Burlington Coat Factory Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Burlington Coat Factory below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Burlington Coat Factory so others can benefit from what you learned.

Burlington Coat Factory Return Policy

  • You may return items you bought from a Burlington Coat Factory website in person within 30 days of your purchase.
  • Shipping fees will not be refunded.
  • If you are returning an item in person, please bring your packing slip and your personal ID card.
  • Merchandise that has been used or removed from the package it came in at the time of purchase cannot be returned.
  • You may not return any swimsuits or breast pump items you bought from Burlington Coat Factory.
  • Store bought items cannot be returned to Burlington Coat Factory's website.
  • Please use UPS or Fed Ex if you are mailing in your item. Burlington Coat Factory will not be liable for lost packages or shipping delays.
  • Merchandise that Burlington Coat Factory buys from vendors in order to sell to customers generally cannot be returned to a store location.
  • No Cash or Credit Card refunds will be granted in person.

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Posted by lucy

Just received my Christmas present coat. Is gorgeous BUT sent the wrong size. I ordered the correct size, the packing slip has the correct size, but whoever packed it packed the wrong size. So am I seriously responsible for return shipping too? Am anxious to see how Burlington handles this considering it was their error, not mine.

Posted by james murray

This is the first time that I had to return something.

Posted by Jimbwork

I bought a winter coat at Burlington in Sterling, VA and attempted to return it. However, the nice lady behind the counter told me that I could not get a refund to my credit card, just a store credit. She said that there is no expiration date abd that it is still my money. Technically speaking, it is now Burlingtons money on a store credit because I am now obliged to spend it there. The next time I want something, I will go to amazon instead for any future purchases after I use the store credit.

Posted by Bianca Coronado

I went to Burlington today and was really disappointed I wanted to return or should I say exchange some shirts I had got my cousin for her bday well comes out to they didn't fit her but didn't think I would need the recite anymore so me I throw it or I don't remember what I did with it and didn't bother to give them a number at the end of the purchase cause my two month old was going crazy and my 2 year old was also going crazy and just wanted to hurry and get out of the store. Well my point is they didn't let me exchange it or even get a gift card cause I didn't have the reciiept and it was over $25 dollars by a few dollars it came out to $29 something.. I've been been going to Burlington for a very very long time specially for baby stuff and never had a problem with returning anything but I don't know what was up this lady ass she didn't wanna help me and I did read the policy on returns and it never said a amount I can't go over look on the cameras this month you'll see me purchasing it and that's your reciept

Posted by Anonymous

The waldorf store in Maryland has a return policy right on the counter that requires a reciept to return items. Yet the management and the employees will only take a return it all the tags are in everything.
As a rule of sanitation, I dont wear clothing until the chemicals are washed off of them and sometimes cheap clothing or poorly made clothing will fall apart on the first wash but you cant wash clothes with tags on them! Or the seems come out upon trying them on.
Either way, the employees need to adhere to the written policy at the store.

Posted by andy

Store 533 kay is I guess the manager on duty as I try to return items that where purchased for me by a friend I have several different people come to register bc none of them no how to do a return with out a receipt... then they get kayak up there who says that cents the price of some where ripped off meaning just the bottom of the tag where it says how much it was ( these items are gifts so u don't won't the price on them )so cents it do sent have the bottom of the tag an no recipe she says I can't return nothing with out a receipt. ...??? So nothing can be returned in this store with out a receipt? ?? So what should u not buy gifts from Burlington bc if the person wants to return they can't. ...????

Posted by Anonymous

I just recently got a bluetooth headphone and I used it for only an hour and it has broke and I want to return it.

Posted by NeverAgain

I ordered a black leather jacket online and received a green puffy bomber styled jacket instead. My trip I ordered it for is coming up and I didn't want to deal with the hassle of shipping it back. It took 5 people at the store to figure out how to give me the refund and then I found out they are only refunding me the price of the jacket. If I want back the cost of shipping I have to contact them online. I still haven't seen the credit for the return show up on my credit card but I'm hoping it does by Monday.

Posted by Anonymous

I've never had a bad experience at Burlington.
I'm trying to find out if they have a price adjustment
policy. I bought a beautiful faux fur coat in person and barely 9 days later it's $30 off and
I believe a price adjustment refund is due as many
Stores such as GAP and Old Navy do similar.
I did buy a pair of boots, $20, just little boots which I wore one day and the zipper won't stay up.
Since I've worn them I guess I can't return them.
I wore them around the house first with tags on,
it wasn't until the next day out the zipper kept falling down. I guess that may be unrefundable/store credit?
However, I think the price adjustment is just.
I submitted to them and have yet to hear a
response, but it's only been a day and I have hope.

Posted by DontReturnIt

Burlington Coat Factory knows there are many con artist out here. They wear the shoes and bring them back, wear the clothes bring them back. You can't keep a cost for 30 days and return it. They can't sell it. Ladies try it on at the store. When I try it on at home, I leave the tags on. I never take them off. And I sure dont wear the items and try to return them. Im hapoy they are bevoming more aware of chronic return artist.

Posted by Judy

Hi, when can items be returned if putchased during christmas holidays? When did they have to be purchased?

Posted by tee

I have been shopping for years at this store and now I am not pleased at this present time. I never knew the policy for the store It is not ever been told to me by the cashier at the time of the check out.Forever 21 store tells you each and every time you check out from there cashier they explain their policy to you. My issue is that I want to return items But Burlington will not give you your money back only store credit. That is not fair to the customer when they do not want store credit.The customer should be told up front by the cashier the policy so they would know if this store is where they want to shop.Because I was not aware of this policy and I do not want store credit I will never shop here again.I will also write on my face book page so people will be aware and also will let people know I spoke to a supervisor and the were no help at all.

