American Eagle Outfitters Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for American Eagle Outfitters below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from American Eagle Outfitters so others can benefit from what you learned.

American Eagle Outfitters Return Policy

Returns are honored when a customer is not satisfied with a purchase. A trained and helpful service representative can fix this problem by sending out a refund or exchanging a purchased item for another item that is more satisfactory. A return request may be refused if fraud or product abuse is detected. You can contact a customer service representative 24/7 for all questions or comments.

Returning a purchase item starts with your packing slip that is included with each of your orders and the credit card that you used to purchase the product. Your packing slip is your receipt. If you can not find your packing slip, then, you be will credited using a current price of a similar item in the form of a gift card. A PayPal purchase is credited using a gift card as well. Purchases that are transacted using cash other than US dollars will be credited using a gift card as a refund.

You can begin your item return as a free transaction. Online purchases and those completed through a telephone representative can be returned or exchanged, also. You will need to ship your item back, if you received your product by mail. First, repackage your product and place a new return label for shipping on the outside of your package to mail. The correct return address is located on your packing slip, or you can call a company representative to find out the correct address for shipping. Take your return package to a post office, and ship it out for a refund. Items that are shipped back are evaluated for damage or any other type of alteration. Each item that is returned will need to be in its original condition. You can receive your refund in person, also, at a local product distributor.

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Posted by NOMOREAE

Spoke To Customer Service To See If Items Could Be Returned And Was Told That There Is No Time Limit On Returns.
Iitems Are In Untouched Condition, With All Tags Andin Bags.
I Spent $ Returning Them Just To Have Them Sent Back To Me A Month Later....
Stating Items Were Too Old (13 Months).
When I Called Cs Back And Asked Again On Return Policy Time Limit, I Was Told There Was No Limit.
When I State My Case That Why Were My Items Returned To Me Then, I Was Told That They Were Over A Year Old And No Rffund Would Be Allowed.

Posted by Mad mom

I bought my son a belt on black friday, i gave him reciept just to exchange the size but he had to pay the difference as they were not on sale now.Just a straight exchange, I do not think this is right.

Posted by Unhappy man3

Employees dont know their own return policy. I went to the store to return socks that I bought back in 2013. I still had the receipt and the tags were attached. They gave me a hard time, but returned them. I did speak with an AE representative who said there is no time limit on returns. I also had a shirt that still had the original tags attached. The manager said they couldnt return it because it was "too old." AE is very disorganized and every employee gives a different return policy. I have shopped at AE for many years and can see they only care about taking your money.

Posted by SeatonJ

My daughter is 13 and went to the mall with her friend to make exchanges today ( the day after Christmas). She was told she could NOT return her coat for a store credit bc she didn't have photo ID. She explained she doesn't have a photo ID and so I text her mine and asked to speak to the cashier who said she couldn't do it either. I spoke wirh Meryella the manager at Mall of Ga location and she was super rude and apparently was rolling her eyes during our conversation. NO WHERE in the store does it say photo ID REQUIRED for ALL returns ( bc according to Maryella that is their policy). I will not go and return EVERY item I purchased ( WITH MY ID AND RECEIPT) and NEVER purchase another thing from them again! !! Unbelievable how rude these employees were.

Posted by Unhappy mom

I purchased 4 pairs of jeans for my son at the AE store in Tuscola IL. He tried one pair on to find his size then just grab 3 more pairs of that size. We got home, come to find out 3 of the pairs were not the same style as the first. I had already taken the tags off. So I gathered the jeans, tags,stickers, and receipt to take them back and exchange them for the right style. The girl at the counter said they could not exchange them since the tags were cut off. But I had the tags and everything, I didn't understand. So I called the champaign store told them the situation they said they would have no problems exchanging them. So I went back in the Tuscola store told them, they called someone and then said they would exchange them. Who thought of this ridiculous policy of the tags must be attached to the jeans?!?? As long as I have all the receipts and tags there should be no problem!!! I WILL be shopping at the Champaign location from now on!

Posted by Bunny

THEY HAVE A LIFETIME RETURN POLICY. you should be able to return anything from AE as long as the item was not damaged even without tags and if you have receipt. If you don't have the receipt you should STILL be able to get a gift card. I SPOKE TO AN AE REPRESENTATIVE AND THEY SAID THEY HAVE A LIFETIME RETURN POLICY.

