Barnes and Noble Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Barnes and Noble below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Barnes and Noble so others can benefit from what you learned.

Barnes and Noble Return Policy

Barnes & Noble makes it simple to return items, whether they are purchased in the store or online. In any situation, the money is reimbursed to the original form of payment you used within two weeks. The only condition is that the items are returned in their original state.

Any items that you purchase from the Barnes & Noble website come with a packing slip with specific instructions for return. All items that come in shrink-wrapping must be returned unopened. Customers may return the items and packing slip to The Barnes & Noble Returns Department at 1 Barnes & Noble Way in Monroe Township, NJ 08831. You can even bring the items to a physical bookstore.

Several items are not allowed to be returned, including Nook books, magazines, PDF files and gift cards. You may return a Nook, but you must return it to a physical store or call 1-800-THE-BOOK for more information.

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Posted by Fed Up

I received my $40 book today. It's is damaged! The box was not taped closed on either end and the book is very heavy. The dust cover was torn up. Also this is the second order and last where for some reason you have included **** from DishTV, Blue Apron, Geico and Graze that set at the bottom of the box and added to the destruction of the dust cover. I'm not returning it because I see no where who pays for the postage and it probably won't change how you do business. So bye bye B&N no more purchases.

Posted by DM

I'm trying to get a refund and send my book back. But I only get confusing responses from the market place seller that make no sense and no info about a return label. No number to call them either. I paid 80+ dollars for this book. Too much to have to deal with this God awful customer service.

It's a complete waste of my time and money to have even purchased from BN. You're no help and neither is the marketplace seller. I just want to send back my unopened book yet it's unnecessarily difficult. So I'll be leaving a bad review and spreading the word about my experience.

Best regards

Posted by Double Dan

Wow, won't be long and Barnes & Noble will be out of business. They are clearly struggling with their hard handed tactic of a 14-day return policy. Well, luckily I kept the gift receipt from the book I purchased for my wife 20 days ago. Turned out she already read it. Guess being on top of things and an early shopper isn't always the best. I'll get my little gift card store credit today, use it to purchase a couple future gifts off their clearance tables, and never purchase from B&N again. Love love love Amazon anyways. Bye bye, Barnes & Noble. You used to be so great.

Posted by Moonbeambabe

I have ordered several albums, one being a B&N exclusive. Came in separate shipments, all warped, and the B&N exclusive was terribly blemishes. It was $34 alone! But of course I can not return any of them because their return policy does not allow returns if it is opened. How in the heck would I know the condition of an album without opening it? Never again will I purchase any items from b&N.

Posted by HappyNurse

Got to say I am impressed by Barnes and Nobles customer service. I sent a message through the customer account portal letting them know I was upset by the 14 day policy and they got back to be and let me return my books for a full refund including paying for return shipping. Awesome!

Posted by CorporateKing

I will never shop there again. I'll just order on Amazon. The return policy sucks. Opened an audiobook less than 12 hours ago, tried to return it but the policy clearly states that returns are

Posted by Lynn

Ordered a book today, went to Costco only to find the same book for $20.00 less. I wanted the cancel my order but there is No way to do it. So now I�ll have to return it to the store, I bought it at Costco by the way... Barnes and Noble does not price match either. Shame on me for not checking Costco first. Won�t be going back other than to return this book.

Posted by SourNurse

Feeling a bit frustrated by this return policy. Seriously 14 days from when you receive an item that is so ridiculous. Never buying from Barnes & Noble again! From the comments I've read there seems to be no point in going to the store to try to return my unopened books that were delivered 17 days ago. I guess that is what I get for not reading the return policy but what a ridiculous return policy.

From B&N website: "Returns are accepted within 14 days of the date that you received your order. All returned items must be in their original condition; shrink-wrapped products must be unopened."

Posted by Debbi

Do not EVER rent from Barnes and Noble. I rented from Amazon and Barnes and Noble at the same time. I received an email from Amazon telling me that my books are due back soon. Checked it out and they were letting me know two weeks in advance that they were due and said that they need to be returned 15 days after the due date. Barnes and Noble sent me an extension email which was good. Because my son's class wasn't done I didn't return the book, expecting another extension, nope they charged me for the book. I contacted them and they said they cannot refund me told me they sent me a return label I did a search and they never did send me a return label. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!! I will be warning my friends on social media too.

