Dell Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Dell below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Dell so others can benefit from what you learned.

Dell Return Policy

Many products purchased from Dell via Internet, telephone or at a Dell Direct store are eligible for refunds or exchanges. However, consumers may be liable for a 15 percent restocking fee as well as any sales taxes that may apply unless the reason for the reason is a direct result of an error on Dell's part.

The most important thing that consumers need to know about returning merchandise to Dell is that it is essential to contact a customer service representative before attempting to make the return or exchange the item. The representative will issue a Credit Return Authorization number; without this number, Dell will not accept merchandise for return.

Dell customers have 21 days to return or exchange most merchandise. Third party items, however, are subject to the return conditions of the specific companies that partner with Dell to sell them. Some non-Dell items may not be returned or exchanged at all.

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Posted by Debra Enzenbacher


Hello. I hope you can help me please. I am a university professor in Oman and my work Dell laptop failed. It was still under warranty and the agent here in Oman has not helped to recover the data. I reported this problem ONE MONTH ago and they have returned my laptop without a report and have not explained why the hard drive failed. Nor have they met my polite request to recover the data for me. Please can you help? This company, Integrated Systems, is damaging your company's good name here in Oman. Please contact me today to advise me my next course of action to recover the data due to the hard drive failure and no fault of my own. My phone number. Thank you for your kind attention.


Dr. Debra Enzenbacher

Associate Professor

Sultan Qaboos University


Posted by mskyace

Okay! This is the 2nd thing I've bought from Dell in about 8 months. The 1st was a Tower unit and at this point I can't remember what it was and I really don't care. I was always told this was one of the best companies to work with.
3 months after I got everything working right and set up, the whole color system started to go nuts on me. Of course, not being a genius with computers I decided to get help. I talked to 10 different people about returning the unit and got no one that would help or was given to another person down the row. After 4 days of this, I finally was able to get some one that would talk to me and he talked me into an All-In-One unit. I waited for that unit to get here and transferred all my work on to it. I waited for a return address to come and it never did, but the account sure did come in with both units to be paid on. I finally got all my paper work out and got a return address label on my own. I sent it back. It's taken them about 4 more months to give me credit.

In the mean time, I was doing okay with what I got. I also said that I wouldn't be paying for anything until I got my credit on the 1st unit. Now the All-In-One is sitting on the floor covered up waiting for another return label which has not come. The whole thing is locked up and won't even turn on, 3 months after it got here. I talked to 5 people in about 7 hours in February. I was finally told that my Mother Board had gone out. I was also told that it would cost me for them to download my hard drive, I'm still waiting for a return label. If not here soon I will again get my own label made up and send it back with another hateful letter. I may even send a few disc along for them to download my programs and tell them to keep their All-In-One instead of sending me a replacement.

I'm at the point, I can't afford to have something that only holds up for 3 mos. at a time and has to be replaced. I will not deal with Dell again unless I get it at a near by store. Which it probably won't happen then either. Burnt once was hard enough but twice - NOPE!!

Posted by lumberhack

Got my Dell XPS 8920 yesterday. There is no way this unit is worth the 2000.00 dollars they want for it. I set it up per instruction and it sounds like two model motorized airplanes having a dog fight. This is my second Dell XPS. I bought the first one in 2007 and had windows vista OS. It was a superb unit. This one however is a piece of junk. I doubt the power supply fan will last a couple of months, from the way it sounds. I need a CRA to return it to Mexico or wherever they threw it together.

Posted by Another Dell Buyerbeware

Wow judging by the grammar of many of these posters I can only assume they are not native English speaking or may be the root cause of many problems with their refunds. If you can't spell or write legibly then you may have trouble following instructions and procedures, geez! I made a few spelling errors writing this but there's spell checker for crying out loud.

