British Airways Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for British Airways below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from British Airways so others can benefit from what you learned.

British Airways Return Policy

When dealing with flight cancellations, British Airways abides by European Union regulations regarding compensation of its passengers. These regulations apply to all passengers on fights into any EU member state, unless passengers have been helped in the departure country. Passengers of British Airways flights cancelled to or from Israel may be compensated under the Israel Aviation Services Law.

When British Airways cancels a fight, passengers can choose another comparable flight to their final destination with the earliest available routing, or may choose to receive a refund. When cancellations or delays of more than five hours affect a connecting journey, British Airways must transport passengers who do not wish to continue back to their city of departure at the airline's expense and issue a refund for the uncompleted portion of the journey.

To receive reimbursements, passengers who purchased their tickets through travel agents should send a refund request to them. Passengers who purchased through British Airways can visit the airline's website and click Manage My Booking for refund options.

When British Airways flights are delayed or cancelled, passengers can expect refreshments and meals in proportion to their expected waiting time. Hotel accommodations may also be provided in some circumstances.

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Posted by JA

I kept all my receipts, scanned them and filled out the forms from the May technical shutdown. I have submitted everything twice and heard nothing! It is now September. What can we do? Frustrated! JA

Posted by Terry

Where will I find the application from for requesting a refund during the day of the BA IT failure (27 May 2017)? I received an sms stating I could claim within six months of this date.

Posted by NotHappy

I am still waiting for compensation payments for cancelled flights over the weekend of 27/28 May 2017. When I spoke to your representative, Gareth, on 1 June I was told that I would receive compensation within ten days. I was not sent email confirmation of this, nor have I been able to get through to BA Refunds on the telephone.
Meanwhile I shall shortly be paying interest on my credit card on the amount of £381 plus £7.19 non-sterling transaction charges, a total of £388.19, which BA owe me.

Posted by RJDalgleish

This is useless service. I require a refund for UZ34EE return section on Flybee EDI-WIC on the 03/07/2017 for Mr Ray Dalgleish I have tried to do this one line on ESS staff Travel on line.

I spoke to BA Staff Travel who referred me to you people but there is no help here that I can see. I would like to know whio will action the Refund. thank you

Posted by COE Refunds

Where is BA refund department

Posted by Karen Jenkinson

BA are definitely not Customer Friendly when it comes to change of dates due to problems. They cancelled my return flight, they wouldn't' change my existing fly out date, even Easyjet and Ryan Air are more customer focuses !

Even though I paid for my out flight and return flight, they cancelled my return flight without informing me BA2632, I paid for both and BA kept my money ! I went to check in and discovered they had cancelled my flight when I called BA customer service, they were totally not interested and couldn't help.

Posted by giri naidu

my wife and 3 months infant travelling from Charlotte (NC USA ) to Chennai (INDIA) .my son had a US passport and my wife's US visa was expired a year back ...the itenary was American airlines from charlotte to Washington DC and from DC to London by BA292 and London to Chennai by BA35 .. they were allowed to board on the first AA flight and did not allow them to board on BA stating that, my wife require a transit Visa for London, eventhough they stay inside airport and change the flight ...I was not communicated while booking the tkt ...

I called to for refund ...they did not agree on it, stating it is passenger responsibility .. I was not even asked for VISA status while I book the tkt ...I was assuming they had Indian passport to fly india... on top of that the AA airlines, did not validate my wife's visa, eventhough the infact's visa validated .... so I would request not to travel with BA .com
please never fly with British airways .... I would prefer to choose Qatar or Emirites ...

Posted by mr allan david morley

can I claim ba airways for making to stand for 8hrs on a flight from London heathrow to Chicago ohare I paid for legroom was moved to world traveller plus I sat down for take then I got cramps in my legs I'm a man 6ft5ins the seat wasn't any good to me when I asked to be moved the cabin crew ingored my request the flight was ba 0297 I was treated like a dog

Posted by atldxb

I had a medical emergency and had to have my bags offloaded while I got off the plane (this was during boarding process). BA REFUSED to reimburse me or at least give me a credit to fly again on a future date! I provided numerous medical certificates and documents and STILL no go. I even contested the charge with my bank and BA fought with them claiming that they were entitled to NOT refund me despite my medical emergency. In the end, I didn't get a single cent of credit or refund. I will NEVER fly with BA ever again.

Posted by tozzy

BA cancelled my flight on the 16th March, 2 long queue waiting phonecalls an email and a complaint survey and still no money. 1st june 2016. They are the worst airline to deal with!!! BA obviously stands for BUGGER ALL!!

