ALDI Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for ALDI below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from ALDI so others can benefit from what you learned.

ALDI Return Policy

ALDI has return and exchange policies that vary depending on the type of product purchased.

Double Guarantee:

Any unused product can be returned, together with the original packaging and receipt to an ALDI Store Manager. You will be given a refund of the purchase price and issued a replacement product.

Any non-food Special Buy items require an original receipt to be exchanged or returned. If a product is found defective upon purchase, it can be returned for a full refund to an ALDI store. Should a product fail during its warranty period, the customer needs to contact the manufacturer to resolve the issue. If a satisfactory resolution cannot be reached, contact ALDI at:

Customer Support
1200 N. Kirk Rd.
Batavia, IL 60510

You will need to include your name, address, phone number, the name of the defective item, the ALDI item code, a description of the problem and a copy of the ALDI sales receipt.

Certain items have a special return and exchange policy associated with them. Computers and electronics can be returned within 90 days upon presentation of a receipt. Open DVD or software products cannot be returned for refund, but may be exchanged for the same product if defective. Software or DVD products can be returned unopened within 14 days of purchase if a receipt is presented.

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Posted by IrritatedCustomer

I went to Aldi to buy groceries. I bought a package of muffins. A week later the muffins after concert with mold. I literally washed my money in something I can't eat.

Posted by Tomlightfield

I just returned from Aldi after returning 90% of a ham I bought that 3 of us agreed was bad. I've bought ham nowhere else but Aldi the last 10 years or so but this one definitely had an issue. I couldn't believe it but they not only refunded my money but gave me another ham, no charge!! I was shocked to say the least!! I fully expected to pay for the new ham but all I can say is thank you Aldi!!!

Posted by No

The baby event started yesterday I picked up two cot bed covers and one bed cover by mistake they are all the same code and together in the same basket. My husband took it back today to exchange for a cot bed one due to the mistake, I couldn't find the receipt at the time so he went without. They wouldn't exchange it even though it's Day old and in the original packaging??? I don't get it why is it different for Aldi you would be able to do this in another store?! Totally

Posted by Alex

I bought vegetables this weekend and cooked them for soup. Hours after tasting the broth to see if it was ok I got food poisoning like symptoms. I cooked the food but cannot use it as I am afraid it is contaminated and caused my illness. Everything I used was from aldi :/

Posted by David

Recently returned two items (foot massagers) due to them not being very good products. Been two days since having to swipe my bank card to get my refund and the monies have not been returned to my account as of yet. I will be giving this one more day before filing a complaint with my states attorney general. I have both my original and the refund receipt. I have seen no policy as to the time the refund should be returned to me, but other stores I have had to do this at took no less than two days.

Posted by Deborah

We have been purchasing Choceur Dark Hazelnut chocolate bars from your Brooksville store since it opened up. We really enjoyed the quality and flavor, so we almost always bought at least 5 bars when we shopped. The last time we were in we purchased 5 bars before our others ran out to have on hand. When we opened the first one of the new batch and tasted it we immediately could taste the difference. Not at all happy with whatever they did to the new batch, one difference we did see on the ingredients was they used vanilla powder instead of vanilla. We did not keep the receipt because we had no intention of returning them, but because they do not taste like the others we bought wanted to return them. Went into the store to return them and the lady said we had to do it on line, well she gave no instructions of where to go on line, very unprofessional response. So could you please advise where we can or how to return them. Deborah Barnhart

Posted by Aldisishorrible

Aldi's on Coit Road in Plano is horrible. They overcharged me by almost $20 and wouldn't correct the error, so I had to leave. As I didn't want to swipe my card for that amount. I was only buying four items and it should have been around $6.00 for what I was buying, which included two gallons of milk for my babies. The cashier did not apologize or admit he was wrong. I plan to write as many negative reviews as I can online and spread the word in my community not to shop in this horrible store. They tried to take advantage of me and should be deeply ashamed of who they are and what they represent. Not because of the cashier error but because of their arrogance in not apologizing or trying to rectify the matter.

