Big Lots Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Big Lots below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Big Lots so others can benefit from what you learned.

Big Lots Return Policy

Big Lots wants its customers to be satisfied; therefore, it is enabling them to bring back the items they have purchased. The return policies are outlined below:
  • No refunds or exchanges are granted without a valid receipt accompanying the merchandise that was purchased.
  • Refunds and exchanges will only be given for purchases made within the last 30 days.
  • Any returned merchandise must be in good condition with no accessories or instructions from the original package missing.
  • The method of payment used for the purchase helps Big Lots determine how the refund will be granted.
  • Any video games and software that have been opened may only be returned for an exchange.
  • Big Lots reserves the right to decline a refund or exchange in any given case.

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Posted by Anonymous

Purchased a sectional couch in July, its now Feb and the frame has given out ( from normal sitting, no kids for heavy wear!) Cannot return .. $900 for 6 months NOT WORTH IT!

Posted by Acat7

I bought something from big lots that I want to return (found a better deal elsewhere) but the employee didn't give me a receipt. Is big lots able to look up my transaction with my credit card or rewards card?

Posted by Anonymous

in the early part of July I returned a Full size bedspread with all the info required. To this day I have not received a credit on my credit card. Could someone please help me.???
I do like to shop in your store.

Posted by Poke 111111

Were glad that the workers at big lots lisen only to the lose prevention and not the customers because they determine if they lose there job are not. However without making your customers happy you will have no company at all who do you think really determines if you lose your job so stupid morons watching a camera all day r customers cause you can stay in business if you have no customers and big lots and there greedy attitude about keep the gift r give it away no reciept no return policy is ludicrous the company is just greedy and thats why walmart will shut you idiots down sorry the shirt i got for Christmas didn't fit big lots don't worry i threw it away for you you happy. Hey

Posted by Anonymous

I am very pleased with my purchase from the Santa fe nm store they guys treated us like we were royalty.. my couches are so comfy from my older ones .. I will be going back..

Posted by Anonymous

Bought a couch recliner in July 2016. One of the worst investments I ever made. Mechanics are bent and don't work. Side falling off. I will never purchase anything of value at big lots.

Posted by Anonymous

Bought a Vtech phone from Big Lots Clarksville Indiana. I have not even had it a good month yet. It was bought between December28 to January 12. Today is January 28,and it is not working. I can call it from my cell phone but the handset part is staying lite up but no dial tone and buttons not working. I will try take it back this evening and see what I get. I cannot find my receipt and I have the papers from the box but not the box. I had no idea I would be needing to return it or any type problem for thst matter. I will report the out come of my return attempt

Posted by Anonymous

I just brought a vacuum and my daughter misplace the receipt and can't find it when i open the box it's not even new it's been used and not working properly and i can't return it without receipt it's just the feeling that i throw money it stressing me up i need money and the same time i need a vacuum not stepping in biglots again

Posted by CRYIN 1

I paid for furniture at big lots had it a year got in 2013 did not last a year i call them they would not refund us OUR MONEY BACK

Posted by BIG LOTS sells very bad quality

I bought a queen size Emory mattress. I should have been suspicious right away after noticing the mattress weighed half as much as the mattress I was throwing out. The Benson lasted two months before the sag was intolerable. There was the only one person sleeping on the mattress, but the wide sag also made the other side unusable. The springs where poking through and the sagging where hurting me. Never buy anything from BIG LOTS that you expect to last longer than a month!!!! Also most of the food is bad for you too.

Posted by Three1

Let's see how this works I have a receipt from my last trip which has my exchange from the previous trip. Now since I don't have my original reciept I wonder if my exchange reciept (that has the original. Reciept number on itwill work

Posted by Appalled

I was in outrage when I went to return some seamless bras on Sisk Rd. in Modesto. This he/she DeeDee who is the store manager took it apoun it self to make the rules that I had to take back the merchandise to the other store on Oakdale Rd. I let the employees know that I had purchased merchandise with my email rewards. So they could look it up that way
They refused to look up my email.

Posted by Anonymous

I received my purchase and want to return it. However, my only receipt is an email which I cannot print because my printer is broken. What can I do? Thanks

Posted by Cyd

I should do an even exchange,people receive gifts that are wrong and they have no receipt...that is not right,even Wal-Mart honors that .

