CVS Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for CVS below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from CVS so others can benefit from what you learned.

CVS Return Policy

Please contact the pharmacy department at our closest store location during store hours, or our customer service division, with prescription-related issues.

Please do not mail prescriptions.

Store Brand Products
All products have a money back guarantee.

Return any store brand product with the original receipt to a CVS store or contact the customer service division for shipping instructions.

Beauty Items
All beauty-related items also have a money back guarantee.

Return any beauty product with a original receipt to one of our stores or contact customer service.

All Other Nonprescription Products
CVS accepts the return of all other nonprescription items to our stores or via mail within 30 days of the purchase date printed on the original receipt.

Refunds of Opened Products
Customers can return any opened nonprescription store brand or beauty product. CVS will issue a full refund of the purchase price without asking questions about the reason for the return. All other nonprescription products must be unopened unless damaged or defective.

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Posted by Anonymous

CVS supposedly has a 100% Beauty guarantee so if you aren't happy with an opened item you can return it. I had my receipt but because I used coupons the cashier treated my refund like i didn't have my receipt and shorted my refund. I wasn't looking to make money off the return- i just wanted the amount of money i actually paid but she didn't give me my full refund. I will shop with Walmart and Target from now on because they don't judge you and they will give you your full refund.

Posted by Doeja

Purchased CVS brand shoe inserts. They are still new and in the package. I have my original sales receipt. I paid $10.79 for them with a visa credit card. I went to return them with my receipt and explain to them I no longer have that credit card it was lost and canceled. Because I no longer have that original credit card they're telling me they will only refund me six dollars because they can only refund me the sale price. That makes no sense, I have my original receipt showing what I paid! The manager Rita Del Gato, was extremely rude and brushed me off. She said that Is our store policy look it up. That's ridiculous and not fair. I have proof that I paid $10 and 79 finance I have my original receipt why does the store get to keep extra money just because my credit card was stolen. I have my ID I have my receipt I want my refund! Nobody is helping me. I called the 800-number I was told I would get a call back in 48 hours that never even happened.CVS is being falsely in Riched I feel that they're stealing my money. Can you imagine how many times this happens overall how much money they're actually profiting off of us? I see this as a possible class action lawsuit. Any attorneys out there interested please call me.

Posted by Judylili

I forgot to use a 10/50 cvs coupon the day before. I go today to edit my purchase and the asistant manager refused to edit my transaction. I never wanted to return the product, i just wanted them to fix my receipt and edit my transaction. It was a perfume by the way, sale is final but nowhere stated on the receipt, i wasn't even warned when i paid. The clerk was very rude to the point of yelling at me. Such harsh customer service CVS has working for them.

Posted by Paul

Before i started to buy some medicines for my family in korea, i asked the employee at the cvs that what the return policy was. I asked because i knew that i had to make some returns just in case i bought the wrong stuff. The employee told me that as long as i have the receipt within 60days, it is returnable. Believing that, i made lot of purchases with no fear. I made some couple of returns and the last return, i was declined. I was told from an employee from cvs that i have to call TRE (The Retail Equation). And they cant do anything about it. When i did call TRE, they pretty much told me i was blocked from returning due to fradulent activity. Someone need to do something about this. Nobody is helping me in CVS

Posted by Shekayher

I wanted to return an item WITH RECEIPT an she said they didn't carry it I had to go to same store I bought from 60 miles from where I live completely frustrating!!

Posted by Intenzeblueyes

While I was able to return my perfume purchase (opened, with receipt), I was told by the Bensalem, PA clerk that I was not going to be able to return a Time Inc Special magazine that I purchased yesterday, because "once books leave the store, I don't think we can return it." I have the receipt, but because I have a migraine from the perfume, I didn't feel like asking for a manager, especially since I waited 5 minutes at the front of the store waiting for this clerk.

