them I wanted a refund. They put me on hold for about 7 minutes and told me that I would get a refund. That was 4 days ago. I haven't seen the refund appear on my account, but if it doesn't I will be filing a protest with the credit card company. Meanwhile, I had to scramble and find another place to stay in Fresno. Never again will I book with Expedia!

Posted by Raisinhale

Best Western and Expedia, the dark menace. WOW! What a nightmare, got a room at Best Western, Radford VA and the nightmare began. The place was under construction and the smell of fresh latex paint combined with the removal of musty old carpet gave me a splitting headache. After 2 nights I couldn't take it anymore and went to the front desk to let the girl know that I would be checking out the next morning. She kind of waived her finger at the keyboard and said she would input for me, then went back to talking to her boyfriend. Knowing that I hadn't got through, I stopped back at the desk in the morning to let them know I was checking out. The GM (found out later that's who it was) was at the front along with the same girl from the evening before. See ya...no problem.... Then my office notifies me that BW wouldn't refund, pushed it off on Expedia saying there was nothing to stop them from refunding. Let the gerbil wheel begin. Call to BW Customer service. Ok, we'll call you back, never did. I call again, BW front desk has cooked up a story, OH, Yeah, we moved him to another room, blah blah blah...more lies. End story they say they aren't going to help me, not their problem. Horrible people at Best Western Radford VA. No customer service, no ethics, nasty people, nasty place.
Many more details but the bottom line is no one is accountable once they get your money. Will try to mediate through credit card but they are probably in bed with the crooks too. Yes, I know, they have POLICIES, they are still nasty.

Posted by njeddiec

I purchased a one way ticket via Expedia on Friday, I found out over the weekend that I couldn't take the flight, I canceled the ticket on Monday and received a full refund back to my debit card the same day, I was actually impressed considering all the bad feedback I've seen posted on this website

Posted by Very disappointed

I will never use Expedia again. Through no fault of our own, we were not able to fly to Vancouver from Denver for our two-day trip. Expedia refused to refund any of the money we were charged for the two night hotel stay. So, they get to keep our $412. Talking to someone in customer service (based in India?) is a joke because they don't understand U.S. geography or airlines use of the "spoke and hub" approach to placing planes in airports. When TSA screening slows air passenger check-ins and weather in Houston cancels/delays planes- passengers across the system get stranded. However, according to someone in Expedia who looked on their computer, "weather in Denver was not bad so there was no reason for our not being able to travel". Therefore, we are not entitled to just pay a "penalty fee but must lose our entire amount.

Posted by Inksolman

Horrible... They advertise a 3 star hotel with great reviews, you get there and it's practically a one star truck stop smelling of BO and cigarettes. I called to cancel my stay, Expedia would not refund my money... NEVER AGAIN They own Hotels.com, Orbitz, Triago,Hotwire, and Travelocity. All the same.

Posted by Mano

Expedia has the worst customer service I ever faced.I made a hotel reservation for my parents through expedia and requested them that I need an early check in for sure and I 'm even willing to pay extra money for that.The gu who made reservation informed me that he spoke to hotel manager and every thing is set,I can check in at early hours.The next day when my parents were at hotel they were informed that they can't check in till noon so they waited for 4 hours in lobby after 8 hours train journey which is ridiculous.


Posted by Sean Glasson

I've just read through the comments about Expedia and think how lucky I am that they've only charged me incorrectly for one flight. Other people on this list have been seriously ripped off by this sham of a company. On 19/4/16 I tried to book a ticket from Sydney to melbourne for my son and found Expedia had the best price. I'd never booked anythign through them before but I put all my details and credit details to pay for the ticket and pressed go. They came back and apologised and said the price of the ticket had increased $10, alam bells were ringing but it was still quite cheap so I said OK and pressed Go again. They then came back and said the price had gone up another $10. I wanted to cancel but needed that ticket so I said OK let's just purchase it and pressed Go again. They then came back and said there was an error processing my purchase and payment and I should try again in a few minutes which I did. They then came back and said they were having more problems and I should try again later. I logged off from this awful company and then went online and booked the flight directly with Jetstar at the same price that Expedia had finished up at. So I didn't book the flight with Expedia at all, but on checking my credit card the next day I noticed they'd charged me $10 four times. So no ticket just a $10 charge 4 times and I now can't contact anyone at Expedia to get the money back. My name is Sean Glasson . I implore you, do not use Expedia. They are not a trust worthy company and will rip you off. I will be writing to the ACCC to report them and try and have them shut down. Awful, awful company. Spend extra to work with a reputable company, do not use expedia, they cannot be trusted.

Posted by Anonymous

Expedia put in the wrong info on the ticket and then refused to change it to the correct name. They are a complete scam from what I am now seeing doing more research. I will never use this company again.

Posted by Anonymous

Worst company to book flights with! Not only did they cancel my flight unexpectedly but never sent me my refund!!! Horrible company who steals people's money. Going to file a police report and Fraud!

Posted by Anonymous

I wish I had read more about Expedia because I would have never paid for the insurance, you have to argue with them first then call the airlines who will only give you a credit (not a refund) and then prove to Expedia why you had to cancel.

Don't use Expedia!

Posted by Dee

I have booked on 3/15/16 to Langkawi, but Expedia has a bad representation, Cheating people,I've booked and paid for my flight+hotel,Expedia also charged my credit card,But I got an email saying that my flight ticketing not confirm and have to rebook.Stupid service !!. You giving a promotion but all fake,I am very angry !

Posted by Anonymous

3/16/16 Expedia has a bad representation and customer care help. Reservations were made through them but it was never confirmed but yet they charged my credit card for the flight reservations. I then canceled and ask for my refunded to be expedited right away so I could make new arrangements else where but the run around. I think the better business bureau should look into this kinds of tactics.

Posted by Anonymous

I booked, and paid, for a flight through expedeia.co.nz from Bangkok to New Zealand for me and my girlfriend (a Chinese national). She was later refused a visa to New Zealand. My ticket said in the case of a visa refusal I would be entitled to a full refund. Expedia requested proof of the visa refusal, which I sent. Later they said it would take 12 weeks to get the money from the airline. When I rang after 12 weeks they said another 3 weeks, when I rang after that they stalled again. Shocking service! I consider the contract is between Expedia and I and I shouldn't have to wait for the airline... but then I think they are lying about that anyway and just don't want to honour the refund. Never again use Expedia!

Posted by Joe Travels

Terrible. Overcharged us and upon arriving to (crappy) hotel found out we can't get a refund because of Expedia. I will never use this service again.

Posted by Not in Vegas

Booked a trip to Vegas, never got a email itinerary. Called expedia and they said they have no record of our trip ever being booked.They did however charge us the 1088.36. Been on hold for over 2 hrs and after talking to 4 different people they finally admit it was their mistake but still on hold waiting on outcome of refund.

Posted by Zoe

I bought few ANA air ticket to Japan last year on oct 19 online through Expedia. And I cancel the ticket 1 week later. Until today I'm still waiting for my refund with a total of USD 7000. Expedia been given me nonsense excuse that ANA airline holding back their refund etc..however after I spoken to ANA by phone, they informed that ANA has not charge me any money, Expedia is the one who shall refund the money.

Expedia been lying all the way, I made doesn't of call and they had been given empty promises like compensate me with interest which my credit card charge me for the past 4 months or refund me prior to ANA airline policy of 36 working days refund date.

Now I'm still waiting their reply and yet no call been made by their supervisor based in India New Dalhi.

Posted by Osaniamieko

I am on the phone with Expedia now and they are the worst. My husband booked and paid for my hotel through Expedia and we get there and they say since he paid with his work card that was fine but needed the bank card to hold which was fine I ask for the nearest Bank of America and they pointed me to the direction so we could add money to the bank card. The Atm was broken and we just left the lady at the hotel Hampton Inn in Lathrop Ca was very nice and told us to contact Expedia for our refund now Expedia says to contact the Hampton Inn and the Hampton inn says to contact Expedia it is ridiculous and We will never recommend or use them again. This happen on Feburary 19, 2016 and has been on going the Hampton Inn informed us that the hotel manager was the one to talk to but he/she always seems busy. I got a email from Expedia on Sunday saying I would not get my refund. But both Expedia and Hampton inn said the manager wouldn't be in until Monday I understand the policy to keep the first nights payment but to keep both days is absurd 271 bucks and some change I want all my money back I couldn't help what happen. It wasn't my fault there was nothing that said the card wouldn't work. I plan on sueing in small claims court if I do not recieve my money back and I plan on putting my story out on every hotel site I can. Expedia please give my back.

Posted by doctor

there is a disparity beyween what the website says about free cancellations and when you actually get to cancel, the agents change what you actually saw on the website at time of booking and you can not do anything as expedia simply doe snot care.
Had the worst experience of my life while booking and then cancelling reservation.
Nobody litsens to you and I wonder why they actually have a customer support when they can not help.
will NEVER recommend ever, and will never book again.

I am a physician myself and could not believe how big a liar a company like expedia could be.

Posted by Disgruntled Customer

I booked a flight to Vegas and a hotel package. The rep was nice and worked hard to work out a good deal. I clearly stated I needed a morning flight on that Saturday, flexible with the return. He confirmed 5AM departure and 12:30PM return, several times. I was pleased. To my dismay, I received my itinerary in email and saw departure scheduled for 2:55PM, killing an entire Saturday in Vegas. I wasn't concerned because of course Expedia records their calls. Surely a rep or supervisor can listen back and verify it was an error on their part. So I call back, and I am told I have to call Spirit and change the flight myself, oh and pay 125$ change fee. So I ask for a supervisor, thirty minutes later, I am told the best they can do is offer a 25$ coupon. I bluntly said that if this is an error on your (Expedia's) part, you are not taking responsibility or helping me resolve this without offering real compensation or assistance. Ignored. I even mentioned to go listen back to the recording and verify who is at fault. I was ignored and brushed off. If anyone can offer a solution, it would be appreciated.

