Ashley Furniture Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Ashley Furniture below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Ashley Furniture so others can benefit from what you learned.

Ashley Furniture Return Policy

Each authorized Ashley Furniture HomeStore and dealer is independently owned and operated. Each store sets their own policies regarding returns and exchanges. Please contact the store where you purchased your furniture.

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Posted by Bmw

Horrible customer service on hold 20-30 minutes several times attempted to call different days w various hours no succes until finally 4th at temp then CS was not very helpful in return. I will never purchase from Ashley furniture again-big disappointment.

Posted by Yana facinelli

ABought 3 pieces of leather furniture, trying to return recliner because it doesn't fit in the room. Ashleys furniture keeps saying about their no return policy and keep saying that they emailed their manager and that he would call back but it's been a week and no calls!!! NEVER BUY FROM THEIR HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

Posted by Brandy

I brought a mattress and a clearance foundation..the foundation boards fell out in one week..the mattress caved in in two weeks refuse to do anything about it ..Houston clearance center

Posted by Anonymous

Trying to return a recliner that was delivered 12/7/12 at 2pm.getting the run around.they were notified within 2 working days.recliner is totally uncomfortable.

Posted by Donna

I received an dining set & 4 other bar chairs which looked like they had an cherry hue when I saw it in the store. My kitchen cabinets are cherry. The set is too dark and the wood tones don�t match. I called the Ashley store in Murrieta & they won�t exchange it for an table set that would please an customer !!!!
I never had this ever happen ever. So unfair that if something doesn�t look good in your home and your unhappy that they won�t at least exchange it to make an customer satisfied.

Posted by Donna

I received an dining set & 4 other bar chairs which looked like they had an cherry hue when I saw it in the store. My kitchen cabinets are cherry. The set is too dark and the wood tones don't match. I called the Ashley store in Murrieta & they won't exchange it for an table set that would please an customer !!!!
I never had this ever happen ever. So unfair that if something doesn't look good in your home and your unhappy that they won't at least exchange it to make an customer satisfied.

Posted by We need a class action

Who wants to sue Ashley Furniture for defective products and bare switch tactic when you report issues they instead of replacing item with a new item uses old and used items

Posted by Never shop Ashley

Purchased a piece of art from Ashley Oxnard I received the art after two days and it is too big for where I wanted to place it I called to find out about a refund and they said basically that I am stuck with it. After looking online it says standard shipping items are refundable within 30 days which is a complete lie. This salesman was great the staff was good but unbelievable that I am now stuck with a very large piece of wall art that I cannot use . Be very aware of what you can and can't return from Ashley furniture I have never heard of buying anything that I can't return within 30 days I am so disappointed I will never shop at Ashly again and I am not placing an order that we set up for over $9000

Posted by All my Refund

Did a ninety day payment plan with a payment of a hundred dollars down and received only fifty dollars back when I cancel order nothing delivered, and received $50.00 only to debit. "Never returned again," and purchase a couch before paid cash for it.

Posted by Chan

Never Purchase From Ashley Furniture In Memphis,tn!!!!!! Save Your Money . I Purchased A Bed And Waited The Assigned Time Frame 10.10.2017. I Rcvd My Bed With No Bolts Or Screws. I Was Told That I Will Have To Wait 2weeks For Them To Arrive And Then They Will Mail Them To!!! I Called Customer Service 866-787-7930 And Was Told I Understand "shoulder Shrugg", There Is Nothing That I Can Do About It By The Representatives.meanwhile I Will Be Sleeping On The Floor Waiting On Mailed Bolts And Screws. I Asked Could I Return The Bed And I Will Purchase One From Somewhere Else .i Was Told All Sales Are Final, But You Didnt Give Me What I Purchased. I Will Be Posting My Displeasure On All My Social Media In Hopes Of Saving Someone I Know. I Have 4601 Facebook Friends And 6193 Instatgram Followers Primary From The Area And Hope That They Will Take My Experience And Refuse To Ever Purchase From Ashley Furniture In The Memphis Area.i Understand Why All Sales Are Final Because Their Customer Service Is Extremely Poor And They Have To Function From The "getcha While I Gotcha Perspective" Because They Will Likely Never Have Return Customers. I Was So Happy That I Purchased Item For Item And Will Cancel The Sale For The 899.99x2 Dressers And 399.99x2 Nightstands. I Cancelled The Mattress And Purchased From The Competion Down The Street And Will Warn Anyone With Furniture Needs To Not Consider Using This Furniture Store And Then My Upcoming 2week+ Sleep On The Floor Will Be A Fair Exchange.

Posted by Undivided

I wish I could convey whole heartily to folks to stay away from Ashley Furniture. I ignored all the warnings and complaints and purchased a 2500 dollar sectional from the Ashley store here in Fairfield NJ. This store is owned and operated by Eugene Chrinian. A professed Christian, and someone who regularly speaks about how important it is to help others. Apparently just not his customers.
My nightmare began in March of 2017. Upon delivery of my furniture, one of the delivery guys in his haste to remove the packaging from my furniture, nicked my console piece with his blade and put a one inch gash in the console. When I reported the incident, AF acted as if I had caused the damage and they were doing me a favor by replacing it. After a week of use we noticed that both power recliner and manual recliner were not able to recline at the same time as they would collide. I called to report this to AF and they agreed to send out a technician. When the technician arrived he inspected the pieces and concluded that the manual recliners Mech needed to be replaced. This was causing the chairs to collide when reclined. I asked how this would be done and the tech described having to remove the fabric in order to affect replacement. I did not want the fabric removed from my brand new couch that was 1 week old. AF refused to deliver a new piece even though the one they sent was defective. So the repair now gave me a refurbished piece as opposed to new. The technician was sloppy and inconsiderate. While making the repairs he inadvertantly pulled the fabric from its wooden base on the sectional piece next to the piece he was working on. We didn't find this until after he had left while I was inspecting his work. The fabric that he removed that now needed to be re-stapled, was not pulled tight enough and there were large folds of fabric that looked awful. The technician was also negligent in that he left the large staples he pulled from my couch on my TV console where my 3 year old found them. I had to make another call to Ashley to have the fabric corrected and have the damage the previous tech made to the adjoining section repaired. Needless to say, the newly installed Mech did not correct the colliding recliners. After a lengthy conversation with the Ashley store, I was told that you can't put a power recliner next to a manual recliner as they would collide. They insisted I was told this at the store. Complete dishonesty. I needed to purchase another console piece ($200) to correct the problem. Something I would have purchased had I been told this from the start. I was already spending 2500 dollars, another 200 would not have made a difference.

