American Airlines Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for American Airlines below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from American Airlines so others can benefit from what you learned.

American Airlines Return Policy

American Airlines passengers who need to request a refund can receive immediate assistance by accessing the company's website. Those with questions can also visit the Refund Help Page on the website to gain information about their eligibility for a refund. Refund requests can also be submitted by standard mail and by telephone. Information necessary to process a refund request include the passenger's full name and address, the date of travel, ticket number, form of payment, the destination and departure cities and the original receipt.

Tour package refund requests are required to be submitted to the company in writing within 30 days of the passenger's scheduled return. These requests must include all tickets and tour vouchers as well as telephone numbers where the consumer can be reached. It usually takes between six and eight weeks for these requests to be processed.

In the event that the flight is overbooked, those who are denied boarding may be eligible for a refund provided an alternative service is not available.

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Posted by sharon

Hi my name is Sharon

I asking for a refund or credit. I flew to Maryland on Wednesday with your airline. We we stuck on the runway prior to leaving for 30 min the when we arrived we were stuck again on the runway for over two hours in a thunder, and lightening storm before we could get out of the plane. We were first told that it was to dangerous for the people to work in the storm, but we were just left out in the storm.Then on the way back our flight was delayed over an hour again. I had things planned and a schedule to keep, and missed appointments due to all the delays. Please give me my money back or credit.

Thanks Sharon

Posted by Christine cates

I live in grand blanc blanc, michigan and needed to travel to Wausau wisconsin for a funeral on Friday, August 4,at 11am. I was booked on a flight from bishop airport inflint with a connecting flight at ohare airport in chicago on Thursday August 3. It was canceled and i was booked for a 6am flight from metr airport in detroit. My husband drops me off at 5am. I get through security and check at a aa desk for the gate. He tells me it is canceled. He books me on united flight to still get my connecting flight in chicago for the funeral at 11a. I walk to the other end of airport in my black dress and heels to find the gate screen shows a flight delay till 10:20a. This will not work for the Chicago flight. United tells me to go back to aa to find a different flight. I walk all the way back and i am booked for an 8:20am flight with aa. At 8:10 the attendant at the gate announces the flight is canceled. I am not able to make the funeral and see my family. My daughter finds a sitter for her two babies to come get me in detroit. I cried all the way home.

Posted by Anonymous

Your process for cancelling a ticket within 24 hours of making the reservation and getting a refund is terrible. I purchased two tickets and have tried to cancel them within 24 hours of purchasing. It makes no sense that this requires two different processes (a phone call to cancel and then an application for a refund). This is ridiculous in this digital age for a process that should be quick and automatic. I have never received any email confirmation of either the cancellations nor my application for a refund. In addition, the application for refund process keeps saying that the ticket is nonrefundable and the request needs to be reviewed and may take 2 billing cycles to get a refund. This is crazy and should just be automatic within the first 24 hours. Please look at Delta's process and see how easy you could make it for customers. I am left feeling uncertain whether I have actually cancelled the flights and have called several times and used up too much of your staff's time just to make sure the flights were cancelled (since I have still not received any confirmations) and now I am waiting for confirmation about the refund. I will not book directly with you again if this is not changed. Expedia has a better process, so I will book through them.
Please, please come into the digital age for your system of online changes!!

Posted by pb

Cancelled a reservation within 14 hours of making it. Then they said go to another page to request a refund!!! Then the dialogue box would not accept the reservation code or ticket number to request a refund so now we have to tr calling the rep for a refund that by law is automatic!!!!!
Also, it is next to impossible to find a way to cancel an AA flight without knowing your AAdvantage password. I found anohter site once, but twice in the last 24 hours I cold not find one not requiring tht info. It is not at all intuitive. I forgot to write it down...