Posted by Miron

I just tried to return CD - Rom.

I was told Barnes & Noble does not refund.

Seems different from what on the company site...

Posted by Pope85

I purchased two books at barns and Noble yesterday in Pensacola Florida for my spouse. Turns out she had already ordered them even though I tried to surprise her. I did not have the receipt but they were able to see the transaction receipt by looking up my debit card number in there computer. It would only give me store credit option. I asked the manager why since she could see the receipt and the card it was purchased with and it had been less than 24 hours? She said she didn't know and there was nothing she could do. So much for opening a new membership with this company and wish I could get my money back. Would appreciate a call or email from this company. Terrible service, and poor manager attitude too. She even told the cashier taking care of me she should have called someone else to help her with this.

Posted by Anonymous

I am disappointed in the Barnes and Noble refund policy. I incorrectly ordered books for ESL classes, but because I would like to return them more than 14 days after the purchase, Barnes and Noble will not provide a refund. It is one month after the purchase of the books, and I am just finding time to process the return from my end, but it is too late. These books are brand new, have never been used, and are in perfect condition. Ugh! If you order from B & N, make sure to process any returns immediately!


Barnes and Noble's return policy makes it impossible for me to want to continue business with them. I attempted to return a duplicate item today and I was unceremoniously told that it was over 14 days (21 days). I explained that I was out of state and did not have access to a purchase that I knew had been duplicated by a family member. I asked for an exchange at the very least. Again, "it is not our policy". Unfortunately, B & N has now lost my business. I am an e-reader (No NOOK) anyway. I just liked shopping at B&N for gifts for my office staff or for special occasion cards. I loyally pay the membership each year knowing that I am no longer utilizing it for hard cover or paperback books. Next year I will not be renewing. Sadly, Barnes & Noble you will die a sad and lonely bookstore death when others like myself no longer need you and find that you have no customer loyalty.

Posted by Misscasidy

While shopping at my local barnes and noble I witnessed a gentleman pick a book up and try to say he was returning it without a reciet, maybe take a second to think about a stores return policy. 14 days while short makes sense for a bookstore, plenty of times I've read then returned books, give me 30 days and they would never make money(also use your brain just get a gift receipt it extends the return time). Learn to keep receipts and if you don't like something, quickly return it, don't blame them for laziness. As a regular customer I hate waiting in line for someone trying to return a gift from January in late April. Also, don't get angry at the employees, they don't choose the return policy, if they could return it I'm sure they would, but they want to keep their job. But,shame on any of them with poor customer service skills.

Posted by Anonymous

I would strongly suggest that when Barnes and Noble mails larger paperback items that they label the mailing envelope with DO NOT FOLD on both sides on both sides. My last book was put into my mailbox by folding it over and that broke the spine of the book as well as the pages were bent. I think the labeling would be enough for the delivery source to not leave a note that I have a package at the post office or that I had to notify the company for a delivery.

Posted by nermel1982

I have used Barnes and Noble tablets and e-readers since the first one they came out with. I have always purchased the extended warranty. I have exchanged/returned several tablets with little to no hassle at all. My complaint is their partnership with Samsung now. Love the tablets hate dealing with Samsung. When they were just Barnes and Noble Nooks all I had to do was wait for the replacement to arrive and return the damaged one - of course they had my CC# in case I didn't return the damaged one but always did and never had an issue. My last purchase was one of the Samsung tablets. At one point I was having a minor issue with it and was going to return it only to find out I had to deal with Samsung for the first year of the warranty because it was through them. They expected me to pay to ship it back to them. Since it was a minor issue I decided to just deal with it, and actually it ended up resolving itself so I was so glad I didn't send it back because who knows how long Samsung would have taken to return it to me. After my first year I ended up cracking the screen and Barnes and Noble was happy to exchange no questions asked. Their policy has changed which is a little disappointing but I understand since these tablets do cost so much more and people are not reliable. I now had to send it back before a new one would be sent back to me. They emailed me a UPS label that I printed and returned the tablet with. It took about a week for UPS to get it there, which I thought was a bit long but I didn't pay shipping so I can't complain too much. And within 2 days of them receiving my tablet the replacement was shipped out. So less than 2 weeks and all was said and done. Not the quick replacements they had done before but satisfactory considering Samsung said it could take 4-6 weeks for them to repair/replace whatever when I asked them. So if you can bear it, wait until your Barnes and Noble warranty kicks in. I have always purchased the additional warranty and it has always been worth it. Even when there was nothing major wrong with my tablet I would return just before the warranty expired just to be sure I had a fresh one to work with before my warranty expired.

