Costco Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Costco below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Costco so others can benefit from what you learned.

Costco Return Policy

Costco customers who need to return merchandise or to exchange it can visit any Costco warehouse for immediate assistance. This retailer offers full refunds on all products. Certain items such as televisions, cellular phones, camcorders, computers, cameras and projectors need to to be returned within 90 days of purchase to be considered for a refund.

Consumers who are unable to visit one of Costco's worldwide warehouses can call the retail giant's customer service number for assistance returning the item via United Parcel Service. Having the order number handy will help consumers to quicken the refund or exchange process on these items. Merchandise that is being returned will need to be packaged in the original packing material and taken to the nearest UPS facility for shipment.

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Posted by Jamalama

For all you idiots leaving comments and questions on here asking Costco to "let you know" or to fix whatever problem, you need to realize that this is not Costco's website or Costco's customer service department, so Costco is not reviewing these & will not "get back to you". If you have issues with Costco, their merchandise, the service you received there, etc., call their customer service department, email their customer service department, or speak to a manager in an actual warehouse. And no, I don't work for the company, I'm just tired of seeing morons post questions and complaints on a web forum that the company doesn't even oversee.
That said, I love Costaco. It's a great company, I've never had an issue returning anything there, and I even know people that returned unused food after a party and didn't have any problem with the return. If you have issues with the company, contact the company.

Posted by Kjani

I'm a Costco stockholder and I am really upset that Costco let's a woman return a Christmas tree after Christmas because it's dead. That just abuse of process I cannot believe they'd do that. It seriously makes me consider selling my stock

Posted by

Dear Costco, the checks I ordered are incorrect and I need a refund for the 2 packages I paid for. I did not detect this at first but the Bank just told me the correct account number was added to more large numbers and would not be valid. Any check written on these would be returned. I need a read person to contact me. Patricia

Posted by Jlandby

Today I returned 6 TVs to Costco, within the 90 day elections return policy. The TVs worked perfectly, no issues, I had found a better deal at another retailer.
They did take the return back but only after multiple questions, about me and my business and being lectured by the store manager about the return policy (which I'm well aware of).
I understand this was a large return but I did not need to be talked down to from the Costco management about my return.
In the past, my fiancé had to return her $8k engagement ring because of problem. This wasn't an issue what so ever. Even though the ring was 3x more than the TVs that where returned today.
Will I request my membership be refunded, I'm not sure yet. I have mixed feelings after my visit to Costco today.
This Costco was in Brainerd, MN.

Posted by Costco member

We bought an electric deep fryer and use it once but did not like the way it worked. We want to buy one that is with a fire source. It is only been a week since we bought it and we have cleaned it and only use it once can we still return it?

Posted by Boodg

The band's on my BF Goodrich tires busted. These were not cheap, have good thread still on, what do I do?

Posted by Ann Kochenberger

We have received two packages from Costco in the past two days. We have never ordered any product from Costco to be mailed out. We do our shopping in the store only. We will be returning them to the store, and will be checking to see if money was taken out of our bank account.

I have no idea why these were sent. We opened the first one, then realized my husband had not ordered anything. We are returning the second one unopened.

Please see that no further orders are mailed to us.

Posted by SAS

Is an indoor amplified HDTV antenna considered an electronic and subject to the 90 day return rule?

Posted by Customer exchange

I would like to exchange 2 pairs of kirkland signature jeans for a smaller size. I need a 36x34. I received as a gift. The two pair I have to exchange are 40x32 item . Can I return these through UPS for the correct size. All tags are still in place

Posted by Dave

Got a Dandy portable ac unit about 60 days ago online. I am not a member. Can I still return it?

Posted by hikachu

receipt never came with my order for order? is it normal not to receive paper printed receipt?

Posted by Bubba

I purchased two "Lifetime Warranty" Flexon Garden Hoses in 1998. Rencently, I noticed leakage in the brass fittings while under normal pressure. I kept and reviewed the packaging. The packaging indicated to return any defects to the Costco store where purchased.

Upon returning, I was told "Lifetime" was a brand name. When I produced the packaging, it showed the brand was Flexon.

The return clerk called for a floor manager. Floor manager said they normally do not exchange garden hoses after 3 years of purchase.

Weird, never saw that posted or is it listed on Costco Web site.

Posted by Anonymous

When I return a couple of things I bought yesterday by mistake, do I need the credit card I used, or just my membership card, since you have the numbers?

Posted by Tattooed Mama

My Mom bought a pair of Ray ban sunglasses for me. They fell off my hard and I didn't notice so I accidentally drive over them. I have the receipt so I didn't know if there is a warranty on them? I am going Monday to sign up for a membership even before this happened.

Posted by M3l!zza

LOVE Costco. I wanted to know if I can return beer. We got a 24 pack and it's gross.

Posted by Wtf is a screen name

Can I return my Xbox one with the game and everything been since December 2016 that we bought it but I want to exchange for PS4 box is in mint condition and the game that came wig it was never used respond please and we have receipt

Posted by cliftrudeau

Bought a generator last month a Champion 9000 duel fuel. It went bonkers.

It put out 248 volts and ran at 66 cy as.

It quit working and I paid good sum.

Posted by Jbean

I bought an HP computer from Costco two years ago. Now my computer is not working. Am I able to get another computer? How long is the warranty for? I don't remember if I still have warranty on my computer. Please I need answers

Posted by Anonymous

How do I report in case a worker break Costco's return policy?

Posted by Ancient1

My HP printer broke, and I tried today to return 2 packages of ink for that printer that I had on hand. I have a new HP printer, but it takes different ink cartridges. I wanted to buy new cartridges for the new printer, and get a refund on the cartridges I could no longer use. I was told they would not give me a refund or credit, as the (unopened) packages were past their "expiration" date. I have now paid $150 for new ink cartridges, and have $150 worth of cartridges I can't use, so my new ink has effectively cost me $300. Doesn't seem like a very liberal return policy to me! I am an Executive member, and have been a member for many years - back to when it was known as PriceCo!