Posted by schnade

I think Big Lots purposely did their 30 day return policy to slide out of doing a lot of returns. In July I purchased a serta twin bed set for my disabled daughter. Her current bed was almost 20 years old and starting to look worn. So we bought this brand new bed with her birthday money. She was so excited until now, just 3 months later, the side is sagging and almost slants downward from the center. When I thought I'd flip the mattress I was shocked to see the springs poking through the backside!! This mattress is 3 months old!! Big Lots refuses to take it back because it's more than 30 days and can't be returned in original condition! What?? If it was in original shape I wouldn't have to return it! Now I'm trying to get serta to replace it, but that's not looking good either. I will never shop at Big Lots again and am warning others of them too.

Posted by Mrs T

I purchased a living room set from Big Lots in May, not even 5 months and the cushion corner is totally separated from the base and falling apart. I'm heartbroken. I don't have money for a new couch. I spent the last of my moving money on this.

Posted by Cyndi

I purchased a sofa from Big Lots at the end of April 2016. It has already fallen apart. It did not even last me 5 months. Very disappointed.

Posted by portis

wi)l never shop at big lot again I worked at sears roebuck for 30 years and the customer was always left happy and
I know time has changed and my little forty eight dollars for a 60/day old non working carpet cleaner sham poo don't mean nothing to you but will never set foot in your store again on your 30 day return policy. if I had esp perception would have foreseen to bring it back knowing it would break 60 day ...after one by one your customers are going to leave big lots don't know what number I am but gone adios

Posted by Kathysp

I am so disappointed! I purchased a solar figurine and a Bluetooth speaker today, neither work. Somehow I lost my receipt but just want an exchange. The exchange policy is just not good customer service.

Posted by brightdaisy

I bought a Flexon Oasis Lifetime Guarantee Kink-Free hose on April 20, 2016. Big Lots' return policy only allows 30 days for return. On May 28, 2016 the end blew off. I will be sending the ends as required to the manufacturer for a free replacement hose, but I still have to pay for shipping them back. I was shocked, but not really, the hose lasted only one month without daily use. I believe it's made in China, but I would have to check. Explains the quality... Just FYI

Posted by anonymous

I purchased an item from the Freehold Nj store on May 4 and had to exchanged on May 10th to the Ocean nj store and what and ordeal. The lights on the item I purchased were defected and broken. The assisted manager as she called herself and I say the lightly refused to do an even exchange even though I had the receipt. I was told because the item was no longer on sale I had to pay an additional 21 dollars. Crazy right !. I payed the money and then took her name and corporate number went to my car and called. Thank you Jan from corporate for all you help. I went right back in the store and got my 21 dollars back. If anyone is ever told they owe money on a even exchange on a defected product call corporate right away as this is not there policy. Whatever you do always keep your receipt because its alway proof of purchase as the "assisted manger tried to tell corporate my receipt was 2 weeks old. Nice try .

Posted by Dpayne91011

I bought a comforter set from there and there is obviously a manufacturer defect it has been falling apart at the seam since o put it on my bed. I paid about 80 dor this set and it is after the 30 days. I didnt put it on my bed until at 30 days after purchase. Is there anything that can be done. You can definitely tell it's a defect!

Posted by curls

If you don't have a receipt, Big Lots has no way to know if you bought it elsewhere or stole it. Don't blame BLs if you didn't keep your receipt.

"It's a gift" doesn't work since buyers can get gift receipts. If they don't, it's not up to BLs to deal with it.

Return policy is 30 days. Ask before buying.

The furniture issues seem bigger. Shouldn't be falling apart in the first year. There's a warrantee, instead of return policy.

Posted by Shebec85

Horrible return policy. Got speakers as a gift can not use at all. I didn't want money back just wanted to exchange for something 400.00 more but would not allow me to.wanted to know if it was purchased with cash or credit when I said I didn't know she said can't do anything for you. I guess I should of lied. Well I just went and bought a fireplace from somebody else.

Posted by JB

Really bad return policy. I purchased two bras that fell apart in more than 30 days. Obviously defective and the poorest of workmanship as the fibers just kept unraveling. Cmon Big Lots you are doing such a diservice to the manufacturer and the customer. They need to be aware of the awful quality. Buyer Beware for somethings purchased here!!

Posted by OhBoy

Well contacted big lots in Marion Ohio Today. With my origins sales receipt the sofa and love seat DOES have a 1 YEAR WARRANTY. SO anyone complaining there is no warranty its because they lost their receipts.. Note to the not so wise, I keep my receipts in the bible. So I know I wont lose them. Store Marion Ohio store thanks for helping out!!