Posted by Unhappy customer

My wife had bought two shirts from American Eagle here in Okinawa, Japan (AEON Mall) for me, for Christmas and we went to return/exchange on 26 Dec. I had both shirts with receipt, however tags were cut off and when I went up to counter to return shirts for other shirts in the store I was told that store policy requires not just a receipt but tags must be attached with shirt, and if they aren't there is no return/exchange/store credit. The two ladies at the front counter not only did not provide professional customer service they seemed to not be concerned and showed no customer service at all. This is definitely a great way to lose customers. I have been an American Eagle customer for well over 5 yrs but because of my the experiences I had today I will no longer be an American Eagle supporter

Posted by 91011

My husband returned pants he had bought 2 days ago in store with a reciept. Cashier gave him a hard time because the tags had gotten ripped off while putting the pants on, so he didn't have the tags. But did have the receipt. They were not even going to give him store credit but said that they would. I find this ridiculous! I can't tell you how many times I have broughten products back to stores with no tags but had a receipt, and they gave me my money back! Not a store credit let alone say that he was lucky to get that! I will NOT be shopping at american eagle for anyone in the future!

Posted by Pavan

Hello, I liked the Men's relaxed straight jeans Dark Vintage Wa in size 36*34,

But it is too big. I would like to exchange it for a 34*34 size.

What is the best way to exchange this jean ?

Posted by Anonymous

There is NO return address on my packing slip received with my order. There is also NO phone number for help.

Posted by Anonymous

Hello, we loved the Tomgirl Super LT medium Tinted 0381-2114 was very cute just way too big. We would like to exchange it for a medium jacket.

What is the best way to exchange the jacket for a smaller size?

Diane Kotlarczyk

Posted by Ada

I've purchased miltiple items in AE store, and after trying them again at home, I decided to return one item. Since I paid with credit card, they asked me for card and id. That is fine.But, they started entering all my personal info from id in their system and requested my phome number and an email address? Why? I have receipts, credit card amd id. I dont want my personal info in saome retail system. They did not ask for those details when I was paying.Just swipe the card.One thing is online shoping. Billing info. But in store,for return?

Posted by Disappointed

Very Disappointed and poor staff training.
I visited American Eagle to do a return ($40 dollars from a $200 order). I was told they cannot do the return (except) in the form of a gift card. I explained it was purchased to give as a gift, but I didn't like it so I wanted to return it The girl told me paypal credit can only be given as a gift card. Apparently I pay in cash (Paypal) and AE gets it, regardless if I want the item or not. Really I don't want to buy a gift card! She told me if I wanted to be reimbursed to my paypal account I need to send it back. WRONG! AE (even if mailing back to them) is a GIFT CARD too. I will NEVER shop to AE again.

Posted by Kaylee

I had the worst customer service experience yesterday at the tuscola il American eagle outlet. I had bought a shirt at another American eagle location while on vacation, I wore it to work the day I got back and was informed that there was a hole in the seam of the sleeve, as soon as I got home that night I took the shirt off and looked to see if it was something that I could sew, it was not. The seam of the shirt was crooked and it was clearly a manufacturer defect. At the point I could not find my receipt, I did however find the tag. I took the shirt with the tag into the tuscola store and KINDLY explained my exact experience to the manager Keirsten, she immediately told me that she could not return exchange or credit the shirt. She told me that it is American eagle return policy, and she could not do anything for me because I had taken the tag off and worn it. Up until this point I was so kind, but I knew that this was not the case so I argued with her, I showed her the hole and explained that if It could be sewn I would have. I explained to her how much money I spend with her company I questioned "what if I can find the recipt?" She continued to tell me in a very rude manner that there is nothing she can do for and that she can do investigating to see that this shirt had been worn, basically accusing me of abuse to the clothing. She also in her rude explanation said "I'm sorry I understand that our merchandise is probably really expensive for you." And "the only thing I can do is tell you to check everything before you buy it to protect yourself and make sure you are getting your money's worth. " to wrap all of this up I walked out of the store, immediately called the champaign il store and told them about how I had bought the shirt in Chicago, wore it, found a hole, and before I could even finish my sentence she said oh yeah bring it on in and we'll get that exchanged for you, I said, even with out a recipt and she said yes that no problem. I went the store that night, showed her the shirt and told her about the way I was treated by the MANAGER at the tuscola store, she told me that is ridiculous, and that any American eagle can do an exchange without a recipt, without a tag, and whether it had been worn or not. Needless to say I will not be shopping at American eagle in tuscola il again.

Posted by lorraine1112

... several items from American Eagle for Christmas on December 20, 2011. I paid an additional $5.00 for the two day delivery that was offered. I checked with my band and American Eagle charged my credit card for $280.00 on December ...23, 2011. After calling this evening and speaking to an American Eagle customer service representative named Nate, ... probably not receive these items until several days after Christmas. He told me that he would refund my $5.00 when American Eagle shipped my merchandise and that... give me 40% off and FREE two day shipping on my next order. These were Christmas...