Posted by Costco great - Sams NOT

Actually the return policy at my Costco is painless. I ran into big problems with Sam's Club over a car battery and cancelled my membership. First thing first lets go into Costco. The Kirkland Dog Food gave my dog problems, I returned it and bought another flavor. Same thing. I was like "What do I do now?" and they took back the second bag after I explained that I thought the issue might have been the flavor (Lamb vs Chicken) but there was something in both that made my dogs stomach upset. I don't think there is any problem with the food, it was my dogs stomach. I have ran into issues with Systane Ultra eye drops because after eye surgery I ended up with dry eyes and will stock up on Systane when they have it on "sale". I had one batch where I swear Alcon just put water in the bottles, the stuff would literally just come out drop by drop if the bottle was open and upside down. Plus my eyes never felt like I put anything but water in them, once again Costco took them back no questions asked. As long as you purchased it and have a receipt you will have no problems. Even if you don't have the receipt they can look it up on their system and take care of it. I have never had an issue with Costco and returns.
Sam's Club turned a simple exchange into a full blown issue. I bought a car battery. It was a Champion and it even said "Sold exclusively by Sam's Club" on it. I had my receipt and the battery had a 3 year no prorated return on it and then after 3 years they would prorate it until 84 months. They changed brands to Excide. To make this short I took it to the closest Sam's Club, they didn't have the purchase on file because they had just purged their system, I had to get a ride 15 miles to my house, got the receipt and headed back to the Sam's Club while my car was stranded in a parking lot. I walk back in with the battery and receipt and am told I have to go to the original Sam's Club. The moral is they weren't going to exchange that battery regardless. After arguing with automotive I went to the CS desk and explained my situation. They said that too many people were exchanging batteries they bought at junkyards. "I have my receipt". They gave me more lip and I looked at a sign that said "If at anytime you are unhappy with your membership, we'll refund your money". After wasting my entire afternoon I was pretty unhappy. I cancelled my membership which they gave me problems with so I had to get REAL LOUD and took my money and two year old battery as a core to Costco.
I haven't been in a Sam's Club since. I sold that car two years ago with a 6 year old Kirkland battery in it.
The moral: Costco never an issue, Sam's beyond a total pain when it comes to returns.

Posted by OfficerWally

CONSUMER ALERT: COSTCO & CITI CARDS - In spring or summer of 2016, Costco Wholesale Club & Citi credit cards open an unauthorized credit card account in my name using my personal information that Costco had on file. Once the account was opened they UNJUSTLY ENRICHED both Citi & Costco by charging fees that were never authorized.

In all of 2016, Citi & Costco failed to send and have me acknowledge credit cards by activating them. In December of 2016, Citi & Costco posted unauthorized charges to the account for intangible fees to unjustly enriched Costco. The Charge was made on an account which was set up without my authorization or knowledge and had never been activated. Costco and Citi cards failed to notify me of the charge against the "secret" account that they had set up without my authorization.

The fees charged to the account were:

1. Never authorized by me.

2. Not for any tangible or consumable product whatsoever, they were only for intangible membership fees, service fees or late fees provided either by Costco or Citi card.

On January 30th 2017, I received my first communication from Costco & Citi card concerning this account in the form of a statement which was now one month PAST DUE with late fees and service charges. I promptly called the Citi card customer service line for an explanation. I complained about this and disputed the bogus charges and the late fees which would unjustly and enrich both Citi & Costco.

I was outraged at this fraud for the following reasons:

1. I never authorized this account.

2. I never activated the any credit card for it.

3. I never authorized any charges to this account since I did not know it existed as an open and active account.

4. I have another account with Citi card which is in good standing and I do get my statements from them on that account.

5. I have an exceptional credit score, this unauthorized use of my personal information may damage my credit.

The customer service agent agreed to refund all charges and fees and offered to send me out a credit card for this account if I wanted to keep the account by activating the card. I agreed to keep it open on the condition that Citi would show it current and refund the unauthorized charges. The card was sent out and received the first week in February of 2017.

On February 7th 2017 I went online to view this account and saw that nothing had been credited back to it. I then called customer service at Citi again to explain the situation a second time and disputed the charges a second time. Once again Citi agreed to refund the fraudulent charges. In addition to that they got a Costco representative on the recorded line and the Costco agreed to refund their charges.

The Costco representative further directed me to go into the a Costco store and pay a membership if I desired to be a member. I have been a member of Costco since the year 2000 and I expressed outrage it how they could do this. The Costco representative advised that I had an American Express - Costco card and Costco used to honor American Express... Costco discontinued that relationship with American Express and had allowed American Express to "sell me" to Citibank. I did not know that becoming a Costco member somehow made me an "indentured servant" with no constitutional or consumer rights where one of their vendors could actually "sell me" to another as if I was some sort of slave. I seriously doubt that this explanation is legal.

On February 13th 2017 I logged on and checked Costco Citi account. Proper credits were not made and it was still past due. It was clear that Costco & Citi were either negligent or intentionally trying to "rip off" consumers so I filed a complainant with the CFPB on both companies.

Disclaimer: the above is my story and opinion.

Posted by Gena

The Livermore Costco:
I and my 70 yr old mother got approval to return a heater end of January. Since it was large and was raining we decided to wait a little bit until the rain stopped. 2 weeks ago we went to Costco and I sent my mother in to check if pre-approval would be honored and asked for help to unload item bring into the store. We waited and waited but did not get any help after she was told someone would come out. The man she asked was just chatting with his co-workers and basically did not bother to get the promised help. We finally just loaded item ourselves and went inside the manager at the desk said the higher managers got mad and would not approve the return after all. our choice was either reload this heavy item or leave it they would recycle. if we left item the manager we talked to would say this return attempt never happened since we would no longer have an item to prove return attempt. even with the note on our account. since we are both older women and I expected the same help when we came in when we left, I final just told my mom lets leave item Costco return policy is a joke

Posted by Laura

Aloha I bought a sectional sofa about a year and 2 months ago and it started loosing all the stitches so we can see the stuff inside can I return it??