Posted by Anonymous

Booked a car rental. Expedia charged me $427.00. when I arrived at the airport, no cars, even though my card was charged. Expedia gave me a case id REQ: S-116096900, and assured me they will refund the difference between the $427.00 and $2,400.00 that I paid for the car. I am now on the phone with Eric Holiday (One of the Managers for Expedia Corporate call centre) for 3 hours and 17 minutes. The case is not yet resolved. I spoke to three different persons before I ended up with Eric.

Posted by Porto16

I received a call from Expedia call centre in India to say my return flight with TAP airlines has been cancelled 2 months ahead of the flight. Having asked for a refund I was told that it will take 2-12 weeks, although I found out that TAP can issue a refund within 7 days. I have made several phone calls and sent emails to ask why Expedia is holding my money for so long?!! At the time of writing I am going to write to the CAA, who acts on behalf of the public in such cases. I've used Expedia many times and never had a problem, but won't be using them again. It's disgraceful.

Posted by Frustrated

Expedia is the absolute worst travel company we have ever dealt with. After booking a return flight with them via West Jet we were informed that the flight was cancelled but they would offer us a refund. Now they tell us it will be 8 weeks to receive the refund even though they took their money immediately upon booking! So frustrating!!! We will NEVER use Expedia again and we will spread the word.

Posted by Mr.

I have filled out two feedback surveys that no one reads, written a long note explaining my poor experience with expedia and am now trying once again to contact your company.

American Airlines stepped up and refunded their portion of the refund so now I'd like to hear from Expedia. Thank you, Gerald Winterton

Posted by Anonymous

Had a ticket bought for my son for jan 5th from a rehab from ft. Worth texas to columbus ohio one way, well he was released before this date and did not use ticket, can this be used as a credit for another flight, please respond, thankyou in advance

Posted by Crush

Virgin had refunded Expedia on 19/01/16 with our money. I rang them with all the refund references and was passed from pillar to post by inexperienced and to be honest useless staff. Told that someone might email me in 72 hours. You have the money from virgin just pass it on to me, how simple can that be.
I will never use Expedia again and would warn anyone against using them. Customer service is dreadful, Indian call centres who really could not care less, shame on you all.

Posted by Phil

I was assured by the Expedia website, by a live-chat agent, and by my confirmation email that I could cancel my trip within 24 hours for a full refund.

The instructions on how to cancel were all false.
"To cancel your flight booking
Sign in to view your bookings.
In Upcoming, select the itinerary you wish to cancel.
Select Cancel Flight under Manage Booking. If the option to cancel is not available, please contact us."
The option is not available.
Neither is it available on the automated phone system.
I've been calling customer support all today, been on hold 2 hours, spoken only to 1 person who immediately connected me to someone else who put me on hold again.
The phone callback system never calls back; they said they would call back within 38 minutes, and that was 6 hours ago.

Posted by Unhappy New Zealander

Unable to travel from Nandi to Brisbane on the 12th July 2015 due to ill health tried to cancel 12 days in advance as had paid $80 dollars insurance when buying the ticket so expected a refund. Spent 2 hours on the phone transferred to several departments without any results and hung up on. Very difficult to understand as very poor English spoken. Tried 3 more times to no avail.Phone bill $150. Now given up. DON'T ever use Expedia we won't!!

Posted by horribleservice

I had the same problem anither person had with the unpublished room booking me twice. The lady i talked to first had no idea what to do but said someone else was refunding my money.then after 30 minutes of this her supervisor comes on and since it booked me for 2 different hotels there is nothing she can do hotel policy. I responded telling her the hotel doesnt need to refund me expedia does because it was their website that charged me twice and i told her i need to talk to someone that can speak english and knows what she is doing. After 30 more minutes i finally talk to her manager and she goes through my process of my bookings and sees that i experienced an error and was indeed the websites/expedias fault. So far she cancelled one reservation but i still see no sign of my refund and after an hour and a half of being on the phone and being told i was wrong and finally proving i was right they couldn't even throw in some extra points free night nothing. Maybe the worst customer service experience of my life, they are absolutely worthless.how long did it take for your refunds?

Posted by Anonymous

I booked a shuttle service via roberts shuttle service Jan 7th from kanapali aston paki mauii paid 35 dollars on my visa, i cancelled rite away as i goofed up on itenerary i clicked on cancelled 5 min after booking but did not receive my refund as promised by your web site.I expect a refund asap.

Posted by PISSED IN PA

The Expedia trip "protection" is a joke. It is run thru AON insurance. Booked a trip ti visit my terminally ill father in Florida on Dec. 11, 2015 who was given 3-6 months to live. We were due to depart January 4,2016 & my father died 12/26/15. Was told that to start the process I must complete an email process, provide a death certificate & cancel all flights booked thru Expedia. Well.... when I called Frontier Airlines ($58/ ticket) I was told there is a $99/ticket cancellation penalty- nearly 2X the purchase price! Like others in this forum I spent an inordinate time on hold, then requested a supervisor & spent another 40 minutes on hold to no satisfaction. If Expedia booked my flights I would think they could also take care of the cancellation- not so with Frontier...DO NOT PURCHASE THE TRAVEL "PROTECTION"- SCAM!!!

Posted by terikeb

I am on the phone with Expedia right now. I was told by their agent that only Jet Blue could refund my ticket. I called Jet Blue, who said the ticket IS refundable as close as 24 hours before the flight(my flight is 3 weeks from now) but Expedia has to do the refund. After almost an hour on hold, I was told it is not refundable and this is Jet Blue's policy. Now on hold for a supervisor-wish me luck!!

Posted by fedup

Expedia is working with Iberia to rip you off,offering non-refundable tickets, with no baggage allowance and then forcing you to call a pay by the minute phone number just to find that out. That is if you are lucky enough to even get a response by a real person. It only took me about 20 calls, and being put on hold for up to 10 minutes at a time. When you finally do get through, you will find out that you not only have no baggage allowance, but in addition, you don't have the ability to book extra bags on-line. So you have to pay €60/per bag at the airport for a 1 and a half hour flight. Iberia will not respond to your emails. Although you supposedly have the ability to cancel your reservation on expedia within 24 hours, don't count on it. You probably won't even be able to get into their website. That's what happened to me. The two companies will bounce you back and forth between each other, always saying the problems are the other company's fault.

In the end, I bought another ticket with Ryanair for the cost I would have had to pay for one bag on Iberia. Of course, Iberia and Expedia refused to refund my money despite the fact that I cancelled my reservation. I also have a mess of phone calls to pay for. These companies should be prosecuted for fraud.

Posted by Melanie Hamilton

I was attempting to book one of the "secret hotels" on the website. I entered all my information including payment and when I hit the Book Room button the website said, "There was a problem with the booking. Please try again." I tried it one more time and it gave me the same error. I happened to check my bank account and they held the funds twice!! So I signed into my Expedia account and it gave two itinerary numbers. Both say, "not booked". So I called customer service. They told me they couldn't do anything about it and I had to wait on my bank to release the funds. They said my bank didn't list how many days, but she said it should only be "a couple". I asked her if she could help us at least book the room I was trying to book and she said not without them charging my card a third time!!!!!!! I told her absolutely not and hung up. I have a feeling they are going to charge me for both rooms!

Posted by Kim

Here's a thought, maybe deliver on your promise! BEWARE PEOPLE!!!!!! I found a better price and Expedia staff named JOHN promised to refund the difference of $500 and processed within 5-7 business days. 2 wks later I was told that they don't have any record of my conversation (how convenient!) I was then promised by TARANG it will be escalated and expect a call in 24-72 hours once they have reviewed the recording. Still no follow up and I had to, yet again, initiate the phone call, only to be told by AMAR that "John whoever he is, is wrong and shouldn't have honoured the price match" and that they will "escalate" it and will locate the recording and come back to me in 72 hours.

How many escalations does one have to go through to close out a case!

THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE SHOULD BE CHANGED TO "INEPT SERVICE" where you're constantly on hold (just to rub salt on wound), a series of broken promises and basic script of "apologies mame" "we'll come back to you in 72hours"

The matter is still outstanding.

Posted by Unhappy with Expedia

Most Horrible experience with EXPEDIA. I booked one month ago, right in time before the Paris attacks. When I cancelled my ticket a few months in advance (Travel slated for April), the returned less than 20% of the ticket costs!!! To make it worse, I had taken up a "trip protection" insurance which on its face tells me I can cancel or make changes anytime, but the fine lines say I can actually get a refund only if I am pregnant or dead!!! Total Nonsense. Please don't pay the additional fee for insurance, it is totally useless. Expedia is total nonsense. They have lost me forever!!

Posted by AmberD

Booked for an all-inclusive package at the Grand Lucyan in the Bahamas in July, trip is December 28th, it was listed as the top recommendation for all-inclusive resorts in the Bahamas at the time and we booked over the phone and also verified it was all-inclusive multiple times with the booking agent.... Come to find out the site had it listed faulty as all-inclusive, Expedia is not allowed to offer that as a third party for that resort (which has now been changed) and the agent that booked us was "new and made a mistake"... After 3.5 months we were guaranteed and received even recieved and email guaranteeing if pay for the extra charge to make it all-inclusive with resort we can submit the receipts and get refunded.... Last night we were called back and told we needed to prove this site was wrong with a picture from JULY when we booked and since the call wasn't recorded of our booking (which we were lied to for 15 days and told it was being reviewed) that Expedia will only pay for half as if it was a favor.... Ur website was wrong! Ask your tech and they will tell you when it was reported and changed and your agent also lied!!!! We want either full refunds for this package since it is not what we booked for or to be given the refund for our extra charges to make it all-inclusive! I have 8 hours of recorded calls to your customer service and am ready to contact the FTC, the BBB, our local TV stations that investigates and publishes cases of fraud on consumers, and my lawyer. Fix your mistakes! I have been waiting 39 days for a manager call and told they will put me on the call list AGAIN but they can't guarantee that call will ever happen. I have spent over 50 hours on the phone with your customer service team, mostly on hold, disconnected, transferred back to the automation.... I have been guaranteed it was your fault and being taken care of, and now I have had it, we will proceed with legal actions if this isn't fixed.

