Dollar General Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Dollar General below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Dollar General so others can benefit from what you learned.

Dollar General Return Policy

At Dollar General, your satisfaction is important. If you need to return an item, your refund will be processed according to the following policy. If the item was a gift, a store credit will be issued to the original purchaser.

Items purchased at a retail store may only be returned to a retail store within 30 days of the original purchase date. The item must be returned with the receipt and in its original packaging, if possible, with all paperwork and accessories.

Items purchased online may only be returned to the Dollar General online distribution center printed on the packing slip within 30 days of the original purchase date. You may use one of three return carrier options: Federal Express, United Postal Service or the United States Post Office via Insured Parcel Post. The return parcel must include:
  1. the bottom portion of the packing slip or the order number, billing name, and address;
  2. the item, in its original packaging, if possible; and
  3. all paperwork and accessories received with the item.
You may receive credit of the purchase price to the same method of payment. Shipping charges are non-refundable, unless the item is being returned due to a manufacturing defect or a shipping error. If your item arrived with damages incurred during shipping, you may call the Customer Support Center at 877-463-1553 for further instructions.

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Posted by Dee

Can I return electronic without receipt for store credit

Posted by Blcoleman79

I attempted to return two items yesterday. I paid cash for them and I had the receipt showing i purchased them the day before. I was told by the manager at the store, that they don't give money back on returns. Didn't give me an option for a gift receipt or anything. Pretty much telling me i was screwed if i didn't want what i purchased the night before. I asked the manager when this became effective and she said it's been like that for the whole year she's worked there. This was at the dollar General on Elmont Rd. In Sullivan, MO

Posted by Disgusted

VERY disappointed disgusted and quite frankly outraged at the experice that I just had at theDollar General in BENTON, AR on military Road! I was insulted, disrespected literally cussed out by both employees INSIDE the store, AT register, and N FRONT of other customers. There is absolutely never a time when this behavior is OK. NEVER!!! I was trying to return a food item that had CLEARLY not been opened, damaged or contaminated in any way. I had a receipt for the item that no one even bothered to look at because we never even got that far. Snotty little girl at the front who was about to get off work in 10 minutes did not have time to do a return, is really what it really boils down to. However, she claimed that her boss told her that it was against the law to return food items, and when I told her that wasn�t true she turned around without a word and hollered to some guy in the back that I suppose was supposed to represent the store as a manager? Shift leader?Horrible representation. He came out swinging so to speak! No �hello maâm, how can I help you?� Or anything of the sort. He never asked me what I was returning or why, and began verbally assaulting me In less than a minutes from the time he walked up. His attitude was horrible, just like it always is because I have seen him several times in there before his attitude is always generally the same. His claims were much like the little girls at the front, and after looking at the return policy for Dollar General completely unfounded. Policy or no policy, their behavior was so out of line that I was truly shocked and that is hard to do. I was cursed when I told them that I had just been to CVS to return some waffles that were no good and the lady who helped me very politely and without a problem gave me my money back with respect and a smile! There were two boxes of waffles one of them have been opened which is how we know they tasted terrible and I told her I did not expect her to refund me for that box that she could just throw it away and refund me for the other one. She refunded both boxes and never questioned me and certainly was never rude in anyway form or fashion. She was very professional UNlike these two, and one of the boxes was even opened. I never cursed, I never raise my voice, because it was actually quite comical to me how ridiculous they were acting. I saw an old friend who was the only other customer in the store and he was quietly waiting in line to be checked out as I was waiting for him to be checked out. So that we can visit just a little. I never cussed, I never raised my voice, because it was actually quite comical to me how ridiculous they were acting. I saw an old friend that was the only other customer in the store and he was patiently waiting in line behind me to be checked out. As I stood waiting for him to be checked out so I could talk to him For a couple of minutes on the walk out to the car, and I I would have waited very quietly and politely, had the jerk in charge not proceeded to instruct me very loudly and with much aggression to �get the F*** out!�at least four times!, Due to the sheer principle of the situation and the fact that I was not finished talking to my friend and had planned to walk him out to his car, I refused to leave and asked him to just please check the man out he only had two bottles of orange juice that he had come all the way into town to buy at the store. Neither of us ever cursed one time, as a matter fact my friend never said a word until he asked if he would could please be rung up so he could go, At which time HE was also ordered to �get the f*** out!� I kid you not these two were out of control! I know that these dollar stores have a hard time keeping employees and Im not exactly sure why but these two should not be hired anywhere that they are required to interact with customers in ANY way! Regardless of the policy though, one would expect managers, shift leaders, heck new employees, to remain calm, watch their mouths and remember that the customer is always right! Never under any circumstances do you ever ever ever, curse your customer and tell them to out and then refuse service to the next guy in line because he happens to know the first customer! Shocked and appalled, would simply be an understatement. Cannot wait to talk to their manager when she returns on Monday! If these two still have a job after I speak to her, I will most certainly work my way up the ladder until these two are gone. No excuse for this behavior at all!

Posted by Disgusted

VERY disappointed disgusted and quite frankly outraged at the experice that I just had at theDollar General in BENTON, AR on military Road! I was insulted, disrespected literally cussed out by both employees INSIDE the store, AT register, and N FRONT of other customers. There is absolutely never a time when this behavior is OK. NEVER!!! I was trying to return a food item that had CLEARLY not been opened, damaged or contaminated in any way. I had a receipt for the item that no one even bothered to look at because we never even got that far. Snotty little girl at the front who was about to get off work in 10 minutes did not have time to do a return, is really what it really boils down to. However, she claimed that her boss told her that it was against the law to return food items, and when I told her that wasn't true she turned around without a word and hollered to some guy in the back that I suppose was supposed to represent the store as a manager? Shift leader?Horrible representation. He came out swinging so to speak! No "hello maâm, how can I help you?" Or anything of the sort. He never asked me what I was returning or why, and began verbally assaulting me In less than a minutes from the time he walked up. His attitude was horrible, just like it always is because I have seen him several times in there before his attitude is always generally the same. His claims were much like the little girls at the front, and after looking at the return policy for Dollar General completely unfounded. Policy or no policy, their behavior was so out of line that I was truly shocked and that is hard to do. I was cursed when I told them that I had just been to CVS to return some waffles that were no good and the lady who helped me very politely and without a problem gave me my money back with respect and a smile! There were two boxes of waffles one of them have been opened which is how we know they tasted terrible and I told her I did not expect her to refund me for that box that she could just throw it away and refund me for the other one. She refunded both boxes and never questioned me and certainly was never rude in anyway form or fashion. She was very professional UNlike these two, and one of the boxes was even opened. I never cursed, I never raise my voice, because it was actually quite comical to me how ridiculous they were acting. I saw an old friend who was the only other customer in the store and he was quietly waiting in line to be checked out as I was waiting for him to be checked out. So that we can visit just a little. I never cussed, I never raised my voice, because it was actually quite comical to me how ridiculous they were acting. I saw an old friend that was the only other customer in the store and he was patiently waiting in line behind me to be checked out. As I stood waiting for him to be checked out so I could talk to him For a couple of minutes on the walk out to the car, and I I would have waited very quietly and politely, had the jerk in charge not proceeded to instruct me very loudly and with much aggression to "get out!"at least four times!, Due to the sheer principle of the situation and the fact that I was not finished talking to my friend and had planned to walk him out to his car, I refused to leave and asked him to just please check the man out he only had two bottles of orange juice that he had come all the way into town to buy at the store. Neither of us ever cursed one time, as a matter fact my friend never said a word until he asked if he would could please be rung up so he could go, At which time HE was also ordered to "get the f*** out!" I kid you not these two were out of control! I know that these dollar stores have a hard time keeping employees and Im not exactly sure why but these two should not be hired anywhere that they are required to interact with customers in ANY way! Regardless of the policy though, one would expect managers, shift leaders, heck new employees, to remain calm, watch their mouths and remember that the customer is always right! Never under any circumstances do you ever ever ever, curse your customer and tell them to "get the F*** out" and then refuse service to the next guy in line because he happens to know the first customer! Shocked and appalled, would simply be an understatement. Cannot wait to talk to their manager when she returns on Monday! If these two still have a job after I speak to her, I will most certainly work my way up the ladder until these two are gone. No excuse for this behavior at all!

Posted by Ash23

I just came from DG where they told me I could not have a receipt. They said there was no paper in the machine so they could not give me one. Had I not been in a hurry I would have asked for the manager and stood there until I got a receipt, and told the cashier that, and that that was ridiculous.

Posted by Kenzia J

Yes let's sue!!!Today I had 3 things I need to return or just get something in place of it Now I shop with this store 4-9 times a week cause I So projects and love cleaning supplies and snacks for the kids.I got tons of receipts me being lazy I went in the store the lady told me only way you can change is for the same product! So I ask can I get a drink or chips and you keep the change or anything she tells me No! So I ask her where your Garden stuff she points and say down there.So I look them I ask the young man that works there can he help me cause I don't know where down there is! I don't find anything I need or already got so I go back up front and ask the man can he pull my receipt by my DG email the lady worker jumps up and say no she can't pull it up cause she stole it I say did. You just say I steal! So I got my stuff now I am mad hurt tears and all I go through my receipt bag now I get it I go back in the store I tell the young boy ok let's do this and pass him my receipt I said one thing I don't do is steal then this lady comes over and tell me get out her store and took my receipt Ball it though it at me! I told her wait now you mad cause I showed you I don't steal! Now I got to get out your store!!! YOUR STORE OK COOL I WILL MAKE SURE ALL YOUR STORES GO BANKRUPT LADY I GOT SHOES THAT CAUSE MORE THEN YOUR PAY CHECK! I STILL TREAT EVERYONE WITH RESPECT LOVE KINDNESS EVEN A HOMELESS PERSON IS SOMEONE TO ME CAUSE THEY TWO AT ONE POINT WAS SOMEONE CHILD.Then she say she gone calll the cops Why? I mean I have not hit you I have not said one cuss word to you but I did in my head Lol I was not talking loud I the money I put into this store!!! DG SHE GOT TO GO OR YOU PAY THE PRICE FOR HER STAYING!!! THIS IS WORNG HOW YOU CALL ME OUT AS SOMEONE WHO STEAL? I don't even have a driving tickets I never been to jail

Posted by Johm

Sounds like when you read the return policy and it says all items can be returned and it doesn't have any exclusions and all these complaints, we should all get together and get an attorney and have a class action lawsuit and just Sue Dollar General for every dollar they have, for lying to customers online saying that all items that you're unsatisfied with can be returned and they put these little bitty signs behind the registry that you can't even see and they never tell you you can't return at the store but maybe we all need to hire an attorney, it sounds like it's not an isolated case it sounds like it happens all over the country and it's a scam. Who's with me

Posted by John

24 hours ago I purchased a heater fan combo. When the fan and heater are on it actually blows cold air. I was just satisfied. I looked online at your refund policy and it said you wanted me to be satisfied with all and I specify all items if not I could have a full refund within 30 days if I had original packaging all accessories and my receipt. Store number11814, the manager's name is Crystal, and she was on the phone and said absolutely no refund I had to exchange it for another. And I said have you read online with your return policy is it says all items can be returned within 30 days in the original packaging in the original box with all the accessories and the book and a receipt. It did not say excluding heaters but she has a little laminated piece of paper that says their refund policy for heaters is exchange. That little piece of paper is the size of a business card in his behind the register where customers can even see it. But I am dissatisfied I had did all the credentials that you said I had to do it's only been 24 hours why was I not reimbursed my money. Somebody needs to explain to me why Crystal gets to make her own policy when your corporate policy says all items that you're unsatisfied with can be returned. I expect a response as soon as possible. I'm not a wealthy man I can't afford to spend $40 on a heater that doesn't work and I had to drive 20 miles to take it back because of what your refund policy says online and she didn't give me my refund. So not only am I out the $40 or 35 plus tax for the heater but I'm also out gas money. But I need somebody to tell me why Crystal gets to make her own decisions on your return policy and soon as possible thank you.

