Canon Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Canon below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Canon so others can benefit from what you learned.

Canon Return Policy

Doing E-Commerce With Canon

Items are sent back to Canon for many reasons, such as overstock balancing, miscellaneous returns from retailers, suspected misoperation, and a little bit of damage to the package.

Items that are reconditioned have to pass an extensive quality insurance inspection prior to being packaged for the last time and being sent out. Proper function and cosmetic inspections are done by skilled Canon technicians so that every reconditioned item meets operational specifications and stringent cosmetic standards that they have created.

Look through the Canon's online store of reconditioned items by clicking on the Refurbished Products link in the Special Offers area of the Canon Online Store homepage.

Order Support

Check Order Status and Tracking

To look at your order status and order details, click the Order Status link and put in your order number, last name, and the billing zip code.

If you have a Canon account, you can log into your Canon account to review the date and time that the order was made, order number and status, and total charges for orders made within the past two years.

By choosing an order number, you may look at what you ordered and the tracking numbers for the products that have been sent to you. The tracking number links directly to the shipping/tracking information on the Fed Ex website.

Emails About Your Order

After an order has been submitted, they communicate by email to keep their customers up to date on what is going on with their orders. Customers get updates at the email address that they used to make a Canon account or to place the order. Communication about the order could include, but it is not limited to:

  • Order Receipt
  • Back order Notification Email
  • Shipping Confirmation
  • Shipping Delays

Find Your Order Number

The order number, which a customer may need for status and for tracking their purchases, may be located in the following places:

  • Order Receipt Page (when they finish placing the order)
  • Order Status Update Emails
  • Orders in Canon Account

Reordering Made Simple

If a customer already has a Canon account, this element makes it quicker and simple to buy authentic Canon Supplies and Accessories that they have bought before. They may maneuver to the Easy Reorder Page by signing onto their Canon account.

On the Easy Reorder page, they may look through a list of all items that they may have bought before. They can enter the value of every product that they have bought from the Canon Online Store from their Canon Account.

Put the amount of every product that you would like to buy again in the Reorder Field. To forever get rid of the product from the Easy Reorder process, click Remove.

To add a product to the list, they have to at first buy the product from the Canon Online Store while using their Canon account.

Click on "Add to Cart" to start the checkout process.

Special Offers and Promotions

The Canon Online Store makes it easy to use special offers, promotions, and discounts.

To use a promotional offer that needs a promotional code, find your promotion code in the email or pamphlet. Find the item that goes with the promotion and put it in your shopping cart.

On the shopping cart page, put in the promotion code in the box on the left side of the page and click "Submit." Their system will recognize the code and a "More Info" button will appear with information about the promotion.

All discounts and offers will appear in the shopping cart. There is a limit of one promotion code per transaction. If the customer has got more than one promotion code offer, they will have to make more than one order to use every offer.

For the latest discounts and offers, click on the Promotions link on the homepage.


The Canon Online Store will take for exchange or return, damaged items or products that have not been opened at the Canon Online Store, as long as it is within these exceptions and timelines: All products brought back to the Canon Online Store has to be in the packaging it came in and all the items that it came with (cables, manuals, etc.), accompanying the item and a copy of the invoice/packing slip has to be put in the package to qualify for exchange or return. The shipping and handling fees from the original order will not be given back to the customer, except if the item is determined by the Canon Online Store, with their sole discretion, to be not in good condition.

Exceptions to Return Policy

CD-ROMS that are not damaged and instruction manuals can be not exchanged or returned.

If a customer wants to return an item a custom-made set of items from Build Your Bundle, all bundle products have to be sent back all at the same time.

The costs of the shipping and handling will not be given back to the customer, except if the item is determined by the Canon Online Store, with their sole discretion, to be not in good condition.

Time Frame and Shipping Instructions for Returns/Exchanges

Every return and exchange has to have a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. To return or exchange broken or unopened items, customers have to get an RMA number within fourteen calendar days of the date that the order was delivered to the delivery address and send back the product to the Canon Online Store within the allotted time of the date the RMA number was given out by the Canon Online Store.

The Canon Online Store address may be located on the peel-off label on the packing slip. To obtain an RMA number for returns or exchanges, call the Canon Online Store toll-free at 1-800-385-2155, from 8:00am - Midnight ET, Monday through Friday, not including holidays.

