Apple Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Apple below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Apple so others can benefit from what you learned.

Apple Return Policy

Any items purchased on Apple's U.S. online store must be returned within 14 days from date of receipt of package, with the exception of the iPhone, where the customer has 30 days from receipt date to return the item. All items that arrived with the shipment (parts, papers, etc.) must be included in your return shipment.

Items accepted for returns include items purchased via Apple retail locations or the Apple online store. This does NOT include items of the Apple brand that have been purchased from any other Apple product distributors. Please refer to the distributor's return policy for proper information.

Items that cannot be returned include gift cards, upgrade software, membership and tech support products, print products, software that has been downloaded electronically, software with a printed software license where seal/sticker is broken, and software that has been installed on a computer.

Items that arrive in damaged condition or as the wrong order can be return to any Apple store in the U.S. or you may call (800) 676-2775 for customer assistance.

Apple Refund Policy:

Refunds are issued when Apple receives your return package. Canceled pick-up item amounts are credited back to your account at time of request, if you were charged. You will receive your refund in the same tender, in which your item(s) was purchased. Credit may take up to 10 days depending on how you paid for your purchase.

Apple Exchange Policy:

Items purchased at a U.S. Apple store can be exchanged at any retail store in the U.S. Please contact a store or inquire online for availability of the product you would like to have in exchange for your return. Custom and personalized items may not be available for exchange.

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Posted by larry177

I am trying to return item W485252081, Apple keyboard and cover. Do I package the item and mail it back to Apple?

Posted by Prado

I need muy money back

Posted by Anonymous

I Am Completely New To Apple, You Should Have A Complete List Of Model Numbers With A List Of What Accessories Are Compatable With That Model. You Should Reper To Toshibas Support As Ive Been A Cutomer Of Theirs For Eight Years And Their Support Has Been Very Helpful. I Would Not Have The Hassle Of Returning A Mistaken Power Supply I Ordered.


Posted by

Had an IP specialst come to install the printer...which did not work after hours of working with it. wi fi would not work...that was today...the first chance I had to get an appt....and now that it doesnt work I am looking at your return policy which is for only 14 days...I just spent three thousand at the apple store not on line and have this product which I ordered over phone from apple that doesnt work...and now goes into the garbage..

Posted by Anonymous

... them know I was told that I had to wait 48 hours to ship back and get a new one plus pay a non refundable fee of $26 plus pay the $600 up front on my credit card until they ... after spending $1000 with them for 2 iphone5's, accessories, and apple care that that was their response to me. I than said never ... my return yet, and won't return my money yet. After talking to 3 customer service reps, ... if you want an iphone don't order with the online store. Go through your local wireless company.

Posted by JLawrence56

... phones. The first phone had a hardware program the very first day, and it was taken back to the carrier (Sprint) who told me to return it to Apple for a replacement. Apple graciously replaced the phone for me, but it wouldn't activate so I could use it. I returned the next day, and after spending approximately 3 hours in the store, the technician figured out that they had not deactivated ... occurred. Saturday morning I took the phone to my local Apple store, and the representative replaced the SIM card. The new SIM card did not work. Another two SIM ...

Posted by Anonymous

... months. It was still under warranty so I went to the apple store to return it. A simple process you would... they could help me. Since I was making a return I had to book an appointment which requires me... Can't help but think this designed to discourage returns. If I was buying a product I would be out ...

Posted by Joy

I've dealt with the Apple Store employees (I always return to the same store location) a total of 4 times in the past 3 years. Today was the most recent. At the risk of boring the readers ... are unprofessional (if I showed up for work looking like an Apple employee I would be asked to clear my desk and find a... argued, belittled and finally gave me what I knew was the proper refund. Never apologizing, always condemning. O.k. I've gotten this off my chest. I do feel better now. In this economy Apple is in a league of its own I guess. With all the unemployed techies you'd think ...

Posted by ascottyb

I have spent 3 days trying to sort out iphone ios6 download that makes phone useless. 2 hour battery life,wi fi, cell data overage, exchange server and map problems bricked 2 phones including brand new replacement. Apple will not acknowledge anything except maps and refuses to let users return to old working iOS. ... and for many devices terminal. But none of those is the problem, apple users including me are so loyal they will endure anything. ...

Posted by jaly

... their products etc. I did try to go in the store nearest to me (Regent Street in London) ... phone calls, this took up the best part of a day as I was constantly being fobbed off by staff and passed... got to speak to someone who told me i would be refunded but i would then need to order another... truly shocked by the total lack of customer care from Apple when things go wrong. they are a shocking ...minutes) how will i ever get it fixed with these cowboys. Apple are unethical and without morality. I truly ...experiences and then some with Apple. when you are spending such a lot of money on their products ...


... horrible experience trying to purchase a Time Capsule from Apple recently. I paid for it over the phone (1-800-MY-APPLE) with an option to pick it up at the retail store. When I got ... cancel the order and that the purchase shows as pending charges on my credit card. He wanted ... item again, ensuring me that a refund for the original order will appear in 3-5 business days. I asked him ...NO. I was confused since she put that in context of Apple making a gesture of goodwill. I thought she ...had to make this purchase within the next 10 days. It was an insult. I mean, the horrible experience itself ...

Posted by mrdata

...their hold music as it was screaming some bad ass rap into my ear as I waited for someone who was a person. An exchange or replacement is your best bet. Tec support is poor, and their automated system is a piece of junk, inflicted...

Posted by CDW

... "No," we will continue repairs because it's under mfg warranty. I don't want a machine (mfg warranty or not) that is only 6 mo old/with a replaced hard-drive and a replaced ... a working Mac as it was sent back to Apple to replace logic board. I had no choice. When it returns, I will sell it, take .... Apple Customer Serv has been rude and uncooperative. They said the Apple Store had authority to replace. Apple Store said Customer Serv was the... one who could authorize replacement. Everybody sends me in another direction. Note: Apple Store tech would not give me a print...

Posted by

... ( both the old on and the one they replaced it with) randomly hangs up and goes ... load the leopard but I can not guarantee anything. ok so why on earth ... they 600 files are gone. This the reason the Apple store wanted to look at and run .... Took it in around 11 appointments will show at Apple Promising they would fix the issue.... and now the computer that has been returned to me takes for ever to bring up the internet but I have an external hardward to store(?) not sure what and I have coupons.... I still think this is pitiful solutions. Is this the way Apple handles things in the end they have...