Posted by Anonymous

I received a jacket purchased at Costco as a Christmas gift. The Jacket is a size M and is too big. I love the jacket! I do not have a receipt and want to exchange the same jacket for a size S. Can I exchange the jacket without a receipt?

Posted by House

My son received a drone & when we started it up smoke started coming from drone & 1 of the propellers don't work . Will Costco exchange this for another one ?

Posted by Anonymous

My whole family received Cinemark gift cards from Costco from an out of state family member for Christmas. We LOVE movies but don't have those theatres anywhere around. We'd have to travel two hours just to find one. Would Costco do an exchange or refund so that would could get local ones?

Posted by john b

too all, you all paid to join by membership, your receipts are recorded all the way down the line, this is true because they always try to upsell membership by showing how they can give you a better deal or money back towards your membership at end of year .I've been assured about returns issues and have not had any issues thus far, a 3 year member .I am a satisfied customer ...

Posted by Anonymous

I requested a return label for a Hoover Floormate cleaner. I received it, but before I use it, I think something might be wrong. I used to live in NJ but live in Florida now. Maybe my old address was used because the UPS drop off locations are all NJ. Also, the label is to return the product to St. James, NY. I find it hard to believe that is right. My current zip code is 32163. I would think there's a closer location than NY.

Posted by Anonymous

I requested a return label for a Hoover Floormate cleaner. I received it, but before I use it, I think something might be wrong. I used to live in NJ but live in Florida now. Maybe my old address was used because the UPS drop off locations are all NJ. Also, the label is to return the product to St. James, NY. I find it hard to believe that is right. My current zip code is 32163. I would think there's a closer location than NY.

Posted by Anonymous

I requested a return label for a Hoover Floormate cleaner. I received it, but before I use it, I think something might be wrong. I used to live in NJ but live in Florida now. Maybe my old address was used because the UPS drop off locations are all NJ. Also, the label is to return the product to St. James, NY. I find it hard to believe that is right. My current zip code is 32163. I would think there's a closer location than NY.

Posted by Anonymous

Worst customer service I have ever seen! I bought a pair of shoes on Friday & needed to exchange them for a larger size on Saturday (yes the very next day)! They told me they do not do exchanges & that I couldn't get a refund to repurchase them because I had written a check. I had to wait 10 in order to get the size I needed! So why does their website state they give immediate assistance on returns & exchanges? This is in Appleton, WI Judy D.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi, I received a Tory Burch purse that was bought at Costco. Tags are on and so is paper wrapping. I wasn't given the receipt. Will Costco return? I am not looking for cash but maybe a gift card

Posted by RootUser

Who tries to return "5+ years" later? I'm sure Costco won't miss your business, and good luck finding another retailer that will accept your returns from another decade.

Costco is renowned for its flexible return policy. Take advantage of it for your own stupidity and watch it become history.

Posted by D~Omaha

Some of you are so lame. I have a coat with tags and never worn, was just wondering if I could return it without receipt. Sounds like I can. But reading some of these comments - returning a printer without all the accessories (cords) and used chairs and crap you've stored for FIVE years and suddenly don't want....deplorable. Figure your life out! Don't ruin a pretty generous return policy for people like me just because of your own personal disarray of a life.

Posted by H. Bryan hethcox

We bought 5 leather stools with hydraulic pumps maybe 1 year ago for our new kitchen bar. Now everyone of them drop when you set down. We paid with American Express.. These chairs cost $179.00 I think

Posted by Jo

Hi my friends gave toys for my son for his birthday purchased at Costco, but two friends have given same toys both purchased at Costco . I too won a Costco membership can I return one toy and get a different one, unfortunately don't have receipt with friends .

Posted by Chibbi

Different Costco has different refund policy is what we learn recently. We tried to return items we bought long ago 5+ years but were sitting in closet or garage (obvious sign of impulse buy due to refund policy), Costco won't take them back. (These are not electronic items with 90 day policy.)

We asked for their written policy why we can't return because we were told when we signed up for membership that we can return ANYTIME we're unsatisfied. Called corporate and they were no help. They said whether your Costco accept return or not depends on their store general manager.

To me that is false advertising. Their prices are higher than most other places. We chose to buy there because of their refund policy. Now that we know there is actual limitations, we will cancel our membership. No more impulse purchases so we'll be saving money in the long run.

Posted by Skippy

Can you return an item if your not member?

Posted by Shoe lover

I bought 4 pair of hunter boots a year ago from Costco. Couldn't pick a color and they were selling out quick so I bought various colors, but have only worn one since. Can I return the unworn pairs?

Posted by Wacky shopper

People need to stop abusing the return Policy at Costco .. I have seen to many people return stuff that they should have re bought .. Like your office chair that was 5 yrs old (it was time to buy again).A watch you had over a year and doesn't work any more (change the battery at your expense)Not Costco. Just because you have a baby doesn't mean you have to return your bed and get bigger... And for the ones who are moving out of country No you cant return your couch .. why should Costco take the loss. Ohh and your vacuum you bought 3 yrs ago has a warranty USE IT Do not return to Costco its not there fault you used and abused it... People Need to stop taking advantage of a great Company and stop using it as a free rental service ... for you people say its not posted saying about how long i had it USE YOUR BRAIN I think you had it long enough .. and BUY A NEW ONE.....

Posted by Anonymous

Any electronic has a 90 day window that you can return it. So yes, the lap top can be returned, but HAS to be done with in 90 days of purchase.

Anything else can be returned WHENEVER. Pants, yes. Ribs, yes. Put them in a bag and freeze them, return to the store on your next visit. Dyson, I don't think it's considered an electronic so it can most likely be returned to the store. If you want to know before going in, call the membership desk. Again, everything besides electronics can be returned whenever. If you don't have the tags, box, receipt, it's fine. Return it. Membership will help.

