Great Wine Gift Ideas for your Husband

15 Jun , 2016 Recipes

Look no further! I know buying a bottle of wine can often be a tedious task, but now buying one for your husband? The love of your life? What are you going to do? Well, I have your answer. I have three wine gifts that your husband will absolutely go crazy over (and it may just entice him to buy those earrings you have been pining over).

Of course, even when buying a wine gift for your husband, you should always consider the occasion for which you are buying this special gift. Given the season, we will use the holidays as the perfect occasion to release these special new gift ideas.

If your husband is a chocolate fanatic, then my top suggestion would be a chocolate-dipped wine bottle. It doesn’t matter whether he enjoys red or white, this is a perfect gift for someone who loves their chocolate. The bottle is shrink wrapped and then dipped in velvety chocolate. And to make it look like the perfect gift, you can accessorize it with bows and ribbons. I guarantee this will make a lovely gift (and a tasty one too!).

Now, for someone’s husband who isn’t into chocolate, you can get him a personalized wine bottle with his name on it and with a date to remember some kind of special occasion. You may want to put your anniversary or the day you first met or even your wedding day. In any of those cases, a personalized wine bottle with your husband’s name on it is sure to be a big hit!

And finally, for the gift I would recommend to any lady trying to really impress her husband this holiday season, a bottle of your husband’s favorite vintage, signed by the head wine maker. You can not get any better than a personalized bottle of wine from the man who made and bottled it himself. If your husband is a true wine connoisseur, he will really appreciate this special, personalized gift. Trust me ladies, this is a sure way to get those earrings you want, or anything else you are asking Santa for this holiday season.

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