Posted by No

I have waited 18 working days for BA to refund nearly £900 of my money! Still no refund. Never again will I fly BA

Posted by David

I was injured in a road accident so my wife and I were unable to join my son on a booked flight to the USA. I tried to claim on my travel insurance for mine and my wifes unused tickets, but my son who booked the flights was told as he paid with a combination of cash and his Air Miles we couldn't claim the cash element back which was less than mine and my wifes tickets cost! Is this correct, if so why?

Posted by Joe

British Airways provides absolutely ZERO customer service.
My daughter in-law was flying out of China on her honeymoon and BA wouldn't let her board the aircraft with her husband (my son) because the ticket was booked in her English name (recently married) and not her Chinese name. I can understand this to a point but my son had to board the aircraft and leave her behind in Shanghai, hundreds of miles from home, on her honeymoon!!!
How insensitive can you be. BA cancelled the flight (both legs) and are refusing to refund the flight which we are contesting.
My advice is DEFINITELY NOT to fly with this airline - We now fly Air Chine or Virgin which is much much much better - BA doesn't even understand the meaning of CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Booked two seats in the emergency exit row at £15 per seat British airways changed the aircraft so we no longer had the seats we had booked. I applied for a refund and on two occasions was told it was going through but received nothing. Contacted so called customers services to be told by a somewhat off hand woman (obviously does not understand the concept of customer service) that I was not entitled to a refund despite the fact that I did not get what I had paid extra to get. Avery poor experience all round.

Posted by Harith

I could not find a place to post my review and warn people to book on the British Airways unless here.
From my sincere heart I would advise people not to book on this airways. It is not only me who did not believe on the weak rate given; my experience with this big thief let me feel Yes the weak rate shown on this website for BA is really right and reflects the awful airways.
I am writing these letters and I really feel sorry of my initiative to book through them. Now I believe that it was my first and last time to book a flight via BA.
The story starts in September when I booked a flight before half a month.I cancelled my booking when I knew that my single visa to London is missing my father's name. I called British Airways claiming for refunds as I participated to be a member on their executive club. Firstly the officer told me to hold on for two minutes as he goes to ask his manager and he came back to me after 15 minutes. He repeated the same holds on with me for three times. My call took me more than 40 minutes just to claim for refunds.
Secondly he told me that i get a refund of 40 euros only. I complainted to him that this is really disappointing. I did not cancel my flight but because of the visa it is cancelled and they go a report from the airport checkin desk. Then he let me wait to ask his manager for another choice and he told me after 15 minutes of holding on that i can be given reschedule flight but provided with conditions as follows:
I must reschedule on that day of calling them
I can not give my ticket to any one or change my name
They will charge me over the reschedule service taxes of around 120 euros.
The reschduled tickets should not exceed the original booking fare and I pay the difference in cost.
If I reschedule for the flight with lesser fare than the original one, they will not pay me any pence.
I was astonished with their reply. They oblige me to travel again even if i do not want to. And they want me to use their flight and requires high service taxes over the reschedule booking.
At this time I believed that really they are playing with customers and stealing their money. I really have not thought that there is a A flight company staling its customer in our world.
I was thinking as British Airways is a good Airways but from this experience I share it with previous complaints against this Airways is a sufficient evidence to let the people who read my post to change their minds and travel with other Flight Airways.
I am reflecting my own experience to warn people from this airways. Their Airways is like a spiderweb where customers get trapped.
Sorry for taking your time and hope readers think carefully and read other's complaints against this Disgusting Airways.

Posted by Nana

I bought a ticket for my family in June for $5075. It was a refundable ticket. Two members did not travel on one league of the ticket. I asked for a refund. After several hours on the phone, the customer service representive provided conflicting information. First they said my refund was being processed and later said it was a non refundable ticket but this was not indicated any where on the ticket. Finally British Airways over billed my credit card by $1771 in addition to the cost of the ticket and i was also billed an additional $14.16 by my credit card company in fees and charges. This is very fraudulent and the service representatives are not helpful in correcting this error.

Posted by No refund since May 2015

On 1/21/2015 I booked and paid through the website of British Airways BKK an air ticket BKK-Lon-BKK on the name Weiske / Klomklao.

On 20/05/2015 I must canceled the flight because my travel companion has not received a British visa.

Our planned visit to London was only 3 days because we had there a 12 day Euro Expat scheduled bus group travel.

The beginning and end of the tour was London and we need get visa. But we not get that Visa for GB.

OK, that's over.

British Airways sent on 20. May 2015 confirming my cancellation and told me to repay the amount on my Visa card account to.