Anyway Dell customer support is sub-standard in all respects and they do drag out your refunds and returns but my latest experience is not all bad. I bought 2 systems, 1 laptop for college student and a desktop for myself. Good deals, decent delivery times, blue screens on the laptop from day one - GAH. Support sucked for 3 days and finally, FINALLY, got thru to a foreign rep that actually helped out and got the system running. All I can say is there are a few decent support folks out there so don't give up. Follow their words, even the lame ones, to the letter, even if you've done it 10 times like us.

If you do have to RMA your device put everything back into the original shipping container and put blank stickers (you can buy anywhere) over the original shipping labels and use clear packing tape over the new return label so it cant be messed up in transit. Put copies of EVERY shipping label inside the box with your name, address, RMA number, device serial number and email address along with the problems being reported-cause for return. If you can, put more duplicates inside the device. Make sure that where ever they look your name and info and problem smack them in the face...due diligence and all that.

I don't care what company you use, doing more than you can to keep your name and problem in their face is paramount. They are huge and you are just a number to them and easily forgotten or misplaced. Record all verbal and written discussions for future reference and document, document, document. Sure it should be simple and you should be special and taken care of but the reality is you are not. Sorry folks it falls on you to do the work because they wont.

I do agree with another poster about choosing Origin PCs though. They are pretty on top of their customer support and product quality. I only choose Dell this time around due to a student discount special they offered. My next purchases will be with Origin.

Posted by IrrateDellCustomer

I ordered a Dell printer and when it come in, it was not what I wanted. I called customer care and after finally talking to someone in a completely unrelated department, that person sent me a return label.

I returned the printer the next day, December 6th. Today is JANUARY 17th and I still have NOT received a refund. Each time I call, the reps tell me a different story and that my money will be credited to my PayPal account within 3-5 days.

I still have not received my refund of $$119!! Today, I was told that they never received the printer.....
Best of luck to you on your refund attempts! Obviously they do NOT INTEND to refund me!

I have been a loyal Dell customer for years, not anymore!

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a refurbished dell 7568 that died after 4 hours. Called to get a replacement and was told they had none(truth is the price discount had ended but they had plenty), was told that they should just refund my money immediately rather than wait for stock. I said fine. Two days later no refund so I called and was told it would take 30 days from receiving return. They got the return 1 day later. Exactly 30 days later I got the refund.

Absolutely unacceptable, holding peoples money for 30 days after return of defective unit. I am reporting them to the attorney general and will NEVER do business with Dell again. This is behavoir you would have expected from a company 20 years ago. I gave my money to asus instead.

Posted by Niquey

My boyfriend bought me Dell Inspiron 5459, it took me a month to think about it..brand, specs and everything...i was so excited because this is an advance gift for me...unfortunately, all those excitement turned into disappointments..when i got home i've checked that the screen has white spots...or i can say a white shape like smile...i called to the store, a day after i purchased the unit..authorized reseller of dell and they adviced to call dell...when i called dell,it was 1 hour call they just made technical things obviously it is defective unit...they wanted me to send picture of screen, and many more as their procedure for processing of return...this really stress me...and now i made conversation to the store that they must be the one who will negotiate or i believe that there is 7days return policy....they gAve me 2 option to replace the LCD monitor...or i will wait for 2 to 3 weeks for full replacement...sadly a laptop which i didnt use yet will be replace a new part...i have no choice because i have to leave this country in 10 days cant wait for 3 weeks more...i trust the brand...but i didnt expect to have this kind of stress...

