Avon Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Avon below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Avon so others can benefit from what you learned.

Avon Return Policy

Avon offers an easy and convenient return policy. Most items purchased from Avon can be returned within two months of its delivery date. In order to return purchases, complete the return form located on the back the purchase invoice. Return the form and the unwanted item to either your representative or an Avon distribution center. If you do not have an invoice, you may call 1-800-265-AVON, and a customer service representative will help you.

Once Avon receives and processes your return, a credit will be issued to your credit or debit card. Please allow at least two billing cycles for the credit to appear on your statement.

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Posted by dbuerg

I am an AVON rep and am trying to process a return for Espira products (their new healthcare line). I can't do it online and none of the numbers I have found online, on my rep site or even the ones that a recorded message gives me work. :(

Posted by msutton

I have been using Imari perfume for years but the fragrance has changed. It's not even close to the one that used to come in the maroon spray bottle. It's sad that the company chose to change something that has sold well.

Posted by ShoBurr26

You guys, you have to know that Avon is not what it use to be. They tell us that the customer can return items after 120 days or so, but who needs to take that long to decide if the item is even liked or fit. Call your representative in 5 days and tell her to pick it back up, she will more likely have the refund in cash. Just be greatful he/she is giving you at credit towards the item You really want. After that time frame, I always issue a credit. The shipping and books are not free, so the money is needed on that. As far as returns...it was definitely a hassle in the beginning sending items back,but it is now convienent. It is one free return/ month. It definitely won't hurt to order off their Avon rep's website, so you can get the merchandise with free shipping/ handling with a $40 order and try to get your refund that way if returned. Avon is just getting back to being a lucrative business with the Health and Wellness back in the game now. I been selling Avon now for 7 years and I live their products but their customer service needs alot of help....And INVENTORY...They need to revamp slot of things!!...

Posted by randi

Ordered sneakers month ago 28.00 no back did not like them not fit gave money and snekers and receipt i have nothing

Posted by Aqua

Hi just want to know if the the bra is also applicable for exchange?i just brought a bra and there's a broken thread near the pad.im worried because the price of the bra is not cheap thats why i want a new one for that kind of bra.the item is in complete tags and packaging.but the reseller or distributor said that she cannot replace it because its a "bra"is that true?

Posted by Rose Marcells

I would like to express my concern about merchandise that I returned from last year and still haven't received my refund yet.

Posted by LID

Avon WAS very nice products company in until 90th. What is going on there now, is a mess. I received 2 boxes of kit with same samples. Those samples were good in 19th century! The return is a problem. Will see how I it happens.

Posted by Returning of product asap


I stay in Vasai,city- Mumbai,country - India.

I had bought Avon kit from your representative but due to some skin problems my doctor has ask me not to use any skin product for sometime.

I have not collected my product from representative yet and requested her to return to company but she is not aware of the policy n procedure.

Request you to help me in returning the product asap.

Posted by Rosario

From borongan city,Eastern Samar.purchased this afternoon, 27 of October 2017,to be exact.is it true that we(dealer) cannot return and exchange the item/s purchased?i purchased a medium size 3 in 1 Hanes brief and mouve lipstick.want it change to large size brief and superb plum lipstick,they didn't allow me.i was informed before the recruitment that there is NO RETURN/NO EXCHANGE POLICY HERE IN AVON BORONGAN CITY BRANCH.but unavoidable circumstances sometime do occur.

Posted by ce cee

If you purchase your avon through a representatives e-store it is a different ball game you need to contact avon for return number for e-stores and there is most likely a shipping charge. Better to go through a trusted rep and order it old way for returns.

Posted by ce cee

Avon has a 120 day return policy you can return anything within a 120 days. Go through a trustworthy rep. Also on lipstick and lotion it must be used by c1ustomer in order for rep to send it back other wise rep will have to send it back unused

Posted by ce cee

I am a avon rep been reading the comments. Just so you know a avon rep gets one free return monthly and if you use a consumable product such as lipstick, lotion, etc and are not happy the rep is not required to return the product to Avon. So you can keep your product and receive a credit. One thing I see in the comments are the consumers returning it themselves always return through your rep. Returns work through trusted reps!

