Delta Airlines Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Delta Airlines below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Delta Airlines so others can benefit from what you learned.

Delta Airlines Return Policy

Consumers who purchase eTickets directly from Delta Airlines can usually receive a full refund if their travel plans change provided they cancel their reservation within one day of purchase. This affect domestic flights throughout the United States as well as flights to destinations in Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Consumers who bought their eTickets from a Delta Airlines counter can email their receipt number to Delta's customer service department in order to receive their refund.

This refund policy does not apply to tickets bought through travel agencies or to paper tickets. Refund requests must be made by midnight the day after the ticket is purchased.

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Posted by Anonymous


I need to cancel my flight and get a refund. Confirmation my VISA for refund Nancy J Trick

My friends in Venice have storm damage due to IRMA and can not host me, please refund my ticket cost.

Thank You, Nancy J Trick home phone

Posted by Anonymous

My confirmation number is GWFN83 and I want to use these monies for a flight to Florida. How do I redeem the funds from this ticket for another? Who do I speak with?

Posted by John

Due to bereavement I was forced to miss one leg of a round trip. They cancled the entire flight including the return portion. With out notice. Then rather than just letting me get on the return leg of the trip charged me the expensive one way. Quite the scam.

Posted by disgruntled

I had a cancellation June 20th from MSP to Duluth. The return fare is $460 and the one way is exactly half, or about $230, They offered me a paltry $41. I cannot get any further with this complaint as there are no corporate tel. #'s available.
Can anyone help?

Posted by Unhappy Delta Passenger

... told they would have to rebook with either another airline OR see the front to rebook on another Delta flight, if able. I was in a line with almost 50 people so any book. I found another flight leaving within 1.5 hours on the same day, so I rushed all the way to that airline and had to go through ... on time for my critical appointment. Contacting the airline was a joke - they only refunded my ticket cost and gave a $... than give vouchers so I'm forced to write the company to ask that I be compensated for the additional costs I incurred for the same-day ticket.

Posted by HKB

... a flight on Air France to Beirut, Lebanon. However, Delta employees managed to blame us for the mistake. Meanwhile ... bag down. Yesterday my husband receives an e-mail from Delta stating our bag had been located and will be arriving to LAS from DTW on Delta 1219. Rather than have the bag delivered, my husband contacted customer service to might be on the next flight". After calling Delta Customer Service and only being told "...hour home. Oh, but we have a $25 baggage refund (which we won't use).

Posted by JJHLH

... hung up. I tentatively rebooked the flight online for the same time the following day. I then called Budget Rental car and explained my situation; that instead of needing an economy car for 4 days I would now only be needing it for 3 days (the car return date and time were unchanged). They said if I did that my car rental cost ... me she could not help me with the rental car, but agreed to refund the cost of the airfare. I don't think a customer should be penalized and have to pay more for a trip if an airline cancels a flight. The very least Delta should have done was ...

Posted by Kevin

... luggage to Ottawa, Canada. Despite several messages sent through Delta employees to Ottawa, there's been no response after 2 days. Delta has no system in place for communication other than ... said baggage claim reps never answer the phone. So the only option is to wait 5 days and then apply for a refund of the lost goods. The level of stupidity and incompetence inherent in that system is... an electronic message isn't responded to, this would all be solved. I will be looking in the future to fly on any airline EXCEPT Delta.

Posted by Anonymous seating, and very pleasant and courteous service. Quite the contrarty with Delta. Charging me 25.00 for a bag and having to wait with no information for a bag that was never on a customer. I can honestly see why Delta is lagging behind other airlines in the area of customer service. I called Delta tis morning and was told that my bags would be delivered approximately 4 to 6 hours after 11:15 am. More disappointng, go back and pick up my bag? I believe I am owed a 25.00 refund and an apology from Delta for this very poor service to me and the ...

Posted by Anonymous

...and waited in line about 15 minutes(the man in front of me had a problem--i pointed to my watch and the delta clerk asked me what flight i was checking in for and i told her and she rudely told me i was ... did it online when i retrieved and printed the boarding passes.he said it wasn't on the computer and made me pay again. when i got to san antonio the agent there had no problem seeing that i had paid twice and gave me a refund

Posted by Ned

Seriously, your customer service lacks any reasonable thought and planning. I am trying to use a refund to book a flight for work next week and getting the complete run around, even when I provide all required documentation that's requested. On top of this, your phone...up on me while trying to go through all the auto-attendant prompts. It is nearly impossible to connect to a real person. Only to finally find out that your refund office is only open 8-5 Eastern time, which is completely ridiculous and fails to give anyone on the west coast adequate time to access anyone, plus it makes it...

Posted by Anonymous

...had a 8 months old son n the person at the airport counter charged me $166.70 for him although he was in my lap . They told me that they had charged me incorrectly and i would get a refund back . The customer care send us to the airport ... customer care told us to mail the information of the ticket n credit card statement to delta which we did a year ago ... cannot help us . the person who told us to mail the information to delta didn;t tell us to mail that stuff in a registered mail . i have such a bad experience with delta airlines i would not travel through it or recommend ...

Posted by Frequentflyer

... 2.5 hours of flight the pilot announced that we were returning to Madrid. We were met by full crash crews... remote apron parking area. After several houre Delta transported us to the terminal and after more hours... all passingers would be booked to their destinations by Delta. The next day we checked in and proceeded to the... that we were booked on the same airplane for the next day and that they still did not know if... destination after three days of travel. We have exchanged numerous letters and e-mails with Delta and their final offer was some (worthless) credit coupons and 10000 flyer miles. In ...

Posted by Anonymous

Let me tell you about my last flight with Delta. It was the most frustating time I'v had getting from another. First I wanted to use my miles to pay for a ticket. I was 16 miles short for the trip. my Grandaughter a ticket that cost 702.00. 2 days before Christmas I checked the flights for fun and less that 500 dollars. I called to see if delta refunded the difference if it was more than $100...over 100.I was told for $150.00 I could get a refund and the remainder of it would have to go on .... Don't tell me your company is losing money when you have all these crazy charges and don't tell...