Posted by Marlane

I see folks asking questions on here and waiting for Aldi responses. Not seeing them. I bought a retractable dog lease ("Shep" brand) so many months ago but cannot find my receipt. My husband eventually tosses receipts after they clear the credit card, etc. I didn't keep the packaging that may have had a manufacturer warranty on it. Isn't Shep a brand unique to Aldi. Anyway, this product failed very quickly and I hope I can get my money back. I also want to comment on how employees do not uniformly seem to know and understand the return policy. I returned a heat and serve noodle dish because it tasted like paste, and the cashier didn't know about any policy at all. She finally called the manager on duty who instructed her to simply refund me. I walked away wondering what the Double Guarantee means...seems I should have received another product as well. You have a big fan of Aldi here, so I don't want you to think I'm a moaner!

Posted by Anonymous

I love aldi but witness a return from a person I know is on food stamps of food he exchanged food for wine I think should be food for food there is enough abuse of program without buying their wine


I had purchased a garden tool several months ago. It had NEVER been opened and I had my receipt. I explained this to the night manager at the Mesquite, TX location last night, Sept 22, 2017 at approx 8pm. She used a box cutter to open the product, then tells me that this box had been open before because we "ALDI" does not package it's products like this. I explain, she is incorrect. This box had NEVER been open, because it was loss in my house, due to moving. I just found it. I then informed her, that It has NEVER been open, until you/she opened it with the box cutter. Then she tells me that the 30 day policy has lasped. She then hands me the open garden tool box, with a disbelieve look on her face; like I lied. I felt humiliated. I returned my now opened box to my car, looking mortified. I always shop at this ALDI, I do not come this late. I refuse to let that young ladies unspoken words of me, stop me from shopping. The young lady saw me again shopping and made a statement under her breathe.

Posted by Ellyn

Silly me. I just bought a food chopper at Aldi's on Sept. 1. I have another one at home that I thought couldn't be fixed. I found a way to repair the one I had at home, so I want to return the one I bought at Aldi's. HOWEVER, I can't find the receipt anywhere!! Is there a way to find recent purchases in your system?

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a bag of oranges last week. I ate one & it was bad. I reached in to get another one & it was covered in white mold & squishy. Totally gross. I returned them with my re-ceipt. I was asked if I wanted a refund or another bag. What happened to your double guarentee? I got another bag & left. I didn't want to ask about it because there was a long line & I didn't want to hold people up any longer.

Posted by Lisa

Hi, I would like to return black school trousers, I bought them by mistake as my son actually needs grey trousers. I have however lost the receipt and have been informed by Aldi staff to message/email for an authorisation code to be able to return them. Could you please let me know how I can do this please? many thanks :)

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to return a garden windmill perchased from Derby Harvey road branch unfortunateley the windmill was missing 2 vital parts when the box was opened.As it was bought as a present from my young granddaughter,I had no receipt, but was told I needed a receipt just to swap it for another one.I came away very disappointed with aldi, at Louth Lincolnshire after driving from my home in Sutton on sea Lincolnshire roughly 25 miles. Can you tell me what you will do about it.

Posted by Edgar

I purchased two bottles of wine last week. The wine I picked up was not the one my wife wanted. I went yesterday to return the wine at the same store where I purchased it (store #60 in Springfield VA) and was told that ALDI does NOT do returns on wine. Is this true? I have looked at your return policy and I have not found that specific exclusion anywhere. I gave the clerk the benefit of the doubt and left the store without a fuss but out of principal I want to find out the truth.

Posted by MARY

I have shopped at Aldi in Shelby,Charlotte, Lincolnton and Gastonia North Carolina at least three times a month for fifteen years or since their opening. Last year I purchased several watermelons that could not be eaten. I pitched them in garbage and never complained one time. The first one I purchased this year was the same and I did complain and was told I was the ONLY customer that had a complaint and was not offered a refund even after telling get the clerk about the previous ones. Today I decided to try one more time and discovered I paid for two and only got one. This was in Shelby North Carolina. The others I complained about was in Lincolnton NC. Are you supposed to drive thirty miles round trip to return bad items. Yes also I would like to add this was my first time to complain about anything at Aldi because I have loved shopping there.