Posted by Minnesotaman

I purchased a winter coat for my mother who is elderly and don't get out much
I paid 100.00 cash and the coat was to big for her and needed it returned since it was a little over 30 Days they would NOT give cash back even though I had receipt and all the tags so I was forced to find something there not happy I will NEVER buy anything from that store again with Christmas coming you wopuld think they would be happy to givce you cash as long as you paid cash and have the receipt.

Just rember a HAPPY customer comes back a DISAPPOINTED customer tells friends who tells there friends and bad business gets around fast.

Posted by connie

I am so upset with them I put stuff on layaway have been paying faithfully but when I first got layaway there they told me that when I made payments or when I got my stuff that it would be price check to see if anything had went down in price and I would get that so when I went there to pay I did not get that they told me that somebody did not tell me the truth like his dad help me over $100 later no so my family and all my friends that shop there every year and put stuff on layaway we will not be shopping there any longer

Posted by mone

My family and i use to shop at burlington all the time for years, until I had to return items,after Christmas
We received present we didn't like they had the Burlington tag on then still, we didn't have the receipt, when I went to exchange them, they said I couldn't because I had no receipt, that they had a new police, I explain they were Christmas gifts they said no. I ask for the manager, she was rude and straight out said No.
So I'm stuck with items I don't need nor want. I rather shop at a yard sail, then go to burlington ever again.

Posted by Alicia

I had my baby registry at Burlington. Had my baby shower this weekend and received many double/triple of the same item plus stuff I didn't even have on my registry. I went Tuesday to return some items. No receipt or gift receipts were given to me. No problem, they gave me a store credit. I was okay with this since I still had a few things I needed for our newest addition. Returned 11 items.

I went back the next day because I found a few more things in our boxes that I didn't need. I went back to return the 4 items. She started the transaction and I had mentioned that I was going to do some shopping. She said oh go do your shopping and come back up. We will do it all together.

When I went back up, my return was not approved. I received a print out stated I was no longer allowed to return items are Burlington without a receipt. Really? I have only returned at Burlington 1 time (the day before).

I called the TRE department who is responsible for the declining of my return. The guy was not helpful and was very rude as were all the cashiers at the store.

I called Corporate and of course they were useless. Nothing they can do. I will not be shopping at Burlington ever again.

Posted by Sheila31

Call corporate cause they except anything back it is just that store being a ass..Corporate will call the store and the store have to return the item...

Posted by Nautica torn shirt

I bought nautica men shirt and it was torn not from one place but two.

Posted by mad customer

This company is nothing but unsatisfactory my dad bought me a pair of boots for christmas from burlington cheap factory within a week the bottoms fell off the soles of them so my dad gave me the recepit to exchange them. Took them back the lady refused to take them so my father took them and exchanged them and got me a new pair and of course got me thw wrong size so here we go again with burlington cheap factory have not wore this pair not once and they refused to exchange them so needless to say we will be having a word with corporation i advise that you all do the same so maybe their rude cashers will learn a lesson.

Posted by online shopper

BEWARE: You cannot return an online order for Visa credit only a store credit, even if you have all paperwork. Their policy states that you CAN return it at a store, then 10 lines below it states "not for cash or credit". SHAME on BURLINGTON - DECEPTIVE STATEMENTS!

Posted by Jesus Girl

I was a customer over 15 years, and sometimes when I shop I would misplace my receipts. So a few days ago I went to the store but I left my receipt in the car, I ask the cashier to return the time, she did but when I look at my receipt I noticed that the item was mark down. I said to her please take it off the receipt, I will take it home and give it to someone. She cancel the entire sale and told me to go to another register, when she did that the other cashier said that she could not return the item because the computer is preventing her from doing so. I went to my car go my receipt return the items. After that I went to all the store where I had layaway and cancel all my layaway. I will be shopping elsewhere. Goodbye Burlington Coat factory, you have lost a customer who have been shoping for over 15+ years.

Posted by rp1229

... because of all this nonsense service. Experience: I bought a coat and showed them coupon on my phone.... some cases). I asked if I can bring the coat and paper coupon back for price adjustment... asked another employee (seemed to me like store manager) about the same and I got the same ... can just process return and rerun the transaction using coupon. I went the next day and customer service (rude/dirty) ... Rude cashier snatched the coat from nicer cashier and said its store policy (as if she ... Buying is never fun in such an environment and spending hundreds on coats from Burlington seems wasted....

Posted by Anonymous

... get better people that know what they are doing in your Covington store. I had a manager tell me she would be ... over. There were 3 other cashiers in the front and the store wasn't busy maybe 2 customers. Finally after waiting ... 15 mintues Beverly came over and processed to help me. I had an exchange that needed to be done before gettting to the layway. I thought I had the right ... away to go help another customer. She never returns back. It took 30 mintues to get a young ...

Posted by missmarch

... exchange with tags and reciept and they said I bought scrubs not jeans. I told them this is exactly what I bought and it was on clearence. They would not exchange or refund anything, telling me I am bringing broken jeans to them that I didn't buy. The tags were attached, everything and they still wouldn't do anything. Burlington Coat Factory is unfair, selling crappy products and falsely accuse everyone when a exchange or refund needed.

Posted by Anonymous

...check was denied even though I had got paid the day before so don't know why. She then... was taking forever. I thought it would be easy to make a payment. At that point I wanted to just say forget the coat but I know I can't return it. I should have just used my ATM to pay it all and get it out since I was so upset why it was taking so long to apply a payment. After people were standing in line for a...won't come". I have bought items before at Burlington and have never had an experience like this... and never go to that store again but like I say I couldn't return it without a charge so guess I'...