Posted by DellSentMeDefective

I bought an Alienware 17 R3 at the end of June and received it around July 10th. But because I was extremely busy in July (taking three courses this summer and my landlord was selling where I used to live so I had to house hunting and move etc.), I didnt use the laptop much. But it kept giving me blue screens almost every single day since I started to use it. I didnt expect this new laptop was defective and thought it was just some sort of software issues and could be fixed once I ran the Dell System Test because unlike the "traditional blue screen" where the computer totally freeze and you can only press the power button, the "blue screen" Alienware gives says "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart etc.". The laptop became laggy last week so I downloaded the Dell System Test and tried to fix the problem myself. Before I ran the software, there's no message or warning says if you doubt there's problem with your hard drive you should NOT run it, so I ran it, and the primary hard drive died and I lost all my work, study and research materials. And yes I did not back up, I mean, I havent get a chance to ran any big games on it and I only used it at home, if it was you, would you expect a hard drive failure? So I contacted Dell the 2nd day, I told them this laptop is so obviously faulty at the first place and I hope 1. they can fix the laptop and recover my data; or 2. just return this defective laptop for me. Dell replied saying the only thing they can do is to replace the dead hard drive for me, nothing else. If I wanna recover the data, I have to go find 3rd parties and pay the costs myself. And returning the defective laptop is not an option.
I mean, if i changed my mind after 30 days of purchase, of course Dell can refuse to return it. But this laptop costs $3500 and they sent me a defective. I trusted this brand and was really busy so I didnt use the laptop much now it became their excuse to refuse to return the defective product. There are ways to recover data from a dead hard drive but Dell refused to help either, neither are they recovering the data for me nor are they paying for my costs if I ask a 3rd party to recover it.
In conclusion, do NOT trust Dell and Alienware. I paid $3500 and all I got is a defective laptop which lost all my work, study and research materials for this summer. And Dell thinks I deserve it simply because I trusted the brand and did not return it asap!

Posted by Roco32373

I sent the graphics card back with the return UPS label the Dell rep emailed me today....but I didn't put any sort of documentation in the box!
Am I screwed? Or will they be able to identify that it's mine based on the return label and/or something else?
I already heard their return procedures were a nightmare, and I fear I may have made my situation worse.

Posted by Alex

I have had a very poor experience waiting for my refund from a returned laptop and being told teh refund was imminent and then find that not to be true.

Posted by Anonymous

Its been 9 weeks since I sent back a return for refund. I have made 7 calls on a weekly bases to find out when my credit card will be credited. Every single time they say it should be processed in 3 to 5 business days ect. One excuse after another. They will LIE to you. You cannot get any other number to call. Worst company I ever dealt with. Do not buy from DELL. If you every need to return an item you are out of LUCK!

Posted by Anonymous

I just want to let you know that I am infuriated with the service I have been receiving from Dell. First off, I sent back the item over a month ago and they received it on March 23. I have called multiple times to see where my refund is and everytime I have called I received a different answer. Then today I call and they told me that my refund has been issued to my American Express card. I do not own an American Express card. So I was told that I would be contacted by a supervisor, for the second day in a row now, and still have not heard anything from Dell. It is a 450 dollar refund that I have been relying on and Dell is in no hurry yet act like they care about their customers. There is no reason that it should take over a month to get refunded my money. If only their was a way to get the spotlight on Dell, then maybe they would act like a legitimate business

Posted by glo

When I try to click the link for the complete return policy, it is a broken link. I want to see the verbiage in the policy that states it is ok for them to hold my money hostage while the process the return. I had the computer for 1 day. I should not be charged for a computer that worked for 1 day.

Posted by Anonymous

Even when you get the return authorization it takes forever. They sent me the wrong computer and I have been spending the past 2 months getting reimbursed. Just buy your computers from Origin, they are the people who worked at alien ware before Dell bought them. their customer service is amazing. If you are looking at alienware Origin will have what you want, but better.

Posted by Penryn

Dell requires that you obtain a Credit Return Authorization however phone call put you on hold, you stay on the line for over 30 mins on each call and nobody comes on the line. Made four telephone calls. They state on their website that they have easy returns. I still don't have the Credit Return Authorization that I must have to return it for credit. I filled out the form. Got someone in the order section he transferred me to the Philippines and put me on hold. No one ever came back on the line.

Posted by dante

I ordered one laptop a month ago and received two.
I have been put on hold via phone several times for over an hour. tried the chat line twice and the responses were so slow I couldn't continue even when I walked away for 20 minutes. Even tried their online return label program.
Seems Dell is quick to take my money for two laptops but doesn't want the second return.