Posted by Anonymous

On aug 2, 2016 i flew in on flight #2193 from St.CriOx TO Miami we were late leaving St. Croix the flight crew tried to keep us informed but they were stuck with us too they had flown 9 hours . We were diverted to land in WEST PALM BEACH AIRPORT LANDED AT 7:00PM ON THE 2TH WE REMAINED ON THE TAR MAT WITH NO REAL ANSWERS AS TO WHY WE COULD NOT LEAVE THE PLANE,FINALLY WE WERE ALL GIVEN A CARD TO SPEAK TO AN AGENT FOR HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS I i I WAS CHARGED 92.26USD I COULD NOT CANCEL THAT ROOM TILL 3:30 AM WED. THE HOTEL REFUSED THE REFUND my control at that time was we got vouchers to The Hilton hotel at 3:45 am wednesday morning by the superviser. He said to cancel the flight but was refused the refund from Hamton Inn West Palm beach 33409 even though it was explained to them i could not cancelled til we got off the plane by that time it was 3:45am too late to cancel,if u can help with this issue, their credit card ended with 2602 Wells Fargo bank.please help me get my refund back i never stayed there. But they did not care to work with me. I WAS JUST DOING WHAT THE FLIGHT CREW TOLD US TO DO.

Posted by

i sent you a letter about being charged for first bags on my trip to cancun from jfk. i also noted a verble fight with the steward on our return flight. i received a letter from jennifer Tecor Customer Relations stating i would receive a refund for $125.00 for three people from jfk and two back from cancun. the letter also said we would get2500 Bonus miles put back into our account. this letter is dated june 24 2016. Advantage as of now nothing has happened

Posted by Patricia

American Airlines is a nightmare. This is the second time they have ruined our vacation. They cancelled the flight, losing us a whole day in Hawaii, and then downgraded us from first class to economy. Though I have filled out forms several times,once again a check or line says they have no record of our application for refund. American Airlines stinks!

Posted by Karen Jno Baptiste

Good day,

This is my third email, I do not need a refund i nee a credit to purchase another ticket to another state. Hope for a respond.

Posted by

I have Requested while ago for a refund of 573.00 for repurchased ticket at the st.louis air port I have not heard from you ??? Why Please review and refund me in 3 days need an answer

Posted by Anonymous

I Was An Ammerican Airline Loyal Traveller Who Only Travel With American Airline They Finally Broke Me No More The Customer Service Rep Are Heartless They Do Not Show Any Emotion When U Have A Difficult Situation All They Do Refer To The Website.

Posted by $$$ stolen from an old lady

I purchased a one way ticket to Tucson, Arizona with the thought of moving there in August 2016. I have had to cancel the flight because, as of this day, I was not able to raise enough money for the move. I am a 74 year old widowed senior citizen on a fixed income. American Airlines was so kind as to say that I had purchased a non-refundable ticket so I can not get a refund. The flight is about six weeks away. I certainly believe that good old American Airlines will be able to resell the seat, and probably for more than I paid for it. Question: What do they do with all the money they STEAL from those people who have no choice but to cancel their tickets?

Posted by Jgavin2345

This is the first time I used american airlines in 30 years. This will be my last time. Cancel my flight after being on the plan for 30 minutes. Taxi ride to Newark during rush hour. Arrive 3 minutes after check in, on my way to Jacksonville for my brothers funeral. Attendant tells me to bad I am not issuing you a ticket. I get my ticket from her and made my flight. I have severe COPD so it was not easy. Had to carry my luggage which I had paid to have you take care of. Applied for my $25 refund a month ago, but in my claim and sent you my supporting documents. No Response. I am sure you need the money more than I do. You can be sure I will tell everyone NEVER to fly on your airline.

Posted by NYY Fans

We requested a refund a month ago because my husband had an accident and hurt his foot. It was a medical emergency. He had to have surgery and there were complications, so we cancelled our flight immediately. We have written, faxed, called, and emailed the Refund Department with the proper information to request a refund, since my husband won't be able to travel for some time. A few emails have been sent to us from the Customer Relations Department and they finally forwarded our information again to the Refund Department. They keep telling us to check the website for the refund status, but nothing has been updated. Our issue was assigned a document number and it just sits there. We would like to know the status as soon as possible.

efund department. The Customer Relations Department did email us a few times and did finally tell us that they were forwarding our information to the Refund Department. We have not heard anything and we are getting the runaround!