Since 20.05.2015 I wait for the refund of the amount by the British Airlines.

Refund: 78310 THB (nearly 1900€ / 1500 BTP) Booking number: YGXCCW Weiske / Klomklao from 21/01/2015

I have already requested on BA Service site and send fax, because of that money-back transfer Received neither an acknowledgment of receipt of my request and not get an answer ether the Money.

What going on BA...they have no interesting to pay back.

Think that's not correct from BA Services.

What else I can do.


Armin Weiske

Posted by Margossian

I paid for an exit row seat 26C on mu flight Buenos Aires/ London. on April 2th.

My seat was occupied and was sold to another passenger, so they put me in a regular seat 16F, and they told me to ask for a refund.

How can I do this? This is my reference number

seat 26C paid 83USd.

with my master card, on April 1st. 2015.


Dra Astrid L. Margossian

Posted by Asoma

.... On 11.10.2012 I asked BA to cancel the ticket. In spite of chasing them for a refund for the last SIX WEEKS I am yet to see the money. This airline consists of CROOKS who delay the refunds so that they can earn interest on customer funds.BA ...

Posted by Irate Customer

... He told me the tickets were non refundable they could be changed but there would be a charge to change the... call because it was an non supervisor/ manager issue it was policy and there was nothing she could do... would refund a small portion of the tax and would give me a thousand dollar credit for... inquire about a change of reservation leaving 05 April with a return on 03 May 2012. You were ... more compensation above the $1000 travel credit and the refund of the taxes already offered. Regretfully, ... service in the future Sincerely I hate BRITISH AIRWAYS. They stole my money. I got maybe ...

Posted by Camelot

...'t get through to anyone and was told at the airport it can be only done over the phone. Paid a 1000 for a new flight and was refunded 30 for mine. What a terrible excuse for a national airline would love to see a boycott of their services.

Posted by Anonymous

If British Airways cancel a flight and you need to claim a refund, you need to do this with the travel agency that you bought agency tell me that they need confirmation of the flight cancellation from British Airways before they can issue a refund. But even the travel agency ...

Posted by disappointed business traveller

I booked a business class flight to Australia. The day before I was due to fly my father became seriously unwell and I had to delay. I still needed to come back on the same date. BA cancelled the whole ticket and gave no refund. I will not have to pay for a new ticket out and for the ticket back (even though I would like to use the same flight). I can understand the ticket was non-refundable but would have expected BA to be more understanding and flexible particularly as I regularly...

Posted by Anonymous

...they would let me go for free, nobody would buy "Flex tickets". As I was appalled by his rudeness I decided to pay, but not without a complaint and a request to get a refund. I would ask how it is possible if they are missing a female passenger and I am sitting there in a bright ... sitting that close to the departure gate desk. In follow up to my experience at Heathrow, I am requesting that I receive a refund for the extra costs of my ticket. My flights and confirmation codes were: AC 860, KKZU5Z BA 434, 57DS6Y ...

Posted by Anonymous

... to waste). They told me to either cancel the flight and lose all my money except taxes or reschedule. BA will not refund our money nor even waive the fee to reschedule. They are heartless. How do you reschedule a vacation when your wife and mother of 2 ... had no response. I explianed to them that other reservations also had norefun policy but all others understood my circumstance and refunded 100% of the money anyway. Still they will not offer anything. This is inhumane

Posted by Anonymous

... $539.00 US dollars and we agreed to pay the fee. A short time before boarding time we ...that this had not been explained to us when purchasing the ticket. We asked for a refund for the upgrade and return to the economy seats. We were told ...Just before landing in Kuwait they were finally asked to return to their seats. We were extremely disappointed to ...and travel frequently. We would like to continue to consider British Airways as an option for our travels but only if we have some resolution to this issue. We respectfully request a refund in the amount of $539.00 payable to Brian DerMiner, ...

Posted by pabu

During the December 2010 "Big Freeze", British Airways asked us online to cancel or reschedule our flight to the US in order not to add to the chaos. We ... us requesting it. You'll find our story with more details at A few days after publishing, BA sent us an email telling us that our case was being forwarded to refunds, so there is definitely hope!

Posted by Anonymous

I am in Canada, is there another contact number for British Airways that I could try concerning flight booking complications? Is there anyone...800 number I went ahead only to find out that I had charged the whole cost of our flights to europe on our credit card (not just the taxes as I expected) in error as I was... the site. I had even asked a rep for clarification before moving to the payment page. After a lengthy discussion with a supervisor (I was told he was ... on the flights we booked any way. I find this strange as when we exchanged Avion miles for ba miles, they said there were no blackouts ...