Easy Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

8 Jun , 2016 Recipes

One of my all time favorite meals is a homemade chicken pot pie.  There is something old fashioned inspiring and yet my version has an updated swing to it.  This recipe is a hit every time served and it makes great leftovers.  It is perfect for those cold winter nights or sporting along at a […]

Five Tips on Saving at Restaurants

7 Jun , 2016 Cuisine and Food

We are all feeling the ‘pinch’ in our pocket-books. As a result, one is always trying to discover ways to stretch the dollar. As the global maket continues to dwindle,we all could use a few extra dollars in our pockets. And, what better way to do so than when we dine out at restaurants? Although it […]

Filtered Water vs Tap Water – No

6 Jun , 2016 Recipes

Many people believe that there is a big difference between filtered tap water and bottled water.  I’m here to tell you that there really is not a difference.  I recently wrote an article on whether or not bottled water should be mandated to have the ingredients listed on the packaging.  I said no.  This topic […]

Egg Rolls

5 Jun , 2016 Cuisine and Food

I used to admire the delicate taste of the egg rolls sold by my neighbour at a coffee shop near our estate. Unfortunately, things took an unexpected turn when they had to fold their business due to a hefty rent imposed by the owner. I ended up with months of craving until one day I […]

Fattiest Restaurant Menu Items to Avoid

4 Jun , 2016 Cuisine and Food

With the ever expanding waistlines of many Americans, you may want to avoid certain fatty restaurant menu items.  Unfortunately, many of the items are full of fat, but certain ones are especially bad for you.  The following are some to avoid. Hamburgers.  Cheeseburgers.  Bacon cheeseburgers.  Oh my! Generally hamburgers are terrible for you.  The meat […]

Easy Chicken Recipes

4 Jun , 2016 Recipes

While on spring break canoeing the Buffalo River in 2008, I was introduced to this recipe by my good friend Mack McGowen. Mack is a consummate outdoorsman, and no good outdoorsman would be without great recipes for dinner around the campfire. We ate this meal after day three of our four day trip down the […]

Dining out Keeping it Healthy and Delicious

3 Jun , 2016 Recipes

Restaurant food can be horrifyingly fattening. Some restaurants serve appetizers with more than 2,000 calories! Restaurant meals average a shocking 1,000 to 1,500 calories. Even seemingly healthy dishes are packed with calories and fat. The Ruby Tuesday’s classic burger has 1,013 calories and 71 grams of fat. In other words, it has twice as much […]

Distilled vs Fermented Alcoholic Beverages

2 Jun , 2016 Recipes

Many people enjoy the taste of spirituous beverages. Some prefer the blend of bitter and sweet to be found in fermented drinks such as wines and beers, and other prefer the potent clarity of distilled drinks such as scotch or tequila. In either case, the effect is achieved by deriving alcohol from sugar through a […]

Cucumber Salad

2 Jun , 2016 Cuisine and Food

Cucumber is a salad vegetable that is often just slices and added to all the other salad greens. Apart from the cucumber sandwich I can think of as a really out standing cucumber related dishes. But here is a salad that is a little different and looks very striking. I think that it is a little Thai […]

Diabetic Chocolate Bread Pudding

1 Jun , 2016 Recipes

This is an old favorite family recipe that I adapted when I began to have problems with my blood sugar. It is good served hot or cold and totally yummy! It is easy to make and you can even use whole grained bread to make it full of fiber and healthy while tasting like chocolate […]