Posted by Wendi

OK....I would like to know how Anonymous spoke to countless representitives, when I have been able to talk to only one in the past 3 weeks, who was an on call ticketing agent that was no help at all. I would like to be able to talk to a human not keep submitting ignored emails and online form complaints. What happened to the good old customer service days? I work in tourism, and this is appalling.

Posted by Anonymous

I have spoken to countless representatives about a refund for my husband's ticket. I have emailed scanned copies of his death certificate and on January 4,2016 I sent an original death certificate to your refund department in Phoenix via overnight mail. It had to be signed by your staff. I will find the signed document at the post office tomorrow. The Priority mail and as always there is never any written history about my many conversations and letters. My husband's name was Scott Ducott ticket and the cost of the ticket was $713.20.

Posted by Just want to talk to a person.

I was booked on a flight that was cancelled Flight #3141 due to weather in Chicago .i had to return home the next day they said it would take three days.I booked a flight with Alaska airlines flight #739h December 29th there for i need a refund on my first class flight that was cancelledJust want

Posted by Where is my refund ?

Saturday December 12,2015

To whom it may concern
From:Michel Raymond
Hi,I been travel with American airlines in the date of February 17,2015 from Newark NJ to Nassau Bahamas for my wedding.I had 1 luggage and 1 hands bag at the door of the plane,one of those persons responsible for the embarkation took my hands bag and give me a ticket #AA 176671 for my hands bag.Arrivel at Nassau Bahamas I did not find my hands bag,I made a report at American desk that the number is UQHCCT.About 3days they called me to come get my bag,when I checked the bag I missed my ring for an amount $325,my neck tie for $45 but arrivel at home,I realise that they even took my tablet Samsung Galaxy coasted me $479.After they finish the process, the manager deside to send me a check for only $45 that I send back to the company and I keep the copy of that check for my record,Since they never pay attention about my properties.My questions for American today are:What kind the customer service do you have, is it a customer service to take care of the customers or to take customers away from the company.And where is my refund ?

Posted by Anonymous

my mother in law had a flight from chicago ORD to phoenix on november 21st in the late evening
she was told that the pane s pilot ran out of hours so she waited another 12 nhours before they got her a plane to detroit now the plane in detroit broke down and needed a part which they had to order so another 6 hours and they founf her aplane to south carolina!!!! the oppisite way of phoenix well she got to south carolins and had to wait another 4 hours before catching a plane to arizona whats wrong with this picture she is disabled and on a fixed income but no help from american airlines what so ever!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

My Grandchildren's from age 8,11'13, was returning to Chicago on 24 of July 2015 in the morning

from San Jose Ca,at the ticket counter the agent told us that the fight was canceled.The name of the children's and ticket # is the following.

Finn Graf

The Question is for, why American airline called me or E-mail me about the cancelation ?

Please, let me know by my e-mail or by phone. The children,s was upset of the next they early

flight, they had to wake up it 4am in the morning to catch a 7 am flight. Thank you for the

a proper respond.


Marta mester

Posted by Anonymous

To Whom it May Concern

July 7th 2015

The typical Sunday afternoon American Airlines started the day off with a bang 4th of July joke. They had a A/C message that indicated the A/C system was not operational on 1 of the 2 packs. That delayed cost us about an hour.

The pilots gave the plane some extra power we made it on time in Dallas.

Myself and my Wife made to our gate with the plane still there. The gate attendant said we were late in getting to the gate. The plane wasn't even moving the tug was hooked up and the crew going though it check list. The attendant attitude was less then stellar I hope she wasn't the example of polite service.

The next problem we encountered was the ride to the motel waited 2 hours for a shuttle that never came. I was informed that the AA personnel should have called for the Hotel shuttle.

We ended up spending 2 days in your airport waiting for a plane. Sunday Night though Monday. I was able to get my wife on the Roswell afternoon flight. I had to wait for the 950pm flight to get home. 13 hours roaming your terminal is not my idea of a good time, having to take 2 different flights to get home not fun. Sending my wife on a different fight home not fun.

I feel strongly that this inconvenience deserves a refund of our funds or some other form of compensation. The vacation was to spend time with my grand babies that was a wonderful time.