Posted by Rob W.

Hey! Guess what? My feedback is not positive. I am a fulltime student and every penny counts. I ordered a book from these guys, (Used Textbook Depot) and the order was totally messed up. They mailed the book, with the book order form and had the correct name and order # but sent me the wrong book. The price was also wrong. I have a list of books and their costs and the charges they ngave was for a different book on my list. That wasn't even right. I won't be using thewm ever again and I hope I can get my money back or at least get the order straighten out. Thanks for listening!!!

Posted by Rob S.

I rented a textbook last semester on here and I never received an email reminder about the upcoming return date. I am full time student and this is not the only textbook I had to buy, so when I didn't get a return notification email from Barns&Noble like I did from Chegg or Textbookrush, I figured I had actually bought the book as I will sometimes do. So because I didn't receive a reminder, I exceeded the return by date and Barns&Noble charged me almost $100 to purchase the book. I know this is the policy, but I don't believe it is fair that I'm getting charged almost $100 for not returning a book when I did not receive ONE email reminder of the books upcoming return date. I am a student and work full time, I have other responsibilities to keep up with, the return date for this book was not something I constantly thought about. I would like a refund for this, it is unacceptable.

Posted by Bobbie

For Christmas I got a gift card to Barnes and Noble. On December 18, 2016 I went and got some books and one of them being a Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them coloring book for my sister. She doesn't want it and i was wondering if I would be able to return it, since i still have my receite and it was never used. Can I or would that be a waste of time to try.

Posted by Amanda

I rented a textbook for college in September. I returned the book via UPS a month before its due date using the same packaging and the label they provided for me to print. I never received an email saying that they have my book, but it didn't occur to me that I'd be scammed later on. Today I was automatically charged the late fee. Whether UPS messed up or Barnes and Noble is scamming me, I am dreading calling customer service tomorrow. After my incident, I have read numerous reports online of people being forced into "buying out" rental books they no longer own, because they returned it too. Never again will I rent from Barnes and Noble. Very unprofessional, disorganized, and greedy.

Posted by Catwoman

I purchased what I thought was a 2017 calendar for 50% off, it was after New Years. Got it home and put up on wall only to notice later it's actually a 2016 calendar. I called the store and was basically told it must be a 16 month calendar and I was mistaken. And I'd need my receipt, which I had already tossed. It's irritating that they didn't even consider that I might be right. And they would not go and look to see if there were others. Grrr.

Posted by Trish

I have a return issue as well but it seems many people do so instead of reposting a terrible experience about how horrible barnes and nobles return policy is I'd like to ask if you are going to work on changing it or just continue to lose customers?? Unopened books should be able to be returned no matter what...too many other bookstores have better policies but hey maybe your think we should just shop there instead of complaining...

Posted by Alina

I had a TERRIBLE experience with Barnes and Noble, with their returning rented books situation. This is definitely a company that I will not be renting books from. When I ordered my book I received it with half of it being highlighted and the cover page was bent, overall it wasn't in the greatest shape. Being a first time renter, I didn't realize that you are supposed to notify them when you receive a book that is in that type of condition. So I ended using that book about one time because it turned out that I didn't even need it. So when I returned it I received a big charge for the book because it was damaged. I quickly contacted them and they couldn't even do anything about it even though it was my first time renting. It was just upsetting. I was on the phone with them for about 28 minutes and got transferred 3 times. I would not ever deal with them again. Very poor customer service. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE.

