DSW Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for DSW below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from DSW so others can benefit from what you learned.

Online Purchases

DSW offers an easy return and exchange policy for customers that aren't satisfied with their purchase. Products may be returned within 60 days of purchase to qualify for a full refund to the original method of payment used. Items must be returned unworn and be in their original packaging.

Luxe810 items, however, must be returned within 30 days of purchase. They must be accompanied by the original certification document and have the security tag still on. Luxe810 jewelry and watches require a return authorization code to be returned or exchanged. To obtain this code, you can call 1-866-379-7463.

You must fill out the return and exchange form found on the invoice and enclose the form with the item that you are returning. Processing the return may take up to 14 days and will be credited to the original payment method used. A shipping fee of $8.50 will be deducted from the refund amount.

Exchanges are treated like a return and a new order is issued. A credit will be applied for the item returned and a charge made for the item they are exchanged for. No shipping charges apply for exchanges.

In-Store Purchases

Unworn merchandise can be returned or exchanged at any DSW store, regardless of whether the original purchase was made in store or online, subject to the following conditions:

Items must not have been worn.

You must bring your receipt, original packaging and the original payment form if the item was purchased by credit card.

Items returned or exchanged within 60 days will be credited to the original method of payment used. After 60 days, a DSW merchandise credit will be issued. For gift returns, only a DSW merchandise credit can be issued.

Items returned without presenting an original invoice or receipt will be only be refunded through a DSW merchandise credit equivalent to the current sale price of the products in question.

If the purchase was paid for by a DSW Rewards certificate, only the purchase price of the item in question will be refunded. DSW Rewards certificates will not be credited or reissued.

Items paid for by check and presented for refund within 7 days will be refunded through a DSW merchandise credit.

Luxe810 purchases may not be returned in store. They must be sent back to dsw.com. To obtain a return authorization for Luxe810 items, you will need to contact DSW's customer service at 1-866-379-7463 or send an email to luxe810@dsw.com.

See what others are saying about DSW returns, refunds and exchanges

Posted by Anonymous

I return a pair of boots on the original box never worn haven�t received a credit on my account

Posted by Nia

Returned shoes as per instructions: unworn, in new condition, in box to the local store. I got my PayPal refund in minutes. Followed the rules and had zero problems.

Posted by Exchange

Wow, I've never seen so much bad feed back. Fortunately our experience was great. I honestly think it depends on the cashier. We were able to exchange water proof, month old boots that started to leak...and they were worn.

Posted by Jaskkas

I always buy from academy sports because you don't have to worry about return policy, if you not satisfied after you worn for day, month or year they will take it back. I said bye bye to dsw long time ago.

Posted by Anonymous

Shame on you DSW I just bought 2 pairs of Nikes 4 days ago an one hurts terribly when I walk thought maybe I needed to stretch them out but they still hurt, the other pair I have no issues. Not understanding why I couldn't exchange for a half size bigger, I even have my receipt why is this not allowed? I never purchase again from y'all. Terrible customer service, and so misleading on your refund an exchange policy.

Posted by Fro

I just exchanged a one day worn pair of shoes back to DSW. Just clean the bottom really well and hope you do not have too many scuff marks. If it doesnt work for you try another store. It all depends on the cashier. Maybe try the same store twice on different days. I believe they would have returned mine as well if I wanted to.

Posted by Susan

I ordered two pairs of boots. One pair arrived but the other did not. I emailed DSW and they said they would be back in touch with me, that was six days ago. Still no response after I have emailed twice since the email Saturday. I�m sending back the pair I did get

Posted by Why me

order 2 pair of shoes one order was canceled because they didn't have anymore but funds for canceled order was never returned to gift card I have called 2 times already but I guess I will have to call again I will never shop here again

Posted by Lamcdaniel

My daughters bought me a cute pair of boots for Christmas from DSW. They got wide calf and I have chicken legs! My daughter gave me original receipt which was purchased with her debit card. They would not refund me. A debit card is like cash but not here. Customer service was rude and nasty.Was going to look for work shoes since I was here. I will not give them my business. My daughters on her way here to bring the card. What A hassel. Don't shop here!!!

