Shaking Off Monophobia

5 Mar , 2017 Health

Phobia refers to a fear of something. There are a lot of different phobias and a lot of people suffer from various kinds. One such phobia is monophobia and autophobia. Monophobia refers to an abnormal fear of being alone. This is a very crude definition for this disorder as it encompasses not merely this, but […]

Green Urine

15 Dec , 2015 Health

Nothing can be more worrying than something changing with your bodies regular movements, Waking up one morning, going to the bathroom and finding you have green urine. Unfortunately green is associated with sickness it is after all the colour of pus. So one of the first things that runs through your mind when you see […]

Bacopa for memory

2 Dec , 2015 Health

People asking about bacopa for memory is how it will help in improving memory. Bacopa is really a plant that develops in tropical and subtropical places on the planet. It’s noted for helping improve an individual’s memory, learning and cognitive functions. Additionally, it may help in stopping Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. This nutrient can provide […]