Posted by Debbsmith9

I bought a heater and it does not work properly. I have the receipt and all the original packaging. I took it back to Dollar General at 10405 Fairmont Parkway La Porte Texas 77571. They told me that when I bought it there was a sign that said "Heaters can not be returned without a receipt and has to be unopened". I told the boy that there was not a sign there when I bought it and he YELLED at me that it was there. Then told me I could not return it. Dollar General is the worst. They are always unorganized and you can't even get down the isles. The lady cashier was very nice but the little boy was very rude!! Also they could not even find the sign they so called had and they couldn't find a copy of the store policy!! They keep building more Dollar Generals but they are not gonna have any customers if they keep treating them this way!!

Posted by I hate in town dollar general

I was returning my 10 yr old sons toy guns only 6 bucks couldn't find receipt but that was ok just wanted to get something else an aim in thers daily they said they couldn't so I brought it back home just want to get something diff not any MOMEY without my receipt

Posted by Anonymous

Plenty of attitude and a "too bad, nope" for me too. Unopened Cell phone with receipt in the same bag it was bought in. Didnt want the service agreement. I knew DG sucked just surprised that they sucked this much, NBD, lesson learned and will stop the charge on the credit card.

Posted by I'm a customer not a color

Went to store 3247 in Grand Prairie Texas on 11/29/17 to get some things for my home. As well as return a shower rod I had purchased at right before Thanksgiving. My total can to about $84.00. I then ask for the credit for rod. Cashier ask for receipt I told him I didn't have it. He said he can't return it. I said I don't want money back. He said no, so here we are going back in forth.I ask for manager he said she was at the bank he is the assistant manager.. He stated their policy says I have to have a receipt. I ask please show me the policy which is conveniently located at register. He act as of he didn't want to read it so I ask for I and read it for myself. It stated and I quote. Without a receipt customer can exchange for equal or lesser value or get a gift card. After I read it to him mind you others are now looking on...he stated how do I know you got it from here Target sells these too...Shocked at his responds I replied are you calling me a theft. He said it doesn't have a sku how I know it is from here...I asked him why would I return here if I got it somewhere else. I said I'll got get the sku off the shelf so I when and got a new rod...same rod...took it to him he said he still say I didn't get it there..I said sir I don't know where a target is and I stay 1 min from here..why would I humiliated as others continue to look on as though I'm trying to steal and lying about my purchase I told him you would pass on and 80 sale about a 10 return Im sure dollar general wouldn't like that. Can you please honor your policy and take back the rod. He was stuck at no. Now I feel like I'm being discriminated against because I'm black. My hair was a mess because I just woke up and headed up there to grab something..I feel he profiled me. I told him I'll take my money to family dollar...push the basket full of stuff I was about to purchase ask for store number and his name TJ...and left.. And I begin to think. He and his manager did this before. But that time I was told I couldn't buy a gift card with my debit/credit card it had to be cash. I didn't want to argue then I just went to family dollar. But then this happen and I feel the are picking who they do what to. They are racist and need to be removed if they treat certain customers a certain way.

Posted by greg

Bought cigarettes and asked for kings and teller gave me 100s in my bag with other purchases.Went back in store and was told they could not exchange tobacco products.Is this actually true and if so, what a bunch of losers.

Posted by Pissed off won't be back to any

I worked at Dollar General and never once was I told you couldn't bring food back so I had brought some snacks for my lunch and it hasn't been even 3 hrs tried to take them back and they said I could not bring food back it hasn't been opened matter of fact hadn't even taken it out the bag but wanted to return to get my cash back and use the gift card I had just got out my mailbox so could have my cash in my pocket! Cause I start a new job and might need it!

Posted by Anonymous

Completely I bought a blanket and tried to return it within 30 minutes because my bf didnt like it. So I went there and she lady said I had to have a receipt. I told her she didn't give me one, she insisted she did. I told her that she put it in the trash, so I asked if I could get it out she told me no she ripped it up. I call bullsh*t I seen her throw it away and she clearly did not rip the thing up... Im so and on top of all that I asked the over the phone once I got home what their names were and she hung up.. thats ok I know who you are we live in the same little

Posted by Unpleased

Very unhappy . I bought a yv antenna for 15$ thinking I would at least get a few channels. It didn't work. Like, at all. So I tried taking it back and the employee said that I had to be 18 to make a return. Since I'm only 16 this made me kinda mad. I mean sure I can just get a parent to return but still. And when I was buying the antenna I asked about their return policy and not one time did she mention anything but about being 18. So I spent 15$ on something I thew away.

Posted by Fort payne al

Bought a heater in the store and they refused to take it back. They told me only if it was broken and only a exchange. Poor customer service. I'm done with dollar general.

Posted by AngelaH

Dreadful customer service. Husband purchased a $5 phone cover. Opened the box and it was cracked. Took it back within 20 minutes WITH RECEIPT and they didn't have another one - same girl who originally checked him out told him she could only give him a credit, "why don't you go get some candy" she told him. He refused and asked for his money back again. She wouldn't budge. Will NEVER EVER go there again and will make sure all my Facebook friends are alerted. This is stealing!!

Posted by Steven

If you can't back my purchase with my money then there will be no more purchases being made.. Will spread the word. Ty

Posted by Steven

If it's a gift and the pants don't fit how will i have a receipt.. Im supposed to tell the buyer in embarrassed fashion

Posted by Langrenus

I do not know what the corporate mentality of "dollar stores" of all kinds amounts to, but it is obvious to me that refunds to customers (of any kind, for any reason) are highly discouraged. I have seen this "no refund attitude" prevalent from store managers, to new-hire cashiers. These stores simply want to keep money transactions strictly one-way, from the customers hands to theirs. Such an attitude simply must originate at the very top, and trickle down through store managers and employees, no matter what the written policy is.

Posted by Lisa

My husband bought some cookies from Dollar General in MD. I did not like the cookies he bought, so I took them back to the store, unopened and with a receipt. I was told by the cashier that the Food and Drug Administration does not allow for packaged items (nonperishable foods) to be returned even with a receipt. I looked on the Food and Drug Administration's website and found nothing to support her claim. Perhaps Dollar General should educate their cashiers upon hiring them.

Posted by Fedup

I made a large purchase from Dollar Tree trying to save money for a baby shower and the shower was cancelled due to unfortunate circumstances. I spent over 100.00 and went to return the items I had purchased from them with my receipt, which I paid with cash and was told I could Not get my money back. Everything was still in bags and was never taken out my car.They have nothing post for the customers to see their return policy. It's on the bottom of the receipt after they have taken your money. How can they just keep people's hard earned money like that by law? Customers need to know these thing before the purchase. Now I'm stuck with things I can do nothing with. They say they will give me something equal to my purchase. Now what can I get from the dollar tree that equals over 100.00 when everthing cost 1.00.
This is not fair to the customers.I want my money back.

Posted by Teppie

The Dollar General in medon Tennessee refused to give me a store credit for a baby shower gift I was given because I didn't have the receipt and the Clark said that his boss would fire him if he gave me store credit or accepted the return that was store number 15361 the manager is Monte Pruitt

Posted by Anonymous

I made a purchase with my prepaid Amex card and the item was compatible with what I neexed5it for so I returned it and the manager had to return it back to my card ..problem is I have never received the credit back on my card and it's been two days..I called manager there at the local store the same day upon returning it and he said it may take a day to post..but two days later and still no credit back? I don't understand this should be immediate because it was immediate when it came off my card? Could someone help me cause I'm certainly not satisfied with this..I returned the merchandise..I need my money back or store credit

Posted by Curious

I just found my reciept for some items I've been wanting to return for a while. But, realized that its been almost 60 days since purchase. These items have never been used & I have the reciept ; do I qualify for any kind of refund or credit either one?

Posted by Pistmom

Be sure whatever you buy from here you really want it or are willing to take a loss if you are a busy working mom like me. Bought something with my debit (debit is CASH....even WalMart agrees it is cash) 36 days passed and I finally found time on my lunch break to return an $8 item (not damaged, just didn't need it) was told I had to wait for it to credit back to my debit card (10 business days). I asked for a store credit..had planned to spend it immediately in that store. All I received was a NO and attitude. Then after agreed to go back on debit and wait 10 days to get $8 I was told I exceeded my allowed 30 days !!!! BS. That is the last time I will shop at DG

Posted by Dissatisfied Customer

I went back the same day and still didn't get an exchange, or return.

Posted by Dissatisfied customer.

I bought several items at different times that I was not happy with,this last time I bought a $1.00 DVD movie that didn't play they wouldn't give me my money back or exchange it, so I had to buy another one of same movie, it doesn't work either. I am so discussed I could scream. And now I have two of the same movie and neither of them work oh yeah plus tax. I have very limited income 1 or 2 dollars make a difference to me. so it i buy a dollar movie because that's all i can afford i want the movie to work and if it doesn't work i'd like my money back o to be able to exchange for something else at least.

Posted by peanuts

30 days for a refund is not enough. I'm a busy mom of 5 little boys & before I know the 30 days have passed. Why do I need to do a return? Several times I have purchased items that were either suppose to be on sale, clearance or even the price on the shelf & half the time price is not what is advertised. I DREAD HAVING TO GO BACK IN THE STORE & DEAL WITH THE SITUATION SO I WAIT! Then 30 days & more of my money down the drain!

Posted by Ticked

dollor general.i bought one of those piece of s..t fans from them, and it didn't come with a knob. And within the 30 day grace period the fan blade broke of and it started raddling and s..t So i took it back in the original packaging and she tell me it cant be exchanged because it got dust on it. It supposed to have dust on it its been used. Thanks alot d g thats 20 dollors down drain. Nomore buisness from me...