Posted by candy

can you return or exchange without a receipt or not?

Posted by Disappointed

The price for Baby Bella was posted as $0.89. I checked my receipt after I came home and noticed it was $1.29. The amount is not much.The fact is I feel cheated. I don't see a customer service counter. Do I just go to the check out counter?

Posted by lita

I used to buy many stuffs in Aldi including Clancy's corn chips original. I didn't keep the receipt. I only want to let them know, the chips I grabbed is soooooo salty. I wont buy anymore to avoid kidney problem.

Posted by Lou

Bought a sewing machine, problem with needle not picking up thread because it was hitting on metal. Singer model. No problem, Aldi put my money back on my credit card.
Thank you Hagerstown MD Aldibpqw

Posted by Tomi

Bought pancake mix,opened it n completely covered in mold

Posted by Kent

I had some tights and a baby blanket purchased a few weeks ago for my daughter, I wanted to take these back to my local ALDI and they would not exchange them without a receipt. They were a gift so do not have a reciept disappointed ALDI is an understatement

Posted by harley

I would have to say Aldi is good about taking items back, however you need to try Costco in my opinion they are the best. No reciept needed. I returned a blue ray played that stopped playing after 2 years and they gave me a full refund.

Posted by Shirley

No one can be as customer friendly as PUBLIX. They are the BEST. No questions asked, they take back anything they sell whether it's open, partially consumed or used!!! If you have the receipt, they will credit it back to your credit card. If no receipt, they give you a Publix Gift Card. I LOVE Publix; they are the best. BTW, Walmart is also customer friendly and no hassles when you return items that are opened or used. Most businesses are striving to be "customer friendly."

Posted by don

bremer gravy&salisbury steaks are not very good. the taste isn't very good.

Posted by ripped off

An employee was very rude and condescending towards me in her tone then double charged me for an expensive item. I only noticed when I got home. What do I do. Ripped off for a lot of money. I think she did it deliberately. I sti have the receipt.

Posted by Hammeke

I purchased diapers there and my child out grew them before I was able to use them. Can I exchange them for the next size without a receipt?

Posted by Ruthie

Purchased too many Geraldine garden Tulip bulbs. Can I return them without a receipt? I am a very frequent shopper at Aldi's. They can look up the items from my Credit Card I assume.

Posted by diane

I got some packaged Roast Beef & HAM when I took my Mother shopping last Thursday 09/08 and opened Friday 09/09/16 ... opened the container not even the plastic with the meat in it. the entire bottom was moldy. I can not find any phone number to call and can not travel all the way across town to return it in Oak Creek WI. So, here it is almost a week later before I could even find a web site to make this statement. So the price was not right it goes in the trash and I am out lunch!

Posted by Lisa

I purchased packaged turkey lunch meat yesterday. Opened it today and realized it's been expired for a month... grossed out that I almost fed it to my daughter. Anyway I went to a different aldis than I normally do and would like to know if I have to go to the same one I purchased it from for a return.

Posted by Bobe

I bought a Team GB folding holiday chair but after 3 days use a metal leg snapped can I have this replaced or refunded.


The specials buy deep fryer i recently bought has blown up within seconds of its first use. Oil was added to the low mark inside the unit.The unit was then turned on and two seconds later - BANG with a large spark.. The fryer exploded and also took out the power to half of my house.
Not happy at all as the outcome could of been catastrophic.
I want to return this product to the place of purchase along with the purchase docket for a full cash refund?
Please advise

Posted by Kitty22

I bought Boxers Shorts for my Brothers birthday but he didn't like them can I exchange? I have receipt. Boxer shorts were never used.

