AutoZone Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for AutoZone below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from AutoZone so others can benefit from what you learned.

AutoZone Return Policy

It is possible to return a product purchased from under certain conditions. AutoZone gift cards cannot be exchanged or returned for refund.

Returning a Product to an AutoZone Store

Products can be returned to any AutoZone store, provided that they are in their original packaging or box and you have the original sale receipt. If applicable, all fluids must be drained from the product before it is returned. For faster processing, you can take the credit card used to make the purchase to an AutoZone store, as the refund will be credited immediately. Shipping costs are not refundable, unless you are returning a product that was defective when it was shipped, or another error has occurred on AutoZone's part.

Returning a Product by Mail

All fluids must be drained from the product prior to shipping, if applicable. You must fill out the return form on your invoice and include it with the shipment. AutoZone gives free return shipping labels if the product was defective when you received it or if the company has made a shipping error and the product is being returned from the United States. In other cases, you are responsible for arranging return shipping by your own means.

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Posted by xx

Your refund will specifically NOT be immediately refunded.. According to Michelle at the Dunwoody Ga store.. Says I'll have to wait up to TWO DAYS!... that is NOT IMMIDIATELY REFUNDED! $372 out of my DEBIT ACCOUNT... So now I can't even order the correct part from someone that actually carries it, up to two more days!!!... I guess that's okay? On WHAT planet?

Posted by Peter

Can anyone train autozone employee in Derby CT how to check battery not holding charge, They know only how to Charge Battery. Battery lost Charge after 24 hrs. from charge. Battery have bed cells. They can't replace battery, I was told the battery take charge. ????

Posted by Anonymous

I just moved and lost reciept for truck starter. How do I go about returning

Posted by Scott with Columbia River bait c

Went in for simple tune up items,plugs, wires, cap and rotor. It started off wrong cap and rotor. Brought it back in 2 days later and they said they would have to order it should take a week. Week later they being me out a big box. I told the associate looks like a distributor to me. It sure was and he looks on availability of the cap and rotor and said it will be a week and a half out. I went ahead and took the distributor thinking mine was old and I was tired of waiting. Everything was good for about 3 weeks. Truck died... The Duralast distributor dropped the gear into my block which busted my cam gear, dropped a lifter, bent a rod and valves and caused #3 piston to premature detonate and melt. Haven't been able to reach anyone yet to discuss this matter. Would be sure kind of them to get Ahold of me.

Posted by Brandon

I spent $160 on a Duralst Gold battery because of the 5 year warranty on it. Now a year later when my battery is junk they can't give me another one because they don't see my name in the computer?!

Posted by Mlloyd57

Autozones core policy is pretty poor. I bought a brake caliper and when I bought the new caliper, I had my core with me. Instead of removing the core charge, the employee told me the new system wouldn't let them remove the core charge at the point of sale. The system charged me, then returns it. Only problem as we all know, money going back on takes a long time. Who wants to keep checking to see if their core charge was actually refunded? When a person buys a part and has the core with them, they SHOULD NOT BE CHARGED and THEN REFUNDED at a later date. That's wrong and irritating. If you have your core, you don't get charged for a core PERIOD.
I know why the Zone is doing this, too many employees were not charging people for cores and never getting the cores returned. Well that's the Zones tough luck!

Posted by Mannie

Baought breaks for a honda that i was renting off car lot and it broke down after fixing front breaks so i returned the car and never had a chance to return the breaks been about a month can i still return

Posted by Mikey b 410

Returned around $100 worth of parts 2 days ago. The clerk said I didn't have to swipe my card for the return which I thought was odd. Anyway still haven't seen the money on my bank statement. So does autozone just have my card info chillin in their Accounts? Cause I didn't have to swipe for the refund I'm about to call autozone and my bank have the original receipts.

Posted by bsbagwell

My daughter needed a car battery. Told her to go to another store but it was Sunday and they were closed. My daughter had her name on my checking account and I told her that they would know what battery she needed. Whomever sold her the battery, told her she had to pay for a warranty, which is not true, all batteries come with a limited warranty without extra costs. And apparently he sold her the most expensive. We live an hour away so we were not with us and she trusted the guy to sell her what she needed. I ended up paying $157 for a simple car battery and they told her she had to pay extra for a five year warranty! I'm not done with them yet!