Posted by OhBoy

So my husband and I purchased a king bed set mattress split box frame head board foot board rails. We also purchased a sofa and love seat and tv stand. We did the purchase in may and it was delivered in July. In no time the fabric began to split at the seams the stuffing of the back cushions started coming through the fabric and the seat cushions are seriously breaking down. We spent well over $3,000.00 at big lots on the items we purchased. Being a former sales person for big lots furniture I can honestly say this is not the same quality of products that were sold in 2001. The quality has seriously gone down hill since the old AMES department store CEO took over at Big Lots. That is very obviously the problem. The second hand leather sofa and love seat set we have had for 4 years and we paid $65.00 for it. And it gets used a lot more. Big Lots has Lots of Big Problems. I will be contacting the store in the morning. Since I still have the sale receipt to see what we can work out.

Posted by ScrewBigLots

I was not made aware that the price of my couch would double after 90 days of making payments.

Posted by nmfloch87

Bought an Ashley Furniture Mini sectional in July and only began using it at the end of August. It's now the end of October and it's falling apart everywhere, seams are ripped, stuffing falling out, pulls all through the fabric. In no way should a $400 couch fall apart after 2 months of typical use. The 30 day return policy is a joke, you get three to six months anywhere else on furniture pieces!

Posted by goodness22

Warning!!!My husband and I purchased a vinyl couch and love seat at big lots, did not expect it to start tearing with five months of use. It is not holding up to light use. It appears that the quality of materials used is very inferior. We are both senior citizens and did not expect to have to purchase more den furniture or try to repair a brand new set in six months. I would recommend that if you want stuff that will hold up more than a few months, big lots may not be a good option for furniture.

Posted by debra jackson

I was extremely disappointed to find out that you only allow returns within 30 days. Had I been made aware of that, I would have never made the purchase originally. I am now out $40.00, and won't be purchasing anything from big lots again. Extremely dissatisfied!

Posted by anonymous

My husband and I bought a couch from big lots in June of '15. It was a very easy process. The sales associates were easy to work with and fairly helpful. However, it is now September and it has steadily been falling apart. This was put first time buying a brand new couch, so you can imagine our disappointment. Our second hand couches held up better that this current couch. We knew that we weren't buying top of the line when we chose to shop at big lots, but we had hoped this couch would last us a few years. The material started separating along the seems within the first two months. Shortly after that, a board along the back snapped. I would not recommend buying from big lots.

Posted by TORNADO

I Have Multiple Myeloma Rare Bone Marrow Cancer And I Just Did A Bone Marrow Stem Cell Transplant @ Stanford Hospital Which I Was Hospitalized For 58 Days. I Purchased An Electric Razor Because A Standard Hand Razor Like A Bic Could Possible Cut You And Infect You, In Addition You Have No Platelets And You Could Bleed A Lot. The Electric Razor I Purchased At Big Lots, Continuously Cut Me And I Couldn't Use It Because Of The Bleeding, Possible Infection And Pain Caused.
It's Past Your 30 Day Return Policy But I Was Stuck In The Hospital Fighting For My Life,
Could You Please Consider Allowing Me To Return This Defective Electric Razor.

Posted by folieadeux

Bought a 400$ recliner from big lots in March so i could rock my newborn to sleep. After a month the cushion sunk down so far you could see the wood frame. Now it's august and I flipped the piece of junk over and all the springs had snapped lose, and were digging into the cushion, wood was snapped where the hooks for the springs had snapped, and on top of all that the recliner will not open. Nothing visibly wrong with the mechanism from what I can tell. Just won't work anymore.

This recliner is not worth 100$ let alone 400$. Absolute garbage.

Can I return it? No. Screw you Big Lots. 400$ for a recliner that started to fall apart after a month? Ridiculous!!!

Posted by Surreal_2015

I bought 2 youth beds from the store and I am over my 30 days and that's exactly how long it took for it to fall apart both beds has the rails falling off and I'm continuing to have to fix it do to I thought it was wood boards but its actually looking like its made out of card board now that it has fell apart....looks can be really deceiving...I will not buy anymore from them

Posted by Chab0dad0n

Never by furniture from here. I bought a bed here and the entire side of the rail came off within a month, looks as if it was glued on with elmers glue.