Posted by MWalsh

I have been calling the DSW 1-866 # for weeks! I got a pair of UGGs as a gift, and want to exchange them, but can't get through to customer service to safe my life! And now it looks as though my selection of exchange UGGs is getting quite slim. Very, very disappointed!

Posted by CICI

what kind of return policy is this?? You say in one sentence that for any reason you can return a shoe then the next if it's worn you're basically out of your money. I just threw away $70 bucks on a pair of boots that hurt my feet terribly. I will never order again from DSW. I've been a customer for years. Why say free returns if you charge your customers $8.50? Horrible customer service

Posted by Bay Area Babe

I ordered a pair of flats, 6 wide, in black suede. The pair I received was multi-colored, 7.5 wide. The description on the box did not match its contents. How the wrong pair ended up in the wrong box is beyond me! Returned the item at a DSW store 15 miles away. What a waste of time. Based on the previous comments, DSW has QA issues that need to me addressed now!

Posted by Shay

It is absolutely ridiculous that a refund will take over a week to occur. I received the wrong size for an item and now I have to wait that long to get my money back?

Posted by Anonymous

Why would your company not slow down and verify several times they are sending the correct items. Received wrong item for Christmas! What a hassle this is. Now I won't have this as a Christmas present for a loved one, he'll be short an item and I'll have to do extra work on my end bcus someone there didn't do their job right. Smh

Posted by Retail manager

Dishonest and fulse advertising. When purchasing items online it indicates free returns and from reviews I have seen apparently it's not . Also the weekender bag was part of the deal when I made my purchase and I didn't receive it . It was clearly added to my cart and yet i didn't get it . Why advertise gwp (giftwithpurchase)and not honor it to the customers ???? I have been a frequent customer for a long time but not any more .

Posted by Anonymous

Wow DSW! After reading all the comments or complaints that are exactly the same as my complaints, I think it's time to change some things with your service. NO free gift/weekender bag in my order as promised to me. And I will now have to pay $8.50 for the experience of a hassle. Super fun! I tried online shopping this year and this is the icing for my reconsideration.

Posted by gemela82

I ordered boots and they sent me the wrong ones. Now I have to pay $8.50 for a return? What? Called customer service and waited for a long time. Chose the call back option after a while. No one ever called me back. This is very disappointing. I guess I will stick with other websites that have great customer service and take responsibility when they send the wrong item.

Posted by Beynz

Ordered bags to qualify for the free weekender bag. Didn't get any free weekender bags, this happened 2 times in a row. The first time I called for the first WEEKENDERBAG, I was advised they will send me an email when they have it available and replace what I have missed. Nothing... Then second weekender bag I received nothing. I called and was out on hold for like forever. Then I out in my number to be called back. They called me back. They just say sorry, the lady I spoke to said all they can do is to give me $10 certificate for my 2 i a row inconveniences and that was it. It's been days and I checked my account, they have not put any $10 certificate. Their customer service is a joke!!!

Posted by kposey

Ordered a pair of 7.5 size boots online for my daughter. Received one 7.5 boot and one 6.5 boot. Called a local DSW store, and there are no 7.5 size boots in the area to exchange in person. Called customer service about a free exchange through the mail. Waited on the phone for 90 MINUTES to speak to someone, and was disconnected. Called back and tried the option for getting a callback. Been waiting for an hour and no callback so far. I also tried emailing. We'll see what happens. I am LESS THAN IMPRESSED with customer service so far. Two different size boots...really?????

Posted by Anonymous

I order a shoes online on a cybermonday. I entered the code HOLIDAY2017 for an extra 25% off but no discount was deducted. I sent an email about it but no one has reach out to solve the issue. I will never do an online shopping with DSW anymore.

Posted by Msqt1

I purchased a pair of shoes to get the free weekender bag and shoe bag. I received no free gifts. I placed my order online. This is the 2nd time that I've placed an order and not received my free items. I'm very disappointed. Please let me know how I will be compensated. I would like a weekend bag and shoe bag equivalent to the $39.00 value free gift promotion.