Posted by Kiss me

I had no medical reason to leave early but I found out that I was not going to get any refund from Expedia. I should have called the hotel directly and they would have issued my refund with no questions asked. I won't ever go through Expedia again!

Posted by Boogie

I booked a condo with Expedia, made a mistake, and tried to immediately cancel. Expedia told me i had to pay over $400 in resort fees and taxes, plus one days rental as a penalty. No effort was given to understand or help, just a total runaround. It was a mistake and I tried to cancel immediately! They are predators. Beware of their so called cancellation policies. They'll put it off on the "other parties" and put it to you. Avoid Expedia at all costs!

Posted by Expedia owes me $800

Waited for over 4 weeks to get my refund. Expedia has a very smart tactical way of putting clients on hold from transfer to supervisor, then to escalation manager and the line "accidentally" gets cut. They are supposed to call you if this happens, but when you answer the call, the call "accidentally" drops. This is a deceiving and fraudulent practice that is only affecting Expedia's reputation. I will never book anything ever again with Expedia.

Posted by Anonymous

I was informed Malaysian Airlines had cancelled flights into Brisbane I had booked with Expedia I then had to cancel the flight and received an email from Expedia confirming a full refund was to be paid. I am now 20 weeks further on and no refund has been received. I ring every week and grt lied to every week no-one gives a dam. Do not use Expedia

Posted by Jewl

My sister passed away and I had made a reservation through Expedia. However, I had to contact the customer service rep to let Expedia know that I had to change the day I was flying out. The customer service rep told me I was within the time frame to dance and would be refunded. So, I cancelled my flights and received an email informing me that I would be refunded for the purchase of both flight amounts within 1-3 business days. I just got back from the funeral and noticed I had not received my refund so I called Expedia Customer Service and was told that the Airlines were requiring that I provide a copy of my sisters death certificate. Really Expedia. I will never use them again nor will I ever recommend them to anyone. Shame on you.

Posted by Anonymous

I received a email for a refund on the 9/10/15 to say it would be going into my bank in 15 days still waiting $234.00 I need my refund

Posted by dmrogers001

Needed to cancel airline ticket because my husband had emergency open heart surgery. Submitted all requested documentation July 2 and have tried to follow up several times, as they had to submit to the airline. Multiple disconnects and long holds from Expedia and TODAY they say " we never submitted your claim to the airline because this airline doesn't issue refunds". WHAT???? After FOUR MONTHS, you decide to tell me this??? Don't expect me to keep using Expedia if it doesn't follow it's own refund procedures.

Posted by 9 Months and Counting...

I had booked a hotel reservation at the very end of January 2015, and our room had bed bugs. We talked with the hotel, and they told us we had to go through Expedia to get our money back, and I have been calling back and forth since then (it's currently October). I call, they tell me they're going to process the refund, and that I shouldn't worry. Of course, I still haven't been refunded, and a month ago I called and they told me the hotel never put the refund in (even though the hotel told us they sent the money back to Expedia that night) and that the best they could offer me was a $50 discount, even though my room costed double that. I asked if they could call the hotel, but they said that would take too long and it would be better to take the discount. I hung up and called the hotel, and they told me that they HAD verified the refund, and they had proof they did and would gladly help me talk to Expedia. I called back Expedia and they told me they would get their supervisors to fix it. At this point Expedia is telling me they're working with corporate, but corporate seems in no rush as its been 2 weeks since they contacted corporate. I called today and they said they sent a notice to corporate saying my refund is "urgent" but I'll probably have to call Expedia again in a week just to get some new excuse for not giving me my money back.

Posted by ExpediaSucks

Expedia is far beyond incompetent. They cannot get names, emails or phone numbers correct. After two hours of setting this up months ago, on the website and over the phone, going line by line, and making sure everything was correct Expedia still messed up a very important part of the package.

FYI: Correct spelling of a name is needed to bill a credit card and receive a boarding pass. I personally spelled it out for them. I've been spelling that name correct for five years and obviously got it correct because the first traveler's name was right. No, I didn't weed through the hundred plus emails that I've received from Expedia to check the spelling of two names that was read back to me on the phone.

All they had to do was copy a correctly spelled last name two more times, but that proved to be too difficult. In the end Expedia is a business, so someone's card gets billed (but I thought that person's name was spelled wrong) and we get stuck at the airport this morning just to spend hours on the phone trying to get from point A to point B with people who obviously don't give a crap. It took an hour to change one letter. ONE LETTER!!! So the flight left without us. Oh yeah, American Airlines sucks too... except for the lady at the ticket counter; she's cool.

After a few hours of trying to miracle ourselves to our destination, being on hold for 30 min periods at a time, and standing firm on refusing to pay hundreds of dollars because Expedia screwed up, we finally gave up. Then the process of trying to get a refund began.

In an effort to avoid paying the refund, and to continue down the path of showing why intelligence is not a prerequisite for employment with Expedia Inc., some [butthole] calls my number trying to reach "I-on Mcow-won." I told him my name, he said he had the wrong number and I wasn't the person to be reached. No stupid, you're probably trying to reach me, I'm one of the people that couldn't get from point A to point B this morning. Well, the reason he called was to get "Kate's, Katie's or Ket-T's" number. Well it's "Kathy" and we've left our numbers with a whole bunch of morons at Expedia this morning so you would think that they'd have it, right? Wrong! Now I'm the dumbass.

Now... since I have a separate itinerary, because I used a different card for payment and my name was spelled correctly, I am not going to receive a 100% refund because I didn't have to wait for everyone else and could've got on the plane and finished the trip. So I asked Numbnuts for a letter stating that when Expedia screws up half of the itineraries in a party, that it is their policy that the other travelers get on the plane and ditch the other people. In addition to that, I want it to be an official letter, signed by someone with authority at Expedia. Guess what the dunce's reply to that was. Are you ready? This is where I lost it - he said, "that he would talk with his supervisor and get me that letter as soon as possible." I may have made a scene, but deep down I am really looking forward to getting this letter, this very expensive letter.

Apparently I am not calm or mature enough to deal with this type of situation over the phone. Some very naughty things were said and (what ever his make believe, randomly generated American name for the day was) decided to end the phone call. What?! I am one of the nicest guys on the planet!

Kat was kind enough and of sound mind to finish our refund process without me. She was obviously making more progress than I was, because the only reason I got a return phone call was because Expedia's Employee of the Month was trying to reach "I-on." Although from the emails I'm receiving, which should be going to Kat, I am having very serious doubt that this is going to be done correctly. So far I only see a 40% refund and it's in the form of an Expedia flight credit. YAY! Who wants to go on a trip with me so I can leave your [butt] at the airport?

Allow me to digress. We all needed this trip, but this was probably all for the best. To never get on a plane at home is better than being stranded in a foreign country. From how this morning went, two of us might have made it to Mexico, maybe with hotel rooms and maybe not, more than likely realizing that Expedia's definition of all inclusive is not all that inclusive at all, and probably stuck there with out being able to board our return flight.

In summary, don't use Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, Hotels.com, Hotwire, Trivago, Cheap Tickets or eBookers for travel arrangements. They're all owned by Expedia Inc. and advertise their service as vacation packages or they'll feed you some other line of BS, but really you're giving them a no interest loan which they fight to pay back in full. A serious waste of time!

I am not joking. This really happened and I'm going to turn the printout of that Expedia Flight Credit into customized toilet paper.

Posted by not in Brazil

Did you know that Brazil requires a Visa to enter the country?
I did not, and Expedia didn't mention a thing about it as I booked.

Got to airport and was refused a ticket without a visa.

This collapsed the trip. They cancelled everything at my request and the airline took its cancellation fee. I don't miss the money, I miss the trip that I planned for 6 months and could not take - a visa takes 5 weeks to get, and if you cancel your flight to get a refund, you must then buy a new one at triple the price on short notice. Thank you Expedia.

I called and asked if they are a "travel agency", to which they said "yes".

Do you think that a "travel agency" ought to know and alert a customer when a country may require a visa? Could have gotten mine 2 months earlier when I booked, but did not and LOST.

Nothing that we can do, they said.

Posted by Tyv3rgo

Yes I will never book with #EXPEDIA ever again. I did not get the rooms I requested like I saw on the web page also there was a spider and roach in my room. Luxor tell me its NUTH'N they can do cause I booked through Expedia. Now Expedia telling me there's nothing they can do but give me 25'Dllr discount like what the hell is that gone do out of all the hundreds I spent like really I wish I cld upload the actual pictures of the creatures in my room. #CrisAngel hope ur room clean at least.

Posted by Lyssa07

Expedia is a terrible company!!! They do not disclose all fees to you and the refund process is terrible. I did everything they requested for my refund and it's been 3 weeks with no word when the email said 24-48 hours.

Posted by Anonymous

Expedia deffinatly are just in it to take our money. Tried to cancel and get a refund but couldn't get a single dollar back. Never ever use expedia

Posted by bgasp

i am just wondering if ANYONE has managed to acquire a refund...even if it was after 3months?
especially if the flight was cancelled from expedias side?