Posted by Ticked off

Returned a loaner tool but instead of a refund I got charged twice. Will never use autozone to rent a tool ever again. The manager wouldn't even come to speak with me about the refund/return just told me to dispute it with the bank.

Posted by Anonymous

AutoZone freedom drive Charlotte NC sucks bad. Mark would not refund my money for seaform, but return money for opened air freshener. Seaform never used never opened. Mark said the top was different from the others in store so no refund. Wtf

Posted by Yoyo

Autozone it a scam never buy there they dont take the items back befoure an arguement

Posted by Deano

I bought a brand new fluid injector for my 95 Toyota Corolla AutoZone when I get to find out the injector on my car was not bad it was the distributor misfiring and sending bad signal I take that the original fluid injector in the box with my receipt and they will not take it back at AutoZone I paid $53 with tax for the injector they won't even give me a store credit or refund back?

Posted by Tandy

Hi I bought rotors from auto like a year or two ago and got into a car wreck a week later so I never used them or took them out of the box. Of course I no longer have the receipt. Can I still return them to the store?

Posted by Anonymous

I have an Auto zone reward card, (for years). I always shop there for car parts. today, I bought a car part, (brake caliper bleeder valve/screw) for the front wheels. Dave was the young man that helped me. I bought the brake bleeder screws, to my husband. They were the wrong screws. I took them back. These were still the wrong screws. In the confusion, back and forth, I lost my receipt. Dave said I couldn't get my money back, even though he had just sold me the screws. so, I traded for something else.I don't understand business like this.
I have always liked Auto zone. This kind of treatment shakes my faith in auto zone 0371, Holly springs, miss.1680 crescent m I would like to hear from you.

Posted by hDrhegdgdhfirhfgcgehf

Auto zone manager did not wante to exchain mi alternator with liv warnty becauese the lavel dl was gone an he said the autozone never sells motorcraft only dura las an 10 year a goo i buy it a autozone bud other guy steep up an exchain the part and he look stupet

Posted by questioner

Does auto zone buy new car parts from customers?

Posted by upset costumer.

My rear right parking brake wasn't working, so it obviously won't pass state inspection. Therefore I went and bought a rear caliper from an Autozone store 20 min away from where I live (the parts were only in stock in that specific store), so I installed it, Parking brake didn't work, the "remanufactured" caliper didn't work no matter how much I pumped the brakes...So I went to the junkyard and bought a caliper for 10 bucks to test if its the caliper or the brake lines that aren't working...what do yo know? the caliper from the junk yard worked like brand spanking new, my parking brake was working fine again, so obviously the "new" Duralast caliper was I went to return it to an Autozone closer to my home 5 min away, The Guy working there said he wouldn't refund it because It had the "ford" logo on the caliper...... T_T....what a liar....I seriously bought it that way, aren't duralast parts, just oem recycled parts? seriously old man??? he looked so nervous while he was telling me this blatant lie straight to my face. He told me to take it to the store I originally bought it and to speak to the manager.....So I drove all the way to original autozone store........the worker there said they couldn't refund it because I "installed" it (how am I suppose to know if a remanufactured part is defective?) and all they could do was replace the part with another........I'm done with Autozone.

Posted by Blkrob

I return a part at Auto zone had all my paperwork paid with a debit card they didn't give cash back said they would put it on my card I don't understand why they just didn't give me cash back ..Very upset need the money to purchase a part from the dealer

Posted by Danman

I bought a brand new battery yesterday in Autozone #1268. I went this afternoon to the same store to returnt it, but the employee said they don't accept any electrical product back. I said nobody explained to me in the store when I bougth it, neither the receipt showed nothing about it. I frecuently go to this Autozone store, but it is the first time anything like this happen to me. I want to know if this is in the Autozone return polices or it was just that he woke on the wrong side of the bed.

Posted by A.n.

I bought a brand new battery 2 days ago didn't even put it in my car trying to take it back and then tell me they cannot take batteries back that are you once you leave the store with them it is considered used it is a joke I'm out $180 now and they don't want to give me my money back I will never get on his own again

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a 5.4 motor my card limit was undee the price of the motor so he charged $2000 an tried it do the other half an my card declined so he voided the purchase an sworn my money will be in my account it's been a two days an nothing yet its about to get real

Posted by I want my money

Still havent received the money theu said went back on my card. This is the 2nd time .. is going on !!!!