Posted by Rudy

Bought book only to find out I had already read book. Would like refund. Just bought today.

Posted by Irritated

I placed a book order at a physical B&N store and realized about 30 minutes later that I could get the book cheaper elsewhere. I tried to cancel the order, but the store told me there is no way to cancel it; I have to wait until it arrives, then physically return it back to the store. The online customer service told me I can't cancel it with them; I have to call the store and it won't show up on my membership purchases since it was ordered through the store (even though it used my membership number and e-mail address). So, there is effectively no way to cancel a store order.

Posted by Buyer Beware

Tried to return a book that was still shrink-wrapped and I had a receipt for. (My son had bought it for a college class and was told it wasn't needed.) Barnes and Noble would NOT provide a return since it was longer than 14 days!! Even with a receipt AND with proof that it wasn't read because it was still sealed. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!! I will never buy books from them again!!

Posted by Anonymous

why is the return address for books no one will give it to me

Posted by Siphry

Store should provide return labels/postage. I accidentally bought 2 of an item and had to return it via mail as I paid w/ PayPal and don't need 70$ in store credit. It cost 25$ for postage for the box they sent me. I returned a giant computer monitor from Amazon and they provided postage -- all I had to do was drop it off. Awful return system for online purchases.

Posted by Exchange where you shop!

Absolutely the worst store to shop in. I bought a Moleskin book light and found that it was slightly bent at the light area- as if the plastic was melted. I went back the next day to exchange the product and was told that I could not because it had been open. That is, in my opinion, the worst customer service response to someone wanting an exchange of the same product. I will never shop Barns & Noble again! Not only is the the product defected but I pretty much lost my money in the end. The personnel are usually nice however, as soon as you aren't buying something or asking where something is located in the store, their true personalities show- and they have no respect for the returning customer or the soon lost ones. Do yourselves a favor and find another place to shop that will offer some form of security for the customer as well as the product.

Posted by DaveyCrewCut

I bought 2 vinyl albums from a B&N store in Springfield, IL. (I live in Mattoon). Never opened them. One week to the day I visit their Champaign location to return them for store credit. Not a refund but for credit so I could purchase a couple books instead. The woman I talked to (if you could call it that) was rude and condescending in her response telling me that I could only exchange them for the same thing. I reiterated the fact that they weren't opened in the first place and then her tone went down even more by saying that I'd have to go all the way back to Springfield to get a refund. Ain't doing that and ain't buying vinyl from them anymore. I'll stick to Amazon thank you. This happened just yesterday 8/13/2016.

Posted by Reyn

I purchased a book from Barnes and Nobles a few day before I was going on vacation. I forgot the book and purchased another one at the airport came back on the 14th day from vacation. I went the next morning when they opened they said sorry you can try to sell it online. They suck not shopping there anymore!

Posted by Mjaime

I bought the Harry Potter and the cursed child yesterday, really excited that I didn't pay attention that it was thru Nook. I don't even own one of those. How do I return it or pay the difference for the hard cover one?? Please help.

Posted by John B

I bought 2 blu rays for $20 each but when I opened both cases each were defective with scratches. When I came back to the store to complain they gave me the old. Never going there again...smh

Posted by Marco

I purchased a book with my debit card. It had only been 6 days when i returned it and they gave me a gift card. I asked for my money back in the original form but they denied me. Policy says that that the money will be reimbursted in the ORIGINAL FORM OF PAYMENT. NEVER BUY HERE.

Posted by lht

Received a gift purchased at Barnes and Noble. Did not have a gift receipt. Would not let me exchange it so now I am stuck with something I don't need or want. Never shopping here for anything. Would suggest never buying a gift here! Amazon beats all!

Posted by Anonymous

Want to know why Anazon rules the planet? Because if I buy vinyl and its defective I can return. B&N wants it returned unopened. How exactly do I know my vinyl, cd or dvd is defective unless I OPEN IT?

Posted by Cibdy

I had no problem exchanging a sealed book. The Manager just expressed that I had to exchange for equal value the same day. Or several items that added up to the value. Happy Barnes & Noble Customer.