Posted by Anonymous

return shipping isn't free $8.50 will be taken out of your refund. Very misleading :(

Posted by david fotso

I placed an order of $39+ online to get the free bag but I received my package today without the free bag. I need the free bag or another bag of the same value.

A store credit of the value of the bag will also be accepted. I placed the order with the email

Posted by Anonymous

I din not get free shipping. I was told that l would if my order was over $50.. lt sure was please give me that credit on my credit card.

Posted by Shoe shopper

I think it is very misleading to state at the top of your online website that DSW offers "FREE RETURNS." This is not true. You order online for the items to be mailed to you and then you have to pay $8.50 to return the items the very same way. Every store allows you to return items to the store for "FREE," so this banner at the top of the website shows that DSW is deliberately misleading customers. Other online sites actually allow customers return items for "FREE" with a FREE shipping label - ZAPPOS, NORDSTROM, AMAZON... it's better to deal with these companies if you might want to return an item such as shoes - which must be tried on, etc., and to deal with a company that is honest in their advertising.

Posted by Kim

I will NEVER shop there again. Paid $80 for a pair of boots on sale and wore 4 hours and the black rubbed off the toe of the boots. Manager at store was not helpful. I was willing to buy a more expensive pair of boots with the money for these credited but said could give me 20% off. Why would I give them more money if they do not back up the quality of their merchandise. I called corporate so we shall see if anything can be done.

Posted by Kelli

Love their selection. There customer service is terrible. Bought 4 pairs of shoes. I had not received coupons for a month and this AM received a 20 percent off. Called and requested a price adjustment was denied. I will be taking them back and buying somewhere else. It's slmost $400 worth of shoes. Not worth it I can head to Macy's or an outlet and be treated better. Very dissappiinted.

Posted by Cc

I purchased 2 shoes online, I thought DSW offered full refund on returns but they charge $8.50 for returns when using their fedex label. I don't live near a DSW location so I can't return to store. Very disappointed that I will be charged $8.50. I won't be purchasing shoes online from DSW again.

Posted by Lkincaid

I will never order from them again. I bought a pair of boots online and the boots were not appealing once I received them. They guarantee a 100% return policy. When I sent them back, unworn & in the same condition I received them, they took a $8.50 fee for returning them. So I pretty much paid DSW $8.50 for nothing. Poor customer service.

Posted by Mija

No one is friendly. Never going back. Bought a pair of boots and worn them once I got to my car they ripped. Went to go exchange them after 2 hour use and the cashier said there isn't anything we can do because you wore them. Paid $100 for them and it's my fault they ripped I don't think sooo. Horrible horrible horrible.

Posted by Anonymous

Received shoes that were worn. Dirty soles and stained on inside

Posted by Anonymous

Never shop here. Wore a pair of shoes for 2 hours. Terribly uncomfortable-merely wanted to get a half size bigger-no refund wanted. Told in no uncertain terms to take a hike. This is after spending $200.I will never spend a dime here ever again and that includes everybody I come in contact with which is quite extensive considering my line of work which ironically is in retail management.

Posted by David

The DSW return policy of "items must not have been worn" is unfair and unreasonable. I bought a pair of Asics Venture 6 trail shoes and wore them for 4 days before trying to return them because they did not perform as advertised by DSW; they hurt my feet and were not comfortable as advertised. The DSW clerk said I could not exchange the shoes because they had been worn, even though they barely showed it. I have bought running shoes from other stores and they have a return policy of 30 to 60 days, worn or not. They understand that shoes don't always work the same on the road as they felt in the store. The stores would just return the shoes back to the manufacturer and get credit. Why doesn't DSW offer this policy? Very disappointed!

Posted by Tissy

I bought a pair of shoes just under a month ago and decided I didn't like how they felt. I read the return policy, but decided to call the store and ask anyway. I had worn them once already. The man who answered may or may not have been the manager, but he said it was fine if I brought them back, so I did. I not only got a full refund, but since I had used my $10 off coupon, they even let me buy something else with the $10. I have never had trouble with their customer service. This was the store in the Sun Center at the corner of Sawmill Road and Rt. 161 in Columbus, OH.