Posted by whitebird66

I bought some things at a store 45 minutes away from my house, because i happened to be working in the area. Some of the items were supposed to be 50% off and some 70%. When I got home, I realized they took 50% off everything. I went to the Dollar General closest to me, and was told I had to take it back to the original store, or they would have more money in their store than he would.

Posted by Upset in Pittsburgh

I recently purchased a electronic grooming kit for my husband for father's day from our children. My mother in law bought him one also. That one happened to be the exact one he wanted. So I tried to return the one purchased from DG. I was told they wouldn't allow me to return it because it was an electronic. The package was unopened and had the receipt. The cashier could NOT explain why I couldn't return it she just caused a big scene in front of other customers. I left very upset and ended up stopping at another DG. They refunded my item without any issues.

Posted by Whoha

In the month of June I purchased a green mini hose from the Dollar General in West Bend Wisconsin. I had a sprayer attached to it and the water was left on overnight and for some reason the hose swelled where the water comes out and ripped a hole in it. The next day I went in grabbed the identical hose and tried to exchange it and the man who was Manning the desk Ken would not let me exchange it even up even though it was a faulty product. I still wanted the same hoes so I was forced to purchase yet another one and behold my daughter left the water on and the exact same thing happened to II hose. This time I kept my receipt. a few days later I came in to take it back with my receipt and the same associate Ken would not let me return it with a valid receipt. Not only that this man was yelling at me in front of other customers and arguing with me and went as far to tell me that he went back and looked at the cameras and accused me of bringing in the 1st hose even though they were completely identical and there would have been no way to tell the difference. I will be contacting their corporate office.

Posted by Toni Kastanos

I bought a rolling utility cart at a Dollar General Store over 45mins away from my home. When I open the box the contents inside was water damaged warped and had mold growing on it. I've tried returning it to three different stores and none of them will take it saying they don't sell it and what not I need some help

Posted by Anonymous

I needed to return some coffee mugs that our church had purchased for Mother's Day. We did not use all that I had purchased. They were $1 each. I had the receipt but the girl in charge, Rachael,said it didn't matter if I had the receipt or not that some of the mugs I had purchased were now on sale for $.60. I can understand if I had not had my receipt that I would only be entitled to the sale price. Rachael was rude & she said that's the way Wal-Mart does it too. We'll guess what? No they don't because I went there & asked! I will be calling the Dollar General Corporate office. The $ amount is really not the problem. It's the principal of the matter.

Posted by Patti

Yse. I shop with coupons! Shoot me now. DG employees are so uneducated on thier store promotions and coupon policy. I asked the manager for a copy of the coupon policy or if therebwas one in the store. His response its like every other store. Well my other stores allow me to use a mfq with a store promotion. So today i purchased 2 dove items costing $10. Store promoted $2 off $8 and i had 2 mfq for $2/1. I asked did all come off bc my total was $9.30. I was told yes she processed my payment. As i stood there looking over my receipt she got fustratrd. I did not hold up the line. O moved to the side. Needless to say the assistant manager tried to spit bs in front of customers. So i walked away got myself together and waited for the store to clear out. I knew she would never underatand my point so i askes for a refund and my mfq back. Ahe refused. This is after the manager told me that coupons were cash payment to the store by the manufacturer. Well of couse they are. She thinks i am giving her the product back and leaving my $4 mfq/ cash behind. Nope that ia fraud on dollar generals part. They are getting the merchandise, coupon. Handling fee then reselling the product. DG you have gotton over on mamy with this scam but not me. I will be returning close to $300 worth of product tomorrow amd contacting the right people to start a full investigation on your immoral amd fraudulent way of business. All of this would not even be an issue had your employees knew how to do thier job and treated me with respect. All it would have taken was them to say these can not be combined and i would have still enjoyed my $4 saving! Good luck with the future of this company. Family Dollar will now reap the benifts of my joy of shopping alomg side of CVS and Target.

Posted by tgal

I worked for a dollar general, there return policy is very particular, if the item or items you are refunding total out to more than 10.00 you will have to show them an I'd, and provide a phone number. Basically its to prove that there was an actual customer doing the refund and the employee wasn't doing fake refunds and taking the cash, cause dollar general thinks all of its employees are thieves. So you can't blame the employee for doing what they are told.

Posted by peajay

Please if you ever visit Mobile AL, do not go too the Dollar General Store because the Manger Mrs. Ashley is a very rude person.... Not only was she disrespectful too me but a female came in after me and we were talking and she did not notice the tide was $19.99. Mrs. Ashley said you would have notice the price if you would not have been chatting with her....just nasty. Do not go there...

Posted by The Best_????????????????

I had a friend get me cat food from dollar general, but it was the wrong kind. Can I return it to any other store. Dollar general closes at 9.

Posted by Anonymous

I made a purchase at 4444 Bee Ridge Rd. Sarasota, Florida store today 1:10 pm. I returned 2 of the items because they did not fit the purpose, and I handed the receipt to the sales clerk; It was 5:18 pm. I asked the cashier to credit the same credit card I purchased the items with. I did not want cash! After holding the line for no reason, the Manager asked me for my license and phone number.I said I did not want cash back, just to credit the card back. I also said that I did not have a phone number, so she answered that she could not take the merchandise back unless I gave her a phone number. Please do something about such nonsense. This is going to cause me not go back to that store again. It was absolutely nonsense from a manager from one of your stores. I had to give her my son's number. Then she handed back cash to me for the return. I did not want cash.....I feel these managers need to be better trained to properly represent any of your stores.

Posted by jaxgomo

I purchased a car charger at the dollar general in santa rosa, ca and after reading the return policy i will never shop there again. I had purchased the charger and it did not work in my car so the next day i went to return it...THE NEXT DAY! The packaged obviously had been opened i had my receipt and i was told that because it was opened i couldn't return it.. That came from the idiot manger. I new walking in there i was going to have an issue because i always have issues at this store, but after reading that it was my right to return n get a refund i am livid. I used to shop there all the time, but never again.

Posted by Cola

I purchased a pool from the dollar general in Wyalusing pa can I return it for store credit since I don't have the receipt

Posted by Arch

After digging around. Looking through comments. Looking through policy I will clear up a few things. When it comes to cigarettes DG's policy is that under no circumstances can a tobacco product be refunded or exchanged. When it comes to CDs, DVDs, etc. if opened they can only be exchanged for the same title. coupons that are for a "free" item, not buy one get one free, are not accepted. Heater exchange policies can usually be found in store and goes as follows: Opened heaters with the original receipt may be exchanged for the same model heater only. Unopened heaters with the original receipt may be exchanged or refunded. Heaters (opened or unopened) without receipt may not be returned or exchanged.

I know that the Dollar General near my house attempts to provide the best service that they can and attempt to have all policies that they can posted. I still witness some people not paying attention to the posted policies and get upset when they can't get their way. I have also noticed some rude employees over the course of this store being open but have since gotten better.

Posted by Annoying

Quit asking do you want your receipt when I check out every time !! It is annoying !! No other store ask that . What do you do with receipts ? Poor management . Bet you want your receipt when you go to a store. Check out get receipt thank you come again ! How hard is that !! Find myself going to your store less and less because of that !

Posted by furious consumer that hekps pay

Store #15474 S, MS
Store Manager is the most unprofessional!!
She does not value the customer at all.
I requested a refund from a cashier, receipt and all items in same as purchased condition.
I was told she could not do the return.(no where is a policy)stated or posted at the register or on any receipts. So how should one know??? The cashier(very sweet gal) asked another associate how to handle it, she said I'll go ask. She returned saying to the cashier, after being asked is she coming to do it? No, I just get to be the messenger. Where's that sheet?
I was adamant to not accept her message,knowing someone could(& if a customer is upset a good manager should)help me. I work in retail, in a Department store as a manager. You do what's right for your customer...without upsetting them first! Why escalate it? I truly believe The SM,(and it's sad she even holds that title)should care more not to mention her demeanor and appearance was awful. When she finally came out I was already furious and not willing to be nice or accept her answers. I got my refund...but I had to demand it...not acceptable! She was very offput and told the cashier to do it but never spoke to me or offered any apologies after or up to that point! I will NEVER SHOP IN THAT LOCATION AGAIN! And as I have often overheard her ranting on about other customers as well which is 75% of why I finally decided to voice my opinion! She was obviously annoyed with my presence as I was shopping in an area she was trying to restock at another visit time. I am FED UP, with being mistreated, held to accept lower standards and no value...not even a Thank You! Have a nice day is not a gesture of gratitude! please train your people to hold higher standards. Do what's right for the customer the first time!

Posted by Anonymous

I need to return items to my local dollar store they still have tags on them i just dnt have receipt! is that possible??

Posted by Anonymous

I bought 2 packs of cigarettes at DG. I got regular instead of menthol. I went back a couple days later to exchange them and was told it was against the law to exchange cigarettes once they left the store. I wanted the same brand, but menthol. Is this true??!!

Posted by Anonymous

I hate to complain about stores, fast food joints, and Just rude people that have worse customer service you could imagine. I bought my 11 year old really cute $8 pair of ballrina shoes for Chrimstas in November. We did not do Christmas until 12-28. The original ticket with even the size and price tags attached as well as the shoes still connected with the zip tie. Clearly noticeable they never been worn but was to small. But since it's been after 30 days no refund. So perfect pair of shoes that could go to someone that needs them, to my little girl that doesn't have any new Christmas shoes;(
From a little town in Missouri.

Posted by miki stooksbury johnson

I bought two prelight 4foot Christmas trees for my front porch on 12/23/2016 when i got home and opened one its was a piece of junk so we repackaged it just as it was and on 12/26/2016 my husband returned the for a credit he was told that since it was a seasonal item they could only give him half price so in short after talking to a very rude manager we gave 25.00 ea for the trees for a total of 50.00 and with the orignial receipt we only got a 25.00 refund i will not be doing business with our gibbs community dollar store any longer

Posted by Anonymous

Who ever the mgr working Christmas Eve. Was rude told me I couldn't return my non activated cell phone bought the night I called back n that makes the time elapse on any electronic s harder for a refund..she told me she didn't care what I wanted

Posted by Disrespected

Re: DGS at 1755 US-302, Berlin, Vermont 05602

Purchased a $30 heater on Saturday, Dec 17th around 4pm.

On Sunday I tried it out and it shut down after a few minutes.

I carefully repackaged the item and tried to return it on Monday December 19th.

The clerk said store policy is no returns for items once opened opened.

I informed s of clerk that I wasn't moving until I got a return credit on my debit card. She called her boss and eventually when I spoke with her boss she said she was going to call the cops if I didn't get out of the way of the other customers.

No mention was made by heart of the clerk or by the manager on the phone about an exchange for a similar item. Since the one I bought didn't work right away I certainly did not want to buy another by the same manufacturer. I would have accepted a store credit but it was never offered to me.