Posted by Linda Dagenbach

to whom it may concern. this has been going on for a few months now i can't reach anyone in customer service, i sent a letter with everything i was asked to and all you credited me was for 2 luggage's. i was charged fro 6 luggage s i was supposed to be charged for 2 one for me and one for my boyfriend. can someone call me about this i would like to rectify this asap since its been going on since oct.

Linda Dagenbach

Posted by DeeBean

I had an opposite experience from the negative ones I see here. I was supposed to fly out this morning and became overwhelmingly faint and sick to my stomach. For my safety and everyone elses, I chose not to board. The agent gave me a number to a supervisor and that supervisor set me up for a flight out tomorrow. The supervisor said that the airline must reissue the ticket so that I am not charged fees that would be applied if she issued it over the phone. She found a flight, noted my profile and gave me well wishes to feel better. Excellent customer service thus far. We will see what happens when I walk up to the counter and ask for the tickets.

Posted by ImaBird

Being an alien in US im usually travelling since a decade now. Then when i learned about booking flights online i rather book flight through travel agencies online than go directly to the airline because i dont want to deal again with the airlines so effortless representatives. and the most of all i hate when they do schedule changes because they really do mess up the flight especially if the flight have a connections with different airline well good luck to who are you going to deal with.
Thats why i rather book with a travel agency coz they are just going to do all the stuffs and all.

Posted by Diane Wanjura

I flew from San Antonio,Texas to DFW Dallas/Ft.Worth one way on Aug. 22, 2014 it was $ll4.83. Received my credit card statement has ll4.83 EURO subject to Foreign Fee $153.72 and then at the bottom it has Foreign Transaction Fee $4.61! That's $43.50 charge, so I want to know why I was charged a foreign fee just flying to DFW?

Posted by Pat

I purchased a round trip ticket to Champain IL from SF through Chicago My return flight was canceled due to weather and I was put on other AA flights. I purchased an upgrade seat on my flight from Chicago to SF (after the delay), but then due to mechancial issues (plane had a bald tire - question: how did it fly from Chicago to Champaign with the bald tire) on the flight from Champaign to Chicago I missed my connection. American then put me on another flight but there were no upgraded seats avail. When I talked to CS they told me they would put in a refund because the ticket changed. Did they do it. NO. I called AM Refund desk only to get a message, I went on line and submitted a claim which in now pending for 7 days - NO RESPONSE from American. Also I was charged an extra $25 plus the $60.18 for the seat. When I talked to a reservation agent she told me that is because I changed flights, but she could not help me with a refund. I didn't change flights - American changed all the flights at the airport. I did call to confirm my new flight that was canceled. HOW DO I GET MY REFUND OR EVEN A CALL BACK FROM AMERICAN? This is my second experience with AA - 3 years ago I got stuck in Chicago and there were no flights to Phila for 2 days (weather related). I took the train from Chicago to Phila. Then had to wait 2 days for my luggage and had to go to the Phila airport to get it. I submitted all my receipts an I got nothing from American. Too bad American Eagle is the only airline that flys into Champaign, IL.

Posted by Anonymous

Have to cancel my trip because my FATHER had a heart attack and Amercian airlines refuses to refund my ticket!!!! Seriously?!?! Like there's not enough happening!!!

Posted by cindysrooster

I purchased 2 tickets on June 10, 2013 and had to cancel the tickets on June 21, 2013. I purchased the tickets through Orbitz but when I called Orbitz about my refund I was told I only had 24 hours to cancel or no refund! I called American Airlines to see if I could use the tickets credit on another trip next year and was told yes BUT they charge $200 re-issue fee per ticket! I cannot afford to be out $600 and am just SICK about this policy. I had no idea this could happen.

Posted by R

Terrible. Avoid this airline! It will cost you more! We were flooded in Canada, roads back to Calgary were obstructed and closed, bridges washed out, and American Airlines wouldn't even give us a credit or refund on our return trip because they were still flying! Note: this airline overbooks and freely gives away $500 vouchers for future travel (supposedly) to anyone who will give up their seat and take a later flight.

Posted by THESS

To Get A Refund Is Impossible. To Get Information To Submit To Your Ins. Is Impossible, Too. I Can Not Get Anyone To Respond To My E-mails. I Can't Get A Phone # To Talk To Anyone. The Web Cite Is Misleading.

