Health benefits of green tea

17 Jun , 2016 Cuisine and Food

Research into alternative healing foods is flourishing. And in the case of green tea, much has been learned already. Green tea does contain caffeine, in lesser amounts than coffee. So it is applicable for weight loss plus certain antioxidants for heart health. There are also some lesser known, but equally important, benefits of green tea that scientists and researchers have recently discovered.

Let’s move on, and we’re going to touch on three great and healthy benefits of green tea – all for your benefit!

Did you know that green tea is good for your teeth and gums? This is important in itself, but recently health experts have found a connection between dental health and the heart, which makes it even more essential to take good care of your mouth.

If you look at the ingredients of all natural toothpastes, you’ll find that many now include green tea. Yet, believe it or not, studies have shown that even drinking green tea can help to prevent tooth decay.

You can also join the fight against dental plaque with green tea because it contains substances that fight certain oral bacteria formation. Therefore, adding green tea to your diet for dental health reasons is easy to do.

There are many people for whom brain health is a real concern, and green tea has certain properties that help your brain. Not only can drinking green tea (or taking a supplement that contains green tea) make you more alert, but there are promising studies that it may actually help to prevent memory loss, Alzheimer’s and other disorders that effect the brain as people age. Green tea has naturally occurring antioxidants that are implicated with memory support issues. But green tea is not just for adults because all people, younger included, will benefit from the healthy properties of green tea.

When you drink the tea every day, you’ll notice your overall energy level increase, and that will be great because you’ll have a natural feeling and desire to be more active. This, in turn, can help you to lose weight and improve your overall health. If you take energy enhancing supplements, be careful about that because of the ingredients.

Higher than usual amounts of sugar and caffeine are contained in many energy drinks. A cup of coffee has twice the amount of caffeine as the same cup of green tea – so no jittery feelings or heart palpitations that some people experience.

It’s exciting to think that when more experiments are performed, scientists will probably find more good stuff about green tea. You can avail yourself of the many powerful benefits of the mighty green tea. Don’t forget to help yourself by choosing healthy foods in your diet, and then be active even if it’s going for a walk. You can make progress faster than you think if you begin to have a few cups a day.

These are really only a few of the many benefits of green tea. How you decide to take-in this plant food is up to you, so maybe it’s best to talk to your knowledgeable health store consultant. Yes, the more you enjoy green tea, then the more your body will enjoy the healthy support it offers.

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