Posted by KatieKassia

I just ordered a Nook Book. When I got it, it was in spanish not english. I called I ask for an Exchange.. However, they were very happy to give me a refund.. It was quick and painless... I am so happy...

Posted by JimRuss

Like so many other people, B&N 14-day policy on a GIFT item is overly stringent. We purchased an item for a holiday gift. Naturally, we purchased the item early. The holiday came and went, and we decided not to keep the gift. We returned it UNOPENED, but because it was a few days past 14 days, we're stuck with it.

We will NEVER buy gifts from B&N. 14 days makes no sense unless you are looking to screw customers. 30 or 90 days is the norm. If B&N REALLY cared, they would set policies that are more customer friendly.

Posted by Anonymous

I placed a nook book order that is not available in my library. When I go to my Nook account I get offered to buy the same book again. I sent a request for help on Sunday March 31 and got no response. The book has not been delivered and I request a refund. Order Please check and you can see that it is not retrieved. This is unfortunately too complicated and why those using e- readers are using Amazon.

Posted by mamacat

I bought a book over a month ago and found out the person I bought it for, already had the book. since it's never been read and I still have the receipt, can I still return it ? I'd rather trade it for a book that she doesn't have.

Posted by Larry

I have been a member of Barnes and Noble off and on for tweenty years. Personally before today I have only had to return a book once. The store I purchased it at was great, that was about 5 years ago.

It seems that either my experience this time is either isolated and terrible or customer satisfaction is just not important to Barnes and Noble anymore.

Barnes and Noble makes money by selling books to customers. Keyword here, customers. Dissatisfied customers do not continue to be customers. Therefore if bad customer service is the new standard soon there will be no customers purchasing books.

Loyalty is overrated when its not appreciated.

Posted by Where is my money

I sent my book back to the return location in NJ.. 90 days ago. And I have yet got my money back.. where is my money????

Posted by Not Happy

Unless the reason is to make money off the $5 return fee, B&N should give customers the option to cancel an order within a certain time period or before the book has been marked officially "sorted or shipped." Because by the time an employee sees the notification to start shipping out the book, they can probably see the cancellation in time as well.

I don't understand why we'd have to wait until we receive the book, pay another shipping fee, and then lose another $5 from the return fee when we it'd be easier to cancel a transaction. They have LIVE CHAT that can regurgitate the return fee to me, yet they can't go into the system to cancel my order?

Big names with an easier return/cancellation fee are making it, while the ones that make it difficult just leave a bitter taste in my mouth that makes me hesitant to come back.

Posted by Suzane

What is posted about returns on the website is not true. I bought a book online from Barnes and noble that came without a return label. When I took it to two stores in Mahattan, they refused to take it becuase it was bought online. I called costumer services and they didn't know the procedure. I finally spoke to a supervisor who told me the item was sold by "a third party" and I had to email them and pay for shipping. I did and still haven't get my refund. Don't by online from B&N. It is a scam and they don't take responsability.

Posted by Dan

Do people not realize that this is a book store? Like... If the return policy was say 30 days like it is with other stores, that's way more than enough time to purchase a book, read it and then return it for your money back. Even with only a two week return period, I'm sure people still do that. I'm surprised they have one at all. Think people...

Posted by HollyM34

They told me they can't give me store credit for an item I bought in December that was still in its packaging, untouched. Even though the barcode came up in their system, they said that its "the policy", and there's nothing they can do for me.
I think this policy is not only messed up, but also unamerican. So u can shove it, Barnes and just lost a customer! Its no wonder you are losing revenue each year.

Posted by Stuart2005

2 weeks is certainly not a great return policy time. Most retail establishments allow 2 months or more for a customer to make a return. I can personally tell you that I will absolutely be taking my business elsewhere due to this. Thanks but no thanks, Barnes and Noble!!

Posted by leefeinberg

The arrogance( of a manager) & bureaucracy to exchange( at a discount to purchase price) a 4 book "set" that my grandson already has, is note worthy of poor service, even worse customer relations & maybe(?) why the business is losing market share in books.

Posted by Unhappy Customer #5 million

Worst return policy ever! New and unopened should be 30 days with a receipt. Try 30 days like the rest of the world.