After 3 months I began to notice that the power recliners were sagging. Meaning you would sit in the recliner and the support was no longer there. I called Ashley and they sent out a tech. The tech reported that the foam cores were shot and they needed to be replaced. So after 3 months, I already have 2 recliners that need their foam cores replaced. Ashley orders the cores and I have the Tech come back out to install. In order to affect the repairs, the technician needed to completely disassemble my recliners and strip them down to the wood. No customer wants to walk in and see their brand new couch stripped down to the wood. I no longer have new couches. They have been refurbished within 3 months. After the repairs were made, I noticed that there were large gaps between the reclining mech and the couch. The Recliners were not put back together properly. Also the backs were assembled to far back and they do not align with the rest of the pieces. And to top it all off, the tech put a 3 foot scratch into my hard wood floors.
I have absolutely no faith in the Ashley Technicians nor in the quality of the merchandise.

This is my nightmare of 5 months with Ashley furniture and they refuse to give me a refund. So I am seeking a legal remedy to get my refund.

Posted by Susan

I bought a sofa and love seat from Ashley furniture at the end of June. I had to wait several weeks for it to be delivered which was fine with me. After a couple of days, I realized that both arms of the sofa were making loud popping sounds. I made a video and took it to the store about 3 days after it was delivered. I showed it to the "sales manager" and told him that I didn't want the sofa or the love seat. He didn't say much and we went to the back of the store where he left me with a customer service lady. She told me that someone would be calling me to set up an appointment. I was thinking that they were sending someone to my place to verify what I had showed them on the video. However, when someone came, it was to repair the faulty sofa. I said that I had told them from the beginning that I didn't want the sofa. He left and said that he couldn't fix it anyway because it would take longer than an hour. I went back to the store a few days later, and now I'm getting the run around. Apparently, the corporate office said that they would replace the sofa. This is not what I want. I want my money back, but after reading all the complaints with Ashley furniture, I'm sure I won't be getting it. My advice to anyone thinking about buying Ashley furniture is to think again and go somewhere else. This is a terrible place to do business and it is cheap furniture.

Posted by 3207 cole meadow court Festus

yes I bought a mirror on line but when received it's much bigger than I thought and and do not like it, can I bring it to store in person and exchange for something else . Because they tell me that I have to pay to get it shipped back which is $100 that I don't have, and the light was 153, I know that it's not your policy but to have to pay hundred dollars to ship it back is crazy, i'd rather if I could bring it to the store and exchange it for something else, I just bought a three-piece sectional from use a couple months ago for $1100 so if you could help me out someway I'd appreciate it thank you

Posted by NowIKnowBetter

I purchased a coverlet and a comforter many months ago from the home store. I am so pleased with it, but forgot the name of the color comforter I needed. I ordered the wrong item because it looked just like original purchase. When it arrived, I immediately realized it was incorrect. I called Ashley Furniture online and told them that I was pleased with my products purchased a while back and wanted an extra set. I went on to say that I had just gone back on the website to order the correct item. The correct item was about $12 more than the mistaken order. I asked for a shipping return label and they just WONT do it. They said it was due to the fact that they offered free shipping and Ashley is absorbing the losses by charging only tax and not shipping to customers. I explained again that anyone can make a mistake and see that the colors are, in essence, the same. The price difference was the tax. I WAS shopping there for more, but once there was a refusal to send a return label, I stopped shopping and went to another website. I know I made the error, but as a company, hear people out before saying no can do!

Posted by Ang

Hagerstown MD Ashley Home Store is the same as all those you described. All smiles and lies while selling to you. Once you walk out the door they could careless. Worst customer service ever. They kept $125. from our refund that we had to fight for weeks for. Rude and sarcastic. This is no way to treat anyone. We have contacted Corporate who can do nothing and the BBB. We are hoping for a resolution. $125 is a lot of money to us. I had a heart transplant and could use that money to pay some medical bill not just losing it to Ashley.

Posted by Teena

I will second the comments given by Shiva. Had I read these comments earlier, we would not have gone to buy furniture from Ashley home store. They did not fully deliver our furniture, and just conveniently told us that they will deliver the missing part after four days. As I tried to talk to the manager at Milpitas location, his attitude was not appreciated and I have to wait for about an hour to talk to him. There was no apology from his side as if we can just wait and they can do whatever they want. Even after four days, there was no confirmation that the item will be delivered, I sat at home waited for the furniture to arrive, and eventually, I called around 3:30 to check what happened to the delivery. I got the response that, they did not confirm the delivery, so it will take another 4-5 day for the delivery. When I dialed a few more numbers and wasted about 3-4 hours of my life, I got a response back saying they will deliver in two days. Our item was then delivered 6 days later than the originally scheduled delivery and after going through all those phone calls. What a horrible experience. I will highly recommend buying your furniture from some local store rather than from Ashley, until and unless you are willing to take days off from work to wait for the furniture to arrive, or you have some hours to make those phone calls to receive the item you paid money for.