Posted by Hel1979

I bought a Dyson at Costco three years ago, it's quit working, very frustrating since it was so expensive, can I return it

Posted by Tracy

I bought a vacuum. After first used I found it is too heavy and noisy. Can I return it

Posted by Ruby

I bought a laptop last week. It has a dent on the corner and I don't know if it was there when I got it or if it happened after it came home. Can I return it?

Posted by Billm

bought some ribs that were horrible. I have receipt and 2 cooked slabs of ribs. What should I return. I feel strange bringing in 2 racks of ribs but understand some people would abuse this. What is the policy?

Posted by INeedNewPants

I bought a pair of pants from Costco size 36. I wore them for a month but no longer fit them because I lost weight from exercising so much. I am now a size 32. Can I return the pants to Costco? I'm a little embarrassed but maybe I shouldn't have exercised so much.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought 2 fish oil but I did not know that it contains gaLatin from pork and I don't eat pork but can I retern them without a recite be ouse I lost them ?

Posted by Tim

may i return a juice extractor that won't even extract juice? i bought it about 10 days ago and i have the receipt. but my wife threw the box away

Posted by COOKIE

I'm trying to return in home theater system the policy doesn't say home theater cannot be reached turn it says tuna free my system has a tuner.

Posted by JK

I saw someone return a slab of beef without question.

Posted by banananaaah

Can I return the banana peel? I ate the banana, but it didn't satisfy my hunger the way I expected.

Posted by Hopeful

I bought a computer there a couple years back. I have not used it, in fact, it still has the plastic protection cover on it. I am moving and have no room for it either. Will they take it back??

Posted by Joel

Thank you for taking back the portable jump start / air compressor device my wife bought at Costco several years ago. While I have had it for a number of years I only used it a handful of times, and it was disappointing when the air compressor ceased to work after less than an hour of total use. Thank you for refunding my money which I immediately spent on a new similar unit at your store, with the assumption the first one was simply defective. I will happily continue to shop at Costco.

Posted by Argaert

I have a question about something my father bought a jacket for my mom and my sis but they have accidentally charged for 3 now I want my money back what shall I do??)

Posted by Jen

Costco takes back everything. A lot of times I feel their policy is too easy, some of the customers definitely abuse this. I've seen dirty beach chairs, boogie boards, party tables and even half eaten food. With that kind of abuse prices are bound to go up.

Posted by cherry

can i return my refilled ink and get a refund . it didnt work good on my printer the quality of the ink is not good when i make a copy but when i print a document from the computer it says cartridge is error and i couldnt print any document at all

Posted by Confused

So I bought some receipt paper from costo not too long ago. I no longer have the receipt for it. My question is, am I able to return the receipt paper even though I no longer have the receipt?
Another question, I bought a hot dog from their food court. I put relish and chopped onions on it. After eating about half of it, I noticed one of the chopped onions were a little green. Am I able to return the uneaten portion of the hotdog for a full refund?

Posted by Biru

I bought a EPSON printer from Costco for 109+ taxes and thought I had a good deal. I came home as a happy man only to find out that I got ripped off from them. The same printer is priced 99 dollars at bestbuy where you get 20% rewards point as well. I am still thinking to take it back and expect a full refund without any question asked.

Posted by John Jones

Not an easy return at Costco. Returning a broken printer. While trying to return it I was asked for the printer cable which I had no need for since it printed on WiFi. Who keeps unnecessary cables around the house. Would not return without the cable. I checked their return policy and no where in the language could I find the wording that I needed to return the printer cable. I had to bring it to the store manager who did the refund. So Costco members please keep everything that comes with a printer, TV, etc. or Costco won't return it even though they profess having an easy return policy.

Posted by Helpcrazymom

I got diapers from the women in work with as a baby shower gift and my kid grew so fast that they don't fit.. I'm not a member she told me the store she bought them at do I need a member ship to exchange them?

Posted by Anonymous


You don't need a receipt. As long as you have your membership card, they will give you a full refund. Then, you can buy your sister-in-law her size.

Posted by Blossom

Costco has the best return policy in the universe! Yes, Aileen, you can return the purex laundry detergent. They will gladly give you a full refund.

Posted by Bob

So many people are asking questions that can be answered by picking up the phone and calling your local Costco and finding out for yourself. Some of it is pretty self-explanatory, Costco is very clear as to the items which are subject to the 90 day policy. Lift a finger and try to do something for yourself that might involve more than posting a question on the internet!

Posted by Serious Nut

Just wanted to let the Costco Canada tire customers to know that if you have dry rots and side wall cracks by UV under the 60 months tires warranty is worthless.They will not replace,no refunds, or prorated the tires for any adjustment. The warrenty is automatically void and are worthless even you have 12 months & plenty of unuse treads left remaining in the warranty and the original receipt. It is NOT part of the tires or rubber defects from the tire manufacturer at fault as the Costco Tire service manager said to me. Thanks for the reality experience "Costco". How do you like them apples folks?

Posted by Aileen

I bought a purex laundry detergent in May. I noticed it didnt make suds during wash cycles and clothes did not smell clean after wash. I even added more detergent on my next 2 washes, and lesser amount of clothes but the same effect. CAn I return the detergent? Thanks.

Posted by Sick boy

I bought a mattress at Costco about 5 months ago and now my back aches and have countless sleepless nights ! Can I return it or exchange for a better quality?

Posted by Kim

I bought one of those pulse light guns that is supposed to permanantly get rid of hair 1 yr and 1 mth ago. I still have receipt & original packaging. Im going to try to return it now. It didnt work. The instructions say to use it every 2 wks about 5-8 times. Ive used it about 10 xs on legs & underarms. No results whatsoever. So then i thought that since i have so many blonde fine hairs maybe it just turned the coarser darker hairs into that. So then i used it every 2 wks on my sons back that looks like an ape (for 8 mths) it did absolutely nothing. Even tho u can smell burnt hair, feel the sting of the light & get a red spot on your skin it just didnt get rid of any hair or even slow down the growth. Dont buy one of these, they are a joke for $150

Posted by Onions making me cry

My dad bought a bag of onions and it had mold and the day after another one sprouted. I called and asked if I could return it but I was not the membership holder they said yes as long as I had the receipt and the member number. So I went and guess what they said NO the member has to return it they even called a manager to tell me the same thing all I want to do is return a bag of unuseable onions it was bad the day dad bought it! Frustrating when I get conflicting information. So who is right? The person on the phone or the employees at the store?