Posted by asmith23

As a response to the comment right before me, chances are more than likely that your sons school has a "mail room". If he can have items shipped to himself at his college/university, he should also be able to go to this 'mail room' (which I put in quotes because it could be called something different at a campus other than mine) and send the package. Most of the time they will even offer a box to put the item into. He shouldn't be having such a problem just because he doesn't have a car... I suggest you both look into whether or not his college has something like a mail room where they will ship the package back out for you. It doesn't make sense to me that a college or university, with on campus housing of course, wouldn't have some sort of place for students to receive and send packages without having to leave the campus. Hope you see my message, as I cannot reply directly to you!

Posted by cabcro

Barnes and Noble is HORRIBLE, I bought a book for my son needed for a college course. It arrived today but he did not need the book after all. I called customer service to see if I could pre-pay them and get a label to return emailed or get the cost of the postage deducted from my refund. The woman who answered the phone at customer service was impossible. I told her the boy is a freshman on a campus with no car, therefore can not get to a post office nor get to a Barnes and Noble as the closest one is about 30 minutes from campus. First she said if I bought the book on campus I'd have to speak to them. I said, no I bought it directly from B&N and gave my order number. She kept chasing around the same tree, bring it to UPS and ship it. I told her no car. She said return to store, I said no car. This went around about 3-4 times before I finally hung up. He has not even opened the shipping box yet, the book is new with receipt, it is a $70 book, and we have 14 days to return it, but like I told her 4-5 times.... no car to do that with. Idiot.

Posted by Frustrated

Annoyed by Policy and Attitude: I was given a CD for Christmas with a GIFT RECEIPT. I happen to already have the album, so I did not open it, and wanted to return it. As I am a BN member and patronize the store often, I would have taken store credit. However, there is a 60 day period for returns. I received the gift 3 weeks ago but since the CD was purchased at the end of October, I was out of luck. The first person to help me was friendly and tried to help, but was confused when she couldn't find the transaction (BTW, the CD was purchased at this location). The manager (or more senior coworker) who informed me of the policy was NOT friendly or apologetic AT ALL. BN Store:

Posted by JCarolina

My 6 year old daughter was given "DIARY OF A WIMPY KID" box set that's worth 126$ and well she wasn't interested more into my little ponies unfortunately was not given a gift receipt or anything but when I tried to return it for in store credit my daughter was told NO SORRY but we can't do that without receipt. So now she has books that are unopened and she's unhappy saying " BARNES NOBLES DOESNT LIKE ME DADDY". So thank you Barnes and noble thank you for forcing a 6 year old to keep something she doesn't want even though we were just asking for in store credit all she wanted was to exchange the books THAT WERE unopened for my little pony stuff that y'all sell.

Daddy of a Broken Heart

Posted by Kenw

I received a book as a gift with no receipt. I already have the book and only wanted to exchange it for a different book or store credit. I was told, in a nasty manner I might add, "We don't take any books back without a receipt or a gift receipt.." Since I have no control if I have a gift receipt I found this rather unfair. That didn't bother me as much as the "attitude" of the sales person. Someone may want to tell your employees there are other options beside Barnes and Noble for customers.

Posted by Moges

I recently bought a Fleetwood Mac vinyl at your online store, everything was in order until, we tried to play it and discovered a large crack on the side making it unplayable. I was hoping to be able to return the damaged copy for one that can actually be played properly.

Posted by sallison112

I got a book today for my birthday that I already have. I don't have the receipt, but I would just like to exchange it for in-store credit. Is this possible

Posted by Ambi0815

How would I go about returning one book that I ordered online using a gift card; I can't seem to cancel my order, so I'm forced to wait for the books to arrive in order to then return them. How do I return the book and if I do return the book will the money be refunded back into my account or is it not refunded and I wasted my money? If you can help me please email me Your help will really be appreciated!

Posted by FYI

If you buy online at Barnes & Noble with PayPal and return in the physical store, you get a merchandise credit only. No credits are issued directly to PayPal.

Posted by Anonymous

I thought that I was purchasing a book but what came was an audio book. How do I go about returning this and getting the actual book?