The person on the phone, who refused to give me her name, would only say "my name is 'the manager'".

The manager said she would be in the next day and I was welcome to come in to see her but that she wasn't giving me any kind of a refund or exchange or credit. when I asked what time she would be in, she said she did not give out her schedule. When I asked whether we might be in the morning or in the afternoon she repeated she did not give out her schedule.

Throughout the call she continually threatened to call the police. I replied that I'd be calling them first. Because the other customers waiting behind me in line had been held up for so long I eventually just gave up and left the store. I've never been treated so rudely in my life in a retail situation.

I feel I should mention also that having looked at your website and read what you have posted, about your return policy, there's nothing in there about opened or unopened or certain items like heaters... You should post your full policy.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a Dollar General employee for almost 3yrs now. I am a manager and often process returns.
I would like to apologize to all of you that have experienced poor customer service. Most of these complaints are inexcusable.
I can tell you that Dollar General values your business and suggest that if you have have problems with your local DG- you should complete the survey on the bottom of your receipt. Dollar General values your opinion. If there is a problem that needs to be fixed, the surveys for that store will bring it to attention. Surveys are analyzed monthly for every store.
I admit that have also disappointed a few customers, but not for rudeness. I enjoy my stores customers in Mabank, Texas and look forward to seeing them again.

Posted by Anonymous

Dollar Geneneral in Crest Hill, IL tried to tell me they don't do frefunds only give you credit of the same value of your purchase. That's their policy.
They lied.
I will not at this site any more....
I read there return policy in the store and on their website. They lied.

Posted by Anonymous

The exchange policy is horrible. I tried to exchange curtains that were unopened in original package but was told that you can't even exchange without a receipt. I purchased the wrong color for my daughter but now I am stuck with them. Rip off for sure!! I'll spend my money elsewhere! I've shopped at the same store for a couple of years now because it is close to my house but not anymore!!

Posted by Penny

I purchased some Halloween items at 70% off after Halloween. After purchase, I decided I had purchased too many of some items and, within 30 days of purchase, with original receipt in hand and items completely unopened, I attempted to return the items and was told that I could get only a ONE CENT refund per item. This was in Pelham, Alabama and the two cashiers ARGUED with me regarding this. I will NEVER shop at Dollar General again and will recommend that all my friends and family do the same.

Posted by HonestAbe

There is no excuse for the kind of junk policies Dollar General maintains for returns, customer satisfaction, employee working conditions and the scam of the stores they are. The packages are smaller and you really are buying crap and end up often paying more for name brand products. The company walks on the backs of their employees and the customers that support them. This is one of the greatest scams to hit the retail market of all time and people have fallen for it. Obviously this site was made because Dollar General has nothing in the way of a true complaint department or a Contact Us. A google search will take you to the 'return policy' but a search on their site gives you nothing when using a search term as 'return policy' Its a disgusting corporation that offers nothing but to take your money and your life. No I was never employed by them.

Posted by Anonymous

I just returned from one of your stores in Pendleton ky so upset over a cheap ten dollar belt that I had purchased a week and two days prior for a trip to Alabama the very next at the motel room I took the belt off when the buckle pen broke had two run out to the dollar store in Alabama purchased a new one thinking I could return the broke one when I returned back home boy was I wrong this the cheapest policy I ever heard of this nine dollar belt cost you s year worth of business plus shatter good friendships we have often took dinner to your employees I could understand if I were asking for cash but this was just good ole fashion honoring your product with a we're sorry here's your belt I guess asking to much

Posted by Family dollar

I have a question..I went to the family dollar today purchased around 40 dollar's worth of items. I had a 5 dollar coupon and forgot to give the lady my coupon because of course she was so fast I accidentally forgot to reach it to her. I asked could I get a refund and I could repurchased the items and she said no way.I'm not doing that.. Is this allowed to not get a refund. I have never heard of this.

Posted by kmwallacern

I think it is ridiculous that you cannot return unopened items, unused items without receipt for EXCHANGES. I received a shelf that was purchased as a gift. It turned out not to be what I needed. I had intended to exchange for another item that I wanted and was told that I could not exchange it without a receipt. I could see if I was asking for a refund. I understand needing a receipt for a refund. However, to be denied an exchange is beyond ridiculous!

Posted by Tired of Rude Workers

On 8/21/16, I took my 15 yr. old son to the Dollar General, store # 00475, at 4098 Lankford Hwy. Exmore, VA 23350 to return a perm that was opened, however, it was never used due to it being the wrong one. Well, an elderly white women, I assumed that she was the store manager, asked him "well didn't you know that it was the wrong one when you bought it?" Although his money was refunded, he told me about the incident ( I was in the back of the store during this transaction), and I asked the women regarding how she spoke to him. She stated that she did and it was because she wasn't there when he bought it and didn't know who he had bought it for. I explained to her that I did not like the way that she spoke to him, nor should she have asked him that question. She in turn tried to go back and forth with me, and I explained to her that he was well within his rights to return it, at my request, due that it was the wrong item. She kept speaking loudly as I was walking out of the store, and I told her that I was done speaking with her, and had nothing more to say.

Your store manger, asst' manager, or whoever she was, was rude, however, she did not speak with the white gentlemen and his child the way that she spoke with my son. I believe that she owes both of us and apology and needs to learn customer service skills and proper etiquette when speaking with consumers..

Posted by Anonymous

What is the point of leaving a comment for Dollar General they still have not done anything about their employees being rude to customers there's so many complaints on here that is ridiculous and nothing's been done yet I am a retired vet I was treated like crap by an employee talk to Julie and was cussed at buy Dollar General employee why is it company is still around I don't know any other business owner would have fired people seeing the reviews like this on their website something needs to happen in the state of Oklahoma a business have to legally put up guidelines on regarding policies and returns in this case every Dollar General that I've been to in Oklahoma City area has none of this they claim this but have no notations nothing's put up on counters nothing's put up on Windows of letting the customer know the guidelines for a company that is poorly reviewed they're going to keep doing the same thing until action is taken to the CEOs and vice presidents you are losing great customers two ignorant employers that feel like they can treat people like crap how much longer us accompany you as a corporation is going to allow this until you close yourself down until you lose every customer's that keeps you in business Without the consumer and the customer y'all would never exist this is the reality

Posted by one_less4life

We'll here I hought I was the only one. I would wite a long comment but after reading other peoples looks like dollar generals got big problems on how to treat customers looks like your loosing alot of good customers not detering on behalf of me and the good customers ahead of me You General Dollar Store !dont say in policy your going to refund wothout reciept and then deppending on what the manager feels like saying at the time.You loose yet another great customer i hope the hole lot of your stores disapear into dust where ya all came frome you are the thieves. Ive actually been treated better by thieves yall are something eles entierly a big pile. I could have been alot more respectful not called your stores and management cancerous plague on socoiety but thats how i got treated by your managment.look there mabey i did have alot to say .

Posted by Anonymous

What if the item don't have the recipt but it has s lifetime watrenty

Posted by Grabincindy654

You know its amazing how these employees are so rude .you know your stores are so cramed up cant hardly make it down the isles. You have a bunch of idiots runing your is a perfect example, not Only are your employees running your stores you call em.but the cooperate owners are idiots I recently learned of thumbprint shopper list dollar general has.and the only reason theirs this list is because theb idiots runingv your stores aren't doing their jobs pulling the some list is given to the public so nothingb is done to the idiots you have not doing their job .and so customers are given a list to basically give the customer free stuff to do the job your idiots aren't doing.makes no since to me how you ignorant people are able to keep putting stores in everywhere .my only thoughts are you yourselves must be doing illegal activities yourself to continue to still remain in business.

Posted by Pookie

Middle valley TN. Store hS been great lived a block away for 10 ueats shop there for all cleaning supplies and other cute things that they get seasonal. They have always been really nice In the tryn years i have made one return to this store location no problem occurred tonight i went in to a woman i have never seen with some items maybe 35 dollars worth I had not ask for a receipt witch you have to do at this store or they toss in the garbage. Like i said ten yeara one return the items were not opened just decided to go a different way with a small gift basket. I was not only turned away but very rudely making me feel like she thought i had stolen it i found ir very hurtful.The casher who i know has been there a few months and knows me from being in yhe store so often aka ayleaat 3 or 4 times a week her knowing this and that she has never Een me return anything her moith even dropped open. I almost started to cry the peole standing in line had heard this knowing most likely they had heard this i was embarrassed and my freling very hurt. I went on to start to explain to her and she cut me off saying store policy smiked and walked away. I really hope someone reads this and knows you lost a great custumer over instore credit of around 4o dollars of unopen returns.. rudeness is disrespectful and i called ahead just two locations on same road and I must have called the other one said it wasno problem comein woul do instore credit i am still upset this was about 3 hours ago.

Posted by fed up shopper

so doen with dollar general as a store, the policies seem to differe fromperson to person to store to store, very poorly run here in north carolina. had a receipt and the merchandies in original packing, wished to return and denied, said it was used, tried it and broke, but now stuck with it, thansk for nothing follar general. will tell all my friends to boycott your stores here in north carolina as well as across the united states, word of bad spreads like wildfire.....

Posted by Curleybyrd .

I just left Dollar General at Indian School and 107th Ave in Phoenix, AZ. I misplaced the receipt for a purchase that I wanted to return. I looked up Dollar General's policy on returns without a receipt. The first time I went into the store a young lady told me that she was a supervisor and could not do a return, only the manager could. However, at the time, there was no manager in the store. So, I had to make another trip to Dollar General. This time, the manager, Danny, informed me that Dollar General did not do returns without a receipt. I told him that was not what the Dollar General policy said online. He said that it didn't matter what it said online, their store's policy was no return...Needless to say, after 2 trips, and 2 "made on the spot policies", I am more than frustrated. I am going to complain about this treatment until I get satisfactory answers. I feel that there was some type of agenda behind these policies. I have talked to several friends who have returned withot a receipt. I am ectrmely disappointed in one of my favorite stores.

Posted by unknown

Dollar general in my area needs to quit doing returns without a receipt. There is to much stealing and returning items.