Posted by terry

What if you don't have the receipt

Posted by john

To all people who posted, I hate to say it out aloud but most of the comments made were in regards to no refund without a receipt being produced. What do you expect? Keep your receipt! Simple. I have returned products without issue purely because i kept the receipt. Aldi produce great products, and their prices are very reasonable, not bumped up by greedy supermarkets such as coles or woolies. Competition is good.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a hose cardy, faulty good, return twice,had a receipt first time, but broken again. Brought it back to branch yesterday. They refused to accept the return without receipt. it is clearly is their product. They said it need to proof it is from their branch, even I spend £110 a week there every week. It is hard work to deal with these low end stores.

Posted by Anonymous

Would like to return bean bag game it broke first time we used it, but lost the receipt, can I still return?

Posted by Cyril

I made a few purchases yesterday and lost the receipt. I am looking to return a few ski clothes i bought- would i be able to return it at the least get a voucher for the same amount as i shop a fair bit at aldi's.

Posted by Anonymous

I Returned (2) Items To Aldi And Wanted The Amount To Go Back On The Credit Card I Used But The Cashier Stated We Only Give Cash Back In Their Original Package.why Not???

Posted by A non fan of ALDI, anonymous, w

I was considering shopping at Adi's due to the low prices. Most of the products/items were not name brand, so I was concerned. After reading theses posts, I will stay with Hannaford's who back up THEIR own brand with a double back guarantee, even after opened. (ALDI-How do you know something doesn't taste right, or is too salty or has mold unless you open it.) Anything returned with a receipt and majority of item )non-Hannaford brand) can be exchanged You do have to have a receipt for the double back, but their return policy is authentic, not a hoax. Thank you for all who posted. You saved me a lot of time and frustration, and possibly $ I cannot afford to lose. I have only had to return 3 or 4 things in 12 years under the Hannaford Brand, which 99.99% of their brand I did not have to return. Hannaford'd brandis just as good as name brands. Never had a problem dealing with them. And if they overcharge you on an item, you get !)x that amount up to a certain limit. I wasn't aware of these policies until my first return when I received too much $ back. But the representative at customer service informed me of their true "DOUBLE back Guarantee", on their products. It seems to me Aldi's has a "DOUBLE TALK" guarantee. No Thank You, ALDI!!!!!!!!! Word of mouth or posts speaks volumes. Shame on the ALDI corporation and management for misleading advertisement.

Posted by Ryan

I bought milk that was spoiled when I opened it at home. It had 2 months left for the expiration date and I no longer have the receipt.

Posted by Sarah

Bought a pack of Aldi's own brand nappies two weeks ago. I lost the receipt and they will not even exchange them for something else! My child no longer needs nappies so I'm stuck with 72 unopened nappies. Disgusted. What other store would do this? The customer service was very unfriendly too.

Posted by Margery UK

Returned matching kettle and toaster to Aldi in uk town. Manufacturer would not help without receipt but Aldi customer services said yes as the kettle was faulty. Having read these posts, I asked for a reference number. Returned and refunded in store because I had this number, no problem. Thank you and thanks to Aldi customer services.

Posted by Rita

I bought a packet of Real Bacon Bits. The next week, I opened the bag and it was full of green mushy mold. It was still in date, had not been opened prior to my opening it, and when I took it back WITH my receipt showing I had only bought it the past week, the cashier kept saying she didn't understand why it was moldy and she hesitated about giving me a refund. She asked me if I wanted to exchange it for another one and I said NO, the other ones are soft and swollen, too, so someone needs to check them and pull them off of the shelf. She hesitated again about refunding my money and said well, this one is still in date and I don't see how that happened. First of all, she should not have hesitated and questioned me. I am in that store 2 times a week, most weeks, buying groceries. Finally, she did refund my $1.29 but it wasn't worth the hassle to me. If that should ever happen to me again, I will not shop there anymore.

Posted by Anonymous

noticed after I got home, two items were charged twice, no phone numbers to call, not a good way to do business. I know mistakes happen but if the cashier was not on her cell phone she might have noticed. who do I see when I take my receipt back, no customer service. DO you not know customer service is the most important thing in a business.

