Best Buy Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Best Buy below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Best Buy so others can benefit from what you learned.

Best Buy Return Policy

If you are returning an item to Best Buy, it is necessary that you have the original receipt of packing slip. You can also bring in the gift receipt. With any return or exchange, you must present a photo identification. Almost every item can be returned in 30 days. Customers who are members of the rewards program have 60 days on select items. There are some items that are not eligible for return, and these include opened items, items that are damaged and delivery services. Customers who return Marketplace items must return the items to the Marketplace seller. Returns can be made in the store or through the mail.

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Posted by Mike

my wife got an ipad case for xmas from my son. The salesman sold him the wrong one. I returned it and had to pay an additional $90 for a different case that we were assured by them that it would fit. It did not fit !!Disgusted, we bought a different case from someone else. We tried to return the case for a refund because it is clearly defective and were told we were 9 days past their return time..this is BS!!! The salesman even had the balls to offer to throw it away for us, but we would have to pay another fee!!! never, ever will I set foot in a Best Buy again and plan to use every measure to get them to refund our money.

Posted by kas

the exact same thing happened to me. best buy denied a christmas gift return due to how they lie to their customers promising RETURNS and then counting each return as a single return, how PATHETIC is that? not only did Best Buy denied a return but they also refused to exchange the item even when it was NOT OPENED and still sealed.

I spent $5150 on laptops, headphones, bluetooth speakers and tablets. So much for the RETURN/EXCHANGE PROMISE.

I will NEVER buy anything from Best Buy again.

Posted by Richard Romine

Bought DVD player, not 60 days later it was half price. Would not. refund price difference. Could not get car charger, don't make one for their own brand.whats worse i got screewed $10. VERY UNHAPPY.Dont waste your money at any best buy

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a Apple Sprint 7 plus phone at the Best Buy in Merrit Island Florida.It seemed to be fine untill I got home and tried making a Apple IS which I did and it vanished the same day.I took the phone back on day 7 .They called Apple and talked me into going back home to make a new one.Still no go so I went back to get a complete refund besides restock fee or what ever it was.They refused and called sucurity saying I was causeing problems.Ya I wasent taking no for an anwser because I just went trough it the week before.So now Im stuck with a broken phone.Also a contract from apple that dont applie to no one else that I know that has a apple phone.So what am I suspose to do pay on a phone that doesent work and agree to a policy that no one else in America has to obide buy.Thats discrimination and Ive tried 20 times to get it fixed by Apple with no success at all.Does anyone have any info how I can get these screw bag kids back that works for the little Best Buy that screwed me.I dont want it on my Credit.I cant even get a malware scan done on this phone.I cant download any security or any VPNs to keep me safe.Sprint pcs is not the contract I agreed to nor Sprint Sectrum.

Posted by

bought a new dell computer receipt said new but employee at store said they seel reburbished computers and other items if a customer brings something back it could be tainted or damaged this exactly what happen to 5 months old 5 trips to store repair by geeks and then keyboard locked up took it back number 6 trip to store indpls indiana brickyard store geeks shipped it to factory for another repair.i get a call saying it was not covered for repair someone had spilled liquid on key board..not me i do not eat or drink around my computers.i have contacted the ceo president hubert joly corporate offices 7601 penn ave richfield mn 55423 3 letters he will not respond so i am getting ready to contact shareholder board to let them know what is going on with this terrible customer service no refunds or up grade by word of mouth store manager and distruit manager of best buy too get my 5 month computer back cost me 121.69 what a rip off i checked reviews and complaints on best buy 2,980 so far something is wrong with this company a class action law suit is needed any lawyers out there or have you been screwed by best buy..

Posted by LM

I will never buy from best buy again, I am very disgusted to say the least I have bought a Dell desk top computer and got it home and turned it on and it would even stay turned on so I returned it and exchanged it for another Dell computer and got it home and the sound is very bad making very loud weird noises and I'm very disgusted. I paid 1,100 for this computer and I will be getting my money back tomm and going else where. I WILL NEVER BUY FROM THEM AGAIN JUNK JUNK JUNK

Posted by Sad tv

I purchased a 49� in Sony TV. It simply SUCKS! I�m beyond the 30-60 day return policy. I purchased two tv�s in August. On this particular t v. The picture fades in & out. Now the volume is doing the same.
This TV is just sad. It just started showing problems. GREAT! I stuck with junk. From Best Buy
I don�t usually shop at Best Buy. Mainly because I here of their return policy. Will not buy another electrical device from there. Wouldn�t recommend Best Buy either.

Posted by Anonymous

You did not return enough money! Jitterbug
charged me $25.OO to activate my phone & $3.00 plus tax for voice mail. Totaling $31.41 witch you did not pay! Please return!! Brenda Martin

Posted by jj

Its strictly 15 days for returns NOT 30... its a joke!

Posted by lexwow

I wanted to know if my friend bought me a laptop on his credit card and it was something that he wanted me to have and not what I wanted which was a lot cheaper, can I exchange it for the white one and can I get the rest of that balance in cash or does best buy not do that? Do they really put the rest back on his card even if he has missed placed Monday he has to order another one.

Posted by Anonymous

I was in the Elyria, Ohio best buy store today, and it was a pleasant experience, however, I may come in for a refund. I would like to know what the store policy is to provide me with a full refund?

Posted by Highly Disappointed

I concur -Best Buy is a scam. I purchased a TV in July and they finally delivered it on September 2nd. They lowered the price of the TV by $500. I went to get my matching price but they told me that they could not give it to me since they go by the purchase date. So I spent a month plus without a TV that I purchased and they told me that they could not do that as the TV was purchased in July but not installed until September 2, 2017. Christina the rudest customer service person in the world waited on me again at the Woodbridge store. The first time I went around and got what I needed. She is a ho from the word go. Don't buy at Best Buy. They are shady and crooked. This "quote manager" told me that I had to leave the store because I said it was BS. She is a total fraud as a human being- stay away from the Woodbridge store.

Posted by Anonymous

I will never buy another product from Best Buy. Bought a new 55" TV for my mother for her birthday. Waited until her birthday to give it to her and then it took a little while to get to her house and install it. Took the TV out of the box brand new, hooked everything up, turned it on and there was a line running across the screen that looked like the interior glass was cracked (no damage to the exterior of the screen). Returned to Best Buy and because it was outside of the return period they were zero help and completely rude at the same time. The TV was still in the wrapping with the stickers on it, obviously never used. Samsung, the manufacturer claims to not cover damage and said that was Best Buys responsibility.

Posted by Double D


We all need to boycott Best Buy!. If you've made too many returns in their minds at ANY store...they can BAN you from returning items you bought and still have the receipt for!! even if you are in the return period!! You could walk up and without any prior warning, they will deny you the refund!!! Then ban your returns for 365 days!! So they are now STEALING FROM YOU...Don't risk losing potentially thousands of dollars by shopping at Best Buy they have gone back to their early days! Costco or FRYS.

Posted by David


We all need to boycott Best Buy!. Apparently if you've made too many returns for their taste at ANY store...they can BAN you from returning items you bought and still have the receipt for!! even if you are in the return period!!! Yes! you heard right, if you've made returns to Walmart, target, anywhere at all those add up for best buy!! they will hold those against you and deny your return for 365 days!! So hence, they are now legally allowed to STEAL FROM YOU....Article Below for more info. Personally ill never step foot in Best Buy again Don't risk loosing potentially thousands of dollars by shopping at Best Buy!

Posted by Granny7

Bought a Epson Home Cinema, did not use it, thought you had 60-90 days to return it, as other reputable stores have, but NO. Tried to return it, was even on their Best Buy Card, because you only had 15 days to return it, they would not give a refund. Only two people that opened the box was the employee who sold it and the one who checked to make sure everything was there only to say I could not return it. The employee who sold it did not say to return it in 15 days, you have to read all of your receipt. Have spent many dollars at Best Buy only to find this will not happen again.

Posted by Anchorman

I bought a Nest Thermostat on Black Friday 2016. Having a busy schedule, I have not gotten around to installing until now. Box is sealed new, but I would like to exchange and pay difference for Ecobee 4, since the Nest was discounted for Black Friday. I have the packing slip, but it has obviously been more than 45 days (I'm Elite Plus). Brand new sealed item, will they go for it?