Posted by MONA'S

I decided to become an Avon representative and ordered my kit costing $50.00. I found out soon after I wasn't going to be able to continue to sell the product due to personal conflicts in my family life and the business aspect of the company so I called customer service and they informed me that all I needed to do was refuse the package when it arrived and I would be issued a refund to be sent as soon as they got the kit back and processed it. That was on June 23rd and on the 28th of June I refused the kit and UPS proceeded to take the kit back to the store and returned it to Avon. It was received back at Avon the first week in July and I received an email stating they had gotten it back and would begin processing the refund immediately and in 6to 8 weeks I should have my refund. It is now September 22nd and I still have no refund. Upon calling customer service today I have been informed it has not yet been issued and to give them a few more days to find out what happened to my refund. So please if you are trying to get a refund you need to keep on them and make sure they are processing it. DO NOT wait over two months like I did only to find out they do not know what is happening and why it has not been sent. Am very, very disappointed in this company which I have held in HIGH REGARD for over 65 years. Someone has no idea of what is going on with them. I will no longer buy from them and certainly will never again be a representative with this association. They take their money up front but then do not keep their word when it comes to their side of the arrangements. I give this company a minus 100. Good products but very unreliable customer service and moral standards. It is not a good place to be employeed or buy products from. NOT DEPENDABLE OR REPUTABLE AS THEY WERE 70 YEARS AGO. HAVE GONE DOWN HILL IMMENSELY AND YOU CAN'T TAKE ANYTHING THEY SAY TO HEART. THEY ARE LIARS IN THEIR TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND REFUND POLICY. CAN'T BE TRUSTED.

Posted by Anonymous Avon rep

Avon tells you that there was a no hassle returns but they charge the reps for returns and if they feel the rep does too many returns they punish them by restricting there access to refunds and exchanges.

Posted by, dianne

If produce not available and on back several campaigns which was paid for can money be refunded and items cancelled


I Ordered A Lipstick, When It Was Delivered To Me, I Realized That I Had The Same Color. When I Asked The Rep To Return It Or Exchange It, She Stated That She Has To Pay For Any Returns And She Refused To Return It. I Will Never Order From Avon Again. Your Reps Need Training On Returning Products Or Avaon Needs To Make It Profitable For The Rep To Return, But Not At The Expense Of The Rep. Avon Has Lost It's Reputation.

Posted by Carken

I'm a new Avon rep and I need to send a return. There is no return form on the back of my invoice. What now?

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered an item from my avon rep; paid via check which was cashed ASAP
The item did not fit.....I returned it..NO REFUND..Rep said I had a 'credit' for a future order...WTH??? a credit???

Posted by js

i used to buy a lot of things from avon, for over 20 years. but whenever i needed to return an item the different reps i gave the orders to always insisted no refund just an exchange or keep the item if it was under $10.00. so i stopped using avon completly. i recently got some appealing avon brochures. i was going to order quite a few items. wow am i glad i read these reviews. avon promises a full refund if dissatisfied. apparently the same problems persist in trying to return things. thanks for the extremely helpful heads up comments. there are so many other places to get quality stuff. no orders ever from me.

Posted by Petra

Ordered a shelf for a friend of mine, but realized it was the wrong one I ordered. So I canceled the order online right away. I got a message back saying it takes up to 48 for Avon to process the request. Avon send the order out anyway. So I called and was informed that no matter how you cancel your order, e-mail or phone Avon DOES NOT ACKNOWLEDGE the cancelation. So now I'm stuck with a return fee.

Posted by upset FALSE advertising

AVON advertises a FLASELY. I purchased a product which I was 100% disatisfied with. I called d the AVON representative to return it an she told me she does not give money back if you are not satisfied with the product. . I am a new customer to AVON an I am not happy. This experience has led me to never purchase any product from AVON again. I my opinion April should back the product she sells.

Posted by Mema

I ordered a size 10 shoe but it was cut narrow so I ask the rep to exchange it for an 11 well she took my shoe home! Then told me an 11 won't fit me cause an 11 won't fit her... dang I will give this shoe away and NEVER do this again. Shoe store here I come .

Posted by mommyrocks

Reading these bad reviews makes me rather sad that long time customers of Avon are being treated poorly by their reps greedy business practices. Avon has a return policy and by rep should be make whatever needs to be done to make their customer happy, even if they need to pony up the return fee. I am an Avon rep unlike any other. Besides offering price matches and free gifts with purchases, I stand by the generous return policy Avon has for its customers. I have great reviews, please give Avon mother shot by shopping with me. You can find my site by going to the general" youravon dot com /mommyrocks and you won't be let down again.

