BevMo Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for BevMo below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from BevMo so others can benefit from what you learned.

BevMo Return Policy

Customers who are not satisfied with a product ordered from BevMo can contact customer service for information on returns and exchanges. Policies regarding returns and refunds vary from one state to the other. For orders that were picked up at a retail location, the buyer should refer to the number printed on your receipt. For orders placed through the website and shipped, it is possible to contact BevMo customer service at 1-877-772-3866 or by following the “Customer Service” link on the site.

Orders that are held for pick up at a store can be canceled by contacting the store directly. Upon order cancellation, BevMo will credit the original method of payment used for the purchase within 3 to 5 business days.

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Posted by justdiat

We live in California near Albany where the store is located. We often buy at BevMo there. On Aug 13 2017 we bought a 6 pack of best Dam Root Beer 12.99 +.30 CRV and of course Tax. We tried it and it was the worst tasting product I have had from there. Again I state we have bought a lot from this store. Two days after we bought it I had to have emergency foot surgery, When I returned home I went to the store and they said it was 1 day past the 7 day return. Again this product is very bad and has no root beer flavor and the alcohol content is low. We will no logger shop at BevMo and will encourage our friends and Facebook friends to also not shop there.

Posted by Lilmarni

The BevMo return policy's are vague and misleading. Be very sure you want what you are buying because your only option is a same day exchange. Very disappointed with the misleading wording on the return policy. Will not be back!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a around 20 cigars from you guys in the past year and all of them have been great. Tonight I bought one, I cannot remember what the brand was but it was $8.99 and one I have purchased in the past. I took it out of the plastic to find it was very dry and the wrapping was falling off. I was very disappointed I missed smoking a cigar the guys in my family. I would like a refund for the cigar or just another one. Hopefully the other I buy are not a waste of money.

Posted by Kat

Bevmo needs to be clear on their return policy I was told if I wasn't satisfied or did not like the wine I can bring it back when I brought the wine back they told me the only way they would take it back if it was spoiled .the wine Didnt taste right how do you know if it's spoiled or just a bad they ended up returning it but wasn't happy about it so what is their policy if you do not like the wine

Posted by Verkert

Surprised when the Vancouver, WA store manager refused a return because the bottle had been opened. We were told by an employee when the store was new, they would accept returns within 90 days if not satisfied. The policy is reiterated on the receipt, without exclusion to open containers. Store manager states that is just boilerplate language, so apparently doesn't mean anything? No real benefit to shopping at Bevmo.

Posted by John

The manager at the goodyear location stated that there is no return policy for products customers don't like. Total Wine, here I come.