Posted by Remod

Purchased a GE Over the Range microwave oven from Best Buy and had delivered to my home for a kitchen remodel. There was a 10 day interval before the microwave was installed waiting for wall tile to be installed. Stored microwave in my living room in the unopened original box. Once installed it was noticed that the door did not close properly and interior light would not go off. Reported problem to Best Buy and asked for an in-store exchange. Was flatly refused and told my 5 days for an exchange was expired and Best Buy would do nothing and could offer no assistance. Best Buy was useless; after giving up on Best Buy I went to GE and after 2 weeks of calls and emails on their web site I was finally able to get a service manager out to my home and he agreed the the unit would have to be replaced and he would handle it and he did. I will stay a loyal customer of GE but will have nothing more to do with Best Buy. They are worthless and I can see why they are closing stores.

Posted by Ash

Mr. And Mrs. t some I'll take the speaker off your hands you can ship it grey houndC OD (I pay shipping when it gets here) I'm in Edmonton AB Ashley Danielle on fb curly dark hair blue shirt

Posted by TCarey11

Mr and Mrs Sikes- I too tried to return a ARRIS Surfboard gateway that has been opened, but is still entirely packaged otherwise, never even plugged in! They told me that there was nothing they can do since it was past 15 days! I would have never bought from them if I knew about this ridiculously short return period!!! If you would be interested, I would be willing to trade products with you! I have a Samsung TV so I could at least get some use out of it, if you have any need for a new router/modems.
Mr. and Mrs. Carey

Posted by My new paper weight

We have spent several thousand dollars over the years at Best Buy. They have been great thus far. We last purchased a LG TV for 650.00 and a Samsung Wireless speaker for 150.00 because my husband is hard of hearing. The salesperson was confident that it would work and would be easy us to hook up. WRONG !! It will not work on the LG TV. When my husband tried to return it they said NO, but offered to send out a technician for small fee. $100.00.

My husband tried to explain to the young man behind the curtain.....That is was a BEST BUY employee who told us it would work for our needs. We did not have a receipt but it was put on our BEST BUY CARD. They found the purchase but then said because we missed the 7 day window, we are out of luck. So it is now 3 months later with my paper weight still in the box, should I cut my losses??....I would appreciate any advice. ps, Free to good home.



Mr. & Mrs. T. Sikes

Posted by BestBuy<RadioShack

Ordered graphics card and hdmi to dvi cable, both part of the same order. Graphics card arrived on time but the cable was never processed until the day it was suppose to be here. June 14th turns into July 5th. and I cant cancel the order.

Posted by JIM

Best Buy is living in 19th century world, with there 14 day return policy.
Any cel phone or device is NOT returnable after 14 days even on an exchange bases.
Not buying any more tv's, cel phones, computers, or tech accessories from BAD BUY!!!

Posted by Lalee

Best Buy employees are rude.their return policy sucks.I will never shop there again.

Posted by Beware of bestbuy

Dont buy from best buy!!! Beware they will give u a 3 return limit on any item and then tell u to call a number to get the limit lifted but its a total false process. They r a fraud as muchas there items are garbage !!! Beware and spread the word 3 item return limit and will never be cleared one that limit is reached !

Posted by Anonymous

Pre-ordered the Nintendo Switch 2 months before release. Arrived DOA, refused to power on what-so-ever. After several troubleshooting attempts, I contacted Best Buy's customer service over the phone. I let them know what happened, and the representitive told me he could send a replacement and that the ship by date was not guaranteed. I would also need to return the defective Switch back to BestBuy locally or use the provided shipping label. Six days later my new Switch arrives at my door. I return the defective Switch back to my local B.B., I explain the situation, employee said it's a good thing they were able to send me one because they didn't have any in stock to replace it with. They hand me a piece of paper and a receipt and say everything's taken care of. I get to my car, read the receipt, "Refund Issued."

A few days later my bank statement reads a refund has been issued back to my card. Best Buy turned a terrible situation into a great one!

Posted by Anonymous

I recently bought a HP laptop and it had problems within a week of buying it, so I wanted to exchange for the same exact computer just one that worked rig ht. They instead told me I would have to be refunded my money bak and buy the the same computer off of the shelf, which wouldnt have been too big of a deal a pain in the ass but ok whatever until I went to buy it and they said it was no longer on sale for the same price it was when I bought it so I had to pay 30 dollars more for the same computer because the one I bought the first time didnt work right so lets get this straight because their computer broke in only a week I had to pay 30 dollars more in store plus 10 mpr dollars in gas to drive the damn thing back to the store so in all I was cost 40 dollars for the same computer because the peice of crap didnt work instead of just being able to excgange it for one that works. Thanks alot last thing I buy from best buy.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi yes I return a extra madden 17 how long will it take to get my money back

Posted by

I will never shop at Best Buy again. I have had the worst experience over the last month with them. I purchased an item (fitness tracker) online and they mailed it to the WRONG address. Their computer system automatically changed my address that I wanted to item shipped to to an old address I haven't lived at in 10 years. I noticed this before it was delivered and contacted their customer service. They then shipped out a new item to me and I received it the next day. I did not like the product upon receipt of it and attempted to return in store the following day. The store refused to provide me with anything other than store credit as in their system it showed that the item was delivered to me twice. I told them that it was best Buys error however I was told I would have to mail the item in to get my full refund in the manner I paid for it. I contacted Best Buy online customer service 3x before I was able to get a pre paid slip to mail in the item. When I received it I promptly turned it in to UPS to be shipped back for my refund. They received the item 2 weeks ago and I have yet to receive my refund that should have been issued within 3 to 5 business days. I contacted them once again as on my best buy online account it stated they recieved my item and processed a refund for $0. They were basically processing the refund for the first item I NEVER received instead of the second one shipped out that I did indeed receive. I called them and explained once again for the 4th time and they stated they would correct it and refund me the correct amount. Now 1 week later I have yet to receive anything. Contacted them again today and was told there was a "delay" in the process and someone would contact me about it. No thank, I just did a dispute with my credit card company about this and will NEVER deal with them again.

Posted by yonas

last time we parchase hp laptop and the told me to refound money by mail

Posted by Duh

if you really didn't receive the lens, and BB doesn't refund the purchase, then just dispute it as merchandise never received through your credit card. Easy peasy.

The trick this day in age is to buy EVERYTHING with a credit card. You have $0 fraud liability and can dispute most rejected returns.

Posted by Margo

I can't wait for the day I either see or read that Best Buy is going out of business. They are by far the most greedy and desperate company that exists. This all comes from the top "management" team. Before they fall they will take as much money as possible for themselves whilst starting the layoff and store closures. What they make their employees do and how they treat customers is disgusting. If they stopped being overstaffed with the majority standing around doing nothing, perhaps they can better serve customers with sales and returns.

Posted by ScammedByBB

I purchased a camera lens worth $1100 in October that was supposed to be released in November. Two days before the shipment I got an e-mail that the shipment will be delayed by almost a month. Early December I got a notification saying the lens will arrive on December 7th. I stayed home to accept the delivery. I got a notification in the afternoon that the lens was delivered, so I went checking. Nothing was at my door. I immediately contacted BB and they started an investigation. Since December 7th I have called BB every Monday and every Monday they told me the refund will hit my account in 3 to 5 business day. February 6th was my last called when they told me apparently FedEx claims it was delivered so they would deny any refund and I should take up the dispute with the finance company (Citi Bank). I did file a dispute bu the moral of the story is do not buy online for BB. As of now, I purchased the same lens from another vendor but still out 1100 until the Bank provides a resolution. My fear is, I have no proof the lens was never delivered (they also have no proof I received it).

Posted by Pacoz

Best Buy #0105 Rancho Cucamonga, CA.
Store Manger :Chris (fat black man)
I bought an s7 edge, they offer to buy back my verizon note 5 for 180.00
Which sounded good, so then they were also giving away a 32 inch Samsung tv..with a phone I got the s7 and left the note 5 there . because they they gave me a gift card (that some of put it one the )
Now because it was 15 until closing thowith, so he got mad at me ... ......

Posted by liecdre

My wife got a fitbit blaze as a very nice teacher's gift (no gift receipt). Unfortunately, it isn't the right size and we simply want to trade-in for a different size. Will Best Buy allow a direct exchange if the item is the same price?