Posted by Samsung

Very dissapointed with Aldi. A rechargeable Inspection Lamp purchased in Store only 8 weeks ago has failed. Without a receipt they are unwilling to either exchange it or even provide a credit note. The Store provided a Customer Support Telephone Number with instructions to ask them for an Authorisation Code to enable them to deal with this. Customer Support say WITHOUT THE RECEIPT there is nothing they can do, even though I confirmed that I witnessed my husband purchasing this item by cash, which I believe in law is proof of purchase.

Posted by AT

Cannot seem to find details of your refund or exchange policy for goods without a reciept

Posted by JUNGLE

We purchased a Bluetooth AM/FM tradesmen's wireless from Aldi at Brightwater, Queensland Australia some 6 months ago, it was on a 'mark-down' table without a box, the wireless and its power-pack and guarantee were wrapped in plastic, I presumed it was a demo model from their showcase so bought it at the reduced price.
When I turned it on it was already charged so I didn't need to do that, when I tried to tune in our local stations I found the knob to be so touchy it had to be turned as if it was tissue paper or it was off the station, the band with for tuning is so fine it is difficult to use.
When I turned it off I found the knob made a click sound to indicate the power was 'OFF' however the knob kept turning anti-clockwise and the pilot light came back on without any volume.
When I tried to connect the Bluetooth, the main reason I purchased this for yard use, I had trouble finding my iPhone so I tried it on my computer, again it would not work...after much fiddling to and fro I finally got the iPhone to work but at a very reduced volume compared to the wireless.
Later I managed to get my computer to work also but with the same volume result.
However I found what this wireless does is more than often lose the last Bluetooth connection forcing me to re-find it on the last unit I had attached to it.
I have had other problems with ALDI merchandise and gone to the warranty, one time I was told to take it back and a replacement would be waiting for me, it was, another time a refund would be waiting, it was and a third time a broken part was sent to me via a courier some 8 months after my contact with the warranty company...AND...after I had told them not to bother as I had returned it to the shop, obtained a refund and no longer had the item concerned, so determined were they to give me the part I could no longer use they tracked me down to another state after we had move residence, you can't knock their dedication...Not rain, hail nor snow, nor cancelation of need and change of address either it seems.
Now it seems I will be stuck with a Bluetooth wireless that bluetooths sometimes, is fiddly to tune and I have had to replace with another from another retailer...
The moral of my saga is...if you see an electrical item on an ALDI 'for sale cheap' table forget all probability it is something someone has found to be broken or not working as described and so returned it to the shop for a refund, so the ALDI shop manager stuck it out for some other sucker to see and think they were getting a bargain...'Let the Buyer beware'...especially at ALDI I have found!!!

Posted by Anonymous

First Off I Absolutely Love Aldi, Have Been Shopping There For A Couple Of Years. But As Of Today, No More! The Aldi I Shop At Has Had Several Turnovers Of Managers And Cashiers As Well, And I've Had To Get Used To That But When Someone Gave Me Several Bottles Of Wine With My Christmas Gift Yesterday I Was Pleased And Even Though Two Bottles Were A Kind I Don't Realky Like I Thought Well Hey I'll Ask My Friend If I Can Return Them. I Did So And She Said Yes I Still Have The Store Receipt. Well Guess What The Manager Tells Me He Cant Take It Back For A Refund Or An Exchange? What, Excuse Me But The Bottles Were Sealed Haven't Been Open And You Refuse To Even Exchange Them! What Kind Of Stupid Policy Is That? And Not Only That But The Cashier Was Rude And Like Just Attitude Towards Me! So Instead Of Me Leaving With Wine I Like I Turned To Tge Couple Behind Me Asked Them If They Would Like It They Said Sure, And I Said Merry Christmas! I Told My Friend What Happened She Said She Will Shop There No More So Aldi You Just Lost Two Loyal Customers Who Both Have Averaged Spending 150.00 To 200.00 A Week In One Of Your Stores You Might Not Care But We Both Love To Talk And Use Social Media Very Well!