Posted by Jakuab9598

Bought expired CVS Abound Mac and cheese. They were on clearance half off. I called the store when I got home, The assistant manager said I could get a refund with receipt, but because the 3rd one is opened (it smells and tastes gross) she refused to refund it. I know it's less than $2 but it's the principle. And CVS has a 100% guarantee on top of that. What should I do?

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to return the CVS brand children's allergy relief medicine but was denied by the local store manager because I did not have a receipt. I was told I his was a corporate policy. I called corporate and they said they would take it bake but it was up to me he store manager and the third party administrator. I walked back into the stores and told the person from corporate to speak to the store manager and they both said they would not speak to each other.

Corporate said it hey would have a district manager call me within 48 business hours. We can take things back without a receipt to all the other place so why wouldn't I take my business elsewhere. My grandson has autism and did not like the taste of the medicine.

Posted by Suzannef

Pharmacist would not replace a non functioning inhaler stating "we will contact the manufacturer and see if they will replace it. It should not take more than 2 weeks"

I have COPD and chronic bronchitis and need my inhalers. I got this inhaler from CVS from a prescription. They sold it to me not the ProAir company!! They should replace the defective inhaler THEY SOLD ME and deal with the ProAir company themselves since that is where they purchased it.

I have Multiple Sclerosis and try to avoid stress whenever possible since it can trigger an attack. I jst left the pharmacy and avoided arguing with the pharmacist. I am just waiting until my attorney comes home from vacation and will let him deal with this. This was store 9299

Posted by Noe

I am a pharmacy tech at CVS and it is a law that if you take a prescription out the door we cannot take it back and cannot give you a refund therefore if you have a question about the price you should question it before you take it out of the store we cannot change a law.

Posted by Anon

As long as the receipt is dated and the meds are not open they can make the insurance adj, talk to the district RX manager and explain it, then call corporate, u should have no prob after that.

Posted by Ted

CVs/Walgreens can find ur receipt in their systems after 11 to 14 days after date of purchase, all u have to do is ask. But some managers don't even know that.

Posted by Anonymous

I just tried to return an unopened Waterpik to the CVS I bought it from and because I did not have the receipt was denied any kind of refund including a store credit. It states that manager approval but I did not even have enough to you to talk to a manager. In fact, the cashier told me that there were no refunds without a receipt no exceptions. I bought this for my husband who just went through tongue cancer treatment thinking that it would be easier on his gums and his tongue and his teeth but was told actually by the oncologist that was not the best choice. I've been shopping at CVS for a long time and have had a care card for a long time and found it very disheartening that they would not even give me a store credit for an unopened item.

Posted by Anonymous

Sent my husband to pick up my son's cingular script. He comes home and says hey do you normally pay 147.99 for his medicine? And of course I told him absolutely not its normally $12 and told him to take it back and make sure they filed our insurance. He takes it back and they said they did not file insurance and so he asked them too and they told him as of Jan. 1st they no longer take BCBS so he asked to return them and they said no because it had left the building. He came back home and I asked him if they asked him about filing his insurance we he originally picked up and he said no he didn't ask me anything. Everytime I picked up in the past they verify my insurance but this time of course they didn't because they are trying to manipulate people now that they no longer take BCBS. Not a happy customer.

Posted by ANJ

Employees do not know about their own services and policies?? It is unsettling! Causes an aggravating issue to the customer as a result. I will not use those services anymore because of it.

Both issues:

Curbside pickup order one time recently and another time after this was me trying to make a return of an item from an online order I had shipped to my home.

Posted by Peggyv

I bought a money gram money order for $180.00 dollars . I took the money order back a few days later.they told me I couldn't not be refunded for the money order . The money order was still blank.I had the receipt to the money order .

Posted by BAS

I went to CVS today in Ansonia, CT to buy some pads for my wife. They didn't have the brand name in stock so I picked up the CVS brand which my wife didn't like so I went back to the 24 hours store after the gym and they told me that they don't do returns after 10pm and I would have to come back in the morning. I said that is ridiculous since they are a 24 hour store and the manager on duty told me to talk to the store manager since it's his policy. She then told me that they're not going to return the pads anyways since we opened the package which made me even more furious. The packaging says "100% money back guarantee" and the return policy states that I can return it even though it's open. I'm going to call the corporate office and the store manager tomorrow to complain. What's the point of upsetting a customer over a $7 item?