The RMA number has to be plainly written on the exterior of the shipping package. They suggest that customers send product that they are sending back through Fed Ex, UPS, or another delivery company that gives out tracking information and insurance, due to the fact that the Canon Online Store will not be held accountable for returns that get misplaced or harmed while being shipped.

They will not take back any returns or exchanges after the return period is over. Customers need to look at their items Limited Warranty. Extended Service Plans are available for most hardware items. Please go to the Service and Support area of their website at: for more information.

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Posted by Maury Mitchell

I have tried multiple times to reach customer service to return a camera that my daughter wanted for xmas. Each time I've been on hold for periods of up to 25 min plus. This is the worst experience I've ever had and still haven't been able to get through to anyone to get an RA number. This shouldn't be this difficult. I would love to know if anyone else has had this experience. I'm still trying to get through to customer service.

Posted by bart

... issued a service bulletin that stated that they would repair the camera gratis, without warranty limitation. I called Canon, and I was easily and quickly able to get to a rep that ... this point about 5 years old. Not only did they send me a prepaid shipping label, but within one week the camera was returned to me in perfect working condition. They had replaced the imaging sensor, because there had been a temperature related defect in it’s connection to the camera that had gradually caused it to fail. Not only did Canon own up to the problem, but they went way out of their way to resolve ...

Posted by Bill

...still had the issue. She recommended shipping a print head at no cost to me (I am 3 months out of warranty now). I told my wife how happy I was that Canon ...-2011 no main board yet. My Discover credit card arrives in mail. There are 2 separate charges from Canon. 8-15-2011 for $848 and ...If I were to do this to one of my customers, I would refund all the money 100%. I would feel so bad to charge them 1 nickel. I just...would get fired if one of their customers was down for 2 days! 6. I am 3 months out of warranty. I know rules are rules but come on now…. 7. I have now talked to 9 ...

Posted by Anonymous

... service response. My experience has sworn me off any Canon product- EVER. Their products are good - no question. But... lens that has had to be sent in TWICE for repair in the first 90 days. Ok, bad luck but they'll fix it. NOOO. First time it was returned in EXACTLY the same functional state. Second time it was mildly ... being the customer advocate but excellent at putting up a wall for Canon. Same company line, like talking to a tape recorder,...NEW and "should be functioning perfectly" product fixed. POOR, SHABBY and I'm sorry I bought Canon.

Posted by silver870

...sent back the camera, it would be repaired at no charge. I sent it back and then get ...had physical damage, so it's not covered by the warranty. And therefore I would have to pay ...supervisor, I was offered a minimal discount off the repair charge, but it didn't make much of a difference.... company I set up a deal to lease the Canon ImageRunner system because I was impressed by the quality ..., paid for the shipment to be returned, and fixed whatever wasn't working or replaced the item. Here..., I refused the offer and will be purchasing a Nikon replacement camera instead. Thanks for the crappy service...

Posted by umayr

... my camera serviced the callcenter girl told me to get to the Canon office at the BANGKOK City tower (actually she told me .... SHe went like oh we dont cover water damage if parts are not working we replace.. we instead tell you to throw the camera away... u cant fix it and she went NO. And i returned from the canon service center with my 13 year old niece... niece were so happy to see the kings photo displayed with a canon in his hand). 3rdly I will raise this issue with the canon...'ve been less rude. 4th I will ensure that i never buy a canon product form Thailand and will publicize the facts about...

Posted by pviren

... repairs. I was presented 2 options a. Take the printer to the nearest canon service center, where they will fix it. b. Replace the printer with a refurbished one. Since my printer was ... the printer from a Canon service center (they sent me to in the first place) and ship it to Canon. Under their warranty terms:- "If shipping is involved, it is your responsibility to properly package and send the Product (at your cost)...explanation of the problem. A Product covered by this limited warranty will be repaired and returned to you without charge by the ASF." a. It does not mention ...

Posted by Canoned!

... slightly better because at least they apologized for being inept before doing nothing to help. "We'll contact you within 24 to 48 hours" in Canon-speak basically means. Owned the camera for a week and sent it in. Two months later: Nothing. These people make Comcast customer service seem like the place Jesus decided to live when he returned, while he decided that Canon customer service was not going to any paradise he knew anything about.