Posted by mamazelle

I see alot of questions posted. Are they answered??

Posted by Mickey

I was just wondering if anyone will be able to help me out or point me to the right direction..i brought a Tommy coat for my sister in law and she cant fit it and i cant find the receipt to go and change it to a different size..what and how should i go about in that.i only got it last Tuesday.

Posted by csholland18

I filled a prescription at Costco and after talking with my doctor, found that it is $500 cheaper at Walgreens.

Posted by L.Shade

I have about 9 boxes of diapers from Costco that are the Kirkland brand. I ended up with a lot of diapers from the baby shower 4 months ago.I went to Costco to simply do an exchange for larger sizes. They wouldn't do it unless I had the member number. I had 58 guest to come to the baby shower, a lot from out of state. Multiple people bought Kirkland diapers. I had more boxes than just this 9 left. I don't want to return just exchange for a different sizes! So now I have to track down everyone from the shower to see who bought Kirkland diapers and if they are willing to give me their guest number. Each of the 9 boxes has to be traced to the the member that bought it! This is ridiculous! Their return policy is crap! Never dealing with Costco again!

Posted by Happy costco shopper

I bought an outdoor security light about a year ago. It was supposed to be water proof but it got wet inside anyways, frying the wiring. I didn't have receipt or box, just took it down, placed in plastic grocery bag, returned to Costco and got a full refund. Very happy. Glad my house didn't burn down.

Posted by Bella

Thank you Clackamas Costco!
Outstanding customer service from team and leadership.

Posted by Ashley

I love costco return because I bought pants that doesn't fit me sometimes and they refunded me right away. Sometimes I forgot to return and it has been with me like 4-5 months and when i return it they still take it back and refund it with courtesy. I buy almost everything at costco and i love their customer service at brandywine, md.

Posted by Tired

Returned two recently bought household items during incredibly busy time only to find that the price credited me was not the price paid plus coupon amount was deducted, when no coupon was applied to purchase. So I have to go back to get the $10 owing me? What crap.

Posted by Shaina

I ordered for a dslr cam and haven't received it. Where as it is showing that the order is delivered. I don't understand what to do now.

Posted by Rickdarook

Purchased hp printer office jet 6835 June 2015, hardly used it and now the printer head is defective. Still has original ink and there is about half full. Beware those items Costco sells to get rid of quickly. This printer was on special several times. They just might try to unload defective product to you.

Posted by Rehel

Bought a sweater for 29.99 at Xmas for son in law, my daughter took it back and only got 9.99 because she was
Told the product is no longer on the floor and she only had a copy of the receipt this is crap

Posted by Costco returns are easy

It is simple if you want to return a gift without a receipt. All the employee needs is the information of the member that did purchase the product to look up their membership and locate the receipt. It takes a few extra minutes but it is relatively simple. I've done it a few times now since my in-laws live in another state and they send my child clothes that she sometimes has or that don't fit and we need to get a different size. If the employee says they can't do this they are lying and being lazy.

Posted by tflorin

I am a longtime member and a big Costco fan. I buy almost everything there because of the way they stand by their products. I have three Kirkland Signature suitcases. One of them is broken. I attempted to return it to the North Miami Beach Warehouse where sales manager Jason (he refused to give further identification) refused its return since it was purchased five years ago. When I pointed the sign that guaranteed by happiness for the lifetime of the product, he said "not for five years." When I stated this was a Kirkland product with a lifetime warranty he simply stated that he had no role in honoring that warranty. For the first time in the over 25 years that I have been a Costco member, I am disappointed with the company.

Posted by Anonymous

To me Costco is the best and i love Costco! The return and exchange policy is not bit able.

Posted by Lilithwolf

I'm trying to return a damage TV that was bought at a different store out of state by another Costco member.
But since I don't have the receipt because it was a Christmas gift from my brother, my local Costco will not accept it for an even exchange.

I'm so upset at Costco that their gift returns and exchanges are so restrictive.

I'm lost.

Posted by Kim

I filed a complain with costco returns and exchange. My returned item has been picked up on 11/25/15. I should get my refund 3 days after the item picked up date. Today is 12/28/15 and I have not got my refund yet.

I called Costco twice regard this matter and the agents told me the refund was sent out on 12/11 and 12/18 when I called again. It seem like the date is made up date since it is not the same date when I first called.

I'm a Costco member since 1990 and this is my first return and I truly disappointed.

Posted by Chris

I seriously don't remember how long ago we bought our 2nd recliner from Costco. But within a few months the 2nd one started falling apart like the first one. My husband is not one to take things back. But it is very frustrating that we have to replace it again. Just wanted you to know that they don't seem to hold up.

Posted by Visionaryscribe

My wife bought me a two-year membership with 24-Hour Fitness through Costco for $369.99. Ten months later, we decided that I wasn't cut out for treadmills. So, we got 24-Hour Fitness (after a bit of haggling--I had to talk to a supervisor) to print a cancellation notification. We took the cancellation notification to Costco and Costco gave me a FULL REFUND, plus one penny, rounding off the original $369.99 to an even $370!

Posted by PeeDee

I recently purchased a Sak Handbag on sale in a Costco store. Stitching on the handle is faulty. I have my receipt from purchase of couple weeks ago. I checked store availability and the product is still offered, however it is no longer on sale. As per customer service, I can return the defected handbag and get the sale price refunded. Then, I can purchase the item again at regular price. I learned that Costco refunds, but does not exchange products. Decision to be made is do I pay the additional $10 and get a new one???