Posted by Mr m

Expedia cancelled my flight and hotel trip after they confirmed it was booked and paid, lucky i checked my email late as i was leaving the next day. They said it would be refunded back in my account in 5 days been 14 days no refund and now im being told to talk to how many people and still no refund. Then told me i need to talk to fraudgelent team :/. Now im fighting to get back my own money. First time i ever used them and will be the least. There thieves and i fewl robbed. Its a disgace how there allowed to do this to people and we cant do nothing but be played with


I Am So Furious, How I Booked A Flight For A Friend On My Mobile App. I Picked His Name From A Drop Down List So When I Go Into The Office I Plan To Print The Itinerary Out To Find Out That His Name Was Change To Mine. Really! I'm In Jersey How Do I Fly From San Juan To Newark When I'm Already In Newark. They Are A Bunch Of Rip Off. I Use To Book All My Reservations Through Expedia (flights,hotels,cars And Activities) Never Again!

Posted by Karen

I complained to expedia about a room booking we had which was incorrect when my family arrived at the hotel booked on Expedia we had a small tiny room and no bed for my son! They sent an auto reply saying they would get back to me within 48 hrs did they??? NO. I complained about that and I got a plain reply saying my complaint has been forwarded to the customer services department and I would hear back within 28 days. WHAT..... 28 days!!?
Guess what that deadline has been and gone..... Have they contacted me back? NO

Posted by Expedia & Volaris (two companies

I bought my moms flight ticket through Expedia and needed to make a flight name change due to an error of mine. According to Volaris' website I am allowed to do so with a fee attached. The problem is EXPEDIA DOES NOT REQUIRE YOU TO INPUT A DATE OF BIRTH so when I spoke to Volaris representative (twice) they could NOT help me because the DOB did not match. There isn't a DOB that will match because I never input one!!! I tried to do a web check in on Volaris and I am no longer able to do anything online. I can't check her in or anything.

I have now been waiting for the Expedia "representative", who said he'd try to call Volaris directly, for 48 minutes and counting
I don't think he's actually contacting them. I've already called Volaris and gotten through to a rep., twice.

Expedia failed by not providing the date of birth option, which is how Volaris confirms & verifies passenger information. I told the Volaris rep that they're isn't a birthdate added because it isn't part of Expedia's online purchase process. They said that due to the confidentiality of the important information they're just allowed to tell me that the DOB does not match but he can neither deny nor confirm IF there even is a date of birth attached to the passenger.

52 mins and counting

Expedia & Volaris (two companies taking advantage of their customers) I will no longer support either company & will advise family and friends to shop else where

54 minutes

Posted by NicJ

I have had a nightmarish experience in trying to get a refund for a TunisAir flight that was cancelled because of a pilots' strike. The help center in the Philippines has been unable or unwilling to gain confirmation from the airline that the flight did not occur, despite around 5 calls of 30+ minutes to them. I eventually wrote to the Atlanta address given for complaints. No e-mail response as promised after three weeks, and USPS tracking suggests that they do not pick up mail from their PO box. I shall not use Expedia (or Travelocity) in future, and suggest that others avoid them as well.

Posted by Anonymous

If you cancel your flight reservations with Expedia within 24 hours, you are suppose to get a refund. Having trouble getting a refund on the associated travel insurance. Two calls made to Expedia with both using the excuse that they must contact their supervisor and that I must stay on the line in order to get a refund. Its almost been an hour holding on the line with numerous times they come back and say they are checking. This appears to be (a) a technique to cause you to give up requesting the refund or (b)the most inefficient company that I have ever dealt with! I had the same situation with Allianz which United uses and they handled my request in about 2 minutes with polite customer service and the refund appeared on my next statement. Expedia just now answered back and said that my refund is being processed and it may take 8 weeks to show up on my credit card. I think a large compamy like Expedia is just shooting themselves in the foot! It will catch up with them!

Posted by Please refund me the money that

Dear Expedia Customer Service,

I am pleading again for my rightful refund! I cancelled my hotel booking well within time limit and received Cancellation Confirmation email at the end of July BUT I was charged for the booking still. You told me that your system does not show the cancellation but I forwarded you the original email confirming that so, clearly, there's a problem with your system and not mine! By not refunding and delaying, you are wasting everyone's time. I'm going to continue to demand my rightful refund! You demonstrated to me that you should be avoided in future and meanwhile, I'm continuing to do all I can to get my money back that you wrongly charged.

Yours sincerely disappointed new customer

Posted by Rick

Me and my wife had a flight to Barcelona in 19th June. We bought flight tickets 5 month ago. In 18th june expedia cancelled my flight. But they didn't send me an email or call about cancellation. Luckly i saw it when i was checking my flight in expedia web site. I bought another ticket from another company. It was very expensive because of same day flight. But you know i can't cancel my honeymoon. Same day i called expedia customer service and in meantime they called iberia(flight company) and they said me your flight cancelled because of some situations(i don't remember). And we will refund your money in 2-5 bussines days. i waited 2 weeks but i got nothing. I called expedia again and now they said we will process refund in 8 weeks. OK i waited 8 weeks. But no refund!. Today after 8 weeks i called them again. I talked a customer agent she said me we proceed your refund in 19th june and she sent me a reciept. I checked bank account and no refund!. I called again they redirected me a supervisor. He waited me about 1.5 hour in call. After that he said me ok i proceed your refund now. But i already waited 8 weeks. And told to supervisor that another agent told me that we proceed your refund in 19th june. I told supervisor how can i trust your customer agents. And he said me i can't tell you how can you trust anyone! And he sent me another reciept. And i need to wait 8 weeks more. Can you believe this?
I never use expedia again!

Posted by jb

Ripped off, with hotel bookings that I cant use because of an illness stopping my travel. Why do companies like Eurostar partner with such rip off merchants? is it because they are similarly playing the 'non refundable' game? I think so. When i booked my tickets with eurostar from the UK to Marseille, instantly a page pops up and offers you hotels and this is where the expedia poor service begins. DOn't ever click on the link folks, buy your tickets and pay for your hotel bookings elsewhere.

Posted by Anonymous

Do not use Expedia. Despite canceling a reservation an hour after it was made, they still will not give you a refund. Thieves

Posted by Oscar Caldera

Expedia, I'm writing due the itinerary You change my flight to the next day without telling me that before, and I couldn't take that because my flight was for going to my brother's wedding. So I bought another ticket (you didn't help me for the same day with $2.150 in american airlines. And you cancel also my flight back. So again I had to expend $1.050 for going back to NYC. I need the refund. And look at this ridiculous answer you (Expedia) gave me, considering I bought the ticket not to Aerolineas Argentina (they say I must communicate with you):

Dear Oscar

Good day! This is in regard to the itinerary . We have seen your concern with your flight unfortunately Aerolineas Argentinas already took control of your ticket. It would be best to call them directly for any concern. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

I will keep posting this information in more sites until I receive my refunds. And I will stop communicating with Aerolineas Argentinas because I bought this tickets to you. And I will not lost more time waiting on the phone for calling you.

Looking forward for the refund.

Posted by Garfurm

I bought a $763 roundtrip airfare through Expedia last mongh and was unable to use the ticket. Of course I contacted the Airline who if course told me to contact Expedia. Expedia does not want to mess with phone calls but has an online service concerning refunds so I tried that. After completingvthe online queries the online service said "processing refund". Now, 3 weeks later, i just got my charge bill and of course no refund from expedia. What a ripoff. I have used expedia for at least ten years for air, car and hotel. They have made thousands of dollars from my patronage. But now, when i finally cannot take a flight, they don't come through. Unless some high-up manager reads this and does right by me, Expedia will prove to be just another online company that doesn't give a rip about customers. In fact they appear to sneer at custmers trying to get their money back. I sincerely hope I am wrong here but based on the comments if many others i imagine not.

Posted by Susan

I was not able to book flights through Expedia and yet is was charged for insurance 38.00 times 2. How do I get a refund on my credit card

Posted by Give me my refund!

I booked a weekend getaway for my family through Expedia. As soon as the confirmation came back I realized that it was for the wrong weekend. I called Expedia with in 10 minutes. They said they termed the reservation and that should not be charged for the room. The next day the full amount was taken from my card. This is now business day #5 still no refund!

Posted by too angry!!

Expedia sucks

Like many below and I agree.
I missed my return flight, first thing I did was call Hainan which is the airline they booked me through.
I gave them my itinerary number and the itinerary number they gave me for the Hainan specifically.
Hainan said they had no record of anything and to call Expedia directly.

I spoke to the representative and honestly I had a real hard time understanding what he was saying.
I gave him my information and said that i would get response back in 2 business days.
I was thinking the whole time what makes him think I have that kind of time.
I went home and called back, spoke to a different representative and she said there was no documentation that I ever called or even attempted to show up and I was mark as a no show. She also said they would get back to me in business days.
i received no confirmation emails from any of them.

Friday I called back again, same story no documentation and the representative put me on hold and came back asking "did you receive an email?"
I responded "yeah, after you put me on hold. 1 of 3 I should have received". He was probably the best of the bunch and passed me on to his supervisor. She said I could get my refund back but all I wanted is a rebooking, she went on to find something for me and she wanted to charge the price a full ticket like 734 dollars. Not sure if that's expensive or not but I thought it was crazy charging me full price for ticket not rendered, especially after the wait they put me through. I ask her to give me the refund for the ticket. She said she could not give me the refund because of the airline policies after she had just said she could. I argued through each representative, all claiming to be sending me to their manager. Pretty soon, I was responding to their rhetoric with "those are pretty rigid view for a manager". A couple of them answered "oh, I'm not a manager".
I don't know how many times they pulled their manager gimmick but it was a few times.

Finally, I got to speak what it was supposed to be corporate. I explain my situation and she seemed to have an empathetic ear but she said it was a non-refundable ticket. I thanked for wasting my time and it would have been nice if her representatives had just told me what's what from the beginning, i could have made arrangements already. She said that was all the information I was going to get and I could have $25 dollar coupon for my next purchase.