Posted by A angry customer

I bought something from auto zone then decided latter to take it back they said they put the money back on my card n I still ain't back yet.

Posted by Emil madsen

I ordered brake lines using the app and they cancelled the shipment because it was out of stock and i still dont have my money in my account

Posted by Agitated

Returned parts on December 19th and still don't have my refund. They have said for 3 weeks now that it would be in my account but isn't.

Posted by Dt

I did a return and never received my refund. And they kept my original receipt. I have a return receipt but never received my refund.

Posted by Randy

Purchased an item through their online store, realized I don't need it, returned it, never got refunded. E-mailed the support twice, they assured me the refund would be issued. Blah-blah-blah...

Posted by James

Had a wheel bearing that was only one month old took it back to get my money back from the warranty they just gave me the same part why would I replace a junk part with another junk one this was in Cambridge Ohio they said they don't do refunding even though it says clearly on the receipt they will there clearly not public people there

Posted by Jb

How long does it take to get your refund if you returned something and paid for it with a credit card?

Posted by Anonymous

seems to be the same everywhere. Returned a $108 part three days ago and my money is nowhere to be found.

Posted by johnny

I had a battery problem on my car and ordered battery and alternator. Decided to return the alternator the same day. Was told it will be put back on my card. It's been over 2 weeks now

Posted by Natt

I bought a master cylinder at Auto Zone last month, went to return the core and they told me that someone had returned it already? I had the core in a bag in my hand and said how could that be possible? The employee said "they just need your phone number to turn something" I said, "Well I used my debit card, so where'd the money go for a core that wasn't the one I just had replaced". She then tells me "if you use debit card, we give cash back". Auto Zone, for real. That's pathetic, it was clearly under MY name, with MY name on MY debit card, so uh you guys need to change the way you do things a bit, and you bet your ass I'm pursuing it.

Posted by Anonymous

Returning stuff for a refund at AutoZone is easy if you use cash the only thing I've had a getting the core charge back

Posted by karina

I bought a hiv light from AutoZone in Stockbridge ga I took it back the next day it didn't work right I ordered another one in the time that it took for my new one to come my husband bought me 2 pink ones now AutoZone won't return my money I have receipt and the box has not been open AutoZone sucks and this happened on the 13 of Oct what can I do

Posted by tiburon03

I bought a manufactured alternator, I had a mechanic look at the car the next day, and he told me the alternator wasn't the problem. Legit after he told me that i went to go return it, and the worker takes it out the box and see's it a little dirty, and says you can't return it, it was installed before... and i explained i never even opened the box and she kept saying I'm lying that she didn't give it to me like that then walks away. i need a refund but don't know what to do if that store isn't helping me.

Posted by Noe

Been 13 days since I had made my alternator return for the deposit I have yet to receive my money why does it take so long? I am a manager at a retail store usually will we tell our customers 4 to 5 business days now it's on the 13th day and still nothing on my account from now on I will be shopping at Amazon. I was pretty excited to see an AutoZone down the street but merely disappointed now. I know credit is not instantaneous but I'm sure doesn't take 13 days to get your money.

Posted by wheel bearing

Okay so I returned a wheel bearing press/puller about 2 weeks ago and the guy working told me the return should only take a day or 2 well its been 2 weeks and im getting pretty upset.

Posted by brakes are me

It looks like this happens a lot. I returned a set of brakes for a refund under warranty, the salesperson told me it was an instant return, it wasn't. I'm calling their corporate offices today
If it is not fixed today I will never return.

Posted by ScrewAutozone

Well so far they are no better in Columbus, Ohio. Returned something defetcive, the weezle that helped me finishes up the transaction hands me a little receipt says "it will be credited right back to your card". That was 4 days and counting! I wont go back either!

Posted by Bipper

I returned a 'free rental tool' that I had too long so they get the rental tool back and I get an AutoZone gift card for $150 that I will never use. So I think I will go to the store every week and buy $150 worth of the small stuff and return it on the weekend until they get tired of playing that game.