Posted by Jacklyn

Just returned a 5lb roll of hamburger meat that went back before the date. They refunded the roll, but I had to purchase the replacement at a higher price because they were out of the rolls. I did not get the double guarantee. I am considering emailing tomorrow since you cannot call.

Posted by Pam

Just purchased asparagus and about an hour later I opened the package & the smell was horrible. It was slimy & rotten. I took it to the trash immediately since the garbage pick up is the following morning. I will not keep the product due to the smell & condition. There is no phone number published for the Aldi where I bought it. Can I get a refund with the receipt only?

Posted by Lindino

Last Christmas holiday season I bought several containers of Aldi chicken broth in square cartons with pour spouts with plastic screw tops. I noticed that the spouts has been squashed down a bit, but bought them anyway. When I went to use them, the product has mold around the spout. I didn't use any of them and took them back as soon as possible after Christmas. I had my sales receipt and the cartons to show the problem. I was immediately given cash back totally for two times the product. I didn't have to just get another set of cartons of broth, which at that point I would not have needed, since Christmas was over. The cashier said to just buy anything I wanted, so I got a nice shopping bag that fits inside the grocery cart and even has a place for the quarter for the cart. I couldn't have been more pleased with my return. I was not happy with the product not being able to be used for my dressing for Christmas dinner. I think the design of the carton has changed to be totally squared off for safe stacking. This store was in Ft Worth Texas around Bedford area.

Posted by Bethesda

Can I return a food item without a receipt?

Posted by Brett

Purchased a high pressure water cleaner for $100 fm Aldi Erina Fair and I used it 3 times before it broke.
I kept the receipt but not the packaging- therefore I wasn't entitled for a refund. Never again!

Posted by ALDI Is So Bad

Every piece of technology I bought were not functioning. One star shop (Technology)

Posted by Tr

I just bought a 24 pack of PurAqua Purified Drinking water from Seneca, SC. The smell and taste is not like other. Why does it have a funny stench? I want to return this product back to ALDI.

Posted by CarolineGA1

I was snacking on Southern Grove Sunny Cranberry trail mix just now, bought at Aldi in Cumming Ga. I bit into what looked like a round peanut and immediately, what was released into my mouth was pure citric acid. It was so lemony sour that I had to spit it out and brush my teeth, as the taste went into all the trail mix I had in my mouth at the time. I almost vomited, the taste was so bad. The texture was more like crystal powder than nut. We usually do most of our shopping at Aldi because we like the quality and pricing. However, we do not still have the receipt. I am more concerned about health risk than getting my money back anyway, so I have the mouthful of crunched trail mix and whatever the nasty tasting round thing was in a sealed plastic bag in the fridge. Considering getting it analyzed at the lab. I have seen a recall of Southern Grove trail mix online, with a possible salmonella contamination, also another customer posted this:06

Posted by mse2u

on 3/6/14 at 7:30AM

Hello, I am writing this letter on the behalf of one of your trail mix in the 1.75oz bag. I purchased them at the Aldi's store on West Florissant right pass the Seven Hills area, zipcode 63033, I think. Nature's Best Southern Grove, Indulgent Trail Mix: My son was having this for a breakfast on the run, before he left today. Thursday, March 6, 2014 had a matchstick in it. He actually had this in his mouth. I think you should contact the people that put these on the shelf. We don't smoke or even own these. Someone could have seriously CHOKED on this. PLEASE CHECK THIS OUT!! You may say it was just a small purchase, I say it could have caused a DISASTER in somebody's life. I will NOT be buying SOUTHERN GROVE anything in the future.

Posted by joybaby

8/29/15 I made a large purchase today and the checker inadvertently scanned $2.49 x 2 for croissants. I know I only bought one. I live 20 miles and only go once a wk. Can I take the receipt back for credit to my next order?

Posted by MariaElena

Told receipt IS needed to exchange bottle (burwood merlot) that had defective cork; store Abrams/Skillman

Posted by Grandma B

Two weeks ago I purchased a "Back to School cerise pink girls padded coat age 4/5 with a fur edged hood. I still has the original label "avenue kids" and has not been worn. My granddaughter aged 4 - who it was for - come today and it is a not big enough, she could really do with an age 6/7. Unfortunately I have misplaced the receipt. Could I return it for a refund to my nearest store in Blackwater, Surrey (place of purchase)and is there any chance I can obtain a bigger size ? I did not see any left at my local store when I was in there last week.