Posted by Emily

I recieved duplicate books as christmss gifts and the people who gave them to me did notkeep their reciepts. Can I still return or exchange the books without a reciept? They were purchased within the last week.

Posted by Shake the booty like jello make

So i went to barnes and noble yesterday December 18, 2015 and i bought an ink pen and two ink wells. One of the ink wells said it was pearl red. I did not understand what type of red that was, so i bought it, ignorant of the fact that when i opened it later at home,it wasn't red at all it was a sparkly neon pink! I was very surprised and a litte upset about this turn of events. So i've decided to return this ink well for an actual red ink well, i'm hoping i'll be able to do that.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a nook book tonight and I can't read it. Half of the chapters are whited out. There are no words. What can be done about this?

Posted by Potato

Do I need a reciept? I threw it away right in front of the Barns n Nobles in the trash can!

Posted by Tell me!!

I have a Nook Tablet and I used my $25 gift card on books, apps, etc. Well, I saw some things on Barnes and that I wanted and I wanted to purchess, so i deleted all of my apps and stuff, because I didn't want them anymore. So, i am wondering will I get my money back and if I do how long will it take?

Posted by thewools

I am a B & N member, for which I pay an annual fee. I like to patronize the walk-in book stores, rather than use Amazon. But today's transaction left me really cold. I purchased a few books for my husband's birthday which was near the end of September. I purchased them earlier in the month, as I like to try to make purchases in advance especially when I see something I think someone would like. Well, it turned out he has read both books and so I went to return them, I was hoping either to do an exchange transaction or have them give me a credit to the store in the form of a gift card. Well, apparently their return policy is now 14 days and so I was screwed. I was referred to the manager who "made an exception" and "permitted" me to make a purchase equal to or greater than the amount of the books. My purchase was about $3 under the cost of the books I was returning, and so I was FORCED to make another purchase which I the form of a candy bar for sale there on the counter. To say this whole encounter really annoyed me would be an understatement. I made many, many purchases in that store and spend a lot of money (in addition to the membership fee), and to think I am being penalized because I made an early birthday purchase is disturbing. At the very least, members should have a different return policy term than those w/out memberships. I'm seriously thinking about not renewing my membership and just purchasing through Amazon in the future. I'm really annoyed.

Posted by

I bought an English book at Barnes and Noble at UCF. I have a receipt and my book is still be wrapped. However the school do not want to get refund anymore. So what should i do now?

Posted by Gloria

Can I return a book without a recipet? I returned one with the same reciept but the cashier didnt give me the reciept back, which is not my fault.

Posted by UnderPaid CollegeStudent

Textbooks, no matter what are not excepted in stores.

Posted by Mel

I wasn't able to return a book in Barnes and Nobel. They said they could return it within 30 days in the website but now they are refusing to return it.

Posted by Disappointed student

Didn't know that day, though it's still within the time limit period for returns, when I went to the store to return the Dvd online access code (unused & unopened) for my school I bought online that it should be returned within 14 days upon the item arrival. But the lady refused to accept it saying that they cannot accept items that they cannot sell in the store, I need to return it online. I went home & few days after w/c is 3 days after 14 days policy, I prepared the item to ship it, when I've read down the invoice slip that I can actually bring that item in store for return. So I called the store right away and told what happened, the lady said she can't help me anymore because it's beyond 14 days. For a student, $100 is such a big deal. I would never buy in this store again for my coming school items.

Posted by luvlibrary

I tried to return 2 books this evening to the Barnes and Noble store where they were purchased. The cashier refused to return my money nor would she offer a credit or an exchange because the items were purchased more than 14 days ago. Actually, the books were both purchased by my husband as a Mother's Day gift for me on May 9, 2015 and I was unable to return them until today, June 12. He did not request a gift receipt as the amount spent was not to be a secret. Neither book was worn in any way as they had not even been opened. If your policy is such that gifts cannot be returned in a reasonable time, then I shall never again purchase anything in your store.

Posted by Anonymous

For God Sake! I spent 2 hours trying to print my return page to return my book, And I could not do it.