Posted by Andy

I'm am Avon rep for a few years now and I can only say that I make a decent part time income with it because that's all the work I put in. Yes, you have to buy supplies and pay for shipping, but there is one free return per month so whoever is charging customers for returns, they can charge them only a small inconvenience fee because they have to go back and change all the paperwork that might've been filled already for the past month and gas and mileage and such but not nearly $15 or whatever. Policy is 100% refund on anything for 90 from purchase date, and if it's a cream or anything in a container like make up them will tell you not to ship it back, (they usually tell rep to collect it it and ship it) but if you bought it online for example, they would just issue a refund now questions asked. I never had any problems with this and was just stunned to read all these comments on here. If anyone needs any help, I wish I could help you guys. All the best luck!

Posted by Anonymous

i ordered a set of laddle in avon, last january, the problem is if i used it in a non stick pan it easily melted, i want to return the item because it has bad quality...

Posted by kjodway

Hey! You need a Avon rep that cares for you, shop with me!

Posted by Anonymous

I did not get my refund and I did not get all of my orders but u wanted full amount why

Posted by Laura Elizabeth

Hi I do not want to return anything about that cute little purple and patent black purse and the button on the phone pocket fell off can you send me another one? Even just the button. I love the purse

Posted by Sandisie

I prepaid cash of 300 and have not received my October orders and am a sales representative due to the delivery guy who got my address wrong, and now its mid November already. And no one seem to be of help now I feel this is a long wait ah need my money back and leave Avon

Posted by KatAvon

Tried calling the 800 number and got a recording saying that it's not available in my calling area. I thought a toll free number meant it's accessible from anywhere in the US. Was also told by customer service that refunds can not be returned to a credit card. Has to be done in cash and by the rep. This to me is very poor c/s practices.

Posted by PH

I have become unable to get out to stores, etc. and so ordered couple items from Avon sales (stated she is not a consultant, not familiar with their products, just sells them). One eyebrow product is unsatisfactory and she is not interested in having it returned even tho I offered to buy other products from her to make up for the return. Lady stated it costs her too much and the guarantee doesn't cover small items like mine. I will therefore find another way now to get what I need. From what I read here, Avon is not the company it used to be. Sad.

Posted by Does Avon stand for Allergic?

After being a very loyal Avon Customer for 50 years, I received unsatisfactory service after experiencing an allergic reaction to one of their facial, skin care products. Although I completed a medical form, I was instructed NOT to return the product. NO attempt was made to offer any kind of a refund., or even credit towards another item. The Avon catalog basically states, "If you are not satisfied, return any item and get your money back," What a joke. By the time you track down your former representative, drive or send the defective product to the rep, you have already spent more money than the product's worth - and you are no closer to receiving a refund or credit towards another product. Avon recorded my "customer service" phone call and they should use the less-than-delightful conversation between customer and customer service as a training model. I specifically ended my call with, "So, let me get this straight, after being a loyal customer for many years, and almost ending up in the ER from your crappy product, I have no recourse with this item?" I was then told, "I will pass your message along." Okay, you do that, and I will pass my message along, too.

Posted by Zd

Can you say, "Ripped Off"

Posted by Anonymous

I returned jump suit badly made. Rep said get me another one. This was April still not got it. Cannot make contact with her. She has £18. Called Avon not interested. Her name Natalie nunn, her number. This is theft.

Posted by Anonymous

Avon lies when they claim if you are not completely satisfied..... You will get your money back. I will never order from Avon again. I just spent $41.17 on a recent...
Enjoy Avon.....this will be the last money you will get from me!

Posted by Pat

I just purchased a skirt size XXL equal to a size 18. I wear a size 14. Skirt is too small and lacked about an inch to close. I advised my rep I wanted to order something else in exchange and was advised I would be charged $6 to return the item.

That is definitely not customer friendly because we don't have the privilege of trying clothing items on and items sold are not always true to size.

I'm going to pay to return it and request a refund for the balance. You have just lost a valued customer who has ordered AVON for more than 30 years.

Posted by illenagrace

Once I ordered for few cosmetics from Avon costing me $ 50 The order was in time and they charged not even a single penny for it. It was my best experience with them. Usually other companies always take delivery charges and their return policy is also not very good.

Posted by mpho britt maapo

The order was sold our so the clients wants their money back

Posted by Anonymous

I read your policy for returns is "If you are not happy with the purchase of a product, return the unused packed product within 90 days from the date of purchase along with its invoice for your money back. A simple and unique 100% guarantee to you."
I recently purchased eye shadow from Katherine Moore in Lyncbburg, VA. The oolor faded and creased. I returned it and was expecting to get my cash back, but she said her policy is exchange only. I was surprised and disappionted, since you don't have samples to try before hand. Other oompanies will give you your cash back. I now know, not to order anything from Avon unless I am 100% it is going to work out.

