Chipotle Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Chipotle below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Chipotle so others can benefit from what you learned.

Chipotle Return Policy

If you are not 100% satisfied with a purchase made through the Chipotle Store, a refund or store credit will be issued if the return is made within 15 days of purchase. All returns must be authorized by the Chipotle customer service team and must be made through the customer service portal.

Returns will not be accepted at any Chipotle restaurant locations. Chipotle is not responsible for any return freight expenses, nor is Chipotle liable for lost packages without proof of delivery to us. We will not accept for return Chipotle merchandise that was not purchased from the Chipotle Store, including promotional items or giveaways.

Chipotle will only accept items for return that have not been used, worn, washed or damaged. Returns must include all original packaging.

To initiate a return, submit a Support Request Form to our customer service team who, once the return is approved, will email you a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). This RMA must be included with your return shipment. Once your package is received by us, and assuming the conditions set forth above have been met, it will take two to four business days for us to issue a credit.

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Posted by Anonymous

I Placed A Mobile Order And I Never Got My Refund I Even Contacted Customer Service Thsi Is Very Bad Customer Service To Just Take Our Money And Not Consider How The Business Is Running Thanks To Your Clients! I Want My Refund For Not Ever Picking Up An Order That Was Placed And Charged For.

Posted by David

I put in a order but did not pick it was at the wrong location

Posted by Trayveon Hamell

I ordered a burrito. I was charged for the burrito. The order was canceled before i could pick it up. I would like a refund

Posted by Molly Davis

We ordered to the wrong location so we called and canceled the order

Posted by Martha

Hello this is Martha, I had done a online order for two bowls around 6pm on 01/02/17, I told my boyfriend to pick my order up since I wasn't able to walk down to our local chipotle, he then told me he wasn't going to make it on time,I then called back for my refund and I was told I can't get my refund over the phone I was charge $18 and I didn't get my food.

Posted by Steven

I ordered online with my debit card and got charged 19.49. I go to pick up my food and was told that there online system is down, so I had to pay again. How do I get my 19.49 back from the online payment?

Posted by Chelle2464

I ordered online with my credit card . It kept saying an error and could not process my order . Now it is on my credit card and I was charged .

My son picked up the order and they told him to pay 16.00 but the online order worked so he should not have been charged . How do I get the 16.00 refunded ? I was overcharged .

This was at the severna park md location

Posted by Cece426

Hello this Carla weaver I was at chipotle 11452 Euclid ave, Cleveland Ohio and was very dissatisfied, my steak bowl and my chicken bowl white rice was not done at all it was extremely hard and crunchy.I tried calling several times and thy didn't answer.I couldn't go back I was at work. I never had this problem before, I'm very upset because I was hungry and really enjoy chipotle but with this service and chipotle not answering calls. Is not right.,I would like a refund or two more bowls my next visit. Thank you

Posted by Trublue

Made 1 online order at 12 pm for chipotle at the Polaris chipotle in Columbus Ohio. Got there at 12, they didn't even make it by the time I got there had to wait to get my order to be made. When they did make it, it was 12:10 and skimped out a lot on it. What's the point of using the app?

Posted by Nole229

Placed an order for a burrito, chips and a drink..The order was prepaid but when I went to pick up the order I was informed that they were out of chips but could not refund me for what I paid for them. Terrible system and will not be returning to this poorly run restaurant

Posted by Help

I can't find anyone to help me fix a mix up. I ordered on the app to the wrong address. I called the store and they said to call 800 Chipotle which I do and they say they are only for catering. They tell me to go online and "take to us" and there is nothing that matches up with my issue.

I ended up purchasing a second meal at the right location and just want a refund from the location I didn't pick my food up form.

Posted by Anonymous

Went to chiloltle today the rice was so salty we couldn't even eat it the worse we've ever had.

Posted by janet

Hi I ordered on my phone app today a chipotle bowel and it was very mushy (wet) and sloppy, they over did it with the sou creamand cheese and very little meat.....I was very disappointed, they even forgot my guacamole......