Posted by Nancy

I bought a computer monitor, a mouse, a keyboard, and an HDMI cable from Best Buy Store on Dec 21st 2016 for a total of $321. On Jan 18th I went back to Best Buy with these items and very politely requested a store credit for all the items explaining that I would like to buy from Best Buy an All in One Computer instead. The Customer service guy issued a credit only for the monitor because we realized at that moment that we could use the mouse and the key board with the new All in One that we were going to buy from Best Buy. So we decided on an All in One which was for $600 and took it to the customer service to pay for it. Since this All in One included a mouse and a key board with it we requested the customer service for a store credit(or adjust with our purchase of All in One) for the previously bought mouse, keyboard, and the HDMI cable since we were not going to have any use for them with our new All in One.The customer service guy refused to consider or help us rather he complained/accused us of packaging items poorly. I was in a shock about the terrible customer service. I walked out without buying an All in One from them. Will give my $$$ to a business where they respect customers. Also, I promised myself never to buy anything from them again.

Posted by Onelove420

I had a question about best buy returns without a receipt. Many stores ha e the policy you can only do 3 a year or every few months. Does this apply to best buy also?

Posted by Taioron

To people complaining about being refused returns(LoveKnowledge), this IS listed in the return policy under "Why We Need Your ID." Speaking from experience, it takes a quite a fair amount of returns to get flagged. So yes, it is in Best Buy's return policy.

To the complaint I saw about returning "broken" honor 8 and S 7 edge. Seriously? If you broke the product, it's clearly stated in the return policy they don't have to accept a return on an item that you broke. I can't make sense of all the rambling after that, but they could have *refused to do anything* for you.

Posted by Auburnfan2456

I have bought and returned many drones from Best Buy. I'll buy them do a review and return to try next model and they have never given me any hassle or prob with any return. great customer service.

Posted by Best buy hijack

I went to state college best buy Mobile to return my galaxy tab 2 tablet with receipt within the 14 day alloted time frame. I am frequent customer and just bought s7 edge cash there few days earlier. 835.00. Showed him my broken honor 8 (400) and s7 edge (850) that I broke and bought from them. So he took it upon his self to charge me 159.00 for cellphone insurance that I did not want. He said " not even negotiable with my luck" I said no repeatedly. No no no would not listen to me. Hey I spent over 2000 on phones from them it's my money and if breaks I'll buy a new one. Finally after going out of my comfort level and saying I want my money no insurance he then says I need to buy stuff from himy so he doesn't give me cash. He basically made me buy 259.00 worth of stuff. When I went over the 259.0p I tried to take a controller I didn't need off there he adjusted the price on receipt and took 5 dollar donation to the kids off. Wow I said u took my donation off then adjusted receipt again to make gear 2 watch and controller with 5 dollar Jude donation to equal the 259.00 exactly. Straight up gangster sh#@. Would not let me leave with my cash and the most shady transaction/robbery/stick up. Hate to judge all by this thug manager but that is my return experience and no he was not that good of sales he jacked me for my shitaste. I have all 3 receipts he changed and took to another best buy they got me all his info. I'll be contacting corporate today.

Posted by Sithrocker

I best get a valid copy of Windows 10 for this Cyberpower I ordered at without an inconvenient or I want my money back and a credit to my rewards card. This is illegal and unacceptable.

Posted by Really?

Wow I hear a bunch of whining. I read every single response on here. People sure hate to take responsibility. Return policy clearly stated in store. If you make a large purchase don't you think you should research that? Guy on here itchin about a microwave he purchased 4 months earlier. Best buy has always been great about returns. Returned plenty of things never asked a single question. Bunch of Idiots going to spend 2g's on Ipads don't read return policy.

Posted by Budda109

Return policy and help with returning things has always been a plus for me. As in all cases there are always two sides to every story. People who are banned from returning stuff is done because they do it ALL the time. I always filter these reviews because of the entitlement that is implied by anyone who was refused. Costco and Best Buy work with a customer as well as Business out there. Unless you are THAT guy.

Posted by LoveKnowledge

Best Buy is now borderline a scammer! It advertised that Best Buy PROMISES to make all the returns for Holidays gifts hassle free, and would do anything to make customers happy! Well, all is a lie. The stores nevet post anything about its policy of strapping customers with single transaction returns, i.e. They processed each item as a return and then count it as one returns. I bought several iPads for my extended families along with some accessories. When I bought, I asked if I would have issues returning these gift items, the sale person said no worry as long as I bring them back unopened and with receipts, they will be refunded. Again, another lie. When I brought back 1 ipad yesterday, it processed the refund and then told me that it banned me from returning anything else in the future! That means if the iPads I bought for my family members do not work out, I would have to "eat" them as Best Buy won't take them back even with receipts and within the return deadline. When I complained to the store manager, he said he could not do anything but telling me to call the 1-888-BEST BUY number which of course has NO representatives answered! I was naive so I tried to call the number but no one answered. After holding the phone line for 2 hours each time, I gave up trying to call their corporate number! I then tried to call the TRE (the retail equation- the 3rd party that collected returns data for Best Buy. This one is another scam! It says it would email me the form to dispute Best Buy's decision and also would send me my "report of returns activities". It never sent me any emails despite promising me twice on the phone!!! At this time, it is not possible to deal with Best Buy itself. I will have to file complaints to the State Attorney and the County Consumer Protection office about Best Buy. According to Maryland law, returns policy must be posted or the retailer must take back the merchandise. Best Buy never disclosed its policy of trapping customers with a refusal to accept returns! This store chain had lost a lot of customers on its bad policies of refunds and exchanges! I pray that it will be bankrupt and out of business soon! But before that, I hope the law will give it substantial fines for violating consumer protection laws!! Needless to say, Best Buy broke all these laws blatantly!! My family and I will NEVER spend another penny at Best Buy!!!

Posted by AnaZ

I bought a 64" Samsung TV on Novemeber 25th 2016 and we just took it out of the box on December 10th, 2016. A day after, we realized there is a line on the screen so we went back to the store on Dec 13th and the manager told us that it is a cosmetic damage and could not exchange the tv because it was out of the 3 day window. Besides that, the employees at the counter laid the tv on the back counter and scratched the frame of the tv. The manager in dutie sweared his employees could not do it and blamed it on us. I called again to speak to the store manager and she stated that she has to stick to what the manager in dutie had said, No exchanges. I just cannot believe we now have 2 scratches and be blamed for it. I asked for the manager to view the camara and she said they do not have cameras by the customer service desk, unbelievably. We have been loyal customers of BesttBuy, and very disappointed at their stupid return policy and now blamed for another scratch. Any suggestions?

Posted by Anon

These are all reasons why I buy just about everything bb sells at COSTCO. Costco is hands down the best to their customers. All the rest bb, Walmart, target ect... Have crappy return policies and employees that aren't happy and don't care to help you!

Posted by Chris

I bought some batterys for a 3dr solo drone on they were on sale but were marked as 1 per order. So i ordered 4 seperately. I received them and the drone loss gps and crashed. I brought the drone and all the batterys back. None of the batterys were opened yet. Bestbuy processed all the returns separately. All new batterys in the sealed boxes with the reciepts.when i got to the last battery they wouldnt allow it. Saod no more returns for a year because i made too many return for tge year. Tgey sent ne to a erd party. That 3rd party sebt a report. In the last year i returned 2 other items. But due to bestbuy processing each battery and the drone separately it now showed a total of 7. Now i own 2 batterys for a drone that malfunctioned and was returned. They returned everything except the batterys. Ridiculous. And i cant return anything for a year. 3days later i received an email from bestbuy claiming they upgraded my acct. To elite status. Whats going on with that. You say no returns for a year thenupgade my acct to elite. Which means i can return for 30 days instead of 15.. But at the same time says no returns for a year. I can make no sense of this.

Posted by I tal

Will someone tell me how one can know whether an item in a box works without opening the box,anyone. Best Buys no returns on a opened boxed item makes no since.