They have the worst customer service and a bad attitude towards customers.
Their return policy is so unfair.
If you value your money and care about your right do not go there. I wish I would read these reviews earlier. Do not get deceived by their promotions.

Posted by Shiva

What a disaster!!!!!
Please Do not waste your money on their furniture. They delivered wrong item after 20 days I was waiting, I tried to call and talk to the manager and they did not transfer me to talk to manager after 2 hours I was constantly on the hold!!!!! They have the worst customer service and they do not respect their customers. I want to return the end table that they delivered earlier today and they say it is not possible.Their return policy is so unfair. If you value your money and care about your right do not go there. I wish I would read these reviews earlier. Do not get deceived by their promotions.

Posted by Anonymous

We bought a king split mattress before July 4 th, at first all sales associate and managers were catering to our needs . Until day of delivery . Baseboard to one of the split king mattress was the wrong size .. beacause our demanding schedule we waited until the following Sunday to come into the furniture store and explained what our concerns were,, from the wrong delivery item to the unpleasant experience from sleeping in those mattresses .. we then express our concerns to the manager and sales associate who made the deal .. managers comment was that the orders were placed correctly and that we should buy a new bed frame to accomadate the new mattresses .. well we did just that,, Thursday was our delivery day and again they deliver the wrong items .. I send everything back,, call the manager,, Coorprate office and now they promised to correct the issue and delivery it once again today .. we waited all day,, change schedules around and my house is upside down with furniture moved aside, and empty rooms, my husband and I sleeping from room to room,,, all inconvenience to my family, schedules,, home,, etc

Posted by ldanish12

I just bought an expensive recliner and how it feels in the store is different than what I have. I have a sister that has medical issues and I got it so it would lift her out of chair. She can't sit in it because it is too hard. I contacted the store the same day I had received the chair. Receptionist said it couldn't be returned. I asked to speak with mgr. She had salesperson call me back and say they don't take returns based on that. I even said I would buy a new chair. They said it didn't matter.

Posted by Pissed off Customer

I purchased a brand new bad from Ashely, it was the temperpidic breeze and the ergo plus platform, we do not like the platform and it's been 2 days. We tried to return it and apparently you can not return the platform after it's delivered because they don't have a return policy on it! So do not buy from this store, they make it where they say you can return it within 30 days and then turns out you cant

Posted by Stella

Bought a living room set 2 month ago and is already broken, they want to fix it, but i would like to be replace, i dont want a new furniture to be fix, no help at all

Posted by Anonymous

Bad place ... !!!!!!! Don't buy anything on Ashley furniture, thay will not take back anything if you don't like it or it with damages or .........!(((((((

Posted by Pissed customer

I purchased a full bedroom suit from Ashley furniture in Richmond Ky. When the furniture was delivered the drivers told the delivery hotline number that the bed was delivered and nothing was wrong, the bed was scratched and dents and cracks in the wood, the lady on the phone stated that the drivers told her that there wasn't any problems and I was pissed. They said they would fix the problems. 72 hrs later the ashley furniture store said they was bringing me two post back to replace and I said no that the whole bed was needing replaced and my mattress as well because it had black grease all over it. A couple of weeks later two men bring me a new bed supposedly and they took my old bed out of my house. When they was getting the new bed off the truck I paused a moment and was thinking why wasn't any of this bed in boxes and the drivers stated that the bed was prepped at the warehouse. I looked at the bed and to find screw holes and crack in the bed and I told them I was not accepting the bed because this was used. They call the warehouse manager and he starts cussing me and arguing with me saying he wasn't dealing with me anymore and that I wasn't getting the bed and told his drivers to pack everything up and to go to the next job. They took my old bed and kept the supposedly new bed and told me I wasn't getting anything. No I am stuck without a bedroom suit and no money.

Posted by Pissed Customer

Ashley Sucks, Bought over 7K in dinning and living furn.

When it was delivered was told three bar stools were damaged, three of 8 dinning room chairs damaged, and couch had hole in back

They are telling us now that its going to be 6 weeks before we get new.

Won't refund money so we can buy somewhere else

Posted by Anonymous

My name is stacey. I find this appalling. I bought and paid cash over 5ooo.oo of furniture fron this store. When delivered one buffett was not on the thruck. The daybed was broken and the service came to fix it and the deliveries guy Had halfway put it together stripping the bolts. The new. One is on the way. The buffet i do not have or the refund.600 dollars is a lot of money to me. When i didnt receive my buffett i called the sales man and he said he failed to put it on the truck. I have been getting a run around week after week. My salesman said finally that they dont deliver clearence items. They said the rule was being changed around the time i bought if that is true no one bother to inform me. I sokd furniture i know what the mark up on furniture. You have lost my business and many more with issues like this. So tis company would risk a couple hundred dollars for thousands of dollars with guest. Myself and many more will not do any business with Ashley Funiturre. I have ms and wouldn't habe bought the buffett ifi was told that i wouldn't have bought it. The manager himself told ne he was going to refund my money. I have yet to the company has rules day by day to what their avantage to them. As your companys name they aren destroying it. I will have to seek lawsuite to receive money. The manager and the sales person didnt follow the rules si how do youv expect your guest to. Stacey Brown

Posted by Bertha

I bought a bed from Ashley's the bed i saw on the show room floor look like a king side bed but the sales lady said it was a queen side bed. It seems funny to me that the bed was bigger then the queen she said it was. Ok.. So i told her i would get the bed if it's a qeen and when it arrived on the box it said queen when i opened it the bed is a full. I am never going there i paid the price of a queen and recived a full. What a failure of a company i am not happy about the poor choice of a company who trick customers.