Posted by Extremely Dissatisfied EX- Custo

Beware of furniture!! Bought a $400 recliner - it lasted one year. Handle completely broke off & chair leans totally to one side. We DO have the complete receipt but "because it was over 30 days", NO return or refund. Are you kidding??? Buy a $400 chair to last 30 days?!?! Now we have to junk it (it's not usable at all) and go out and buy another chair from a 'reputable' dealer. Oh, and by the way, this chair was only used by my 90 year old mother. Would never set foot in a Big Lots store again - they sell 3rd hand junk!

Posted by Anonymous

Can I return an item if I don't have the plastic wrapper

Posted by Anonymous

Good evening,
I purchased a tablet during the Black Friday Sale in 2014, and it has alot of difficulies such as: lose speaker volume .... freezing up while on device.....
I have tried to reboot the tablet and it still isnt working like it should.
Its on but you cant even use it anymore.

Posted by Shopper

I see most of the complaints are because people wanted to return something and "accidentally threw away the receipt" or "lost the receipt" or "never got a receipt" come on people, you are grown adults, you know you need a receipt if you want to make a return, so it's not Biglots fault, but your own carelessness.
These excuses and bad reviews are worthless. A mature adult can see through this, so I will skip over those.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a pair of headphones that wont charge or turn on. Who keeps reciepts these days??! stuck with a bad pair of headphones that I may as well throw away.. even though I have the original box and materials..with the damn Big lots sticker on the box. I can't get a refund or exchange! what a load of crap!!

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a little bed for my cats that is supposed to stick onto the window ledge from Big Lots. Due to moving, I wasn't able to put it on for about 2 weeks. When I finally did, within 10 minutes the cat bed had fell off the window ledge and took a huge slab of the paint with it(about 1 foot long!). Horrible product, but I expect nothing more from Big Lots. I usually keep my receipts on items like this but unfortunately, was not able to find it. Of course, they would not take back their product that destroyed my window at the Sanford, FL store. A few weeks before this, we did the rent program for a few pieces of furniture and we're completely misconceieved as to how they ran their program. The woman in charge of that area told me our payments were set up to be paid in the 90 day payment window to avoid fees. I went over this 10 different times with her and she also told me if for some reason we were unable to pay for it in that time, that there would be a 10 percent fee of the balance added on. Sure enough, 90 days were up recently and the renting company told us we were in fact not set up for payments that would have taken care of it in that time AND It was 70 percent of the balance they charged you. Thats almost twice the original balance!! Please, I warn you...never trust this company and never ever go into this program with them. We were completely lied to and taken advantage of. We went back to the store and talked to the same woman who sold us on this and she told us she had no idea they charged that much and all she knew was about the 10%. She seemed shocked. Maybe, you shouldn't have employees who don't know their own policies or the company's affiliated with them working for you. Wow...just wow. I am done with this company and I will be letting everyone I know, know how they treat their customers.

Posted by Short sheeted

ReDiculse !!!!!! I bought a SET of sheets ON sale,no notation anywhere on package that anything was wrong with this home,hellloooo....aFLAT sheet would make a set !!!!!!!-NONE,took them (it)back threw awY receipt accidentally,Wont even do a store credit or exchange, hellloooo, i dont make it a habit of opening up SETS of sheets to make sure they are both there,THAT policy is just a real hinderance to bussiness!!!!!Take a lesson from Khols!

Posted by Anonymous

POOOOOOOOOOOR quality I bought two twin blankets for my guest bedroom and they shed all over the sheets and comforter because I didn't have the receipt I was stuck with them so I took everything off the bed and washed them according to the instructions and now there are little balls everywhere NEVER BUY ANYTHING THERE AGAIN! That is why things are cheap once you buy them you are stuck with them.

Posted by angryreturner

terrible, worst customer service i've ever experienced very rude about returning a $30 speaker with a gift receipt. Insulting to me as a customer, did not help me in the end. I will never be returning to big lots

Posted by adrionyekel

Extremely poor service. Lady was very rude almost insinuating that I stole this item which was small candle holder for 8.00. Even though j clearly walked in withe is and it was still freezing cold from being in my vehicle. Just because a customer doesn't have a receipt doesn't make them a thief! And I don't be treated like one in front of other customers.

Posted by stormbrew

inexpensive 6.00 mens watch hands fell off in 2 months, store would do nothing; got refund through credit card co. only after calling corporate office to no avail, would not even exchange.