Posted by GLW

To SadCVSEmployee: Not all CVS stores/employees are idiots like the one you dealt with. I have found that the CVS near me has no problems with me returning items that I bought using my father's credit card. (he currently isn't driving due to medical issues). Someone suggested callling the CVS Customer Service 800 number, that sounds great, but I would take it one step further: call from the store, explain the situation, and have the Customer service rep talk to the employee. I can't see how the employee would not be able to take the return once CS at headquarters tells them to do it. I had an employee at the local CVS make an exception to their "sale rules" to give me a 1/2 price deal on something that was "buy one get one free" but I only wanted one! He said "Happy customers are the reason that I like workinghere, so I do everything that I can to keep them happy". I wrote to corporate telling what a great employee tht had and to be sure not to lose him.

I know this response is late, but as I said, you just need to find the right person to get the right service.

Posted by Keisha

I purchase a cvs 5 minutes teeth whitening from cvs i used extrabuck to purchase the item. I was expecting a extrabuck back which i didn't get. I try to returned the item and they would not give me the amount i use in extrabuck back only the tax which i used cash to pay.

Posted by Cvs-shoppa

If you have a problem with CVS, DO NOT ACCEPT the decision of some clerk-jerk or dumb manager! The company is very customer oriented if you get past the local jerks. If they give you a problem tell them you're going to report them at 1-800-shop-CVS. Complaints about employees are taken very seriously. If the employee was rude, tell them. People at the Rhode Island headquarters are very responsible and professional. Don't hesitate to call 1-800-shop-CVS!

Their Policy is that if you have a receipt, you can return almost anything within 60 days, except prescriptions and some home health items. Here's a trick: if you have a defective item over 60 days, and it has not changed, buy a new one and return the bad one with the recent receipt. You may be stuck with the item, but at least it will be a working one.

Some of the stories here reported are by people who should've stood up for themselves. CVS is in business to serve its customers. It is well known that they treat their customers much better than their employees. Sometimes employees are treated poorly and they take it out on customers. Your job as a customer is not to accept inferior or poor service!

If a manager is unjust to you, ask for the name and phone number of the district manager. Write down the name of any employee Who treats you poorly.

Posted by SadCVSEmployee

A couple of days ago I tried to return a charger to CVS because it didn't work. I had the receipt and the credit card that was used for the purchase. I was trying to do a favor for my boyfriend's mother who is in the hospital and tried to explain to the cashier that she couldn't return it herself. As a CVS employee, I know the policy is you can return items with a receipt to any CVS location. She gave me attitude because it was purchased at a different CVS. She then tried to I.D. me when I had already told her from the start the situation and why my boyfriend's mother could not make the return herself, and that my last name will not match her credit card. The policy is that you are only supposed to I.D. the person if they do not have the receipt (why would someone with a stolen credit card try to return something anyways). Either way, she called her manager and rudely said "yea she's getting angry" when I was not, and hung up the phone and said, "absolutely not", as if I was doing something wrong. I asked to speak with the manager and she goes "no, why do you need to speak to the manager the answer is no." She was so rude to me that I started to tear up and when I tried to explain to the manager the situation, she said no the person in the hospital has to make the return. I then asked if my boyfriend could make the return since they have the same last name which she replies, "no because they don't have the same first name." I have never been treated so poorly by both an employee and manager and they clearly don't know the policy. I went to a different CVS later that day to try my luck since I know you are not supposed to be rejected when you have the receipt. I had no problem and no questions were asked. I just can't believe how rude this manager and employee was and I will never go back to that CVS. They literally treated me like I was trying to pull something over on them. I was just trying to do someone a favor and I am so embarrassed that they made me cry.