Posted by Joanna

Do not purchase a mattress through Ashley. We purchase a Bedroom set with mattress and box spring. Have had it one month and it already has a gully forming on my side of thr mattress. Very uncomfortably and my shoulders and back are very sore. The gully is so soft that when you go to turn you sink into the mattress. Called to complain and was told has to be a 1 inch gully before they will do anything. Take pictures and email in. They will review and send someone out. For having mattress only a month and a half there should be no gully. As it is not a inch yet....maybe next month. I will not purchase anything again there. Bedroom set, dinning room set and sofa table. 5000.00 which mattress was 1000.00. Down the drain........hate it. Don't ever buy mattress there.AIMZ

Posted by Mysin

I bought a Shayla sofa sleeper from Ashley in January there is a wide gap between the bed and the back that is suppose to be the headboard it is not comfortable to sleep on I ask if they can send out a technician to check the problem or exchange it for me to
no avail

Posted by Anonymous

Ashley funiture store wants to sale to you. They are not about customer satisfaction. They rather sell pc s than customer satisfaction.they want you to take broken furniture but dont you to want to return anything. Huge mark up on furniture instaed of making a guest happy on a250 couch they would rather loose that customer and then some over a 250 couch. I will not return nor my family or friends and who else i can tell of the sloppy customer care they offered.

Posted by Kay

Don't buy at Ashley store, once they deliver and accept it, they will not accept for whatever reason. A lesson learned. Will never buy at Ashley ever.

Posted by Jamie

Put a dining room set on layaway and were told that the items were stored until item was paid completely. After paying for over half of it over a three month period we received a phone call that the item was no longer available. We were told that our items would be stored but Ashley apparently sold them off and discontinued the line. We are to be refunded our money but will never do business there again

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased an 8x10 area rug. I measured the area first. After getting the rug and laying it out it was too big for the space. I went to the store to order the 5x7 one and told them that I wanted to return it and that was when I was informed that they have a no return and no refund policy. This was never disclosed while I was purchasing the rug and furniture. I politely stated that I will not be shopping there again. It was a $850.00 lesson.

Posted by Jamie

I bought a 3000 sectional couch from Ashley and only have had for a year and the quality of the fabric is awful and I will be going to see what I can do. 3000 is allot of money for crappy furniture. I had my other couches for 15 years and they were still in good shape and I would rather have my old setback than this new stuff. I was lied to as well.

Posted by deejomoore

I bought a memory foam mattress from Ashley about a month ago and it is literally the WORST! The one in the store was way more comfortable and I think they gave me a totally different one. The one I have is like sleeping on a giant sponge, no conformity to the body and it has no give to it. They said to take pics of it and they will go from there.

Posted by tam

We bought a love seat couch and a recliner chair from Haney's furniture in. New castle PA and we had to have it fixed 8 months later the padding was gone and the ball bearings were shot so the company comes and gets it and that is to get it fixed and today calls and tells us it is not fixable and we need to take it back and if we refuse then it is going in the Dumpster? We paid $2000.00 for this furniture SO NOW WHAT? IAM AND NOT TAKI G A HIT ON $2000.00 AND NO FURNITURE

Posted by Ashley H.S. Is the worst

I purchased the most expensive couch in the store they guaranteed they had it in stock and they lied. They kept setting delivery dates and I confirmed and took a day off of work and it never arrived and they never called to say why this happened 3 times I decided to get a refund and it's been over a month and I'm still waiting for my check because they don't refund cash they send a check. This is the worst experience I've ever had purchasing a high value item. I don't know how they run a business this way. I went to Jeromes furniture in Torrance California and they delivered the same day. Now they have good customer service and they have a lot of stock. STILL WAITING FOR MY MONEY IM GETTING PISSED OFF THINKING ABOUT IT AND IM GOING TO FIND OUT IF THERE IS ANY LAWS BEING BROKEN. THIS SUCKS.

Posted by Done!

Sooo frustrated, my husband and I bought a sleigh bed in May, and it's under warranty for a year, it broke in September. We have been trying to get it fixed for 4 MONTHS! When I try to talk to them they say they will handle it and keep asking me to email them pictures of the place where it's broken. I've sent them all these pictures,why do you need more?? I'm done, I'm demanding a refund and we are never getting any Ashley Furniture ever again.

Posted by KILABATA

I purchased a bedroom set from Ashley for my little girl because the sales person told me it was solid wood. After they delivered the room set to my house that's when I found out it was not real wood. I contacted the sales person and he told me that he would fix the problem. The manager contacted me and told me that the sales person never told me such thing. The manager told me that they had real wood that I should go back to the store and pick a more expensive bedroom set. This people at the store are a bunch of liars. Please don't go to Ashley they will rip you off.

Posted by Pelar11

I bought a dining room table and chairs from the store in Arlington Tx,and have been trying to cancel the order for three weeks. I've never heard back from them.

Posted by rafa

Bought a living set and stupidly accepted the defective pieces when delivered. Rocking chair had a missing pad on the leg which scratched my floor, scratched on a corner and it seemed they painted it so it was less noticeable, sofa had a protruding side in the back and missing stitches in the back. They send a repairman who seemed to offer to replace them. Ashley called two days later to let me know they would send replacement parts and that the only way they would accept something back would be if they couldn't repair it. I learned the hard way to NEVER EVER buy from a company that does not have a "30 day money back" policy.