Posted by Knarcissus

Bought a pair of Calvin Klein flip flops, wore for less than a day began to rub uncomfortably against the top of my foot. From all my reading, it looks like I can't return so I suggest you don't buy.

Posted by Anonymous

Two years ago a DSW store employee told me DSW policy provide for a 60 day return policy and convinced me that any shoe returned with receipt and original packaging within 60 days would be refunded. Finally!!! A solution to a closet full of painful uncomfortable shoes. Since then I have exclusively purchased all shoe wear from DSW. This policy set them apart from all of their competitors. What a huge differentiator. When I find a pair of shoes that are comfortable I quickly buy 3 or 4 pair. Just learned today that the store is no longer accepting returns on worn items. Ugh. Why should a customer have to keep a purchase that they can't use? They should at least give you two weeks. I guess the good news is that I can shop anywhere again. Too bad DSW. Girls love shoes. Way to deter their ability to spend money on something we love.

Posted by Laurielaw

Called the 866 number to determine if I could return to the dtore. After 20 mins of sales for other orofucts I hung up. Tried again, same thing. If I want firectvTV or med alert I will call them

Posted by Shoe Doctor

Pass the Word DSW don't have. Return policy, it's as simple as that. If the person cannot take them out and walk in a normal setting and return them based on that experience, then the return policy is deceptive and misleading.

Posted by Hillsboro

They should allow returns for shoes that have been worn once or twice I bought I pair of work shoes that are incredibly uncomfortable I can't wear them

Posted by Bella

I can't return a shoe that I've for just 2 times and it hurt so bad cause the shoes is kinda hard and it presses my toes together and the manager wont let me do a return in morganhill store

Posted by no DSW fan

The soles came off a pair of shoes I bought for my husband less than 2 months after I purchased them online. Had to order online because he wears a size 16 which aren't readily available in stores. This store basically has a no return policy because who is gonna buy a pair of expensive shoes and not wear them?! I won't buy from this store again.

Posted by Efrat

I got my reservation but one of the item are with the wrong size (my mistake).
I have no receipt or invoice. can you please sent it to my email?
Thank you,

Posted by Waj06001


I just bought full price Steve Madden Sandals and wore them one day and the outside of the heel is already separating from the heel.

What can I do?

Posted by Oxana

Bought a pair of shoes at DSW last week specifically looking for COMFORT. I bought the correct size ( they was a flat shoes, like a sandals, they usually comfortable ). Wore them one time for the day. If it feels comfortable in the store after walking around for 10 minutes how am I suppose to know these shoes would do this? Never again shopping at DSW if I can't return shoes with serious construction comfort issues. Department stores carry different brands also but would have accepted the return of these shoes I wore one time after I showing them what they did to my feet. So $50 have to be chalked up to experience. Never again. PS these were not from the clearance rack.

Posted by Rocky

Don't 100% agree with return policy. Bought a pair of shoes at DSW last weekend specifically looking for COMFORT. Found pair of Aerosoles carried by the store. I bought the correct size (some commenters feel we're not intelligent enough to buy the proper shoe size). Wore them ONCE for the day. Good heel comfort but my feet are blistered and cut wherever there were straps. 4 blisters on my left foot and 3 on my right not including cuts from the straps. If it feels comfortable in the store after walking around for 10 minutes how am I suppose to know these shoes would do this? Never again shopping at DSW if I can't return shoes with serious construction comfort issues. Department stores carry different brands also but would have accepted the return of these shoes I wore one time after I showing them what they did to my feet. So $50 have to be chalked up to experience. Never again. PS these were not from the clearance rack.

Posted by Twoscoop34

I Bought a pair of shoes wore them around the house for five minutes and the strap broke had to pin them because I needed to wear them out I had no other shoes that matched just to find out they can not be returned that's B.S.