Posted by tzutzy

Costco would not accept the faulty item that I bought from them saying that the membership is not active anymore. This is poor company practice - what if I decide not to renew my membership for whatever reason - does this mean that all crap that I buy and does not work I won't be able to return? Very disappointed

Posted by Rona

I bought a printer on. July 7, 2015. Today, I try to print something it tells me- the printhead has trouble. On read on line, it told me the printer need to be repaired. Since I just got it labout 4 months, may I got refund for credit and buy another one. Also I bought refill ink which never been use. May I get refund fot those too

Posted by Wes

I want to exchange a jacket I got as a gift and get a smaller size. Can I do that without original purchaser?

Posted by Anonymous

If the purchase was made longer than three month, but the item (vizio TV) has hardly been used and i still have the box and I do not want the cash just a credit, is it possible?

Posted by princess oko

We bought a microwave 1 year ago and it stopped working. We purchased with amex gold card. Can it be exchanged?

Posted by B Man

We have a dishwasher that was dented. It is stainless and was difficult to see the dent until days after it was installed.

Costco were great at sending a replacement but we are having difficulty with the return as we discarded the original packaging - something that is very common when one moves into a new house and is undergoing lots of renos, hence lots of cardboard hanging about.

UPS is refusing to accept the return w/o packaging

Anyone have any advice??

Posted by JaeHo Choi

I received the bed frame on yesterday.
When I opened the box, I'm so surprised.
Bed frame has problem. It looks broken and stapler on the bed frame. Also, it does not trimming on the frame. I think that this is not a best quality in the Costco. Therefore, I want to request for refund to bed frame. I'm already packing to the box.

Thank you.
JaeHo Choi

Posted by Gilda

If the purchase was made longer than three month, but the item (blentec) has hardly been used and I do not want the cash just a credit, is it possible?

Posted by Blusky

I'm not a Costco member but was given a pair of boots with the receipt as a gift. The boots are too big. Can I return them although I don't have a membership, or does the individual who purchased them need to?

Posted by 111111

Can i return infant formula milk bought 3weeks ago

Posted by TD

I bought a treadmill two years ago and it just quit working - can it be returned?

Posted by Anonymous

Costco has a record of yourink purchase, so no problem getting a refund. If you bought the printer from them, they may refund it too, no matter when you bought it.

Posted by Anonymous

I Can't Locate The Receipt Of Some Hp Ink I Bought. The Box Was Never Opened, Because The Printer Is Broken. I Don't Want To Spend Money Fixing It. Can You Help. They Can Check With The Visa Card I Payed With.

Posted by Kris

To Anonymous from July this year, regarding your COSTCO TRAVEL GIFT CERTIFICATE - If you dont plan to use it, would you be interested in selling that gift certificate to me?
Please let me know at: kristina (dot) bethea (at) gmail (dot) com - I have to write my email this way so it's not picked up by spammer bots. Thanks!

Posted by Whatthehell

Ok what the hell I know someone that brings thing that are over 1 too 10 years old they belive you guys have a life time return policy. You know what they take back no matter what. I see you pick who you want to return. In nyc five towns

Posted by Anonymous

For 7 years I been trying to use a gift certificate from Costco Travel still have not been able to use it. Also they do not offer a refund for the certificate so they hold your money and there is no way to get a refund.

1) Prices are many times more expensive than other places

2) You need to buy packages and cruises

3) Motels and Car Rental (This is a lie you pay the third party is like AAA discount Costco travel does not handle the bookings)

4) Web site is so hard to understand why because they are so limited

5) Limited they sell the packages nothing else, you're out of luck if you need any additional items.

6) Experience what experience this really is a bad experience.

I really dislike working with Costco Travel, it is like you're in a candy shop you see chocolate, gummy bears, jelly beans, toffee all kinds of goodies. You ask the person can I get that he says no we don't sell that we only have marbles (packages). And You're like what.

Tried to return the certificate at the store they don't even know what it is.

Tried to call to get a refund but they do not allow it.

Tried to use it but needs to spend thousands more, I don't have that kind of money to spend.

Posted by Anonymous

Does Costco price adjust items? I bought potting soil at my local costco and I noticed about 15 days later it was on sale for 3 dollars less per bag. This may be considered a seasonal item so I don't know if the rules are different.

Posted by Asea

Can i return merchandise to costco withou a rexiept. I misplaced the reciept

Posted by Lil Red

Purchased a fan @1-2mts ago. Did not have receipt or box. Returned fan which had a broken plastic prom in it. Fan should have lasted longer without plastic breaking. Return went smooth and no problems. They looked up info with Costco card and got refund. Love Costco.

Posted by AC42sailman

I have been to to Costco many times to see a total disregard toward the spirit of their refund policy. People returning 125.00 in food items, only because they bought to much for their party. When told by the clerk they will throw all of this away, the customer said, "Oh I thought you could resell it". I have also seen someone return over 600.00 on clothes because they didn't fit.

Posted by DSB

I have been a member of Costco since the 1980's, and have shopped in various stores in Alaska, Washingt0n, Oregon, Montana and Hawaii. I have never had a problem returning any item, once even without the original box ( a printer) and once without a receipt (that was a Kirkland brand item). They have very generous return policies. Before you buy an item at any store, you should always make yourself familiar with that companies return policies.
I have always experienced great customer service, and my only issue is that they sometimes discontinue an item that I love. I understand that that I might be the only customer who purchased the item on a regular basis, or there were other considerations that caused the store to decide not to carry that item.
But, I truly miss the Rosemary bread from the bakery here in Hawaii. And, I totally fell in love with a product I just happened to pick up (thought my husband might like it, as he is a big fan of spicy foods of any kind). When I went to get more, they didn't have it.
I checked several stores on the island, so wrote a letter to the company that made the product, Something Special. The product is Red Chili Pepper Spread! This stuff is delicious!! The company let me know that at present, Costco is the exclusive distributor of their Red Chili Pepper Spread. Costco carried Red Chili Pepper Spread as a "seasonal fall item" in Hawaii last fall, until supplies ran out around the end of December. We hope you will look for our Red Chili Pepper Spread again at Costco.

