Shaking Off Monophobia

5 Mar , 2017 Health

Phobia refers to a fear of something. There are a lot of different phobias and a lot of people suffer from various kinds. One such phobia is monophobia and autophobia. Monophobia refers to an abnormal fear of being alone. This is a very crude definition for this disorder as it encompasses not merely this, but also the fear from the thought of being alone. People who suffer from such disorder tend to panic with the very thought of staying away from the people they love or the place they are used to staying.

It is a very disturbing phobia as the patients suffer badly owing to it. These people are prone to a lot of panic attacks and anxiety disorder. They have to adjust their lifestyle. It is not a medical problem rather a psychological disturbance. Almost all the phobias have a psychological problem and cannot be termed as medical disorder. They all arise because of unnatural fear from something or someone. With proper guidance, a person can get rid of all his phobias.

There are a growing number of people who suffer from such psychological problem these days. There is a lot of cure available for monophobia. We shall discuss those which can prove to be extremely beneficial. As these people have a fear of being alone and also want to stay in the same environment and resent any kind of changes because they feel secured being at the same place and resent any unfamiliar conditions, consulting a psychologist or a psychiatrist is a must. These symptoms are not meant to be treated by medical professors or doctors. Hypnosis and talk therapy works wonder for patients suffering from monophobia.


These patients who have an uncanny fear of being alone or being a part of unfamiliar situation need to build a lot of self confidence. The confidence that sprouts from within help the patient to realize that there is no cause of fear as he/she is entirely capable to stand the situation, face it and win it as well. Talk therapies help a great deal in understanding the root cause of the problem. These phobias may sprout because of a number of behavioral and other reasons. Any therapy could be successful in freeing a person from his fear only if it is clear about the cause of the problem. With the help of talk therapies, the therapist tries to analyze the cause of fear unraveling past events and histories working into the mind of the patients. If the therapist could be successful in this step, a speedy recovery could be on the cards.

This is just one way of dealing with monophobia. There are various other ways as well, but irrespective of the strategy, unraveling the main cause of the fear is critical to recovery. Once the cause has been diagnosed, therapist or psychiatrists can talk the patient out convincing him that the fear could be eliminated. Hypnosis is another effective technique as hypnotist connects the best with their patients. Hypnotists can then “fit” certain ideas and logics in the patients mind which shall ensure that slowly but surely the patient shall begin to recover from the mental problem.

Patience and support are the two keys for such phobia treatment. These therapies take a lot of time to become effective. The duration of treatment varies from person to another. A lot depends on the severity of phobia and patient participation. If a patient is willing to get rid of his phobia, the treatment may prove to be effective instantly as at the end of the day, it’s the patient himself who needs to understand that there is no cause of fear. Thus, to stay patient and believe in the therapy is vital. Changing therapists shall only worsen the condition as every time you go for a change, treatment needs to be started from scratch. Also, it is to be borne in mind that such patients suffering from monophobia can display outrageous panic attacks and clumsy behavior especially at social gatherings or unfamiliar situations. It is at such odd situation that support of friends and family turns out to be the critical changing point. If patients get the mental support and backing from too many people even when he is not at the best of his behavior, it can work wonder for his self confidence. This confidence can then help him to shake off the fear that has been troubling his mind and body for too long now.

Thus, we can see that monophobia, which is an unnatural fear of being alone or being at unfamiliar situation and places can be treated with the help of a lot of different therapies. It is a psychological problem and needs a lot of support and patience. However, with the right strategy, the fear could be eliminated entirely.


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