Posted by Cassandra

AutoZone in Hartselle al still no refund on my credit card. I had my receipt nd product purchased but they still have not put the money on my card. She said it would be immediately on the card and still nothing. Since I had my receipt she could have gave me cash and would not give me my refund the way I wanted. I did not want it back on the card but she would not listen. Anyways I will he reporting them to the BBB because they are not doing business right. I am a mom of four I need very dime I can get and I feel I have been ripped off. Thanks

Posted by Anonymous

Policy seems to utterly vary by store and location. I hear other bad experiences posted here yet have not had any bad ones - i've always been treated with respect and without complaint, but then I do alot of business there. If the only thing youve bought is one set of $20 pads and you race a car every weekend and are on your sixth set, sure a place is going to look for ways to get rid of you. If youve been buying parts for years and you just got a bad run of ignition modules so it's your third return they still want to keep you because of the overall average. Try not to jerk them around and they wont jerk you around. Be friendly with the guys there so they like you and they'll do favors.

Then again some locations are probably just going to be crap/some manager telling the floor guys to screw over everyone - so don't do business there. Maybe multiple locations within a single area - so find a different chain. It still comes down to local management and often how you are perceived as a customer.

I've never had problem with the tool rental system either returning it for a refund so if someone has a problem at one location then it should be that location instead of all Autozone they complain about.

Posted by zombiedragon

I rented a ball joint press it cost me $125 when I went to return it the gentleman told me that I cannot have my money back that the money would go on a gift card I don't think this is right

Posted by A

Bwen waiting 2 weeks and counting for 600$ to get refunded back to my debit card. Last time doing business with autozone

Posted by janco

i have bought a sabat battery with a 25 month warranty, after 24 month with one month left for the warranty to laps,the battery give me problem.on returning it i was told to leave it to be charge,its still give me the same problem

Posted by

Returned something to them last Wednesday which was 6 days ago...still waiting for the money back in my account, going on a week without 200$....they need to figure out a better way to refund this money.

Posted by Where's My Refund

I spent over $300 (order online/pick up at store) on car parts last Thursday & Friday at AutoZone & I had to return 2 sets of brakes Friday night. I was told my refund amount would be immediately refunded to my account. Its now Monday & I still haven't seen even a pending credit on my account. After reading previous comments it can take up to weeks for a refund. Please tell credit card customers that there's a possibly for the refund to take longer than normal to post in their account. If I knew it would take longer than I wouldn't be as uneasy about using AutoZone & using a credit card.

Posted by Robert1234

Don't depend on lifetime warranties from autozone.They print their receipts una way to where the ink fadeß and magically your purchase and your money fades des ales also.They swear up and dowm you never purcha ed anything from them.I would purchase every thing with a major credit card,note the transaction date and number report them to their disttict manager then go to the attourney general and see what options you got.Every thing autozone sells is chinese junk! Beware!

Posted by Autozonescrewed4thelastime

Auto zone will not stand behind what they say or sell. I wish they could be held accountable for there lies and refund either product or money to every person they have wronged and close the doors. I was brought up to stand behind your word i have seen many reviews now after being wronged by them twice now and hope everyone will start reading these reviews before buying anything from them.

Posted by Mad Hatter

Very unhappy for future advice when returning a item never ask for it to be placed back on debit card. They fail to tell you it takes multiple days maybe weeks. That's a joke

Posted by Not A Happy Camper

Went AutoZone and the employee gave me the wrong part after I got home and found that out I came back to get the right part and I return the wrong part. I have paid for it on my debit now is taking 4 days and I still haven't got my money for the wrong part. bad business AutoZone.

Posted by DieselJunkie.

Bought two parts. Only needed one. Called em. They said come on in. Walked in scanned my receipt, gave me money back no questions asked. Very happy. Store was In Owasso Oklahoma

Posted by Sara

Hi i have a complaint about the autozone off manhiemm rd. in bellowood, illinois. The enployees were really rude to my father and I. They were arguing with my father and due to english being his second language and him not being able to understand. They misplaced our warranty then eventually found it. It was an embarrassing experience due to them threatening to call the cops on us once we demanded they help us find it. There was a woman there. She was the rudest of them all. It took pla

ce today arojnd 10:45 am

Posted by Silla

My headlight was broken so I thought I needed to change the HID bulb.. Bought the 95.00 HID Bulb from Pep Boys and my mechanic told me it wasn't the bulb so I Went to return the bulb with the receipt unopened and still new haven't even been a week yet and they didn't take it back.. So I'm here with this damn 95.00 headlight that I can't even use.