Posted by Anonymous

BE CAREFUL WHEN PURCHASING GIFT CARDS, PREPAID VISA CARDS, OR PREPAID PHONE CARDS!! They cannot return your money to you if you purchase the wrong one, you have to call the company for which this card comes from (verizon, paypal, etc) to receive a refund from those cards. To answer the person who paid with paypal... I'm fairly certain that as long as you had your receipt you could just get actual cash back, it doesn't have to be returned to your paypal if they didn't know how to do it. --- Ex Employee ---

Posted by Anonymous

Honestly, in most situations, if the manager on duty is skeptical it's not even truly your fault, but the fault of all those customers preceding you who have continuously stolen and tried to return certain items. Customer service may approve a return, but it's easier to speak with a district manager vs. the customer service hotline as the district manager will give permission under the right circumstances, where any store has the right to reject a return under any suspicion of theft. There are policies which do not allow them to accept food returns that are not covered by the DG guarantee (clover valley and smart & simple products), and opened heaters or fans, or opened high expense electronics (including cellphones), instead they insist you call the manufacturer for a refund or replacement. --- Ex employee ---

Posted by Anonymous

I went into my nearest olive branch store to return a charger for a I phone and a tablet charger. my paper was still wrap on both items. I ask the cashier could I switch the two out because they where not the right one.She said not without a receipt.I explain to her that I did not want a refund just to swipe the items out.I ended up having to purchase two of the same items so when I talk to a costumer representative.I was told to take the charger's back to any dollar general when I did that dollar general would not take I called back once I made it to the first dollar general that I had went to. I walked in she said I already know you was coming in I heard about the story last night and I also was called by the other dollar general that you had left. she was so rude and ask for both charger's. coming back out saying she do not no why I was exchanging it cause it work find on her phone I hadn't said one thing rude to her I was on the phone with the representative why she was carrying on.They district manager called her and told her that she could refund me it wasn't a problem it was so sad to have been done this way I soon notices that a police was standing there that I saw arrived shortly why I was in the store.I ask him would he like to go ahead since I was waiting not knowing they had called him cause I was coming back to do the exchange like I was told. it.I never once got smart I did not raise my voices to her to waist the police time on some nonsense stuff.I was not rude at all she said she need my license When I went to my car to get them I could hear her carry on with another costumer in the line about what was going on I went on and got my refund with a smile and said have a nice day it's sad the trouble a person have to go through on a return with them. as many people that comes in and out buying items I was shock how they act.I learned a lesson today some people have jobs just to say they have one they do not take a look at how they would wanted to be treated if the shoes was on the other feet.

Posted by Employee

Ladies and gentlemen. Im an assistant manager for the dollar general corporation. We CANNOT do returns or exchanges on any tobacco product or alcohol product no matier when it was purchased. If returning an item or items totaling $10 or more we do have to ask for an I.D and phone number otherwise we can't continue with the return or exchange. Seasonal items: if we no longer sell them, we can't take them back, (So I was told). No receipt: money goes on a gift card at the ring up price no matter what you originally paid for. If you have any other questions or concerns contact dollar general corporation (customer service)

Posted by #teamrefundwarrior

Wichita Falls, Tx Dollar General Stores (all of them)
Store # 06618
3146 5th st.
I had made a purchase for 2 gift items total $64.00 using the very popular method option PayPal, that each store accepts. I had to return of the items due to the fact my mom had already unknowingly purchased a gift, there was no need for mine. Upon returning the items the cashier was clueless on how to refund my money. She called her immediate supervisor nearby to assist with the transaction. This person was also clueless on jow to refund my money to. She in turn called her supervisor via phone and asked for assistance with the refund. This manager surprisingly had no clue eithet of how to resolve the issue!!!! At this point im late to the my sisters b/day party and im very irritated that no one had any idea of how to refund my cash. The manager on the phone and the one in front of me said they could not refund my money I was simply out of luck!! I am very dissapointed about the lack of resolution skills these workers have! Paypal should not be a purchasing option if there is no clear refund policy. And if there is one, it needs to be posted on every register that accepts this method of payment as well as instructions to each employee on how to handle this particular issue!! So I leave very upset and dumbfounded. I call the customer support number plastered everywhere, thinking maybe I will get some resolve or clarity, and what happens next amazed me. Not even the customer service rep. had information on how this should of been handled. His only option was to have the District Manager call me back within 24 hrs because she would have the final say on how I get my refund. Really??!!?? Im livid at this point! It is sad that employees at every level are not properly trained to handle such refund resolution methods!!!!!!
Dollar General you havent heard the end of me, I will see to it that this spreads like wildfire, throughout each and every media outlet known to man as well as every website dedicated to store ratings and their complaints. Even the Better Business Bureus state wide will be notified till someone their at Corporate Offices gets of their rears and makes some changes!! You will know who I am when Im done running this multi-million dollar store chain through the mud, you can definitely count on that!

Posted by peggy

I shop at the DG store number 10650, every day there is something wrong with their machines. No joke !!!! Every single day. I know it's not the cashiers problem, but something needs done about this problem!!! What should only take a few minutes to check out takes 15 min or more come on DG corporate fix the problem!!!

Posted by Me

SHIRE NORTON, employees like you are the reason people have so many complaints about the store. A good employee would put the receipt either in the bag, or in the customers hand. When ever I go into a DG, they ask me if I want mine or not. Your comment about people being "too lazy or too stupid" is absolutely ridiculous. You're rude, which is probably one of the reasons you work at DG. Keyholder? Don't make me laugh. That's another name for employee that they trust to open or close the store, NOT manager. Which makes sense, because no manager would ever insult their customers like that. No real manager, anyway. Besides, if the receipt was torn in half, then there is a way to "dig through the trash and find it". It wasn't shredded. It wasn't dissolved in acid. It wasn't tossed into a firey pit, never to been seen again. It was simply torn in half and put into the trash. If the employee is too lazy, and too stupid to figure out that the receipt didn't disappear, then they need to be briefed on customer satisfaction and common sense....That is all. �

Posted by Anonymous

I just left dollar general on alabama street in carrollton. Georgia only to realize no receipt and did not get my toilet paper. Which was the 12 back charmin. I went immediately back same people there closing up they said where is your receipt I said you did not give it to me. And then she preceded to tell me you said you did nit want the toilet paper. Well I just added my purchases and they charged me for it. So I feel like I just got cheated I shop there two to three times a week. Never going back had to go to Walmart and purchase toilet paper again.

Posted by Shire Norton

I work at DG as a keyholder, we are not responsible for your receipts, if you do not insist on us giving you one, when we ask, and just walk out, we tear them in half, which is policy. There is no possible way to "dig thru our trash" to find it. If you are too lazy or too stupid to get your receipt, that is your own fault, not ours. As far as returning an item, FIND OUT for yourself what the return policy is BEFORE you purchase the item. Be sure you get your receipt and don't lose it, you have 30 days to return items. You are not the only DG customer, it is not personal. We are under no obligation to recite our return policy on every single item to every single customer. It is posted on a sign near the register, learn to read. We are not responsible for you being irresponsible.

Posted by Anonymous

I have worked at DG for 3yrs and have never been told that we don't do returns on food. That's just bad managers which DG has a LOT of.

Posted by Done with dollar general

I would like to know why some dollar general employees are to lazy to hand you your receipt. Give me an attitude about returning an item without a receipt when your employee is to lazy to give you one, go dig through your trash lazy and give me my money.

Posted by Anonymous

i bought a tracphone which was a piece of junk. I returned said phone and got a refund but could not get a refund for the $20 phone card.I am elderly and disabled and cannot afford to be bilked by you or your cohorts in crime. I don't believe I shall ever shop at your store again.

Posted by Purple Towel

Mother had given me towels purchased at DG in Natchitoches as a Christmas gift when I washed them they came apart. The manager at DG on Stockwell Road was very understanding and said she would not be able to give me a refund but would be able to exchange for other household items. I appreciate her and would like to say after reading other comments I disagree. I feel completely taken care of as a customer.


Dollar general is full of it. I ran a store for a year. THE POLICY IS AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN THIS...any item purchased can be returned. With or without receipt. As Dg employees they are not allowed to ever refuse a return or exchange. Scan the item, if it rings up then its dgs. As long as I worked there corporate told us you could buy an item in Florida and return it to another Dg in Oregon if you wanted to. Don't let any of these store managers or employees tell you they can't do a refund. The only reason they say that is buy and item from x store and bring it to my store for a return. X store made 49.99 on it that they keep. My store made 0 on it but has to return -49.99 that we never earned. It hurts daily and weekly sales. THAT IS THE ONLY REASON THEY TELL YOU NO. Don't let them tell you know call the DM or corp number before you leave and they will get a call from the DM right then and there and bebtold to let it happen.

Posted by Gbaby

Went to dollar general today and on my way out of the store i checked my receipt and i was charged for something i didn't even buy. So i turned around walked back in the store and confronted the casheir and he said " i can't refund you if you don't have the item with you". I explained that i never bought the item and to look in my bag. He said " well i don't know what this item is but if you can find it in the store then you can take it". Obviously i didn't find. The name of the item was "die cut lic atc". It doesn't even sound like anthing.

Posted by Unhappy customer

Ok so I just bought some corn oil and thought it was canola oil. I notice after I bought it and took it right back in the store to exchange for the correct oil. They gave me some excuse about no food exchange policy but couldn't show me where it says it. I will be contacting the corporate office Monday morning bright and early.

Posted by rt

I bought 4 items at Greer Sc location. My mother bought the 4 same items. I call Greer Sc store and they said you could return to any dg. I went to Duncan SC store which is 1 mile from my home. Manager refused to do a return. I have my receipt. He said the order was too large. Hello it is toys for a present. I USE to shop there every week. SORRY dg you just lost a customer. I could see if I did not have a receipt.

Posted by Anonymous

I work at DG. As far as I have known, if you do not have a receipt but we know it is our item we can do a return and give a gift card with the balance. There are laws in place that do not allow us to do refunds on food products. Cigarettes, cell phones, and phone cards cannot be returned. Not sure why in cigs just know we are not allowed and phones and cards have to be activated so cannot be returned after activation. Also, the clover valley 100% satisfaction guarantee provides a number for any dissatisfaction, this is not a DG guarantee but the product's. We try to be as friendly and understanding as possible and can understand frustration, but we are limited by the policies and procedures in place and cannot make everyone happy all the time.


I undestand the whole receipt refund stuff but the fact that you people don't have the system to look up a receipt with our card is ridiculous. Home depot has it for the simple fact that receipts get lost. And your items aren't that great of a quality either because I bought an air matress and two weeks later I wake up on the floor because the side of one of the circles detached and I'm a small skinny person. I wasted $40 on this crap and now I can't get my money back because I can't find the receipt and you people don't have an upgraded system apparently.

Posted by Cindy3929

I have been a customer of Dollar General for well over 15 years because I could get the same exact products for a lot less than anywhere else and loved, loved, loved the $5.00 coupon on Ssturdays. However, I have noticed a spiraling downhill assortment and variety and quality in products. My local Dollar General, in Oklahoma, has very recently closed for 4 days to "remodel." My family and neighbors all agree that the new layout lacks organization and the selection and quality are inferior and the prices are no better than competitors such as Walmart. I was completely dismayed about 2 weeks ago when I could only use the Saturday coupon for DG paper products only. I prefer name brand on a number of items because of the better quality. I have also noticed there are not as many brand named items as there used to be. I've become highly disappointed in DG as a whole and plan to do my shopping elsewhere.