Posted by Tammy

Avon built it's company on Customer Service. Making it easy for people to purchase items and return them. I have been purchasing from them for over 15 years. Today was my last! While I love the products so much - I do not love the $15.00 I just paid to return some items. I usually don't return items - so I thought the return label was postage paid - oh no! $15.00 because you have to return it in the original box no less. Another thing - I have purchased items for almost 3 years from my "Avon Lady". Whatever happened to Thank you for purchasing from me or a Customer Appreciation gift - anything. I would not be surprised to hear that Avon is losing repeat customers right and left. Just because you go to a computer generated purchase and return system, etc. doesn't mean that a thank you isn't in order from your "Avon person". I never hear anything. I'm making that person money. Part of the reason I buy Avon is to give a hands up to another person - I like that. Training should be in order that you cannot keep your customers if you pay NO attention to them whatsoever. All I get are computer generated emails. So sadly - I can get this experience in any store I walk into to purchase the same kinds of things. I will miss ordering from Avon. I enjoyed the products.

Posted by kubad3@aol.com

I returned to you merchandise on 3/22/16 This is not the 23 of April and you have have not issued me a fefund. I called UPS and Avon rep Nevzil signed for the return. You have had one months period of time. If the refund is not issued immediately I will call consumer protection and notify the attorney general on this situation. Your representative would not help me. In fact, she does not reply back to my emails. Horrible representative you have.

Posted by Anonymous

Brought a cross birthstone set from an Avon repesentitive that comes out to my job. the set were 9.99 in the book but when it gets back, she charged me 19.99 for it. I paid because I couldn't remember how much it cost and then I went home found my notes I writes to myself as a way of keeping up with things. It took her two months to get my order back to me and now its to late to wear it for what I wanted it for. I will be returning it.

Posted by none

I ordered 6 Round
Earrings and princess earrings you sent me 12 round I must return 6 round you made the mistake so you need to send me a prepaid label for these to go back

Posted by trixiesmom

Come on guys! You don't have to sell AVON. I sold successfully for 30 years. The way AVON's image gets tarnished is from Reps going completely against AVON policy and charging a customer for returns. If I had someone frequently returning things, I dropped them as a customer or recruited them to sell. The products are 100% guaranteed - so it is not dollar store quality. I stopped selling a year ago but still order online consistently from friends I made. If you are not making money, find the women in your Unit that are making money and follow them like white on rice to find out what they are doing, then duplicate it. That's how many of the ---- blondes made executive unit leader. Not rocket science.

Posted by Anonononymous

I can't say for sure but I think I'm getting ripped off by my Rep. Firstly, ive never ordered anything for less than $50, some orders as high as $165 and on every one I've been charged at least $2 for shipping and $5 to return. In one instance she said it would cost the tag price (15$) plus shipping to return a $30 outfit. Her suggestion was that i try selling it on Facebook or a second hand site like kijiji or Craigslist and that she can't afford to be covering shipping cost, but cmon, if u want customers and im willing to order large amount of product u better have customer service. I get it if it's frequently, i understand, but terrible return policy on Avon's part if shes on the up-and-up. Can anyone say if this sounds fishy?

Posted by 21712

I want to change my product bcoz the colour not match from book so I want to change the product and take another product.

Posted by rteal

I am a Avon rep and I do-not feel like I am getting anywhere selling this stuff. YES it is very over priced. We have to buy the books. I get allot of un-happy customers who want to give back products. What I am furious with is we the Reps have to PAY SHIPPING to return items customers do-not want. Where am I a Rep making anything??? If AVON guarantees their stuff then when it fails to the customer then the REP should NOT have to pay return shipping. We the Reps are NOT making money off of this- AVON is making money off of the selling Rep and the customers they sell too. I am cutting all ties selling Avon. Been in it for 8 mo and I have not made NOTHING. I have Spent way more $$$ than making anything.

Posted by babs williams

I bought a timberland gents Watch. For my partner for Xmas 2015 . However it has not worked since 15012016. I have tried to contact the agent .have been told she has now finished with avon . How do I return and have a full refund

Posted by O.O

I am an Avon rep. who is tired of all the things we reps. have to put up with Avon. Yes, what all you people are saying it is true. I am on the black list for returning stuff my custumers don't like, don't want because they are big or broken or damaged. They say Iam on the list of the person who returns more products nationaly. Sorry, but that is your policy "AVON" not mine. And I still have to be the one that has to pay for the returns. I have to wait and wait until they give me credit for those returns. After 7 or 8, I don't see my earnings or my business growing.