Posted by Labhs

Ill share a good tip with all ofu. Pay me later. If u buy a new part from autozone or oreillys and inatall it but want to return it for a refund they will not refund you because it ia used. So what you want to do is go to the counter and tell theguy the part u bought new and installed wasnt the one u wanted it was the wrong one and tell em to give u another part for the same price new. They will take ur used part and give u a bra new one. U get the receipt u take that new part u just got and go to another store and ask for a full refund since the part is new and unused

Posted by Whysoserious

I'm going to throw this out there, all the people complaining about autozone return policy and how they are going to go to another store. Pep boys has a worst return policy,as does advanced and let me not get started on the napa you looked at it no refund policy. Some of the stories here seem a little embellished if you ask me.

Posted by salindb51

Don't count on that money coming back from the refund. It's been 2 days and it's not even showing up as pending...because I didn't need that money now. Not a week or 2 or 3. Thnx.

Posted by lostwithoutwords

Never again going back to autozone in Oakland ca Fruitvale station. Went to do a return for my egr and I had it under through warranty but no reciept . Gave the associated Lonnie my part all he did was open the box and didn't even go through warranty he just instantly gave me an attitude and was being rude and did not Wang to return my part all he said was come back tomorrow talk to store manager. For. What I feel every customer has their right of way to get their return, refund rather there's no receipt or if its under through warranty. Lonnie was a rude worker and he is not suitable for being behind the counter and work there. He is not helpful I walked in that store 3x to do my return he kept walking away and can't solve my problem .

Posted by Avoid AutoZone

AutoZone lies about instant refunds. Took 7 days to get my money back on the debit card. They have lost a customer for life!

Posted by Robert

went to Autozone 2x wires for my 98 expedition all is well pay for wires. went home installed the wires ended up being wrong set of wires so all the wires didn't fit on the truck went back to Autozone to let them know they gave me the wrong ones he looked at the box says these wires go to a different vehicle mind you I had receipt that I just purchased them a few hours before God tells me can't return well I shouldn't say return should say exchange for the correct wires for my truck. Manager comes over explain the problem give him receipt he looks s I remember your face and then precedes to tell me same thing due to the other wires cost a little more fine and dandy I don't care paid the price. More of the story is wasted half of my day then I took off work to fix my truck wasted gas and time going there twice Plus why did they tell me they can't exchange when they did it anyway what a headache very dissatisfied with this experience

Posted by Anonymous

Bought $130.00 worth of brake parts and tools on one day, lost receipt. Went to return two combination wrenches which totaled $18.00 the next day, couldn't return for credit to debit card only offered store credit. Wouldn't you think there is a return policy covering loss of receipt and credit to debit card since purchase is listed in computer? Lost customer over $18.00 refund as there are numerous differing store options in area.

Posted by Mr. Brief

I brought in failed parts under lifetime warranty, got new ones.


Posted by frustrated exautozone customer

I had rear struts from advance auto parts, for a decade. They finally blew out in California where AAP hasn't reached yet, so I bought struts from Palmdale Blvd in Palmdale autozone.
That was December, by mid January they had blown out already.
I ducked it up, dealt with the EXTREMELY rude man behind the counter week said the struts weren't put in right. Bull spit. So I got another set and we put them in EXACTLY how that guy said to. By March the struts were dead again.
I was offered a more expensive set when I complained, and they even claim to have upgraded ONE of the TWO struts"free", but how is that good for mycar, different struts????
Anyway, it's been months of dealing with the big guy in the store, (started in March, it's almost July now) plus his boss Ernie Romer, and now I've been dealing with Lisa Witlow, trying to get thing finalized and get a refund but you guys sent a check in the wrong name and now went sent another check to me even though I returned the other one.

Never buying from you again.
Autozone, you really fail.

Posted by Yourgreasygranny

Returns to a credit card aren't immediate,as it's been two days since I had a refund credited back to my card, and it's still not posted to my account.

Posted by Anonymous

I went to autozone today in CEDAR PARK TX to reorder a part that had a defect and the worker told me this was the last time that I can order the part and that I couldn't return it no more even tho if the part had another defect..does he have the right to do that? I understand if I broke it..but a defect..COME ON MAN!!!!!