It was so awesome for them to seriously not care, I hope something like that happens to all of them but way worst.
The most upsetting thing is their unwillingness to work with people, it's not like I spend a few dollars and I will continue to travel between The US and China for years to come except I will also warn against companies that have no wiggle room for their customer base.

Posted by Roped off

EXPEDIA is trueLY stealing from their customers!!! No customer service when a true error is made. 3 seconds it's to late you have been had! They grab your money and put you on hold for hours. NEVER USE EXPEDIA! You will find much better deals elsewhere. THIEF'S!!!

Posted by Jennifer

On July 5th,20015, we book our hotel in Sioux Lodge Suite for six nights, but on July 7th,
Because physical emergency,we had to cancel the rest 4 nights, we talked to
Expedia represent about our situation, he told us"go ahead to check out, he will take care everything ."
And they will refund our 4 nights money total is $837 to us,after we are back home by almost a month,
We talked to them for different people so many times,they are all just find excuses NOT REFUND OUR
When you use Expedia, that is your NIGHTMARE start!

Posted by TomC

Booked a hotel stay for daughter's graduation in May -2016- this past February at the only hotel left. Three days for two rooms at a total of $1000. A week later I look at my credit card and see THEY CHARGED THE ENTIRE AMOUNT IMMEDIATELY --OVER A YEAR IN ADVANCE OF MY ARRIVAL!! What hotel does that? Maybe a security deposit, ok? but THE WHOLE AMOUNT! Anyway, I've found a more affordable house rental and cancelled the Expedia reservation and will see how long it takes. If they delay I can fall back and dispute it on my credit card if need be.

Posted by Aninymous

My niece was hired by Americore and expected to leave for her destination on Friday. Her itinerary required an 8 hr hold over in Los Angeles. after finding a better flight, she asked Expedia if she could use her insurance to change her flight. the ups indicated she could not. she had to be sick. When her Mom called to re-explain their concerns Nd why they wanted it changed, the rep finally said Ok I've made the change you are now booked on new flight. She requested credit card info. Her mom explained that they could not pay for another flight unless credited for the first and that she did not request this new booking. The rep then told her there was no way to get back the first booking.
The plane had somehow become booked during that 5 minute discussion. They are totally stressed now and trying to figure out how to pay for a different ticket. The should. Be ashamed

Posted by Anonymous

I made reservations for two rooms for two separate nights - Sept. 16 and Sept. 26. in Enola, Pa. After going over the confirmations sent via e-mail, I found that they were not as expressed on the phone. In all I received 6 different e-mails after calling for an explanation. I also found that the charges had already been deducted from my credit card even though I was assured that the charges would be held until arrival. I immediately called to cancel out the reservations, and asked for a confirmation of the cancellations. I received my monthly bank statement. The charges were charged and they removed, but they is a charge of $67.37 that I can get explained. I have made four calls and all I get is a recorded message that does not address my concern. I HAVE $67.37 CHARGE THAT SHOULD NOT BE THERE AND I WANT IT REPLACED INTO MY CHECKING ACCOUNT. I am now penning a letter to the Dept. of Consumer Affairs. I want the $67.39 restored to my checking account. If Expedia picks up this message, I hope that they have enough integrity to check into this. I am out $67.39 and will not put this away until I get it restored to my checking account. How Expedia stays in business treating customers this way is beyond me.

Posted by Anonymous

I paid in advance through Expedia for hotel reservations in Savannah, Ga. for 6 nights.
A family medical emergency forced me to have to cut my vacation short.
When I tried to get a refund for the 3 nights that I had already paid for but did not use, Expedia customer service informed me they "do not give refunds".
I agree, this is just their way of robbing people and is totally underhanded.
BEWARE, THEY ARE JUST A BUNCH OF THIEVES who get away with stealing your money by hiding in their list of "policies".

Posted by Anonymous

I just made a Hotel booking with Dazzler Lima but erroneously I used the wrong dates. When I tried to correct this after having paid my $ 1050.00 it indicates with small Red letters that No cancellations or changes are allowed....
Is this a robbery or what? I need this to be resolved as the booking is for the 1st August instead of the 24th July that I have made by mistake.
What do I do???

Posted by Christina

Expedia is a total SCAM!!!! I have such a terrible experience dealing with Expedia. They refuse to refund me US$8,200 even after I have cancelled my booking with a Maldives hotel for 3 months. Every time I called them, they said they will refund in 7 to 10 working days but until now I haven't got refunded yet. I urge you guys not to book through Expedia. I am so frustrated and still not able to get my money back. Can you help?

Posted by Amanda

Book on line with expedia, booking did not go through asked me to resend which of course like a banana i did, money taken out of my account no booking no reference number 1574 euro x 3 which total nearly 5,000 euro left overdrawn ?? having a stroke with the stress, contact via email and phone to expedia "don't know what I am taking about however my own bank tells me this is a shadow payment and i can wait up to 6 days for a refund mean while my holiday is over??? absolutely awful never ever ever again will i use any website to book just direct from here on in and i am praying that i get my own money back

Posted by Anonymous

What a RIP OFF. I put in the correct dates and number of people and it put something completely different on my itinerary! Now they won't let me change it. Shame, I was going to book 4 nights and they only have me at one night not even in the same month I am traveling. Where is the business sense in pissing off a customer, losing that customer for life, and losing 3 nights of booking! I cannot wait to share this with all.

Posted by outerluxe

Reserved a HERTZ rental car through EXPEDIA. I couldn't make the trip due to a medical condition so cancelled the reservation with EXPEDIA (took 4 hours on the phone). That was 5/20/15. I have yet to receive my money back and today is 6/23/15 and EXPEDIA said it would take 2 weeks. My suggestion to everyone out there is to make car rentals directly with the car rental provider because EXPEDIA isn't responding to emails and the other day I was holding 1 hour only to be mysteriously disconnected. The rates are the same so why frustrate yourself with a website who is ONLY interested in reservations and not handling your problems. You've been warned!!!

Posted by Cindy

They are horrible. I have used Expedia for years and I have never had a problem. I bought the trip insurance and had to use it. Trying to use my flight credit is a JOKE! You can't understand a word the representative says and the say oh this fee and that fee but since you had insurance we will give it back but not for 2 weeks minus this plus that . So frustrating just give me the bottom line ! But they just start the script all over again ! I will never use them again.

Posted by Anonymous

Returns form Expedia? This is a joke!!! I have tried to get refund for my booked holiday, which was cancelled due to cyclone Pam and after four months and countless hours on the phone I have only the hotel refund. Flights .... May be never

Posted by Anonymous

I wouldn't bother buying this insurance friends...Rain kept 6 or 7 of us from getting on an Air Canada flight at exactly 60 minutes... We were there ( individuals not a group) with in a few moments, some with boarding passes in hand. Air Canada couldn't rebook us. Totally screwed. Read the fine print hah! Also be psychic .. to know what's coming. Unless you know you're going to die at the counter... DON'T buy this insurance. They will screw you every time .. stupid add on money maker. DON'T PURCHASE. EXPEDIA INSURANCE !!!!

Posted by Mike O

Expedia's flight cancellation policies are terrible. The customer service departments is also awful. Most of the reps don't speak English well and you get left on hold for at least an hour. Please don't use Expedia for anything.

Posted by Anonymous

agreed ! Expedia refunds are the worst. I use American express and I have to pay it all until they get around to processing something. I will never use expedia again.
Go directly to airlines and hotels to make reservations. You might even save a few dollars

Posted by Wes

Expedia must have upset many people for them to put "Please do not use any profanity" when typing a comment... Do yourself a favor and do not use Expedia for anything, because if you have a family emergency such I do have at the moment, they could care less...

Posted by bert

Expedia is the worst thing ever... Do not use!!!!

Posted by DonnaO

I've spent over 8 hours on the phone trying to get a refund for a cancelled flight. Expedia tells me I have to talk to United Airlines (a whole other headache), and then UA tells me I can only get a refund through Expedia. I have waited on hold 3 times for over an hour only to be disconnected when being transferred to a "supervisor". Out $579.00 right now. Might try taking it up with my credit card company. Will NEVER use Expedia again...

Posted by Expedianever

Expedia has worst customer service ever. I called them to fix the hotel reservation problem, they promised to call me back, and they never did. Hotel already took money, and now it seems like they blocked my phone call because now it's not possible to talk with "alive" agent.
The system keep asking me to wait, but it never connect with agent. Seriously, this company is so xhitty and such a scam. I hope it falls. They just fool customers and never take actions. Don't buy anything from Expedia. If there is any problem with that, they will never take responsible for that.

Posted by Evochaz

Nearly 8 weeks now since I cancelled a hotel booking - which stated that a full refund would be given. Spoken in countless people in call centres all giving promises and guarantees confirmed in emails to me that my money would be refunded within 5-7 days but still no joy. What should be my next step short of legal action?

Posted by fustratedmama

I have been on the phone for over 3 hours trying to get a refund. I cant fly per my dr because i went into preterm labor. I am on bedrest now and can not fly or actually do anything til after i give birth and of course my daughter is healthy and strong. They.first said it wasnt considered a emergency, blamed delta for the non refund, then i called delta they were very understanding documented all my info from my dr and said they could refund me just that expedia will have to call and give exact amt and so forth. I cal exp back they say that delta has no rwcord of me callind no documentation nothing. Then they say i can have a.partial refund minus the 800$ fee for canceling. Me going into labor at 21 weeks was out of my control me having surgery to close my cervix and being on bedrest is out of my control. My family have been looking forward planning and saving for this trip to see my husbands parents. We are already going through enough why are they making it so hard. Then the exp agent says that the fee isnt charged to us by delta but delta is charging exp so exp is taking it from.our refund.. wth??? Wow is that ethical... nope shame on them. The agent told me to call the corporate office to speak to someone because she cant do anything. So there is someone who can????