Posted by Anonymous

i been on the phone for 3 days waiting to return a for a pinter i retuned it ink2Y457 NEED TO GO BACK a

Posted by Anonymous

I placed an order of a TV from dell website two weeks ago.
In the website, when I added the TV into the cart and tried to checkout, in the checkout pipeline, it shows clearly that there is a "limited time offer" called "free shipping and easy return". When I click the details about that offer, it says the following:
Free Shipping & Easy Returns!

Limited Time Offer!
Free 3-5 day ground shipping on all orders placed on No minimum purchase required. Easy Returns: Send the product back to Dell within 30-days of the invoice date for a full refund. Includes free return shipping and no restocking fee. Excludes software if opened or downloaded

That is the total content of that offer.
Now when I am trying to return, they told me that there is a 15% restocking fee to TV. And I told them that is conflicting with what they are saying in the order details. The guy named Sam who said himself is the CS return process manager and the highest level supervise that I can reach, and he can do nothing but charge me 15% restocking fee even realizing that advertisement is conflicting with their policy.
Very disappointed with Dell.

Posted by Shelley

Purchased a new Inspiron 15-5545 laptop. Since first day following purchase the computer has malfunctioned. Following two lengthy telephone based assistance (2nd remote troubleshooting appointments the computer hard drive cleaned off)--computer issues still not resolved. Purchased Dell extended warranty to ensure computer would be fixed. Twice now my computer has been serviced by a In-Home Dell Technician. Again computer issues not resolved. All these months I have been patient with Dell, missed two days of work for repairs (Technicians don't work after 6:00PM Mon-Fri and don't work on weekends) and unable to use my new but defective computer. Now Dell is offering me ONLY a REFURBISHED computer to replace the computer I purchased NEW. Is one thing for Dell to replace defective parts with refurbished parts but to give me no option but to replace a Dell computer purchased NEW with a REFURBISHED Computer. Shame on you Dell--You do not stand behind your Dell Computers even with purchase of an extended warranty.

Posted by Dell Returns

About 1/2 hour ago, someone from your Return Department said that he was sending me two emails - one with a prepaid return sticker and the second one for a survey. I have not received either. My time to return the printer expires tomorrow. Please take care of this immediately. He may have entered my email incorrectly. It is: The invoice number for the Canon printer is: XJM33JT98. My phone number is: 5613674090. My name is Carole Howerton.

Posted by Maria

I have bought the 3rd laptop and have reported for almost 3 years the same complaints! All is suppose to be documented! I want my money back! It has been a nightmare for someone like myself that had gone beyond the call of duty for Dell loyalty! I. Maria G. Triana PS all had to do with the tech support, anytime they got a hold of my laptop they either ruined the hard drive, deleted files...including all my virus protection, had me use my visa card to pay for various services, were rude at times on the phone, I would even call 2 and 3 time in one day and I would get 3 and 3 different answers. They blamed windows 8, a hard drive in a new ..well all 3 laptops, the soft wear, and for only a small fee (my Visa yet again) let me send you yet another box Mrs. Triana, or you are literally on the phone weekly with them for hours! Since I am a chef by profession and deal with knives not laptops they assume I am an idiot and all so very politely have a different answer and story to tell as why my 3rd Dell laptop in 3 years I have bought and suffering with. I bought the 3rd out of loyalty and stupidity! Plus the fact it was all I was able to afford, But I don't even dare to do un lie banking, never mind when they said dor a fee of $280 or 1 time of $98 we can fix this issue! Sound familiar!! they deleted my virus protection 2x's when THEY were working on it and that's

Posted by dell leptop 17'

my father send a dell leptop from soudi arab for me two month ago but from yestarday my leptop saw display how can i solve this problem ?

Posted by Frank

... After repeated repairs and constant failures, they still will not replace or refund for this piece of junk!!! I especially love how they do not... reference to the escalation that I have received at our corporate office for Dell computer Service tag: 9B45JP1. I write to you on behalf... of our worldwide corporate offices. Having extensively reviewed your account we are aware of the technical issues faced with your Dell computer. We are sorry to learn of the adverse effect of these ... we offer to assist you diagnose the technical issue and will replace parts if there are any hardware failures. I will ...

