Asus Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Asus below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Asus so others can benefit from what you learned.

Warranty Information

General Warranty Overview

All brand new Asus products are now featured with a limited warranty covering all manufacturing, power, and hardware related problems. The benefits of the limited warranty aren't included to any third party software or hardware.

The length of the warranty can differ from one product to the next, which is why each product comes associated with a serial number that can be used to contact headquarters and figure out all the information about the warranty. Finding out more information about the warranty can be done by checking out the warranty card that comes with the box. Each warranty card comes with all the information about the duration of the warranty.

The limited warranty does not cover: Replacing the original box, Upgrading the device or changing the model, refunds, credit line.

Hardware Limited Warranty Overview

Each Asus product comes with a list of applicable warranties that are suitable for its life span and expected problems. The hardware limited warranty covers All In One products, ChromeBox, Vivo PC, Displays, Graphics Cards, Motherboards, Desktops, Servers, Laptops, Tablets, Projectors, and Notebooks.

Refurbished Product Limited Warranty Overview

Asus products can be acquired brand new or refurbished depending on the need of the customer. The warranty terms for refurbished products are:

  • Complete Unit: 3 Month Limited Warranty
  • Battery: 3 Month Limited Warranty
  • AC Adapter: 3 Month Limited Warranty

All Asus refurbished products carry the limited warranty, although the duration changes from refurbished to new. The only parts of the bundle that don't carry a limited warranty are the accessories.

The limited warranty can be used to repair or replace a defect product carrying a valid warranty through sending the damaged product back and receiving a new one. Each warranty card carries the information needed to replace or repair the product.

Exclusions From The Warranty

Asus will not admit a warranty if any of the following situations occur:

  • The serial number on the product is tampered with or has been altered in any way.
  • The original product has been tampered with or has been altered in any way.
  • The product has been worked on or repaired by a non authorized retailer.
  • Improper usage resulting in exterior or interior damage.
  • Signs of heavy wear and tear as if the device was damaged on purpose.

See what others are saying about Asus returns, refunds and exchanges

Posted by gabriela

this is totally unacceptable, I bought in Nov a high quality laptop and ... surprise ! in service they had to change MB, thermo, sound, WLAN ... well, at least keyboard and the display is stil original. How can I have money back from Asus program on reliability?

Posted by IwillNEVERbuyASUS

asus sold me a laptop that was defective.

A month after I bought it, I would like a refund.

I'm told by asus I need to send my laptop in three times before they can replace it.

I want my money back. I paid for a working product. Not one I need to send back monthly. How can this even happen? I feel I would have the law after me if I did this to someone. Such a pathetic company.

Posted by Peter sold by Staples Canada

... month after purchasing it would not start. Staples exchanged unit. After another six months the second... Staples advised to contact manufacturer for warranty repair/replacement. It took 3 days to contact ASUS by phone as online RMA system... I received no response in three days (guarantee was response by two day maximum). I called again and told to return item with... verification still pending as they didn't have proof of payment (ASUS internal receipt verification as yet). Return... "Customers will be responsible for shipping fee if they are requesting items to be returned".It seems they ...

Posted by Mxorfa13

...which is unacceptable for gaming, and quite annoying for all other tasks I called Asus and they told me to return it to the retailer from where I purchased it. But the retailer doesn't accept returns of open items. Asus won't help me, as they apparently don't ...

Posted by emeriel

... tell me after 30 days of no repairs I can get a replacement, and that I should wait.../11/2012. Then I get a call a few days later saying that I am being forward to the SWAP service... get to me after they have confirmed the replacement! At the time I could not confirm and had to email them. It takes two days for a response, and they then just send... me they must have. Two more days, no reply... I called them this morning, ... 48hrs for them to get back to me! I asked about refunds and all he said was, you only... no more. I am fuming, I will never use Asus again, the laptop broke within a month,...

Posted by Disgusted

... I begin having blue screen issues. Sent it back to ASUS (on my dime) and they replaced the motherboard and harddrive. ... and ASUS returned it without fixing it and said it was past the warranty period and I induced the damage. Terrible...and products. I will never buy again and will bash ASUS to anyone and everyone who I can tell. Stay...

Posted by Gus

I had to find the spec for the power adapter of the ASUS AT5IONT-I Deluxe motherboard. It was impossible to find. I...He solved my problem (after a couple email exchanges) in one hour. It is short (I spent way more... dedicating one full hour to find information for a single customer?). Kudo Jeffrey and ASUS.

Posted by hganzel Acer and returned it a couple days later due to the cheap quality of the tablet and slow processing of the system as well as blurry graphics. I have my own .... I then tried plunging it in thinking maybe it was dead. The charging icon didn’t pop up and it did ...which is ABSURD! Asus should provide the necessary items that are needed to ship their product and pay for shipping....checked the UPS tracking number to see if it was delivered it said it was delivered. I then called d and no one had ... can we fix this?! New in the box tablet? Full money refund? I am Exhausted and upset. Please ...

Posted by Bob L

... I. was a tremendous help with my monitor problem/exchange. She found me from a comment on Newegg... to resolve my issue, and while the replacement was delayed at first, she followed through... good, and has already encouraged me to buy another ASUS product! Bob...

Posted by paul66

...a year and still did not receive a refund and the computer never worked? But you resolved with no avail and asus being rude and judgmental in the process. Oh and now you ...what you paid for it. I paid 1500 with a two year warranty and a year later they want to ...Are you serious? There is no integrity in asus. They are just a money machine with no little regard for people who buy there products. ... know how to get out of this Ground Hog Day provided by asus. This is the worst run company i have ever... you who is getting sold an Asus computer to run don't walk. Run!! out of that store as fast as...

Posted by ikram

... lie might as well call a sucking scumpany (asus) promise this week for replacement hell i been asking for replacement... company like to sell defect product?? that why i ask refund but you still want to lie to your customer you asus can go...

Posted by ikram

... need to be change. Another 1 month is to tell me they had no stock for this motherboard and i request to replace. They tell me that it will be replace by 2 week. then after 2 week i call and they said they have just approved my replacement request and i had to wait another 1 month before i get my notebook. so stupid. i ... think other people don't have work to do? you lazy people. if like this i better request refund. buy other product. my 1 year and a half experience with asus is wasting my time only.