Posted by tinydancer

I have tried to sell Avon for a year and a half. Nobody wants to buy this junk! It is overpriced, the make up bad colors and It sure does not look as pictured in the brochure. It is all about recruiting and getting people under you. Many times as a rep. I can buy for myself from Avon direct online on days with free shipping on a 25.00 order from their website cheaper than I could sell it to myself ha ha! Now that is funny. Stupid company changes prices each campaign for the same products. They try to get rep. To pre order lots of junk. They make money by selling to YOU the rep. Bye bye forever Avon! I feel FREE!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Purchased a ring set MONTHS ago. Sent back due to wrong size. STILL waiting on my refund. If the ring were cheap I would just write it off. But I'd love my $60 back. This is RIDICULOUS!

Posted by Anonymous

Have ordered for many years from Avon but when I had tried another Rep, it was nothing but red tape to return a pair of runners just for a bigger size. Ended up keeping the runners and what a waste of time and money. Even the District Reps above her did nothing to help. They want you to spend but try and return something and it is a different story. This lady should not be selling Avon as she does not stand behind the 100% satisfaction Guaranteed! Still order from my regular Rep. Some have it and some don't.

Posted by Anonymous

I just tried to call the phone number listed for a representative and a contact was not available from my state, New Hampshire.

How do I return an item without talking with someone??

Posted by QUATA

I returned 2 dolman sleeve blouses wrong size. returned them October 14,2015 . have not heard any thing from Avon. Coustomer is wanting her money back or more blouses in another size. QUATA WILLIAMS

Posted by Sbuckland

I unfortunately resign as a lifelong Avon Customer as does my entire famiky.I purchased Anew facial products thinking they were 2 for 16.99 not 16.99 each. I received and paid for them after realizing I made an error I immediately texted my Avon Representative never heard from her for 7 weeks. I just got your new book from representative and I asked her about the return the product is still in package i was told she can not return it. My Mother Mt sister and 3 adult daughters have decided to boycott Avon products I plan in posting your policy on Facebook and other social media

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a morron ladies watch from your representative, after a week the watch broke. i was dissapointed after that she don't even know that avon exchanvge their product or fix it, she old me that my arm is big that is why the watch broke.
i was like is that all you can say, she said there is nothing she can do. i had to fix the watch my self.

i am so dissapointed

Posted by lilweazer

Why does it take TWO MONTHS to get a refund?? That's a bit unreasonable and I won't shop AVON again.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently purchased the silver lace cutout slip on sneakers. To my disappointment after wearing them only twice, I noticed that they were peeling on the side. Another co worker bought the exact same shoe and experienced the same problem. I was wary about buying shoes from Avon and after losing $28.06 is proof that it was a bad idea.

Posted by Avon customer 40yr

AVON now produces almost ALL their products in CHINA. THey support toxic, inhumane, cheap crap. I've been a customer for 40 years, but no more. Their return policy stinks. They don't include any return labels, do not give Free return shipping, and took over 2 months to credit my account. The items ordered were pure and simple JUNK.
Material was cheap, quality crap, and fit terrible. AVON sucks, plain and simple.

Posted by Anonymous

I have returned a product that did not fit. The return policy on your book says I have 90 days to return the item. When and how will I get my full refund?

Posted by Callie

I ordered Ultra Color lipstick in sheer nectar. According to the color chart it should have been a light color. What I received is a very vivid bright red. I contacted my Avon Rep and haven't received a reply! I'm done with Avon

Posted by Happy Rep

I agree with the lady's comments on March 17. Many of you know nothing about running a business. Yes,this is your business I have been a representative for 34 years and have many customers who have been with me the whole time. I have had no problems in returns or replacements of items. When I call I can communicate with the people helping with any problem I have had, which have been very few in all my years and my customers LOVE AVON and their prices. I have few returns. You have to work your business like any one else does who owns a business and yes you have to pay for returns to be shipped back by YOUR CUSTOMERS. You write it off at the end of the year when you do your income taxes, just like everyone else does who owns a business. I think the ones complaining are people who don't know how to run a business or maybe are just not smart enough. Maybe you need to find another job where they can babysit you. Hard work pays off!!!! I have paid for many things with the money I've earned and yes it's from that money you say you can't make. Avon has been around for 128 years. If it was so bad they would not have survived. Please don't listen to the negative complaints below. These few people just don't understand how things work.