Posted by mellie

We purchased our daughter some skiwear for a school ski-camp from Aldi 5 or so weeks ago.

She recently fractured two toes and is unable to attend camp.

Wondering if Aldi will deny us a refund based on our special-buy purchase being more than 30 days ago.

My feeling is we won't be eligible for a refund, sadly.

Posted by Local mum

I bought a special buy Clothes hanger. The receipt is lost. Can i return this? It was purchased last week.

Posted by bestofme

I purchase a blood pressure cuff about a month ago. Machine doesn't work after a few uses. Have a receipt, will I have a problem returning the Welby to the store?

Posted by Anonymous

bought cashews today with the sign saying 6.99. When i got home and looked at my receipt is said cashews were 11.99. I was not too happy. Can I return them, unopened with receipt?

Posted by catman

Brought in receipt for rotten watermelon. They refunded the cash, but when I went to get another one, the cashier told me I had to purchase it. What does refund and another item mean, then?

Posted by Anonymous

purchased seedless watermelon, paid 3.99 + tax. Worse watermelon ever. Not sweet at
all, no water melon taste, very light pink in color. Took sales slip back and talked
to one of the employees. I was NOT offered a refund of money. Told I could pick out another, which I did. IT WAS OVER RIPE AND NOT TASTY. I have shopped at Aldi
since it opened here and I am sorry to say the quality of your produce has decreased.
You need to find a different supplier than HarvestMart 4032.

Posted by Mike

Last month I purchased a 4-burner gas grill. Day before yesterday, I opened the box and assembled it, that took 3 hours. To my surprise, it is not a natural gas grill. Its gas supplying hose is meant only from propane tank only. The manufacturer was called in. They said to return it the store, as they cant replace it as it was not purchased directly from the manufacturer. Now what is ALDI return policy for it? I need my money back. Anybody, please guide me.

Posted by rohini

i bought the leather female boots for a present but i like to return but dont have reciept.
can i return

Posted by rudy

I am not satisfied with the performance of my crofton stand mixer, can I return it

Posted by Anonymous

I'm an avid aldi shopper wanting to express my concerns for all the knit picks. As for the double back guarantee I've seen so many people while shopping abuse the system ex: a lady bought a whole case of spaghetti sauce and didn't like it and wanted to go back and get another case of spaghetti sauce plus her money back. People come on now that's why the prices are steady creeping up. Anytime you return something it is automatically thrown away. If a product is bad exchange it or throw it away. if it happens a third time just don't buy that product again. Problem solved. Enjoy a good thing while it lasts because so many people are abusing a good store you'll end up back at Wal-Mart paying 4.50 for some strawberries

Posted by nigel129

Tried to return an unopened double duvet for an upgrade to a kingsize, NO RECEIPT no much for keeping the customer happy, getting to big for their boots now i think.

Posted by Scott

We returned some bad asparagus today and they replaced it, but no cash refund like it says about the double refund policy.

Posted by Anonymous

2/9/2015 - was told produce was not part o f the double guarantee. This is not stated in their commercials.

Posted by aldi2014

The clothing purchased is apart of the special buy area that requires that you have the receipt in order to returnot the item. Also it must be within 30 days.

Posted by Egypt

I wanted to return three clothing items still in packaging about 3 months old without receit and Aldi would not accept it.
Big Deal, someone else will buy them...return the things and make customer satisfaction

Posted by

I love your store first off. but I have had problems with a purchace of sea salt pretzels. I got 2 last week and when I tried to bake them they turned out rather flat a just almost burned on the bottom . I have had these before and didnt have this trouble. so I guess I just got a bad batch. I was wondering if I might get a refund on the 2 I bought?
detsche kuche brand refrigerator pretzels (2)

Posted by Anonymous

I have repeadetly problems with my new printer .
is there a time to return it ?

