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Amount of vitamin c in green tea

16 May , 2016 Cuisine and Food

The green tea is indeed a great drink. There are many reasons why it is enjoyed by so many people all around the world. One of these reasons is that it is beneficial to our health thanks to high content of vitamins and minerals. One of these is vitamin C, probably the most famous of […]


16 May , 2016 Cuisine and Food

Aphrodisiacs have been used since at least Roman times. Aphrodisiacs are substances purported to increase romantic feelings and sexual desire. Some are simply supposed to give a feeling of well being that encourages falling in love, but others are supposed to increase fertility and sexual performance and enjoyment. Many foods, ranging from the mundane to […]

An Introduction to British Pub Food

15 May , 2016 Cuisine and Food

In the beginning, pubs were more concerned with serving their customers ale and beer than food. Pork scratchings, or pork rinds or cracklins, as they are called in the United States, are deep fried pig skin. These, along with pickled eggs, and any salty snack such as peanuts, that would encourage more drinking, were the […]

Consumers willing to Pay more for Organic and Humane Treatment

21 Mar , 2016 Cuisine and Food

Free-range eggs typically cost more for consumers than conventional eggs. While the cost for free-range eggs may be higher, many people are willing to pay extra for them. Aren’t all eggs created equal? Not exactly. While there are many designations for eggs on the consumer market, three of them relate to how the chicken laying […]