Enchanted Chai Spiced Tea Latte Mix

10 Jun , 2016 Cuisine and Food

Enchanted Chai, a spiced tea latte mix from Caffe D’Vita is delicious hot, iced or blended.  It can be mixed with water or milk and one canister makes multiple servings. 

Chai tea is a spiced milk tea that contains black tea, milk, spices and sweetener.  Chai tea originated in India.  It is currently a popular choice worldwide for many tea lovers. Caffe D’Vita has created a powdered mix Chai tea latte that is full of Chai flavor without the work having to mix several ingredients.

A 32-ounce, or two-pound (908g), canister of Enchanted Chai spiced tea latte mix can be purchased at Sam’s Club for about $7. The canister is easy to spot on the shelf, located in the area that contains the coffees, teas and creamers.  The colorful canister is decorated in warm tones of gold and bronze features the product name in black is printed prominently across the front of the canister. The Caffe D’Vita logo can be found at the bottom on the front of the canister. According to the packaging, a two-pound (908g) canister of Enchanted Chai can make 32 servings.

A recommended serving is two tablespoons of Enchanted Chai mix to five-ounces of water for hot Chai. However, if using larger mugs or glasses, the amount of Chai mix needs to be adjusted to get full flavor and not a watered-down version. This reviewer has mixed 2.5 heaping tablespoons with about eight-ounces of water for a great-tasting hot Chai.

A mug of hot Enchanted Chai is simple to make. It is as easy as making a mug of packaged hot chocolate. Water needs to heated, not to boiling but to steaming hot. While the water is heating in the kettle or in the microwave, measure the Chai mix into a mug or cup. When the water is hot, pour it into the cup, over the Chai mix. Stir until thoroughly blended.

The Enchanted Chai, enjoyed hot, is creamy and mildly spicy. There is a definite taste of cinnamon, cardamom and clove. The ingredients also list ginger, but that flavor is barely present. It is not a heavy drink but it is more filling than a cup of regular tea. Although the directions say to mix with water, the Chai can be mixed with milk. It is very flavorful when mixed with skim milk and tastes wonderful as a treat before bedtime. No worries about the Enchanted Chai keeping one awake. It is 99 percent caffeine free.

For an iced Enchanted Chai, follow the directions on the canister. Two tablespoons of Chai are mixed with two ounces of hot water. This mixture is then poured over six-ounces of ice. Another two ounces of cold water or milk is then added. Cold, skim milk makes the iced Chai tastes creamier than water.  For a blended Enchanted Chai, no hot water is needed. Simply mix three ounces of cold milk with two or three large ice cubes and two heaping tablespoons of Enchanted Chai mix in a blender. Pulse and blend until smooth. The homemade blended Enchanted Chai tastes just as good as the pricey blended Chai drinks offered at coffee houses.

Enchanted Chai by Caffe D’Vita is available online at the Caffe D’Vita website.  In addition to the Spiced Tea Latte flavor, Caffe D’Vita offers Chocolate Tea Latte, Raspberry Tea Latte and a Vanilla Tea Latte. On the website, the Enchanted Chai is sold in cases of six, one-pound canisters for about $32. It is also sold in individual envelopes in boxes of 36 for $22.95.

Enchanted Chai spiced tea latte by Caffe D’Vita is a great alternative to coffee, tea or hot chocolate. It is flavorful and pairs great with shortbread cookies or a piece of vanilla pound cake. For a delicious hot or cold drink, Enchanted Chai spiced tea latte mix by Caffe D’Vita is a recommended product.

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