Cindy Cathers

Posted by Mrs. Pissed

I am totally pissed and I hope that someone of importance will read and has been reading the other comments that have been posted. I have cases and several packages of Huggies and Luvs pampers that were given to me as a baby shower gift so quite naturally I don't have a receipt. I only wanted to exchange the pampers for a larger size. The manager said that she could not help me. It would be different if I wanted money but I simply wanted an exchange. So now I'm stuck with pampers that I can't use and some nice people wasted their money buying items from the dollar store. I work 40 hours a week. Times are hard and returning pampers and not having to purchase them with my own money was very important to me since I can't really afford them plus all of my other bills. Whoever created this return policy you wouldnt want this to happen to you.

Posted by SoThirsty

I bought a brita filter that was cracked when I opened it. I was never offered a receipt, and was not able to exchange it. Luckily, in my small town, there is another store that I have the option of shopping at. I will buy a new filter online and shop at the other store from now on. To you, Dollar General, I say, "Gurl bye."

Posted by Anonymous

Someone bought my son a pair of ninja turtle slippers from dollar general that he absolutely LOVES. problem is, they're too small. I took then in the store to exchange them for a bigger size and got a no!! How ridiculous. I don't want money, I want the same exact item in a larger size. This return policy is awful.

Posted by Ex-Exployee that will never retu

I would like to know what idiot came up with your store policies?! No refund without a receipt is ridiculous.

I worked as a Lead Sales Associate in your stores & I can tell you from first-hand experience that you won't stop theft like that. In fact, you're contributing to your own companies loss the way it is setup now.

If you would take the time to update your register/computer systems to something within this decade you may be able to keep a digital record of purchases much like your competitors. Family Dollar is just an all around better company. #SorryNotSorry

Posted by Monica35

I think that you need to update your return policy because anything can happen to a receipt from the time you leave the store and by the time you get home. Yes, the customer has a responsibility but at the same time, you should have something in place to ensure that if that happens, then you can have a way to make your customers happy! My brother brought a $1 crossword puzzle and came home and it was the wrong book. He lost his receipt, so my sister took it back to the store within 10 mins and wanted to switch it to the word search. She said that they wouldn't take it back because of no receipt and she also stated that she remembered my brother coming in. So my suggestion is even though they didn't have a receipt, they should've been able to switch it out because we weren't asking for a refund and you (business ) isn't losing any money! Plus it was the same type of item and not trading for something different! If you don't make a change to accommodate your customers, you will lose them!

Posted by thingsthatyougohummmm

I purchased a water gun from the Mansfield, Tx Dollar General only to discover my spouse found a less expensive one at another store. I returned the unused item I purchased to the neighborhood Burleson, Tx location on Wilshire blvd with the original receipt. The first clerk had to search for another associate to perform the return who asked for my drivers license and my phone number. I have worked in retail for over 20 years and never experienced such a ridiculous return policy. The associate who performed the return was not rude but I felt uncomfortable about the experience. If you look at their receipt, it does not state the return policy, why is that. I guess so the local managers can make up their own policy and hassle people who make a legitimate return. I later found their return policy online which did not include asking for a drivers license, how convenient. Dollar General just lost another customer, keep up the good work.

Posted by Anonymous

I really hate Dollar General but my daughter insists because it is so convenient. Bottom don't get what you overpay for. I hate throwing away hard earned money.

Posted by Justplainmandie

I purchased a $12 box of frozen hamburgers. I opened them up and could smell and see that they were no good.
I took the hamburgers back for exchange and was told that Dollar General does not give refunds or exchanges on food items.
Completely ridiculous!
We spend approximately $400 per month in our local store between groceries and household items. We will now never shop there again.
Was it worth losing $4,800 a year?
I sure hope it was, cause they have.

Posted by Cindy

I purchased a fan at the dollar general store in Burnside Ky which I was unhappy with very little air flow and unsteady. They refuse to take it back said it wasn't in box which I would have had to break it to get it apart. I had the receipt and it was within too weeks I just slow getting it back to store. I will never go back to dollar store again.


I tried to return with the original receipt + the package including all paperwork and such. The store clerk explained that it was a seasonal item and could not be returned for REFUND, and suggested that I purchase another item in seasonal area for exact same price???! the other store clerk, not even ask me or talk with me had a conversation without me and agreed with the first clerk. THey came to the conclusion that no store in the area will not make a refund!
My question is: DO your store personnel have knowledge about the POLICY OF RETURNS? Now my 30 days are up and I am still not SATISFIED with the item nor your store. I've decided NOT to shop at any of your stores, even if there isn't another in town!!!

Posted by donna b

I purchased 2pr of flip flops for my grandchildren who were comin to visit a week later today I tried to return or exchange for bigger size they were still packaged together with tags never worn had reciept but manager Mike at Bryans rd Md store said he couldnt read a number on scan bar so was rude while telling me he wouldnt refund or exchange the items even though they could of been put back in stock he also commented its only 3 dollars not enough to waste his time, I have shopped weekly at this store and this is not the first time mike has been rude he makes jokes out loud referring to people calling him racist es not racist just the rudest person I have ever seen should not be dealing with the public till he takes some public relations classes. I will no longer shop at that store or any other I cannot in good faith contribute to someone like Mikes paycheck.when he is terminated I will return. Thank you for your time.

Posted by cjb

I was told at the store manager here in Montello wi that I couldn't exchange the I. phone charger my sister bought for me the day before because I didn't have the receipt. And that was corporate policy. I won't be encouraging anyone I know to shop there ever again

Posted by cjb

I was told at the store manager here in Montello wi that I couldn't exchange the I. phone charger my sister bought for me the day before because I didn't have the receipt. And that was corporate policy. I won't be encouraging anyone I know to shop there ever again

Posted by rainey

Went to the Dollar Store on East Bay Largo to return 3 sets of curtains from another store that did not match. Had planned to buy stuff there but decided to do the return first. Evening manager wanted to see id even though I had the receipt and the visa that was used to pay it with. She said she needed id to get the info off it for the return. Finally after much arguing I went out and got my id it was from Canada so she couldn't use it in the system. Wanted a Florida address from me and I said you wanted the id you got the id, use it the best way you can I'll give you nothing else (as I didn't want to use my driver's license for this return with all the breaches in security these days). So she ended up putting in a fake address for Florida since I refused to give her one. She said I had to have id when I'm not returning it to the store I bought it at all. If you go to one of the other stores around they don't force you to produce the id if you have the receipt an credit card used for payment. I will nolonger shop at Dollar General as Family Dollar is a better store to deal with.

Posted by Anonymous

The Dollar General in. Greenbrier Arkansas you have to have a receipt Or NO return or refund no store creidt nothing. I has told to go to together store. And see if they can.

Posted by shouldhavesued

AT out local dollar general here in whitney tx. My 16 year old son who has his drivers licenses and a job with his own money often shops for what he wants.he was at our local dollar general store with his girl friend they purchased a few things when they left out the door they were followed out by the manager and he was asked if he has stolen anything that one of the other customers though he had put something in his pocket. He said no he works for his money and he does not steal. She proceeded to search his front and back pockets of course not finding any thing . I should get a lawyer and sue this company for her being a woman and doing an illegal search of my son. And there were several witnesses to what happened.

Posted by tinae

dollar general would not give us a trade in on a pair of head phones because we did no have the receipt . the reason we did not have a receipt is because we had just traded the same ones in for another pair because they were not working either and when we traded we did not receive a receipt for the new ones we traded for .Go figure that the companies fault we had no receipt I would recommend trying all products before leaving the store I would insist on it. Sometimes they don't even give you the receipt . I would not recommend shopping DOllar general stores return policy is not good .

Posted by Anonymous

Well My Experience With Dollar General Is That They Do Not Allow Refunds On A Product That You Are Unsatisfied With Instead They Will Tell You That They Can't Give You A Refund And That There Hands Are Tied And There Is Nothing They Can Do, I Have Been Shopping There Ever Since They Opened That Location And I Will Not Go Back And I Will Encourage My Friends Not To Shop There As Well It's The Store At 9th And Madison In Marshalltown Iowa 50158

Posted by racial issue in Hornell NY

the city that I have been born and raised and it's now like Ferguson. a simple exchange and I can't get gratified and decent customer service but instead I get sprayed in my face and told my exchange cannot be done. yes I was racial profiled and a simple Dollar General Store. all because I wanted to exchange an item. what I told a family member they couldn't help but come here and write a comment an educated young man turned away because of skin color.

Posted by Anonymous

90days for returns the way it should be now. Come on
dollar store

Posted by dissatisfied customer

My wife and I shop at the Dollar General location in Rush City MN. My wife amongst other items, purchases her cigarettes here at a discount. I recently stopped and picked up my wife a pack of cigs. The cashier quoted me the wrong price on the 100's size. I instead had to purchase the smaller size. When I returned home, my wife told me that the price was the same price for the 100's size. I called the store and asked the cashier to double check the price of the 100's. He then told me it was a mistake on his part and bring the cigs back and exchange them. I did less then 10 minutes later, but to my dismay he told me he contacted the ass. manager and she said no returns on the cigarettes. I then told her that I wanted to talk to her superior and she told me to call the next day. I then proceeded to walk out the door and she screamed at me to get out and then she told me I called her a dirty name in which I never did! The employees at this store are total LIARS! I will NEVER shop here again!

Posted by DollarGenStepUp

Your return policy is simply stingy in the simplest term. The fact you only have 30 days is ridiculous, most people need way more time. The return policy for items that HAVE a receipt needs to be extended to 60-90 days like most stores! Thank You, Loyal Customer That Keeps Receipts

Posted by jackie

I shop at the Oak Hill Fl store and i spend on the average of $150.00 to $200.00 dollars a week. I purchase household items as well as food and cigarettes. According to your policy you do exchanges that are made within 30 days with the reciept. I bought some food items and cigarettes the cashier gave me the wrong cigarettes when i tried to return them 3 days later with the reciept they refused to exchange them for the right ones. They told me that if i would have purchased them today then they would do the exchange. And that was Dollar Generals policy. When i read your exchange policy it did not say that i had to do the exchange ghe same day of purchase. Therefore i will no long shop at Dollar General you need to school your employees on just exactly what your policies are they did not get that memo at this Dollar General.

Posted by Titus

well the dollar general that is on mlk in knoxville, tn the manager there is so very rude he didn't even care about what i was even saying about the product i was returning a 2 pack of boxers the size was tooo large for me i am a medium and he was like no returns that was just plain out rude just for me i just wanted to exchange for the right size and he was just rude as hell please do something about it i went there around 9:45 yesterday morning he was out there smoking on his stank cigarettes that was more importantvery i mean very customer service

Posted by Never shopping there again

I was in the Dollar General store in Memphis, Tn. On 1/6/15 @ 4:56pm I was returning a pair of house shoes that simply didn't fit properly because of a defect. The Manager first tried to deny a refund even though I had a receipt stating rudely that "how do I know that you didn't do it?" How absurd to make such a stupid assumption to an obvious defected product which I only had a few days that still looked the same when I bought it! Then SHE didn't want to give me a store credit for the full amount of $6.50, instead only credited me for half that amount. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND A PATHETIC FAT MANAGER! RUNNING THIS LOCATION.

