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Even the most humble foods may lead to a steaming evening if prepared with love and under the right settings. A candle lit table, an elegant vase with long stem roses as the center piece, romantic music playing and the smell of great food cooking may be a great way to create the right ambiance for some romance and inspiration. The food however, will play a large role in this setting, it must be of course ,delicious, eye appealing and prepared with love. While even a humble soup will do, there are in particular some foods and ingredients that for centuries have been attributed aphrodisiac properties.

The word ”aphrodisiac” generated from ”Aphrodite” the Greek goddess of love.

Often specific shapes of foods that may resemble reproductive organs are deemed to be aphrodisiac because they trigger an unconscious or less unconscious response. Figs, oysters, carrots are an example of foods that have been long known for their potential aphrodisiac properties.

According to the book ”TheBrain Power Cook Book ”For many years, the Chinese have venerated the rhino horn as having aphrodisiac properties, while the Romans have relied on hyena eyeballs and hippo snouts. Fortunately you will not need to resort to such exotic products. Indeed, most of the following aphrodisiac foods can be found in most grocery stores or in your kitchen pantry.

-Fish and Seafood

Fish and seafood contain zinc which is a mineral necessary for the production of testosterone. Oysters are a classic, and expensive food often ordered raw for maximum effect, in romantic encounters.

-Pine Nuts

Pine nuts have been used for centuries in the making of love potions. They are rich in zinc just as other well known aphrodisiacs such as oysters.


A small sprinkle of paprika may be invigorating and sensual. Of course, moderation is the key. A little sprinkle on your casserole may be helpful but don’t just go shaking a whole container on all the foods you prepare.

– Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is a classic when it comes to increasing desire. For this reason, chocolate is the king of Saint Valentine’s day. It contains phenylethylamine, a natural stimulant of te body.


These precious gifts from the earth, are quite expensive but they are known for containing pheromones, which are well known to be have an aphrodisiac effect.


A glass of fine wine helps relax and shed inhibition. More often than not, wine indeed is included in most romantic dinners, organized by restaurants. However, over do it, and you may have the total opposite effects.

As seen, there are various foods that may be incorporated into a good ”love diet”. Yet, more often than not, food does not play the essential role in the art of uniting a couple, rather food turns out simply being a supplementation to a couple’s desire for each other.


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