Cadburys Chocolate Eclairs Chocolate Toffee Sweets

25 May , 2016 Recipes

Chocolate Eclairs are caramel toffee sweets with a choclate centre. They are a classic English sweet, and nobody makes them like Cadbury’s, although there are many cheaper imitations around. The toffee is initially quite hard, and very sweet, to the point some may find it quite sickly. Some prefer to chew these sweets while still […]

Brewing a Homemade Ipa India Pale Ale

24 May , 2016 Recipes

Brewing your own India Pale Ale is not as hard as you might think. All you need are ingredients, a few basic kitchen items and some time. This strong style of beer is very popular in England and appreciation of IPA is growing every year in America. India Pale Ale (or IPA) has been a […]

Best Ice Cream Flavors

24 May , 2016 Recipes

This is an easy question for some people. A person who lives for chocolate will easily say chocolate, chocolate fudge, or rocky road. Someone who likes mint will say mint chocolate chip and a fruit lover will say strawberry, peach, or cherry ice cream. For me, if you asked me what my favorite flavor of […]

Best Cuban Black Beans

23 May , 2016 Recipes

My family lived in Cuba for two years 1957-1959 and one of the recipes my mother learned and never forgot was that of FRIJOLES NEGROS (Black Beans) which we all love and still prepare fifty years later. The recipe is easy to follow and the result is scrumptious! Try it the next time you have […]

Beer Reviews Wychwood White Wych

22 May , 2016 Recipes

Once upon a time (1983), in a far away land, down in the deep, dark forest of Wychwood, the seed of a micro brewery germinated and took root in the maltings of the long departed Clinch’s brewery in Witney. By using water from the River Windrush, and yeast from the late Morland’s brewery, WYCHWOOD BREWERY […]

Amazing Foods of Asia

22 May , 2016 Recipes

Good foods make you full. But, amazing food makes you fulfilled. It is my way to say that amazing food -a single amazing food- is the one that can put you beyond satisfaction. It touches not only your senses, but also touches your feeling and put you into unforgettable dining experience. Ask me about amazing […]

Best new American Chefs of 2007

20 May , 2016 Recipes

Every year, starting from 1988, the Food and Wine Magazine editors sift through hundreds of nominations from their trusted network of sources around America, and this year they’re delighted by the number of talented young (26- and 28-year-old!) chefs who have opened up tiny (22-seat!) places. April Bloomfield, Gabriel Bremer and Steve Corry are three […]

Benefits of Drinking Coffee in the Morning

19 May , 2016 Recipes

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks that modern day society relies on to start their day. While coffee can essentially be a dangerous drink if overindulged in due to its high caffeine content, there are actually many benefits that are associated with drinking coffee in the morning. If you are looking for a […]

Blood Drinks for Halloween

18 May , 2016 Recipes

Halloween is a fun time of year to celebrate and be a kid again. Throwing a successful Halloween party you should have great cocktails to come together with the theme.  Blood themed cocktails are the perfect mixture for the Halloween festivities. Finding just the right cocktail can make an ideal Halloween party. Blood-tini The twist […]

Basics of Canning Tomatoes

18 May , 2016 Recipes

With a bearish economy and food prices drastically on the rise many people are learning how to garden and they are supplying their families with homegrown produce.  A bumper crop of vegetables could mean a lot of wasted food however by learning the proper way to can homegrown produce a gardener can save his family […]