Posted by Anonymous

Totally pissed off!! After calling for a dozen of time times and hoping that may be this time they would call back in response to my request, I am still waiting. I ordered a bed from Ashley, reviews read exceptionally good, but when the bed arrived it was 1. Missing storage knobs 2. The bed is way too large then a king and is measured to be Calking, I ordered a king. Why cal king size when I had ordered a king.
Highly unsafe for a family with kids!
Having two kids, a pregnant wife I could have never imagined to take such a shaking bed with utter cheap quality. I want it back but only if they care enough to respond. They are frauds big time frauds!!

Posted by PISSED OFF

I bought a king size bed set for 1035.00 cash...saw a cheaper one later that day...went back to Ashley's the following morning to cancel and now I have to wait 2-4 weeks for a check! I just gave you cash yesterday! crooks! THIS IS ORANGE,CT STORE, DON'T BUY, A BUNCH OF SCAMMERS

Posted by Annoyed

I ordered a sleeper couch from Ashley online. It arrived 3 weeks later but could not fit in my elevator and was returned to the local store/warehouse. Ashley charged my card for the goods a few days later. I have called customercare several times to get my refund over the past month. Despite the fact that I have been told by their team that this charge was an error on their part and that I will receive the refund within 7-10 working days, they still have not issued a refund and offered no explanation as to why.

Posted by a s

My couch and love seat were delivered and I called within the month and told about wanting to exchange or return all together because a tear was in couch. I have not gotten any human contact response other than here is number and they can send someone to check out... I want a refund of the whole purchase, its sad that only after you have been sold you realize how a company really is, I had a very nice lady, and she did not say anything except to speak to someone else when I came in... 3,300$ don't buy unless you know you will like, look around, I would avoid these types of stores,

Posted by Pete

I recently discovered a crack in the wood sliders on my butterfly ext table call the GBS extended warranty and was told it could not be repaired as it was not part of my contract.Called Ashley furniture and after calling countless numbers I was told it was out of the 1 year warranty.Still trying to connect with the manager in hope that he will get somebody to repair it.If not I will ask for a warranty refund

Posted by Disappointed Donna

I agree with all comments as to the atrocious customer service. After standing in front of the bedroom set I wanted and telling the salesman "This is what I want", Richard of the Glen Burnie, MD store ordered the wrong bed. I have never ordered furniture before and was unfamiliar with the terminology. The delivery went well until I realized they delivered the wrong bed. Dresser, mirror, nightstand are wonderful, but totally the wrong bed. I spent long periods of time on the phone ON HOLD with customer service only to be told I got what the salesman ordered. They are charging me a pick up fee to get the bed I never ordered. And get this, the one I WANTED, I found out was discontinued. I could have the floor model if I provided my own pick up and delivery for the ONE I WANTED. So tonight, I am going to the store and cancelling the order for the floor model. And I will only speak to a supervisor to rework the paperwork. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Posted by Anonymous

So displease that the salesman made a choice for me without asking and sold me a beauty test boxspring, i came in the store for a Sterns and foster. I want to return this box spring or give it to the saleman and get what I wanted, if own and sterns and foster before you known the difference. I'm raging inside.

Posted by Renee

Terrible service. Stay away from this store. I purchased a sofa and chair both leather and paid with my cc. After over a month giving the run around as to when I would get my items they finally tell me that the chair is discontinued . Offering me the floor model which I declined. Now they won't refund the money for the chair. I keep calling they say they have to call back and they don't. I filed a case against them with my cc company. Still waiting to see what happens. When my couch finally came it had scratches and the pillows were so cheap looking and had stuffing hanging out and threads were hanging from the tattered trim. They tell you how their furniture is so high quality when in fact it is not. Don't be fooled.

Posted by Pmjtm

4000k sofa, after working and saving to buy. 1 YR after purchase the finish on the leather is rubbing off looks like cheap vinyl, I am heart broken. I'm a first responder I don't usually buy luxury items this was a reclining leather??? Sofa. I am just sick shame on Ashley.

Posted by pstlew

Horrible customer service. Bought furniture over a year ago, THEY LOST MY CONTRACT, I tried paying for 6 months, to which I was told it is still pending, only to receive a letter stating I was overdue and to pay up. THEY LOST MY CONTRACT!!! So ASHLEY CORPORATE office told me to sign an order for them to pick it up, I did, they NEVER came, and sent my account to collections. I did my part for 16 months, trying to pay...signing my furniture over, going in and checking on the status every single month, only for them to say " well have someone call you". I never once in 16 months received a call. Wow...I would say word of mouth will keep customers away, but they don't care. Just take a look at BBB. A pitiful excuse for a company.

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible customer service skills everyone was rude...couch and love seat was horrible didn't seat the way it did in showroom I sink down in couch my end table and coffee table was sent with no screws give me the run around for 2 weeks to tell me I have to wait 28 days I wanted my money back no refund how are these ppl still open there ripping ppl off left and right there has to be something I can do....

Posted by smarshaus

Our dining room set arrived in terrible condition. You need a seat belt to stay on the chairs as the four legs do not touch the floor at the same time. We refused the set and the delivery men refused to take it back. Ashley will not take it back, give us a refund, nor store credit. It is an unusable $1200 mistake. I would never, ever recommend Ashley Furniture.

Posted by Susan

Dining set delivered today and was so cheaply made the legs of each chair did not all touch the floor. Even though we paid a lot of money for the set, once it was delivered we could see how cheap it was. My husband tried to refuse delivery at the time, but the men refused to take it back. I have contacted the BBB and the Attorney General of Illinois. Shoddy table and fraud.

Posted by Shawn

Was treated rudely by managers at Ashley furniture in Jacksonville to include their corporate office and River City store. I did not take possession of the furniture and they refused to give me a refund stating all sales are final. Nowhere in the store is this posted. They circle it on your receipt. For online purchases you have 30 days. Please be careful when shopping here.