Posted by Erika

I agree with the return policy what i don't agrer with is with the attitude this manager gave me tonight his name was Dave.. I had just been there like not even ten minutes ago from the time i purchased my items i went back and tried returning some things and the cashier was very nice but when he called the manager you can just see in his face he was tired and didn't want to be at his job anymore. I thought the manager is supposed to be nice and have better customer service than regular crew members but no this Dave manager was very rude to me i will never go back there again and will let all my relatives know also...

Posted by MandyC

Totally agree with the previous poster about the grape soda! It is absolutely awful! I opened the can, poured it in the glass, took a sip and choked! To me, it almost had a chemical taste... And after sitting in the glass less than 10 mins there was a purple residue stuck to the bottom of the glass.. Whatever is in the soda settled to the bottom and stuck to the glass. So I wanted to see if it was just he one can or if it'd happen again with another. New glass, new soda... Same issues, chemical taste, purple residue.

Posted by unhappy

I am not happy with your Clover Valley grape soda. It tastes bad the boxes say "New and improved" but there not they taste like you took a cup of kool-aid and a cup of carbonated water mixed the two and forgot flavor or sugar. You say 100percent happy guaranteed and you will never make me that happy that is impossible. Your guarantee has failed I should sue you for false advertisement. Robert Redmond

Posted by James

OK Dollar General It's time to wake up!!!
Looks like you have a problem with Returns,when are you going to fix it? Here is what happen to me... about 2 weeks ago I shopped for Christmas Dec. Well had 3 sets of lights to many so I tried to return them without a receipt... I was first told that I could not return them... That did not go over with me Then was told I needed to trade out for more lights that is not what I wanted to hear.. Then was told could trade out for other merchandise because they don't issue merchandise cards,after over 2 hrs had to go back to see DSM next day to get refund....When are you going to HIRE MANAGERS AND TRAIN THEM TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR CUSTOMERS. don't wait until it's to late....

Posted by Not Pleased

The Dollar General Store in Winder,Ga behind Publix refused to refund my money for three bags of Lay's Dill Pickle Potato Chips that were brought the same morning unopened with a receipt of purchase. The clerk or manager claimed that she could not refund however she would exchange it-on a food item due to hygiene or some other made reason. I want my money back on this purchase. The policy on the website does not say anything about food items not being returned that are unopened or anything else!

Posted by Anonymous

I return a health and beauty product today. I never used the product because it has a horrible smell. I asked the cashier if I could exchange the product for another item. The cashier said yes. I walked off and went to grab the product I wanted to exchange for the health and beauty product. I went back to the cashier, they exchange the product and I left. As I was walking off, my mother said they were talking junk about what I return. Poor customer service. No one at the store should assume why a customer return a product. I did not use the product at all and I was not satisfied with the product. Therefore, I had a right to return the product. I will think twice about going into that store a night again. After all, I never have this issue during the day when the manager is there. She is very nice and always willing to make sure customers are happy with his or her shopping experience at the store.

Posted by shawntae harvey

So I bought the lost boys movie( previously viewed) excited to watch with my kids, and movie did not work. I took movie with receipt back to the store where I purchased, the manager was no where to be found, I had to go back. This time manager recievn the truck, so she could not help me, : had to go back again, what an in convience for a 5 .00 movie, so the last time I go back, manager, the cashier said went to her car to small keep a CIG. Well needless to say the cashier knocked on her car window after 20 mins., she didn't hear the intercom, guess not ur outside! So I tell her bout the movie, said I didn't see any more so I want my money back, asst. Manager Wendi tells me, they didn't sell previously viewed movies, I said, r u new? Becuz yes u do. I got this movie from here, I tell her my third time waiting for her, I am mad, I just want my money back, I will never shop in that store again, so she tells me she can't refund my money, and calls the store manager Anne, who tells the cashier to send me to another dollar general. I said no, give me ur number to customer service, I explain to the person on the phone me, so I need the district manager to approve. Like r u serious? So in 24.hours he pose to call me back!! I am a manager at my job, first off the whole situation was handeled all wrong, one cashier on a sat. Nite. Then manager can't help me due to recievn a truck, where is the desency, I have a receipt. And to be pushed n brushed off is unacceptable!

Posted by Nizzledatruth

I tried to exchange a DVD player, because it was defective and the Video output did not work. Instead i got pushed away and told that it was not within 30 days of the return policy. I was VERY displeased with how the situation was handled, i will not be shopping in the Sherrill location anymore due to the lack of customer service and poor management.

Posted by mad as hell

My husband got this mp3 thing at the one in whitesburg ky it wasn't what

I needed I took it back but she told me that she could not return it

cause it was store policy with out a recipe I no for a fact I lied to me cause

my sister works at a different one my husban was in the bath room I had done went to the car as he was walking out the cashier was talking about me said I probably stole it.... i wanted to go back in but he wouldnt let me i have never stole anything in my life ill never shop there again she was rue and mean shes lucky I didn't kick her ass I mean come on..... but a lot of people i talk to say thats the worst place ever

Posted by MrMega

Getting double-charged for items. My mother had mentioned getting charged twice for an item before. On a trip to renew license, we stopped and both shopped. She bought tow packages of toilet paper and was charged for three packages. This MIGHT have been due to a little girl barging in, wanting a price on a toy.
But, I was rung up next, behind her in line and had bought two 6pks of nutritional drinks. I only made it out to the truck / home with one, but was certainly charged for two.
This is just a little "too" much from one store. You can really make a nice profit if your employees ring up items not purchased and stick items purchased out of sight and just take them home at the end of the day!
My mother says she will be getting my receipt and taking them both back to be corrected... (she lives closer to the store, in another city) but, I sure can't waste $6+ in gas for a $3 refund.

Posted by Anonymous

i was returning a pair headphones that was poorly put together. the manger did let me return or exchange it. i have tried to talk to her about it but she completely ignore me and told me to leave. i am never shopping there again.

Posted by CT

I just attempted to return a hair dryer (never used and in original packaging). I provided the receipt to the cashier/manager who denied the return.

Posted by Bricesterfer

I was really disappointed with how the manger acted towards her employees screaming and yelling at them in front of customers always on the phone and always outside smoking cigs other then that I was really happy with my service the cashier was nice friendly helpful and even double bagged my belongings without me asking and said have a nice day I believe her name was Pam and it was the numine dollar general store only if they could figure out to give the people who really work hard a better position and work them more often

Posted by Harry D

I did shop at the Dollar General in Pearl, Ms. I state I did shop, now I am through with this store. I had a return on an item my s
wife had purchased, never used still in the bag with a receipt. I agree the people they hire do not have a clue on customer service. The woman would not give my receipt back, with an excuse that the store doesn't carry the color of the item. It was white and now they carry black. Like people wouldn't buy because it was white. The woman had a very nasty attitude, like she was pissed off at the world. Now I have an item I don't need. Ask her where the store manager was? She is off, and be back tomarrow, in a very unfriendly tone. Does this company not screen these people. Corperate wake up, and send a company shopper to observe these people.

Posted by Anonymous

I shop at the dollar general store in Sophia WV I always get good service from all of their employees. How many of you who are complaining actually work or have worked in retail. If you don't work then stop complaining those people are out making a living working. And if you have never worked in retail then give it a try then you might see why they have to be firm. you will be surprised what people will try.

Posted by Anonymous

Just went to Montrose Iowa store to return to items . Cashier would not accept them since she does not stock the items at her store location. Two items just purchased at another DG. I WILL RETURN THEM TO THE STORE BUT I WILL NOT RETURN TO DO after this . This was the second time I was at the Montrose Iowa location with rude service what a shame.

Posted by atidwell

last weekend I bought a two-seater lawn chair from Dollar General. The same day I bought it I used it at a concert and the screw came out as well as the piece holding the screw. When I went to return the chair to the Dollar General closest to me, which wasn't the one that I bought it at, the cashier proceeded to tell me that I had to return it to the exact store I got it from because they did not carry the two-seater chairs. In the return policy it specifically states that you can return it to a Dollar General store within the 30 days of purchase. It does not state that you have to return it to the exact dollar store. After the cashier told us that we could not return it, I asked for my money back because the Dollar General I purchased it at was an hour and a half away. They told me I could wait and talk to the manager, who was apparently at the bank.

Posted by TGD

Not 100% happy with Clover Valley Coffee Creamer's 100% Happy Guarantee. I was not happy with the creamer & sales clerk refused to return it, she said it is not there policy to return or exchange any food products.

Posted by jc

I stopped in a dollar general store on 1578 Gallatin pike in madison tn to exchange an umbrella I had purchased a few weeks back. The only reason I purchased it from this particular store is because it was raining and I was in the area. Ithis day I try to use it and when I raise it .the ring went straight up and the umbrella wouldn't open. I was upset because I live nowhere near this store. I go in explain my situation .the clerk is very rude and non helpful. The other worker ther was just as rude and non helpful at first she said since I don't have the receipt I could exchange that was fine then when I get to the register she say her manager ( who isn't available of course) says I need the merchandise to be in the packaging or the tag. I was so upset .I asked to speak with the manager she proceeded to call her but of course no answer so I would have to wait at least 4 days before she would be available. I have shopped at the dollar store for yrs but the way I was treated really makes me rethink shopping at the dollar store. Their employees are very unfriendly and unhelpful.

Posted by Dollarstore#1fan

I work at Dollar General and I can see why this return policy is in place. We have those that come in and steal all kind of products, leave and later return without a receipt just to get money and most store do it for them once but we usually know our customers and we try to please them. If you actually bought the item and HAVE A RECEIPT there should never be a problem getting a refund. No receipt, no refund. Simple as that.

Posted by madd as hell

I went to take back something that was allready used when I took it out of the box l miss placed the receite they told me l would have to get another ine why would l want to take a chance on another one.

Posted by madd as hell

I went to take back something that was allready used when I took it out of the box l miss placed the receite they told me l would have to get another one why would l want to take a chance on another one.

Posted by Anonymous

People want something for nothing. Many people use things and then return them. If you don't want to shop somewhere who cares. Less crowded for the rest of us. I'm glad I quit working for Dollar general because of stupid annoying people like some of these commenters.

Posted by family doller #1 fan

I agree wit all bad comments I've read. Either u have to wait in line for hours or the staff is very rude. A store where I live was begin remolded and I didn't see the sign on the door the manager came around the corner and said to me "we are closed don't you see the sign." I sat in my car for a second an was so furious that I asked one of the contractors to go inside an send her back out to my vehicle. After giving her "the business" I felt much better. Our new family doller store will get all my business!