Posted by TLD

I bought a pair of shoes from DSW wore them a few hours I still have box and receipt.... my feet were swollen the still look new except a little on the bottom.. I will never buy another pair of shoes from DSW again this return policy is not right.

Posted by Annoyed

I'm curious why we are required to bring our original form of payment for an in-store return. I bought sandals online, didn't like the fit when they arrived, and because my husband works near the closest DSW store, which is about 40 minutes from our house, I asked him to return them for me. They wouldn't accept the return because he didn't have my credit card. I'm guessing even if he DID have it they wouldn't have wanted to do the return, because he obviously isn't me. If I ship the sandals back to return them no physical credit card is required, so why is it required in person?

Posted by Anonymous

Complete incompetence both online and in store. From shipping to receiving your rewards credit back to use for another purchase like they advertise you can!I totally agree with the person that said they're the new "Payless Shoes". Amazon makes them look like preschool on every level!

Posted by Anonymous

I did not have a good experience returning a crochet sak purse. I was within the 60 days. I was returning it because I used it for 3 days and The strap stretch and the corner of the bag frayed. The manager said I would have to do an exchange. I was not happy and said "ok, I'll take a credit." The clerk said no credit, exchange only. Which meant I had to find something that day. I was not in the mood to shop. I will never shop there again because they were rude and they don't stand behind there product.

Posted by B

I don't know what these people are even thinking. I love shoes and buy the majority of shoes at DSW. They have all lasted a great amount of time for me. This whole "i only word them a couple times nonsense is an exaggeration and a lie. The company should not have to damage out every pair of shoes that you owned and are now "worn" This is a discounted brand name retail company, and for the value you are getting exceptional quality.

Posted by Eric

Call to see about returning a pair of boots and found out apparently since I've worn them outside they are no longer returnable I've had this pair of boots for about two-and-a-half 3 months and the hole heel fell apart. I have bought several and I mean several pairs of shoes that are DSW is basically we're at shop for the last two-and-a-half years but with this return policy it will probably be the last.

Posted by Anonymous

do not have packings mailed shoes without box as a gift. can I return by mail? Not near a store.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a pair of flat shoes 2weeks ago I had 1 wear out of them they swelled my one foot in which it took me 2 days for the swelling to go away and I believe I should receive a full refund regardless of their policy. It does make me question should I purchase again????

Posted by Scootz

Still awaiting a PayPal credit for a pair of shoes that were returned. Tracking indicates the shoes were received 4/12/17. First customer service rep said refund should show up in 2-3 business days. Second rep (after they finally answered phone) said Paypal returns could take 30 days. I have a feeling I'll be calling again, but will wait 30 days! Never again!

Posted by LawSec50

Don't blame the store, blame the manufacturer. The store cannot be held responsible for poor workmanship. And if they hurt, evidently you did not get fit properly. I always try one size up and down to make sure I get a proper fit.

Posted by STOPbuyingShT

I'm pretty sure DSW is the new Payless. Actually, you probably get better shoes at Payless.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a pair of Skeechers in late October 2016. They have only been worn when traveling and taking 1/2 mile walk 2-3Xs a week. I love the shoes, but do not think that they have worn properly. I would like either a refund or replacement pair.

Posted by DAM

There has to be no truth to DSW not taking worn shoes back! I purchased a pair of Clarks online and it arrived to me by USPS WORN! I sat at the front door to open this package, the box was crushed, the shoes had dirt and bruises, scratches, crease marks in the front from being worn, evidently over time!!!...I was and am livid!!! I called customer service immediately. I am waiting for my brand NEW pair of shoes to arrive 2business days as promised DSW!

Posted by Renee

Hello I recently bought a brand new pair of heels for a party I used them for while when i started to notice that they were giving me a rash and I wanted to exchange them just for a new pair since I won't be able to use them because of the rash but the sole of the shoes are a little bit worn down and I wanted to know what I can do ?