Posted by Kirsten

I did a return on June 19, 2016 at 6:14pm. It was due to go back on my debit card. It is now July 11, 2016 3:45, and there is still no credit issues. I've called customer service twice with no answers as to where my money is at.

Next time, I will DEMAND a Cash refund, because this is ridiculous.

Posted by Just me

CVS is ripping people off with their prices and policies. The attendants aren't getting paid much, so they really don't care about how long the lines are. I personally think they're on some kinda hallucinogen that makes them work in slow motion. I hate every time I have need to go to a CVS. My last experience, I needed use the MoneyGram feature. I asked the teller about it and she gave me Money Orders instead. Then said she could not redeem them back. I'm stuck with a 4 money orders that I cant use. Tried going to a check cashing place, they wanted to charge me 8% on every 100.00. Its always something with these idiots tryin to rip you off. We the customers allow this by continuing to patronize this chain of crooks.

Posted by steve roche

I bought a bottle of red wine priced at $12.99 today, a brand I was familiar with. When I got it home I found it had spoiled, so I called the store first to see if I could bring back the full (but opened) bottle and exchange it for one that is not spoiled. After waiting on hold, I was told that the policy is not to accept returns in this case because I had "opened the bottle after I had left the store". Well, I didn't know I could open the bottle in the store and sample it!! Did you know this? I must try this next time!
ANyway, I am pouring it out, a waste of nine dollars (ok, it was on sale). It really smelled bad, like rubbing alcohol. I have been a steady customer at this location for two years now. Really, you can't drink spoiled wine. I know this because I am an alcoholic and I buy four bottles of wine per week, usually in the $9-12 range. CVS is two blocks from my apartment. I go there every three days for groceries and household items. But I've learned my lesson about returning bad wine. I don't think it's fair however.

Posted by Ron Don

Bought a CVS brand humidifier after an operation. It never worked properly. The receipt was lost. I showed a credit card receipt with a date of the sale and an item # they could have looked up 16 days after the date of the sale. After I asked to return the defective product for store credit, NOPE, no further discussion. I have been a customer for over 20 years.....NO LONGER!

Posted by Vp

I had passport photos taken there and they were rejected so I had to go get them done somewhere else

Posted by Marcia

I purchased a CVS brand facial electrical brush (bateriy operated) and it worked great for 3-4 months then stopped.
I thought it would need new batteries and replaced them. Nothing!
It seems that the problem is with the on/off button, it won't activate anymore.
I have receipt and am trying to return it to a different store as I moved out from the city I was living when I purchased it.
So far, no luck. I was told only the manager can deal with my return and manager is never there.
I'll keep trying.
But seriously?! You buy a CVS brand item to last only a few months?!?! Not reliable!

Posted by Levit Desronvil

I have been a long time customer of CVS. I am surprised that the pharmacist at the front desk refused to accept my return and refund me while I carried my receipt and all other documents to support my claim. The employee was rude with a bizzare attitude. According the instructions, the product in question is dangerous; I am not going to use it.

Posted by Nate larouge

I bought a PlayStation network card for $20 and I purchased it through the machine. I then went home to redeem it and it wouldn't work. I called the pharmacy asking if I could get a refund and they said yes. I then went the next day and they said it was non-refundable. They said I could call the customer service, but they said they were closed. Biggest ripoff ever. Never going to trust them again. I am switching to rite aid.

Posted by Jen

I tried to get help with a faulty asthma inhaler and was told they could not do anything to help and that I would have to call the manufacturer. The pharmacist was seemingly unconcerned with leaving me with a non working inhaler during a dust storm.

Posted by Anonymous

Purchased the CVS brand of liquid drain opener (similar to Drano), but it doesn't work at all. Followed the directions, let the liquid stay in the drain overnight (for tougher clogs and slow drains) and flushed with hot water the next morning, and it was still a slow drain. So I repeated per their instructions, and still nothing. I've used other non-Drano brands and have never had a problem. This product called "Total Home" is totally useless. Ended up buying Drano and worked like a charm! Do not buy CVS brand of liquid drain opener.