In addition, if you would like to see this item carried again or more often in your local Costco warehouse, please drop a suggestion in the box at the Members' Services desk to request item # 446667: Costco loves to hear from their members and they often respond to their requests.

So, if you want to try a delicious product, help me get Costco to stock this product all year. Makes a great sandwhich spread, glaze for meats, etc etc.

Posted by Anonymous

1. Order 3/10/15,$351.05, no confirmation email received, thought it did not go through;

2. Placed another order 3/10/15,$351.05, received confirmation email.

3. Received two orders in one big box and recognized that the 1st order did go through. Therefore, order was returned and completed on 3/31/15 based on UPS proof of delivery record.

4. Today is May 11, 2015, 41 days after the purchased item was returned, but I have not received the refund of $351.05 after I had called Costco twice about this matter and they kept on telling that it will be refunded within 3 to 5 business days.

Need someone in Costco to help me in this case. Thank you very much for your earliest attention.

Posted by JLoveUSA

I find many of these negative comments rather odd and silly to be honest! I have the Costco membership going on 28 years since 1988 as wellI have Sams Club going on 15 years now. I prefer to keep and use both clubs, but have to say I much prefer Costco over anyone else they really have the discount/warehouse biz down to a science and I have never been disappointed in all that time with their products,service, or their very generous return/exchange policy! as well I just love the variety of products stocked over the course of the year and the research and thought the staff puts into what they sell! I cannot say enough good about Costco,Sams as well is very decent I just don't feel they put their heart and soul into the biz the way Costco doest? when I read some of these negative/angry comments I really feel it says more about the person complaining than it does about Costco. in most cases these people seem to trying to scam Costco's system and generosity in some way, at the least they seem to lack plain old common sense, yet want to blame Costco for their unhappiness?? is every single item they sell without flaw? of course not! are most of the items they sell good quality at great pricing? YES!! IF you have a bad experience with a product just bring it back in a timely manner and preferably save your receipt and you will have NO problems at all when you simply follow the Costco return/exchange policy as written, and even without a receipt 9 of 10 times even without it they treat you better than most other retailers!!

Posted by PK

I've purchased fresh flowers many times at Costco. The selection is good and the flowers are fresh, plus you can pick thru and chose the ones that you want. I've always been pleased. I like picking up flowers at the same time I make a grocery run and Costco has a better value for the amount you' get.

Posted by PK

I've been reading these reviews about Costco and I find it amusing! If you read carefully it's apparent that 99 percent of negative comments about Costco are customers that have tried and failed to rip off Costco! We've been members for many years and I cannot remember one time that we've been treated badly when making a return. I say GREAT JOB COSTCO! Our Moto is if Costco doesn't have it, we probably don't need it.

Posted by Craig in Maui

Costco rocks. Great company, running a valid business, helping the community a ton!

Posted by Smart5

I recently purchased a nova foam pro back mattress and it's HORRIBLE! I've never had back pain in my life (28 yeats old, 3 kids and I do landscaping for a living) Ivery never experienced back pain until now. Every day is worse than the previous day. Some days u can't even stand up straight. Worst purchase of my life. I've had it 6 months or so and finally called today to see about returning it and thankful they will refund me. This is a warning message to anyone considering the Costco pro back mattress. It's terrible. If you love back pain you'll love this bed.

Posted by Ezpg12

Hi my name is Paul Gallagher. Im a regualar at costco. I recently started buying my protein powder from costco and was very pleased the first time. Muscle pharm, cookies n cream was the brand and flavor. Anyway i just restocked a couple of days ago and i believe i have a bad batch or something. Bad taste, different color, and its not blending well at all. I havent changed anything in the way i prepare it. I made 4 different shakes to try and see if i would have better luck but none.. Was wondering i brought it back if i could get another one of either the same flavor or possibly exchange for another brand.

Posted by Anonymous

On 2/13/15 at about 1:15pm, the Lawrence expressway location,CA, refused to take back an item bought at the warehouse! I had the receipt, it had been a while but it was never worn and cost was $25.00. I am an executive member and spend enough to get a big check back every year.
Today these two young girls said they do not carry the item so they cannot sell again! Really?! They need to read the return policy again. This is ridiculous!
In the last year, I also noticed that Costco is not as discounted as it used to be...

Posted by Skipper

I bought a mattress at Costco, it is horrible ! Only had it 6 months and springs are broke plus it is so uncomfortable I can't even sleep on it. Over the years I have purchased many mattress for the whole family at different company's and I have to say Costco is the worst

Posted by FiveStars

I have been a memeber for well over 15 years and have no complaints. Recently after getting home from COSTCO I noticed I was missing a bag of shrimp and I had paid for it according to my receipt, I returned to the store a couple of days later with my receipt and honestly can not say what happened to my purchase but I was allowed to get another bag of shrimp no question asked. I have return a number of products mostly jewelry never had a problem. I know people try to play return policies bringing back items even a year later they make it more expensive for all of us. While the vast majority of COSTCO personel are diligent and helpful employees I am sure they have a few who are not but show me where all the employees are? For me COSTCO is heads above all the retailers I have done business with.

Posted by Anonymous

I COMPLETELY disagree with everyone who says it is a pain to return a gift to Costco (without receipt. I returned a movie that i received that i already had, i didn't even have a costco membership and they gladly put the money onto a gift card. YES the cash would have been better, but let's get things straight, it was a GIFT, i'm sure you could find something useful throughout their store to purchase.

Posted by vaniceg

I received a gift from costco now im being told i cant refund it without a Receipt which sucks cause it was a gift from adopt a family just trying to exchange not get money...costco i really prefer a regular store like target...

Posted by Darwin

I phoned the Costco in Medicine Hat AB to get a price cheque on a TV After a long wait on hold the sales manager answered. She was a snooty cow after being on hold for 15 min she told me store policy does not allow them to give merchandise on the phone. I'm not a local and have two hours to travel to this Costco as If I'm going to drive two hours to get a price check !! Probably won't be bothered driving two hours to renew my membership with Costco after this experience !!!

