Columbia Sportswear Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Columbia Sportswear below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Columbia Sportswear so others can benefit from what you learned.

Columbia Sportswear Return Policy

Products can be returned for a refund within 30 days of the purchase date. Any clothing items, including footwear, must be returned unworn and in original condition. Any tags found on the product must remain attached.

Items can be shipped by using a carrier of the buyer's choice. The original shipment includes a pre-printed label and return form that should be included with the item being returned. Customers are responsible for paying any shipping charges for products returned to Columbia Sportswear. For added security, it is strongly recommended to use a shipping method that is traceable.

Once the returned item has been received, it will be inspected to ensure that it is in original condition and an email will be sent to the buyer. Purchases made by debit or credit card will be refunded within 3 business days.

Items that were paid for with a Columbia Sportswear Company gift card, as well as gift returns, will be refunded through a merchandise credit. Processing and issuing this credit may take up to 15 working days. Columbia Sportswear Company merchandise credits can be used online or at any Columbia Sportswear store or outlet

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Posted by John

They charge for the return shipping so if you bough a pair of gloves and if they did not fit. Well guess what your are out of $6.00 dollars.

Posted by HotnMinn

I bought a hoodie that was on sale for $44.00; then a few days later I saw the exact, same item on sale for $35.00. I called to see if they'd adjust the price and was quickly and curtly told they don't adjust prices. I was going to purchase the item again, at the lower price, but when I saw they would charge me $6.00 for return shipping, it wasn't worth it. Lesson learned but I won't get burned by Columbia a second time. Very unhappy.

Posted by Anonymous

Want to unsubscribe. Bought boots 2014 two seasons only on boots . Left boot is leaking. Not a very good guarantee.

Posted by

I bought this for my daughterr for Christmas. Beautiful coat but not quite her style. If the coat was my size I would have considered keeping it!

Posted by Anonymous

Love the coat, but medium, which I wear in any other brand, was way too small

Posted by Jerry

Tried to return a pair of gloves. Got the return label and tried to print Columbia was the size of 8.5" page and no way to reduce it Columbia was no help. I join those who would never shop at Columbia again.

Posted by elorac

If you want to keep your store open you should do something about your return policy. Your web page is confusing and you should pay for the return. I was left feeling that you do not value your customer base.

Posted by BOO BOO

Guess I Should Have Read Reviews Prior To Ordering. Sounds Like Everything Columbia Makes Runs Too Small. I'm Stuck With A Pair Of Hiking Shoes I Looked At Forever. Finally Broke Down And Ordered Them. I Have Bought Shoes From All Other Companies And Always Fit Size 9 M Always.
But, Columbia Makes Them Smaller. No More Columbia Products.

Posted by No longer a fan

KNOW THE RETURN POLICY BEFORE BUYING!!! I am extremely surprised at the return policy of Columbia! Now that I know that I have to pay to return an item that was clearly not as described online, I will not be ordering from them again. Don't try to be an "exclusive" store, if you don't plan to treat your customers well! Even Wal-Mart gives better customer service, and their things are reasonably priced!

Posted by Elena

Hoodie was too small, expected a medium young adult not youth sized

Posted by Bbb

I wanted to return what I just bought because it is one size bigger yet i am scared because of all the reviews of the returns in columbia

Posted by Sonya

I order a Columbia coat in a extra large however it's runs very small
I would Like to know what can I do to exchange it for a bigger size or a refund

Posted by greenpalmtree

I ordered your full legnth lightweight coat with down. I really liked it but I failed to notice the sides. It had some type of elastic sides which is why I'm returning it. I wanted a coat that would keep my whole body warm including the sides. I don't feel this particular coat would do that. So, I'm sending it back. Other than the sides I liked the coat. Thanks.BFQ

Posted by Disappointed Consumer

This is without question the most convoluted return process I have encountered. I have purchased items from Patagonia, Lands End, L.L. Bean and others, and have never been required to contact the company for a return address. What about including a return label with the purchased items simply for the convenience of the customer? Now that's a novel thought!

The first customer service representative I was connected with said, "Hello," I then responded in kind and she then hung the phone up. Professionalism and courtesy at the Columbia Sportswear return department is obviously is not a pre-requisite for employment.

This will be my very last purchase from Columbia Sportswear!

Posted by Anonymous

I am returning a Mighty Lite Hooded Jacket that I had purchased as I gift. I have since learned the gift recipient had bought herself a similar jacket, and will have no need for this one. My concern is that other than the label that I will put on the outside of the package, I could find no other informational order inside the package. I hope that this will not cause a problem.

Posted by Thalia

i had bought a jacket too small and need to exchange for bigger size

Posted by Anonymous

Pay for shipping both ways. $12 learning curve. Never again.

Posted by Anonymous

Seriously bummed to see all the bad returns comments. I bought 4 pairs of pants and 2 don't fit. Hopefully my return ticket won't cost me much because from what I have read so far, exchanges are a huge headache. Wont buy from Columbia again.

Posted by Anonymous

Never ordering from Columbia again. I do not understand why I have to pay for a return. That is completely ridiculous. Or I have the option of driving to the nearest Columbia store.... which is 2.5 hours away.... this is a flipping joke. Also, you cannot do a simple exchange. Wish I knew all of this before I ordered them. Thanks Columbia for nothing!!!

Posted by Jim

I have to pay to return defective item back to Columbia. Ridiculous.