Posted by haveuheardthegoodnews

I always get the 2 year extended best buy warranty on things that cost about $50 and over- Thank god because my son has gone through so many xbox one accessories - Ive returned his headset about 4 times this year- the first time I got the exact pair and they got messed up again- so the third pair I upgraded (just had to pay the difference) Then that pair had a problem with the mic so we upgraded again-- just paid the difference, and everytime you exchange your product thats under warranty the 2 year plan resets to that day you get a new receipt. I keep all my best buy receipts together in an envelope safe- even though they don't need the receipt because I always give my email when paying they can look it up. I bought a dial up modem/router in January and it just never worked great my son had to plug it into his game because the wifi was so weak- anyway I just switched to Cable internet last week so I will be taking my crappy router in to exchange it for a better cable modem/router and I know Ill have no problems because I bought the 2 year warranty for $8. Everybody is cracking down with taking back items without receipts, or they only allow 15-30 days for returns. I get anything I need from Best Buy just so I can don't have to worry about my stuff breaking on the 16th day-- I pay the couple dollars for tyhe 2 year- if I need it- I use it- If I don't I don't but either way it absolutely has saved me a lot of money already from just buying the warrantys. If they stop the 2 year replacement program I will have no reason to shop there anymore.

Posted by buyer

last week i bought a New Macbook Pro 15" MJLT2LL/A. 3300$ out the door. I got home and the next day noticed it wasnt listing yet on my apple profile(MySupportProfile) however, was logged in under So, I called Apple. Turned out -it was still logged in to another persons AppleID account.
This thing was in Shrink Wrap the whole bit. Not Open Box. Brand New.
Apple told me to high tale it back to BBY and get my money back. I took the printout showing it was connected to someone elses AppleId thus I would not be able to officially own this computer or have it serviced under AppleCare.

nothing more to say, judge for yourself here. I wont be repeat Buiss for any reason at BBY.

Posted by Feed up with stupid return polic

I know what the return policy, since Best Buy changed to Citibank you can not return more than 3 times even if you have a valid receipt. Some company that Best Buy has subcontracted has blocked my returns because you can only have 3 returns within a 12 month time frame even though I have a valid receipt. A manager should be able to override that feature once they verify you have a valid receipt. I will not be shopping there until they change that ridiculous policy. I have been a customer of Best Buy for over 15 years and never had a problem with returns

Posted by CannyBill

Yes you can return something(s) past the date of return. All the people writing in saying you cant are wrong. About every best buy. Perhaps your best buy wont. Which of course is most important to you. I just returned a TV and its service plan. I bought the TV back in November 2015. Here in August 2016 my local best buy took both back for a full refund. Price at sale was 2399.00 TV & 399.00 Service plan. My case may be unique to others but i showed the Magnolia Team respect anx patience. As just people trying to do their best they did the same. So no its not in stone that you cant return after normal return dates just wise to pay attention go their policy.

Posted by Severely annoyed

I do not understand why I read so many negative reviews and complaints about the return policy. It is posted everywhere in the store. It is posted at every checkout desk it is also posted on the website. Before blaming. The associates and the company you should probably do your research. I have been a customer for over 20 years. Also you all should understand that they don't manufacture the products they sell. You should take a look at those name brands that you're looking to buy. There is such thing that good brands have problems. What world do we live in? A perfect one? Nope. Just because a product has good reviews doesn't mean that they will stay perfect and they do have thos plans for a reason. If you have anyone to blame it's yourself

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a TV a few months ago, I lost the receipt but the manager recognize the TV as theirs, but would not give me a refund.

Posted by Telapomgoporatras

I bought one time a HP printer in Albuquerque at Best Buy, the on off button broke down so I returned, but the geek guy who took care of my problem smashed the printer against the counter first then he sent it t HP, anyway I complained to the supervisor but he didn't listen to me. The environment at Best Buy is very toxic and many employees are very unhappy.

Posted by Nonbbyhater

I have no idea what this fuss is all about. I bought an ipad with a glass screen protector that was put on at the store. Not only was I given a hassle free return, I was even refunded the cost of the screen protector even though it is not use able again. Best buy has the absolute best customer service.


I can't believe how entitled so many people act in this board. It is YOUR responsibility to find out the return policy before you purchase from a retailer. Their policy is plastered all over the website, on the walls inside the store and on the receipt. They are very clear that the window is 15 days. All these entitled people who think their circumstance is so special that Best Buy should give them extra time is sickening to read.

Did you pay with a debit card? Then you will receive your refund via debit card. I can't believe there are people on this board that actually think Best Buy should equate that to cash. A debit card is not cash! They are not going to give you cash if you use a debit card!

And how can you people blame Best Buy for a manufacturer's defect? It's not their fault! Almost all manufacturers provide rather lengthy warranties. If you have a problem outside of Best Buy return policy, then you simply call the manufacturer to get them to provide warranty service!

And then thereturn are the idiots who don't keep their receipts. You're lucky Best Buy even allows returns without a receipt. Then when Best Buy gives you a gift card with the amount of the refund on it, you're pissed. All because YOU did not keep the receipt. All because YOU did not check their refund policy before you bought. All because YOUR think your circumstances are special.

Yesterday I bought a TV from Best Buy. No less than 4 people asked me if they could have sent me while I was browsing the televisions. You know what the first question I asked was? Yep you guessed it: " What is your return policy?".

So many people on this board so entitled.

Posted by User1234

Omg people, read the damn return policy before you buy something. You can't return something outside of the return policy. If you choose to not buy a protection plan that's your own fault. If something defects, go through the manufacture for repair or replacement. If you are unhappy with a $500-$2000 purchase, return it immediately and consider a different brand, Best Buy sells many different brands, they don't make them, they just sell them.

Posted by WTF?

Brought a Sharp Microwave 4 months ago. Stop working completely. Best the manager at Pembroke Pines BB would do is give me the phone number for the Manufacturer. Tomorrow I will try calling them, so they have the opportunity to fix the problem or never see me again.

Posted by Worst customer service

I had a very bad experience with best buy and that a result of my loss of $75. I purchased a product from one of my old account of different country and then i closed that account. I went to store and requested the cashier to refund the item in gift card, so that i will again purchase as per my choice of the same amount. I repeated three or four times to that cashier that if it is possible to get the refund in gift card then only go for this otherwise not. I did not want him to process the refund in my closed bank account. But that idiot cashier, did mistake (he must be not fully trained of the system) and even after he tried to get the refund in GC, he completed the transaction to bank. then after that, he called the manager to post void the return transaction. Manager came, check and told me this is completed as per your request and now we cant reverse the transaction. This is really ridiculous. I was telling them that this was not my request, i asked him to give me the refund in gc. But manager was just trying to prove that its BEST BUY "we never do mistake". what a rubbish,you did the mistake and now covering your mistake with this lie. I will never ever recommend BB to any friend.

Posted by Anonymous

Are you people stupid? if you buy something anywhere and it is outside of the return period of course they will not take it back. If it becomes defective.....that isn't Best Buys have to go to the manufacturer DUH! I purchased a TV 34 days ago, I had 45 days to return it. Took about 20 minutes, yes they need to plug it in, make sure it works, isn't cracked etc. That is just common sense. I received a full refund to my credit card, I had my receipt!

Posted by Anonymous

Please check your item you choose pick up.
I bought a TV from Best Buy and had it for pick up. After bringing it home, I didn't have time to set it up so it sat in another room unopened. Then I changed my mind and returned it two weeks later (14 days). They took half an hour to "check" the condition. Came back and told me the box was opened and tape closed. Bunch of bs. Gave me store credit instead of refund. I hope they don't go bankrupt anytime soon. But I will not buy a big item from BB again.

Posted by Anonymous

Best Buy sucks, router lasted just over 2 months before dying and they won't take it back.

Posted by Anonymous

Bought a TV 31 days ago, and the picture went out. Just sound. Can't return past 15days. Ridiculous, just like everyone else in this forum Best Buy sucks and will never shop there again!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Best buy sucks one policy says 30 day return and than the other says 15 days. Make up you mind.

Posted by ScreenName

Best Buy, what a joke. I attempt to return a gift I purchased but couldn't get a refund on my Best Buy card because I was 5 days past the 15 days. I had purchased the gift 2.5 weeks prior to my boyfriend's birthday and was an elite member at that time. Conveniently I no longer am and don't qualify for the 30 day refund perk of an elite member. I'm determined to get my refund because where there's a will, there's a way. *Deuces**

Posted by Dear slow people

For all the people having a fit about being being an elite member .... It's free. ... if you really buy as much as you say you do. You qualified to be an elite member for free... its just the perks you get for being a loyal customer. There is also ways around having to spend the amount you need to qualify. Like my brothers and sister, my self my mom and dad all on the same account. So we qualify every year. Just because you're lazy about returning something doesn't mean bestbuy is at fault.