You People Are Crazy....not Avon, But The Ones That Complain About Avon...i Have Been Selling For Just Over A Year And I Make Anywhere Between $400 And $500 Per Campaign. You Silly People, Dont Ship Every Individual Item Back, Build A Box To Ship Back. It Usually Takes About 5-6 Dollars To Ship Back The Biggest Box Crammed Full Of Returns...i Have Always Recieved My Commissions. There Are So Many Things That I Just Read That Makes Me Think That Ya'll Are Crazy. I Know A Lady That Has Been Selling For 48 Years, I Guess It Isnt Working For Her...this Is A Business That You Have To Work....yes I Said Work. If You Cant Get To A Regular Job And Clock In On Time, Maybe Avon Is Not For You. This Is A Job Where You Have To Motivate Yourselves....quit Complaining And Move On If You Need To, Just Stop Bashing My Company.

Posted by Anonymous

I am requesting a refund for an item that i purchased. The item was Platinum Day cream Broad Spectrum and it caused my face to turn red and itch. I am not pleased about this and I won't order any more facial items from your company.

Posted by poplin1764

I ordered two vegetable dicers at a cost of $39.98. One broke while using it for the first time. The blades fell off when trying to gently clean it after cutting just one onion. Didn't dare use the 2nd one for fear the same thing would happen. I am extremely disappointed as I thought Avon products could be trusted to be good products. I tried to call the help-line 1-800 number and a recorded message told me that the toll-free number doesn't work when calling from New Hampshire...how pathetic is that??? This negative experience taught me NEVER to trust Avon or any other mail-order company again. I will take my chances in person at Kitchen Etc., Walmart, Target, or K-Mart. People are really getting fed up with such pathetic, greedy companies like Avon. NEVER AGAIN!!

Posted by Anonymous

I recently purchased a pair of cushion walk booties.
Item #925254
Size 11m.
They were too small and I would like to return them.
I then ordered a pair of trail in size sneakers and I did not like their looks.
Size 11m
# 589781
These were 2 different orders and I would like to send them both back.
Please advise.

Posted by Abby2015

I ordered 6 lipsticks and I was only happy with one. I don't think I can return used products but I wish I could even if they don't return the full amount. Something is better than nothing. The lipsticks aren't that great of quality and are too oily/creamy to the point they don't stay on your lips. Not only that but two of the shades looked completely alike. One was supposed to be deep chocolate and another was called "Vixen". Their catalog doesn't show the lipsticks to their true color or how they really look on your lips. I basically spent $40 for one lipstick.

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered lipstick, blush, and nail polish online, using the color charts shown. When received they were not as expected....too light. I wanted to exchange them for darker colors. However, after seeing that I would have to pay the postage to return, and reading the comments from disgruntled customers, I've decided to keep what I have and count as a loss. Unfortunately, I will not be ordering from Avon again.

Posted by Anonymous

I have spent lots of money ordering from my friend who's a rep. Ordered top way to small, brochure did not post measurements. My friend is furious I'm asking to return top since SHE has to pay shipping!!! Really! Nice customer service after all the times I've ordered. Will never buy Avon items again!! Not worth the stress. No items are that good!!

Posted by Lea

I am a new rep at Avon. I was expecting a direct deposit into my account for commission, instead they sent me merchandise. Now I am stuck with merchandise and was told sell the stuff to your customers and keep what you sell. Some of the stuff I will never sell. Where is my commission??? I got ripped off that's what. I started because I needed extra INCOME that translates to CASH, not MERCHANDISE> I am so disappointed and feel ripped off!!!
I hope Avon reads this comment and makes good on their "promise"

Posted by Vicki Fye

Order Number

Would like to return Felt Tip Eyeliner

and Cosmic eye shadow in Midnight sky #1911 and Pink Eclipse #1908 which did not show on packing slip.

Posted by galgal

Hi I Paid My Order But Its About A Month Now I Didnt Get Them Please Help Im Worried

Posted by Sarahroxy

I am a new Avon rep. I was sent 200 catalogs because the sight kept giving me an error and erasing my orders... Then magically added all of my catalog requests. I am starting to regret this new adventure!

Posted by Unhappy

I ordered $200.00 worth of Countryside dinnerware. After two months of using it, it looks aweful. It's full of scratches from cutlery. My Avon rep has disappeared into thin air and no one seems to be able to figure out how to help me. I was given the number for returns which turned out to be a message telling me how to send my items back. It will cost me $200.00 just to mail it back to them. This is completely unacceptable! I will NEVER spend that kind of money with Avon every again!!!!