Posted by Anonymous

And then you blame it on United. Does Expedia have an office in the U.S. where I can speak to someone in person?

Posted by Anonymous

Very very very dissapointed as well, I did everything I was supposed to do to cancel my flight within the given 24 hours (actually more like with in 8 hours) and got not cancelation confirmation email from expedia. Just crap emails like, rate your flight!!! You people Know I canceled and now you are ignoring me. And then I call you about it and you send me to someone that doesn't speak english, puts me on hold, and then hangs up on me twice! On the phone, like so many others i've read below, for an hour today in foreign country which also cost money. You have FREE CANCELATION WITHIN 24 HOURS banners all over the booking page and then you don't follow through, and put people through all this bs. I've used you guys for years but I will Never be using expedia again. $750.00 is a lot of money to me and I don't appreciate you stealing it.

Posted by bob

Similar story to the many below, which I of course didn't read until it happened to me. I've spent over 8 hours on the phone trying to get a refund for a cancelled flight. Expedia tells me I have to talk to United Airlines (a whole other headache), and then UA tells me I can only get a refund through Expedia. I have waited on hold 3 times for over an hour only to be disconnected when being transferred to a "supervisor". Out $750 right now. Might try taking it up with my credit card company. Will NEVER use Expedia again...

Posted by Anonymous

This Is Twice I Have Booked With Expedia, And Not Sent Any Email Confirmation Or Itinerary.
I Have Called Several Times, With No Results Or Email Address Found Or Itinerary.
I Asked To Speak To Supervisor, Was Put On Hold, And Looped Back To Another Agent Instead.
Both Times Booking, I Called The Arline And Hotel Independently To Confirm, And To Receive Confirmation #'s. Expedia's Phone Numbers Just Kept Coming, And I Spent Over 1.5 Hours Trying To Sort It Out, With Still No Email Or Confirmation #'s.
I Did Receive An Email Right Away From The Insurance Box That I Checked Off On Their Site. Good Service There!

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a vacation package and wanted to change the hotel, and keep the flight. They said NO you have to cancel the whole package. And, they don't charge anything for cancellations, LIE!! They still have my $1400.00 and refuse to refund and I tried to call to get this resolved and spoke to 12 different people and still can't get anywhere. Expedia is charging me $1400.00 to cancel my vacation package!! When I talk to people after being on hold for over an hour, they either put me on external hold or say, "we have a bad connection, I can't hear you!" And then HANG UP on me. Please send me my refund or credit my account and call me so I can book a new flight somewhere else or REFUND my money! They even said I would be getting some of the money back but I've yet to see that $$ either!

Posted by Disappointed with Expedia

I broke a leg while travelling, and had to cancel a flight booked through Expedia. When back in the US, I experienced terrible service by Expedia. I had to call Expedia three times, spent a long time on hold, and got confusing and misleading information. When I was finally provided the information on what Expedia needs, I sent an email to Expedia and the airline carrier. I got immediate confirmation of email receipt by the carrier, but no confirmation from Expedia. Have they received my email? I am very disappointed by the service I got from Expedia. In addition to dealing with the medical issue, that is painful enough, I am very upset that I need to deal with this poor service. For comparison, I had to cancel another flight, booked directly with the carrier, and it took one short call and a quick email to resolve it and get the refund process going. Expedia, take note!

Posted by Anonymous

I am extremely disappointed!!!! Expedia is a cheap company. They promise a 24 cancellation policy. They mention that you can cancel your booking by "Selecting Cancel Flight under Manage Booking", and "SURPRISEEEEE" there is no cancel flight under manage booking.
Then somewhere you read "To cancel your flight call us on". You call and you stay on hold forever.

Never trust Expedia.

Posted by Arturo

Very bad service ... I got the e mail that my flight was cancel. And all what expedia would answer is that we will work on it please hold ......3 hours on hold ....

Posted by Anonymous

i booked a reservation for a hotel room in CANCUN,MEXIC. not even 12 hours passed after my confirmation of the hotel room was done that i had to cancel the dates of arrival and checking out of the hotel. they tell me that i loose what i had booked and that i can book again with the hotel but pay the difference,,,,mind you with out the money that has already being charged to my card. that is lost and gone. want another room, pay another price and we will not refund you or credit you what you already paid.

Posted by RENESSE

In Short, Do Not Expect To Get A Single Cent Back Even Tho It Is Not Your Fault.

My Flight Out Of Fresno To Sfo Was Cancelled By United Airlines, . United Said I Am Entitled To A Refund But As I Booked Via Expedia, Expedia Is To Give Me The Refund. What Expedia Do Is To Make U Run Around Till Ragged With Empty Promises. Do Not Be Fooled.

Expedia Means Expended Expenses In Roaming Telephone Calls. I Echo The Common Complaint Here - Many Calls, Cut Off, "stay On The Line As We Are Not Calling The Customer Back" "stay On The Line While We Called United Airlines" By Expedia Call Centre Manned In India. In The End I Spend More On Calls Than The Actual Airfare.

Posted by jenny

Someone can help me!! The stole my money for 7 tickets to Hawaii... Yes "stole" because they don't give money back... and they canceled our tickets with not reason just excuses and it wasfor my wedding. They killed me... I will fight until I get my money-back so if someone can tell me how to start I will be so thankful.

Posted by Louise

Why do we read reviews AFTER we have had a bad experience? Everything I have read below (consumer affairs USA) is exactly how it went wrong for us.
How can an American company train (or not train) their 'Asian teams' as they do? I am appalled at the way I was treated and by the tactics that they use. Either they have no idea, and no power on how to solve problems, or the tactic is deliberate knowing that you will have no choice but to give up!

I and my husband made international calls to the "help line" call centre for a week. I was sent from department to department, I was fobbed off, I have been cut off, I have been told to call back again and again, I have waited on hold for up to an hour and a half at a time, every day. I have been told to call the airline direct, to call The States,.......... just to resolve a simple problem.

We received email information that our flight had been cancelled one week before we were due to fly. After speaking to the airline we know what the error was - Expedia never ticketed the booking so it was automatically cancelled, but no money was refunded to us. Surely this whole process is, simply put, fraudulent.Twelve hours before we were due to fly we realised that we had no choice but to make another booking. This was almost 3 times the price due to the late timing.

They have simply stolen our money. We won't stop until we get it refunded.. Keep in mind, we were at no fault at any point, and they did nothing to assist or help us in any way to resolve the problem that they caused. The stress has been immense.

Posted by Anonymous

Do yourself a favor and try go straight to the native english supervisor/manager (or at least ANY supervisor) for any issues because the non-native english staff (Indian I think) just completely screwed everything up. They just changed around reservations I NEVER said to change (and charged extra "fees" for those changes); another said "Ok, I understand everything is good now" and sent a confirmation email later with something completely different; and others just hung up on me without even attempting to help me. Seriously, where do they hire these people. It seems like the only other way to avoid all this mess is to have everything work out perfectly as originally scheduled; if you have to make ANY sort of changes/cancellations, then be prepared to spend hours changing AND fixing any mistakes they do.

Posted by Anonymous

EXPEDIA keep well away,book direct or wit anyone else than EXPEDIA. 6 phone calls, spoken to five people they are to supposedly help you,my flight was cancelled by flybe due to the bad weather so tried to get through to expedia not a chance.are they helpful NOT a chance,but i wont let this go because i will report you to the proper autorities,i will get my money back and on top of that i will get all the money back for the phone calls i've had to indure EXPEDIA you should be totaly discusted with youselfs,i will advise others never to book through you EVER .

Posted by Anonymous

Expedia has the absolute worst customer service I have encountered in over 40 years of travel.I booked a trip to frankfurt over Philadelphia with my husband through Expedia. 1 month later we were notified that our trip from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia was canceled. Expedia tried to re-rout us through Dalles, a 9 hour add onto the 13 hour trip. Since we are elderly, we refused. No other option was offered but the option to cancel.We tried, after hours of waiting on the phone for supervisors, months of waiting and talking, the trip is still not canceled and the charges are now 3 months later being disputed by our credit card company.Expedia refused to deal with us because the main leg of the trip was with British Air.BA in turn refuses to resolve the problem because it was booked with Expedia.Where does this leave the customer? Help!We also purchased an Expedia insurance for $96, apparently a fraudulent product that does not cover when the airline cancels the route. I am extremely disappointed with their service!

Posted by anonymous

How can we get our refund ?

Posted by Anonymous

I had to cancel a trip due to a death in the family and since we didn't have insurance Expedia ignored my letters and correspondences. I was out over $1000 on air fare and a hotel

Posted by Anonymous

Well sir I'm sorry.Well sir its your responsibility.Well sit we can't do anything abate it.Well sir I'm sorry abate your loss.Well sir let me transfer for you that's all you are going to hear after an hour and a half waiting on the phone each time you call and by the time you get sick of then you are going to remember the itinerary number beter then your date of birth just because they will asj you for this number abate 50 times in 1 hour.But if you are calling abate new reservation they will be the honest people there is out there and it will only take 3 minutes just so they can get they're money out of the deal and they DO NOT CARE abate you and what you are loosing so...

Posted by Anonymous

I wish i saw all the reviews for expedia before i booked.There is nothing worst then trying to call expedia abate existing reservation or any changes.They WILL keep hunging up on you all day long.And you have to call again and explain yourself all overe to the next "representative" until the representative decides that he doesn't want to deal with you and they will either trans for you or hung up on you.And unless you speak Indian language there is no way you are going to progress there... That's the sad truth

Posted by Anonymous

People please do not book anything true expedia i just lost $1580 due cancelleition its been 3 days now i am on the phone with expedia and they keep hung up on me or telling me they will trans for me to talk with the "supervisor" how doesn't speak English.Then here we go again another one of them answers the phone and i have to explain everything all over again and then they do the same thing.I was told there is bo way i can get my money back and how sorry they are that i am going to loose my money when asked to change my flight with the same company for fiutcher just so I don't loos the money i was told that the flight will coast me $5600?!?!?! If someone has an idea how can i stop this please help its seems to be impossible geting anything after u paid.And yes the reason why i have to either change or cencel mu flight is because i booked the flight and no one of them told me that i need transit visa just to change flight in usa not even leaving the airport.After I found out i need one I called expedia and asked them if i need visa they told me no it shouldn't be an issue so .... Be careful before you pay then anything.