Posted by gknutila

I bought a microwave (LG Brand) from BB in April of 2016. It literally fell apart in mid May. The door latch broke/fell apart; hence, the door would not close and the unit would not function. I called Best Buy at Arden in Sacramento, CA. They told me that I was past the 15 day return period; and since I did not buy the Geek Squad protection, I would have to go to a LG service center.

The nearest LG service center is over 75 miles away in Modesto, CA.

Posted by Anonymous

Never, ever shopping at Best Buy again. I bought a $400 Microsoft tablet, and it didn't work. I returned it within the 15 days to get a new one. Got the new one shipped to me. The second one didn't work. I was fed up and took it back to the store. Guess what ? Store credit was my only option because I was passed the 15 days of the ORIGINAL purchase date. I am FUMING angry. I should have got my money back the first time.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased an 43inch Insignia TV that after 2 months just stop. I took it back to bestbuy for them only to tell me that there was nothing to bat for hey could do. This was an open box pur based which I paid $275.00 but now the TV brand new is $225.00 and when I originally purchased the TV I ask about an extra warranty and I was told the only one was from Isiginia but if any went wrong with the TV I could return it they said nothing a obout a 15_period. I can't believe it now the new one is $225.00 I think BestBuy got over and should be ashamed of themselves this was put on my BestBuy account which I now think I will be closing and not shopping with BestBuy any longer I thought they were better then that.I guess I was wrong Hun!

Posted by Netgear

I bought a Wi-Fi Broadband for Boost Mobile that's supposed to be from Netgear it's supposed to be your hotspot it took me awhile to get in touch with Boost Mobile customer service when I can finally take me and I get the number to the box it will from another company I could not get in touch with them because they will close on Sunday today I didn't really get a chance to talk with them because of the hours that worked they don't know it is a Broadband from another company instead of Netgear it's from somebody else

Posted by Keeli2210

i have been waiting a week so far for my refund to credit back on to my credit card. I am getting really nervous that i am not going to even get it now since everyone else says 3 or
4 days for debit or credit card's

Posted by Jlaska1318

I think they used to have a 30 day return policy. They must have changed their policy to 15. Days recently. That sucks

Posted by Shopping EVERYWHERE but Best Buy

Just found on-line internal rules that say even without a receipt, they can process returns, even out of the time-frames listed...BUT at the store manager's discretion. I have an unopened DVD boxed set purchased with cash that is not going to be opened...they still sell it. I was told store credit only, no refunds. I have spent so much money over the years there. This unopened boxed set will sit on my fireplace mantel to remind me NEVER to shop at Best Buy again.
They CANNOT expect their sales to keep them in business when the competition (Walmart, Costco Target et al) have such lenient return policies. Really, stupid stupid business practice when the item is unopened and they still sell it.

Posted by homie78

I paid 100 dollars with my Debit Card. It was taken from account before I made it home. 5 days later with my receipt in hand I returned the item, I asked for Cash, the same tender in which I paid in. While I may of used a electronic version they still were able to take it from my account within minutes of my purchase. Now I get to wait 3 to 4 business days for for it to even post onto my bank account and then maybe a day for it to clear with my bank. For a technology company, they sure are living in the past. Everyone recognizes that a debit card is cash now days.


I made a purchased on BEST BUY last year on february 2015 my husband purchased a camera chip usb adapter so I can download my pictures to my laptop, when he brought it home It clearly wouldn't match my laptop so I went to the store to make the exchange for something else, the girl on the cash register told me I need to open the product and try it in order to return it. This year I bought a residential getaway router and it only work with the computer that was connected to the modem and the rest of my house didn't have internet, I got an appoint with my cable technician to check the line and he offer me a better modem, so I went to BEST BUY to return the new modem I purchased form them $199.99, and was told by the manager; he won't accepted because already has past their 15 day return policy and the item was open other wise he would have made the return. I call the customer center and they told me the manager can do an exception for me if I go to the store, then I this agent on the phone told me if I become an elite member I can get up to 30 to 45 days return policy upgrade, this doesn't make any sense, are they trying to push people to become an elite member? This is Crazy the year before I was told to open the item this year Im denied my return because it was open?? My house hold will never buy again from them.

Posted by Phyllis

I understand why everyone is so upset about Best Buy! I wanted to return something and looked at the receipt and it said I only have 15 day. I just don't like it and kept putting off to take back, and now I'm stuck with it. In the future I will watch what I buy from them. I do understand their policy and why companies go out of business due to returns. I think they should post their policy or tell you at the register. I thought it would be 30 to 90 days.

Posted by Yancy

The Best Buy in Pinole California is awesome! They go out of their way to be sure customers are satisfied. I took my return to the customer service desk and had no issues at all. We are customers for life.

Posted by Bad customer service

I bought a wireless earphone that didnt right the day after. So i went to exchange it. Since i didnt had my recipt and i paid cash, i checked return and exchange polic online. It was clearly mentioned if u dont have recipt u need ur bank card or a photo id. But when i went there they didnt exchange it and said its open and since u have no recipt they cant exchange and in there website there is nothing as opened ptoduct cannot be exchange. Iam not goong to best busy ever thats for sure now

Posted by No more BB

I just came from the Best Buy store in Reston Virginia. The manager, Jeff Zubio, just told me that he didn't carry the items I was returning so I had to bring them back to the store where I purchased them which was much further away. I had to stand there red-faced and show him the statement on the Best Buy website that said that returns could be made at any Best Buy store. I basically had to practically make a scene for him to agree to the terms on Best Buy's website. He was so rude that he even challenged why I was returning something I'd only bought the day before, as if that was any of his business. He was so rude and so cocky, I can see why Best Buy is doing so poorly.

Posted by No More

I purchased a Panasonic microwave at store # 307 in Joliet, IL. and 3 weeks later the unit fails to start. I brought the unit back and the store manager said Best Buy will not exchange or refund the unit because it is more than 15 days from the purchase date. Best Buy said I have to return the unit myself since I did not buy the extended warranty. I never buy extended warranties because quality products should not need one but I guess some unreliable Best Buy products must need it as I found out. The store gave me this written statement on a receipt: Best Buy is committed to providing you the best possible Factory Warranty experience. If you are experiencing trouble with your product, please contact the vendor to report the problem. I would think Best Buy should at least provide the correct contact numbers for their customers. Have someone at the corporate office call that number and see how far they get at setting up a return since that is a bogus phone number. Good Luck. All I did was waste 2 hours and gas to drive to Best Buy and purchase a defective unit and waste 2 hours and gas driving back to Best Buy trying to return it. I or my family will never buy anything again at Best Buy.

Posted by Mpo1124

Well, my story sounds pretty much like everyone else's. On 12/23, I bought a digiland tablet for each of my grandchildren. On Christmas day, we open gifts to find that the screen of my grandson's tablet is totally trashed, broken, unusable. So naturally on 12/26, I go down to BestBuy to even exchange it for a Non-Broken tablet. They only had 1 left. It was a different color. Mind you, 3 days ago they were All the same price. Now, I get charged an extra 10.70. I get home and we charge the tablet so he can take it with us on vacation as we were going abroad the next day. We turn the tablet on...and it Never boots. We tried all the reset tricks but nothing. By now its too late to go back to the store again. We leave on vacation and return to find our window for return/exchange is now gone and sorry 'bout your luck. So basically, theyvtook my money for damaged goods, then charged me more to exchange it for yet more damaged goods, then see ya. Let the BestBuy shopper Beware.

Posted by Debbie

I received a Fitbit for my birthday in black. I wanted a colored one in tangerine but store it was purchased at only had black in stock I was told another store in the area had my color in stock so I drove there to "even exchange" it. I misplaced gift receipt somewhere dealing with all this but had no problem exchanging Fitbit as it was still unopened and the same price paid UNTIL service desk clerk said "That will be $9.09." When I asked why I was told that Best Buy does not return taxes you paid on item without receipt showing taxes you paid. So we actually paid original tax of $9. and another $9. at exchange. So is this a sales tax scam. I'm sure Uncle Sam won't see it. And if they charge this to all other "non receipt" customers that adds up to a lot of money! We did purchase a lot from Best Buy but not in the future! Cutting back they say or bad business forcing closures, I say unfair return policies putting you out of business!