Posted by Angry woman

I purchased a dress at the end of august. I returned the dress the following day because it didn't fit. Every time asked about my money she says its 3 to 6 weeks! No more Avon for me!!!

Posted by samdog

Avon what is it? They say they are a business, only a business would have a point of contact! I have been trying for some time now to get a issue resolved. There is no one out there in Avon that can assist you! Even corporate has there heads up their butts! This is not a business this is a scam to get your money, not to pay you for your hard work. I would say find a real! job and stay as far away from Avon as possible.

Posted by marissa

Avon Is A Total Rip

Posted by Anonymous

I started selling Avon about 3 years ago, and then stopped and then started again this year. I guess there was a good reason to stop last time. You can't make any money. You pay for the products, sometimes get stuck with them, and the return policy is ridiculous. They also put me on a program called preferred product, which I never asked to be put on, where they ship you the product they want to push for that campaign. I never asked them to do that, so you get stuck with a product you don't want or did not ask for and they invoice you for it. Then you call to get a credit back to your Avon account. Then they make you pay the postage to send it back. This is not a good way to do business and expect to keep reps. They need to rethink there returns policy as well as there service policy.

Posted by Crts

I've been selling Avon for about 7 months now. I don't understand Avon can say this is the business that puts food on the table cause frankly it does not pay the bills... Especially shipping costs of $5 then to re ship it back may costs more then to wait 2 weeks to get your money. What I do is to get customers money in advance before you place orders that way there is more of a definite of the customers wanting their items and not changing their minds before it's too late. When they get their orders then thy don't want it more than likely thy haven't used the items and you can resell those items.
I wish Avon would do a no shipping cost when you need to reship the items [reps already paid for the shipping costs] It seems to be a double shipping cost.
The shipping & trying to send back items is what I have the most trouble on when selling Avon. Also sometimes the descriptions in the books aren't accurate.


Someone needs to revamp the return goods program immediately.
after selling for over 25 years the program has gone to the
Duplication of orders and credit given to reps. un heard of,
Pricing errors on products ordered - that will never be corrected.
The system of placing people on NO INSTANT CREDIT STANDING
needs to be addressed to each individual rep. for the reason
why this is applied to their account.

Posted by cmbaker

When I sold Avon Products, it was impossible to make income for many reasons. The reason that fumes me the most is, a Rep has to pay the shipping cost to return product to Avon. Therefore, when a Customer decides they do not want item for some reason or another (doesn't fit, doesn't look like picture, etc.), the Rep has to absorb the cost to ship back to Avon to get your product credit. Can you imagine!!! Printed all over the Avon books is a notation letting customers know they can return without hassle. Really???!!! Is Avons nuts?!! How awful!!!!! It's bad enough that we have to take the time to go repack item and stand in a post office line!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I sell avon and had done so in the past.At this point I feel it is an absolute joke.When you do a return you will notice in the reason column there is no avon made a mistake,and furthermore to charge to send back returns is just obscene when with everything else they charge you and the % you make is based on earnings you make very little for the time involved.when you do speak to someone half the time with their foreign accents you can't understand them anyway..At this point I do it for all my older customers and don't make anything as they age and no longer buy it will be something I give up with no regrets

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to know if you received the Avon package I sent to you.Please let me know. Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi my name is Robin North From Mancelona Michigan. I returned an Item from campaign 22 Item Number 169-492 Ruched waist dress I wanted a Refund for this Item please. I was wondering how long it takes to get it put back in my checking Thanks.

Posted by At A Loss

I was told by my rep that a $5 return fee is to be charged to me. When I contacted Avon they said it is up to the discretion of each rep to charge the fee or not. Really this is Avon giving the OK to charge it yet they want me to complain to my rep. Avon, take the lead on this and don't charge your rep hence no charge to a customer. This will be the last time I deal with Avon, they saw to that.

Posted by Narrowroadtravels

I have purchased many items from Avon and returned several. I have always gotten two confirmation emails and a prompt return of my money.

Posted by nancy

I received the products that I didn't order. please remove them and come collect them because they kept my products on hold. the order no on account number

Posted by bluey

Hi I am an Avon rep I've ordered some products for a customer and now she doesn't want them do I have to pay for these out of my own money or do I not pay for these products and send them back plz help

Posted by Roberta Smith

I returned a item about 2 months ago and still didn't get my refund. Why is it taking so long? I ordered numerous items from Avon, but now I won't until I get my refund. So atleast give a logical reason for the delay of my refund. Isn't this bad for your business?

