Bass Pro Shops Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Bass Pro Shops below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Bass Pro Shops so others can benefit from what you learned.

Bass Pro Shops Return Policy

  • Six pay orders can only be returned to the Catalog Returns Department. Retail stores can not accept Six Pay Order item(s) for Returns.
  • If item(s) was purchased at a Bass Pro Shop retail location, you may return the item(s) within 60 days from the purchase date. Item(s) may be returned in person or mailed to the retail store location, also item(s) can be mailed/shipped to the Catalog Returns Department.
  • Returns in Person : Upon entering Bass Pro Shop please approach the Greeter's Desk to get merchandise checked. Once checked proceed to the Customer Relations Desk for processing. Must bring PICTURE ID. IF no PICTURE ID is available only an even exchange will be offered.
  • Mailing Returns to either store location or Catalog Retuns Department. Please include a copy of receipt/invoice with your Name, Address, Phone Number, and brief description of why the item(s) is being returned, exchanged or refunded. Bass Pro Shop recommends using USPS insured for mailing/shipping item(s) for your protection.
  • If a receipt/invoice reflects cash or check refund is approved. If receipt/invoice reflects credit card charge, then your card will receive a credit for the amount.
  • If you do not have a receipt/invoice you may be issued an exact exchange of merchandise.
  • Other Return Restrictions Apply. Please contact your local Bass Pro Shop for additional information.

2300 E. Turner Street Suite R
Springfield MO 65898

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Posted by Anonymous

I'm returning a belt too small, but the post office is charging me mailing fee's . So Bass Pro, you need to send me a gift card for fees !

Posted by Alma

Hi I tried to return some staff today at katy tx shop, but the customer service representative and the manager didn't accept it. It was horrible, they started to smell and look thoroughly through all things I wanted to return. They said that everything was used, even though, it wasn't. It was a very unpleasant situation. Customer service manager said that there is some sand, but it was paper from packaging. Please help me to clarify the issue.

Posted by Bye-Bye Bass Pro Shop

...on my record has been corrected. So, the long story short, no matter what approach I tried, the store refuses to refund the money. I understand that they have a no return policy and I signed a form acknowledging the no return policy. My complaint is that they are completely insensitive to my ...I needed was a receipt from the new owner, and they would confirm then transfer the ownership to the store. I will NEVER step foot inside a Bass Pro Shop as long as I live. I will certainly never recommend them to anyone. It ...

Posted by hate that manager

This is Ben. I bought a gun at Bass Pro Shops about 11 days on the 9/18/2012. I went there to pick up my gun. During that time, i also bought a scope that day too. They hook up with me by their ...gun, and found out that there is a broken part. Next day, 9/19/2012 i brought the gun back, and they ...have to bring back tomorrow to check with the manager. Next day again, 9/20/2012, i went back there. I...could i fire it, it was bad one. He said i can refund the gun, but not the scope. I asked him a was openned. So, I didn't get refund the scope. I Love Bass Pro Shops, but i just dont want ...

Posted by Anonymous

...'t have any my size in stock after going there to make an exchange. Since I didn't have ... the San Antonio Rim location has a 90-day look back price, which is different than the web site return policy states,...someone probably bought stuff on sale and tried to return it for a higher price. I think to myself that maybe they'...of their undersides long enough to see past the policy. They could have made a customer for ...In fact, I'd probably spend a few thousand dollars in that store over the next few years. They will never see a dime from me, ever, and all for $30 dollars, I will never shop there again.

Posted by kadrik0

... budget and went to bass pro to spend some money on equipment. Guess what I walked .... The bow they showed online was not in store, so I had to buy that online. Now... customized for me and I went to fishing store an hour away that actually cares about customers... make up for it. It is really sad. A store like bass pro should be incredible, but... no one was there at 5 pm on a week day. I literally waited 10 minutes at the binocular... got them in less than 4 days. My experience with returns is that they are not at fault... sale prices. I caught them trying to charge me full price on a jacket that was on sale...