Posted by flmango

It seems most of the comments here are negative about experiences with ALdi's return policy. My experiences have been positive, although I was unaware of the refund/replace guarantee until just recently. Of course they didn't mention it to me. I have a copy of the policy in my purse and will present it the next time I return something. I look forward to more positive experiences with Aldi's.

Posted by qui

I bought some produce from Aldi, not even a week ago and it has all gone bad. I didn't keep the receipt because I didn't think that was something I would have to return and I rarely ever keep food receipts. The store wouldn't take it back. I guess I won't be shopping Aldi anymore because, a whole bag of russet potatoes, sweet potatoes, AND zucchini have gone bad in just a few days.

Posted by andym

I bought happy farm's cream cheese and it was sour. I dont know if it was a bad batch from the vendor or if it was stored Improperly by ALDI's. Todays date is 6/21/14 and the code date on the item is 11/5/14. ALDI's needs to step their game up. A customer should not take a bite of their bagel and tast "sour" cream cheese. Item was purchased at ALDI Rensselaer, NY

Posted by shirley

I bought the frozen stuffed shells at Aldi and had a allergic reaction. I am allergic to msg and apparently this was included but under a different name than msg.

Posted by Kent Vespa

Yesterday I spent £49.99 on purchasing a HD Camcorder to attach to a bike. Camcorder failed to operate so today returned the item to the store so I could exchange the item. I was told I could have another item but I would have to purchase that and they would issue a refund to my card for the returned item. That would mean that I would be out of pocket by £100 instead of £50 for nearly a week. Strange policy! So when I eventually get my refund I will purchase another camera elsewhere! Disappointed as wanted to use the item this weekend!

Posted by Anonymous

Aldi will not return a neck vibrator even though the sign says satifaction guaranteed on products. The shift manager told me that meant food products only. I lost my receipt she would not even give me store credit. Don't post a guarantee, and not back it up. I was in the Lawrenceville, Ga store.

Posted by susan roeling

I almost always buy my toilet tissue at aldi but the package of 12 roll willow soft and strong is rough like sand paper. That may be the end that . Why do they change their products like they do? Keep it up, i am heading back to walmart.

Posted by Anonymous

In March 2013 I purchased Aldi brand basil infused olive oil but could not open the bottle no matter how hard I tried. I returned the bottle to the Duluth GA Aldi store and the manager would only give me a replacement but not refund my money. Aldi has the Double 100% satisfaction guarantee and the manager said it did not apply in this case. Aldi's website states "If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with any product, we will gladly replace the product AND refund your money." The Aldi olive oil had the double guarantee printed on the bottle. Aldi's guarantee is meaningless.

Posted by mse2u

Hello, I am writing this letter on the behalf of one of your trail mix in the 1.75oz bag. I purchased them at the Aldi's store on West Florissant right pass the Seven Hills area, zipcode 63033, I think. Nature's Best Southern Grove, Indulgent Trail Mix: My son was having this for a breakfast on the run, before he left today. Thursday, March 6, 2014 had a matchstick in it. He actually had this in his mouth. I think you should contact the people that put these on the shelf. We don't smoke or even own these. Someone could have seriously CHOKED on this. PLEASE CHECK THIS OUT!! You may say it was just a small purchase, I say it could have caused a DISASTER in somebody's life.

Posted by jakelees

I took a electric stove back with a receipt for a refund as did not need ut paid part card part cash the assistant manager said I can only be refunded card as it was the majority payment but I wanted the refund to be the way I paid for this

Posted by Roberta

I have purchased most of my groceries at Aldi's. Prices can't be beat. My problem lately has been with the Southern Grove pitted prunes. Finding in recent months the prunes in containers are packed down causing many to be flattened down.
Even occasionally so tough they are difficult to chew. If this was a one time occurrence I wouldn't have thought any more about it. (has been every container)
Not sure how to handle this since a good part are ok. My plan is to inform my local store to see how to handle.