Posted by Urdoodoo

Retail law is set up to protect the company. For the people who take advantage of a company and it's unwillingness to abide by them are people who shoul be ashamed mead of themselves. Really with out a receipt. Might as well steal from them.

Posted by Anonymous

Current return policy is good only if you purchase the items. If it is a gift from a friend or family member, it is a nightmare. Costco needs proof of purchase in order to proceed for the return. This policy assume the purchase is invalided or maybe the item is stolen. You will need to have your friend or family member's Costco membership # to validate the purchase. Costco cannot even provide a gift recipe at this moment. I will be asking myself why should I buy any more gift for my family member if they cannot go to return the item freely. Why should they need to go through the hassle with Costco. To prevent criminal activity should start from prevention and system, not assuming ordinary people as criminal.

Posted by Lucy

No store is perfect!
Our Costco has been great accepting returns!

Posted by ALISI

COSTCO is the greatest store!! You don't need your receipt. Everything is in their computer and they WILL take it back. I love this store soooo much that I call myself a "COSTCO GIRL". COSTCO is by far THE BEST store to do business!! They may have a 90 day return policy on some electonics like computers and televisions.... but how about backing up a one year waranty with two additional years. I LOVE COSTCO!!

Posted by CrashMon

I purchasdd one of those gigantic bean bag chairs from costco approx. 2 years ago tthey chair was the type that the memory foam was suppose to mold around your body. It never did that and its junk it virtually looks brand new I dont have the receipt but someone told me they would likely return it. Would costco return this item?

Posted by Anon

Almost every time I make a return to the Tigard, OR Costco, they treat me like a criminal, usually for items between $10-$20.
I had the worst customer service experience today with Christina. She refused to listen, repeatedly cut me off when I tried to explain the mistake she made, and accused me of lying. Over $15 of defective printer ink refills. Honestly, it was almost comical!
I don't know why this Costco is so hostile about returns. The company boasts about its fabulous return policy with a huge sign right on the wall next to merchandise returns, but this particular employee clearly does not understand this company policy or her role in customer service.

Posted by markevansk

... purchased defective tires from Costco, check CA law on warranties, and realized Costco warranty policy on tires is not within the confounds of the law. I was able to receive a complete refund on my tires at Costco and this is why I will still shop there and gave two-door car, then drive the old tires back to the Costco finally returning home. The gas expenses associate with this transaction is large... from a workweek in order to replace tires under warranty. I will incur an expense prior to anticipation of a secure product exchange, and will incur excess...

Posted by Donovan

... of other companies and look at their renewal rate and return policy. With 91 billion $ in sales, again, do your homework ... on food and only 14% mark up on electronics. Costco brings a replacement to a product that is equal or better than the first.They can only have 4'000 items at a..., discover, or mastercard, those cards want 2% to run the card. At 91Billion $ and not getting a break on the processing fee, THOSE other cards must be too big to fail.LOL Why does Opra and all the other ... be happy even if you gave the store away to them.Costco will refund your membership fee at any time some one is ...

Posted by Betty's Brain

I returned a mattress to Costco. I was told in early August that the check had been mailed. When it had not arrived a few weeks later, I was told that it should arrive in the ... that they are not going to answer the call.) I try to email them, and I get a message that the server cannot connect with costco. So they kept the mattress, but won't give me the refund. I am looking into criminal charges (theft by deception) or civil damages (consumer fraud).

Posted by Paulette Chaves

... second time emailing my issue. I shopped at Costco, Victorville, Ca on 10/26/12. Tran When I arrived home I noticed that I was charged twice for item #402463 Systane Ultra ... how that happened. I would like to have a refund for the excess charge but want this first documented ...

Posted by kallen

.... Very poor quality. 3. I requested an exchange only on the table from instead of a complete return. 4. The shipping company came at ... saying I would be charged for that second table for my "refusal to give back the damaged table". 6. I contacted ...sent to me stating that my new table would be delivered in 2 days (3rd table). I do not need another ... set up a time tomorrow to pick up my damaged table. I still refuse to disassemble it...that is NOT my responsibility.... and told them to go ahead and still deliver the 3rd table and to discard my demand to ...

Posted by ak

... that it is covered under costco warranty. it stopped working, and I went to return to costco at Overland ... extremely rude way that they won't return this since its 2 years old, and since... they have decided not to do any more returns for me. Is this the costco policy...

Posted by Crystal my receipt and sure enough I had been charged full price of 36.99. I got the attention ...above an entirely different product. She offered to do a refund and I asked that she just perform the price ...consumer when signs are not placed in the correct position and that the store should have the courtesy to price adjust for their ...yesterday to consumers who did not notice the full price was charged and therefore they were taken advantage of.... member instead because it is quite obvious that my relationship with Costco is not as important to you as it is to me and your policy is to lose future business...

Posted by mtlroses

I went to buy a sofa i fell in love with at Costco and they informed me there was only ONE left in a store quite a ways ...and they couldn't reserve it. I had to go down in person. So i went, got it, paid for it and arranged to have it delivered. (not a smooth process by the way) A WEEK later they call and say - actually we dont have it, you need to come back to THIS store for a refund. I tried calling every Costco in the area in the hopes of finding another one (even a demo) and most...

Posted by Sandra Jones to cancel her membership. Your person in charge of cashiers today (June 3rd,2012, ... your miserable little manager, confiscated her card from me, stating "we don't know how you got this card", and she has to be with you. When I tried to explain to ... herself, he said we could pay to be added to her card (we would never do that since your store is a rip-off), he kept her card and said she had to come back... can to get her to cancel and get a refund (she renewed effective 6/1/2012), and tell... found the items for less money. I will never step inside another Costco store, and I have told...

Posted by Mike in Hillsboro

... it said use or freeze by May 28th. I immediately returned to the store and brought the problem to the attention of customer service. They gave me my refund on the card and said this doesn't happen often. ... No problem. I felt that it was a problem and told the person in charge that there is a trust issue any time a ...