Posted by Anonymous

I found a 65.00 better rate at my hotel. Wrote them within time frame.
They refused to honor my price refund as they said I wasn't an official
Expedia member. I have written 7 emails and just get a different excuse
every time, bye bye Expedia and I will let everyone know this happened.

Posted by Michele

TOTAL THIEVES and the worst customer service I have ever had to deal with. I've used them several times and had no problems until I had to cancel a round trip to NYC from LA because my brother in law died suddenly 4 days before my flight. They will only deal with these situations via the phone and the holding time is usually over 2 hrs or you can leave your number and a man named "Ralph" with a thick Pakistani accent will call you back in 2 hrs. and proceed to tell you that he can't help you because he can't understand the problem. They took my $408 and I never heard from them again. Total friggin thieves. I will NEVER use them or Virgin America again. They should be put out of business.

Posted by Eve ImaBird

So far so good for my 3 years of using expedia im so satisfied with thier service. However just had some problems of thier customer representatives because sometimes i need to adjust my understanding on what they are saying about thier policy. I really dont use Travel insurance cause it still come with some restriction especially for a flight only well except for a package where you can cancel the reservation for any reasons. But i now understand that it will be the airline who imposed those charge and policies.And so far in hotel reseravation i really choose a Refundable room so that if i change my plans i can still cancel my reservation. If you really are having some serious problem with your booking just ask for a supervisor rather than continue explaining it to the first answering agent

Posted by Anonymous

All I can say is I wish I had read this sooner... expedia has the worst customer service I've ever received. I tried to call a week ago when they overcharged me $65.20 and the supervisor I spoke with argued with me for 40 mins straight refusing to listen to me telling me I was wrong. I eventually hung up on her because I was so frustrated and tired of repeating myself. So then they charge me an additional $203 that I absolutely do not owe them - now they owe me $268.20 and overdrafted my account by $100. It took me 3 hours to get an answer. One of the representatives hung up on me because I asked her to please not interrupt me as she kept talking over me I was "disconnected" while being transferred to a supervisor easily six times. I talked to one supervisor who said she was talking to the support desk to get it refunded - of course that call dropped. By the time I got ahold of a new supervisor - the answer had changed. Only one person returned my phone call after me specifically saying it dropped countless times and that was the person who told me they need 72 hours to pull up a recording and it had been just over 48 - which is what I was told. So I asked to speak to his manager and he sent me over to customer care who explained their policies and I made sure to let them know they had exactly 72 hours from Saturday or they would be hearing from an attorney the following day. I do not appreciate being hung up on and treated like I don't know the policies when it was their representatives fault for not doing their job correctly. I will pursue in sueing them if they do not refund the money and I will be letting delta know how they're treating their customers and I will be writing several letters - one to the BBB one to their headquarters and one to delta's headquarters regarding all of this. I will NEVER use Expedia again.

Posted by jannycam

I add my warning to others to stay away from Expedia. They published the wrong refund information for a hotel that I booked through them. I cancelled according to their published policy, but it did not match the hotel's policy of no refunds. Both the hotel and I have been trying to get Expedia to refund the deposit because it was Expedia's mistake. The hotel received an email saying Expedia would refund me, but it has never happened. I too have experienced being cut off while on hold, spending 2 hours on the phone while inept people try to figure things out, and then finally sending a fax to a supervisor who was supposed to be the one to help and never getting a response. I will NEVER use Expedia again and advise others not to.

Posted by beacha

Peter Goldberg, world famous travel editor, warned travelers not to use online web sites such as expedia as there is no customer service when something goes wrong.
DO NOT USE EXPEDIA- there call center is overseas, and after spending 2 and 1/2 hours on hold today, I also kept getting "disconnected" when waiting for a supervisor. I am due a substantial refund, and have been trying to get it for over one month. They are horrible, stay away! Use a travel agent, that what I am going to do from now on, I need someone reliable.

Posted by angrymadcustomer

NEVER AGAIN EXPEDIA!!! all calls get re routed to India because no one speaks English. I got hung up and told one time refund wld take 3-5 business days then told 2weeks then told 2 billing cycles. WTF?? cancelled hotel within minutes, received cancellation email. Why the hold up on returning peoples moneys. I will be contacting my bank to see if a stop pmnt can be done. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Expedia is a scam. Customer service agents place you on hold and then disconnect you. Tonight an agent admitted to me that they are told to do this.

Posted by benm18

I booked an all inclusive trip including flights for my wife and i to punta cana through expedia in sept 2014. When arriving friday morning at the airport 2.5 hours early to check in bags, i was notified by the AA agent that my boarding passes were wrong. At that point the AA agent notified me that expedia booked my flights with my middle name as my last and my last as my middle. So my tickets didn't match my passport and the AA could not issue my boarding passes unless Expedia reissued my flights under my correct name. The AA agent could not do this because i booked through Expedia and it had to come from their end. I call the expedia customer service department 2 hours before my flight and was informed it would take only 10-15 minutes. After being put on hold multiple times for extended periods and being told they are having trouble with their program we missed our flights. So then i asked to have my flights rebooked to get us to our destination and was told i would have to pay for a new round of flights that would cost $1600 and be charged $200 change fee per person. All they would give me is a $475 credit for my missed flights. when i asked when the earliest flight they can get us on they told me sat evening arriving at lunchtime on sunday. I then had to either decide to cancel my entire trip and eat the original cost or book new round trip flights directly through AA which could get us there the next day at lunchtime for an out of pocket expense of $2200 which is what we decided to do. How do i handle this situation and do i have any chance at getting reimbursed for the original flights that were cancelled and the 1 day i missed on my trip. Trying to figure out whats the best way to attack this situation. Please Help and email responses. thanks

Posted by Gerda Domacasse

Hi good afternoon I have make a mistake when do the reservation and will change it and do a extra booking by Holiday Inn Express Doral in Miami my expedia Itinerary and the correct booking be 11 october 2014 chek inn and 13 oktober 2014 checkout the same room. If you can help me is so good for me and mine family. thankfully I remain

Posted by Penny

I cancelled a flight within 24 hours and was advised by Expedia that we would be refunded all but the $7.00 booking fee. My credit card was charged and no refund was posted when I received my statement. When I called Expedia, they first tried to tell me there was no refund, then they advised a refund would take 8 weeks. I advised them immediately that I would call my credit card company and challenge the charge.

Posted by Anonymous

We booked 5 flights around the USA through expedia. I only needed to change the one flight for my son, the remaining flights to remain as is. I called US Air multiple times in between as instructed by expedia asking them to release and allow me to change the flight. Each time US Air put notes in the OSI system authorising changes to be made and could not understand why Expedia could not make the change as they were the original booking/ticketing agent. One Expedia service consultant said he could make the change but it would require my son flying from NY to Miami via 2 additional stops as required by US Air. This was unacceptable to me as I do not want my son having to navigate himself around several airports unnecessarily. I then called US AIR and they said" this is a no brainer, he is already on a non stop flight he can exchange it for another non-stop flight this should not be an issue, and we will authorise expedia to make the changes on their end". When I then called Expedia back, he denied anything was written in the OSI and said he can not make this change, inferring I or US Air was lying?

When I called back a fourth time (phone call lasted 1.5 hours of which 1 hour in total I was on hold) I was told that due to the nature of the booking and multiple airlines they are unable to make any changes. This I find hard to believe from a travel representative and no where on your website does it indicate this can not be done. It states changes can be made but an increased cost may be incurred from the airline, which I had no problem with. I find your company misleading and fraudulent.

I have also phoned my telephone carrier Telstra to void your charges and explained the unacceptable behaviour of being kept on hold for such a significant amount of time with no result.

Your employees are not even familiar with airports around the USA and I had to give them the airport codes e.g. EWR for Newark.
I can not believe that they didn't know the rules before hand and that I am the first caller to book multiple flights through your website which is your standard practice and that I can not change one leg of these flights.

It seems as this ticket is non refundable and no changes can now be made (nowhere is this indicated on your website) I may be out of pocket $1833.20.

Posted by Traveller

I booked airticket with expedia for my taiwan trip and I canceled last minute for urgent matter. I have no idea who to call so I called directly to airline and canceled or changed it. However, expedia and southern china airline company blamed on each other and I did not get my refund, which was (A$ 1200). I am very disappointed. Guys be careful with expedia.

Posted by truckernation

Our experience with EXPEDIA has been awful. Double booked a room twice not realizing my husband did that. Come to find out didnt get an email regarding the number for it. Had too cal hotel ourself to get them. Heres the kicker booked July 30 money was taken out out our paypal account debit card through my husbands bank account 2 times in less than 10 minutes July 31. for the amount of 243.74. Called expedia about 10 times already got hung up about 5 on hold for hours on end so totaling about 6 hrs of my time with these so called people. We are still trying to resolve this problem and believe I dont recommend going through EXPEDIA just call the hotel directly or look at the hotels web sight for a room!!! oh believe I will be contacting someone regarding this situation too!!

Posted by paulwbmarsden

Absolute nightmare of a company. Spent 1.5 hours and six phone calls trying to get someone to agree to a change for a flight. Staff did not inform me that I should have contacted the airline direct. Some staff in Bangalore call centre struggle with fluent English and there is a total lack of empathy for change in circumstances. Lost £501.
Emailed their CEO - no reply. Tried using Twitter message - no reply. Emailed their customer support - no reply.
DO NOT USE EXPEDIA unless you want to risk losing your money.