Posted by velociraptorcycle

AutoZone hires kids fresh out of high school no experience this cashier's computer said the fan wrench for a Ford explorer fit my 3.9 returned the rent a tool they fought with my wife that it was right and refused to sell her an adjustable wrench I used with my homemade tool....Went to advance got the wrench removed the fan I walked in AutoZone slammed the failed water pump....from AutoZone on the counter with receipt ordered him to get my return and asked him how I got my fan off if he said I couldn't do it and refused the sale to my wife. 20 yrs plus experience in mechanics please do tell me how I can't know more than a kid and a computer full of some dropouts advice.mind you half the comments on here I'll say this much it states LEGALLY on the receipt 90day return policy you could swap parts ect for all they know and as much I hate them they are still right please stop posting nonsense

Posted by velociraptorcycle

AutoZone hires kids fresh out of high school no experience this cashier's computer said the fan wrench for a Ford explorer fit my 3.9 returned the rent a tool they fought with my wife that it was right and refused to sell her an adjustable wrench I used with my homemade tool....Went to advance got the wrench removed the fan I walked in AutoZone slammed the failed water pump....from AutoZone on the counter with receipt ordered him to get my return and asked him how I got my fan off if he said I couldn't do it and refused the sale to my wife. 20 yrs plus experience in mechanics please do tell me how I can't know more than a kid and a computer full of some dropouts advice.mind you half the comments on here I'll say this much it states LEGALLY on the receipt 90day return policy you could swap parts ect for all they know and as much I hate them they are still right please stop posting nonsense

Posted by jp

ok heres the thing...I went in to buy new wipers and was conversed into buying a more expensive wiper than I was planning. Plus the style (Bosch) is a large bulky style in my opinion than a regular wiper blade that I am used to having but because the clerk put the wipers on my vehicle i do not have the oackaging can i still return them or no?


03/10/15ipurchased A Battery At Autozone Rivers Ave,i Took It Back Unused Due Tomy Car Circumstance.they Refused To Give Me My Money Back.or A Even Swape.salesperson Was Very Arogant An Noncompliance.

Posted by autozonesdumb

Autozone in barstow California are ignorant. I call and they tell me drivers side has warranty. I had my girl bring it in and they give her the passenger side now they wont trade it out for the right one they're trying. To give back my old one

Posted by Hemi Toma

Autozone is the biggest Ripoff artist in parts business - I never will go back to them

alternators with no brushings - sparkplugs with no core oil pump failed to work on install - etc etc etc they don't have parts - they have 90 day junk !

and we owe this mess to NAFTA no longer are parts made in USA everything coming out of Mexico and Canada does not and will not use US Steel in their part and the metal we are getting in parts now is not pure - and will never hold up - why a battery wont last a year - then cheap labor = parts not complete i.e plugs with no core - alternators with no bushings ---- JUNK!

Posted by wkendr

Tried to return a cap & rotor (wrong parts) the next day. There was no receipt in the bag. They could not find a record of the transaction under my account. On the third visit I produced my credit card statement wherby the manager tried to credit my account. The system would not allow the transaction. Spent way too much time with this. I have now been shopping at O'reillys and will send the parts back to corporate!

Posted by ed105

I purchased a lug nut lock set, can not use it so I went back to autozone hoping to get a refund or maybe a store credit, no its past 90 days . Silly, unopened package and with proof of purchase. Hello pep boys.

Posted by pjc123

My cylinder lock switch stopped working. I could not start my car. Paid a cab to take me to the Auto Zone on South Cobb Drive. Purchased the part for $18.++. Took me about 3 months to save the money and find a reputable mechanic to fix my car. He used his own part so that he would guarantee the repair for one year.

Took my part back with the receipt for a refund. Cashier could find it in their database. Called the manager (Mr. Bell). He said because it had 90 days since the purchase, they would not refund my money.

I find that many other people have been ripped off by Auto Zone. I think it is time to see about a class action lawsuite....I am tired of letting people and corporations screw over me......I do not deserve it.

Posted by Weezy

I purchased a fuel pump four months ago and they want return saying them can't find my records but I hope this company go down an i hope their customers never go back to them go anywhere else besides their


I replaced the starter and battery on my car. I was supposed to get 40 $ back after bringing the old starter (core charge) so I checked my account online and noticed I didn't get the 40 $ back on my card. It's been about 3 days. I'm never going back to Autozone, I hope they lose a lot of customers because it's not just one autozone I've been to where the customer service lied to my face, but every autozone I've been to.