Posted by MovinOn

.... Very disappointed. Purchased a Plasma TV that was promptly shipped in very poor packaging via UPS ground and, needless to say, arrived with extensive damage. Nice Indian rep "Oh that ...problem actually but anyhow, now comes the long process of returning and waiting 30days for my money. Fortunately the damage on this one was ...customer service to fall back on. I'll take my money elsewhere when they finally refund me.

Posted by I M Beyond Irked

... the print head not functioning properly. I've already replaced it once and now I need to replace it again. The part is unavailable and the support staff does not know when it will become available. ... You can only order printer supplies through DELL. I have three unopened ink cartridges that ... my printer is not repairable. DELL refuses to let me return the cartridges for my money back.

Posted by Anonymous

... Did not know what the problem was. Addressed the issue to DELL. I am in US but was talking to a support who... go for a new system since I am still on warranty. They convinced me that this would be done and... After quite few conversations, they agreed to replace me with a system. I was apprehensive about that and said what... saying that when they exchange the products,they give a better quality than the one which is being replaced....coming up with that then I would want my money back. They agreed to that. After much ...frustrated and called them. I wanted a full refund. They say it is not possible. They ...

Posted by Anonymous

.../11 they sent a replacement by ups.This time to be safe we purchased a three year warranty which dell says does`nt ... mother a real computer from hp.I will never buy another dell in fact they can not even give me one.What i want is a refund on the dell computer that i purchased, thats what a responsable company does when they... or they replace it, but dell allready replaced it and it was a dud also, so i want a refund, my dell case no. is 864040019 if anyone at dell... war by writing reviews on how bad i was treated and telling anyone who will listen not to waste thier money on dell, buy hp instead.

Posted by Dougm12mo

... no one else had reported that. I checked Dell's own web sites and found at... given the statement from AMD, Dell (4 different people at Dell) told me they will NOT replace the... asked for the tenth time to just return the PC and get my money back. I have spent... even if it has a design problem. That is their policy. Applied to the extreme as it has been in my case... one that I use for business (no games, no added cards or devices, just stock as it came from Dell). But, by far the... traces, vendor requirements, and listening to the user's account of the problem? Finally,THIS IS STAGGERING: and you may...

Posted by NoMoreDellCustomer

... Electronics and was told, for better support, warranty, newer products, at the same price, to order directly from Dell, which I did. I ... not..I ordered, and 2 days later I received my computer. Salesman had lied to me so I returned it immediately and ordered another, which took 3 weeks to build and ship, which I paid for, while they held the money on the 1st one. I had it ... would be better served at the bottom of my pool, before Dell agreed to exchange. Customer service and support SUCK!!!

Posted by saltydog

Ordered a replacement battery over a month ago. Said 7 day delivery. First battery was not the correct model. Returned for credit. Placed another order for the correct model. again 7 day delivery. after a ... for corporate quality assurance. It appears everything is contracted overseas. Dell used to be great, many years ago.....Now I will ...

Posted by Carlen77

... son for his graduation for him to purchase a computer. Dell currently has a promotion for free $50 ... 2 and should have received 3! I called dell to resolve this issue and after 45 ... 5 times I was told I needed to speak to the gift card department who by this time was closed! This is the worst customer ... I provided. I will be asking fell to refund my $1000 in gift cards due to this experience! This is why I...

Posted by Upset in AZ

Never never buy a third party software product from Dell!! I trusted Dell. They talked me into buying System Mechanics .... I never even got a warning that it wasn't working! I called Dell. I had purchased their Software contract so they were ..., they sold me McAfee. They refused to give me a refund on the Iolo product because it was past 30 days from purchase. So, even though it was a 3 year service that broke... number for Dell to call them to ok the refund. Dell's solution station would not even cosider this and said they would never give me a refund or even a credit towards my next purchase. So, I...