Posted by joeydino79

I had 3 Prescriptions ordered for me and I didn't pick them up that day because they didn't have them ready for me. So I had my wife go pick them up for me the next day. The one was nasonex cost $97!!!! I saw it when i got home from work and said OMG thats a lot of money didn't open the box nor did I open the nasonex and my doctor told me i can return it if it was too much money. So I go and try to get a refund and they tell me I can't because it's against the law. The Box is not open and the Nasonex was not opened. Hey CVS their are certain thing that people can't use or it cost too much money and you don't want to give people there money back! You really stink and you rob people blind!!! So what the heck am I going to do with a $97 box of Nasonex that i'm not going to use at all. Hey CVS can you tell me what to do with the $97 box of Nasonex!!!

Posted by Notafan

I tried returning a cvs brand product to the Nanticoke CVS and received nothing but harassment. I had purchased the wrong product for my niece and was buying the correct brand name product. The employee also the night manager was rude and nasty as usual. I ended up having to purchase the correct product and keep the item I was trying to return. Keep in mind I had the unopened product, the correct reciept and it was within the correct return time frame. Although it was a convenient store to shop at, I can purchase the products I need at other stores such as Walgreens, Target and Walmart, to name a few. I also get treated with respect and great customer service at these other stores. From now on I will make the additional travel to the lower cost stores with better customer service.

Posted by Newark, OHIO

Long time customer no more. I tried to return an opened item that I had received for Christmas that was a duplicate of a product I already own. was told before I even finished my sentence that nothing can be returned without a receipt. I frequently purchase from this CVS location but will not return if they cannot at least make an attempt to work with good customers

Posted by VegaKS5

I tried to return an unopened wet jet mop today at CVS in Martinez, CA & cannot believe that because I didn't have my receipt, the manager would only give me half the amount I paid for it before taxes!! Hey! No way, I'm a good customer, I've spent over $300 at that store & im not getting back half of what I paid ($30) so I left w/ mop cause Mgr. was on phone so I didn't get to talk to him! last time I shopped in there I had a question about a candle I previously purchased so I brought one to counter just like it. After discussion was done & I leave store, cashier had put the candle in my bag!! So I went back in & gave it back to her & she was very grateful & acted surprised; it was a big candle & not cheap. So if I can be fair & honest with them, that's exactly what I expect in return, not to be SCREWED BY THEM!!

Posted by Really?

My daughter was prescribed some topical acne ointment. As soon as she read the literature that accompanied the prescription she realized she could not use it. The tube is not opened; the box is not opened. But CVS maintains they cannot return it. The tube of ointment cost $177.00! Really?

Posted by Skibum

As a long time customer I was suprised to learn that when trying to return my digital thermometer without a receipt and thinking I was getting store credit after speaking to a manager before I came only to learn when I got there that of and item is over twenty dollar and you don't have a reciept you are stuck no credit no nothing. DON'T LOSE THOSE RECEIPTS AND IF A GIFT MAKE SURE YOU GET THAT RECIEPT FROM YOUR GIFT GIVER THANKS ALOT CVS

Posted by Privacy matters

You just lost a longtime customer due to the insanity of your return policy and manager; at your Westwood Blvd store (and Wilshire), I asked for a credit for an opened CVS product, which you have a guarantee of satisfaction on. She insisted, because it was a gift and I didn't have a receipt, I would have to provide a California driver's license or Passport to make the exchange. Are you kidding? You also want my thumbprint perhaps to exchange an under 5.00 product? I shop there all of the time; she didn't care. I urgently needed another similar product. when will this big brother State end? You're CVS, not a high security government department. I don't usually carry around my passport as a free US citizen; and I don't hold a California license. I'm still trying to make the exchange somewhere.