Posted by offee

I bought a sectional they delivered broken, they keep on sending their technicians to fix but they cant, Ashley is the worst company to buy furniture from.

Posted by Cluelesssleeper

So..... I got a mattress several months ago as a gift from my mother. My boyfriend and I hate it! But we didn't want to say anything out of respect that she bought it for us. She house sat for us and slept in our bed and told us she hated our mattress and the truth all came out. Turns out she meant to get us the plush not the firm..... Oops! So will Ashley Furniture still take back the one we have and give us the one we want? It's been 5 months or so. I hope I'm not stuck with this awful thing!

Posted by Anonymous

As others have said they don't tell you about their return or exchange policy. Wanted to exchange recliner due to the one we brought hard to get out of. Wanted to exchange for one with a handle and was told they don't do returns or exchanges. Once delivered and signed for no longer their problem. Can't belive this company still in business. Don't pay from them ever

Posted by Anonymous

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Couch delivered with a damage, technician took 3 weeks to come out and only stay 5 minutes and still waiting on his report so the we can exchange. And we never received our throw that was supposed to come with purchase. I suggest going somewhere else, that offers good customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

I brought a sofa/love seat recliner set. It was delivered with tears on the ends. The love seat sit way too far back and the sofa cushions is all off balance. When the repair was done the leather is now unaligned and the back was stuff with fillings, which makes for very uncomfortable set. I would never purchase from ever. The wait to try to repair the shotty work took over 4 month.

Posted by Anonymous

Bought a $2150 living room set from the Ashley store in Santa Ana, CA. Turns out that after the delivery people dropped it off and left I realized it didn't fit in my living room correctly. I called up the store I bought it from and asked if I could exchange it with a smaller set and the manager told me "Sorry we don't except returns - Bye". Not once did they mention this IMPORTANT detail when I was in their showroom buying the set. I will never shop Ashley Furniture again! Horrible customer service. They are just asking for a class action lawsuit with this policy! Think before you shop at one of Ashley's Home-stores.

Posted by Ashley is a rip off

We bought a 1000$ wooden table from Ashley and we were told it was solid wood. It turns out the legs are made of plastic with a think wood varnish. The varnish is flaking off after 10 months and looks terrible. Don't buy Ashley furniture.

Posted by smax

we bought a number of items from here but one of the table lamp we signed for when
delivered with scratches and rust we were told Ashley furniture has a no return policy. that if you sign for it is yours, sorry. But no one ever tells you this from the sales person to the delivery people this is the case. I know now I would tell anyone I know not to deal with this company and I will never deal with this place again.

Posted by Surprised

We purchased a mattress protector from Ashley Furniture in Palmdale, California. About 3 days after that we found a different brand and model of mattress protector that suite our needs better so we tried to return the one that we bought at Ashley Furniture. It was still 100% brand new, unused and unopened.
When we brought it to the customer service, the customer reps brought the item and receipt into the store manager office, and the after a few minutes came back out and said :" Sorry, we cannot refund this item", and then pointed out to the receipt a few days earlier where it was written that the item was purchased "As is" and can not be returned/exchanged. We were surprised but realized that it was our fault for not checking the receipt on the day we purchased it.
So here we are with an extra item that we probably will never use (it's still in its original package, unopened, with the original receipt inside it), as a reminder to always check the receipt for anything we bought and to never buy anything else from Ashley Furniture.

Posted by Anonymous

I will never purchase anything from Ashley furniture again! I bought a dresser, brought it home, and it was busted. Their furniture is junk! I paid a lot of money for a busted dresser only to recieve hassle about returning it. And then to find out I couldn't actually get my money back. Who doesn't have a return policy? I am pregnant with twins and now will not have a dresser for when they arrive because I have to wait a whole month to return. The sales associates nor customer service were helpful at all! Do not buy from them!

Posted by Anonymous

I contacted the store 2 days after delivery. They gave me the number of a furniture repairman. They said it would be fixed at no cost. When the repairman came he said we had to pay. The furniture is 4 months old. We paid 165$ for repairs.

Posted by Anonymous

I do not recommend buying anything from Ashley furniture stores. I tried returning a mattress cover and was told that they could not refund. Bad experience!

Posted by Anonymous

I purchase my recliner in thanksgiving sale and its almost a month now my item its not arrive yet I called how many times already to follow up my order Ashley furniture.

Posted by Ron and Isabel

Purchased a bedroom set from this company and from day one have had nothing but problems. The bed frame that we purchased was supposed to be a queen, the frame we found was a king. We went to the store in Northridge California the store manager promised to fix the issues and said he would call my wife and never did. So we went back to the store and regional manager was there and promised to help us and when I questioned him he got mad when I told him let me talk and when I said I'll call the corporate office he said " go ahead " and walked away from me. This company is piss poor they never fix issues and doesn't care about customer. They take your money and smile as the f... over. Never will shop their again. FYI the furniture can also be bought at Big Lots sad of a company.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought and paid for a sofa and love seat combo on August 7,2015. It's September 29, 2015 and I still haven't received the furniture. I've called several times but they really don't care.

Posted by Skiandrea

My husband and I purchased a 3,400 bedroom set (paid cash) I was so excited the day it came, after the delivery guys left I went to adore my new bedroom set and found holes all over the place head board, foot board, dressers it looks like someone got a hammer and pounded 15 to 20 nails in a group of places. I called Ashley's and sent pictures to them and they refused to change it out or give us our money back . Do not buy anything from that place, very rude people and scammers work there .