Posted by annonymous

Will NEVER buy from Columbia again!! Like others, I found they are totally unreasonable when it comes to returns. Purchased 2 coats, 1 online and 1 in an outlet store as Christmas gifts for people living in another state. Neither fit properly and had to be returned by them. Credit card used on both and both payments had cleared. They will not give money back and want credit card to refund, which they obviously don't have since it was a gift. They only want to give them store credit and there is nothing there they want. I have never heard of such a policy. If you send it back you have to pay shipping, which is absurd. Any reputable company pays for return shipping and doesn't make it impossible to return items in store. From reading reviews they've lost many customers, and it will continue until they make some changes.

Posted by Anonymous

Will never buy from here again. They won't pay for return postage like most companies. Found the same coat $40.00 less from a sporting goods store on line. Stay clear of ordering from here.

Posted by Uncle Buck

Terrible a big company can't pay for the return postage. That's been said enough. However, let's talk about simply wanting to return a wrong size for a sec. The size I want now is out of stock. If it comes available, and the price is changed by then, should I have to pay the difference? B/c they are out of stock? Should I not be able to just swap the size even steven?? Which is my next problem. COLUMBIA DOES NOT SIMPLY SWAP THE SIZE OUT FOR YOU. You send it in, tags still on, pay the postage to do so, then they refund your money, and you place ANOTHER order, for that size they were out of. One extra unnecessary step. Just send me the new size Columbia! Who does this? Your a huge company! SWAP the size straight up, like every known major retailer known to mankind. I ll send you the old size, tag still on, with a tracking number I paid for, you send me the new size. Bam!! Done! Re-order? Why? Take a lesson from Zappos!!

Posted by Madashell

Will never ever,buy from Columbia sportswesr Again,there return policy sucks,no prepaid return label had to pay $36.30 to return an item it isn't right pls don't buy anything from this company

Posted by Devyani

I purchased a pair of snow shoes and after using them I found out they weren't waterproof. I want to replace the shoes or want a refund on them


Bought what I thought was a really nice jacket. Shortly thereafter, the zipper fabric came loose from inside the seam. Took it back, but no luck. Have to spend a bunch of time and money to return it, so I took it to two seamstresses. Both said the jacket could not be fixed. When I told them Columbia's return policy they were flabbergasted as am I. NO MORE COLUMBIA PURCHASES FROM THIS HOUSEHOLD. Save the headache go to Dicks, REI, Cabela's, Fred Meyer. ANYWHERE, BUT COLUMBIA

Posted by Fool Me Once

Purchased a pair of size 10 men's Columbia flip flops to replace... a pair of size 10 men's Columbia flip flops. New items are way too tight. Spending the "tuition" in return shipping charges and chalking it up to a valuable lesson learned -- DON'T SPEND MONEY ON COLUMBIA PRODUCTS. Fool me once; shame on you. Fool me twice -- not going to happen. There will not be a second opportunity.

Posted by schemara

You suck, Columbia. Greedy company won't pay for return shipping and doesn't have a store to return to, so now I have to LOSE money to return this to you. Never buying anything from Columbia again.

Posted by Anonymous

Worst return policy....if anybody is buying and clothing don't fit,you have t pay return shipping.


Posted by Elsie

I was absolutely appalled that I had to pay $18 to return a jacket I did not like!

Posted by allyson

First off its ridiculous that you have to pay out of pocket too return items, ordered 2 of the same item cause i was unsure of sizing, had to pay postage to send back only to get store credit which doesnt make sense considering it says online purchases can be returned within 60 days which my return was. Between paying for original shipping, paying to ship back idont want to buy another item there again which will cost me more in shipping which basically voids my refund anyway

Posted by PFW

My Columbia boots WERE made in China - which is unimportant. What IS important is that after being worn less than 40-50 times in fairly "gentle" conditions, the rubber uppers are disintegrating - BIG time. Huge gaps. The leather uppers are just separating from the rubber. I'm sending them back in the box that my new North Face boots came in - - just to make a point. My North Face boots are clearly better-made - and they're much warmer too.

Posted by Anonymous

Never buying anything from Columbia again!

Posted by countrycurt

Wore out 2 great pairs of Columbia 'Titanium' winter boots, disappointed to see they are no longer available . Bought what looks exactly like them (@ $150) same size and the fit is tight in the right, and slightly too snug in the left. Should not have taken the chance to mail order due to return shipping policy. On to another company.

Posted by Anonymous

Variation in size. I ordered the Techsun 3 men's sandals in the same style, color & size that my husband has but they are too short, his toes hang over the end. Now I have to pay shipping to return them. I can't reorder cause unsure of size now. Will not be ordering from Columbia again.

Posted by chuck

waders leaked first day out shipped back nothing but runaround on return product are cheap made and warranty is a joke no more Columbia or gander mountain for me

Posted by jim

Re: Fact It's A Real Possibility Your Boots Were Made In China Anyway ! Columbia Sportswear Does Not Manufacture Within The U.s. And Does Not Support The U.s. Work Force. And Yes Tommy, You Are Correct......columbia Sportswear Is Over Rated And Over Priced !

Posted by tommy6825

I bought a pair of hiking boots manufactured by Columbia Sporting Goods. The soles started separating from the leather uppers in just a couple of weeks. I sent them in to be replaced and they (Columbia) refused to warranty them even though they were nearly brand new.... products are over-priced, and they claim to have "no problem returns." They lied. I might as well have bought a "No .... Don't buy any over-rated, over-priced products from Columbia Sportswear...they do not warranty them as advertised.