Posted by Anonymous

... your order, but then have the orders "authorized" to ship to you despite your cancellation request. After I contacted ... left is, after receiving the shipment, to go into a store in my area and return it. I was told that not even a supervisor would be ... cancel the order. Please be advised about this aspect of ordering online from Barnes & Noble: what their system decides OVERRIDES your attempts to modify ... - am I here because I just want to contribute more money to B&N's coffers? 2. If I order something and want to change it, chances are that I will need to hoof it to a brick ...

Posted by eljaric

1. Returned a Nook, in box and unopened,to return center as instructed by customer service. Device was received by B&N on 4 Oct. 2. Wait 3 weeks. No refund or communication. 3. Contact B&N and after several attempts to resolve issue am told that a refund has been processed and will appear on my credit card in the next billing cycle. 4. Ten days ago, receive credit card statement. Surprise! No refund. 5. Several more attempts to ... of thieves, or both. I have since purchased a Kindle Paperwhite and will NEVER have anything to do with B&N again, nor ...

Posted by Anonymous

... of ordering things online. 3/3 of people I know that have ordered from Barnes & Noble internationally have failed to receive ANY of their items. This CANNOT be a coincidence. I ordered a few discounted DVDs to be shipped overseas, and they never arrived. I spoke to Customer Service at... B&N that neither had seen my package, B&N refunded my order without my consent and without even offering to replace those items on ... me to spend extra time to place an extra order, and asking me to pay FULL price, rather than the discounted price I initially paid for. Their ...

Posted by Anonymous one month not understanding what he was doing and my son received a bill for $2000 and ... and explained to Barnes and Noble what happen and the refuse to refund the money, the books were ... company does not udnerstand autism ....Unbelievable and I will not stop until I make this public with...

Posted by Anonymous

...tablet after reading rave reviews. However, it wasn't for me and I chose to return it. I went through the proper steps - got the return authorization number, mailed it back, etc. After it was received, I never got my refund. I have called three times now for my refund and they tell me it wasn't received, even... sent documentation showing it was received. The second time I called, I was assured I would be refunded within 3-6 days. Sill no refund. I ...

Posted by Loving Soul

... before it will allow you to use your gift card. Your credit/debit card must stay on the Barnes and Nobles system for the entire time that you use the gift card. (You can ... this when you purchase the card. It makes no sense at all to have to put your credit card on your account if you only want to use your gift card. When I called ... gift card and used customers credit cards. So if you plan to purchase gift cards for the holidays (stocking stuffers, school gift exchanges) this is NOT the store you should get it from. I brought this for my daughter to make nook book purchases on her own without ...

Posted by Anonymous

...I sent it back, using the return authorization information Barnes and Noble gave me. Bottom line, they would not refund my money. Unfortunately I paid with PayPal who sided with them because Barnes and Noble said it was not received at the right ... address. PayPal said since I could not prove I sent it to the address that Barnes and Noble gave them (not the return authorization address) they could not refund my money. Keep in mind I had proof, including the return authorization form, a ...

Posted by barfnogre

... a book throught the marketplace, book was received with mildew and gash on cover, sold as new. Tried to get...Called Customer Service, they would not issue refund after a month. Demanded to speak to supervisor who siad she was sorry, they would refund on the next credit cycle. Remains to be seen, I spend hours ...

Posted by dcanady

... (unopened) after it arrived (4 weeks later). Book was returned (and received by Barnes and Noble) within 30 days. When contacting "," the lied and... delivered and the time. I am STILL being told, "we will check it and refund your account shortly." How long is "shortly?" No one at Barnes and Noble can tell me when I can expect to get my refund. DO NOT order ANYTHING from Barnes and Noble because the Customer Service is really shameful. I ...

Posted by Kell

Barnes & Noble have the WORST exchange/return policy that I've EVER SEEN! we buy ... had an experience like this. Tried to exchange a nook using the extra warranty I paid for in the store & had to sit on hold on the phone in the ... old one back but first I had to give them a credit card number (out loud in front of other ...quot;new" one is a pre-owned version and I have NO warranty on this anymore? Oh wait--I have a limited manufacture warranty on it till December (a whole 2 months on a PRE-OWNED item?) I should be happy". And he'll make note on my account that they access. Oh boy...