Posted by Saimon Mati

The worst experiment I ever had with CVS in Sterling Heights, MI, I asked to return unopened MUCINEX D but the pharmacist refuse to return it and I talked to the manager goes to me like "THOSE KIND OF ITEMS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE" I purchase the item for $18.86 and some where else is for $10 ..

Posted by MadMarie

My Father purchased Munciex D from the pharmacy of the CVS in Dolton, IL on Chicago Rd and 147th for me but took it back for a refund the next day due to I didn't need I ended up going to the doctor and had prescription drugs. Anyway the pharmacist refuse to refund the product excuse was is a narcotic and by law they can't refund, however the product wasn't open and he had his original receipt, lastly only 1 day had past. According to the return policy posted online all the refund requirements were met, yet no refund was given and the Mucinex isn't cheap, it was $31.

Posted by Anonymous

After visiting 2 CVS stores in 2 different cities searching for CVS brand maximum strength probiotics. I was very upset to find they were expired at both stores. I cannot image why a drug store as big as CVS would not pay close attention to something as important as this. This is unacceptable on every level!!

Posted by MiaCristina

My husband purchased three items on his credit card and I went to return these items with the original receipt however I do not have his credit card with me. I understood that because I did not have the credit card with me I cannot receive the credit back to my credit card however I asked for credit to the store. Because she proceeded to tell me that they could not do that and called over the manager and manager gave me an extremely hard time and I had to argue with him for a good five minutes in order to get store credit. I called the customer service line and explain the situation and they said that returns in this form are up to the discretion of the manager. So what happens if a credit card got stolen and you have to cancel your credit card due to it being compromised days after you make a purchase at CVS are you stuck with not being able to make a return? Or will they just give you the lowest price on an item and even though you have the original receipt and is within 30 days? Leaving it up to the discretion of the manager I believe is truly a mistake there should be a defined policy for a return because if it he manager is having a bad day and decides he/she does not want to make that exchange for you then you are out of luck. I truly expected more from CVS.

Posted by JVC

Shift Manager "Carmen" of Store #5855 located at Chestnut Ave. and Main Rd., Vineland, NJ, refused to return items previously purchased at her store. Furthermore, she called the police to have them request that my elderly mother and I "leave the premises," for insisting that she contact her store manager and return the items being presented to her.
She hid in the back room away from the event while the officers and the nice gentlemen "William" at the register discussed the situation with us and what further action/options were available to us.
An extremely cowardly, unprofessional and offensive act on the behalf of "Ms. Carmen."
I am currently in the process of contacting the Customer Service Department for CVS at 888-607-4287 (M-F 8:30 to 7 pm EST) for further assistance on the matter. Further litigation against "Carmen" and the CVS cooperation for violating our consumer rights under the Consumer Credit Act is also being discussed. Completely disgusted with this store's behavior.

Posted by TX444

I hurt my back at work about 2 months ago. I have been getting nothing but the runaround from my employer or from the injury insurance company. It's been so stressful with all the paperwork, lies by insurance co, and losing money every week I was off. I'm back at work because I have to feed myself. After dealing with so many inept people regarding my injury I was so happy that CVS game me a full refund on items I bought to help my back. They did not work, but since Texas insurance for workers is the worst in the nation I decided to get the help I needed myself. The insurance co. and my employer have no clue how their own system and the state's work for injured. I've had issues with the pharmacy in the past, but I want to give credit due to a good employee who was sincere and didn't make me feel like I was scammer. I love working and am back to it, but thinks to getting my refund on my CVS return I have gained some trust back that good people still can be found.