Posted by linwoods96

My elderly mother ordered a sectional sofa and a chair in June 2015. The sectional had scratches on it when it was delivered. My mother was told by the delivery team to call Ashely Furniture about the damage. She was given the corporate office number to call. She called corporate, they in turn and scheduled a technician to come out. However, return policies differ from store to store and this store says they do not take the furniture back and refused to negotiate any pricing on the damaged furniture. The Ashely representatives told us that according to the paperwork, once furniture is delivered and you sign the paperwork for it, it becomes your furniture and essentially your problem. I spoke to an awful customer service on the Guest response corporate office team named Charisma today, 7/22/2015. I read to her what the return policy says on line about the stores being able to set their own return policy if they are individually owned. She told me the corporate office has the last say despite what it says on line under return policy. I said I would call back and talk to someone else and she told me that the call would still come back around to her. She has no customer service skills. It is sad that she represents the face of the company to customers. It's not a good look.
Buyer beware, make sure you inspect every inch of your furniture at delivery time and don't sign the paperwork if you see any scratches or form of damage. They clearly took advantage of my 72 year old mother. Again, Buyer BEWARE of Ashely Furniture!

Posted by Jan 123

This was the Ashley Store in Milpitas, California...I put a cash deposit of $500 towards a total purchase of $2300 on July 5, 2015. I was informed that they would not order the couches until the order was paid in full, which was fine with me. They stated that this item would be classified as a layaway. However now just 17 days later I found the same Ashley brand couches at another furniture store in Fremont, Ca. So when I called Ashley, they told me they will charge me at 10% cancelation fee, which equals $230! A cancelation fee for what I asked? They have not done anything yet except take my money! The couches had not been ordered, nor removed from the showroom floor. I feel that I have been robbed for my money. Why, because I was able to buy this item at $700 less somewhere else. Also, this store advertised a huge sale last weekend, so I went into the store to see if my couches were discounted. Much to my surprise the price was marked at $3699, crossed out and the new price not shown. When I asked a salesman how much the couches were now, he told me $2795 which is more than the first original price. Boy what a sale this is! I will be contacting the district attorney to report this store for consumer fraud.DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS STORE THEY WILL CHEAT YOU AND ROB YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Ted

I purchased over $1800 worth of furniture at Ashley Furniture Homestore (near Buckhead at Sydney Marcus & Piedmont) and the furniture was delivered today. Everything is fine but I'm really not happy with the accent chair -- it just doesn't work within my living room. I called the store 1 hour after delivery (so the chair is still in PERFECT condition -- I haven't even sat in the chair) to ask about their Return Policy -- I was quickly told: We have NO return policy. What? That's crazy. I've just reviewed my sales paperwork and there's a statement on there about refunds -- they state refunds will be made by the method of payment. What is going on here? How is this legal?

Posted by Ted

I purchased over $1800 worth of furniture at Ashley Furniture Homestore (near Bulkhead at Sydney Marcus & Piedmont) and the furniture was delivered today. Everything is fine but I'm really not happy with the accent chair -- it just doesn't work within my living room. I called the store 1 hour after delivery (so the chair is still in PERFECT condition -- I haven't even sat in the chair) to ask about their Return Policy -- I was quickly told: We have NO return policy. What? That's crazy. I've just reviewed my sales paperwork and there's a statement on there about refunds -- they state refunds will be made by the method of payment. What is going on here? How is this legal?

Posted by larry

I bought a chair from the Shiloh, Illinois store. I have had my new chair 1 day and find it uncomfortable and called the store to try to return it. I was informed once it has been accepted that there are NO returns. I was able to return a chair for the same reason 3 years ago. Looks like the policy has changed. Screw you customer! The only reason I got a new chair is because the 3 year old one broke and the chair is no longer made. I had bought the insurance so it helped pay for a new chair I don't like

Posted by gert

I bought brand new furniture from Ashley's and was given unwrapped dirty it looked used refused to take it there were black marks along the back and the new table was scratched. Talked to a manager and was told that the next stuff would be still in factory wrapping not only did the truck show up but the couch was not wrapped riding around getting dirty and banged up and it even says on the work order that to leave it wrapped I guess they can not read. This has been number three from me just want my money back but its just a big no. What a joke of a company will not ever shop there again and I will make sure I tell everyone about my bad experience there. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM READ EVERYTHING BEFORE YOU SIGN. Just one more thing there idea of what's new and what I think is new are to different things. There's is let us fix it I did not pay to have it fixed I paid to have it come not damaged new not needing repairs.

Posted by jag107.

Ashley employees entered our home delivering a sofa and tore a hole in a new vinyl floor. Now they claim they are not responsible. Will not shop there again. They do not stand behind there products nor service. So much for local.

Posted by Lauren

Bought a reclining couch. Got it home sat in it and reclining pieces were scratches. Not reclining correctly. Returned to store was told oh yah we will just order you an entire new couch takes about a week. Well here I am a week later, and now being told they are fixing it will take another week. I didn't damage this furniture. Give me a new property working couch like a paid for. Never will buy again from here.

Posted by mary

I bought a livng room set from ashley furniture. When I received it. Poor quality. Cheap and not what I expected. I will never buy again. Customers beware.