Posted by Helen

Avon is a rip off! I sold Avon for 1 1/2 years. Was abused, lied to and mistreated by upline and manager. I quit and returned items. They owe me over $400.00. It has been 3 months with story after story as to why I haven't gotten my $$$. Please don't sell or buy Avon products!!!!

Posted by maz

... watch from my rep in willington co.durham Returned for refund as poor qualilty and didnt fit wrist.Months have gone by no refund no communication at all,no explanation ...but book never collected.Never will I order from avon again,pity as have done since ...

Posted by msmariamonte

...an avon product. It was a little elephant for $12.00. I returned the item several months ago to the mother of the Avon rep who brought the book to work to help her... quality of the item so I returned it the the avon reps mom and asked for a refund. The elephant was sealed in... refund. At this point I will never purchase or recommend any avon merchandise. I see the rating of negative complaints are...

Posted by lyndsey greaves

DONT JOIN AVON!!!! ive been on the phone to them for weeks trying to sort out a mess!!!...told the lady that signed me up to close my account after camp 4, i thoght thats that, i go on hol, come ..., they havnt recieved it!!! and still looking to me for the MONEY!! whomeva it was that ordered done it by post so it says on account details, how can sumone of managed to order on my ... who bloody knos! they sent back a returns credited to my account that hadnt even been ordered on ...

Posted by Jayna

... me by text and email and I hate that. My experience with Avon on line has been ok, but I have never returned anything. The shipping is slow. I order on Sundays, and always get an email saying my order will ship by Monday. 2/3 of the time it does not go anywhere for a ... is where they tell me my order is in processing and will ship the next day. The next call they tell me the ... shipping and canceling the out of stock items. Todays promise is that they will ship today and refund half of mhy order price...the equivalent of upgraded shipping. yeah, lets see if that happens. I like the...

Posted by Linda in Wisconsin

... so I gave them back. She was supposed to exchange for a smaller size, but found out they... another one that I'd seen in the book and that I would pay the difference. She never ordered it, I never got... her home and she isn't doing Avon anymore. She did see one of... over a month ago and said she'd come "in a few days" with my refund, but it has been over...runaround. Obviously, they don't want to refund my money. I am going to file a complaint ...company had a low rating, and a few days later, they joined BBB and ...and when a business joins BBB, they pay their protection money. No different than ...

Posted by avonshopper

... Avon has a customer service number, 513 551 2866 and a returns address for customer returns if you can't locate your rep to get a refund or an exchange. 181 Progress Place attn Customer Returns, Springdale, OH 45246. You include the information inside about you ..., and whether or not you want a refund or an exchange, and they promptly process it for you. Reps who complain about Avon do so because they don't know how to run a business or use their customer's money to pay their own personal bills. Ordering online eliminates any of ...

Posted by rngeorgiagirl

... it back in december according to her. now she tells me that avon is giving them the runaround about getting my money back. i am tired of waiting. i plan on reporting avon to the better business bureau. ive tried ... looks like if you paid for something someone would be willing to help you from avon. i plan on never buying anything from them again and by the ... is no since in them not giving me my refund. if someone from avon is reading this, please have someone from your office ... up. someone please help me. i cant afford to be done wrong. i need my money like everyone else.

Posted by PJD

...Cannot get a refund from my rep for products that were out of stock.Order was placed...)She had said I would get refund by next week.Guess what! Next week... like giving my money away. Merchandise should be paid for when it is delivered,and not...

Posted by Anonymous

...for all my work. For 2 months now i've been trying to get some returns collected - i have phoned AVON repepatedly and been promised a courier would collect the items, each...they refuse to uplift saying they are not authorized to take returns!! To infuriate me even more each time i phone... I can often barely understand. I am sick to death of AVON and once I can get rid of the returns...

Posted by Camellia

... Each time I lived in a different location. It has been the same outcome ; expensive brochures, rep pays for returns if the size or shade is not liked, wasting gas driving around, even though I would try walking as much as possible to deliver books or post signs. No one was ... nine months, this is third and last time I will ever be an Avon representitive. I have just quit because the ... representitives while the company and those at the top make money, it is so unfair, we are not slaves! Now,... 2011 starting campagne 19, Avon has a new policy to double the shipping fee, making it 5. 95 and ...