Posted by ceci intro

Autozone would not issue refund or credit for my unopened item. As far as I'm concerned I will never step foot in any of their stores again. They lost a good customer for 20 bucks. Good thinking autozone. Hope you go broke. Customers build your business, and you certainly piss off quite a few.

Posted by slyn

...a complaint involving a refund that took over a month to get the money..actually it will still be 10 more days. I ... to refund the $15. for faxes. I live a distance away from a store that faxes. so time was also involved. There are atb least 5 other auto part stores in the same city as autozone. Rest assured I will be going there ...

Posted by slyn

I ordered rotors and brake pads online. they were shipped seoerately. the royors were someone elses order. I took them back to autozone for a refund and purchased the correct ones. The refund was to go back on the card they were purchased with. instead of going to me the refund went on the persons card who ordered the parts. I have called at least 6-8 times. before thanksgiving they told me a list of papers to fax them I did this and waited a week still nothing the friday after Thanksgiving I called and they couldn't help me because the person ...

Posted by Noony

... autozone took advantage of me...I took a starter to autozone to have checked...I was told it's was I goes to return the new starter for a refund...They told me exchange only ...second opinion from advance auto before I got one from autozone..... At least they will give you ...

Posted by Robert1957

I bought a pair of RainX wipers last week. My current wipers were shot so I replaced them at the store parking lot(like I have many a times before). Threw old ones away along with boxing and receipt... explained myself to the man and he told me no receipt no exchange. But they have your sale on there computers. Why can't ...

Posted by Hasbro

..., dismissive, and uninvested in the company's outcome. It is too bad that Autozone is unable to hire folks that have an understanding of how retail sales works (returns, for instance...Maybe the customers are unhappy because they feel that when they go to a speciality store like an auto parts store, they ( the customers) have the apparently unrealistic expectation that the person behind the counter will actually know something ... the parts that make them work. Never again Autozone, and your company man who left the &...

Posted by upset customer

...went out on my older Accord. I took it out and bought a replacement from Autozone in Elizabethton, TN. Last week that alternator I had ...So I take it out and go back to same Autozone and get a replacement. My gf's uncle is a mechanic and ... the "bearings" were bad and alternator needed to be replaced. This is where is gets bad. I go back to same autozone with alternator, original receipt, and returned alternator receipt from few days earlier. Explained my ...I couldnt get another one there. Manager refused store credit or money back in exchange. I said I would not leave without something so...

Posted by Anonymous

I went into AutoZone in Lebanon, MO to return a wheel bearing that I purchased. When I went into return it the manager was very hateful and a jerk about ...the wheel bearing was not what was wrong so I wanted to return the part. I purchased it there and it was on their computer ...give me my money back for the part but it was going to be credited back to a checking account that was closed and he did not understand the fact that the account was closed and that I do not bank at ... customer is always right. Obviously that is not the case with AutoZone in Lebanon, MO. I will not do business there...

Posted by Anonymous

... had a very upsetting experience with David Munoz, manager at store 3387 on Ray road in Chandler AZ. I took ... and he said to come back in an hour, he needed to charge the battery. I have never seen a less qualified person ...with him, like a schoolyard bully. I will never return to Autozone, not even for warranty replacement on the many parts I have purchased through the years. I was pleased to not see him when I returned. He was out to lunch, thank the Lord. I voiced off even more customers today. There is an O'reiley store just across the street. David lost Autozone a long time customer. And...

Posted by terrybrinston

... side and the autozone on 5500 west, Mdison St has a store mananger that is all about not treating you right. I bought a...on the case it say,s [1 year warranty], I returned the impact and a mananger[PAUL] remembered that i purchased this with my autozone points, and gave ... a new assistant mananger find me a new one, Montrell the store manager told the guy to tell me that they were out of stock . This guy gives me the run around about the warranty. I point out to him that the... mananger,s office phone number will be a blessing to me . also another store on central & diversy told me to call the ...

Posted by 3326management

... problems. They are only paid to answer phones, stock and change out your shelves, ... merry way. If you want more, pay the professionals to get it done. Don't be cheap and ... get what you paid for. By the way, people that work for Autozone are not qualified mechanics. Think about this, are all clerks ... teacher with 10+ students. There's 6 peoples ready to pay, eight poeple that needed parts and 4... You can't return something that's openned. No working on car "Store Policy." ... want. I wouldn't borrow something from you and return it in a loudsy condition. If it's defective, that's different. ...