Posted by primai

Mother is going through chemo. Went to Ashley in late October and bought a sleeper sofa for her visit on 12/23/14. Never heard back from anyone about when it would be delivered. Went BACK to the store to find out, was told would be in warehouse on 12/17/14 so I requested delivery on 12/19. (They originally said it was scheduled for 12/23/14 - NOT ACCEPTABLE, especially WHEN I WAS NEVER CALLED.) Stay at home neighbor had to be there to inspect it since I actually work to make my living. She called me and said that they tried every angle but that it wouldn't fit. Well, I needed a place for my mom to sleep so she accepted the delivery. Now, they won't allow me to get a refund since I "accepted the delivery." I bought on their financing. They also gave me run around by saying I could do a reselect and pick out something that night (this was 12/20 when I called first thing in a.m. but nobody called me back as promised ALL day)- at this point it was 8 p.m. and they were closing at 9. I said I couldn't do that, I didn't want or need any other furniture (I spent $5K when I was there in October) and that why didn't anyone call me all day and tell me this?!? So, I had this giant sleeper sofa in the middle of my entire family room lying on its side with 12 other people coming to my house for the holidays - UNACCEPTABLE b/c they also said they couldn't come pick it up until 12/26. So, now had to had pay someone else $120 to come pick it up and still out over $1K in a purchase which I no longer even have. Whoever heard of such a thing? If you buy something and it doesn't work out, there should be other options. Oh, and btw, Ashley Furniture, I don't know if it was defective or not b/c it was never completely set up!!!!!!!!!!! I will never buy from there again and will dispute that charge on their financing bank account. I won't pay it...end of story.

Posted by Teresa

I purchased from Ashley furniture for the first time and last time, unless they can show me that they know what customer service is. They delivered a living room set which looked great, until the rest of my furniture came from the old house. My dining room table is too large so I need to return one of the living room end tables. I contacted Ashley right away on Monday and to my surprise - no refunds. I even offered to accept a store credit. The sales person said it was the policy of "Acceptance Now", who I used for a 90 day same as cash purchase. When I spoke with a rep from AN - they said it was the stores policy not to accept returns or do a refund. Really! I hate games. How about taking care of your customer! There are no notations on any of my paperwork stating refunds/returns are not accepted. What a racket they have going. Never again!!!

Posted by CReed007

FINALLY got in touch with the manager after demanding to speak with him for 2 days! and he is willing to fix my issue and let me purchase 2 chairs off of the sales floor. Glad I'm getting my issue resolved but aside from the Manager "Orlando" horrible customer service from the rest of the staff "Estella, Bianca, and Customer Service 800 #". Needless to say I will still never do business with them again. Ashley Furniture Lakeland, Fl location.

Posted by CReed007

HORRIBLE Customer service- they do not care about their customers, especially after they make a sale. Got delivered 2 wrong chairs for my kitchen table and when I talked to the store to try and get the problem fixed was told I couldn't purchase 2 extra chairs for my kitchen table and that they have a no return policy EVEN THOUGH THEY SOLD ME A 5 PIECE TABLE SET + (SUPPOSEDLY) 2 EXTRA CHAIRS. So I am stuck buying a 4 seating table when I paid, ordered, and was SOLD a 6 seating table. Have been getting the run around for 3 days and unable to talk to a manager or even my salesperson to help- they have been too busy with "customers"!!! Will Never ever do business with them again what a horrible way to be treated as a first time customer. Sadly to say I would rather keep my business with Badcock- and that's sad. I did this purchase at the Lakeland, FL office, my sales person was Estella, and the Person I was " told" was the manager is supposedly named Orlando. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE BUSINESS!

Posted by Anonymous

We selected a power double recliner, now called loveseat, in leather. Had to wait 5 weeks, ok, finally it is delivered and immediately we noticed the lack of quality. (Is this what we picked out? Wow, can't believe we missed all this?) So reviewed our paperwork: no mention of returns or refunds at all. So called the store: policy is we had to "return" it within 48 hours of purchase -- the purchase date (I confirmed with them) was FIVE WEEKS AGO! How can you return something you haven't yet received??? So our only option now is to bring it back for in-store credit only, to exchange it for something else they have. Well we can't see chasing another item around and waiting to be disappointed again, surely we would buy something "better" next time, and surely they would not have it in stock. Do not want to waste more time, we already got shafted on the money.

Details on chair: 2 sides don't line up with each other and there are gaps in between the 2. The leather was "touching surfaces only", but they put the vinyl on the footrest (it's a RECLINER! we put our feet up don't we?) Also the whole chair is smaller than we remember, both our feet hang off the ends, and I'm only 5 ft 5. Besides it's not as fluffy... and the back looks terrible because that vinyl doesn't go all the way down near the floor, you can easily see the framework underneath. Makes our house look cheap.

Posted by unhappy ashleys homestore hacks

I purchased furniture and paid cash with the promised of a 3 week delivery but after purchasing the goods Ashleys hacks cross in memphis came back 2 weeks later to say the furniture is due in April or May. I asked to cancel the order and refund my cash. The store on hacks cross in memphis said it takes 14 days to refund my cash. I am so angry and will not buy goods from ashleys again. I have called and no one will give me status of my refund for 576.00 transacted on 2.22.14. I am writing a letter to the BBB. I am also looking into a small claims lawsuit.

Posted by cindy Jones

I would like to make it public that I have canceled my order within a 24hr. period of time, and have gotten no response from Corp. headquarters or the store manager that had told me that I would receive a call by closing hours today, I called three times and at the end of the day I was told she left the store,by my 4th call the store had closed. I purchased yesterday 2/22/2004.
Cindy L. Jones

Posted by Chusshaw

All stores offer no return no refund. You get better service at a 99cent store. I will never shop at ashleys yourself time and frustration.

Posted by Sun Baby

I wanted to share my experience at Ashley Furniture. I too have purchased furniture at the store for my personal use. The sales person sold me a "warranty." I spent extra money, only to find out the warranty didn't really cover much on the furniture. My recent experience is with the Ashley store...different date and time. (He told me his schedule and gave me his business card so I could ask for him when I returned.) When I returned to purchase the furniture, he expressed he couldn't give me free deliver unless I was going to purchase more furniture....