Posted by Simple Little Customer

I don't usually write comments on websites like this, but I am absolutely astounded. A 15 day return policy unless I become an Elite Member?
I have purchased many items from Best Buy over the years and DO NOT plan on ever setting foot in one of their stores again.
I was kind of hoping that the company would get back on track and do well, but I fully expect them to go under with this kind of short-sighted policy.

Posted by aesaldua

Will never EVER use Best Buy again. 15 day return policy is absolutely ridiculous, especially when you receive something as a gift.

Posted by Anonymous

My husband bought a POWER TRIP 240 CYBER POWER on december 21st. to connect his oxygen concentrador in his car because he has traveling from Alexandria, LA to Florida we came back to LA on January 22 I tried to give it back because did work in his machine at all. The woman in customer services did not want to change it or give the money back. THE JUST HAVE 15 DAYS GUARANTEE. so everybody know, I hate best buy poor service. I hope they close soon. bY the way do not sent nothing to my Email.

Posted by Sctam

I tried to return a gift which I had bought my wife on December 23, only to find out the return policy is only 14 days! I guess I should've looked at the receipt, but was thinking that 30 days was pretty standard and that used to be the best by policy. I even had a gift receipt but that didn't matter. They finally agreed to give me an in-store credit, which is ridiculous. When leaving the store I read the policy on the wall and if you are a rewards member you get up to 30 or 45 days to return your items! And if it's a wedding registry items you get 60 days to return the item. Now tell me what is the difference between a gift receipt and a wedding registry receipt??? Totally ridiculous!! Once I am done using my in-store credit, it will be the last time I go to Best Buy.

Posted by Tom Kennedy

we bought a motorola router 4 port router on august 13, 2015 for our son and the router could not be used on his tv was not compatable, we took it back and Best buy in Lafayette,In. would not take it back would not even exchange for the tv we bought or the drone we got so we took it back home and we had dish hookup and it was not compatable with ours either would not run it was to slow and I feel like we have been screwed out of $144.44 all we asked was to exchange for something else and would not even let us get something else . You can look back and see what we bought last year and I feel you owe us if it cannot be used, I will package it up and send back if we could get in store credit that is all we ask but if not maybe we should let the better business bureau know how we were treated. Please give me an answer. Karen Kennedy

Posted by stephrenia

Good luck if you spend your hard earned cash or money at Best Buy. You might wait 3 or 4 days for a refund if you use a debit or credit card but you might wait 3 -4 weeks or longer for a "check in the mail" if you spend your cash at Best Buy! Buyer Beware and even more beware if you use cash... your money is no longer your money and best buy doesn't care about you only keeping your cash. The customer service at Best Buy is the worst I've ever seen. I am thoroughly disgusted with Best Buys return policy. I have never seen a company so eager to take CASH from its customers and then refuse to give cash back with a valid return within the return policy time frame with a receipt that shows it was paid for in cash. I have had serious issues with this several times in the past and then for several years I make a point not to purchase from best buy... I don't know what posesses me to try again. I just spent over $900 cash on a cell phone that I decided that I didn't want. I was told I was only allowed to exchange this phone or to wait a couple weeks for a check in the mail. For over $900 cash of my money. This is stealing in most places... and very bad customer service. I willl never ever buy from this store again and will make sure everyone I know is aware of this and my previous experiences. I know several people told me of their nightmares when I told them I was going to attempt to return this phone. I thought well I paid cash and its only been 4 or 5 days and its new in the box... what could go wrong? I did everything right on my side.... Best Buy sucks and should be avoided at all costs. Pay more elsewhere if you need to!! Well worth the extra money to buy somewhere that values its consumers and their money. Billie Pounders

Posted by punzy123

I bought a Samsung Forty Inch smart Tv on 12/23. Also purchased the warranty for 39.99 and we specifically asked the checkout girl if the warranty covers everything if the TV gets broken because I've had issues with Best Buy in the past. She flat out said YES! Three days late I accidentally knocked the TV over and the screen cracked. We JUST got back from Best Buy where the Customer Service manager told us that the warranty we purchased doesn't cover cracked screens, only pixel issues. We advised this person that their check out girl SELLING the warranties flat out told us the warranty covers EVERYTHING! He said they can't do anything and to call the manufacturer but they, most likely, won't do anything either. SO I spent 390.00 for a tv or 3 days. I'm done with Best Buy. I know everyone posting complaints says this so I hope everyone sticks to it. I am shocked at how crappy their service is and that they still have so many customers. It's a shame.

Posted by kt

file in small claims court and the corp office will call the local store and authorize the return because they don't want to spend the money to send someone into court. they also don't want to have many lawsuits and have a negative BBB review

Posted by Mariam2941

My husband bought me a TV for Christmas (purchased on 12/14/15) but we did not open the box until 12/20/15 as we had to drill the mount on the wall. When we opened the box this Sunday, we found that the TV screen was broken. We put the TV back in the box and my husband took it back to the store.

The store manager told my husband she could not take the TV back as it had passed the 3 day store policy for returns. My husband asked her why, as we had purchased the broken TV from them, the receipt states a 30 day return policy for elite members and nowhere in the receipt does it state a 3 day policy for damaged product. If they have such a policy, they should make the consumer aware that you need to open the box as soon as you get home in case your item is damaged, or open the box at the store so you don't have to go through this mess. WHY WOULD I OR ANYONE WANT TO PURCHASE A BROKEN TV!!!!

We contacted Best Buy customer service department and they said they never heard about this 3 day policy and actually said that it sounded like the store manager (Kelly Anderson from San Jose, CA - Curtner Store) just did not want to take the television back. The customer service rep talked to her supervisor and he said he could not do anything about it as it was up to the store manager.

So....CONSUMERS BEWARE!!!!!!!! The extended store Christmas policy is not really true. Go home and open your big items if you are giving them as gifts because you might end up with a broken item for Christmas. I have never experienced this before with Best Buy but then again, I have never purchased a broken item.

I will keep posting this notice to make sure this does not happen to someone else.

Posted by Garybo

NOBODY buy anything from best but! Let them go out of business!! They won't return anything!! Even if it's not used!!! Ridiculous!!!!

Posted by Annoyed Ex Customer

Portable radio comes in hard plastic bubble. Have to cut open bubble to find out item doesn't work. Can't return item because you opened it?Really ? Won't be buying ANYTHING else from your store unless clerk opens and demonstrates product works before I leave the store ! Best Buy you are destroying your own business !

Posted by sergio

I Purchase a 60 inch tv $1,407.00 Cost me. I took the tv home and it was broken went back to exchange got me another one and it was the same broken what kind a store is this know I have to go back and exchange again but who is paying for my time and fuel this store got me crazy I am in a big depression know I can trust store no more

Posted by Anonymous

I received a GPS as a gift and wanted to exchange it for a more expensive one. I did not have the receipt but knew the person paid 199.00 for it .the one I bought was 250. They only have me 129. For the exchange. The associate told me as long as could get the original reciept then they would make up the difference.I got the original receipt and they would not give me the $70 dollar difference They already have my original GPS. All I am trying to get is the money that was originally paid for that item. I WILL NEVER BUY FROM BEST BUY AGAIN!!!!!!!! I talked to 8 different people at the customer service center and spent well over 6 hours trying to resolve this situation only to be told they basically are stealing $70 from me. MR. BEST BUY, its no wonder you keep you identity a big secret.

Posted by Ary1

I wanted to return an item I purchased and since it wasn't within 15 days I was not able. I was even willing to settle for store credit but was denied. I had a death in the family and I was unable to make it to the store, sorry Best Buy you weren't my priority at the time. I will no longer be shopping there!

Posted by Aquix

Do Not Buy A Computer From Best Buy!! They Will Not Even Exchange An Unused Computer After 15 Days!