Posted by fd11203

... by a supervisor after being ignored for about 15min that SHE couldn't help me and my money wouldn't be refunded,she could only put me on a...that flight gets in san juan to late and my ship would have already have left,she then ... 7.10am and her attendant was having problems with taking the payment because he machine wouldn't work and he stated he couldn't find the person that accepts the cash payment,he tried several ways for about 25min but was ... take my seats .after asking for a refund .it was refused,i even called american airline but was told there only obligation to us was to ...

Posted by jm190

... we are pregnant and due in Jan 2013. Now we are screwed out the money. AA won't refund they will give us a credit less $150 a ticket to be used within a year. I am sorry but I don't know if we ... either. Pregnancy/childbirth isn't covered. They said I should have gotten a different policy if I thought they may have been an issue. I didn't think it... willing to make an exception. The airline has a ton of time to resell our tickets. I will never fly with American Airlines again.

Posted by nn_shane

one more thing to remember when you travel with American. They will be a few nice employees on the phone and at ... like they care. They may or may not, bottom line is the only people who can refund, or pay you back for expenses is customer service., nor email. You have to write a breif statement on their web page. They will email you back...

Posted by nn_shane

American ruined our honeymoon. We left from Charlotte, NC and they turned the airplane around ...the gate told us we had two choices, refund or wait 5 days. There were 4 other flights available with room.... to st. martin where we had to spend the night. The connecting airline had no reservation for and was oversold for several days. We had to fight aa to get back to to our destination. We were forced to plan and pay for another honeymoon. You know what customer service is willing... there any lawyers reading this that would like to help? There is a lot more to the story and 2 days of travel.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi good day, My name is Swee Yan Lam AA No.23EWR18. I had travelled with your airline to Chicago at 20th of June and return to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at 25th of June. My Airline confirmation: CTAPRA. Here, ... request for your assistance to ask for my baggage refund. Due to your airline has charge me USD60 for my second luggage... the time I did travelled to United States there will no charge on my second baggage. I found it is not reasonable due to my... more understand in our situation and condition to consider for the baggage charges. Please dun act like a robbery to impose the ...

Posted by Kim Jones

... away in early March and I canceled my flight in hopes that I would get a refund but every time I call their office, Im on hold for not a 1st time flier and I will boycott AA if something doesn't change. I cannot afford to lose this money. This is ridiculous.

Posted by Tiff tiff

... last year is ruined by a uncaring, under performing, incompetent airline. It all started May 23, 2012 me ...told him that he could rebook a alternative partner airline. So we found a flight on our IPad ...we had accommodations prepaid for on Wednesday that were non refundable and missed a event that we prepaid for ...will get them. I have the same clothes on for the past 2 days, have not been able to take part ...when we got there everything was closed. Going on day 3 and no resolve in sight my money has been wasted trip and have caused me to lose money on events that I've paid for. I will go back to ...

Posted by Blubadgejenny

... to be flying with AA to pick up a cruise in fort Lauderdale.10 days before the flight date my husband was diagnosed with bowel cancer,I have ...get an email from AA for insurance purposes to state that ticketless flights are non refundable and all taxes are forfeited.Have highlighted the exact words needed by the insurance company for a successful refund,but cannot get anyone to comply by either telephone or using their ...

Posted by Bmurga

... when I saw other bags much larger and heavier than my bag which only held 3 pair of shoes I was upset I had paid 25 for my bag which held no liquids. I would like a refund, especially after my flight delay which made me 2 hours late to my destination.

Posted by Anonymous

... Nigeria to Sao Paulo via Dubai to connect with Taca airline to Belize from American airline in Belize city, my daughter will not be going back,because she will be schooling here, so i requested for the refund of the return ticket which suppose to be on the 11th of April, the...until i ran out of credit, the guy i got 1st reluctantly told me that i can't get no refund, but that is a lie, because i already spoke with Emirate officials ...should contact the office where i paid the money, plz i need you pple to cancel the ticket & place it for refund because i need the money. Her last Name is Eze, ...