Posted by currentemployee

*Pay attention to the return policy. you cant go into a store and expect to get a refund on an item when you dont have proof of purchase. so if the guy below wants to return a gift he recieved thats why there is a thing called a gift reciept.. if you dont have a reciept, your purchase can be looked up from the Debit/Credit card you used or by your big lots Buzz Club Card.
*as far as stale crackers.. they should have refunded that with no hassle (as long as it was within the 30day return policy)
*all remanufactured items state that on item you buy.. selling them as BRAND NEW is false advertising.. which is against the LAW. so if you bought a remanufactured TV and thought it was brand new.. sorry to say, you just didnt READ
READING will cut down on most of these complaints!

Posted by MTV

I love Big Lots they always have great prices and great merchandise.

Posted by dee

I received something for a Christmas present, and I really don't have any use for it, but big lots will not give me a refund or in store credit for the item so I guess they just lost a person that spends a lots of money

Posted by Dbc

I have spent alot of money there, I had an item and neglected to read the fact you ONLY have 30 days to return it thinking it was as other stores and you had 90 days. Not going to be shopping there again.

Posted by madmewillspreadtheword

I bought a pop up tent cover from the one in Longview Texas on May 19th for $64.94 using their reward program card. Went to put it up a week later and it was already broke out of box. Store wouldn't take it back with receipt. Finally I figured out i could log onto big lots reward card web site and even though it has the purchase their and the date they won't take it back because I'm past 30days. Well if they would have told me I could have pulled it up that way before hand I WOULD have.... Not shopping there again.....

Posted by MaryO

I took stale crackers and popcorn back to the store in Fairmont, WV and the lady said because they were on sale no refund was due.
I didn't get the refund from her, but I got it from another
needless to say, I was upset.

Posted by Xemployee

... in it, because everything is remanufactured. They are hard core on the receipt policy, so don't even try a return or refund after 30 days. Furniture is bashed...! Cosmetics and batteries are repackaged to hide the expiration dates and/or store origin (buyouts from drugstores). Staff is stressed by working crazy ...yet another stupid question. Long hours, short staffed, stupid policies (try working at the corporate office with those babies all day!) all make for one long week in H-E - ...

Posted by M

... took a recalled portable space heater back to store #4463 Modesto CA with the receipt & ... box. At first the checker wasn't going to take the return as it was past 30days but with much difficulty I... Not a return & the remedy was a full refund. What I was given was a Big Lots in store Credit Card ... customer service Bill Armstrong as to why I was issued in store credit of Zero. I will not shop at this company ...Ca as you won't be able to move around the store with your chair. A lawsuit just waiting ...

Posted by Anonymous

... and they last for a year and one-half. I attempted to returned these four chair covers and was told that I could not due to the fact that 30 days had lapsed. I was so disappointed to have spent the money I had and not have the satisfaction guarantee or your money back policy. My husband told me that we ...vacation. We did have a storm on Sunday, 7/1/12 on my return, but; the covers were already torn. I know that you have a policy of items damaged to be returned to the company, so why not the ... can help me, because; I would not recomend your store to my friends. I had already told some of ...

Posted by greg119

... i am getting ripped off and stolen from, i used my rewards card to buy it and biglots here in attleboro wont give me a refund, they never told people they were remanufactured tvs, they sold them as brand new..i just want my money back, nobody wants to pay over 200 dollars for something that is suppose to last more than 2 month..i just want my money back and you can have the tv back

Posted by sammy

... a sealed one dollar bottle of spices to the store without a receipt for an exchange. This was in Olathe, Kansas. I was told rudely no exchange without the sales receipt. I said, its easy to exchange this. The store manager rudely told me that ...a bag noticed that the expiration date was expired. I took the remaining two bags back to the store for an exchange or refund. The same manager took the bag, and...rude and confrontational manner that Big Lots does not accept refunds or returns on Food Items. No... has decided that she is the final word on Big Lots store policy. I have emailed the company and ...

Posted by useless and danagerous

.... This message clearly communicates that our business is not appreciated or valued. In addition, Big Lots sells defective merchandise, wireless headphones (550018068). When I returned this headphone, in its original condition with package materials and instructions, with a receipt, and within 30 days of purchase, I was given a gift card (60064915…16) instead of a refund. I wanted and deserved return my hard earned money. The store manager (James Herring) attempted to shame and belittle me in the presence of customers. The merchandise was defective. ...