Posted by Wally

Went to Best Buy on September 21 which was 18 days after i purchased a HP Pavilion Quad-Core on September 3,2015. I was told i cannot return my unopened box because it was over 15 days. Order number was . I have been buying from Best Buy for years under member and have purchased a number of computers along with many other items. I had my original computer fixed which i brought from Best Buy and this is why i returned the product and was seeking a credit of 491.61. Please allow me to bring back for credit because normally there is a 30 day time period Thank YOU

Posted by xplics

I sent back very expensive camera lens that was wrong size, and some games, after countless hours on phone and emails, still no refund. I have not received the refund for Nikon - AF-S NIKKOR 28-300mm f/3.5 -5.6G. Two items which were in the box and even confirmed by the customer care and reference numbers which I have many if needed Order Number: The second box with return label issued by best buy as was the first for the games from order Order Number: . I contacted and stated in my other emails, letters, phone calls etc to best buy which I spent countless hours trying to solve this issue. I have not heard a word other then that the second box with the items was received days ago. I am getting stressed out due to the fact of the cost of the items returned and the fact that the lens. I have no word on whats going on. Please help me. I have spent countless hours on the phone with best buy, and I was promised this issue would be resolved by now. I thank you for taking the time to help me. Thank you Tasha for taking the time to help try to solve this rather now made complex issue by best buy. I was also promised a 50 dollar gift card due to my troubles with BEST BUY mixing up my returns and even sending more return labels then asked or needed. I am begging someone come to my aid. I even posted on the best buy forum and still have no refund for the very expensive lens, and the games I returned. I was hung up on multiple times when I was very polite, and I just feel best buy Return Center either someone there stole my items or someone lost them. I was also promised by customer care that my refunds would show up online, and a few days latter the actual refund would occur. I HAVE NOTHING SHOWING IN REGARDS TO THE LENS OR GAMES. Also I was lied to about the 50 dollar gift card it has been over a week and no proof that they even sent one. I can not stand this horrible business model when I was promised days ago everything was fixed after spending hours on the phone, with many hang ups, emails, and even in their forums. All I want is my refunds for what I sent back, and my 50 dollar gift card as promised. Please help. Also file BBB complaints these horror stories need to STOP!

Posted by Hopahale7

Will NEVER shop Best Buy again. I bought an LG countertop microwave oven. After three weeks oven quit working. Was told Best Buy does not do refunds on this product and directed me to call LG customer service who in turn told me to call the repair/ service center in our town who in turn informed me they no longer work on LG products. I again called LG service who then told me to take the microwave to either of two other repair/ service centers. Both center are a two hour drive one way from my town. Who would do that? Since then I was told by LG to just send them my original receipt and they would issue a refund. They had to send me a letter stating that they have approved a refund. After calling inquiring about that letter for 3 months I finally received it. The letter requires that I buy the same brand microwave, mail a copy of the new receipt then wait 6-8 weeks more for a check to come. In the first place, why did I buy a separate warranty from Best Bay that is totally useless? Second,why would I want to buy the same product that quit working after 3 weeks? And, will I really get real money as a refund? Never again!!!!

Posted by Henroc

I went to Best buy and the sales associate sold me a 128gb micro sd memory card for my Samsung phone. I paid with my debit card which is my checking acct. So money is there. I found out the card did not work on my phone because it was the wrong one. He gave me the one for a camera. When I went to get a refund they credited my card and said in 3 days the money would be available. Why 3 days if they got paid as soon as I swiped. They said it was there bank. I will never paid with a card again. Only cash.

Posted by Asok Asus

Best Buy return policy is now down to 15 days! Warning, DO NOT BUY FROM BEST BUY!

Posted by Anonymous

Purchased a Polar brand heart rate monitor a few weeks ago. NEVER used it, received a Fitbit (what I wanted anyway)for my birthday last Thursday. Take the Polar monitor to Best Buy today with the original receipt to return. No go....I was told because the 15 days had passed (who knew about that policy), I couldn't return it because it had been opened.....REALLY? Don't Best But sell "open box" items??? Couldn't exchange it or nothing. So I'm stuck with something I don't want or use. The sales associate did tell me I could sell it online, but there was nothing she could do. I think that is a RIDICULOUS policy, and I was livid when I left the store. I will surely think long and hard before EVER buying anything from Best Buy again.

Posted by Not Happy Camper

Bought a galaxy s6 cell phone from best buy. they told me that the screen is armored and does not break easy, also is waterproof or resists. Two days later it droped from my pocket aprox 12 inchs to pavement and screen broke. I went there for a different phone but they did not have them, sold out. Fool that I am listened to samsung rep and best buy salesman for a while and bought the samsung. Same superviser told me screen not armored and not water resisant. Can't return due to breakage. The screen has tto be touched more than once to even used before breakage. Was going to return it anyway. Do not buy this phone. And never believe anyone at Best Buy. Let the customer beware. They make commishion superviser told that no one at that store makes commisions. But his people said they do also i know 3 ex sales people, not to leave out tv and raido people that have said they do when tring to interview management at Best Buy. Guess I should believe the sales superviser right? Best Buy Morse Rd Columbus Oh. Anything for a sale.

Posted by MadAsHell

I tried to return an unopened USB wireless adapter. When I shopped for the item, I told the sales clerk I did not know whether I simply needed an ethernet cord or this adapter. (My husband is working away from home and staying in a motel, and he was having trouble getting on the hotel internet). I told the sales clerk, "I can return this if it turns out not to be what I need--right?" He said, "Of course." Well, I bought this on the 8th of this month, and it turned out not to be what I needed, so here on the 25th I tried to return it. They would not give me my money back. What's that--TWO DAYS past their limit? The sales clerk didn't mention anything about having to return it in 15 days! I was just livid when I was informed I would be given store credit only. My husband has been unemployed for 8 months, which is the reason he is having to work away from home and stay in a motel. We don't have money just to buy things we don't need! From now on, Best Buy will not be my first choice for ANYTHING. I was just so mad, and felt so cheated! Best Buy deserves to lose customers over this.

Posted by Anonymous

Purchased a $700 Samsung TV. Called Best Buy because at 27 days the TV color would go red after accessing the smart TV apps. Even after going back to regular TV, the image was red. The only way to fix this was to turn off the TV and turn back on. Their answer is that the 15 day return policy has come and gone and now I have to deal with the manufacturer. I then spent 2 hours in chat with Samsung and still no fix. This is the absolute LAST TIME I will deal with Best Buy.

Posted by yates

Bought jbl reflect BT wireless headphones don't have receipt but the original box and stuff it comes with. The Bluetooth stopped connecting.I also have an warranty to..wondering if I could return it.

Posted by Ihatebestbuy

DO NOY BUY from BEST BUY because it Is a horrible buy. I purchased an Xbox 1 bundle with a free second controller. When i opened the box and realized the controller did not work I went to get a replacment. The rep explainexplained to me that they could not take the controller back because the serial number does not match the the serial number on the packaging. I explained to them that this is what was in the box and I had just opened it the very same day.After checking my purchase history to see if I had purchased another remote they found nothing and still denied me. This is horrible service and I will be contacting the BBB. I advice other people to do the same in my situation. I believe frys electronics have been in hot water after trying to sell used merchandise as new.

Posted by mtbrat

I was denied a return today because I had 2 previous exchanges. I was told it's not a store policy, it's a Best Buy policy. The computer spits out some receipt saying it's denied and the staff says there's no override. The policy only says if you get warned or denied a return, you can call and get a copy of your returns. I remember when Walmart tried that. Didn't last very long. It should be stated in the policy. What I can't figure out is from about November of last year through January of this year my dad made about 10 returns and was never denied.

Posted by Anonymous

I just went to best buy to return an Apple TV because the Apple rep at their store told me that we could replace our cable TV with it. She said we could watch all of the channels we have now. We made the purchase on 8/9 & today is 8/31. Keep in mind we didn't even open the packaging at all & had the original receipt. It took Apple from 8/12 to 8/29 to finally get back to me on my question if the best buy salesperson was correct. The rep from Apple customer service said she (best buy rep) was incorrect & that it wasn't a replacement for cable TV. So we decided to return it today, again 8/31. The best buy customer service person told me we only had 15 days to return it. My jaw hit the floor! I asked when did the 30 day return policy change, she said two years ago. When I read their policy just now on their website it is stated:

If you are not already a member, please consider joining our My Best Buy&#8482; program. It is easy and free. You will not only enjoy points from your Best Buy&#174; purchases, but as your points add up, you can reach Elite and Elite Plus status, and receive an extended returns and exchanges period of 30 or 45 days, respectively, instead of 15 days, on most purchases.