Posted by Anonymous

Dollar general you have nothing but horrible service and managers that are illiterate !! Don't you think it's time to fix the problem ?? Unless you just simply don't care about your customers .. You just lost another one.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased 6 baskets and never used them. I called the store manager and asked if I could return them since I got them before Easter but did not use them and I have my original reciept. He said yes as long as its within 90 days. So I drove to the store to return them and the cashier went and got him. He then said he was mistaken he can't do a return just a exchange .. I specifically asked him over the phone about the return because I needed money for gas.. He said yes just have your reciept !! So he was very rude and needs to understand the return policy, it's his job as manager.. His name is David from etowah nc store!!

Posted by FURIOUS

I purchased a fan at Dollar General of Sarasota FL. I returned home, opened the box all to find the fan did not work when I plugged it in and the exterior plastic portions of it were broken. I went straight back up to the store 10 minutes later and asked to reutrn the broken fan. The manager, Tammy, was VERY rude to me, and she told me I could not get my money back, that I could only exchange it for another one of these poor quality fans. I did not want another poor quality fan like the broken one I had just purchased. Since then I have called corporate and filed a complaint against Tammy, and have yet to receive a call back. I am furious and I will not be returning to this store or ANY Dollar General for that matter. Do not purchase fans there. They are horrible quality and you cant even return it WITH a receipt 10 minutes after purchasing it.

Posted by Bogus Return Policy

The fact you can no return or exchange anything without a receipt is ridiculous! You should at least issue store credit for the lowest selling price of the item like other stores. Now I'm stuck with baby items I don't need or want because Dollar General has a bogus return policy. They have lost my service for good!

Posted by Justsayin

First of all it is a state mandated law not to accept a return on food. All stores have that in place. Second many items state right on the package do not return to store call the manufacturer of the product for any issues. Not sure where you all shop, but in the northern states you don't just walk into a store and say I want my money back without having to give your full name, address, phone number, and reason for return. The register prompts the cashier for that information. Walmart, shopko, target, jcpenney, etc have the same prompts to proceed on the register when you do an exchange or return. Some complaining posts on here are not even legitimate complaints.

Posted by Glenda Moore

I visited a Dollar General store in Muskegon,MI a Apple Avenue store. I purchased several Christmas toys, Christmas candy and 3 bags of Hot fries . Upon looking at my receipt I realized I did not get 50% off of the toys, even though they were located in the 50% off aisle. The clerk/manager informed me it was for toys with a little blue star. (Clever sales technique to dupe the customer). I asked for a refund and told I would have to go to the back of the line,I obliged. During my refund transaction I was told I could not get s refund on the candy because it was a food item. What/why? The manager said it was a store policy. I never left the store or even leave from the cashier's area. I simply changed my mind and wanted a refund. After reading your policy on refunds, I realized that your manager was not educated on the store policy. I did not feel that the transaction with your manager was very friendly or helpful. All this over a few dollars. It was quite an embarrassing incident and needless to say I feel compelled to repeat this incident to family and friends.

Posted by Anonymous

I shop at the Dollar General in Anderson,AL on a daily basis. Customer service is terrible!! The employees are very rude and treat the customers with total disrespect. I will take my business elsewhere. These employees need some extensive training on how to treat customers!!

Posted by Beenviolated

I Will Never Shop At Dollar General Again I Brought In A Return With The Receipt The Manager Ileane On S. Alpine In Rockford She Was Rude Rling Me I Had To Stand By The Register While She Did My Return In A Nasty Voice I Asked Jer Why Did She Have To Put My Information On The Computer Id I Had My Receipt She Said That Was Policy Which Was Then She Asked For My Number And When I Refused She Went Of On Me Saying That I May Nit Get My Refund Cause I Didnt Give Her My Number I Asked For My Receipt Back Which She Refused Yo Give To Me And Told Me Not To Come Back In The Store So I Snatched My Recipt From Her And Went To Walk Out The Door And She Shoved Me In The Back Twice I Called The Police And She Wanted To Have Me Arrested For Snatching My Receipt From Her She Was Very Rude People In The Store Was Giving There Information Because They Felt She Was Wrong All I Can Say Is She Needs To Count Her Blessing That She Was A Little Old Lady But I Hope She Dont Run Into The Person That Will Hit Her Back

Posted by Anonymous

Dollar general will NEVER get my service again. I went to the store on Fulshear,tx for the first time at this will be my last visit. Staff is so rude and when I asked a question the cashier said "I will have to ask my manager". Then proceeds to call the manger who was outside smoking and on her cell phone. When she was talking to me she was very rude AND had her phone to her ear the whole time. She ten said "there's nothing I can do for you".

Posted by jgs61462

I bought a can of Behold furniture polish at Dollar General on N. Main in Monmouth, IL. Did not keep the receipt. I tried using it today but sprayer defective and only bubbles with no contents. They won't exchange without receipt. Who keeps receipts for furniture's still full just won't spray. They lost me as a customer for good.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a Tracfone, Oct. 6, 2013, I do not get service on it at my house, so on Oct 13,2013 I asked the cashier can I return the tracfone, as it does me NO GOOD WITHOUT SERVICE. She said do you have your reciept, I said yes. She then said yes you sure can, we can't refund the mins though, I said ok. The very next day, Monday Oct. 14, 2013 I was there again, asked another cashier the very same question, and got a DIFFERENT ANSWER, the oldest lady that works at this store at 1620 E Wade Street Trenton, Florida 32693 (352) 463-0013 don't know if the numbers on the bottom of the receipt will help its ~ 00818 02 then 1487. She said if you added mins to the phone, NO!! I said how in hell would I or anyone else know if it worked or did NOT without mins????? What does she THINK or does she?? I guess I'm suppose to ASK THE PHONE DO YOU WORK, and HOPE it will ANSWER me?!?!? That's stupider than stupid to come out of ANYONE'S MOUTH!!!!! And HOW DID SHE GET A JOB at DG being that STUPID?????? So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE advise me the CORRECT ANSWER. Thank you in advance for your time, and help.

Posted by tammy

I bought a fan from dollar general and open the box olives the fan up and it did not work. Have the same box it came in. Put lost the recipt to it. Thay would not exchange it. So now were burning up with out a fan. And I don't have enough money to get another one. This really is bad for people on a fix in come. I think I write to the company were the fan came from and tell the there selling bad products..

Posted by Anonymous

The Dollar General store in Flora, IL is a complete joke!!! I returned a pair of shorts 9-11-13 that were purchased 8-31-13 and could not get my full refund. The owner told me that was a long time ago and shrugged his shoulders. Idiots should not be allowed to run a store. Never will I shop @ this store. Guess thats why good ole Walmart will win my business.

Posted by angcollins2000

I went to return an item today with the receipt and my method of payment was my debit card. I was told that I could not have cash back even though Dollar General got cash for the purchase. So why is this? The ASM could not even change the price to the same amount that I payed for the item. This is a really stupid policy/

Posted by lil deb

I am so aggrevated by this company's returns policy! You MUST have a receipt NO acceptions is not customer friendly at all. It does NOT matter that the nice clerk remembers when you made the purchase since you purchase the same product every week. The store manager (who is a VERY negative, unfriendly, grouchy personality type)says NO!! policy! No exceptions! I tell her that's no way to treat a regular repeat shopper who spends alot of money in this store. She tells me, I can shop elsewhere if I'm unhappy.....SO from now on I am!! Some customer service! DOLLAR GENERAL you should be ashamed!!!!!

Posted by Country Boy

Dollar General has such awful customer service. I live in Crawfordville Florida, I went into the local Dollar General and purchased a set of full size sheets ($16) and before I left the store I told the cashier I didn't need the receipt (BIG MISTAKE) when I got home to put the sheet on the bed, I noticed a rip in the sheets, then I look at the package to see where it was also cut in the same pattern, so I put two and two together, " the stocker cut the sheets with the box cutter while opening the box ". The very next day I want back to Dollar General to switch the sheets and was denied because I didn't have a receipt, I asked the on shift acting key holder Miss April if they could pull up the UPC code by scanning the bar code, she quoted "let me ask my manager, my manager said no we don't keep track of the UPC codes, I let Miss key holder April know Dollar General needs to change it return policy, until then ill be traveling that extra mile to get my piece of mind at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart needs to buy Dollar General out maybe they can cut out the penny pinching. I went to the back of the store and looked around at the sheets to see if other sheets were cut and all were cut, can't believe they failed to take back their defected product, that also says allot about their employees intelligence, why would you open sheets with a box cutter; don't have to worry about my business again, its Wally World for me from now on, never had a problem switching a item without a receipt at Wal-Mart and the price is better.

Posted by Jackie

I purchased a cell phone at the Dollar General and it would not work. The store had to activate the phone in order for it to work. Something was wrong with the activation process and the store manager would not refund my money. I was out of $80.00 and the manager was not willing to assist. She just stated "There's nothing I can do about it". THat is the worse customer service that I have ever experienced. I think the manager needs retrained and I would like to have my money back or a phone that will work.

Posted by Shopper

I wanted to report a complaint about The Dollar General Store in Marble Hill, MO. The people that work in the store or so unfriendly & .../2012 they lied & told me the lady wasn't working & there was nothing left. They were very rude when I returned to the store & told me not to come back, something needs to be done about the employees & management at this store no one should be treated this way. Marble Hill, MO Shopper

Posted by Anonymous

Today I visited store #12129 in Frankenmuth, Michigan. I purchased 2 pair of Bobhie Brooks slippers- one blue, one lilac. They were ... in my family have been overcharged on clearance items ringing up the orginal price at that store so many times. If I have to be made to feel like an idiot because I returned something that I was overcharged for when the tag CLEARLY said $3.00 & the sign clearly said take 1/2 off our clearance price, this will be my last shopping trip to Dollar General. I worked in retail management for 10 years & NEVER made a customer feel like I was made to feel today. ...

Posted by jerseygirl

I was in one of your stores on Fridaythe 7th. It was store number 12555. The cashier didn't spin the bag rack so I did to collect my bags after spending ... and when I finallyfinished my running I saw I had someone else's bag so I took it back to he store and handed it back in. When I realized I was missing a bag that had 3 thing's in it a bag of ... she didn't even see the first bag that I had to take back. I either want the merchandise that I paid for or a refund I still have my reciept. I am in there almost everyday and Ifind it very rude that a manager...

Posted by lenoira

I am very disturbed about your return policy. It states very cleary that we are happy to make a return if you have your receipt. I shop at the dollar general just for my household cleaning supplies. I ... you $1.65 extra for my mistake. I know that there is abuse out there but if someone in making an exchange or making a return an its less than $5 dollars is should be a lot quicker. As we know when ...