Posted by TJV

Here is what was given me as a fix for my defective inhaler.(no gas charge in it) I was given the phone number for the manufacturer and told "call them and they will probably want you to mail them the inhaler . I think they may either send you a replacement of a slip for another one. My response was "Maybe you could just swap with me for a new one and you give the bad one to factory rep and I go away happy" I have no leverage with someone at a drug manufacturer who could care less about my problem. NOT A GOOD WAY FOR CVS TO HANDLE THE PROBLEM AT ALL.SIMPLE SOLUTION IS AN OLD RULE # 1 "CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT" NICE THING IS EVERYBODY TAKES MY MEDICARE CARD!!!!I no longer need to go to CVS And Wont as soon as my scripts are finished

Posted by KLDASILV

I bought an expensive medicine that had a tamper-proof bottle from CVS. The next day the doctor said we didn't need it. I had a receipt that said "returns excepted with receipt". The pharmacist refused to take it anyway. She was very rude, and sounded like a broken record/robot repeating the same thing over and over, and slammed the pharmacy window closed.

On another occasion the pharmacy manager told me they would take it back, it the tamper proof bottle seal had not been unopened. I asked them how they can verbally change their policy, and that they need to follow their written policy that is on their receipt.

They were very rude. I called their corporate office, and they understood the problem, and then I called my bank to dispute the transaction.

Posted by Pamela Jenkins

My Mother used her checking at CVS in Xenia Ohio, they said they could'nt use her check and could'nt return it to her, they gave her a refund receipt. She went back to get another perscrpition and tried to use her receipt to pay for it. They would'nt- And it was takin out of her Checking,$44.00. What does she do now? Very rude employees at Pharmacy! This is the only store her insurance will pay! I wish she could go somewhere else!

Posted by Faye

January 12, 2014

After having such a terrible experience from meds purchased at CVS Pharmacy .. I took to researching this Teva manufacturer and was confronted with so much negative reports as "Teva's generics are poorly produced in third-world countries and are not the same as their brand-name equivalents. While the main chemical components of their drugs are technically the same, or bio-equivalent (according to the FDA), as the main chemical compound of the name-brand, it is the low-quality precursor chemicals, inferior manufacturing facilities and lack of production oversight that is causing adverse and harmful reactions in consumers that have begun taking generics produced under the Teva Umbrella."

I really want to believe that CVS is unaware of these such revealing reports ... rather than believe that these cheaper brand, lower quality and life threatening meds are prejudicially reserved for the Medicaid recipient, the poor and the elderly ... I don't want to believe that the hearts of CVS could be so cruel to humanity ...

In good management, I often monitor my blood pressure ... and as usual before taking a new refill prescription I also take my blood pressure just before and within an hour after taking my first dose ..

And after taking my first dose of "lot 1308T06 RX # 606246 .. within the hour my blood pressure shot up to 220/120 ... and remained dangerously elevated until I took a previous Diltiazem 180mg of another manufacturer ... which then dropped down to 201/101 .. and further dropped to a safe level through the night ..

It was on 1-10-14, as written by prescription ... I received two bottles of a 90 count TEVA brand Diltiazem ER 180 mg ... my insurance paid for 60 and I paid for the remainder 120 ...

Nevertheless ... more importantly now is rectifying this life threatening health situation ... I can't afford such a financial lost and I don't want to continue to suffer due to a bad batch of medicines ...

And I'm asking that my bad medicine be replaced with a quality manufacturer like Actavis

Judgment is at the door, "as ye have done it unto one of the least, ye have done it unto me" says the King of Kings and Lord of Lords

Posted by RN customer

... my husband was in my van still in a hospital gown heading home and in pain. They sent us to a 24 hour CVS instead who were out of Percocet. I had to give my husband some of my old pain medicine to get him through the night. Horrible service and no caring from the CVS pharmacy. We are regular customers and also fill my moms 8 meds there too. I returned to speak with the manager of the pharmacy the next day and he also showed a total lack of interest with my complaint. Go anywhere but CVS if you need a script!!

Posted by Brett

I bought an item that was only 33 dollars on a debit card. I entered the pin number I brought the item back the following day i received the refund slip and thought it was posted to my acoount, after cheching my account i relised that it wqas not posted, so i called the neberhood cvs and to my dimay the clerk told me that that was ... use a debit and put in the pin you should receive a refund in cash, so after calling again i was told that... terible customer service and the employees dont know the company policy when it comes to returns and me nor my family will ever ...