You can return or exchange mobile phones and other carrier connectable devices within 14 days for a full refund. This return period also applies if you are a My Best Buy Elite or Elite Plus member.

This in my eyes is unfair to ALL customers.

Because I escalated my voice in the store she said she would make an exception. I didn't scream, but I wanted other customers to know how unjust best buy is on returns.

Case in point, I will never purchase ANYTHING from them again!

Posted by Anonymous

NEVER, EVER buy anything from Best Buy if you want good customer service on an exchange or refund! I had planned to write several paragraphs on why, but after seeing that there are over 700 other complaints I think one will get the idea!

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered online and I went through 25 levels of hell to return my item by mail. I do not live near a store, which is why I ordered online in the first place.
An order should always include the invoice and return shipping information, so I do not have to waste time on hold waqitingn to talk to someone.

Posted by metag

Best Buy policy is great when you actually take the time to read the receipt. :) No restocking fees!!!!! And I'm always glad that I don't need the box if I decide to return an item. And that they can look up my receipt if I lost it. Their accidental insurance is also awesome! I had my Mac book for about a year and dropped it. The screen was completely damaged and I was worried they might not cover the amount of damage that I caused. They sent out my computer and I guess it was going to take to long to fix so I got the newer model for a couple hundred more dollars! It always seems like none of the appreciative customers leave reviews!

Posted by j

Went to return a duplicate video game with the receipt at Best Buy. Item cost 49.99 it was unopened and I wanted to purchase a PS3 headset and a new game. The original item was a little past the return policy date. It was purchased as a gift for a relative out of town who could not make it here when scheduled around Christmas. I was told by the salesman that he could not return the game because it might be stolen. I said I have the receipt. He said it doesn't matter you could have stolen it and then brought it with the receipt you have. He said you could go outside in the parking lot, open it and bring it back in for a trade in at a trade in price. I said I'm not going to do that when you see that it is not opened, I have the receipt and have purchased over $2000 merchandise including a TV, PS3, computer printer, video games, gift cards, movies and printer ink recently. I belong to the rewards program and they can see what has been purchased. He said he would have to talk to the manager because it could be stolen and he has to check to see what he wants to do. He never once mentioned that it was over the return period. Over comes the manager who said he cannot exchange or return it but I could trade it in after I open it. I said I did not want to open it and why would I take a trade in price for a brand new unopened game with the receipt of purchase. He said it is the policy for returns. I said I was pretty much accused of stealing it and that was why you couldn't take it as a return not because it was a little over the return policy. He said that was never said. I said yes it was have a witness and it was said more than once in front of other customers. He insisted it wasn't said and the salesman sort of admitted it but that he meant it could have been from another store. The manager then said the salesman thought you were going to trade it in. I said I wanted to return it. He said oh he thought you wanted to trade it in. I said you weren't here and then why did he come find you to see if you would take the return after checking if it was stolen!!!!! And why tell me to go to the parking lot open it and then trade it in. So this tells me they will take a possibly stolen item they accused me of maybe doing that they told me to go outside and open, but won't take a brand new game unopened that has the receipt with it that they say could have been stolen that shows on my rewards program that I bought along with $2000 other merchandise. By the way, I did not trade it in, they would not return it for a credit, store credit or anything else and I did not purchase the $200 new products I was intending on purchasing! One hot customer lost! Lots of future sales lost! Will be passing on the word! Oh by the way redoing my kitchen and planned on purchasing all my appliances for it at Best Buy! Not now!! Who is the bigger loser ? I think not me!!!1

Posted by Mezzie

... most appalling convoluted way to buy goods - that's BEST BUY! You cannot use two cards to check out (which ...wait. And wait. So you decide to call the gift card customer service. And Wait - 10 minutes on hold... support ticket after an hour of being on hold (gift cards should be emailed the same day btw unless you provide a ... queue and not picked up. I then request a refund on the gift card (I gave up and brought at Amazon those... after 48 hours (during the week) with no response, I call my credit card company and highlight the charge and dispute it. I get my money back via them. Best Buy - nope, ...

Posted by Anonymous

...called the 1-888-237-8289 on the back of the receipt and she told me to go into the store and explain what the problem is and you most likely could get a store credit or a different camera. ...want the $609.97 back, I just want a different camera. One that is worth the money we spent!!!!!!! I will never buy anything in Best Buy ever again!!!!! So much for the reward zone credit card!!!!! Exchange policy is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by nevershopthereagain

.../12 I was not allowed to retun a laptop at the best buy store #949 in Rochester Hills,Mi.even... days due to a series of prior exchanges at another store location. the day before i had tried to do an exchange at this same rochester store and it would not go... woman on the phone said try a full return instead of an exchange and it should work because there were no holds or warnings placed on my account as of yet. so i did what she said and... because he saw me in the store the day prior trying the exchange first. apparently both best buy has a 30-Day "Hassle Free" return policy,...

Posted by nevershopthere

I was not allowed to retun a laptop at the best buy store in I was not allowed to retun a laptop at the best buy store in rochester hills,mi.#949,even though my reciept was ... 90 days due to a series of prior exchanges at another store location. the day before i had tried to do an exchange at this same rochester store and it would not go ...there were no holds or warnings placed on my account as of yet. so i did what she said and ... because he saw me in the store the day prior trying the exchange first. apparently both the ... claims best buy has a 30-Day "Hassle Free" return policy, ...

Posted by ldub

WARNING: before you buy a computer at a big box store, take it out and make sure it actually works, especially if it's a Mac. Dennis and I bought a Mac at a best buy, brought it home where it wouldn't turn on, so I... time to bring me back my exchange and when he did return told me that he would t exchange it because the computers hard-drive had b een swapped ou for...$1700 if he decides that I am in fact, trying to steal from best buy. Don't be a chump. Even if it looks, even if it is sealed tight. Update. Best buy will not refund or exchange my laptop. I now have a ...

Posted by ValiMandy

... and I bought a laptop from this best buy Sunday. It was an open item which means someone returned it or it was a display model. I ... When we went to best buy today to exchange it the girl at the counter agreed there was no physical damage and it ... also when we bought the laptop I asked the sales person about the warranty because I was concerned about the fact it was an open item and he just told me they have a one year warranty. He never offered any sort of extra ... saying, "I never told you it was a one year warranty and you would have to pay shipping and handling (stuff that he told us) and...

Posted by Anonymous

... shopping and also to request a refund on a ten dollar over charge that occurred two years ago... but they still owe me my money no matter the time length . It was their ... not mine and they had the use of the money. I had talked to a manager months ago ...and told me that I would be given the over charged money, to come back in with the receipt he could continue his telling me the return policy even though I was not ...his treatment that I decided not to buy anything and left the store, thinking I would not ...61 yeArs old, I need both knees replaced, it is difficult to walk, I have hep. c, RA.,...

Posted by Bikerboy

Best Buy, Oro Valley, Az. Bought an HP PC and 22" monitor. ...but file an internal complaint against the Ovo Valley store. Brought back equipment (yelling at staff in effort to create scene) and got full refund of $1,221. Went to local shop; bought ... Full data/software transfer was flawless with no charge. Total of $861. Its a long time since I encountered such a attitude demonstrated by Best Buy. It was like dealing with a shyster car ...


... and still under manufacture warranty. Should I bring to the sprint store (my phone carrier) or Best Buy which I purchased the insurance warranty. Best Buy asked me to come by since ... My phone was white in color and not black. Daniel said he could exchange it for me. (2) I asked where you send to repair and he replied it was shipped to Best Buy - Geek Squard and not manufacture (3) ... my used phone back that I could send to manufacture for replacement. He gave me bunch of excuse like no guarantee to get it back. Not sure the phone might ship somewhere etc. (5) After several attemps and talked ...

Posted by rdautorio

Last week I purchased a Dell laptop it made scraping sounds after it ran for an hour or so.I came to your store on Osceola pky. in Kissimmee to exchange it.I was helped by a young man, he must have been new, he had to repeat each question we asked of him to another associate. After... explaning the problem once again, her comment was just go and get something else, we do not have any more in stock...I asked her that is it you are not going to do anything for us this has been an inconvience!!!!!We where left on our own...