Posted by Poor teacher

I found a cheaper flight within the 24 hour window but when I tried to use the "price guarantee" found on their website they refused. Turns out the site I found, Kayak.com is not a "booking website." Of course, they waited beyond the 24 hour cancellation window so I could not cancel. I paid $500 more for my ticket through Expedia! Beware of Expedia! Try anyone but them! I just booked directly with my airline for another trip in July and saved over Expedia's price!

Posted by fedup

Do not purchase travel protection insurance! I purchased the insurance through the Expedia website in case my trip had to be cancelled. Unfortunately, it covers very little, and I quote "We will pay a Pre-Departure Trip Cancellation Benefit, up to the amount in the Schedule if you are prevented from taking your Covered Trip due to your, an Immediate Family Member's, Traveling Companion's, or Business Partner's Sickness, Injury or death or Other Covered Events as defined, that occur(s) before departure on your Covered Trip. The Sickness or Injury must: a) commence while your coverage is in effect under the plan; b) require the examination and treatment by a Physician at the time the Covered Trip is cancelled; and c) in the written opinion of the treating Physician, be so disabling as to prevent you from taking your Covered Trip." So basically you have to be deathly ill or have died and have your doctor examine you to make sure you are deathly ill and have died. This is definitely a scam and a rip-off and I doubt I will ever book through Expedia again much less purchase the insurance. So my required workshop change of plan cost me $900!!!!

Posted by Returns ans refunds

I put in the wrong date for a hotel booking in Scotland and need th change the date,surely that can be done without me losing my money

Posted by jan

They keep telling me to wait. Can someone tell me how to sue them

Posted by jan

It is the worst fraud being played.they are criminally ruthless in eating up your money . Anyone reading should take a lesson from my experience and never ever bother to piss on this site.

Posted by ZMZM

And I thought I was the only one. After reading all these comments of Expedia trav. agents. ooooh my God this sucks!!!!!!! It is true every time you call they tell you need to wait one more billing cycle, PLEASEEEE!!! do not rip off people like this, when they need to collect your money in a split second it is off your credit card but to pay back a refund you need to wait and wait and wait and you will never know if you are getting your money back, never again with expedia NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Booked 2 rooms for one city, one night on April 29, 2014. Gave phone rep my email for reservation confirmation. Arrived at motel about 9pm. No reservation, no email confirmation. The idiot had reserved in different city. Only thing he got right was the state and the charge which wouldn't be refunded. No second chance here. 2nd bad experience with Super 8. They are never getting another shot at me.

Posted by joel

booked a room at the motel 6 in Slidell La via expedia I have contacted hotel and expedia several times about a refund or crediting the rate charged to my mastercard I did not cancel room due to unexpected visit to the ER at the Slidell memorial hospital which I am still not discharged from.. lost my confirm # and had no way of calling during admission to ER check in was 3-30-14 c/o 4-1 I am moving to slidell and like to use expedia and this motel is convenience for guests I think you could credit my card or motel six the amount for charges not rendered do to a unforeseen emergency

Posted by zman

I booked a trip to Cancun back in december 2013 for the family. I purchased The insurance for the trip as well. We had to cancel the trip and so I called Expedia to get my refund for hotel and airfare. To date I have not received my refund for $1,900 dollars. I have checked my account multiple times for the refund and to date no refund. They continue to lie to me and tell me that they issued my refund. I also asked to speak to someone in there accounts payable or anyone else! I explained to multiple supervisors and multiple times and they continue to do nothing.There reply is that there is nothing they can do. DO NOT USE EXPEDIA! You are taking a big chance.

Posted by lana parfumerija

I Send Two Mail-s To Expedia And Call Three Times And Lost Hours And Hours Waiting A Phone,and Talked With Few Persons.my Problem Was I Booked 4 Rooms And Suprise Was When I Recived Invoice On My Credit Card.they Charge Me 2x4 Rooms.last Person /name Violet/ Promise Me To Check My Ittinery And Send Me Mail.but I Still Wait.i Am Very Suprised With This Unprofessionalism.now I Am Thinking To Change The Travel Agent After Many,many Trips With Expedia.s.zaknic

Posted by ejayjones

I am currently trying to get an airfare refund for a missed flight that was caused by the airplane having a flat tire. I've been making calls for three days and have not got past the first level of responders. The airline states they are not responsible for the refund because I booked through expedia. Expedia states the airline will have to provide the refund and will contact me through my email. I have not received said email. I am currently on hold with expedia

Posted by gamrezus

EXPEDIA Hotels and Flights Application is also Garbage and rip off.Not user friendly the layout is clumsy crap, the selection input interface forced me to choose wrong date after I placed correct one. This will ultimately cause you to book wrong and together with Hotel refund policies will rob you. Had to file chargeback because of this lousy app check the reviews of Expedia.They own Hotels.Com ! Explains why they can do this crap.

Posted by Jeni Upchurch

I had to change my return flight last spring, and come home early. Expedia refused to refund the return portion of my ticket, saying at the time, it would be available to me the next time I book through Expedia.

I have not travelled since last spring, and do not foresee doing so. Can't get a customer service person on the phone; the website refers you to some answer system that asks for $15 on your credit card to continue. What kind of service is this?

Jeni Upchurch
Former expedia customer

Posted by learedmylesson

... But in actuality it cost me $120 more. Somehow EXPEDIA didn't give me the discount and I was charged like I booked each separate. I called a few ...hours." There is nothing I can do for you. They were willing to refund my flight money, but then upon asking more question to use the "credit voucher" they would charge me $150 per ticket I would purchase. Unfair ...

Posted by Anonymous

... to cancel but couldn't make any headway with any representative of Expedia, mostly because the contacts put me on hold and disappeared. ... we were certainly billed for it) and that any reservation was cancellable with no charges if cancelled within 48 hours of arrival. The ... airport to Ixtapa while the more expensive flights booked through Expedia involved two stopovers. We still haven't received refunds because our credit card company was told we never cancelled anything (believe me, we tried). ... a couple of lousy airline vouchers with airlines we would never have chosen --indeed, Expedia sucks.

Posted by Tania

... for them, but awful for you especially when they have charged you an additional $3,765 on your credit card! I managed to get the issue resolved not via Expedia, but via my...directly. My advice to anyone trying to get money back from Expedia is to create a dispute item with your bank. ... card and was shocked to see I had also been charged for the Virgin flight. I phoned up to be told the ... weeks later. I eventually received a call from Virgin. As soon as I explained what had happened they offered to refund the money immediately. Bliss to understand that some companies ...

Posted by Lorenzo

...6383. I immediately canceled the flight but was advised Expedia could not refund the fee and that I needed to address this with my credit card company. My credit card company informed me I would need to wait until the charge appeared on my statement and then file a transaction challenge. In the meantime, the Expedia charge of $6383 remained as "pending" on my account and placed me over the credit limit. My card was consequently...

Posted by jenlepag

... smelled strongly of mold and mildew. The legs of the furniture were quite obviously water damaged and moldy. When I took my shoes off the floor was soaking wet! The ...! The floors and walls were stained and filthy throughout the hotel. We were charged a daily resort fee when we arrived which I promptly demanded be returned after we'd been shuffled around to three rooms. There was nothing resort ... the hotel's rate were cheaper than the rates that I paid through Expedia. When I called Expedia to check on being refunded for the over charge the Expedia rep told me there was nothing that they could ...

Posted by Anonymous

Expedia are crooks, plain and simple. In attempting to request a refund for a flight that was cancelled due to inclement weather, I was told to call ... up on/disconnected three times (not embellishing). Apparently even persistence doesn’t work when attempting to get a refund. I will not be using Expedia again to book travel.

Posted by KPShef96

I booked a flight from Belgrade to London via Budapest with Expedia on Malev Airlines in Jan 2012, to fly in Sept 2012. I checked info in Aug &... & was told that Malev went bust 6 months before. I eventually spoke to customer services (Expedia) & the lady I spoke to actually told me to hurry or I would miss my flight to ... flight. I booked a flight to London via Rome, I was told that because it was short notice I had to pay cash 330euros. When I got back I emailed Expedia, it took over 5 weeks to get a reply. They refused to refund any money, & would offer no compensation at all. ...

Posted by djconklin

... of being apologetic about the whole affair and issuing a refund the legal team for Expedia demanded that I sign a “Motion to Dismiss ... Prejudice,” which means that if I don’t get my money I would have no legal recourse to get ...has been settled BEFORE they’d send me my money. I took them to small claims/conciliation court and ... a copy of the suit to the server and use a money order to pay the server--so you have the cost of the server, the money order fee and postage. When you are in conciliation or small ...'ll find the work and expense of getting your money back to be just too much--and then they ...

Posted by Frustrated Traveller

... no evidence confirming that they had booked the reservation three weeks earlier (when my credit card was charged in FULL for the room) existed. WHAT A SCAM!!! Clearly the business practice of Expedia is to accept your payment in full but not to book the room with the hotel until a few days prior. Now there are no other rooms available and I am out the cost of the flights as well. They did refund the monies but to what avail? The entire weekend has been ruined. I would NEVER recommend booking through Expedia if you need ...

Posted by Melisaa1

...under construction and we awoke to loud sounds at 8 AM for 3 days. Additionally the room smelled like stale smoke and... I called Expedia to explain and ask for my "delux king" room fee to be refunded (a whopping $36 out of a total $750 ... I asked to speak to a supervisor and went through the process again only to be placed on hold for another extended period of time. Expedia eventually offered... took pity on me and refunded my $36. Upon returning home, Expedia sent me an email... and then when I was asked what my thoughts on the experience were, Expedia didn't publish my review. I feel I ...