How to Make Easy Tasty Chili

23 Mar , 2016 Recipes

2 tbsp. chili powder1 tbsp. flour1/2 tsp. cumin1/2 tsp. turmeric1/2 tsp. sugar1 tsp. salt1 15 ounce can can tomato sauce1 15 ounce can chopped tomatoes1 15 ounce can chili beans1 chopped onion1 tsp. chopped garlic1 lb. ground beef Combine the spices (chili powder, flour, cumin, turmeric, sugar, salt) and set aside. In a soup pot […]

A Summer Salad with Watermelon Feta and Heirloom Tomato

23 Mar , 2016 Recipes

Ah, the lazy days of summer. Long, sandy, sticky days at the beach; eating a perfectly ripe nectarine (preferably while on that beach); cruising with the windows down; dinner outdoors. Other than a suntan, when most people think of summer they inevitably think of all the delicious food that’s in season. Barbeques become our favorite […]

Guide to preparing beef and Guinness stew with vegetable accompaniments

20 Mar , 2016 Recipes

Beef steak and Guinness is a classic culinary combination. It is usually cooked long and slow until the beef is mouth-wateringly tender before being combined with puff or Shortcrust pastry to form a pie. It is entirely possible to enjoy the stew as soon as it is ready, however, without bothering to assemble a pie […]

English spiced beef stew

20 Mar , 2016 Recipes

English stew is a hearty, healthy meal which is also quite easy on the wallet. Traditionally, stew recipes were developed as a way to stretch smaller portions of beef and vegetables or to make good use of leftovers. For this reason, stew recipes are highly versatile. Quantities of meat and vegetables can be changed to […]

Making stews that will warm your body and heart.

19 Mar , 2016 Recipes

The key to making a savory stew is just like making soup, you must have a flavorful broth, or gravy, for the base. For any stew you make, first prepare the meat or poultry and while it is cooking add some water to the drippings and use vegetables and seasonings to flavor it. For a […]

Spinach and sausage soup

18 Mar , 2016 Recipes

This combination of pork sausage and leafy green spinach is a flavorful, hearty soup that can be enjoyed year-round as a starter or complete meal. It’s nutritious, made with low-sodium broth and full of healthy vegetables and herbs, simple to prepare and can be easily modified for mealtime variety. Complement the soup with robust flavors […]

Fall soups: Curried sweet potato and apple soup

17 Mar , 2016 Recipes

Nothing says Autumn like a bowl of warm flavorful soup. It is a rite of passage to wave farewell to our green gardens, and begin harvesting fall vegetables for the long cold winter that lies ahead. With sweet potatoes containing high levels potassium as well as vitamin A, and apples having a healthy dose of […]

Recipes Greek beef stew

17 Mar , 2016 Recipes

Stifado is a traditionally classic Greek beef stew, combining small onions and either beef or veal in a rich, pungent tomato sauce, flavoured with herbs, garlic and red wine. The stew is a simple, popular village dish which can be found in restaurants and family owned tavernas across Greece. It makes a hearty winter meal […]

Quick and easy: How to make tomato leek soup

16 Mar , 2016 Recipes

Soups are typically associated with hours of simmering and a hot stove going all day. Soup also conjures up visions of a cold blustery day. Have you ever dreamed about a soup which is both fast and versatile making it perfect for any season? This version of tomato leek soup is a variation one of […]

Homemade doro watt recipe

15 Mar , 2016 Recipes

One of the most common take out chicken foods for those new to Ethiopian or Eritrean food is doro watt (also spelled wet, wat, wett), which means chicken stew. It’s a spicy chicken stew, that is full of flavor and beautiful red color. Doro watt is usually served along with rice, injera, and a vegetable […]