Posted by Azahner

I bought a pair of adidas the other day, full price. I wore them TWICE and they are already ripping apart! I'm SO mad! Im on my way to return them but now that I'm reading this feedback, I'm realizing they won't take them back worn. That's some BS. I bought them to wear them, they are not right, I should get to return them. I took pictures of them and fully plan on writing to adidas, along with anyone who will listen! GRRR

Posted by Hopingforstorecredit

Hoping for a store credit-box tossed, receipt shredded...LARGE blister on little toe from seam on side of shoe...felt it when I tried it on before purchase but now sorry. Need to be able to wear shoes walking. This never happened before and I have had many shoes for walking.

Posted by Missq

I tried on a pair of boots two different times in store. I walked around the store in them and decided to buy. Spent some time walking around my house and they were great. I finally wore them putt of the house today and an hour into my work day I had to take them off. So uncomfortable, my ankle and legs were even hurting. This was my first purchase and looks like my last. Most Canadian stores are open to returning even if worn but looks like I'm out the money.

Posted by Unhappy shopper

Bought a pair of black pumps online, tried on at home felt fine. Wore them to church and walked on concrete and my feet were in excruciating pain. I am very disappointed I spend tons of money at dsw.

Posted by Jewels

I bought a pair of shoes and I worn them twice.They kill my feet. So why can they not be exchanged for a different pair they weren't cheap.

Posted by Sara

Bought a pair of black work shoes, they were very comfortable in the store, I even walked around in them for a few minutes. When I tried them at work, an hour after I started my feet started to hurt. I usually have good purchases at dsw but I'm disappointed that I can't return them because of the hour I wore them.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a pair of shoes a week ago from DSW, wore them 3 times and they are falling apart. Waste of money. And your return policy is crap.

Posted by TDynasty

I also wrk at a shoe store thats y you take the proper steps to make sure your fit like try them on in the store on both feet and walk around for a min you will know if the shoe going to give you problems just like we lose money for purchasing the shoes they lose money when we return so keep in mind stop rushing to buy shoes try them on and get the feel of them its a waste of time for you and the employee DSW is great always find what im lookin for

Posted by Karen

I bought a pair of Guess Knee high boots leather I thought for 150.00 and now there peeling and I really love these boots but after reading comets I see there's no go return policy so I guess lol I'm out of 150
I also love Macy's return policy worn torn damage no receipt .They take good care of there customers

Posted by anon

I work at DSW and I can tell you that we do take shoes that were worn but only if they are damaged. It just dependes on the manager and who's working. Personally I agree that it sucks you can't return them if they are worn outside.

Posted by Anonymous

I agree - Go Macy's when it comes to backing up what you sell. I bought a beautiful pair of shoes for my nephews wedding and the heels are shredded after one day - they were so poorly made the cloth came off the shoes from one event - out 60.00 - I wasn't expecting them to last forever, but I was certainly expecting them to last more then 4 hours.

I agree, DSW has lost my business because of this policy.

Back what you sell!

Posted by Linda

I purchased a pair of skecthers at DSW 2 weeks ago and now the back of my right ankle is hurting cannot wear these shoes anymore I was going to call about the return policy,I see from others comments that if they were worn no refund, so I guess I will be calling headquarters

Posted by Anonymous

Same situation with me, I have a habit of buying shoes and not wearing them right away.
So, three weeks after I purchased some cowboy boots and wore them to a concert and just walked to my car my feet were hurting terribly. Now, after reading this, I don't think that I will either purchase or refer anyone to buy their shoes at DSW.
Macy's department store is AWESOME when it comes to returns.
So long DSW!

Posted by Displeased

Bought my new high heels, felt fine at the store and later hurt my left foot terribly. Only wore them for church, less than an hour and a half. Even Academy accepts returns on shoes, I don't understand why DSW couldn't do the same.

Posted by MS. Unhappy

Same situation, I bought a pair of shoes that later torn my skin off on the back of one of my heels. I only wore them for 2 hours.

Painful!!! And now out $80!!

Posted by Sadday

I bought some bzees yesterday,the felt fine in the store. Today i worn them to the mall, and now they feel tight. I thought i could exchange them,, but from what i read on your policy i am out $60 dollars! Not happy at all, i only wore then for 4 hours.