Brookstone Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Brookstone below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Brookstone so others can benefit from what you learned.

Brookstone Return Policy

In order for your return to be processed, you must present your receipt and bring back your item the way it came when you bought it without it being opened within 60 days of your purchase - you have 90 days to bring back Tempur-Pedic items that are returnable. Please call the returns hotline to get important instructions before making your return. Brookstone will not reimburse any shipping fees you pay. Engraved and liquidation items cannot be returned - this policy also applies to Brookstone's gift cards, massage chairs and any items heavier than 50 pounds. Many of the grooming items and others that are prepackaged cannot be returned once they are opened. Brookstone's casino handles all returns for purchases made there. Brookstone is open from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM central time Monday through Saturday and open from 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM central time on Sundays.

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Posted by Eloise

I cancelled my order within the hour they still shipped, because it was a third party site. I am surprised they don't come with a return address sticker. Why should I have to pay shipping. I did order an upgrade. I cancelled the 1st order. Had I of been home when they delivered it I would have refused shipment.

Posted by Anonymous

The picture is very misleading I thought I was getting a couch I'm getting one piece

Posted by Carlos

Bought a Bluetooth speaker from brrokstone. Basically I bought a piece of crap for 150 bucks that is defective.
Can't return it because I don't have original packing box.
Absolutely disgraceful . Seems they have a lot of crap products.

Posted by Fred K

I ordered a ping pong robot after reading their "Easy Return" page on their Web site. The robot was defective and would shoot all balls off the table. There was nothing "Easy" about their return policy. I took it to a BrookStone store but they refused to take it back saying they didn't know what to do with it. In direct opposite of what the Web site says. Called the customer care center and they insisted that I was responsible for packaging and sending it back, including the shipping before they could refund the money. When I tried to draw the operator's attention to their Web statement, she hang up. Unbelievable and extremely rude to a customer. Please stay away from this store, specially for online purchases.

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered several of Brookstone's 'Cool It Fans' to take on my trip to China ( very hot / humid in July). As time came closer to departure, the fans had not arrived. I e-mailed Brookstone my concerns & they sent out, by express, my order, so I would have it in time for my trip. WOW !! All they asked was that I would mail back the original order when I returned. The fans were great, but the customer service was absolutely incredible !! Where have you had that level of concern & efficiency anywhere in the last 30 years ? Nowhere .I'm their customer for life . Renewed my faith in the business world.

Posted by Anonymous

Wow i was just going to order a fit bit online. Your return policy is terrible.

Posted by Anonymous

For Christmas I gave my beer loving husband the FIZZICS for $169.99. Totally bummed when it made the beer flat completely opposite of what the description said it would do. Needless to say tomorrow 12/26/15 I will be calling customer service and sending this product back to them.

Posted by Penny Janiak

We ordered an Ollie for our son for Christmas. We just opened the box and inside were headphones. Our receipt says we purchased an Ollie. Now we are told we have to pay to return this item and get the correct one. HOW IS THIS GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE?????? It was YOUR MISTAKE. We will never order from you again and will tell all our friends about this experience.

Posted by Adam C.

Honestly brookstones return policy is complete I bought a Bluetooth keyboard and my little sibling wondered if it could bend past 180*. So since the package was open(and I had bought the two year plan) they would not accept it. Waste of my b-day money.

Posted by Kim

I had a bad experience with Brookstone ..I recently bought something there brought it home.. Opened up the item and it did not work went straight back in the Brookstone with the receipt to return it The employee Christopher.. Told me they would not except the item back because it was open.. Even though I have the receipt.. Hi told him I would never return to the store ever again but he hold firm to their policy good for him lost a customer hope they lose way more than that.. And all the shopping done that before for holidays and gifts and for my own home i'll never returned of that store again that's for sure they can take their policy and shove it where the sun don't shine